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Virgin Flyer

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Wanted: One night together, no strings attached. Hold me, make love to me, treat me like I’m the most important person in the world. No talking. No names. And don’t be surprised if I’m gone in the morning.

After crushing on my best friend for years, I realize he’ll never want someone inexperienced like me. So I decide to get it over with, play the V-card once and for all with an anonymous hook-up. The terms are simple: no talking, no names.

It isn’t as easy as it seems. Now I can’t get the handsome stranger who greeted me with soft kisses and gentle touches out of my mind. Those hands, those lips... But it was just a one-time thing, and I need to forget about him once and for all.

At least I know I won’t ever see him again—until I board a flight and catch sight of a familiar profile in the cockpit just as the door closes.

262 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 2, 2020

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About the author

Lucy Lennox

84 books3,578 followers
I write M/M romance with humor, heart, and heat. Check out my backlist here on GR for a selection of series and standalone or visit www.LucyLennox.com!

I only keep a small list of my very favorite books and series in my bookshelf here. I read A LOT and it's hard to keep the list updated!

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March 6, 2020


one virginal nurse (Teo) who's in love with his "straight" best friend and scared of flying


one sexy-as-sin pilot (Jack) who relies on hookups because he doesn't think he's relationship material (and because he still feels guilty about walking away from his ex, who was a good guy)

MIX in

- well-meaning family (especially Jack's slightly nosy but truly supportive sister)

- a few oblivious friends

- an awkward encounter with an ex-boyfriend

- serious lack of communication (why, oh, why couldn't Jack and Teo have an actual conversation about their future instead of relying on assumptions?)

- misdirected love (Teo is convinced he's in love with Chris, his best friend since elementary school, but loving Chris has become a habit; what Teo feels for Jack is real)

- skydiving (followed by an angry Jack who would never jump out of a "perfectly good plane")

- LOTS OF SEXY TIMES (eager virgin alert!)

- age gap (Teo is ten years younger than Jack)

BAKE at temperature of your choice (this book is BROIL-ON-HIGH HOT tho)

And you get:

- lots of cute and sweet moments that will make you fall in love with the MCs (Jack and Teo's first time together is so romantic, even if they are perfect strangers at the time)

- one hard-earned epiphany when Teo finally (FINALLY!) realizes that what he's wanted is right in front of him (and it's not Chris; also, I hated Chris, that manipulative bastard)

- the best damn HEA

TAH-DAH! This is such a good book, you guys. Get it. Read it. Two thumbs up and some toes too!
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734 reviews379 followers
March 12, 2023
Reread 3/2022
Reread 3/2021: Such a great story. I think I enjoyed it even more this time around. 4.5 stars

Original review:
A very cute and romantic story. I only wanted to read the sample, but once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. And for the most part, I really enjoyed it.

I loved Teo and Jack as main characters. Both are sweet, kind and caring and I loved their connection and chemistry right from the start. Most of the side characters were lovely, too. Maybe a bit unrealistic, but I didn't care much.

I did have some minor niggles though. There was some drama and miscommunication towards the end, including a situation with Chris that didn't make sense to me at that point. Also, the ending and the epilogue were a bit too cheesy for my taste.

But overall, this was just lovely. I loved reading about Teo and Jack's relationship. It gave me all the warm and happy feelings.
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2,108 reviews370 followers
August 21, 2022
5 stars

This one will easily find its way onto my 2020 favourites list when the year is through, of that I have no doubt.

I was initially drawn in by the set-up, with inexperienced and lovesick Teo — a twenty-six-year-old nurse — sending out an unconventional message on a hook-up app, looking for a man to make love to him, with an emphasis on feeling cherished, for one night only; no words shared.

This request catches pilot Jack’s eye immediately, even if it is outside the parameters of his usual hook-up choices. But Jack’s intrigued, and maybe even a little in need of feeling like he belongs to someone too, even if just for one night, so the decision to answer the ad becomes all too easy.

What follows is one passionate and tender rendezvous, that neither Teo or Jack can quite get out of their minds in the months that follow. But when Teo broads a plane, on a business trip he doesn’t even want to attend, he and Jack are serendipitously thrown back into each other’s orbits, sparking new feelings and desires for one another that neither expected, but which they both, in their own ways and in their own time, come to want and need more than their next breaths.

I honestly can’t recall the last time I adored a book couple as much as I adored Teo and Jack. With a ten-year age gap, these two were so heart-meltingly lovely together. Even Teo’s initial feelings for his BFF Chris couldn’t mess with the high I was feeling when reading about these two falling in love.

Thanks to the dual POV we get to really know both Teo and Jack on an emotional level, understanding their fears and motivations, and witnessing the absolute adoration that developed so easily between them. Even when these guys were trying to downplay the strength of their connection earlier in the book, with Teo apparently mad for (master douchebag) Chris, and Teo and Jack throwing around terms like “fake boyfriend” and “friends-with-benefits,” there was really never a doubt in my mind that their feelings were pure, or that their HEA, when they earned it, would be anything less than perfect... and, boy, was it PERFECT! *swoon*



Be sure to follow this up by reading Lennox’s very short story about secondary characters Rourke and Ty. Found here!
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406 reviews280 followers
August 3, 2021
4.25 “Willing to exchange last name only” stars 💫

My first Lucy Lennox book and I can definitely see what the fuss is about! I had a grin on my face for like 50% of this book, and that's really rare for me.

Friends to lovers ✔
Age gap ✔
Laugh out loud moments ✔
Lots of steam

Teo and Jack were amazing together and I absolutely adored their story ❤

Audio: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
LOVED IT!! Michael Dean is extremely talented, can't wait to check out more of his works 😍
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487 reviews207 followers
March 4, 2023
|| 4.5 stars ||

This was very fun, cute, romantic and sweet! I enjoyed it so much!

Jack and Teo had such amazing chemistry together. Their conversations were light but also serious: they could truly talk with each other, and they needed nothing besides one another’s company to have fun. They teased, flirted and bantered, but they were also super soft and sweet to each other. They were a great match and I really liked all of their interactions. I could 100% see the love and affection between them, and I loved how much they both adored each other.

However, there are obviously a bunch of insecurities and uncertainties in the relationship due to the whole Chris drama and also because of Jack’s restrictions to date due to him being a pilot.
I liked this, since it kept me on my toes the whole time to find out how and when they would finally be together FOR REAL. I was definitely swooning because of all the longing and pining these 'issues' created between them!
Nonetheless, sometimes I did get a little frustrated and just wanted them both to realise what was right in front of them. The roadblocks in their relationship just kept popping up, and they never really caught a break. It should have been such an obvious choice to just get together, since they both wanted to, but it took them a long time. And honestly, the way they acted with each other was practically like they were already dating anyway, they just needed to make it official!

“Love you,” he murmured in his sleep.
The words lit up everything inside of me even though I knew they weren’t intentional. What if there came a day when he truly did love me?
My heart skittered around in my chest like a mouse in a maze who was desperate to know the quickest way to the cheese.
I would be the luckiest motherfucker alive.

Also, I absolutely wanted to strangle Chris during this whole book. I literally hate him so much, and I wish him nothing but bad karma for the rest of his life.
It’s honestly why I was so confused why Teo was so hung up on him: the guy had no redeeming qualities, so why was Teo desperate to have a future with him? Especially since he had Jack right there, showing him what a loving and caring boyfriend should look like. How can people be so blind?

“The biggest clue he’s batshit crazy over you? He cried when he thought he’d lost you.”

All in all, I really liked this book: it was super engaging and entertaining! I truly liked both of the main characters and their dynamic was easy, sweet and honest.

[Read Count: 2]
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177 reviews42 followers
November 22, 2022
Well, this was cute. It follows Teo, who is in love with his jerk of a best friend, Chris, who has been endlessly stringing him along for twenty years. Every character is just so sweet and loving that it’s a little jarring to have a designated “bad guy” character here. At least Jack, the actual love interest is pretty hot. Though the “will they, won’t they” aspect felt half-baked because it’s pretty clear from day one who will and who won’t. The book is a bit overlong and meanders towards the end, but is still a breezy, feel-good holiday read. And and and this book has a very similar third-act to the movie The Ugly Truth, starring Gerard Butler! …Which I’m just realizing is not a very flattering comparison.
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1,574 reviews28 followers
April 3, 2023
*4.5* Wanted: One night together, no strings attached. Hold me, make love to me, treat me like I’m the most important person in the world. No talking. No names. And don’t be surprised if I’m gone in the morning.

✔️Fake boyfriend turned real
✔️Virgin hero
✔️10 year age gap
✔️Genuine intimacy
✔️Smokin hot emotional sex
✔️Found family
✔️Caregiving sweetheart

I loved this story! It was a clear five star up until the 3/4 point miscommunication and the stupid bff. So annoying! Other than that, this story hit the sweet spot.
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521 reviews137 followers
March 25, 2023
re-read March 2023

This is still the swooniest swoon that ever swooned!!!! Swoony goodness so to say. Still love this beautiful story and its beautiful main characters with all my heart!!

“You’re in love with a pilot and you refuse to board an airplane.”
“I guess you’ll just have to find other ways to make me fly.”

side note: Lucy Lennox announced that "Virgin Flyer" is going off of KU. So go grab it for free as long as its still available there.

4.75***** stars

Teo’s & Jack’s story checked A LOT of my boxes, let me tell you. It gave me all the warm and fuzzy feelings. At this point, a big thank you to Imme for bringing this one to my attention the other day ♡♡

Annonymous ”silent“ hookup (yesssss, puhlease!!!)
mature main characters
➤ a twenty-something virgin
➤ a lot of longing and pining
really hot sexy times
sooo much tenderness and care
➤ forced proximity
➤ fake boyfriend scenario
➤ a lot of confusion about love goals, ex’s and long loved dream guys

“Tee. Please tell me that wasn’t your first flight.”

“I figured if I was going to pop my flying cherry, I might as well choose an exciting flight for it. Heart attack and engine failure at the same time, in addition being pretty sure the pilot was the stranger who popped another cherry of mine too."

This was one hell of a feel-good book. I was swooning so hard at times and awwww'ing myself into a puddle of goo. Honestly though, I can see myself reading a lot more of Lucy Lennox’s books in the near future if this is what she does.

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534 reviews136 followers
March 12, 2020
3,5 stars

I know I'm in the minority here but this story was too sweet and angst free for my taste. It started very good, I was sure I will love this until the end, BUT Teo still loving Chris, who was SO annoying, really got on my nerves!!!

Jack was amazing, super hot and kind and sweet. He didn't deserve to be somehow put on the second place, after Chris. Ugh!

The fake boyfriend trope... The over the top sweetness... Just nope from me. I am sorry. I should have known better. This author writes such sweet stories. It's just not my thing.

The only thing that really worked for me would be the chemistry between the main characters. So I am rounding up my 3.5 stars.
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75 reviews66 followers
August 25, 2020
My entire fucking dream was standing right there in my kitchen, and the realization hit me in the gut like a two-by-four.

3.5 stars

This was a cute, fun and low angst romance that I had a good time reading but I'm probably not ever going to think about it again.

I hate Chris and just waiting for Teo to turn him down was exhausting because it took longer than I thought it would for Teo to make that decision. I also wanted a clear confrontation with Chris which didn't happen and it left me a little unsatisfied.

But Jack and Teo scenes in the begining are GOLD in this book. I loved them as a couple. There were little ways in which Jack showed his affection towards Teo which I loved. I absolutely adored the conversations they would have. Honestly, Jack stole the show the show for me in this one. He was an amazing character.

The epilogue was amazing. I want all the books I read to have such OTT proposals. The book also had some great secondary characters (except for Chris). Now, I'm gonna go and read that short story of Rourke and Ty.
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1,838 reviews6,161 followers
April 3, 2021
The MC is a 26 yr old virgin because he has been in love with his best friend his whole life. He decides to lose his v-card on Grindr because that is the best way to do it.

So refreshing to find honesty on the internet!

Of course his Grindr hookup ends up being the pilot on his later plane flight. And, they get "stuck together" for a couple of days. I mean, this kind of thing happens all the time! I just saw my one-night-stand from 20 years ago at Subway. He's the manager now, so I guess you could say he's kind of a big deal.

Anyway, this book was really cute and the two MCs were super likable. It's one of those warm and fuzzy books.

I said "fuzzy", not "furry". Stop that.
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1,613 reviews240 followers
December 13, 2020
AUDIOBOOK December 2020: great performance by Michael Dean. I think I enjoyed it more the first time around as an ebook. Will I relisten? Maybe. Still great feels & Chris is still an asshole & I still don’t know why they are friends. 3.5 stars rounded up! Narration-5 stars.

The feels will make you soar!

From hook-up
To stranded lovers
To fake boyfriends
To real boyfriends

Teo has been in love with his bisexual bestie for a decade. Chris, the bestie keeps stringing him along. Now, you will want to strangle Chris and you will also want to smack Teo and yell at him, “Stop being a doormat!”

His realization that Chris has been wiping his feet on him doesn’t come until late in the book, but it comes.

Jack, is our fearless pilot and hookup app master. Yet after his hookup with anonymous Teo, he can’t get him out of his mind. Bear with the suspension of disbelief that the prowler doesn’t get laid for months because of one encounter and the whole story works. It’s fluff, it’s romance, it’s Lucy Lennox. Go with it.

I did and these two took me on quite the trip. Fun, flirty, low angst, fun family times and lovely.

My rec? I read until 4 in the morning...what do you think? Of-freaking-course!!
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2,195 reviews395 followers
March 6, 2020
I was so happy with the first half of this book. I was sure this would be a 5 star read for me.

I wasn't quite sure how everything with Chris was going to turn out, but I had high hopes he would be thoroughly put in his place. Well, that was not what happened.

I absolutely loved Teo. He was cute and sweet and just adorable overall. But why he was best friends with a douchebag like Chris? I had no idea. I never once felt like I could understand what Teo saw in him. Chris was a manipulative asshat and he didn't even deserve Teo as a friend.

Besides the presense of douchecanou Chris, I also really started to dislike the storyline more and more when it slowly got clear to me that these guys were not going to spill their guts to each other. Nope, they were both going to be miserable and were both trying to not tell the other one how they felt. And I really hate that in my books.

These guys were so cute at first, and then Chris started to interfere, and Teo let him. Jack wasn't open about his feelings either, so it took them until 90% to get their act together.

I think the miscommunication trope hit me even harder this time because I loved the first half so much. But now it just left a bad taste in my mouth..... :(
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1,921 reviews3,440 followers
March 10, 2020
4.5 Stars!

This was great. Loved Jack and Teo.

I really didn't like Chris. And had no idea what Teo saw in him. I was afraid the pining for him would get on my nerves but I thought it all played out well.

The "shower" scene at Teo's apartment is my only reason for the 1/2 star deduction. Such an eye-roll inducing addition to the story. But it could've been worse.

Great banter. Plenty of delicious sexy times. Likable secondary characters (minus Chris of course).

Looking forward to Rourke and Ty's book. I am sure Chris will eventually get one as well, so maybe he can redeem himself then.

Definitely recommend.
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1,037 reviews321 followers
March 28, 2021
4.5 stars!

I enjoyed the hell outta this and read it in one sitting. It hit the spot. Best thing this author has written.
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1,072 reviews609 followers
July 17, 2020
2 Stars

DNF @ 46%

I stuck in my reading slump for a while now, so I thought for a change of scenery going for something light, help to get out of my funk. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out, it was too sweet and I got bored. Considering all the good reviews, it’s me and not the book so don’t mind me and go for it, hope you enjoy it!
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2,072 reviews147 followers
March 10, 2020
4.5 stars. I'm absolutely in love with this story! It was just what I needed to read after the last couple of pretty intense books. And I don't mean to imply this was all fluff, though it was mostly happiness and swoon, and good God do I mean that in a big way. *sigh* Yes, this is another "no-review" review, just straight up gushing. 😍

I loved both Teo and Jack, and I loved the people that they were as much as I loved them together. I read the whole story *as long as Chris was out-of-sight-out-of-mind, damn his ass* with a big, goofy, lip-biting grin on my face. I laughed, I worried, I swooned *A LOT*, I giggled. People, I do not giggle. The point is, I was so completely involved in what was happening, it never occurred to me to put the book down and go to bed. I finished it in just a few hours.....aaannnnnd I was almost late to work again. 🤷🏼‍♀️ WORTH IT. *more sighs*

Chris didn't make it to my "DIAF" shelf but it was damn close.

I could read it all over again right now and be happy with that. This is my first story by Lucy Lennox but I'll be getting on more of those shortly. Highly recommended!
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1,365 reviews39 followers
May 26, 2020
Ahh. That was just lovely.

Teo’s cute and sweet, Jack is dreamy in every respect, and the story of their fake relationship turning – unsurprisingly – into more is well told and totally engaging. Lucy Lennoy does it in style and with a lot of heart.

Their first ‘date’ is different and sizzles with chemistry, and I thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy road to self-discovery for Teo and the ‘falling in love against the odds’ for Jack.
I agree with some readers that it was hard to understand why Teo is holding onto the idea of being with Chris so desperately. Apart from a teenage kiss, they’ve had a totally brotherly relationship for years – I think that alone should have given Teo something to think about!

This is certainly a winner in the ‘light and fluffy’ category! Great fun!
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1,274 reviews40 followers
August 21, 2022
*4.5 stars*

Wow, what a nice surprise!
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1,167 reviews260 followers
March 13, 2020
Virgin Flyer by Lucy Lennox was pretty great.

-Text messages
-A sexy pilot
-An adorable caregiver
-Fake boyfriend
-Casual to more
-The first intimate scene: wowsers!
-Great secondary cast - minus Chris, the f*cktard. I HATED him.
-Age gap
-Super sweet
-The epilogue: Jack and Teo were perfect for each other.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, I needed the happy escape Virgin Flyer provided.

4.25 stars, recommended read.
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3,267 reviews379 followers
March 2, 2020
Virgin Flyer have all the WOW factor I needed in a story!
I'm in love with Jack and Teo! OMG the chemistry between them is super sexy and EPIC!
I meaaaaannnn.....asdfghjklm.....!!!!
Jack never knew that one weird request from his latest one night stand would be making him head over heels for Teo. The VIRGIN who needed to get over his best friend he fell in love forever.
At least for a while until Chris realize that Teo loved him. But Chris though he knew that Teo loved him.
I hated Chris for tagging Teo along a decade and never let Teo in. Teo was being stupid and blind, yeah. But I cannot hate Teo for that. Chris gave him hope for their future together.
Well yeah Chris finally did realize that he needed Teo, but it's all too late because Teo cannot just stop loving Jack who treated him like he matter, like Teo is his whole world, that Teo is everything.
I loveeeeeed and adored this book so much!
The epilogue was just like I needed in a romance, and Jack! OMG! Jack is PERFECT in every way possible!
Highly recommended!!!!
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Author 74 books2,610 followers
March 15, 2020
Loved this! The dialogue made me laugh out loud. Thank you for a fun quarantine read, Lucy Lennox!
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916 reviews100 followers
April 18, 2023
I knew this was going to be a good one the moment I read the scene where Teo and Jack first meet. It was insanely hot. Lucy Lennox really did the thing!

Virgin Flyer has the classic fake-dating to make a crush jealous. Teo's in love with his best friend, so he and Jack start a mutually beneficial relationship that will not only make Chris see what he's missing while also giving Teo some experience.

But it's so much more. Teo and Jack start out as an anonymous hookup, as inexperienced Teo decides he wants to get some of his firsts out of the way. He gets so much more than he bargained for with Jack. The no-talking hookup is just the beginning, when Jack turns out to be the pilot for Teo's flight. Sadly there is no joining of the mile high club; I guess for professionalism and realism sake I'll let it slide.

The author did an amazing job crafting the intimacy and emotion between Teo and Jack, throwing in the complication of Teo's long held feelings for Chris.

This is definitely my favourite Lucy Lennox book (Prince of Lies being a close second)
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2,927 reviews208 followers
March 13, 2020
The pilot and the nurse crash into each others hearts !
Gosh, I love Lucy Lennox characters. I will remember this story for a long time to come. It's fabulous !
Sweet man, Teo is a Registered Nurse,

loves his job, is 26, a virgin, who has loved his best friend Chris forever. Chris is not interested, closeted, and only wants money and power with his work. Teo is close to the family, and Grandpa Banks, who is in poor health. He finally decides to get rid of his "V" card, so he gets an unusual hook-up.
Handsome and hunky, Jack, 36 is an Airline Pilot

who accepts Teo's request in Chicago on a layover. The encounter is life shattering for each man.
I loved these guys, each one for different reasons.

As it turns out, Jack is there for many of Teo's firsts in his life, like sex, a plane trip, etc.
Leo is a caretaker, giving and adorable. Jack is jaded, but sees the good in Teo. So, we have family interactions, Grandpa Banks's health, and the new mental obsession that grips both men. They do get to meet again, and then the comfort level, the intense sexual relationship, leads to friendship, also. We are rooting for this pair with all of our might.

Chris keeps proving what an ass he is, and Teo and Jack become closer. I loved everything about this story, the tension, bit of angst, hot lovin' and fun scenarios. There are interactions, serious moments, deep passionate scenes, and tender moments. Teo's confusion with Chris, and Jack's fear of being hurt.

A magnificent tale, that includes everything we love in our stories and romances.
I can see why it's a best seller on Amazon. Free on KU.
Highly recommended.

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3,496 reviews
December 9, 2020
I loved Teo and Jack’s story. I loved the way they met, and how they each just couldn’t get the other out of their minds. The Fake Boyfriend scenario is one of my favorites, and toss in the 26 year old virgin angle, and it kept me on the edge of my Kindle! Teo just melted my heart - he wanted nothing more than to settle down, come home to his man every night, and just be loved. Jack on the other hand thought he couldn’t settle down, that it just wasn’t in him. That his career was too important, or too demanding, to have someone in his life who understood him. I found Teo and Jack super sexy and hot, sweet, funny and all-around one of my favorites reads of the year so far. File this one in “I don’t want it to end because it’s so wonderful, it I have to know how it ends”, and “I don’t want to put it down” category!
Profile Image for Denise (in a reading slump).
714 reviews138 followers
August 17, 2020
2.5 Stars

This had a really good beginning but focused so much on OM. I guess it's my fault for not reading the blurb, but I don't care for "I'm in love with someone else so let's pretend to be together so I can make them jealous". Besides that, I found the last half of the book somewhat cliche and I was skimming/pushing myself to the end. I wouldn't have minded this trope so much if there was less focus on Chris the asshole.
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253 reviews7 followers
February 27, 2020
In the words of Buddy the Elf, I'm in love. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it.

I didn't think it was possible for Lucy Lennox to write a couple I love more than Blue and Tristan in Borrowing Blue but I was wrong.

I am absolutely, head-over-heels in love with Jack and Teo. OMG this story was everything. EVERYTHING.

Teo is in love with his childhood best friend. He is desperate for affection from him, and when the promise of more hangs in the balance, he makes a decision to gain some experience to become more desirable. His choice alters his life's direction, no matter how resistant he wants to be.

Jack is perfectly content with his life as a pilot, one-night stands, and his close, but not-too-close family. When a tempting wanted ad distracts from that well-laid plan, Jack is forced to face everything he thought he didn't need... or want.

Both of these characters are challenged with what happens when real chemistry, desire, and affection are thrown in their carefully laid out plans.

I just loved everything about their first meeting, their second meeting, and everything leading up to the HEA. I read this book in one sitting because I could not stop falling in love with their friendship, banter, and relationship.

I absolutely swooned at the epilogue and I wish there was more to read.

I was a diehard Lucy Lennox fan with the Made Marian series, and this book further cements my love for this author and the gift she gives the world in the form of her words. You need this book.

And as always from my reviews, my top quotes of the book:

"The man was an expert at seduction. He must have taken some kind of training course. There wasn't a single nerve on my skin that wasn't standing up and saluting him. I felt like every hair on my body was connected to jumper cables."

"I felt like I was grasping at him wildly with both hands and feet like one of those inflatable blowing things in front of car dealerships. No purpose, just frantic flailing."

"When Jack Snyder kissed me, he may as well be sucking my brain in the process, because I instantly turned into derpy mush."

"he was mine. I... I couldn't imagine not having him like this in the future. That there could be a day where someone else got to experience this feeling, this intimacy with him was just... incomprehensible. Unacceptable."
Profile Image for Fabi.
1,009 reviews143 followers
May 3, 2020
Very well written. A lovely story about letting go of childhood fantasies and meeting your true future.

I would have enjoyed expansion on a few plot points. The ending felt quite abrupt. However, my main complaint is this could have as easily been an MF romance by changing one MC's name. Totally personal preference as I like more grit in my novels and this was sweet as cotton candy.
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