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After spending her childhood as a street thief, Gabriella Goodhue thought she'd put her past behind her until a fellow resident at her boardinghouse is unjustly accused of theft. Using her old skills to prove her friend's innocence, Gabriella unexpectedly encounters Nicholas Quinn, the man she once considered her best friend—until he abandoned her.

After being taken under the wing of a professor who introduced him into society and named him as his heir, Nicholas is living far removed from his childhood life of crime. As a favor to a friend, Nicholas agreed to help clear the name of an innocent woman, never imagining he'd be reunited with the girl he thought lost to him forever.

As Gabriella and Nicholas are thrown together into one intrigue after another, their childhood affection grows into more, but their newfound feelings are tested when truths about their past are revealed and danger follows their every step.

361 pages, Paperback

First published November 1, 2020

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About the author

Jen Turano

25 books1,481 followers

Named One of the Funniest Voices in Inspirational Romance by Booklist, Jen Turano is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, known for penning quirky historical romances set in the Gilded Age. Her books have earned Publisher Weekly and Booklist starred reviews, top picks from Romantic Times, and praise from Library Journal. She’s been a finalist twice for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards and had two of her books listed in the top 100 romances of the past decade from Booklist. When she’s not writing, she spends her time outside of Denver, CO. Readers may find her at www.jenturano.com - https://www.facebook.com/jenturanoaut... , https://www.instagram.com/jenturanoau... or on Twitter at JenTurano@JenTurano.

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November 17, 2020
4.5 stars
Can I just gush for a minute about how enjoyable Jen Turano's books are? I am always a little bit giddy when I pick one up because I know I am in for a treat, and this novel was no exception.

I'm generally not a big historical fiction fan, but the way Turano combines romance, humor, and in this book, a few well thought out mysteries, makes the experience of reading a delight. The 1886 Gilded Age setting among the New York Four Hundred's privileged members provides the perfect backdrop for this enchanting tale.

I loved the characters, particularly headstrong Gabriella and her childhood friend Nicholas. The romantic tension between the two is palpable, yet they cannot and will not admit it, not even to themselves. Both have a great deal to learn about and resolve regarding their pasts before they can confront the future. The start of the Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency is thrilling, the cases that they take and solve during the course of this novel are both fun and clever, and there's so much potential for further installments in the series with the plethora of women running the agency--all with secrets they are hiding. I can't wait to learn more about Daphne and Eunice in upcoming novels.

There's a very subtle faith message in the novel, but it is very approachable for those looking for a clean, enjoyable read. Turano's inclusion of animals in her stories consistently adds to the humor--the pirate dog and the kleptomaniac parrot are just two of the hilarious characters readers will encounter. All in all, this is a thoroughly wonderful book and a very entertaining way to spend time.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, all opinions are my own.
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December 1, 2020
About this book:

“After a childhood as a street thief, Gabriella Goodhue thought she'd put her past behind her until a fellow resident at her boardinghouse is unjustly accused of theft. In the middle of breaking into a safe that holds the proof to prove her friend's innocence, Gabriella is interrupted by Nicholas Quinn, the man she once considered her best friend—until he abandoned her.
After being taken under the wing of a professor who introduced him into society and named him as heir, Nicholas is living far removed from his childhood life of crime. As a favor to a friend, Nicholas agreed to help clear the name of an innocent woman, never imagining he'd be reunited with the girl he thought lost to him forever.
As Gabriella and Nicholas are thrown together into one intrigue after another, their childhood affection grows into more, but their newfound feelings are tested when truths about their past are revealed and danger follows their every step.”

Series: Book #1 in “The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency”.

Spiritual Content- A couple Scriptures are mentioned; Some witnessing & discussions; Talks about God, faiths, & paths; ‘H’s are capitalized when referring to God; Gabriella doesn’t believe God has taken an interest in her life *Spoiler**End of Spoiler*; Mentions of God & faiths; Mentions of prayers, praying, & blessings over food; Mentions of churches/chapels, church going, ministers, sermons, & services; A couple mentions of Christian duty;
*Note: A couple mentions of a ghost.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: two ‘dumb’s and a ‘stupid’; A couple mentions of curses (said, not written); Eye rolling; Being held at gunpoint & being threatened; Injuries, pain, & blood/bleeding; All about many mentions of thieves, stealing, burglaries, heists, pick-pocketing, crimes, criminals, gangs, bandits, arrests, & jail; Mentions of guns being aimed & shooting/killing; Mentions of fevers & deaths; Mentions of injuries, pain, & blood/bleeding; Mentions of an abduction; Mentions of children’s fights, punishments, & children being beaten; Mentions of taverns & brawls; Mentions of a fire; Mentions of alcohol & social drinking; Mentions of lies & lying; Mentions of gossip & rumors; Mentions of jealousy; Mentions of divorces; A few mentions of threats, threatening to kill someone, & murder; A few mentions of hatred; A couple mentions of eavesdropping; A mention of a parent trying to sell their child; A mention of a dog fight;
*Note: Mentions of authors & books.

Sexual Content- Hand kisses (barely-above-not-detailed), four barely-above-not-detailed kisses, & a semi-detailed kiss; Some noticing, touches, & dancing; A few unwanted touches; Mentions of prostitutes, prostitution, brothels, & a madame that has been looking at young girls to come work for her; Mentions of married men having affairs, mistresses, assuming someone is a mistress, infidelity, betrayal, men taking advantage of women, illegitimate children, & out-of-wedlock pregnancies (*Spoiler* *End of Spoiler*); Mentions of kisses, kissing, & intimate relationships; Mentions of reputations & being ruined; Mentions of feeling tingly; Mentions of figures/curves, bosoms, feminine charms, & blushes; A few mentions of a boy trying to peek at a young girl bathing; A few mentions of men paying too much attention to a young girl & men (sometimes married men) gawking at women; A few mentions of scandals; A couple mentions of hand kisses; A mention of a young man “trying to force his attention on a girl”; Some love, falling in love, & the emotions.

-Gabriella Goodhue
-Nicholas Quinn
P.O.V. switches between them
Set in 1886
361 pages


Pre Teens- One Star
New Teens- One Star
Early High School Teens- Three Stars
Older High School Teens- Four Stars
My personal Rating- Four Stars

I’ve been anticipating the start to this series since I first learned about it over a year ago. I absolutely adored Jen Turano’s prior book—which was the end to another great trilogy—so my excitement for this one was very high. I’ve always loved finding new historical mysteries or even just stories featuring Pinkerton agents. “To Steal a Heart” is the start of a series of an inquiry agency made up of women from the same boarding house.

It took me a little longer than normal to get into this book than most Jen Turano books, but I think that was because it’s the start to a new series and there is a lot of characters to be introduced to. Secret identities are a favorite book trope of mine and this book was filled with them. I cannot wait for the rest of the series—but especially Eunice’s story.

Gabriella and Nicholas were both great characters. While you know they may end up as more than friends by the end of the book due to the “romance” genre, I loved how clean their thoughts and actions towards each other were and just their friendship in general. I do wish there had been more faith content, personally, but there was some sprinkled throughout the story.

In my personal rating, I give it a four-star rating (and not a 4.5 star) because of the mentions of affairs, men taking advantage of women, a brothel owner looking at taking young girls, and a vile human’s comments at the end. None of these topics were heavy or detailed in sexual nature, but still unpleasant at times. This is why I have marked the younger two age group ratings as a one-star rating. For those (who are slightly older), it depends on the girl to whether this content would be okay for her. None of that it taken as even a bit acceptable, though, so the morals are high in the story from our main characters.

Like I previously said, I am definitely looking forward to continue this series and seeing what our characters get into next. :)

Link to review:

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.
*I received this book for free from the Author for this honest review.
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Author 245 books1,487 followers
November 20, 2020
Was This Book Really the Best I’ve Read by This Author?
Yes. Definitely. To Steal a Heart did something fabulous for me. This book made me a Jen Turano fan. Look, I’ve enjoyed other books by her, but I’ve never loved a book like this one. And when you consider a few quibbles that I should have with it, that’s pretty impressive.

Laugh-out-loud funny (no, really. I cracked up all night long while I read it. No joke), the story kicks off as many of Turano’s do… at a party. And what a party it was!

In Turano’s classic style, she’s created some amazing characters. Gabby–brilliant. Look, this author took one of my pet peeves and thumbed her nose at it. I hate it when authors turn all the girls in historical novels into strong, independent women who don’t care about conventions. But Jen Turano did it again, and again, she made me love what she did with it. She made the reasons believable even in their wacky improbability.

Did I roll my eyes at a guy from the 1880s telling a young lady to use “pirate speech” with his dog? Yeah! It felt insanely modern. Did I care? Nope. I was too busy cracking up at the whole scene (and taking a picture of the page and sharing with another author) to bother caring.

And that’s what I’m talking about.
Sometimes, an author is just so good that she can break rules and blow raspberries at all my pet peeves and I don’t even care. Because see, when you write such a great story with engaging characters and a sweet and subtle message woven in and left unstated in all the subtext, you can get away with that.

When you write a book that readers can’t put down and with characters they can’t wait to see again, you’ve done it. You’ve succeeded at your job. To Steal a Heart is recommended for anyone needing a good laugh, anyone who loves a fun mystery, and everyone who likes their fiction sprinkled with faith that sparks life in their hearts instead of choking the life out of the story. Not recommended for folks who like to be miserable. It’s impossible to be miserable while reading To Steal a Heart.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say To Steal a Heart will steal your heart, but come on. That’s about as cliche as you can get. (Psst… it will, though!)
December 9, 2020
To Steal a Heart is true entertainment as only Jen Turano can provide! Part farce, part romantic comedy, the Gilded Age world comes alive with plenty of laughter and even a few swoons.

I need to start by talking about the supporting characters in this book – always important when you’re starting a new series because chances are that several of those secondary characters will become protagonists (or at least play a larger role) as the series progresses. And these delightfully quirky personalities definitely have me eager for more books! Daphne is hands down my favorite character – an eccentric writer with an unfortunate penchant for swooning and/or whipping out her notepad to work out a scene at the most inappropriate times (like when she’s supposed to be the lookout). But a more loyal friend you won’t find … unless it’s Phillip Villard or one of the other residents of Bleecker Street, including our heroine Gabriella.

The opening chapters are a hilarious introduction to Gabriella and her friends and the mayhem that is their dynamic. Not to mention the unexpected reunion with her long lost best friend and fellow former street thief (and our story’s hero) Nicholas. You’ll love Nicholas & Gabriella separately as individual characters but also as friends who have the potential to be so much more. Their chemistry is quite swoony (as is Nicholas) yet not without several hilarious moments as well. I really enjoyed how the author wrote their reconciliation with who they were in the past, who they are now – after everywhere life has taken them over the years – and who they aspire to be in the future. I also loved watching Nicholas pursue Gabriella with a patient intentionality and a tender twinkle in his eye, as though he knows a secret she isn’t yet privy to.

Bottom Line: To Steal a Heart is true entertainment as only Jen Turano can provide! Part farce, part romantic comedy, it brings the Gilded Age world to life with plenty of laughter and even a few swoons. You’ll run into some sweetly tender aspects to this story as well, along with a subtle-but-not-hidden faith message that is organic to these characters and their journeys. Perfect for fans of the author’s other books, P. G. Wodehouse & Georgette Heyer. Can’t wait for Daphne’s story next – To Write a Wrong releases August 2021 (and how am I to wait that long?!?)

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I purchased for my own collection.)

first seen at Reading Is My SuperPower
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July 21, 2021
This was an enjoyable read with such a diverse group of characters. I really enjoyed Gabriella and Nicholas and how their relationship grew. I also liked Daphne who brought a good deal of humor, even though I don't think she knew that. I think I am going to enjoy this trilogy and am anxious to read the next.

4.5 stars
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1,615 reviews1 follower
November 16, 2022
Gabriella is an ex-thief who has left her criminal past behind.
However, after an incident where one of the women in her boarding house was accused of theft Gabriella decides to team up with the other women and uses her ill gotten skills to right the wrong.

And well, she sets out to prove her friends innocence....by doing a little safe cracking.


However, on said B&E run, she runs into her childhood partner who left her to the cops and the orphanage never to be seen again. But he doesn't exactly look like the street kid she remembers anymore- nor does he act it- considering his appearance and attitude reflect his new gentleman status.

While both of them are working on the case- they discover what exactly happened in the past, who is behind the deed, and slowly realize they might have feelings for each other despite the different directions their lives have gone in. But are tender feelings enough to bridge the gap of time and status?

I really liked this story and love the female friendships going on-as well as the shenanigans these ladies are getting up to trying to solve various crimes. I liked this couple together, and am def looking forward to see the other ladies in the Bleeker Street Agencies stories!

2,734 reviews1,723 followers
November 30, 2020
Bwahahahaha...just rollicking-snort-laughingly good! My absolute favourite Jen Turano novel yet and it's the first in her new Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency series and woohoo but there's a passel of quirky characters waiting at the sidelines for their turn to shine in their very own series and I can't wait!!!

Turano's unique blend of humour and faith shines through in this page-turning historical romance with surprising twists of intrigue and danger. It's mayhem and chaos punctuated with sharp truths and sweet romance. And a hundred thousand giggles.

Gabrella is all fiery spirit and stalwart practicality while Nicholas is on the verge of making a really wrong decision for the most nonsensical of reasons but he's as driven as Gabriella is -- just in opposing ways. At first. But there's so much more to this social climber than meets the eye and watching him grapple with trying to merge his past with his present in order to create a hope-filled future was pure romantical bliss.

And then there's the boarding house full of independent ladies with unique talents...and endearing oddities. I'm beyond curious about their backstories! Love the way they work together to form an indomitable force of good.

The fast-paced plot is propelled by witty dialogue and so many one-line zingers that I left off reading with a perpetual smile on my face. Yes it's zany and over-the-top at times but that just adds to the overall charm.

I enjoyed the audible edition of To Steal a Heart. Andrea Emmes did justice to these lively characters and all their shenanigans!
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1,053 reviews77 followers
November 14, 2020
With her signature comedy and cast of quirky characters, Ms. Turano once again gives us a delightful story. Add in a trope I love: past friends to more- with a twist and this is a winner. She packs it with fun elements such as Daphne, an author who does not go anywhere without a book and Winston, the one-eyed dog that you must talk to like a pirate and you have hilarious happenings.
What would an inquiry agency be without a mystery to solve? This one has several that come to a resolution despite the ineptitude of the agents. “Trepidation flowed freely when he saw Gabriella suddenly hurtle herself through the air, taking the person she had been chasing to the ground in a tangle of arms and legs.”
The theme of repentance and turning your life around is woven through the story and a few characters attribute their changes and decisions to God.
I love that the author shows the civility of the era even when characters were in the midst of a quarrel or set down.
I can’t wait to see which ladies will be featured in future books of the series.
* I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House on behalf of the author. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*
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1,982 reviews181 followers
November 17, 2020
I have been a fan of Jen Turano since her very first book and each year eagerly look forward to her new book. She begins a new series with 'To Steal a Heart', one that promises to bring her fans a delightful read with each book in said series.

Turano is a master at creating ridiculously funny stories. The conversations between her characters will have you practically rolling the the floor laughing. I always find myself bursting out laughing numerous times during the reading of a Jen Turano book. Seriously, I've laughed so hard I've scared my little dog and he ran. Her books are just so much FUN to read! The predicaments she gets her characters into are crazy and completely enjoyable to the reader. I am a forever fan! Highly recommended.

*My thanks to the Bethany House Publishers for a copy of this book via Net Galley. I was not compensated in any way and the opinions in this review are entirely my own.
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Author 53 books1,058 followers
November 17, 2020
Fans of Jen Turano will definitely want to add To Steal A Heart to their TBR piles. Filled with Ms. Turano’s signature style of humor, To Steal A Heart will delight readers, especially considering the cast of characters.

Ms. Turano does a great job at each character adding to the story and I could imagine this as a play or a murder mystery type movie. I liked that Gabrielle wasn’t your typical heroine, and for that fact, neither was Nicholas.

The twists and turns in the story will keep the reader turning the page until the end.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. My review was not required nor influenced.
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1,040 reviews624 followers
January 27, 2022
Rating 3.5

This was another entertaining historical, with a dash of humour with a dash of mystery and danger.
I did finished another story by this author right before this one, and enjoyed it a teensy bit more, but was still thoroughly entertained by this story and narrator.

Gabriella and Nicholas were great characters and I enjoyed the childhood friends being reunited after years story. I loved that this story was about redemption. Both Gabe and Nicholas managed to turn their lives around for the better.

Though I enjoyed Gabriella and Nicholas, I totally loved Daphne. Her innocence and focus on her notebook provided a few chuckles. I'm really looking forward to her story in book 2.

There was also a few animal characters which added to the fun - the gem stealing parrot, Pretty Girl, the sophisticated poodle, Precious, and Winston the pirate dog.

I enjoyed the mysteries - about the jewels and Gabe and Nicholas's pasts, the adventure and the danger at the end. The author also dealt with a bit more serious topics: street children being taken advantage off, high society members who wants to separate themselves from those deemed lower, without really thinking about the consequences to name a few.

A fun, lighter read.

*I listened to this on Scribd.*
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354 reviews2 followers
October 20, 2020
To Steal a Heart is a story of mystery, love, and wit.
Gabriella Goodhue and Nicholas Quinn have put their days of being street thieves far behind them... until their shared pasts brings them back together.
Two childhood friends find themselves reunited as they get involved in clearing the name of one innocent woman. As they are forced to work on the case together, will misunderstanding and their new lives in society hold them back from sharing their future?

I really enjoyed this story! I found the beginning a bit confusing but once I got all of the characters straight and got into the story, it was really enjoyable.

I love how unique each of the characters are. They all have distinct personalities and differences which makes it easier to remember them.
My favorite character has got to be Daphne so I am SO excited that the next book is about her! *happy dance* She was hilarious! And such a great sidekick.

The plot line was slightly slow sometimes but I actually enjoyed that for a change. While that’s true, there was also quite a bit of action which keeps things moving! Either way, the characters kept me invested.
The fake identities and solving crime was just really fun (and funny) to read about!

And as usual, the humor was wonderful. I snickered and laughed several times. I just love Jen Turano’s writing. It’s so unique and witty!

So as a conclusion, it’s a story that has mystery, wit, humor, friendship, and love.
And one I’d recommend!

*I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this book. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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1,879 reviews404 followers
December 15, 2021
This is tagged as Christina fiction and I was reclutant to read a book where sermons were forced on me, but actually here it was not the case. Yes, there's mentions of God's will etc, but it was just here and there without being forced. It was just natural at a given moment.

It is a "clean" romance without heavy handed sexy times, but there's a lot of sweet and romantic moments! It was rather refreshing! LOL

What I liked most was the dialogue! And I appreciate a good, funny and quirky dialogue! I loved it!

I loved also the characters. Not only the hero and the heroine, but all the characters with their funny behaviour and witt!

The mystery/crime part was also good and very well done. It was an integral part of the story!

Still, you won't read it because of its historical accuracy because I'm not sure how much the behaviour of all the characters is historically correct (they seem very modern to me!), but its was still fun and right for the story's sake!
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521 reviews42 followers
February 28, 2022
I am on the fence about the rating, so I am going with 3.5. I had some truly lol moments then the I would find my attention wandering. The storyline was fun, and the characters really were different and interesting. There were multiple plots maybe a few too many.
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4,140 reviews
January 24, 2022
Alas, I'm giving up at the half-way mark. I seem to be in the minority here not loving it. It's not a bad book, but it just felt so slow and fairly one-dimensional and I was bored. It started well -- I really enjoyed the masquerade and disguises and such, and I like the idea of the women at the boarding house putting their unique skills together to become an Inquiry Agency to help other women whose problems are not taken seriously by the police or Pinkertons. But, it just felt kind of meandering instead of exciting and I didn't really care about any of the characters -- though I did like Daphne best and kept wishing the story was about her instead of Gabriela. I kept hoping Gabriela would become more interesting-- instead, she mostly spends her time being annoyed with Nicholas or being annoyed with The Wealthy and spends very little time actually reflecting about her own imperfections. Nicholas really didn't seem like a bad guy at all and it seems unfair that Gabriela constantly persecutes him when his "crime" was that he actually got a lucky break and took advantage of it (hurting no one in the process and actually helping some unfortunate souls because he was now in a position to do so--completely negating the overall vibe of "All Rich People are Shallow and Unfeeling" which is a strong chord throughout). I assume she falls for him eventually but so far nothing has been remotely romantic and since the mysteries were also a bit of a snooze I just didn't want to wait and find out whether anything gets more nuanced. I'd rather reread The Lady and the Highwayman which I recommend instead.
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2,881 reviews
November 16, 2020
Jen Turano is known for her humorous, historical romances and quirky characters, and her newest debut series begins with a book that doesn't disappoint. Gabriella Goodhue grew up on the streets stealing to make her way through life; but now in the late 1880's she is a seamstress living in a boardinghouse with a group of women. She loves to solve mysteries and help women who are having problems. But the Knickerbocker Bandit may put a stop to her future unless a friend from her childhood can help her out.

Gabriella was so strong and independent, and I loved all her disguises that helped her find solutions to mysteries/problems. Her friend, Daphne, kept me in stitches between her constant note taking for her books and her continual fainting spells. Nicholas was definitely the perfect hero and learns that not all women want to be pampered and have choices made for them. Windsor, the one eyed dog who only answered when you spoke Pirate, the feisty, gem stealing parrot, and Precious, the poodle were humorous additions to the cast.

Another wonderful gem from Jen Turano, and I can't wait until the next book releases.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.
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873 reviews56 followers
November 17, 2020
What a hoot this was as it had me laughing. I could imagine the scenarios The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency found themselves in. I loved the joy it brought me amidst the serious subject of orphans and society rules. The characters had so many different personalities and secrets that were revealed were surprising. It showed that even when we think God has forgotten us that He has a plan and watching the pieces fall into place was like playing a game of Clue. This author is guaranteed to bring laughter and love to life amid chaos with perfection. Now the hard part is waiting for the next book in the series to see what new predicaments these ladies find themselves entangled in. I recommend you get this on your TBR pile as soon as possible.
I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.
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Author 48 books1,608 followers
October 18, 2020
This book was such fun to read. Set in New York City near the turn of the century, Gabriella was a thief as a child, who was then abandoned to an orphanage. Now she is a seamstress who has to use her thieving skills to help a friend who's been falsely accused of a crime. With the "help" of her roommates at a boarding house, she tries to solve the crimes, but isn't prepared to have to work with the man who she believes abandoned her as a child. This story is filled with humor, romance, and the hint of more stories to come. I loved it!
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422 reviews28 followers
April 11, 2022
Another delightful book by Jen Turano :)
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745 reviews25 followers
December 18, 2020
An adventurous, romantic, and inspirational story. Great read!

Gabriella and Nicholas were urchins in the streets of New York in the late 1800s. They had to steal for a man that gave them shelter in return.

Gabriella dressed as a boy to avoid unwanted attention, and Nicholas was very protective of her. They were the best of friends.

One day, Gabriella was caught during one of their ‘missions’ and was sent to an orphanage. She waited and waited for Nicholas to come for her, but he never came.

Several years later, Gabriella and Nicholas met again in a very awkward situation. They were both trespassing on someone’s house, trying to open a safe.

Things were not what they seem to be, and Gabriella was surprised to find Nicholas transformed into a wealthy gentleman while she was a mere seamstress living in a boarding house.

The story is lovely. Nicholas is conflicted between his love for Gabriella and his ‘uncle’s’ and society’s expectations. Gabriella was still hurt that he never came for her but loved him too deeply to begrudge his good fortune.

Apart from Nick and Gabe’s romance, there were some adventurous and enchanting side stories with lovely supporting characters.

The ladies who live in the boarding house with Gabe were charming, particularly Daphne, a shy and observing woman who was actually a very famous writer.

I love that the ladies decided to use their many talents to open the Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency to help women deal with their troubles. I can’t wait to read the next books in the series. I am especially curious to learn what keeps Eunice, the boarding house’s young owner, from casting away her mourning attire.

An adventurous, romantic, and inspirational story. Great read!

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

*For more reviews, book art, and book-related articles, please visit https://lureviewsbooks.com *
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1,321 reviews90 followers
November 21, 2020
The first chapter of To Steal a Heart had me laughing out loud and the fun continued as young women in a New York City boarding house set out to prove the innocence of a friend accused of theft. After police consider the case solved, Gabriella, Daphne, and Eunice become wanna-be detectives and they're soon aided by a man who was Gabriella's childhood friend. Suddenly, another intriguing element is added to the picture, as Gabriella and Nicholas recall the special bond they shared as children and experience a rekindling of their affection for each other. The story that follows has a mixture of unusual characters, dangerous activities, heartwarming discoveries, and the promise of sweet romance.

When I see that Jen Turano has written a new book, I immediately associate it with fun and laughter and this book certainly met my expectations. This is the first book in The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency and I look forward to seeing what's ahead for these quirky women detectives. I highly recommend To Steal a Heart to all who enjoy historical romantic fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via Celebrate Lit. A favorable review was never required and no monetary compensation was given. These are my own thoughts.
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Author 3 books159 followers
September 30, 2020
To Steal Her Heart is the first book in the Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency series. I'm looking forward to a lot more Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency shenanigans in this series. If this first book is any indication, we are in for much more fun and games, intrigue, and skulduggery. After growing up as an orphan, Gabriella Goodhue searches for a place of belonging and what she finds is unexpected. Her reunion with Nicholas Quinn, while she is breaking into a safe, sets things off. In search of the elusive Knickerbocker Bandit, the pair find out a lot more than they'd bargained for. Aside from their story, I loved getting to know the other characters in this full cast of quirky men and women, and dare I say, pets. As with all Turano books, this one had me giggling out loud. Another winner from Jen Turano.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley from the publisher. My opinion is my own.
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1,622 reviews501 followers
July 17, 2021
1886 New York City

Nice start to a new series!

Ladies at a boardinghouse decide to use their individual strengths to form a detective agency. As expected from a Turano novel, there is both humor and heart in the pages.
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November 29, 2021
Juvenile writing but adult themes 🤨 a lot of people said they like this author because she always has a happy ending but I would not return to this level of writing again.
The storyline was enjoyable
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December 28, 2020
Jen Turano is back with a brand new series, full of mystery, romance, and hilarious miscommunication!

When Gabriella's friend is falsely accused of a crime, she and her fellow boardinghouse members band together to clear the name of their friend. While on the case she comes face to face with a man that she never thought she'd see again, Nicholas Quinn, once an orphan like her who was adopted by a wealthy professor, and is now part of the dream of society. As they are thrown together in one case after another, their re-established friendship is tested, but could it be more?

A fast-paced, fun-filled read, with a full cast of colorful characters and lively interactions. The excellent pacing and great interaction between the characters, interlaced with hilarious misadventures keep the story from feeling episodic. I loved how the ladies of the boarding house all worked together, each bringing their own special skill set to the table, and I can't wait to get to know them better in future books!

Overall, a delightful, and highly entertaining read. I didn't want to put this book down. This books is not for people who take themselves too seriously, as it is just too much fun. Excellent start to what is sure to be a fantastic series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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May 31, 2022
I love Jen Turano’s books so much! This one was good, but I am BEYOND EXCITED for book 2. Daphne was one of my favorite characters, and I just NEED to see what center stage Daphne will be like. One of Turano’s many talents (aside from hilarious ridiculosity) is writing EXCELLENT supporting characters, and this book was full of some of her best.

I know, I know, such a scattering of thoughts, but I’m just not in full review mode just now 🤷🏻‍♀️.

***I listened using Scribd. I’m finally getting into listening to books that I haven’t previously read. This one has a solid narrator!
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November 28, 2020
"Another bizarre turn to what is becoming a very strange night."

What a fun and surprisingly unique book! I was totally expecting a well-written, hilarious historical fiction set in the Gilded Age of America (which the author is known for), but this book was so much more. Filled with intrigue, mystery, a group of secondary characters who are absolutely ridiculous and lovable, and a wonderful theme of looking at the heart and not the outside of a person, this book clearly demonstrates why Jen Turano is such a beloved author of historical fiction.

I enjoyed getting to know Gabriella, a reformed thief who is sassy, impulsive, headstrong, temperamental but also loving and loyal. Nicholas is her former partner in crime and best friend who is now a high society gentleman of means and his gentle sweetness and protectiveness are endearing. Though they start off on the wrong foot during an unexpected reunion, they keep getting thrown together. As Gabriella and her housemates form Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency to solve mysteries and grievances throughout NYC, Nicholas and his friends become further and further involved in the welfare of the ladies of the Agency. There is plenty of humor and adventure from the start and the plot moves at a quick pace with quite a few surprises thrown along the way. A jewelry thief, plotting and vicious society matrons, and questions about Gabriella and Nicholas' parentage will have you scrambling to figure out the pieces of this fantastic puzzle. It's a great start to her new series and I can't wait to see what the author has in store for the next book.

I received a copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers via Celebrate Lit Tours and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All comments and opinions are solely my own.
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November 17, 2020
This harkened back to the early Jen Turano and I absolutely loved it! I have been a fan of her’s since she debuted but for me the last couple series have been heading a little bit too far down the over the top side of things. They’ve still been fun reads but I wasn’t loving them as much. So I was so excited to start this one and see that it was a lot more like her first books! I loved that Gabriella and Nicholas were both intelligent types and were both pretty straightforward. They didn’t have a lot of blundering about with each other and I loved seeing that their connection stayed strong despite the many years they were separated. They may have just been children when last they saw each other but they had a tight bond and it allowed them to pick right back up (after clearing a few things up) where they’d left off. Their romance wasn’t all that prominent, it was more of a friendship that suddenly realized they wanted more and I actually liked it and thought it worked well for these characters.
There was a large cast of supporting characters that I enjoyed (a certain one annoyed me a little at the start but I got over it) and I liked seeing all the different personalities come together.
The mysteries were fun to follow along with and there were definitely some twists.
This book was everything that caused me to fall in love with Turano’s writing in the first place and I hope she keeps it up!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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November 19, 2020
In classic Turano fashion, To Steal a Heart is a funny, heartwarming tale filled with mystery and slightly (okay, maybe more than slightly) crazy antics. I do enjoy the way this author is able to combine unfortunate circumstances and comedy to a degree that I never feel too overwhelmed by emotions. It’s entertainment, pure and simple.

Because this is the first book in a new series, there are a lot of characters. Even though I had a little trouble keeping them all straight in my head, I still recommend this to fans of historical fiction.

I received a copy from the author and publisher. No compensation has been received.

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March 12, 2021
This is my favorite book I’ve read by Jen Turano. I loved the characters,the humor,the mystery,and all of the surprises! Nicholas and Gabriella were so cute together. Daphne was the best! She had me cracking up,and I loved all of her parts. She was too much. I liked all of the other side characters as well.(The ones you are supposed to like.) I’m so surprised,but I actually figured out who the Knickerbocker Bandit was before they were revealed! Overall,I enjoyed this book,and I’m excited to read the second book in the series.
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