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A modern day retelling of Snow White by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin.

Once upon a time with a beautiful hooker who used to be a princess, and a handsome manager for rock stars who is more than he seems.
She’s kind and fanciful. He’s bossy and straightforward. She has nothing and feels like her life has no value. He has a reliable well-paying job that keeps his bank account full, yet his yearning heart is empty.
Both have hidden their true selves away.
But if your secret self is hidden, how can the right person ever find and fall in love with the real you?
Two lost and lonely souls arrange to meet at a pay-by-the-hour motel.
Is it happenstance, fate, or a wish come true when his carefully crafted reality and her make-believe one collide?

The Right Wish by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin is a modern-day retelling of Snow White.
Dress up.
What once was lost is found.
Hope in the most unlikely of places.
Kindness over evil.

Do you believe? In fairytales? In happily ever after? In love?

400 pages

Published March 26, 2020

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About the author

Michelle Mankin

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MICHELLE MANKIN is the New York Times bestselling author of over 40 romance novels.
Romance that Rocks.
Her individual books are FREE in kindleunlimited. Link to them on her author page on Amazon:
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1,872 reviews430 followers
March 28, 2020
3 ❤️❤️❤️🌟s

It was a sweet and enjoyable read.
I wish I knew that there was another book prior to this one, so I could have had a more clear picture of the characters’ background.
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Author 69 books1,242 followers
March 2, 2020
Happily ever after doesn't happen in real life, unless you make . . . THE RIGHT WISH. Camaro's Story, a modern-day Snow White retelling. March 26, 2020.
Preorder price $2.99 After release $4.99
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167 reviews19 followers
March 27, 2020
Five magical stars
I loved this Snow White retelling. Loved how Cam and Brad came together, layer by layer lowering their guards and revealing their secrets until they eventually surrendered their hearts to one another. It was romantic and magical just like a fairy tale. “A rose that blooms in adversity is still a rose, Cam. Blooming in harsh circumstances only makes it that much more beautiful, that much more worthy of admiration"
The Right WISH
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695 reviews41 followers
March 25, 2020
4.5 stars

If Michelle Mankin's new standalone in her Once Upon a Rockstar series is a modern retelling of Snow White, then she has written a beautiful and steamy adult version of it here with The Right Wish but with no sign of Doc or Sneezy and definitely not Sleepy!

Some well loved characters from the previous book, The Right Man, play a huge part in this new release and their story continues. Rush and Jewel's best friends are often thrown together by proximity and you may have already met them in their world. The tension and fireworks are palpable between sweet, beautiful Camaro, so selfless and caring and Bradley, the hunky take charge band manager with a secret passion, best left forgotten behind closed doors. Camaro has been hiding some secrets of her own that could come back to bite her in the end, dispite her carefully buried past.

Their disastrous 1st meeting set them up for a history of never seeing eye to eye but underneath their careful masks lie an undeniable, magnetic attraction that is hot, sexy and fun to watch. Sparks ignite and catch fire while these polar opposites try to get along for the sake of their friends and the band.

The Right Wish, with dual POVs and unforgettable leading characters, Camaro and Bradley, offers up a wonderful romance with a fairytale ending that might sweep you right off your feet!

A complimentary version was generously given in exchange for an honest review.
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1,361 reviews9 followers
March 24, 2020
Michelle Mankin shares another stunning side of the music world in The Right Wish, the second book in the Once Upon a Rockstar series. Her world of music includes a look at not only the musicians and their families, but also the hanger on-ers, the groupies, and now we get to see the magic behind the machine, the managers. In this case, the workaholic Bradley Marshall, manager to Rush McMahon who we met in The Right Man.

I have to say I was a bit skeptical of Brad Marshall. But I love that he won me over and it wasn't long before I thought of him as a delightfully protective and upstanding man. Brad and his dreamy blue eyes conjured images of a Prince Charming. To give Brad someone to be princely for, we get a fallen princess in Camaro Montepulciano. A young woman who's been rejected, cast out, and very hurt. Not only in body but also in spirit.

Brad is definitely on board to be the driver of change for the trajectory of her life. He begins his own transformation as he steps up to help right the wrongs Camaro has endured. Michelle Mankin writes wonderfully steamy stories, but I really enjoyed the flirting and heat between Brad and Camaro. She has a lot to overcome, but she stays hopeful, exuding a positivity that would have been easy to bury. From start to end, Brad and Camaro influence each other profoundly and I loved seeing their HEA come about.

Michelle Mankin always delivers unique characters and interesting situations. It's a joy to read her stories and thus I offer up a hearty recommendation for this book and the Once Upon A Rockstar duet (to date) - I'm wondering which princess will be next...

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
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1,349 reviews139 followers
March 26, 2020
**4.5 Stars**
The second installment in this series, The Right Wish was even more emotional and impactful than its predecessor. Witnessing all Camaro is and how much she gives to others, it was more than a little moving to see Brad work at convincing her she was worthy of love...his love. *swoon*

I can't imagine having to live life as Cam had. Lying about who she was, living in shelters, selling her body... it was no wonder her self-esteem was in the gutter. And yet she was still so kind and giving. That said so much about her - her beautiful soul. And she certainly wasn't afraid to engage in verbal sparring with Brad. LOL Brad came across as bossy and condescending towards Cam. But when I looked deeper I could see he was only being protective of her. I adored him for the way he took care of those he loves. He had to work at delivering his care of Cam in a way she'd accept though and I admired him for the effort.

As their romance really blossomed I appreciated how both Cam and Brad gave as much as they got. Brad worked at building up Cam's self-esteem, trying to make her see herself as he did, and showing her she wasn't her past. Cam worked at bringing out the created side of Brad, showing him that he didn't have to ignore a part of himself in order to care for his loved ones. The character growth was so heartwarming and more deeply rooted me in caring for Cam and Brad.

I have to mention that I loved the way Cam was always spinning stories - fairy tales - in her head. It was another element of her character that I identified with and made me love her all the more.

MMankin is so skilled at delivering a message through her stories. The Right Wish was no different and I felt that one of her messages in particular is very timely. That of kindness being its own reward. During this time of uncertainty, we could all use a little kindness. I also appreciated her showing that we don't have to be defined by our pasts. Of course our pasts and mistakes we made play a role in who we are but we're all redeemable and worthy of love. We have to choose NOT to allow our pasts and mistakes we've made define us.
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1,936 reviews46 followers
March 23, 2020
The Right Wish is all kinds of swoony goodness. I'm truly loving this 'softer' side of Michelle Mankin, in which she delivers the kind of love story that has a subtle kind of angst paired with that meant to be kind of feeling.

We got more than a glimpse of Camaro and Bradley from the first book in this series, The Right Man, and these two secondary characters certainly get their time in the sun this time around. You can tell right from the start that despite their seemingly cantankerous dialogues that there is more than meets the eye. Both harboring secrets that prevent their hearts from getting too close, too hopeful. But it's more than evident that when they are suddenly finding themselves living together, while Rush and Jewel are on the road, that perhaps both Brad and Cam's walls will finally start to crumble.

Both Cam and Brad are truly wonderful souls. They have a selflessness that is hard to resist and I was rooting for them to find a way out of their hesitance for something more and to see that they are worthy of an all-consuming love. As Mankin pulls out all the stops in this thoroughly enthralling tale, the true sense of love and loyalty is presented over and over again with these down to earth characters. And I loved being able to watch them soar.

The Right Wish will keep you smiling and sighing and you'll cherish every single minute, with an ending and epilogue that is out of this world fantastic! 5 solid stars!
March 26, 2020
The Right Wish Is the perfect blend of what every girl dreams of and what every woman truly desires!

Mankin shows us just how tough life can be! Even those who have it all can lose their way but it’s what we choose in the face of adversity that truly defines us! Camero went from the type of life fairy tales are made of to feeling like she didn’t deserve any kindness in life and yet in face of it all she still had the most beautiful heart and soul that anyone had ever seen! Her happiness came from seeing others succeed and was content!

Her beauty and spirit caught Bradley’s attention the second he laid eyes on her but facing his own demons he pushed her away! Each encounter was more unpleasant than the last and it wasn’t until they saw what was underneath the tough exterior that both realized they needed the other! If only Cam could see what Brad had known since he first set his eyes on her!

I absolutely LOVED Brad and Camero from the get go! I loved seeing their friendship grow and just how much each one blossomed with the other! They didn’t take they both gave of themselves and their story was just absolutely enrapturing! I love Mankin’d characters and I love that she gives the underdog a chance! She has such diverse characters and my world is made right every time I finish one of her stories!
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1,509 reviews49 followers
March 10, 2021
Really liked this one. It’s a rough start for Brad and Cam, but a very satisfying ending. I love how these two go through the slow burn of revealing themselves and their feelings one layer at a time.

Brad makes Cam feel safer than she has in a long time after suffering trauma. But, that’s doesn’t mean she’s passive in the relationship. I especially liked how Cam really forces Brad to look at his life and go after his passion rather than sticking to his safe path. They are so good for each other. And I’m not sure a review should fail to mention that they have SUPER hot sex. :)

I received an ARC and this is my honest review.
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1,056 reviews29 followers
March 25, 2020
The Right Wish by Michelle Mankin is undoubtedly a 5+ stars read. I simply couldn't put it down! I've read several books by Michelle & must admit that a couple didn't hold my interest. But The Right Wish offers a fascinating glimpse into a world that is both fulfilling & limiting for Brad & absolutely soul-destroying for Cam. He is a Manager for Rock Groups & she's the best-fried from the first book in the series. They are chalk & cheese! Or are they? She's a dreamer, kind, caring & determined to earn her way. He's strong, precise, organised & efficient but he's also caring & committed to those who put their faith & future in his hands. They clash, snipe, cajole & bicker...
This is such a beautiful flowing story, I could easily read it again, right now! Do yourself a favour, especially when we are facing uncertainty in the world, read The Right Wish & you will enjoy every moment.
I received a ARC from the author d my review is strictly my personal opinion
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2,543 reviews94 followers
March 24, 2020
Fairytales Do Come True!!

If you are looking for a HEA done with a hint of rock romance and plenty of steam that can break your heart one minute and then leave you with the biggest smile this is definitely a book for you. Brad was a business manager for rock stars and was hiding a deep secret that he kept locked away in a room. Camaro was a sweet charming one-time hooker trying to make it the best she could. Her best friend and confidant Jewel was married to Brad’s best friend and rock star Rush. That’s what got Camaro in the sites of the job-focused Brad.

I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it. For me this author always brings me books that has me flipping pages at a fast past throughout the night only to leave me with a book hangover at the end. It’s full of angst, sweetness and dirtiness all thrown into one book.
Profile Image for Jennifer .
698 reviews3 followers
March 26, 2020
OMG how I loved this book! Bradley in the first book, welllllll I kinda thought he was an ahole. I got that he was protecting Rush, but geez! Give the girls a break dude! lol. He did grown on me in The Right Wish, once I saw what was underneath. And Camaro, oh man. I felt soooo sorry for her. She was completely a fairy tale character. Great mom dies. Dad loses himself to his own pain. Throw her out into the big bad world, yeah. Not the best idea. I completely identified with her. She's all of us at one time or another in a our "real lives". We all hope for that prince. The one who will see beyond our past mistakes and look to the future. Camaro found her prince in Bradley who reminds us that not all wolves are to be feared.
Profile Image for Karin.
2,168 reviews
March 26, 2020
I loved Cam and Brads story! They were both hiding things but Brads issues were marring his present where he would not give into things that made him happy. I adored Cam but felt bad for how she viewed herself and what she thought she deserved, I just wanted to shake her and wanted to shake him for not giving into what he wanted, Cam!
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2,735 reviews333 followers
March 24, 2020
4.5 stars

*I received a free copy of The Right Wish. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review which is honest and unbiased.*

There were a lot of dreamy moments in The Right Wish, and I truly enjoyed getting to know Brad and Cam! I already loved Jewel and Rush from the other book in this series, and they were present for quite a bit of the story here as well.

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338 reviews1 follower
May 19, 2020
Armani on a sexy rockstar! Brad is the manager of several rock bands. Cam was a hooked with a secret past. When opposites attract the best level rises. You should never judge a book by its cover the true story inside might just be a fairytale come true. I love every book by this amazing author. I mean who doesn't like sexy rockstars with strong females in their lives.
Profile Image for Kayla.
473 reviews
March 26, 2020
Cam & Brad... dreamy sigh. I fell in love with Cam’s spirit. She was forced to do things that I shudder to think of in order to survive. Put there because she trusted the wrong men who she thought loved her. We met her alongside Jewel previously. She came from a fairy tale life and fell to lowest low... but never lost her love of doing things for others. Her mother’s wish... Brad left me spinning. He had such a heart. The only match I could’ve ever put with Cam. Her was instantly drawn to her and I loved every second of their journey together. This book has got to be my new favorite. MM is like a fine wine... her characters and story continue to sweeten. Their bold traits and characteristics shining through. I loved it! 5+ stars for me!
Profile Image for Thia Finn.
Author 25 books418 followers
March 27, 2020
Mankin knocked this one out of the park with a great story that still connects with Black Cat Records’ rock stars without it being a rockstar romance. Camero, the heroine of the story, finds herself in a Cinderella situation, when she finds a Prince Charming of a guy, in a domineering kind of way. These two tiptoe around the situation they are in until they figure out how to overcome both their issues. Hers are much more severe than his but his are equally frustrating.
I loved this story, as with all of Michelle Mankin’s’ books. The characters are believable, the plot is fresh , and the pace is perfect for any reader looking for an HEA.
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925 reviews62 followers
March 27, 2020
Review written: March 26, 2020
Star Rating: ★★★☆☆
Heat Rating: ☀☀☀☼☼

An Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book was received free from the author. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.

The Right Wish is the second book in a series which started with The Right Man. Writtenin alternating first person POV, we get to see into both Brad's and Camaro's heads. Unfortunately for me, I had not read that book before I dove into this one. There is no question that this is not a standalone. Key elements of this plot require knowledge of events from the first book. I sometimes felt lost and confused as to why Brad and Camaro were at loggerheads. For all that, I enjoyed the story at least in part because of all the angsty goodness in it.

Because I hadn't read the first book, Camaro often felt "off" to me because I didn't understand her motivations or her feelings about Brad. Despite that, it was easy to understand the pain and suffering she had gone through at the hands of others. I liked her desire to help everyone. I very much liked her penchant for storytelling and how that was woven through the book to help explain backstory. She was compelling and interesting, even with all the missing pieces.

The same was true for Brad. He was missing a few pieces, but I got most of it. What I especially liked about him was his willingness to do anything for those he loved and how that buried a secret part of him. I loved how it took Camaro to open up that side of him again. His guilt over events I don't know frustrated me though. Overall, he was a good foil for Camaro and his interest in her felt right.

Both of them had strong character arcs and I loved how they worked to get where they wanted to be instead of letting life push them around. Later events in the book were especially poignant for both. And the build up in the book worked well. There were a couple places where things seemed to slow down a bit and things dragged but overall the book kept humming along and I appreciated that.

I'm sorry I missed the first book because I feel I would have liked this so much better if I had only read that first. But, in the end, I liked the book and, as always, am ready to read the next book!

This review is ©March 2020 by Monique N. and has been crossposted to Amazon.com.
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1,068 reviews35 followers
March 7, 2023
We met both these characters in the first book of this series The Right Man, Camaro (Cam) was Jewel's roommate and friend (both prositutes and both down on their luck) and Brad the manager of Rush's band (Jewel's boyfriend). They didn't like each other and there was a bit of a reason for that, but in this book when Rush's band gets ready to leave on tour; Cam has a run in with a man and Jewel doesn't want to leave with Rush so Brad hires his sister to go with the band and he stays to watch over Cam. I'll honestly say, I don't see the "Snow White" connection other than maybe her looks but then I didn't see the Cinderella connection in the first one either. Turns out Cam is hiding from a past that was filled with hurt after her mother passed away when she was young and then her father turned his back on her when she really needed him because of his new wife. Meanwhile Cam figures out that Brad is a super talented musician and vocalist and that he gave it all up to get a business degree to help out when his sister got pregnant at 16. This book had more of a plot than the first one and I genuinely liked these characters better and while I get what this author is trying to do (everyone deserves a fairy tale ending) the fact that everyone in this book finds their dream, their passion, and everything falls into place for them to make a go of it means the reader has to suspend reality because like it or not an ex-hooker making it as a famed children's book author is a bit far fetched.
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1,145 reviews11 followers
April 3, 2020
I recieved this book for Free to Give My True & Honest Review

Heck I adored this story between Cam & Brad who we did meet in The Right Man, being Jewel & Rush's best friends, but for some reason or another it took me a lot longer than it usually would.

Here we see that Brad never comes across like he feels anything likeable towards Cam, well that is until his sister, Sierra & nephew, Dylan comes to his. But things change after she tells Pete *the father of the 2 kids Gerald & Geraldine, she sees & gets them things to help them out & also tells them stories to cheer them up,* comes very close to her before Brad comes in front of him & Cam.

Then Cam actually asks Brad to help her to make sure that Jewel goes with Rush on tour & not stay behind with her & this is where things between the 2 of them switch things around & they become slightly more open with each other & they actually become closer to each other & she starts to open up about her past with a professional, while he's not there quite yet but she sees that he's NOT just a music manager he actually is/well could be a Front Man.
It is such an eye opener for them but it's not quiet for them through their time together while she's staying at his during the tour & she's there for him too, & sees some of his true inner self...
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1,379 reviews2 followers
March 28, 2021

Obviously in the minority again, I struggled to enjoying this story. I had trouble with the first book in this series as well, and could only find, at most, 2 1/2 stars worth of enjoyment from reading it; but, I figured I should give book 2 a chance.

Unfortunately, this felt really similar to the first, to me. The super-hot, bossy, possessive alpha male. The MOST BEAUTIFUL girl in EVERY room she's in, who is also resistant, and unsure of her self-worth. The instant super-attraction between the two of them. The perfect set of circumstances that would force the two heroes to spend time together. And, the way it lacked a natural, organic feeling to the storytelling. It was kind of predictable. And, it was kind of boring.

I'm not even going to attempt to read the third book in this series. The hero of that book, Ben, seems more like a sexual predator to me. He seems to think NO means "Try harder" or "Crowd me up against something, so I feel uncomfortable and tell me how much I WANT you to hit on me". No way am I going to pretend he's a good guy underneath it all.
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1,416 reviews54 followers
March 28, 2020

I love this story. This is Camaro ( Juliet's best friend) and Brad's ( Rush's best friend and manager) story. We meet these two in The Right Man. Camaro is like Snow White she once was like a princess until a manipulating step mother Cam finds herself doing what she has to, to survive. Brad has always had feelings for Cam but he kept her at a distance because he was in a relationship. Now single he comes up with a plan to help Cam and to show her how much he wants her. This was such a sweet, emotional, loving story. Cam has such a sweet and loving heart but from past relationships, her past as a hooker, recovering from an attack she feels that she is unlovable and destined to never have a happy ever after. Love how Brad is a dominate, caveman alpha but has trouble expressing how he feels. So there is a lot of miscommunications between these two, but the chemistry between these two are explosive. Loved the story and the characters.
I received an ARC and volunteered to leave a review.
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Author 1 book25 followers
March 30, 2020
Let me start off by saying that I've read a lot of Michelle Mankin books (almost all of them, I think) and I've enjoyed every one of them, but out of all of them, this was the hardest for me to get through. I just didn't connect with the two lead characters and their relationship felt a little forced to me and some of their conversations, especially during sexy times, felt a little stilted to me, but that could be because I never really bought them as a couple. She was kind of irresponsible and he was a little too perfect; I guess I like the grittier characters who mess up a lot before they redeem themselves (I'm looking at you, Ben) more. Pet peeves aside, I did like the whole fairy tale aspect of it, though, and Mankin is good at spinning them, so that's mostly what kept me reading. And I'm glad I did. I have to say, though, I liked Camaro a lot better in the end than I did throughout the story, when she became more grounded and found her worth without losing her daydreamer quality. So it may not be my favorite Mankin book, but it's still a good read.
223 reviews3 followers
February 22, 2021
I thought ‘The Right Man’ was good, but ‘The Right Wish’ with its retelling of Snow White, thrown in with Rockstars has blown me away. Having met Cam in The Right Man, it was not difficult to like Jewels best friend. Now she has her own tale, with her own set of secrets and loss, that she has deeply hidden from everyone around her. Her kind heart and loyalty have you wanting to befriend her yourself. Everyone needs someone like Cam in their life.

This really is an amazing story, I love the way Michele Mankin weaves her magic throughout the story, pulling you into the lives of her characters, leaving you wanting to be part of their world. This isn’t just about Cam though, We’ve also met Brad before, his ‘all’ business demeanour leading the way. The Right Wish however introduces you to a whole new side of Brad, he also has his secrets and has suffered his own losses. Together these two characters are explosive and reading from the sidelines, you find yourself cheering them on loudly.

Beautiful fairy-tale with a swoon worthy HEA. Just what I needed!
Profile Image for Spellbound Stories.
684 reviews375 followers
March 28, 2020
The Right Wish by Michelle Mankin is absolutely stunning. A beautifully written modern-day fairy tale that held my heart in its clutches from beginning to end--I couldn't put it down and was up late into the night reading this one in one sitting. I have not read the previous book in the series, The Right Man, but had no trouble following the story making, it truly a standalone story--although truthfully, I am now absolutely dying to read Rush and Jewel's book because of how much I loved The Right Wish (Bradly and Cam's book). Michelle Mankin writes this particular romance with a beautiful depth for her characters; the angst of a (seemingly) unrequited love story; the sizzle and heat that goes hand in hand with exceptionally written chemistry; and just as epically as I expect of a fairy tale. I HIGHLY recommend The Right Wish if your in the mood for a romance that will make you fall in love with all over again!
855 reviews5 followers
March 13, 2020
This modern day re-telling of Snow White was every bit as emotional and romantic as you would expect from a fairytale romance. Brad is a music producer and from the outside, appears to have the perfect life. Lots of money, good looking, extremely successful, beautiful girlfriend. However, there is something missing in his life and it's not until he meets the enchanting Camaro that he realises what that something is.. her!

Camaro really embodies the Snow traits, beautiful on the inside and yet left broken and insecure due to manipulation from outsiders and poor life choices left her to make some very bad decisions. Her Prince awaits, if only she will let herself believe that she truly deserves her happiness and happily ever after. I loved Brad and Camaro's love story. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC and this is my honest review.
Profile Image for Coleen Walton.
69 reviews
March 26, 2020
If you love a modern day Snow White story with a rockstar twist, then you’re going to love Michelle Mankin’s, The Right Wish! This book has all the feels and takes you through a myriad of emotions, as we follow the story of Camaro and Bradley. I found myself gasping out loud, crying, smiling ear to ear, and laughing throughout the story.

Both Camaro and Bradley have given up on their dreams due to unfortunate circumstances that were out of their control. But as they are grudgingly thrown together, they learn to trust each other, while seeing the potential to maybe, just maybe, fulfill those long buried dreams. Will true love triumph and make all their dreams come true? Guess you’ll have to read to find out!

You definitely won’t be disappointed as Michelle Mankin once again delivers yet another amazing story in her Once Upon A Rockstar series.
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2,578 reviews37 followers
March 26, 2020
The Right Wish took me on a magical journey like witnessing a shooting star on a clear night. Brad and Cam have a majestic chemistry that serenaded my heart. Their past at times broke me, their present had me anxious, hopeful and lost in the music from their souls but best of all was the future I was dreaming of for these two characters. Two people drawn to each other by the words, the rhythm and the connection. This modern day fairytale had my eyes filling with tears as Cam and Brad allowed the past to hold them back, as declarations were left unsaid, misunderstandings left unexplained and shadows of the dark lingered. Their story was passionate, heartfelt, sensual and at times confronting. As the melody of their love danced across you, your skin tingled, your heart soared and your soul was soothed by the perfect harmony that was Brad and Cam.
5 reviews
March 27, 2020
Cam has been through a lot in her life, but continues to be loving and giving person, except to herself. She never feels worthy of love nor is she able to accept from another. Story telling is a gift of hers able to elevate anyone who is down and loves to help anyone who needs it.
Brad is always bossy and in control of things, all things. Don’t be fooled, Brad has given up plenty to those he loves. He has a great business mind but that is not all he is great at.
Both Cam and Brad have a way of dealing with life through words in their head but it will take their love for them to come through their past in order to make a future.
Michelle had a great way of taking life struggles and weaving them into her books. The fairy tale feels is also what makes this story so touching.
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