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4.29  ·  Rating details ·  385 ratings  ·  160 reviews
Rebellion. Revenge. Revelation.

Barrabas Madzimure is banished to the desert planet Eridania for his many crimes. Slaves to the Church and to the will of its prophet Jovian, a charismatic figurehead who rules everything on Earth, Madzimure and his cohorts toil underground digging endlessly for the substance eridanium—the source of Jovian’s alien power.

But Madzimure can no l
Kindle Edition, 394 pages
Published January 13th 2020 by Ingleside Avenue Press
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B.T. Keaton Hello A.Violet.End (love your username btw!) and thanks for the question, and your kind words. :)

I tend to meander because there's so much I could say…more
Hello A.Violet.End (love your username btw!) and thanks for the question, and your kind words. :)

I tend to meander because there's so much I could say, but I'll try to answer this as best as I can. When I first started writing the book in 2010, it was to honour my late father's memory. He was a sci-fi nut, so I really wanted to write something that he would enjoy. Then, my mom died in 2016, and Transference had long been set aside by the point... but then I revisited it last year and decided to publish it. So that's a little backstory because my parents both heavily influenced the story, and one of the characters in the book is specifically (without spoiling it) based on one of my parents.

To answer your question more directly—I loved my mother greatly, and I still do. And I've been so lucky to have had wonderful women in my life; my sister, my niece, aunts, cousins, etc. Combine all that with wanting to create something akin to "Ellen Ripley" and that's kinda where the female characters have come from.

"Terra" (or Trash Heap) is actually loosely based on a real Terrah, who was my first boyhood crush in grade school. I didn't know Terrah as a teenager, or as an adult, so I had to imagine what she would be like, and then create that sort of headstrong, kick-ass persona. As I've gotten older, I've reconnected with Terrah, and I'm glad to say we have now been nearly-lifelong friends. And she is brave and strong just like Terra... or is it that Terra's brave and strong like Terrah? Haha, either way she's been a true cheerleader for this book.

Elisabeth (Kilraven's missing wife) on the other hand is a mixture of my sister and my ex-wife. She needed to be calmer, and strong in a different kind of way. And even though she finds herself in a no-win situation, I still wanted her to have a moment of triumph. Funnily enough, the chapter written from Elisabeth's perspective almost didn't make it in the book! And now, I've had half a dozen readers or more tell me it's one of their favourite chapters in the entire novel. So, boy, am I glad for that! :)(less)
B.T. Keaton Honestly, I don't know if I can answer this one without spoiling it! So, if you haven't read the book, PLEASE turn back now!

I think this ties in with…more
Honestly, I don't know if I can answer this one without spoiling it! So, if you haven't read the book, PLEASE turn back now!

I think this ties in with your other question a little bit. There is one character in Transference who seems to have surprised nearly everybody who's read it. When you find out the identity of this person, it's a bit of a shock. The character in question is, evidently, (up until the reveal) almost never at odds with their own behaviour, nor their thoughts... and the surprise of who they really are makes you think they should've been. In other words, if this person is who they say they are, how could they have done the things they were doing? So, the answers aren't really given to you all at once in those big moments. The reason comes later, and all the puzzle pieces start to fit, and the bigger picture becomes clearer closer to the finale. And I think I was attempting to make the book kinda fun in the sense that you could maybe go back and "see the signs" upon a second reading. So yeah, that's the kind of thing I was trying to portray with Transference... this is what happens when one's soul goes into a body that doesn't belong to them. The mind still has great power over the body, and if that mind didn't originally belong to you, there's a dangerous melding that causes varying degrees of conflict between one's thoughts and actions.

All that aside, the "puppetmaster" of Transference is certainly not the protagonist, and for the most part it's not even the villain (though he of course thinks he is)... the real master plan, the endgame, is hatched out of a mother's love for her children. And that was not my original intent with the story, that part of it just naturally evolved over time. It surprised even me to be honest. And I'm so grateful for that because I can say with all my heart that, for me, this is what the book is truly about. Sure, there's sci-fi stuff happening all over the place... but that core part of it, that base level thing, that foundation revolves around parental love. And I hope by the time you close the book after the last page that I was able to show—in my own inadvertent way—how the strength of that kind of love can overcome the seemingly most powerful things in the world.(less)

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Rating details
 ·  385 ratings  ·  160 reviews

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Debbie K.
Apr 28, 2020 rated it really liked it
This is not a book about faith and it's not a religious book, though both of those concepts are there in spades. You're introduced to the story more or less in the middle. The main characters dash from the starting line, and then fill in their backstories along the journey. That threw me off at the beginning. It's an interesting way to start a novel in the least, if this is indeed the first of a duology or a trilogy. Keaton, I think, maybe ought to be commended for that kind of a bold move. I sa ...more
Kate Robinson
Feb 12, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Barrabas Madzimure is a notorious thief, banished from a dystopian, post-apocalyptic Earth and sent to mine eridanium ore on a distant prison planet. The slave laborer is sentenced to death after killing an errant prison warden. What seems like a mundane predicament is complicated by the fact that immortality is available to all in the twenty-second century by soul transference, a complicated process requiring eridanium, and controlled by an all-powerful Church under the watchful eye of a megalo ...more
Feb 15, 2020 rated it it was amazing
With the skill and deliverance of a veteran writer, B. T. Keaton makes his debut entrance with Transference. Barrabas Madzimure in an outcast, not a slave, he refuses to believe the wardens or the Church has completed over him while he works the mines. After killing a warden, Barrabas is sentences to death within the week. Through his initial interview, he gives his given name: Thaniel Kilraven. This stirs up the pot within the prison and Church as men scramble to find the missing details in his ...more
Sarah Nantais
Feb 25, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Don’t expect to put down Transference by B.T. Keaton once you’ve picked it up. This dystopian science-fiction novel does more than tell us a story. It draws us into a world where death isn’t the end. Where the human soul has been separated and passed between bodies during a disturbing ceremony with suspicious roots. The Church is a powerful, brain-washing organization that seeks total dominance. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. However, with every corrupt organization there is a ...more
Feb 02, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Set in a far future, in a dystopian universe in which human souls are transferred from one body to another to create an eternal life, Keaton’s debut is full of action and intrigue.

As a prisoner on a distant mining planet, Barrabas Madzimure hasn’t given much thought to the future until his execution approaches near. As the only witness to the Church’s manipulation of the process of transference, Barrabas is aware of the danger he poses to the Church’s rule. Knowing well that his true identity c
Jan 20, 2020 rated it it was amazing
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Feb 08, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Transference by B.T Keaton is a book that follows Thaniel Kilraven, a man who was captured and imprisoned for his crimes against the church (an organization which has control over the people of Earth). Banished to a mining planet, he’s soon interrogated and the same organization that captures him keeps a closer look on him. With this in mind, he has to use his wits, skills, and even a helping hand to successfully get out of there. Afterwards, Kilraven has to go out and expose the Church’s true c ...more
Apr 19, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Transference by B.T. Keaton is a gritty fast paced Sci-fi, that once you start reading, you’ll find it impossible to put it down again.

In this Sci-fi, the reader experiences a new technique discovered to transfer souls from one body to another. However the people governing and has control of this secret process is the church. They have power over the people and the one whom they’ve put in charge of the process and overseeing it, is the power hungry prophet, who is also the head of the church Jov
Deb Middendorp
Mar 22, 2020 rated it it was amazing
An amazing sci-fi read with eternal life and soul transference

The premise of this novel was very thought out and a new one for me. People found the secret to eternal life, and souls can be moved from one body to another (transference). Barrabas, the main character, is accused of crime, but he claims that it was another man. I love science fiction, and Keaton is a new favorite author of mine. He went in depth with the characters, and I was constantly wondering what would happen next. Soul transf
Feb 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
B. T. Keaton makes one appreciate science fiction as a genre in his book ‘Transference’. The plot is created with a unique and fresh storyline that is both intriguing and fascinating to follow. The book is based on the transference of souls from one human to another. Barrabas Madzimure is deemed a menace in society. The man is accused of thievery and every other crime around. Barrabas Madzimure is a complex character. He lives like a rash individual, disappointing some and acting wild. Even in h ...more
Feb 20, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Transference by B.T. Keaton is a futuristic science fiction book. It is the year 2102 and man has pushed the envelope for life and death by finding the secret for immortality via a process. This process is called transference, which transports the soul from one body to another. The Church has become heavily involved in the human soul business, with Jovian the Prophet, lording over it. He has become a god. Then there is Barrabas Madzimure, who is an infamous thief, but is he who he is named, or i ...more
Jimmy Jefferson
Jan 31, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Sci-fi action thriller

This is the story of transference and the ability to move the human soul from body to body. Travel was light speed and you could traverse the galaxy in minutes. The prophet controls the method of transfer and uses that power to surround himself with loyal protectors while reeking havoc on the world. Across the galaxy a man named Barrabas is facing execution when he announced his previous name was Kilraven who is a sworn enemy of the prophet. He finds himself threatened with
Jan 30, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Transference is a fascinating premise for a sci-fi novel. Moving human souls from one body to another creates a lot of opportunities for interesting storytelling and Mr. Keaton takes full advantage in this full-throated sci-fi thriller.

The characters of this novel really jump off the page and are interesting from the very start. The story moves at a brisk pace and has no problems holding interest over the full 400+ pages of action.

If you love sci-fi it would be impossible to go wrong in picking
Mara Jade-Jones
Apr 14, 2020 rated it really liked it
Transference isn't overly happy or sappy. But I will tell you what it is; complex! These complexities, both of the human heart and of human nature, are explored deeply, movingly, and lovingly by author Keaton. He has a firm understanding of what "true" love is, and he shows it in a very unique way by pitting technology against the human condition. The writer shows a profound respect for the strength of women in general, and of maternal love--the power of which it can, potentially, save us all. T ...more
Heena Rathore Pardeshi
Transference by B.T. Keaton made for a very thrilling story, with an unpredictable protagonist with a complex personality, coupled with a fast-paced plot-line made for a really compelling read. I was looking forward to reading this book right since the time I had a look at its blurb and to my great relief, the book was every bit as good as I had expected it to be.

The writing was really good and this book a very smooth and quick read. After reading this thrilling sci-fi, I am looking forward to r
Nicholas Marson
Apr 20, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Souls can transfer from one body to another

Transference is an epic story of a grim personal mission that leads you through rebellion, revenge, and self-sacrifice.

You start, in medias res, locked in an interrogation room. You aren’t sure why you’re being tortured. You’re not even sure who you are. Keaton doesn’t always fill the reader in on what’s going on, but that’s because the information is being held back for a greater reveal.
Eighty years from now mankind has discovered how to move souls fro
Ben Christian
Feb 08, 2020 rated it it was amazing
I will start off by saying that science fiction is typically not the genre I normally read but I was instantly drawn to Transference the moment I saw the cover. I wanted to know more about what the book was actually about so I read the blurb and preview and fell in love with the authors' writing style. From the first page, you are thrown right into the middle of the action and just when you think it may let up, you are hit with another twist that will keep you reading until the end. One of my fa ...more
Ian Miller
Feb 17, 2020 rated it really liked it
This story starts with Barrabbas in a mine on the planet Eridania. The miners are effectively slaves, most of whom are clones. A clone gives a body, but without a soul; the soul can be transferred from the original, and the original is kept in suspended animation on Earth. Accordingly, eternal life is possible, but that seems to be reserved solely for "The Prophet", who runs "The Church". Life on Earth is not much better than being a slave; this is a dystopian theocracy, except there is not a lo ...more
Stephanie Watkins
Apr 08, 2020 rated it really liked it
B.T. Keaton's Transference is a story full of themes that revolve mostly around family, sacrifice, survival, and the spirit. What is it that actually makes us who we are? What makes us us? It is your heart or your brain? Or is it both? The writer sets us on a journey through the eyes of Barabbas Mazimure to give us the answers (well, most of them) to questions such as these. The plot is cleverly constructed, the characters are distinct, and the settings (both on a future-Earth and Eridania) are ...more
Edward James Bruce Robinson
Feb 12, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Never one for sci-fi, I’m the guy who fell asleep just before Darth asked Luke “who is your daddy and what does he do?”

I overheard someone describing this book while at a restaurant, dining with my none other good friend kindle (I was away for work)

I’ve always been interested/curious in my own existence, and that fact that my conscious mind constantly worries about it.

While yes it was a bit sci-fi/above my reading level, It’s the first book I’ve ever finished without stopping.

The characters an
Kellie Aldrich
Apr 22, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Transference by B.T. Keaton was incredible! It takes you on a journey into the future and what may become of the human race in an alternate reality. It has action along with a lot of thoughtfulness and intelligence. I’m excited to get into other novels by B.T. Keaton in the future.
Mia C.
Apr 14, 2020 rated it it was amazing
"Transference" is a book written by B. T. Keaton, American writer with residence in New Zealand. This science fiction novel has everything to catch any reader's attention. It certainly caught mine. Once I started reading I did not want to put it down. The story has many twists and turns that leaves you surprised and even more engaged in the reading.
Characters are well developed and the plot too, moreover the story develops smoothly and as the author has a unique writing style, the reading is muc
Denise Graves
Mar 16, 2020 rated it it was amazing
I have never come across such an invigorating novel, especially from a debut author. Transference is a work of art. This book is filled with many twists and turns and it is just a book that is impossible to put down. The lead character is a revelation that just speaks to your soul. I find this book to just be the best read that I have had of 2020. I would definitely recommend this book.
Christina Lee
May 01, 2020 rated it really liked it
"You may have heard of me." is the opening line to Keaton's novel. That made me smile, and the next couple of paragraphs introduce us to the speaker, Barabbas, a sarcastic prisoner who gets beaten bloody more often than not for his smart mouth. We quickly learn why Barabbas is facing his impending death, and under intense questioning from a high ranking employee of Earth's "Church," he lets loose a tirade of information about his life that leaves his jailors perplexed and intrigued. He says he i ...more
Milian Smith
Jan 18, 2020 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
What a knockout debut tale this turned out to be! Couldn’t put it down. It's a melting pot of a few sci-fi franchises, and maybe a lashing or two of some Western themes tossed into the mix, but chock full of real spirit and downright shocking reveals that I didn't see coming. Transference keeps the emotions amped up and running high. What struck me right from the get go is that it hits the ground running on page one, and manages to carry that pacing on through to the ending. This story is go, Go ...more
Apr 07, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Transference by B.T. Keaton is a unique book with an uncommon premise. That is, souls can transfer from one body to another. Right there, this book will grab your interest. This is superb writing, the author having a way with words that roll off the page in a fluid style, wrapping you quickly into the story, as he introduces his characters and the dilemma. With a brisk pace, this book holds your interest, the amalgamation of genres is apropos of the story, a heady mix that fully conveys the terr ...more
Cece Gildea
May 29, 2020 rated it really liked it
I saw "Transference" on Bookbub, and read it in about 4 days. It's an emotional journey, and a lot of book (almost four hundred pages!) to receive for just under a dollar. It's covered with a dark overtone, and the depravity of the human spirit is showcased right alongside an uncrushable longing for love and hope's ability to save the planet. I didn't expect to break out the tissues, but thank you to the author for making me cry in chapter fourteen. 💔 ...more
Jun 22, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: own-read
Reminded me of altered carbon. I really enjoyed the book. There was action and suspense along with the sci-fi aspects of transferring to other bodies. The last chapter was a little too long, but still a great read. Looking forward to more from this author.
B.T. Keaton's debut novel, Transference is one of my favorite reads in July! I have three favorites for this month: Gunmetal Gods and The Iron Crown are the other two.

Set in a futuristic world where humans found the secret to immortality: Transference. They finally learned how to transfer souls from one body to another. And of course, someone deemed this soul transferring as a business. Enters the Church, which is led by Jovian the Prophet. He's technically promoted to a god who gets to have a s
Lauren Jones
Feb 21, 2020 rated it really liked it
We have explored our galaxy and still have so much left to discover. Earth has been the only planet that has the ability to sustain human life, but what if there can be other planets for us to travel to? In the future, what if we can opt into a new life in another galaxy? What if we had the technology to live eternally by cloning our bodies? Would it be ethical? Technological advancements have come a long way, and still have so many possibilities left to uncover. Some are quite amazing, but othe ...more
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