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Your Future Is Bright

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Celebrate the boundless possibilities of the future with this uplifting picture book about the potential in every child, perfect for fans of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and The Wonderful Things You Will Be.

Today is a triumph! It’s awesome! You’re great!
The things you’ve accomplished are truly first rate.
Your efforts have made you stand out from the crowd,
So, puff out your chest—you deserve to feel proud.

Follow a group of children as they dream about what the future might hold. As they spin their passions into opportunities, they learn that adventure awaits any and all who put their hearts and minds into something.

Told in Corey Finkle's touching rhyming verse and paired with gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Shelley Couvillion, Your Future Is Bright is an inspiring ode to self-confidence, kindness, and dedication, and makes for the perfect gift for any occasion, including graduations, baby showers, birthdays, and more.

32 pages, Hardcover

Published April 13, 2021

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Corey Finkle

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Profile Image for Amy.
Author 1 book12 followers
August 25, 2020
I just love this book and was so pleased to receive an early copy for review. It is bursting with optimism for the future and sure to fill both parent and child with an expansive sense of possibility. Who will the reader become once they are grown? Clues may be found in what they love now. If they "run at full speed" and "zip place to place" perhaps they will become athletes? Or perhaps they are inquisitive and sharp and will become detectives? Or creative and destined for the arts? Or maybe they love to help people and will become medical professionals. Then the ending is perfect, because whatever we end up doing, we can always be good friends.

In other words, this rhyming picture book is a delight. It actually helped me feel better about the world we live in, reminding me that despite its many problems it is, after all, filled with people doing wonderful things.
Profile Image for Barbara.
13k reviews267 followers
July 23, 2021
After celebrating the accomplishments of an unnamed character--you--the narrator projects into the future, and in rhyming text, imagines all the career possibilities that lie in store. He uses rhyming text to list these possibilities, but most notably, also points out characteristics such as kindness, thoughtfulness and choosing to do the right thing that will help make that future bright. And there is even mention of changing careers or being indecisive about a possible job, which I found encouraging since not everyone's path is straight. The text is fun to read aloud, and accompanied by bright illustrations filled with celebratory youngsters and images created with watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, and digital techniques, make choosing a career path less intimidating that it might be otherwise. Ah, the different paths a live or a career can take!
Profile Image for Scott Riley.
Author 1 book19 followers
April 10, 2021
Remember the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, Your Future Is Bright is the perfect invitation for young readers to explore all the possible answers to that question. With playful rhymes and an aspirational voice, Finkle shows how current strengths and talents might lead to exciting futures. Couvillion combines abstract brush strokes with illustrated scenes all within a rainbow palette further emphasizing how determining one’s future is a vibrant and dynamic process. In short, your future will be bright when you share this great title with the little ones you love.

Profile Image for Jocelyn Rish.
Author 5 books11 followers
August 14, 2021
An important reminder to kids (and adults!) to dream and work for the future we want. Corey Finkle's bouncy rhymes present a number of possible futures based on what the kids are currently passionate about and good at - like being an athlete for someone who is fast or a doctor for someone who always wants to help others. But even more importantly it states that interests and circumstances change, so it's okay to follow your instincts do something different, and that being kind and generous will lead to a bright future. The lovely rainbow palette and diverse characters of Shelley Couvillion's illustrations bolster the inspiring text.
Profile Image for Moni Hadley.
Author 3 books28 followers
July 24, 2020
Your Future Is Bright by Corey Finkle What does your future hold? This uplifting, rhyming picture book shows every child that there are many paths to take. You could be a baker, or writer, or painter, or leader. Your path might even be uncertain, but you will find your way! This book is a cheerleader for all children! The illustrations are as bright and colorful as the messages in this book! Fans of OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO! will love this book too!
Profile Image for Deb Adamson.
Author 9 books21 followers
April 2, 2021
This encouraging book feels like a more modern version of, Oh The Places You'll Go, by Dr. Seuss, and mostly aimed at a younger audience. The fresh approach is peppered with what is most important, and that is kindness, being a good friend and doing what is right. This would be a great gift book for any child trying to figure out what they may be good at, opening the door to a conversation about their many talents yet to be explored. The lively illustrations are a perfect addition to the delightful rhyme.
Profile Image for Aura Keaton .
44 reviews
March 6, 2023
"Your Future Is Bright" by Corey Finkle is an uplifting and all-inclusive children's book about the many possibilities a child's future may hold. When they grow up, who do they want to be? Disabilities, ethnicities, sexual orientation -- makes no difference. A child can grow up to be anyone they please -- an architect, painter, actor, author, teacher, politician, stay-at-home parent, veterinarian, astronaut, web developer, whatever. This is a vibrantly illustrated picture book full of positivity about our future choices. Highly recommend.
40 reviews1 follower
December 9, 2020
This is such a bright, uplifting book. The rhyming language is spot on and perfect for reading out loud, and the cheerful illustrations bring all the possible futures to life. I loved the illustration of the Cake Train Diner and Bakery! The reader is invited to consider what path they may choose for their future, whether that be a novelist, a baker, or helping people in need. This book is not just for kids - it would make a fantastic present for graduates too!
Profile Image for Susannah Aziz.
Author 1 book11 followers
February 3, 2021
I love the illustrations of this book...they are so colorful and show so much happiness! I love the rhyme and the positive words. I also love how it highlights the many different paths one could take... so many children enjoy so many different activities. I love the sense of pride that this instills in readers! Take pride in the earth, be a good friend, fight for what is right! This book is wonderful!
Profile Image for S.K. Wenger.
Author 1 book6 followers
March 18, 2021
This uplifting story is a celebration of accomplishments as well as goals yet to be attained. With both a congratulatory vibe and hopes for future successes that will be made, this book will surely inspire all readers. I'm grateful for the peek at the ARC from the author and publisher. I believe this book is the perfect gift for any graduating student of any age, kindergarten through high school and beyond!
Profile Image for Theresa Trinder.
Author 8 books10 followers
April 15, 2021
An excellent Oh-the-Places-You’ll-Go! alternative, this book celebrates children’s unique talents but also emphasizes kindness, empathy, and advocacy, which so many kids are practicing these days and who deserve to be cheered on and lifted up. This book would make a lovely and unique gift for graduations, moving-up days, birthdays, or any day a child could use a reminder that they are truly one of a kind and the world is better because they’re in it.
Profile Image for Tracy Gold.
Author 5 books35 followers
July 21, 2020
A beautiful book, illustrated with lots of color and movement, inspiring kids to think about their future. The book explores different career opportunities but also covers the basics of being a good person--being kind and caring, for example. A fun one to read to encourage kids to think big--and think kindly--about their futures!
Profile Image for Taylor.
Author 1 book15 followers
July 21, 2020
A beautifully illustrated book of children's aspirations with a focus on what matters most: YOU! Kindness, justice, and individuality are at the forefront of this timeless message, and young readers and listeners will come away feeling empowered to pursue their dreams and try a variety of new things!
Author 1 book8 followers
November 21, 2020
This book by Corey Finkle is wonderfully uplifting and inspiring! It's sweet, smooth rhyme is paired with gorgeous watercolors. The art leaps across the pages and mirrors the hopefulness and forward-looking aspect of the text. Pluses: depictions of many different types of futures (even uncertain ones!) as well as a multicultural cast of characters. Perfect for classrooms!
Profile Image for Robert Peterson.
Author 6 books46 followers
April 23, 2021
Finkle and his collaborator, Couvillion, invite children along on a journey to discover who they are in this charming work. No ambition, passion, or career, or child is left out along the way. This is one to cherish with your child, spouse, sibling, or any loved one. It's sure to stand the test of time. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Christine Zandt.
Author 4 books27 followers
April 25, 2021
This upbeat rhyming board book will boost moods and inspire kids to reach for the stars. The read-aloud quality works well, as does the spot-on rhyme.

This would be a great gift for birthdays, or as kids move up between grades in elementary school. Messages like this cannot be heard enough!

I thank Henry Holt for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Patti Richards.
Author 12 books9 followers
April 28, 2021
A joy to read, YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT, takes children on a journey of endless possibilities! Perfect for graduates of any age, this book is sure to delight as a celebration of the unique potential found in the hearts of today’s children. A must-read for anyone beginning a new chapter, chasing a dream or in need of a confidence boost!
Profile Image for Donna.
Author 9 books308 followers
May 23, 2021
What a perfectly inclusive book of encouragement! Any child can pick up this book for what will instill that spark of hope that they can achieve whatever it is that calls to them. Simply put, they will feel anything is possible, that they can be or do anything! What a wonderful message and one I wish every child could read and take to heart.
Profile Image for Sherry Roberts.
Author 1 book12 followers
July 1, 2021
What a great way to introduce children to a variety of careers but at the same time letting them know traits they might have that leads them towards a career. As one reads through the wonderfully written rhymes, you are led to an ending that is the best of all. As someone who taught students about various career choices they could make, I truly found this to be a great way to get them started thinking about careers.
Profile Image for Maeve.
2,045 reviews18 followers
August 17, 2021
On their last day of school, a group of diverse children contemplate what they will be when they grow up...realizing that their careers might change, and what truly matters is that they are kind and are a good friend.

Obviously meant to be an aspirational book for young graduates (similar to Oh, The Places You'll Go). Overly positive that doesn't encourage growth mindset or resilience.
Profile Image for Alison Marcotte.
Author 1 book14 followers
January 2, 2021
This picture book is so inspiring and uplifting; it's the perfect book for kids and adults to read in 2021 after such a turbulent, stressful, and uncertain 2020. The illustrations are so gorgeous, too. You'll want to add to this your TBR read list for 2021!
Profile Image for Kelly Mangan.
Author 1 book7 followers
January 2, 2021
Sweet, gentle, affirming text that explores the wide world of possibilities of what kids can grow up to be. The illustrations are similarly gentle and sweet. I could see this being a nice bedtime book.
Profile Image for Cynthia Argentine.
Author 2 books5 followers
January 24, 2021
This book is inspiring to kids and the adults in their lives! The rhyme and rhythm of the text keep it bouncing along, while the message of possibility and positivity shines through. It would be great as a gift for kids who've just accomplished something or are working to achieve a goal.
Profile Image for V Dixon.
153 reviews6 followers
April 24, 2021
This book is cute and filled with optimism. For young readers who are the beginning stages of dreaming of their future this is a good book okay and for the "older" dreamers who are able to find inspiration in various locations this could rejuvenate them as well.
Profile Image for Deidre.
Author 8 books10 followers
August 18, 2021
I purchased this book and read it to my five-year-old grandson. LOL! He does NOT want to be a doctor or a writer, but YES please a ROCK STAR, which explains all the singing he does around the house. A great book to get children talking about what moves their spirit.
Profile Image for Phaea Crede.
Author 3 books24 followers
July 21, 2020
Lovely rhymes and an awesome story about following your heart, making sure to help others, and embracing your bright future!
Profile Image for Anthony.
5,195 reviews24 followers
July 14, 2021
A story told in rhyme about all of the opportunities in life that a young person can strive to be or become as they explore the world around them, and stay attune to what is around them.
Profile Image for Laretta.
23 reviews
August 6, 2021
The eyes of the Asian American character are represented by slanted lines.
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