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Nothing Much Happens: Cozy and Calming Stories to Soothe Your Mind and Help You Sleep

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Based on the popular podcast, soothing stories to carry you off to deep, restful sleep

Busy minds need a place to rest. Whether you find yourself struggling to sleep, awake in the middle of the night, or even just anxious as you move through the day, in Nothing Much Happens, Kathryn Nicolai offers a healthy way to ease the mind before bed: through the timeless appeal of classic bedtime stories.

Already beloved by millions of podcast listeners, the stories in Nothing Much Happens explore and expose small sweet moments of joy and relaxation: Sneaking lilacs from an abandoned farm in the spring. Watching fireflies from the deck in the summer. Visiting the local cider mill in the autumn. Watching the tree lighting in the park with friends in the winter.

You'll also find sixteen new stories never before featured on the podcast, along with whimsical illustrations, recipes, and meditations. Using her decades of experience as a meditation and yoga teacher, Kathryn Nicolai creates a world for you to slip into, one rich in sensory experience that quietly teaches mindfulness and self-compassion, soothes frayed nerves, and builds solid habits for nurturing sleep.


288 pages, Hardcover

First published October 6, 2020

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About the author

Kathryn Nicolai

8 books38 followers
Ever since I was a child I've made up stories to help myself fall asleep. In fact, one of my earliest memories is of a story I told myself about a thick warm blanket on a cold night. I've never stopped and now, decades later I have quite a library in my head of simple tales to drop off to. I love story telling and using my voice to help people relax. In the rest of my life, I am a yoga teacher and own a small studio in Michigan. I have a wonderful wife and two dogs. My waking life is so sweet that sweet dreams come easily.

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510 reviews14.3k followers
February 2, 2022
Bez oceny, bo absolutnie nic z nich nie pamiętam haha
Jak nie mogę spać to puszczam je sobie do snu i na pewno będę z nich korzystała jeszcze nie raz.
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160 reviews46 followers
July 24, 2020
When you first think about reading a book where nothing really happens, you might think it’s a bit of a strange way to spend your time. However, this book was a great meditative tool. I read it slowly, mostly before bed, and it’s slow and calming pace really settled me into sleep. It took me roughly 3-5 of the short stories to fall asleep, and I did find that when I fell asleep after reading this book, I slept better and woke feeling more rested. I could also feel in my body, at the time of reading, how much the book was relaxing me and letting me forget about the worries of the day. My favourite of all the stories was ‘In the Library’.

Around the 70% mark, I would say there were aspects of the stories that started to aggravate me. Firstly, I became aware of how upper middle class this book is, with such passages as “I went through the fridge again and came away with a package of cremini mushrooms and some fresh parsley. In the pantry I found broth and arborio rice and a bottle of wine” completely alienating me.

The reference to the bottle of wine also sat uneasily with me. In a book of stories designed to help you relax, I find it irresponsible the number of references which are made to alcohol, a well known depressant. Indeed, in one story entitled ‘Instructions for Feeling Better After a Bad Day’, the author suggests “you can make a cup of tea, milky and sweet with a good pour of whiskey in it. You can say to yourself while you’re adding the whiskey ‘practically medicinal.’ But you don’t need to. You can have it just because you want it.” This is beyond irresponsible and I’m baffled when I think about how this made it through the editorial process. However, it’s not the only reference to alcohol and, indeed, one note that I made on my kindle says “this is the third story in a row featuring alcohol.” The references were totally redundant every time and could easily have been removed with no impact on the story. One specific recipe was given for an alcoholic beverage.

Essentially, this is a lovely book to help you sleep, especially if you are an upper middle class American woman who has no history with alcohol dependency.
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2,854 reviews1,640 followers
November 6, 2020
Based on the popular podcast, soothing stories to carry you off to deep, restful sleep. Busy minds need a place to rest. Whether you find yourself struggling to sleep, awake in the middle of the night, or even just anxious as you move through the day, in Nothing Much Happens, Kathryn Nicolai offers a healthy way to ease the mind before bed: through the timeless appeal of classic bedtime stories.

Already beloved by millions of podcast listeners, the stories in Nothing Much Happens explore and expose small sweet moments of joy and relaxation: Sneaking lilacs from an abandoned farm in the spring. Watching fireflies from the deck in the summer. Visiting the local cider mill in the autumn. Watching the tree lighting in the park with friends in the winter. You'll also find sixteen new stories never before featured on the podcast, along with whimsical illustrations, recipes, and meditations.

This is a charming and delightful collection of stories to help calm and clear the mind to prepare for sleep, and I loved that I had someone record and read some of them to me, which is always relaxing. I am an insomniac who reads an awful lot of different books but mainly thrillers and they aren't exactly the best to put you in that all-important sleepy state. I replaced my normal reading with these and found the serene places described absolutely sublime and enough to cause even a few moments of nostalgia. An enjoyable collection. Many thanks to Allen & Unwin for an ARC.
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331 reviews34 followers
April 25, 2021
Do you know that feeling when you find a book that is exactly what you need when you need it? That is just what I felt when I found Nothing Much Happens, both the book and the podcasts, by sheer luck.

In this book you will find stories in which nothing much happens, however, they are full of relaxing details that will help you forget about your daily problems and fall asleep with a smile on your face.

This is what I do with this wonderful book: I read a story in bed and then I listen to the podcast in which she tells the story twice with a charming and sweet voice. I must confess that I sleep much better after doing this and have nicer dreams than when I read mystery novels just before sleeping.

I like all the stories but one of my favourite ones is Early to Yoga. In fact, yoga is something that is helping me during the pandemic. Thanks to this novel I found out about the pose Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall).

Kathryn Nicolai also has podcasts, a website, a YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram. All of it for extra cosiness.

I highly recommend this book and the podcasts to everybody.

Go to https://theleisurediaries.blogspot.com to find links related to this wonderful book.
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117 reviews227 followers
November 9, 2020
O „nicsięniedzianiu” lubię pisać chyba najbardziej. O tych momentach, które wydają się bardzo zwyczajne i codzienne. Lubię się na nich skupiać. Znajdować w nich to, co umyka innym.
Kilka miesięcy temu pisałam:
Zasnąć, gdy pozornie nic się nie dzieje.
W zwykle popołudnie zwykłego dnia.
Zasnąć, gdy tak naprawdę wydarzyło się wszystko.
Czy to nie jest to szczęście, którego szukamy?
Dlatego gdy zaczęłam czytać te opowiadania, doznałam lekkiego szoku. Miałam wrażenie, że autorka wyjmuje z mojej głowy obrazy, które tak starannie w niej układam. Wyjmuje spokojne spacery, wyjmuje poranne nasłuchiwanie, wyjmuje momenty zachwytu, który przeżywam czasami w środku dnia, cichutko, tylko dla siebie. W 12 opowiadaniu przeczytałam słowa: „To nie jest sen - pomyślałam. To jest to, co się dzieje właśnie teraz. Zapamiętaj to.” Odłożyłam książkę i oparłam głowę o kanapę. Wróciłam myślami do jednej z moich notatek. Pisałam w niej:
Zatrzymałam tę chwilę
Pamiętałam o zatrzymaniu tej chwili
O wtuleniu się i pomyśleniu o tym ułamku sekundy
Zatrzymuję chwile od dawna. Te ważne, te wyjątkowe. Uświadamiam sobie moment, który trwa i zapisuję go dokładnie w pamięci. Później próbuję ubrać go w słowa. Mam w telefonie ponad 1500 notatek. Odkrycie, że ktoś robi tak samo i w ważnych (i pozornie bardzo zwyczajnych) chwilach myśli moje myśli, było bardzo zaskakująca.
Opowiadań jest wiele, są ułożone według pór roku, mają zaledwie po kilka stron. W zamyśle powstały po to, żeby czytać je przed snem, ale sprawdzą się świetnie także wtedy, gdy chcemy dobrze zacząć dzień albo wtedy, gdy jesteśmy zestresowani i chcemy się uspokoić. Wzbogacają je piękne ilustracje, kilka praktycznych porad i przepisy na pojawiające się w tekście dania.
Czy polecam? Powiem tak...
Gdybym tylko mogła w tym roku każdemu, kto to czyta, wręczyć prezent gwiazdkowy, to byłaby nim właśnie ta książka.
Bo to byłoby tak, jakbym wręczała Wam pięknie opakowany, namacalny spokój.
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4 reviews10 followers
December 5, 2020
I've been listening to the podcast for about two years now and I fell in love with it on first listen, so my expectations were pretty high to begin with, but it exceeded them and how! The recipes, the meditation techniques, the illustrations, the stories - I don't know what my favourite part of this book is. I absolutely love Nothing Much, the stories are soft and tender and best of all, gender-neutral which, honestly, makes it a lot easier for me to connect with them for obvious reasons. This podcast has gotten me through some really stressful nights, and I already know the book is going to be one of the most loved books on my shelf. Thank you Kathryn, for creating such a gentle place for us. I sleep better now and find it much easier to experience life's magic because of your words. You've been a blessing.
Profile Image for Arin Goswami.
273 reviews11 followers
December 30, 2020
Super useful book that you can use to fall asleep any time you're having trouble sleeping. The only things that have ever put me to sleep faster than this was my business law textbook from university and watching Mourinho's Chelsea teams.
Profile Image for Oli.
95 reviews2 followers
August 31, 2021
+ w tych opowiadaniach naprawdę nic się nie dzieje, dzięki czemu łatwo się zrelaksować i się odciąć
+ opowiadań jest bardzo dużo, każde po 2-3 strony
+ są ułożone według pór roku, więc można sobie wybrać porę, która akurat nas interesuje
+ z tyłu książki jest spis wszystkich tematów (kawa, herbata, książka, kąpiel) razem ze stronami, co ułatwia znalezienie opowiadania pasującego do aktualnego nastroju
+ neutralność w opisywaniu postaci, większość z nich można wyobrazić sobie samemu, partner czy znajomy może być zarówno kobietą jak i mężczyzną
+ piękne ilustracje
+ czasami miałam wrażenie, że czytam o sobie, ciekawe
+/- klimat bardzo pinterestowy, momentami aż za bardzo (nie wierzę, że życie może być tak idealne xd)
- jeśli chodzi o redakcję polskiego wydania to wyszło marnie, jest masa literówek i zdarzają się powtórzenia
- dużo powtarzalnych motywów
- bardzo dużo nawiązań do alkoholu, nie wiem czy zachęcanie czytelnika do spożywania (nie znając jego historii) jest ok

Książka swoją rolę spełnia, bardzo mnie odprężyła i chętnie do niej wrócę
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87 reviews2 followers
February 12, 2021
This is the book I needed most this year, and I am so grateful for it.

This the sweetest book. If you're looking for excitement, for plot twists, for complex characters, for cliffhanger chapter closings and a build up to an unpredictable ending- read the title, and move on. This book wanders aimlessly, and that's exactly the point.

This book is "slow food" for the soul. It's a series of short stories- vignettes, really- little slices of life from different, barely developed characters going about their daily lives in a small town. The purpose of the stories is to put you to sleep- or, if you're like me and no longer good at reading in bed due to back and shoulder issues, to put your mind in a calm state ready for sleep.

Throughout the book runs a thread of deep mindfulness, of finding the sweetness and beauty in everyday life- a mindset which, frankly, has helped me to survive this most awful of years. There are simple recipes and meditations along with lovely illustrations. The stories run around the seasons of a year, with weather changes and activities to suit.

The book is written in such a way that one could imagine themselves as any of the characters- gender is left unclear, without being very obvious about it. There is also a thread of deep love for both humanity and nature throughout.

I love Kathryn Nicolai's podcast and listen to an episode most nights, in bed with Bluetooth headphones, and it puts me to sleep so easily. Many of the stories in this book are existing podcast episodes, and one of the reasons I was so excited to get it is this: the podcast is so effective at putting me to sleep that I have never heard the end of the vast majority of the stories! It's not that the endings are exciting, only that they are new to me.

There are also many new stories in the book, and I dearly love them. Although I originally bought this as a hardcover, I was thrilled to add the audio edition to my collection, so that I can fall asleep to the audio book just as I fall asleep to the podcast.

I hope there will be a sequel, as Kathryn Nicolai is a fountain of these lovely, soothing stories!
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119 reviews20 followers
September 4, 2021
These easy going vignettes are supposed to be calming before sleep. At first it’s great: crispy winter walks and trips to the bakery. But I began to feel more annoyed than sleepy. Reading about her summer cabin, her quiet and spacious home, the safe town, the fancy wine, i began to feel there was too much focus on material things.
Profile Image for Sofia.
833 reviews100 followers
June 19, 2021
"Quando nada acontece" é mesmo um goodfeelings book.
Recomendo-o não apenas como bedtime story para adultos, mas também para aquelas alturas em que não nos conseguimos concentrar em leituras mais densas (possivelmente porque "temos a cabeça a mil"), pois descontrai e relaxa o leitor.
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339 reviews4 followers
March 6, 2023
Niby jest o niczym, ale z drugiej strony o to właśnie chodziło.
Profile Image for Elizabeth (Literary Hoarders).
487 reviews17 followers
May 10, 2021
I’m not sure I’ll ever actually be finished this book. It waits on my nightstand, quietly ready to stop some of the frazzle and over-thinking. I was surprised how effective this was. Each little story is so simple, so plain... and each one readies the mind for real rest. This is a wonderful concept, and I’m glad to have found it.
Profile Image for Cindy.
22 reviews
March 8, 2021
I love this book! It is now my new bedtime favourite. True to its name this book is a collection of short slice-of-life stories told from a gender neutral POV where 'nothing much happens'. I've been reading 2-5 little stories before bed most nights and they are so incredibly cozy and soothing. Such a great way to unwind before sleeping especially as someone who occasionally struggles getting to sleep with all the thoughts racing through my mind. Absolutely adore the illustrations, recipes and meditations that are scattered throughout this charming book. And I love how the book is divided into seasons and the strong nature themes. Will definitely check out the podcast!

As a sidenote some readers were irked by the fact that the POV comes from an upper class, privileged POV. This didn't bother me so much personally but it is something worth noting.
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46 reviews1 follower
January 25, 2021
My favorite stories are related to books, coffee and libraries 💜💫
Perfect to what the author proposed to do... Small stories for you to slow down and relax. I love the recipes and the meditation guide.
Profile Image for Emily Duchon.
375 reviews25 followers
April 18, 2021
By the podcast of the same name. Really cozy, boring stories about making soup, picking apples, lingering in bookstores, cutting fresh flowers. Perfect to fall asleep to!
Profile Image for Demi Stein.
378 reviews15 followers
July 12, 2022
Originele recensie: https://bazarow.com/recensie/tijd-voo...


In deze bundel van Kathryn Nicolai staan vele korte verhalen die je helpen met ontspannen en beter in slaap te vallen. Het boek is opgedeeld in vier delen/ seizoenen, zodat je per seizoen meerdere korte verhalen hebt die daarbij passen.

De verhalen zijn kort maar zeer gedetailleerd, waardoor je in je hoofd een beeld kan vormen van de omstandigheden, waardoor je ontspannen raakt en vervolgens in slaap valt.


De verhalen in dit boek zijn heel divers. Er zijn verhaaltjes over regenachtige dagen, waarbij de hoofdpersoon een warm en knus boekwinkeltje bezoekt, maar er zijn ook verhalen over een koude winterwandeling waarbij ingezoomd wordt op de prachtige sneeuwvlokken. Het maakt eigenlijk niet uit waar het verhaal over gaat, Nicolai vraagt je om te focussen op de details in het verhaal en er in je hoofd een beeld van te vormen. Ze geeft aan dat, doordat je er een beeld van vormt in je hoofd, je andere dingen zal loslaten, waardoor je beter zal ontspannen en hierdoor ook beter of rustiger in slaap zal vallen.

De verhalen bevatten ook regelmatig herkenningspunten, waardoor het gemakkelijker is om het beeld te gaan vormen. Voor de kattenliefhebbers zit er bijvoorbeeld een verhaal in waarbij de hoofdpersonage op een heerlijke stoel zit, voor haar houtkachel, met haar kat op schoot, die heerlijk aan het spinnen is. Een goed voorbeeld van de rustgevende omgevingen die Nicolai schetst in de korte verhalen. De schrijfstijl is, zoals te verwachten, dan ook erg gedetailleerd.

De verhalen zijn daadwerkelijk slaapverwekkend. Er gebeurt niets waardoor je hart sneller gaat kloppen of waardoor je juist wat actiever gaat zijn. Het zijn rustgevende verhalen die je vrij snel weer zal vergeten. Het hielp mij persoonlijk niet om er beter van in slaap te vallen, maar ik kan mij voorstellen dat er mensen zijn die hier wel veel baat bij hebben.

Naast de korte verhalen worden er ook af en toe ademhalingsoefeningen of andere opdrachtjes in verwerkt en leuke kleine illustraties, waardoor je je andere zintuigen ook op een leuke maar ontspannende manier kan prikkelen. Hierdoor is het boekje ook een stuk interactief, wat een zeer leuke toevoeging is.

Tijd voor jezelf, verhalen om bij in slaap te ontspannen of in slaap te vallen is een leuk boek vol met korte verhalen die je een prettig gevoel geven, perfect om te lezen vlak voordat je gaat slapen. Slaaplekker!
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42 reviews2 followers
June 21, 2023
See raamat on osa minu unerutiinist ja põhjusega. Mõnikord on vaja enda meelt rahustada - saada argised mõtted ja mured enne uinumist peast ära. Raamatus on parajalt lühikesed ning armsad lood pealtnäha eimillestki, kuid ometi sellest, mis suudab rahustada. Üks minu hea tuju raamat, mida loen kindlasti veel.
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433 reviews4 followers
July 26, 2021
Loved it! Short 2 to 3 page "stories" about everyday life. Going to the bookstore, the bakery, the market. Making soup, having a bath, taking a nap. Very calming and makes one appreciate slowing down and taking notice of the wonderful things that happen all the time.
14 reviews
January 14, 2021
Hassua lukea pieniä satuja aikuisille, jotka eivät välttämättä noudata perinteistä draamankaarta. Kuitenkin Nicolain saduissa oli jotain rauhoittavaa, joka tuli tarpeeseen välillä ennen nukkumaanmenoa, välillä ihan vaan kesken päivän kännykkää tai päivän hektisyyttä. Suuria tunteita kirja ei välttämättä herätä, mutta mielestäni ei sen ole tarkoituskaan.
Profile Image for Marta.
16 reviews
August 11, 2023
zasypiam w 5minut i w tym przypadku to pozytywna ocena! 🤣🌜
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81 reviews8 followers
July 23, 2021
Eine wunderschöne Einschlafhilfe

*entspannend, unaufgeregt, genau das richtige zum Einschlafen*

Als ich dieses Buch zufällig entdeckt habe, wurde ich direkt neugierig. Ich habe schon länger nach einem Buch gesucht, dass man abends dem Partner zum Einschlafen vorlesen kann. Denn gerade in stressigen Zeiten lässt ein guter und erholsamer Schlaf des Öfteren zu wünschen übrig. Einen Versuch ist dieses Buch auf jeden Fall für mich wert gewesen.
Die Aufmachung des Buches ist wunderschön.
Man findet dort eine sehr liebevoll gezeichnete und bunt illustrierte Karte der kleinen Traumstadt, in der die Einschlafgeschichten spielen. Es gibt zahlreiche Schauplätze wie die Bäckerei, die Buchhandlung, der Gewürzladen oder die Lavendelplantage, die den Leser voll Wärme empfangen. Die Geschichten sind meist Situationsbeschreibungen mit kleinen anschließenden Handlungen, die beim mir beim Lesen einfach ein sehr warmes, behütetes und entspanntes Gefühl hervorgerufen haben. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt und konnte mich in diesen angenehmen Gefühlen sehr gut entspannen und auch schnell einschlafen. Die einzelnen Kapitel sind alle recht kurz und unabhängig voneinander, sodass man jeden Abend eine Geschichte sehr gut schafft. Was ich besonders schön finde, ist die thematische Aufteilung der Geschichten, die sich nach den vier Jahreszeiten richtet. So gibt es für jede Zeit im Jahr dazugehörige Geschichten die man sich nach Lust und Laune frei raussuchen kann.
Zwischendurch gibt die Autorin auch immer wieder Anregungen in Form von kleinen Meditationsanleitungen und einfache Rezepte, die dem Buch eine zusätzliche Vielfältigkeit verleiht. Gerade die Meditationsübungen können den Einschlafprozess zusätzlich positiv beeinflussen.
Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass sich dieses Buch sehr schön in die eigene Abendroutine einbauen lässt, und den Abenden einen zusätzlichen Entspannungsfaktor gibt.

Mein Fazit:
Ein super schön aufgemachtes Buch mit sehr vielen liebevoll geschriebenen kleinen alltäglichen Situationen, die den Lesenden in eine Decke aus Wärme, Geborgenheit und Entspannung hüllt und innere Ruhe auslöst. Ich kann dieses Buch jedem empfehlen, der in Richtung Entspannung nach etwas für die Abendroutine sucht oder einfach mal etwas neues zum Einschlafen ausprobieren möchte.

Ich vergebe 5 von 5 möglichen Sternen!

Lest fleißig,
eure Sabrina
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538 reviews54 followers
April 10, 2021

Un libro hermosa, lleno de lindas historias y perfecto para la personas que siguen un estilo de vida Cozy, Hygge o Slow living. O simplemente para aquellos que necesiten paz y ayuda para conciliar el sueño.

Lo quiero en físico!!!!
Profile Image for janet g.
13 reviews
March 11, 2021
Books, cats, and an appreciation of what each season brings. This was a lovely book to listen to a little bit each night and certainly brought a well-needed sense of calm, peace, and safety x
Profile Image for annasbookplanet.
264 reviews6 followers
January 24, 2021
Einschlafgeschichten sind wie ein sicheres, warmes Nest. Sie helfen uns, das Chaos unserer Umgebung auszublenden und still zu werden. Ob nun tanzende Glühwürmchen in einer Sommernacht oder die Vorfreude auf eine warme Suppe nach einem Spaziergang im Regen – wir alle kennen Bilder und Rituale, die uns mit Frieden und Glück erfüllen. In ihren mit Bedacht komponierten Geschichten führt uns die erfahrene Yogalehrerin und Schlafexpertin Kathryn Nicolai an die Sehnsuchtsorte der Seele, an denen wir Ruhe finden – und Schlaf.

Meine Meinung
Das Cover des Buches ist richtig süß gestaltet und passt sehr gut zum Thema Schlafen. Wunderschön ist auch die Karte der Traumstadt und die Illustrationen innerhalb der Geschichten. Die dabei gewählten zarten Farben tragen zur Entspannung beim Lesen der Geschichten bei.

Zu Beginn des Buches führt die Autorin uns in das Buch ein, erklärt warum viele Menschen so schlecht (ein)schlafen können, gibt Tipps für einen besseren Schlaf und erzählt, was sie zu diesem Buch inspiriert hat. Diesen Einstieg fand ich sehr gelungen und nützlich. Vor allem merkt der Leser da sofort, dass die Autorin sehr erfahren in Hinblick auf Entspannungstechniken ist und viel Wissen zum Thema Schlaf besitzt.

Ich gebe ehrlich zu, dass ich etwas skeptisch war, ob die Einschlafgeschichten mir wirklich helfen würden besser einzuschlafen. Doch ich kann wirklich nur sagen, dass die Geschichten absolute Wunder wirken. Ich habe die Geschichten als unfassbar beruhigend empfunden und sie haben mir geholfen die lauten Gedanken in meinem Kopf zum Schweigen zu bringen. Ich musste beim Lesen sehr schnell gähnen und bin anschließend in einen ruhigen, erholsamen Schlaf geglitten. Wenn ich nachts mal aufgewacht bin hat es mir schon geholfen mich nur an die Geschichte zu erinnern, um wieder zur Ruhe zu kommen. Diese Vorgehensweise empfiehlt auch die Autorin.

Zwischen den Geschichten finden sich unter anderem Meditationsanleitungen, Entspannungstechniken, Bastelideen sowie Sprüche und Rezepte, die in Zusammenhang mit der vorangegangen Geschichte stehen. Das hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Super finde ich auch, dass die Geschichten in verschiedenen Jahreszeiten spielen und die Personen in Liebesbeziehungen kein Geschlecht haben, sodass sich jeder Leser mit den Figuren identifizieren kann.
Insgesamt bin ich wirklich überrascht von dem Buch, denn ich hätte nie erwartet, dass sich dieses Buch so positiv auf die Qualität meines Schlafes auswirken würde. Ich bin begeistert und werde das Buch bei Einschlafproblemen ab sofort immer zur Hand nehmen!

„Träum schön: Einschlafgeschichten für Erwachsene“ ist eine wundervolle Sammlung von Einschlafgeschichten mit süßen Illustrationen, die helfen am Abend zur Ruhe zu kommen und besser zu schlafen. Ich bin begeistert!
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211 reviews4 followers
April 26, 2022
Okay, I love this book. I can't really be objective about it in terms of quality, because the whole time I was reading it I was just so delighted and soothed. There are sweet little stories for each season, beginning with late winter and ending with Christmas Eve, and while the title would suggest that nothing much happens in them, I found them to be rich with detail and nostalgia and so much love. It's a very cozy book, as you might expect since it's meant to send people off to sleep, and while perhaps someone less charitable than me might say the writing is a little twee, it worked perfectly for me. I am a shameless fan of all things twee, after all, and gleefully embrace both the aesthetic and the way of life.

I can't speak to the illustrations because, you know, totally blind, but I plan to buy a print copy for my mom for Mother's Day, so I'll ask her about them then. There are also recipes and meditations sprinkled throughout, and I'm not a meditation person, being perpetually unable to quiet my mind or focus on any one thing for very long, but I still appreciate the spirit in which they're offered. And I'll definitely be trying out some of the recipes, eventually, when I turn my kitchen into a place I don't hate being. I saw a review which criticized the amount of alcoholic beverages mentioned, which strikes me as a very odd complaint, even though I myself don't drink. There was quite a bit of wine and some whiskey and champagne and so on, but like...the author is an adult? She's well within her rights to drink if she wants to? And you don't have to make those drinks for yourself?

Anyway, this is a perfect book as far as I'm concerned, and I can't wait to delve into the podcast. It's a quick read if you do it straight through from beginning to end the way I did, but you could also read a story or two at night before bed and savor it for ages if you were so inclined, and since it has stories for each season, you could even read just the ones for the season you're currently in and save the rest for when those seasons come around. It's adaptable.

I needed this shot of joy in my life at this present moment, and I'm so glad I found it when I did. Life feels just a little bit more manageable now, and even like something I might enjoy and revel in again someday.
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April 21, 2021
Máte problém so zaspávaním, či nekľudným spánkom? Pomôžte svojej mysli odbremeniť a pripraviť sa na spánok. Kniha Pekné sny rozhodne nie je liekom na nespavosť, ale pomôže vám navodiť príjemnú atmosféru a ukľudní telo.
V prekrásne graficky spracovanej knihe autorka čitateľovi priblíži čo to o spánku a pomocou krátkych poviedok a meditačných cvičení nás naučí uvoľniť myseľ pred spaním a zbaviť sa prebytočného stresu, ktorý paralizuje tak potrebný spánok pre zdravé fungovanie tela.
Príbehy sú jednoduché, sústreďujúce sa na detaily a atmosféru v každom ročnom období. Navodia vo vás pocit tepla a pozitívnej energie. Autorka odporúča si knihu dávkovať, jeden príbeh pred každým odpočinkom a ja som sa na ňu tešila každý večer, lebo bola príjemným odreagovaním po rušnom, ubehanom dni.
Nie je nič lepšie, ako zaspávať s ukľudňujúcou knihou, až mi je ľúto, že som ju celú prečítala a uvítala by som ešte nejakú, s podobným smerovaním. 😴🛌📖
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