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Nine years ago, Skytown soldiers brutally murdered Kenton's family. Now those same men aim to return and destroy Kenton's hard-won, idyllic life amongst the peaceful shifter people of the Hinnom Forest.

Meanwhile, Laine Riven–dragged from Earth to Thorunn against his will–is stuck navigating an unfamiliar school, his jerk of an uncle, and the rising threat posed by the Outpost Terrorist.

When their paths clash amidst tragedy and betrayal, Kenton realises he and his best friend Bo may have rushed headlong into a situation too impossible to fix.

Time is running out as frix season closes in, and their only shot at victory hinges on outrunning the seasoned bounty hunters, savage creatures, and unpredictably violent weather trying to kill them every step of the way. . .

470 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 20, 2020

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About the author

Esther T. Jones

2 books20 followers
Esther T. Jones has been writing stories in her head since she was five. She loves wandering the wilds of rural America–where's she's dreamed up many a story. When not writing, Jones can be found gardening, playing flute and piano, and designing costumes centered around her novels "Thorunn" and "Tedenbarr of Have Lath."

At present Jones is working on a few stand-alone novels as well as a multi-book series set in a distant and mysterious era.

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Author 9 books82 followers
January 19, 2021
Teens strive for peace and honor. Forced to a new planet because of his behavior Laine learns what dishonor really means. Ester T. Jones shows us how greed can change a world in Thorunn. She also shows us how teens working together can try to bring peace and honor back to that world regardless of what they look like or who they are.
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Author 4 books46 followers
May 9, 2020
I genuinely enjoyed Thorunn and fell in love with each characters! The world Jones’ produced is absolutely brilliant! I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this book and I’m always anxious when I start reading a new genre, especially if it in not a style I am familiar. However, this book converted me into a sci-fi fan. Seriously, sit back and let Esther steer the vercycle!

Laine and his family relocate to Thorunn, a planet where Laine can receive a fresh start. Having gotten into trouble while on Earth, Laine is determined to make his loving mother proud and to be a good student, friend, and son. Though with the terrorist attacks and the mention of the mysterious cabal, Laine finds himself roped into issues too large for a teen to navigate. Against his uncle, he teams up with an acquaintance, Bo — who is part of the Lokian race that human’s try little to accept, and the two set out to save their friend, uncovering many secrets on the way. We discover how deep the politics of Thorunn are buried, and if Laine can truly receive the fresh start he desperately wanted.

Jones creates a futuristic world on the planet of Thorunn, and does it well. I love how each new detail is wrapped in it’s element. No definitions needed, the gadgets/creatures/locations are all incorporated seamlessly and naturally. Though, Jones does include a glossary and a map to help you navigate. Through the use of the clip you learn the features the small gadget has — a futuristic combination of a cellphone and an embedded microchip that is engrained in everyday life. The technology (like most) is both helpful and destructive to Laine’s quest. Some other unique technologies Jones created are the: sol, quirn, nano-diffuser, vercycle, and so many more. Aside from the cool gadgets, each new encounter with a wild creature, like the Anlos, Vana’byss, Vyss’ngryr and the “Chsaa-rhee (Rheas Maximus) — Giant pterodactyl-like animals” is enough to send you page flipping. The excitement of the world truly leads an adventure. Jones thought of everything!

The perfect mixture of the familiar on a planet we haven’t seen. The humanity is obvious, even in the Lokian. Each relationship is tested. Laine’s family searches for routine and finds themselves struck with the hardships of health and politics, friendships are pushed when tension is high, and trust isn’t as easily given.

Jones’ characters are painted vividly. The adolescent age is shown in jargon, using dialogue to build credibility as Laine learns what it means to become a responsible and honourable adult. Jones provides detail to voice with each whisper, new accent, jargon, and character knowledge.

YES, I cried. I felt the heartbreak for the character’s I grew attached to. I felt the change in Kenton. Kenton’s character arc develops gradually, corresponding to the speed in which he slowly develops and begins to adapt to the ways of the Hexagon. Laine struggles to maintain his anger and quick tongue, making it hard for him to earn the respect he demands. Bo is forced to balance his pride and learn to accept those who have shown his kind wrong. Jones leads us through each frame with a sense of hope, and when hope seems far, you can’t help but believe in Laine, Bo, and Kenton. From start to finish, I wanted to know more.

When I started reading, I immediately thought, “This is a writer I can learn from.” And I finished with content knowing that I took away more from reading Thorunn than just entertainment. I recommend this book to those who have a love for world building, appreciation for sci-fi, and a soft spot for misunderstood teenagers.
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184 reviews
July 2, 2020
Thorunn took everything good in Jones's debut novel (Tedenbarr of Have Lath) and expanded on it. Honestly, this book was great. The world building and the character development were phenomenal. I know that the ending has the plot pretty well resolved, but I would love to read another book set in this universe.
Literally the only problem I had with this book was that the chapters are long. That has more to do with ADHD than the actual writing, though.
I really loved the journey Laine took and how that not only changed him as a character, but brought in more characters who came in at other times during the novel. I enjoyed the worldbuilding, the nods to Norse mythology, and the thought of trying to live on a planet as uninhabitable as Thorunn.
I would recommend this book to fans of science fiction, people who like adventure stories, and anyone who wants a book that keeps holding out hope.
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Author 13 books77 followers
May 21, 2020
I was honored to be a beta reader for Thorunn as well as receive an ARC copy of the book prior to publication. Neither of these experiences have impacted my review.

Imagine being whisked away from Earth, relocated to a foreign planet where you’re expected to start anew. Of course, in most cases this would be uneventful, but this is not the case of Laine Riven whose parents whisked him away against his will to the planet of Thorunn. Yet, he manages to make the best of his new life…until the Outpost Terrorist attacks. And that’s when everything begins to change.

Esther T. Jones introduces us to the “shocking” world of Thorunn – literally. The unique landscape is known for its electric storms, as well as creatures reminiscent of dinosaurs, as well as cat-like shifter people known as klia’ans (or lokians). In an action packed adventure, Laine, as well as Kenton and Bo, uncover secrets about their families, the government, and in a series of correlated events, unintentionally come together to bring peace to Thorunn.

Yet, the journey to Thorunn is not without its hiccoughs. The start of the book is notably slow. It takes about 150 pages (or 25%) for the book to really pick up. This is not uncommon it fantasy or sci-fi adventures, where the author is trying to establish the world. Some dialogue is clunky, and Jones’s notably wordiness does get in the way of the story.

On the second read through, the world building was much stronger, but I am struggling to tell if it was because it’s my second read-through or because Jones took criticism. I believe some of it is due to changes she made between the beta draft and the final draft.But, I’ll let first time readers make that judgment themselves.

But, if you can get through those first 150 pages, the story really takes off. Wrapped in action, friendship, unique aliens, and unwinding twists and mysteries. Reminiscent of James Cameron’s Avatar, John Scalzi’s Fuzzy Nation, and dystopian novels like The Hunger Games, as well as elements from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly. While some parts of the story are predictable, that doesn’t make it bad! In fact, it means that Jones did a fantastic job weaving in the hints, and in the end, I picked up on them!

So, if you want a fun sci-fi adventure, go check it out! You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time, holding your breath as Laine, Kenton, and Bo escape, attack, and save the day on countless occasion! So definitely check out this new book.
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Author 2 books13 followers
July 31, 2020

I feel bad for taking so long to read it. I read this in jolts, eyes flitting across the pages like I used to when it was like we could swallow books in half a day. It was thrilling and emotional in a great balance. I cried several times and felt deeply for the main characters.

And again. The setting? Phenomenal. I loved how it played into the story. The frix and the way the seasons revolve around it? So cool.
Profile Image for George Moore.
Author 6 books2 followers
May 4, 2020
ARC Review

Though my teen years are in the rearview mirror, I see teens enjoying this coming-of-age story. The main characters make decisions and face circumstances they were never prepared for. Sometimes they make foolish choices (like teens do), but they face their challenges.

A fun read that I recommend.
456 reviews15 followers
May 25, 2020
Really strong realised concept and world! Full of so many twists and turns! Only thing was the pacing at times which I found a bit to slow for my own personal taste. But overall a really enjoyable read!
Profile Image for purnima✨.
35 reviews10 followers
June 22, 2020

**ARC review**

Set on a fictional planet and filled with dangers, unique beings and creatures (an aspect I love about this book), natives trying to protect their homelands, and human settlers as despicable as ever, this adventure-filled high-stakes fantasy is a rollercoaster ride of enjoyment.

If I'm being honest, I was a little disappointed with how slowly the first few chapters progressed—there were too few details about the main conflict in the story, and certain aspects of the world and some characters were vague, leaving me puzzled, my curiosity tinged with a bit of annoyance at not being given enough to be completely drawn into the plot. Some dialogues here and there sounded clunky, but then there would be a gorgeous piece of description to grab my attention on the next page. Such a lack of consistency was scattered about the initial chapters, but not even close to enough to make me want to put the book down: Overall, the language was light and easy to flow with, even if a little wanting, which is excellent for this kind of story, the world seemed to have a lot of scope, I had already categorized characters into those I rooted for and those I hated, and I was eager to get answers for the questions I had. So, I shoved aside every little misgiving I had and carried on… and that’s probably the best decision I’ve made this week!

About five chapters in, the story started to pick up pace, layers of intrigue eating away at any exasperation I had left, a few pieces of the plot no longer as murky. The writing was a lot tighter, the action scenes and character dynamics building up delicious suspense, and I couldn’t help but gasp every time a character ran into trouble, hurriedly turning the page to find out what happens next. As fun as this book is, it has a healthy amount of darkness and angst; when I began reading, I wasn’t expecting things to get so intense or blow up so much—sometimes literally—and it was a wonderfully thrilling surprise! I didn’t care about time anymore, a definite marker of a good book, and by the time I reached the middle of the story, I was one-hundred percent invested.

So, what is this book about? [mild spoilers ahead]

The story starts with Kenton as a kid, whose parents were murdered and his younger sister subsequently attacked in front of his eyes. The narrative then shifts to one of the other main characters, Laine, a few years later. Laine is brought to Thorunn from Earth by his parents, who have decided that they all need a fresh start and that Laine needs to be disciplined. I was sympathetic to Laine’s situation from the get-go, having been given people to dislike—his abusive uncle and neglectful father.

Initially, there’s not much revealed about Laine’s past or why he’s treated like he’s undeserving of basic love and decency by his own family. There are hints to his being a delinquent and involved with shady things, but it doesn’t excuse the way he’s treated at home. I found myself agitated on his behalf, a rebellious teenage boy subjected to bad parenting. The only saving grace is his mother, who looks at him with care and a genuine desire to see him grow into his full potential. This connection between him and his mother also plays a big role in showing the reader Laine’s softer side that’s hidden beneath his flippant outward nature later on and how he’s a misunderstood boy who just needs to determine what he cares about and would work for.

Laine and his family live in Ethaba, a place that his struck with violence by the Outpost Terrorist and their team. No one knows who the Outpost Terrorist is, only that there was an attack on New Little Rock prior to this. Laine gets involved in the defense and manages to bring down an enemy craft and the Outpost Terrorist. Turns out, the Outpost Terrorist is none other than Kenton, a young boy around Laine’s age, accompanied by his companion Bo, a Lokian. The Lokians, or Klia’ans in the native language, are people of Thorunn who can shift into humanoid form and are deemed to be vicious savages by the humans.

When Laine and Kenton’s worlds collide, they decide to help each other out to serve their own goals, and a great many questions are raised along the way—who is the real enemy? Are the Klia’ans as dangerous as Laine’s been told? What secret agendas are behind this conflict? Laine, Kenton, and Bo are then tossed, headfirst, into deep waters that I will not talk about here because you should go read this book.


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166 reviews2 followers
June 2, 2020
This book had a very interesting concept with some great main characters all in this very fascinating world. I found myself not able to put this book down and I am glad to have been given a chance to read an ARC copy of it.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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75 reviews1 follower
June 26, 2020
4 stars

"Shouldn't my heart have healed by now?"

Content Warnings: accidental opioid overdose, violence, death of a family member (on page), grieving, torture (on page, descriptive).

Although it had a rocky start, and it took me a while to find my footing, I can fully say that after about the 200-page mark, when our two main character’s paths cross, THORUNN was a consistently compelling and fun read. I really enjoyed the motivations of the characters and the journeys they went on. At times the story took some truly dark turns, and I thought that Jones handled the change to and from the lighter aspects of the book with grace and ease. The darker and more intense scenes were incredibly done as well. Jones truly shines with her action scenes, which take up a majority of the second half of the story, and are peppered in throughout the first, and I felt myself completely glued to the page while truly wild antics were happening with our main characters.

THORUNN is one of my first forays into young adult sci-fi in recent years, and it was an honest treat.

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