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Creeping Beautiful #2

Pretty Nightmare

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I have them all now. Just the way I want them.

McKay, the one who loves me deepest.

Adam, the one who protects me fiercely.

Donovan, the one who tells the truth.

They are my friends, they are my lovers, they are my world.

And Maggie belongs to all of us—no matter who her father is.

This is the family I’ve always wanted.

This is the family I deserve.

And I will do whatever it takes to keep them.


I have a secret that could ruin everything.

But I’m not keeping that secret to hurt her.

Nathan St. James needed to go.


I made a plan that could ruin everything.

But I did it to save us in the end.

The Company needed to come back.


I told a lie that could ruin everything.

But I didn’t tell the lie to them—I told it to myself.

Carter is closer than we think.

There is something truly wrong at Boucher House on the Old Pearl River.

Some hidden evil lurking deep inside the woods.

Nothing about their blissful life is what it seems.

Because just when they think they have it all—he shows up to take it back.

444 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 26, 2020

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About the author

J.A. Huss

142 books8,720 followers
J.A. Huss never wanted to be a writer and she still dreams of that elusive career as an astronaut. She originally went to school to become an equine veterinarian but soon figured out they keep horrible hours and decided to go to grad school instead. That Ph.D wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (and she really sucked at the whole scientist thing), so she dropped out and got a M.S. in forensic toxicology just to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

After graduation she got a job with the state of Colorado as their one and only hog farm inspector and spent her days wandering the Eastern Plains shooting the shit with farmers. After a few years of that, she got bored. And since she was a homeschool mom and actually does love science, she decided to write science textbooks and make online classes for other homeschool moms. She wrote more than two hundred of those workbooks and was the number one publisher at the online homeschool store many times, but eventually she covered every science topic she could think of and ran out of shit to say.

So in 2012 she decided to write fiction instead. That year she released her first three books and started a career that would make her a New York Times bestseller and land her on the USA Today Bestseller’s List eighteen times in the next three years. Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, her audiobook Mr. Perfect was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017, and her book, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award in 2018. Johnathan McClain is her first (and only) writing partner and even though they are worlds apart in just about every way imaginable, it works.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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September 10, 2020

I jumped right back in to the lives of Adam, Mckay, Donovan and Indie. They are all such compelling and interesting characters with different backgrounds yet so similar in that they were all raised within the Company. I think what the Company does best is to mess with the minds of children. So these people and the people they know are all a bit crazy.

In this book they are all back together after the 4 years that they were apart from the time the incident occurred on Indie’s 20th birthday. She finally did what they always feared and went completely nuts on them. They all nearly died, especially Indie’s 2 year old daughter Maggie. Indie still has no recollection of the 4 years she was away or why she did the things she did that night. She also can’t remember the time before she came to live with Adam and Mckay, when she was on the island.

Donovan also lived on the Island when he was young and he doesn’t remember much of his childhood either. He knows he had a twin named Carter, but can’t remember him. He knows that when he was 15 and Indie was sold, he was the one that talked Adam into buying her but he has no recollection of why. So he and Indie are trying to recover their memories together.

Adam is still trying to learn things about the company that he wasn’t privy to before. He knows much of it should be in his father’s records, but he has searched everywhere at Old Home and in his Father’s house in the city but has come up empty so he is trying to find the files. Adam likes to be always in control and the leader.

Mckay is angry at Adam for taking Maggie and leaving him alone those four years. He was bought at nine years old by Adam’s father and they had never been apart for very long before that. He is coming to terms with the fact that he loves Adam but he has the anger that is keeping them apart and Mckay has some secrets as well. Things that were going on when Adam was recovering from the time Indie hit him in the head with a candlestick.

So much mystery in the background of each of them, plus there are others that may or may not be dangerous to them. Is Nick Tate still alive? Carter (Donovan’s evil twin), sent a card on Maggie’s birthday saying he was her father. Is that true? Is she Nathan’s? The boy next door was supposedly killed by Indie that night of her 20th birthday. So when Nathan calls Mckay but hangs up does that mean he is dangerous to their happiness? This book is awesome, the characters are so deep and flawed that you can’t help but feel for each of them. I couldn’t put it down.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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987 reviews195 followers
May 21, 2020
Here we go! Indie Anna Accorsi, Core McCay, Adam Boucher and Donavan Couture are all back at Boucher House in book two of this twisted romantic suspense. There are so many secrets, lies and deception your head will spin, leaving you with even more questions. They are Assassins...The Company...and no one can be trusted. Are you ready to fall deeper into the rabbit hole? Will Adam and McCay get closer? Will Indie find more answers to her past and Maggie? Truths will be unleashed but what will be left in its wake? I know I’m being cryptic and vague but with this series it’s truly the only way to review. If you love twisted romantic suspense mysteries then you need this series. Get ready for a roller coaster ride! MM, MMFM; Told in Multiple POV

📷 Teaser by Miss Petite Brunette Book Blog
August 3, 2022
OH MY GOSH!! You want to talk about mind f***ery to the nth degree? WHAT A RIDE!
Welcome back to the Company, where nothing is ever as it seems, and everybody is harbouring secrets.
Say hello to the familiar faces, but DO NOT get too cozy with any of them, because, yeah, nothing is ever as it seems.
I love these characters. I really do. All of them have unique voices, differing viewpoints, but all are driven by the same force and centred by the same things. Vague? It’s meant to be. This books is impossible to reflect on in any other way because so much happens. And as is always the way when you’re only two books into a four book series, we do not have the answers. It might feel like we get a few, but I’m honestly not convinced they’re even the right answers yet. I don’t even know if I’m asking the right questions!
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This is Julie at her absolute best. There’s no comparison when it comes to her twisty storylines. The fact that she’s able to keep track of all of this before she gets to where she’s going is remarkable.
I wish I could dive right into part three and keep going, but I guess we’ll all be waiting on tenterhooks together!
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1,754 reviews834 followers
June 20, 2020
JA Huss does it again- another twisting, jaw dropping, tangled tale of complex actions and characters. From page one until the end, my brain was working overtime , much like I imagine Donovan’s brain is during an Indie therapy session- as I was trying to grasp the bigger game at play, or hell, who even the players were.

JA delivers on her promises for book 2- we’re back with our core 4 characters trying to figure out how they all fit together and move on from the discoveries in book 1 - which is complicated enough as it is- but on top of that, we still have the troublesome issue of Indie’s psychological state, the Company enigmas, the lingering mystery of Nathan St. James, and the added dynamic of Maggie- who, I must say, I find even more interesting than Indie (begs for future Maggie books).

This book keeps on you on your toes- both in terms of plot and the emotional arcs. We get: answers we wanted, and answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. Even more questions. That heart pounding, twisting plot combined with a deep psychological study of these potent personalities, and all the mystery. The last book very much felt like Indie’s story- and while all our characters progressed here, I feel like this book was mostly about McKay and Adam’s journey, in my opinion.

I struggled to understand the dynamics of relationships- to understand just who loved who and in what way, what the nature and motivation of that love was, who loved who best, what people really needed, etc. And, to be honest, I think that is the point- our characters are struggling with this, too. They know they love each other, need each other, and rely on each other- but the magnitude, nature, and meaning of that love varies not only from character to character but almost moment to moment. All of our characters are psychological scarred and unstable in some ways and emotionally erratic- that makes for incredibly interesting relationship dynamics, but they are not clean, easy, or explicable. In fact, at one point I just had to push myself outside of the box and let my need for clearly defined relational boundaries go- that isn’t gonna happen for these characters- it is not who they are. And, even when I thought I was clear, even in the last few pages, I was still unsure. What I do know that a theme here is connection- the need for connection to each other (that at times can be hard to understand) but also the need for connection to your own self- knowing who you are.

The layered, dynamic characters are what drew me back to this series. They are somehow both solidly defined yet constantly mutable and opaque- and that dichotomy is a fresh and unique take on character building. While other authors who characterize piece by piece through linear plot progression, studying characters who are normally trying to know and embrace their present selfs, JA flips that model on its head. And that’s really part of the brilliance- instead building it piece by piece, we constantly are moving pieces around, some completely disappearing- and the puzzle is never complete, because our characters are NEVER static. Our characters aren’t just trying to understand their current realities and how this shapes them, but they’re also trying to figure out their past selves, which means our understanding of their present selves is always shifting. Our characters, in fact, are just as much painted for us by what they don’t know about themselves as by what they do. And “reality” here isn’t reliable - so our characters (and our) understanding of each other and themselves is always evolving. As readers, we’re experiencing parallel emotions and knowledge building - which connects us to them even more. It’s intriguing, highly skilled, and riveting- even if, at times, you, like our characters, are frustrated by how little you know or understand about someone or something.

I will say midway through the book I had to push myself to stay focused-it just got incredibly meta- our characters just are all up in their heads, with us trying to figure out what they’re really feeling. The pacing of the last book was so perfect- kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time- and this one seemed to be hoarding revelations, even though we had some breadcrumbs. With Donovan, in particular, I started skimming parts of his POV- both his analytic nature made his parts more challenging but I had a harder time connecting to him and his motivations, harder time understanding him. But, the book starts out really strong- I was flying through it trying to understand this new normal based on the bombshell ending of the last book. And the last leg, after that lull, EXPLODES- zero to 100 pretty quickly, and I could not stop reading. Jaw dropping moment after jaw dropping moment. Shock and twists and bittersweet understandings. AND THAT FINAL CLIMACTIC MOMENT- I mean, OMG, I didn’t even see it coming until the last minute.

And, like always, I’m left with questions. I’m still confused about where some of our characters stand with each other and why (but again, trying to let go of the box), and we have still much afoot both between them and the Company. I’m not sure I’m happy with the state of things at the end- but I’m pretty sure if that is because of my need for a neatly wrapped up ending. And, this world is not neat. The ending was quite a mind-F- but wow, what a twisty and windy and deeply psychologically rigorous journey this was. JA is such a talent. Overall 4.5 stars.
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608 reviews49 followers
May 28, 2020
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel bruised after reading Company novels? I loved James Fenici and Harper Tate and devoured that trilogy, but no other Company book has made me that hungry. Maybe it was because those were my introduction and now I'm like nine books in and it's all WRONG, DIRTY, BAD--and not in a good or sexy way.

Pretty Nightmare is book two in the Creeping Beautiful series. Indie Anna Accorsi is the pretty nightmare of Core McKay and Adam Boucher, and the eternal mystery of Donovan Couture. Book one was the formative years, and book two is a collection of snapshots and flashbacks of epic events and occasions of importance leading to our ultimate series of reveals. And this time there are some real zingers.

This sequel is full of exposition--which I'm just not a fan of, and I have a hard time sticking to in the story. A large amount of inner dialogue about characters not 'feeling right' about things but going along with them anyway, which feels disingenuous of Company people. I also felt many times like there was a lot that J.A. Huss was forcing in the story writing. When the 'pay-off' happens, it creeped me out. I didn't feel like it was a story climax; I felt it was a low-point for the characters.

And then the end of the book and the cliffhanger are interesting enough, but really, this felt a little like it was a repeat of book one in some ways, but my favorite character is the new collateral damage--and I'm just not sure I can read the next book to see what happens next. I can't take the next dirty, bad bruising feeling another Company book will give me.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.
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634 reviews175 followers
May 25, 2020

CREEPING BEAUTIFUL (Creeping Beautiful, #1) review

But We’re Dancing With The Demons In Our Minds…
*arc generously provided by the promo team in exchange for an honest review*

What’s this book about? (I'm trying to give as little spoilers as possible)
If you haven’t read Creeping Beautiful, you should read it and then come back and read Pretty Nightmare. That will tell you what this book will be about.

This isn’t my first JA HUSS rodeo. I was mesmerized by Creeping Beautiful earlier this year and Pretty Nightmare caused a similar reaction. It was quieter than Creeping Beautiful and it focused on the relationships of the leading characters, but it was a satisfactory journey nonetheless. The steam went up a notch in this instalment. JA HUSS did a good job re-introducing us to the universe and I appreciate it when that’s done. It helps me get back into the mood of the series. The characters are adorable, mysterious and hilarious at times. Their chemistry is truly off the chains. They fit each other so well, I CANNOT DEAL. Their banter was glorious.
While I found the book calm, it surely ends with a banging twist that will leave you hanging off a cliff. I did NOT expect this. I’m curious to see where we go from here. This was indeed a pretty nightmare.
I recommend this to people who love a mystery-drenched story with hot as hell leads (MM, MMFM…) and dangerous chemistry.

547 reviews
May 26, 2020
My mind is blown away, i was sitting on the edge of my seat reading the last two chapters.
The whole gang is back with more twist and turns, I knew it was going to be amazing and I don’t know why I’m always so surprised 😂 when I’m finished.
Not surprised that it is was amazing, but by how it even surpassed my hopes.
I want to say so much but I won’t ruin this for those that haven’t read it yet, I’m certain you’re all going to love it.
And let me tell you, I have a feeling I’ll be blown away even more so when I get my hands on the next book in the series.
And the audiobooks, OMG are going to be epic when released
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1,937 reviews46 followers
May 25, 2020
No one can ever say that J.A. Huss doesn't love to keep her readers on the edge of their seat. Because here I sit and I'm completely gobsmacked at not only what has been revealed in Pretty Nightmare but the path I had to follow to get there. After Creeping Beautiful (which must be read first for the best experience), I was sure we'd finally take a sharp turn to some sort of normal for Indie and the 3 men who seem to want only the best for her: Adam, McKay and Donovan. And I'm here to say I wasn't completely wrong, although I should have known better. But as Huss continues to guide us through both past and present in all 4 POVs, a subtle kind of calm is deceivingly at hand as a multitude of secrets and lies rise to the surface once more. I was an unprepared as our 'little family' was and yet we all just knew that that other shoe would drop. However, it's the 'how hard' part that clearly caught us off guard.

Once more, ugly truths, surprise appearances and revelations bring this story to life and the sins of the past never seem to want to stay quiet. We find out so much more about Adam, McKay and Donovan, it's enough to make anyone's head spin. And mine did, and often.

Indie remains at the center of their devotion, however, as does her clever daughter, Maggie, who is truly a chip off the old block. And the slow building crescendo wrt a 'coming together' of mind, body and soul is one heck of a highlight. But with a mysterious force always somewhere off in the distance, I started to put the pieces together, recalling previous books in Huss's vast library of work and yes, my mind was blown wide open all over again. And loving every single minute.

There is really no proper way to review this book except to say you must experience it for yourself. There are a slew of tangents that continued to muddle my brain but then somehow, some way, Huss ties it all together and I'm left with my jaw falling to the floor as the last paragraphs are read.

Always one to make me think, and more often than not, make me second guess what I'm perusing, Huss is as a unique writer as I've ever encountered. And I can only hope the next chapter in this series will do the very same thing to me all over again.

Lastly, even though Indie surely is that Pretty Nightmare that Adam, McKay and Donovan are clearly addicted to, this intricate story-line proves things are not always what they seem and their adoration and ultimate protection of her speaks volumes.

5+ huge stars!
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1,637 reviews44 followers
May 26, 2020
Plot twists, jaw dropping turns, and sweltering panty-dropping moments! Pretty Nightmare is the book you've been waiting for!

J.A. Huss doesn't leave a stone unturned in the return to the Creeping Beautiful world. When we left Indie, McKay, Adam, and Donovan we had just come to know not only how the young girl was raised by the three men, but also how she fell in love with the boy next door and how that all went wrong.

We pick up where Creeping Beautiful left off and much like that story, Pretty Nightmare weaves us back and forth through different years and different POV's. I have loved reading in this format for not only building the tension and suspense, but it also was like watching a magic show...the illusionist effect of look over here while I'm doing something over here...so in essence, is the character POV you are reading the truth? Everyone has grown up in The Company, was born and breed from The Company and even though they tried to break away from it, are there still genetically dispositioned traits that never go away? There are so many mind blowing moments this book was unputadownable!

Without giving too much away this review will stay short and sweet, because the plot is all interconnected to each character and each twist, so I'm just going to say if you loved Creeping Beautiful you will love Pretty Nightmare! I would also not recommend reading this book as a standalone as it goes hand-in-hand with Creeping Beautiful.
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3,039 reviews51 followers
May 24, 2020
"Because that's what happens when you get to the end of something. It doesn't matter if it's a road or a story, or a goal -
when you get to the end of it you start over. "

Holy crispy crackers 😳

I thought the first book was a total mind trick-
The truth?
It gets more convoluted
The secrets?
The revelations?
They make your worst nightmare look like a walk down sesame street

I'm so not giving any spoilers

I was at about 30%? When something clicked.
Indie said something and I'm not kidding I actually went back to book one.
I needed to re-read it -
To really pay attention to what wasn't obvious -
To the words that weren't being said
I wanted the pieces to fit
Even though I read both back to back
(book hangover is such an understatement here)

It wasn't until that final moment

It all clicked


I truly hope we get more of this universe
More secrets
Just more
There is so much still buried
So many secrets that have yet to be revealed

If you enjoy your mysteries a touch twisted and loaded with suspense -
The kind that speeds up your pulse -
Causes your body to tense -
The kind that bleeds its secrets yet never quite reveals its truths

Then this is for you
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1,341 reviews22 followers
May 23, 2020
5 stars don't do this story justice.

What else can I say other than WOW!!! This book took the previous story and tipped it sideways, backward and upside-down. Shook it out and tossed away the bag. Now it’s covered in more mystery and secrets, even though some have been uncovered and told, more have taken their place.
Julie Huss knows how to write a twisted, crazy story. We all know it too. We all love it, that’s why the ‘rabbit hole’ is so enticing. We want to know more. Need to know everything. The Company wants its due, and someone has to pay it.
Indie, McKay, Adam, and Donovan have had quite a ride in this second part in the ‘Creeping Beautiful’ trilogy. They’ve argued, made up, told lies, and kept secrets. They’ve also fallen more in love. Indie can’t separate them in her mind. She wants all of them or none. And that’s the essence of their relationship, it’s matured, and with all of them together it’s not long before passion is let loose. But, there’s still danger lurking. Some much closer to Old home than any of them ever knew.
Grab a comfy chair and get ready to have your mind blown once more.
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5,169 reviews175 followers
May 27, 2020

Amazon All | Apple | Kobo | B&N

McCay, Adam, Indie, and Donovan are all together now, just the way Indie wants them. And as everything began to play out, I admit to being surprised by some of the secrets that got exposed, and supremely intrigued by absolutely everything.

The reader gets to find out where Indie was when she was missing, why she was gone, and what happened during that time. But, not just with her, with the guys too! And this was my favorite part, because I didn't really like them what I got to know of them in the Creeping Beautiful, so the fact that I got to know them so well here, made me much more satisfied.

I liked this second part more than Creeping Beautiful. Each character was more fleshed out, their intentions and actions explained, and I formed connections with each, in a way I did not in the first installment. I won't tell how it ends, who (if anyone) ends up with who, who is still alive, but I will say that Pretty Nightmare is a sexy, twisty psychological thriller with a plot quite unlike anything I've ever read. It answers questions from the first part, poses more questions that remain unanswered, and left me with a book hangover like I haven't had in forever.

ARC via Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an honest review.

Review Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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2,946 reviews73 followers
May 23, 2020
3.5 stars

I liked this one. Just be sure to follow closely because there is a lot going on and with over what almost 2 months since I've read Creeping Beautiful book 1, I kind of forgot a few things, but it wasn't too bad. The book is just full of suspense and the last 25% things just moved really fast. I was not expecting what happens in the last chapter. I just love the unexpected. It was good read, just that I don't think this is the last.

I received this book at my request and have voluntarily left this unbiased review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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1,369 reviews6 followers
May 26, 2020
Have you ever played a Rubix cube? All those mixed up but interconecting squares where the pattern is totally screwed. Now imagine the colours constantly changing, just when you think you've got it sussed. Welcome to the gorgeously twisted world of JA Huss and The Company!
What a read! My heart has been in my mouth, just waiting for ALL the shoes to drop! At once! And they do!
Told from different POVs, this allows a glimpse into each individual character's mind and pushes and pulls you and the plot, here and there. What a joy! I love these guys!
Every word Is gold in this book and my sense of anticipation with every passing chapter, just grew and grew! Bravo! Next......💖💖💖💖💖😍😍
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2,226 reviews97 followers
July 29, 2020
Fuck. I thought this book might wrap up the mystery, but it looks like at least 2 more books are coming.

Creeping Beautiful (book 1)
Pretty Nightmare (book 2)
Gorgeous Misery (book 3) ... due out October 2020
Lovely Darkness (book 4)

And, damn, I haven’t the foggiest idea how to review these books. Or even how to do a “here’s what happened” update.

Total spoilers here. Like last chapter spoilers, just warning you.


Nathan didn’t die when Indie attacked him and he didn’t die when McKay thought his leftovers were all killed. And, it turns out, Nathan knew Indie way back when. He was on the Island at 5 years old. He tried to save Indie from the hunters. Those bastards hunted the children. Nathan got away, but Indie didn’t. And Carter, he was the worst of the hunters.

And, damn, Donovan and Carter aren’t twins, they are alternate personalities. Not sure if some Company nut forced one personality on top of the other or it was naturally occurring. But, damn.

Donovan was shot, but was in a coma until the final page of the book, so cliffy there.

Now I don’t recall where the first book ended and the second begun. Hmmmm.

When did we find out Maggie lived and Adam raised her for four years? Or that the reason Adam stayed away was he feared Indie after she hit him with the candlestick?

Nathan is Maggies father, not Carter. And somehow, Adam and McKay invited Nathan into the fold.

And after all Indie’s efforts to have a foursome. They had two nights. Drugged on mimosas at Indie’s 20th birthday and sober the day before Nathan returned and Donovan/Carter freaked out.

Now Indie and Nathan are a couple and Adam and McKay are a couple, with Adam and McKay sticking to paternal roles with Indie. Why does that about face seem odder than the fact that Indie was with her three guardians to begin with? At least she pushed McKay and Adam together. (The two of them are so hot together.)

Oh, and Indie’s fanciful take on her relationship with Nathan? Full of holes. There was no trip down the river and ice cream in town with friends. There was no town. Freaky.

And there are all these killer Indie clones out there.

So, yeah, wild ride and now I need to wait for the rest.

Oh and the hinted other Company books? There are a fuck ton. Not sure if I want to go down that rabbit hole or not.


By the way, who is on the cover of each book? I’m guessing book 2 is Nathan, based on the youth and tattoos. Adam, McKay, and Nathan are all blondes. Does that make the first cover Donovan? It felt like Adam until they started discussing how the Company people are all blondes.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,551 reviews17 followers
May 24, 2020
Sweet Baby Jesus, I was totally flabbergasted when I finished Pretty Nightmare. I literally just sat there and stared at that last page with my eyes bulging out of my head thinking " WHAT THE EVER LOVING...……"
J.A Huss is the queen of angst and she grabs you by the balls and keeps you so intensely intrigued throughout the entire book till the very end.
We are back with Indie, McKay, Donovan and Adam...……. OH and let's not forget Maggie, which I am in so in love with I can barely handle it.
So many questions are answered, yet we are kept yearning to know WHAT. COMES. NEXT!! I get so wrapped up with these fantastical stories I feel like I have been transported within the pages and I feel all the feels of every single character.
I love seeing characters from previous stories as well, It feel like going home.
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1,398 reviews81 followers
May 26, 2020
Pretty Nightmare is the twisty second installment of J.A. Huss’ Creeping Beautiful series. Not only is it full of twists and turns, but it is totally twisted.

The phrase nothing is as it seems comes to mind while reading Pretty Nightmare. The characters are pretty. The setting is pretty. And yet, they all seem to be living in a nightmare. A nightmare created by The Company.

The dead are alive again. Memories are fantasy or make believe. Truth is too nightmarish to withstand. Will you know what is real and what is fantasy? I thought I did…

Author J.A. Huss’ convoluted creativity strikes again in her latest novel of love, suspense, and conspiracy.

I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. For more reading recommendations, visit Book Junkie Reviews at www.abookjunkiereviews.wordpress.com
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1,393 reviews54 followers
May 26, 2020
Holy Crap! What did I just read? And why shouldn't I expect this each time with JA Huss? I've been reading her books for over 6 years and I'm still thinking these same thoughts. ;)

Pretty Nightmare is book 2 in this series and you absolutely must read book 1, Creeping Beautiful first. You can't get around it. This book is NOT a standalone. Book one introduces you to our characters and lays a good foundation of what is to come. Book 2 starts off where book one left us. Indie, Donovan, Adam and McKay are our 4 main characters and the story is told in their POVs (with a side of Nathan St James thrown in for good measure). You will want to pay close attention to each chapter and who we are hearing from. We also have Maggie, Indie's daughter in the fold. She is a witty little badass that we can't forget about. These characters are cunning, dangerous, have secrets, but are in the end all family and a part of a world where they have been trained to do the unthinkable. They are a part of an organization called The Company.

"Power is a sickness and we're all infected."

This book seemed like it was a little slow-going at the beginning. It was like this gradual build to get to the middle of it and then it explodes and goes full force towards the end, revealing some secrets that I didn't see coming. Just when I expected one thing, I got another. You must ALWAYS pay attention to the details and the little minute things happening on the side. It's what brings those twists and turns to light.

I'm not going to go into too many details. I WILL say that we definitely get some sexiness in this story and it involves a little MM and one damn hot MMFM scene. We get some answers from the past and present by visiting the past. There are some major twists that had my head spinning and that I had honestly been waiting for. I'm glad we finally got some answers, but now I have more questions of what's to come for these characters and the world of The Company they live in.

If you are looking for a slow build to a great big WHAT THE HECK toward the last 25%, you will be pleased and frothing at the mouth for more from this series. These characters' pasts are so interconnected to their futures and I can't wait for more of it. I'm left with questions, got a few answers and was completely twisted all around. YUP! I can't wait to see where this goes next. Give me more of The Company. I'm ready! 4+ stars (rounded up)

"Someone has to die at the end. That's just how these stories go."
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6,672 reviews171 followers
May 26, 2020
4.5 stars--PRETTY NIGHTMARE is the second instalment in JA Huss’ contemporary, adult CREEPING BEAUTIFUL suspense filled, mind-bending, dark, psychological thriller focusing on four ‘friends’: Core McKay, Adam Boucher, Donovan Couture, Indie Anna Accorsi, and their neighbor Nathan St. James. CREEPING BEAUTIFUL is a spin off of, and set in the same world as the author’s THE COMPANY –Dirty, Dark and Deadly series (2017)-several characters cross-over for back story and continuity. PRETTY NIGHTMARE should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately after the events and cliff hanger of book one Creeping Beautiful.

SOME BACKGROUND: At ten years of age, Indie Anna Accorsi was sold and bought by the next generation of an organization known as The Company, an organization that trained child killers and assassins to do the work of cleaning up when society has gone wrong. As Indie grows into adulthood, all is not well as she suffers with memory lapses, disappearances, psychotic breakdowns, and the attempted murder of the men that she loves.

Told from five first person points of view (McKay, Adam, Donovan, Indie and Nathan) using present day and memories from the past, PRETTY NIGHTMARE continues to focus on the dysfunctional dynamic of McKay, Adam, Donovan and Indie, a dynamic that includes sexual liaisons, ménage M/M sexual scenarios, buried secrets, lies and several missing ‘Company’ personnel, once presumed dead who have now resurfaced to take down the remaining few. Donovan continues to psychoanalyze Indie Anna; Adam Boucher searches for the classified and long buried information from his past; Core McKay hides the truth about a death in the family; and Indie needs to keep everyone together for her sake and that of the men that she loves, but their world is about to implode with the return of an enemy desperate to end them all. A long held secret reveals a darker betrayal, a secret that threatens McKay, Adam, Donovan and Indie in more ways than one; a secret I guessed from the very start.

PRETTY NIGHTMARE is a psychological thriller about an embittered, flawed and broken ‘family’ –heirs to The Company; a generation caught between walking away or continuing to get pulled into the depths of depravity, manipulation, mind control and murder. PRETTY NIGHTMARE is a story of deception, delusion, and nightmares; of altered timelines, manufactured memories, and the reality of what was, what is and what will never be. PRETTY NIGHTMARE ends on a cliff hanger –you have been warned.

copy supplied for review

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579 reviews6 followers
May 27, 2020
*I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads*

I should've been prepared for this book. I knew that when I finished Creeping Beautiful (book 1) it stayed with me for a couple weeks. These characters haunted me then, but they completely shattered me now.
The first book was our introduction to the characters: Adam, McKay, Donovan, and Indie. Each one has their issues, their strengths and weaknesses. Each one has an important role to play in the lives of each other, and the Company. The thing is I thought I had a good handle on what was going on. I figured I had pieced this mystery together...
Boy was I wrong.

Book 2 in the Creeping Beautiful series picks up where the cliffhanger dropped, but the timeline is distorted - 4 years later is a long time. Even more so when the time is totally unaccounted for. Indie comes home, and is ready for some answers.
The question is, who can provide them?

I can't really give anymore information, this book is a psychological minefield. There are twists and turns, questions and half answers, sanity and you know that opposite of that. The real challenge is to figure out how everything is connected. I will say that I've been waiting for some of the events of this book since the beginning (HAWT!) and man, was it worth the wait!! While I am satisfied with the events, I'm also a little disappointed that the book ended where it did. I feel like there is still so much to figure out. J.A. Huss has really blown me away with these books, and I can't wait to see what comes next.
Wicked Reads Review Team
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9,526 reviews63 followers
May 26, 2020
Indie may be reunited with Adam, McKay, Donovan and especially Maggie but the question still remains of what happened the night Indie disappeared and where has she been and what has she been doing. It is further compounded by the fact that she doesn’t remember the time before she met the three men which might just give her the answers she so desperately wants.

Indie considers these men her family but each of them are conflicted in their own way and holding secrets from their pasts that have the power to destroy their present. This story takes you on a quite a wild ride filled with intrigue, twists as we learn a lot about what has transpired but there is still so much more to be revealed.

The characters and their relationships with each other are compelling, the surprises keep coming and the storyline is captivating which leaves us wanting to know what the future holds for each of these characters.

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2,407 reviews55 followers
May 22, 2020
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review.
First off, I am so glad I read this one, I wasn't sure I wanted to after reading the first book because I didn't know if I wanted to or not. I really enjoyed this one more than the first one. I kept waiting for author J.A. Huss to say, and this is how McKay or Adam's dream went. But it didn't and now I want to know what is going to happen with Donavan.
I am not going to give anything away, no spoilers, just tell you that if you read book one and you are not sure about this one, then you need to read this one. It gives some backstories and fills in some things. And you will learn a lot from this one.
There is less cringing while reading this one and it still gives me some of the feels for a good story. And there is a mystery aspect to it too. Now I want to know when the next book will be out because I want more.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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385 reviews
May 26, 2020
I had to go back and skim through book one again just to put me in the right mindset before diving into this one. Especially after that explosive cliff hanger. I'm glad I did. There are even more secrets in this one, but also lots of revelations that leave you somewhat satisfied. But also leaving room for more to come. Don't try to figure it out though, because our brilliant author would never make it obvious. Its dark, its a thriller, it gives you the psychological aspect that keeps your heart racing and the pages turning. Great Story, great word building, and amazing strong characters. This book and series are a must read. I have always been a fan of "The Company" world that she created, and this one is top notch.
May 24, 2020
Pretty Nightmare is the second book in the Creeping Beautiful series. You MUST read Creeping Beautiful before you read this book!!! Indie Anna Accorsi, Core McCay, Adam Boucher and Donavan Couture and Maggie Accorsi are back and their stories need to be told!

I HIGHLY recommend Pretty Nightmare and series!

If you love twisted mind games and love suspense then you should love this book. There are some twists that I had to keep picking my jaw up from the ground and the twists kept on a coming!

I am finding that JA Huss is a master when it comes to writing & pulls those puppet strings with complicated precision!

I can’t wait to see what’s next for JA Huss because I know that I will be picking up that book and reading it! 10+ stars
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May 23, 2020
This pretty nightmare was perfection! 5 stars

Wow, my mind was blown away by this book! But, now I will go back! For the first section of the book my thoughts were that I loved these guys and loved being back in their world. McKay, Adam and Donovan: I love how this author writes their personalities and how they interact with each other. They all had different relationships with Indie too, and I appreciated that. I was glad to see Indie journey to find her truth in this book. When the truth and pretty nightmare was revealed, my jaw dropped and my mind was blown! This book/series was a perfect mix of a riveting world full of captivating characters and mind blowing twists that I highly recommend!

*I received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review.*
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May 24, 2020
This book was an insane, mind fuck that had me glued too my kindle. These characters are absolutely unforgettable. I love what was revealed and also like wtf I didn’t see that coming. Truly an remarkable story that everyone must read. Another 5 star read that will blow your mind.

I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
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1,697 reviews
May 25, 2020
Indie, McKay, Adam and Donavon. Four people brought together in a story with so many twists and turns I loved every bit of it. Secrets and self discoveries bring so much to the story. How these four are connected and what we learn about all of them, I could not wait to see what happened next. Huge fan of this author, and this one was so good!
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1,786 reviews
April 22, 2022
Yet another intense episode in this truly consuming series. Great writing and worldbuilding, with characters that continue to develop and grow as the plot unwinds. There's never any first guessing where this author will take you on this journey.
Truly loving this series.
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