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Alternate cover edition of ASIN B084RVQ1JY

Becoming a bounty hunter and taking on the call sign of Murder Mittens wasn’t Harri’s brightest move, but what’s a lynx to do with millions of debt while working a customer service gig? The scars deforming her face won’t remove themselves, and she’ll bag and tag every criminal in the United States to get rid of them if necessary.

Being assigned a handler could make or break her, but did the powers that be really have to toss Sebastian Sumners her way? The lion with a stubborn streak as wide as hers tests her patience on a good day, but nothing makes her purr more than goading him into roaring.

Add in a protective family, a serial killer on the loose, and more trouble than any one cat needs, and it’s going to take a miracle for Harri to get through the most important job of her life.

Warning: contains magic, humor, cranky shapeshifters, cats, murder, and mayhem. Proceed with caution.

314 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 25, 2020

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About the author

R.J. Blain

76 books1,102 followers
RJ Blain suffers from a Moleskine journal obsession, a pen fixation, and a terrible tendency to pun without warning.

When she isn't playing pretend, she likes to think she's a cartographer and a sumi-e painter. In reality, she herds cats and a husband, and obeys the commands of Tsu Dhi, the great warrior fish.

In her spare time, she daydreams about being a spy. Should that fail, her contingency plan involves tying her best of enemies to spinning wheels and quoting James Bond villains until she is satisfied.

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2,338 reviews98 followers
December 31, 2021
I'm coming to the 'caught up' part of this series. BooHoo! But as much as we wish a good series will go on forever, they don't. Or at least, we have to wait for the next installment.
In this book we have a Lynx and a Lion. Both are shifters. One thing about this writer is she seems to give the shifters some of the personality traits of their animal. So although our heroine, the lynx, is terribly scarred from an accident when she was very young, she is still strong and cat-like in her appreciation of comforts and gifts.
She is a bounty hunter and is making enough money to save up for an expensive operation that will remove her scars. We don't find out how the fire started or how a young child was caught in it, but we do see the devastation left behind.
As the only daughter of an extremely large family she is well loved and protected. That is why she doesn't tell her family what her job is. They think she handles customer calls from her apartment. Which she does. The book begins with her handling an irate customer who thought his computer had a cup holder. Ugh!
But she has finally landed the kind of contract that will bring in the big bucks and mean she has enough to pay for the bare minimum of the surgery.
This is where our hero comes in. He is a lion shapeshifter. He has been her Handler from the CDC quite a few times, but what she doesn't know is that he has been in love with her for years. Since he didn't flinch when he first saw her scars and doesn't seem to mind them at all, she has had a bit of a crush on him, too.
Now that they are teaming up to catch the big bad guy, their romance can get going.
This is a fun book, with a few dark things. But those and the sex are all done off page. On the page is lots and lots of dialogue and lots of love.
Profile Image for Ulla Bisgaard.
178 reviews
December 26, 2020
Loved the book

It’s nice to read about a woman, who scars and all, still handles life like a champ and has the guns to prove it.
It’s serious but funny too, and a delight to read. I loved that the woman doesn’t hate how she looks. She just doesn’t like that small children are afraid of her. I like that she takes charge of fixing that’s wrong with her life, while still being willing to receive help. I warmly recommend this book to others.
Profile Image for Natalie .
2,435 reviews32 followers
December 26, 2020
Well it’s pretty much what I expected, a nice surprise Christmas morning. Some dark themes but mostly soft and fluffy. I liked the cats and how many there were. The roar and purring got a bit old, but I liked how close the lynxes were and how protective they were of their sister.
Profile Image for Arlene.
64 reviews4 followers
December 25, 2020
Happy sigh

That is the sigh of a satisfied reader. Harris is a fun bounty hunter, with a side job in tech support (a job that leaves people feeling murderous). I loved this from the 1st line, although chapter 5 almost made me swoon with joy.

She's an eternally single lycanthrope, partially because of 47 over protective brothers. Her whole family is entertaining, as is the gent who attracts her attention, whom she nicknames Mr. Mane.

I can't say more without giving away too much.

This is a romance, with a HEA, and the lovemaking is off-screen. There's humor & murder (as the series title states). Enjoy.
Profile Image for Eden.
1,817 reviews
February 13, 2023
2023 bk 56. Another of my favorites of the series. In this case a discussion of how scars cause people to react poorly towards those with visible scars and learning to look beyond the visual to see the real person. Well done - loved Murder Mittens, Inc., her new handler, and the romance that had factor in the many siblings plus a protective father and uncle! Some of the best chuckles in the series.
Profile Image for fia.
136 reviews1 follower
January 13, 2021
could not finish this!!

I hate romance novels where it's clearly obvious from the beginning who the love interest is, and that they will get together with the MC. I've also forgotten the character's names now, but basically, the main character starts talking about this guy who she thinks is really hot almost from the very beginning. She has heavy facial scarring and he's the only man who's ever been fine with her face.

Before anything important happens, they first get together with little to no tension or drama. It's boring to read frankly. They're supposed to be finding a murderer together, but that plot is put off until they get together, and because the aforementioned first part was so boring, I didn't even last until the murder plot. Usually Blain's really good at writing a cohesive plot with romance woven in (I forget the title but the one with the chameleon on the cover is a great example), but this plot was so weirdly separated, like oil and water. It would have been so much better if they fell in love while finding the murderer!

I read somewhere that Blain's release schedule is apparently nuts, like six books a year or something, and honestly, I'd rather she take her time and release one or two. Quality over quantity. This could have been much better than it was, and since there's not really take backsies when it comes to published fiction, there's no chance for it to reach its full potential. Sad.
319 reviews
August 18, 2021
More than 80% of this book is inane chatter between the two leads, basically 'I like it when you roar so I annoy you to make you roar' and 'I know your purr when I roar so I roar to make you purr'. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. There is barely any story between the pages and pages of boring, repetitive chatter. Which is a shame, as there could be.

In the end, I just hated everything and was flicking pages to get to some plot then realised I had flicked 20 pages and still nothing but stupid dribble conversations so I gave up.

Another 'miss' from this author; however, she has a few good ones so it is worth reading each one to check.
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33 reviews1 follower
April 29, 2021
Sadly I didn't like this book at all. Normally I love this author's work. The idea behind the story was great. The first four chapters or so were good. Had lots of funny bits. But then it turned, well, meh. It kind of makes me wonder if the author turned the book over to a ghost writer. Basically told them the idea, started it for them, and then just left the project. I found myself skipping over half the book hoping they'd eventually get back around to the main plot. Normally I re-read this author's books 4 or 5 times to catch all the little jokes I missed. Not this time. One read was enough. I wish I'd checked it out from the library instead of spending $7 on it. I will continue to read things by this author, unless it appears this is her new way of writing.

Spoilers below as I go into the plot and my problems with it, but I tried not to give too much away.

Basic plot is as follows: Harri works in a call center by day and as a hitman by night. She was in a bad fire as a child (never really addressed other than saying she was in a fire constantly, but how did it start, who saved her, etc) and is saving up money to get the scars removed from her face and body. In the first four or five chapters we meet her family, her love interest, and learn about her secret job. Then she goes to the spa with her love interest where they have sex for the next 7 or 8 chapters. Then we finally get back to the job where she's tracking a man who likes to kidnap, impregnate, and murder women with scars. One chapter about looking for him. One chapter where she finds him and stuff happens. Then we're done. Epilog, she gets her face fixed and tells her family she's a hitman. The end.
Profile Image for Star.
6 reviews5 followers
January 19, 2023
TLDR: Skip this book, others in the series are entertaining but this one isn't.

I'm not looking for great literature, just a fun romp. But my gods, even with as low as I set the bar, this book managed to tunnel underneath it. I have serious doubts that it was written by the same author as the first book of the series. Or maybe earlier books had an editor who was performing a Herculean task, who finally gave up and walked away.
Where to start? It's a romance novel that appears to be terrified of mentioning any sort of physical intimacy or desire (even PG-rated stuff), instead substituting an obsession with "roars" and "purrs." No, those aren't euphemisms. The detailed contents and probable dollar value of a hotel gift basket are contemplated at length, even though none of that has anything at all to do with character development, the plot, or anything else. The dialog appears to have been scripted by the Department of Redundancy Department. "Tell, Don't Show" appears to be the author's approach to disposing of the plot. And it's got a lovely example of spectacularly bad women's anatomy.
Why did I finish reading this book? I might have thrown myself into traffic and found it to be a less painful experience. The book contributed nothing to the larger world of the series (which does have many books what are better, with varying degrees of quality). Just skip it. You'll be glad you did.
Profile Image for Angela.
326 reviews5 followers
June 1, 2023
note for the Author. **a series review**

This is just general commentary for the author. I know you won’t ever read this, but perhaps The Management will read it and send it your way.

Fluff is fine. Mag Rom Coms are fine. But if you think that important social commentary is missing or has been missed in any of these books, please look at what is saved and annotated in this series. I love all your pen names and all your series (I have all the ones that I know is by you!) but this series is good when I have the blues. Seeing perfectly imperfect couples find happiness while learning to accept their foibles and snarky attitudes makes me feel all is right in the world.

This novel has an independent female lead supported by her enormous loving family with a male co lead that surprises and delights readers. This book says people that are different know it and don’t need it pointed out every day in every way. It says that having scars doesn’t make you less normal or less human. It shames me that nice people harden their hearts because of constant disappointment by the human race. Having someone see the real you beyond the disfigurement is the HEA.
656 reviews5 followers
January 2, 2021
Loved, loved, loved this book.

Harry and Sebastian are great characters. Harris is the rarest of the rare, a female lynx shifter. She would be fighting off potential mates 24/7 if not for her scars. As a child Harry was severely burned in a fire, resulting in major damage to her face and body, which has left her with severe scarring. People flinch when they see Harri and the sight of her has been known to make children cry. So, life has been difficult it Harri refuses to hide away and feel sorry for herself. She works as a bounty hunter hoping one day to earn enough money to have her scars removed. Sebastian is Harry's s often. Another interesting fact about Harri she is the only single female lynx alive but is one of 48 children, her parents having had 15 litters, all of which are boys apart from Harri. 47 brothers, it will take a brave man indeed to take Harri on,,,,,,,,,,,,,or just one confident lion.
Profile Image for Haidee Sell.
74 reviews4 followers
December 29, 2020
I preordered this, but did not read it right away. i really, really wanted to, but I also wanted to wait until I wasn't tired and could put my whole focus to work. Its no secret the RJ Blain is one of my 'one click' authors, so it should come as no surprise when I fangirl wildly :)

Ms Blain makes comedy seem effortless, which it so very isn't. It is so very, very easy to get the funny wrong. Ms Blain doesn't put a paw wrong in this hysterically funny episode in her Body Count series.

48 brothers! 48! Her poor parents, although I desperately need a kitten cuddle pile. Like, now.

Although I finished this book fanning myself furiously, there is nary a descriptive sex scene in the entire book. I do not know another author that can do this, and do it extremely well.

Harri and Sebastian are heading to the top of my 'favourite couple' list.

I adored this book, and it totally deserves its 5 stars.
Profile Image for Cory Cravens.
179 reviews1 follower
December 28, 2020

Wow! I loved this story! A woman lynx shifter named Harri is a bounty hunter with a day job. She's got money to make for a good cause. She needs to pay for reconstructive magical surgery for her scars. Its not cheap and the best way to earn the money is to take out the trash. She isn't bothered by having to kill the stupid shifters that bring on the wrath of the government. Its her job and she is excellent at it. Now she had a handsome lion shifter as her handler and her lynx virus wants him to do much more than handle her. Hijinks ensues as they set out to hunt down a serial killer with a bounty on his head that will pay for her treatment. Lookout world Murder Mittens is on the prowl! Give it a read. This book is a world of fun and quirkiness. You'll love it!
Profile Image for Jasmine.
75 reviews
December 29, 2020
In a series I love here is a new favorite!

I highly recommend this series in general, but especially this story! This is exactly what I needed after a holiday season being called the grinch for following safety guidelines. I absolutely love the ridiculous and awesome fluff that is the Magical Romantic Comedy with a body count series. You will fall in love with the main characters, their banter, and silly cat ways. Even if you’re not a cat lover, if you like karma hunting down creeps and the girl getting her guy this will be great for you!

Same trigger warning I give the series always, while it is superb fluff of the finest fluff that the Louvre wished it had it does have a lot of adult content of both fun and aggravating varieties. Not for children or those who need a Disney fix. This is for the romantics like Deadpool. Yup, this would be a fave on Deadpool’s shelf. Enjoy!!
Profile Image for Helen C.
2 reviews
December 28, 2020
Knocked another one out of the park!

I picked up this series purely because I needed, well even I did not know what I needed at the time, and before I got a dozen pages in I was giggling like Bailey on a napalm bender. Before I knew it I was hooked, and the whole damn set is on my permanent comfort reads list.

The books are smart without being preachy, light without being air-headed, and exactly the kind of stories you want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket to enjoy. The banter between the main character and their love interest is alway fast paced fun, and if you look for it, there’s quite a bit of wisdom hiding in the glitter of pixie dust. Enjoy, I know I will.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
3,878 reviews78 followers
March 25, 2023
Murder Mittens (Magical Romantic Comedies #13) by R.J. Blain – Badly burned in a fire, the only daughter in a huge clan of brothers, and chronically single, Harri’s life as a customer service phone rep would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Lucky for her, she has an outlet for all that angst! As a government handled bounty hunter (call sign Murder Mittens), Harri just got upgraded to handle a serial killer going after pregnant women and stealing their babies. Good thing the lion she loves to harass is ready to stake his claim on his favorite lynx to short circuit her virus allowing plastic surgeons to fix her scarring! But first they have to claim the serial killer’s bounty! How do you not go crazy with that many brothers? Happy Reading!
Profile Image for The One Tree.
180 reviews17 followers
January 10, 2021
It’s so fluffy...not.

No Spoilers...

I love RJ Blain. Her talents are many and so are her writing abilities.

What I didn’t like... nothing. Nothing at all.

What I liked... all of it. The characters, the plot, but my favourite part is how she can right romance without it making you roll your eyes... unless you’re rolling your eyes because you realised the humour got you.

It’s really difficult telling you why I rate these books so highly without giving anything away. Let’s just say this book is like a well wrapped present with many layers and many depths. It’s so well done.

Just read the damn book already. Do yourself a favour and hit that button now.
Profile Image for Heather Hammond.
131 reviews2 followers
December 26, 2020
Definitely worth the wait

Harri is a very strong female character, typical of this author, who has learned to be mentally tough after a childhood accident left her severely scarred.
Sebastian is the dream man she (secretly?) drools over and works with in her side job.
As always with this author, the world building is seamless and the characters are fantastic. The violence against the bad guys goes toward the sense of justice required.
Loved it of course, as I love all R.J.Blain books.
7 reviews
December 27, 2020
As always RJ Blain delivers

I normally don't write reviews for the books I've read (which is over 2,000) but sometimes there are ones that you have to express your love for. I LOVE this series. It's exactly what I need on a bad day. These books always makes me giggle while reading them. Their silly and goofy in the best way. I will keep buying them as long as she keeps writing them. Please RJ Blain keep writing! 💖
55 reviews1 follower
December 27, 2020
Made me laugh!

I love this book!! RJ Blain does it again! She wrote a book that is interesting and funny but draws you in to the lives of her characters. She stares at the end that it was longer than intended, but I wish it was longer still. I love being sucked into the worlds that she creates. You will be totally happy when you are finished reading this book. I highly recommend this book and any others written by RJ Blain.
891 reviews
December 30, 2020
Love the Snark

I have enjoyed every book in this series. I appreciate the effort the author takes to write the humor and snark as it is not easy to be funny and snarky on a regular basis. I am a big fan of paranormal and like the world built by RJ Blain. The prejudice and issues faced by the various species make it seem more realistic as we all know not everyone is tolerant to those who are different. So the books are funny but also highlight some of the issues every society has and tries to rise above.
2 reviews
January 3, 2021
Thank you, RJ!

I have read every book in this series available so far, and I have loved every second. This series came into my life during a time of major grief and these books made me smile and giggle and outright belly laugh when I thought I never would again. Thank you, RJ Blain, for helping me through your words to remember how to smile and laugh again. (And anyone who hates on this series, go get your head examined.) Thanks abain, RJ.
Profile Image for Kati52N.
17 reviews1 follower
January 7, 2021
I have always enjoyed books from R.J. Blain but this one now tops the list simply because of the amusement it brought to me in these most trying of times. To read, to smile, to laugh and not want to put the book down and to know I will pick it up again whenever I need a release from daily life is the gift given to me by this author. Definitely a fluff piece but well worth the happiness and peace this read bestows.
Profile Image for Melinda.
466 reviews7 followers
June 5, 2021
I just love these books!

So far I've enjoyed all the books in this series. I can't get enough. I tend to read, reread and reread. Then, when done with that, I listen to the Audio version when available.

Harri is awesome. She smart, quirky and funny. Her family is insane. Sebastian is a dream. I can just imagine the roars and purrs.

Great book and one I can add to my favorites collection. Now, I need the audio version. Hint, hint!☺
Profile Image for Gail Daley.
Author 40 books13 followers
December 25, 2020

FYI: the heroine in this is a killer. This is probably one of the best shifter books I’ve read in a while. The amusing blend of human and cat characteristics more than makes up for the heroine’s casual attitude about murder. The reader is not in doubt for long about the identity of the bad guy. This more of a how2catchem tatter than a whodunnit.
1,855 reviews7 followers
December 25, 2020
Loved it

I love cats, I love paranormal romance, I love comedy, and I love RJ Blain’s writing. So this book was a smash hit from go. The Wells family is hilarious with the multitude of litters. And I too love it when my cats purr, so I blame none of the characters for wanting Harri to purr. And now I wish I had the money to indulge in luxury spas.
32 reviews
December 28, 2020
Absolutely fabulous!

Murder Mittens doesn’t disappoint! If you’ve read any of the previous MagRomComs (with a body count) books you know what I mean! The blend of “fantasy” and “real” world are spectacular! I love snarky FMCs! Witty and intellectual describe Harri as well. A perfectly executed plot in a realistic environment! So glad I pre ordered this one!
66 reviews5 followers
December 28, 2020
My only regret is learning new things

Before this book, I didn't realize superfetation was a thing. Thankfully it's uncommon in humans, but my pregnant brain didn't realize this and kept me up all night worrying 😂

Other than the mild panic, I absolutely love this book and wish I could meet Harri in real life
1,335 reviews8 followers
December 29, 2020
So funny! The author really has the knack of creating strong but difficult female characters and letting them run loose. Harri is everything the author is known to create in female characters and Sebastian, like every other alpha male character she has created, goes overboard in proving to said difficult female that she is perfect for him. And how he shows it! I loved this!
12 reviews
January 8, 2021
A great entertaining read

Harri is a lynx determined to fix her face and killing bad guys along the way to afford to do so. As well as dodging her overprotective insanely large family, there is a prissy lion who she loves to annoy who insists on following her around. An extremely entertaining read: definitely a magical romantic comedy with a body count.
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