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Kisses and Croissants

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Seventeen-year-old Mia, an American girl at an elite summer ballet program, has six weeks to achieve her dreams: to snag an audition with one of the world’s best ballet companies. But there’s more to Paris than ballet—especially when a charming French boy, Louis, wants to be her tour guide—and the pair discover the city has a few mysteries up its sleeve.

In the vein of romances like Love and Gelato, this is the perfect summer adventure for anyone looking to get swept away in the City of Love.

320 pages, Hardcover

First published April 6, 2021

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About the author

Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

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2,067 reviews38.1k followers
March 10, 2022
OMG! Quel merveilleux voyage! C’est si romantique, charmant, reconfortant! 🇫🇷
What a marvelous journey! This so romantic, sweet, heartwarming!

Can you imagine a book takes place at the most inspiring city make you feel everything at the same time: tastes of delicious, mouth watering pastries, deserts that make you believe you see real heaven on earth! And you just smell the varied flowers filled the glamorous botanic gardens. The museums are full of art exhibitions that bring out complex emotions: admiration, passion, desire.
The streets have its own characteristics with its decades of historical stories, special architecture that take your breath away! Welcome to the city of arts, love,delight! This is Paris!

The book’s main character is Paris which always knows how to charm people and how to drag you out of your comfort zone and intrigued you to take a remarkable journey!

And let’s take a closer look to its plot line:

Mia recently comes to Paris for attending an elite summer ballet program which will lasts for six weeks. She doesn’t plan to search for the history of her own ancestors by meeting one of her oldest relatives who resides in a small town located close to Paris and she never plans to fall for a very cute, mysterious, adventurous boy called Louis who is unfortunately son of her demanding, strict ballet teacher.

But when she makes plans, God laughs so she finds herself into a journey of self discovery, passion, romance, beauty of art.

This book is extremely heart melting, making you smile ears to ears and realistically making you feel the exact essence and soul of marvelous Parisienne streets.

It’s about finding your passion, seeing your choices, learning for own mistakes and chasing your dreams.

Overall: I had so many awwww moments and I adored both of Mia and Louis! I’m giving my up-lift, feeling extremely good, magical, sweetest, Parisienne four stars!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children’s/ Delacorte Press for sharing this marvelous ARC with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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698 reviews324 followers
March 15, 2022
This could have been a 5-star read for me. Not because it's the best story ever, but because it was everything I was in the mood for at the moment. I thought it was well-written and I found it relatable in many ways.

I loved that there were so many ballet scenes and they were very realistic. It's always a plus when authors know what they are writing about.

I loved Mia visiting all the lovely places in Paris. It was great reading about a city I've actually been to and I loved how vivid the descriptions of the places and the food were.

I loved the friendship between Mia and Audrey. They start off as sort of rivals and they can't be more different from each other, but watching their relationship change and grow was one of my favourite parts of this story.

The romance between Louis and Mia was a bit superficial and it felt insta-lovey, but I enjoyed reading about all the places they visited together.

And then the last 22 pages happened. I couldn't believe the author went there. I don't think it was necessary, it came out of nowhere, disrupted the flow of the story, changed its vibe and made me really angry, to be honest. It definitely ruined what was supposed to be a light-hearted and wholesome story. The epilogue was ok, it was what I expected, but it didn't make up for what happened before. 1 star for the ending.
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336 reviews891 followers
January 1, 2023

A penurious me might give this two stars but there are some things that I do actually like about this book.

Kisses and Croissants enfolds after Mia who went to Paris for her ballet summer program and was determined to have a spot in one of the ballet's company through it... Until she met Louis, who may have offered her a bit more than ballet while staying in Paris.

What I love about this book is:

1. Ballet
I love that this book chose ballet as the theme and I enjoyed reading Mia's passion about it. I think it has a good start as it unravels Mia's family legend behind her zeal. I love the decision to include the interest in Edgar Degas in between the story too. I felt like it's creative (considering I'm not really familiar with Degas' paintings) so I really love all the insights this book has to offer about it. I like how it connects from one to another, the family story, the passion, and Paris.

2. Friendship
I love how this book is focusing on the friendship dynamic between Audrey and Mia. They were rivals in the most competition back in America and ended up being a roommate here in Paris. As uptight as Audrey is in the book, I appreciate that it doesn't centre around hostility. You can see Mia admiring Audrey for her talent and she the same. You can see them practising together, giving constructive criticism as they go and definitely grown enough not to be hating on one another. I think Mia is being lovely on the part too despite the cold remarks from Audrey at times.

Foremost, I love seeing the friendship grows, seeing how opposite these two characters are but managed to come together at the end. I enjoyed this part particularly. They both have one of the best character development in the book. Not to say, the rest of their friends are equally lovely.

Since I am a character > plot person, this is why I can consider this book fairly good.

First, I love Mia
I love seeing how obsessed she is with ballet and how important it is to her. I love reading her turmoil where at one time, she believes she's unbreakable, and at one time, you'll see her self-doubting. I love these interchanges in Mia and she is definitely giving herself little credit than she actually deserved. But seeing how long she came, I am proud of her too.

Then, we have Monsieur Dabrowski
I like that his character is as significant in the book. He is firm and blunt. In short, the instructor everyone is afraid of. But despite the demeanour, you can see that he cares about his students and is passionate about ballet as well. In spite of how honest he is, he wasn't this vicious person and is actually a supportive person.

I also love Mia's great grandmother and grandmother too. And again, her friends. (Sorry, but wasn't particularly interested in Louis but he's okay though).

Now, what's a bummer:

1. The Romance
Sue me but I felt like it was insta-love. As much as I could understand the attraction you could have on someone who's good looking. I felt like it's rushed from both parts. I wish it could be more developed between the couples. Especially after knowing where Louis was heading the first time he bumped Mia.

And sadly, I wasn't vibing much with Mia and Louis despite how complementary they are towards one another. But this is an easy read and fast-paced so, I guess I can tolerate this hiccup.

2. The plot
The plot was okay tbh, it's just that it was very anti-climatic towards the end. I may understand where the author is going but I won't actually mind a cliche twist and ending. And because of that, I get a vague HEA which is one of my other pet peeves in books. So when I finished the book, I wasn't feeling wholesome as I expected myself to be. And that’s def a bummer because it's not like this book was bad.

Also, when the summary says,
"... especially when a charming French boy, Louis, wants to be her tour guide"

I was expecting a different kind of tour guide, like really exploring Paris (although I like that it's not cliche enough to end up at Eiffel Tower to ignite the romance). I enjoyed reading them going places (especially to unravel the truth behind Mia's family history on ballet) but other than that, the 'tour guide" is misleading me (or maybe I was the one who's having this different expectation/interpretation when I read 'tour guide').

Still, an enjoyable and fun book to read.
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628 reviews931 followers
September 7, 2021
Thank you to Netgalley and Delacorte Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I sincerely wish that YA contemporary book covers weren't as pretty as they are. Especially the illustrated ones that make me wonder whether it's not too late to drop everything and become a Bookstagrammer for the rest of my life.

'Kisses and Criossants' follows Mia, an aspiring ballerina visiting France for a summer to get more practice and potentially get a scholarship. She works hard is holding onto her dream with a vice-like grip - after all, ballet runs in her blood, or so she's been told. But then Mia meets Louis, and is experiencing the romantic French summer of her dreams - will she be able to pick between her dreams or love?

The first thing that I will say about this book is that I actually liked how passionate Mia was about her sport. It was clear that she had worked hard to get to be where she wanted to be, and it certainly wasn't something that was mentioned at the beginning of the book and then tossed aside - it was a fundamental part of her character.

That being said, this book is, at its core, a romance novel. And as sad as I am to say it, this book reminded me of 'Anna and the French Kiss'. Which I absolutely hated.

Louis is nothing more than your average YA love interest. I know I read this book a couple of months ago, but there is absolutely nothing, and I really mean nothing, that I remember about Louis. He was generic in that all Mia could rave about was how "hot" he was. There was nothing about him that distinguished him from any other French boy existing only for the sake of being Mia's romantic daydreams incarnate. (I might be a little prejudiced because he reminds of Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss, but I think I'm justified in these feelings.)

And the romance itself between the two of them? It was so dry. I get the feeling that I wasn't able to enjoy most of this book because I wasn't able to enjoy their relationship at all. It was a classic push-and-pull, I-love-you-but-we-can't sort of situation, which I might have enjoyed under other circumstances.

That being said, I absolutely loved the rivals-to-friends relationship that Mia had with Aubrey. It was so wholesome to see how they slowly but surely became friends, and how Aubrey was given a proper backstory, unlike many of the other side characters (apart from the love interest). Honestly speaking, I think that Mia and Aubrey's relationship had more chemistry and potential than Louis and Mia.

The plot was alright, all things considered. Some plot twists seemed convenient, but ultimately, they weren't unrealistic, and that's what really matters here. The plot was intriguing and easy to follow along, which made for a light and fluffy but quick read.

Overall, there were some parts of this book that I enjoyed, but they are ultimately overshadowed by the parts that I didn't. If you were a fan of 'Anna and the French Kiss', I would probably recommend this to you, or if you're looking for a palate-cleanser sort of read.
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1,460 reviews182 followers
April 18, 2021
3.5 Stars

Well now I want a crusty french stick, some delicious soft cheeses, and a hot buttery croissant. Tout de suite!

Read the blurb. Everything it promises you will get. I liked that, despite being a romance, a huge part of the story was actually dedicated to the world of ballet. I also liked the inclusion of the search for pieces of art work that would confirm for Mia that ballet was in her blood. Pretty good YA romance!
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236 reviews241 followers
June 15, 2021
Loved it!! It was soooo cute🥰
It you want a cheesy romance book set in Paris, this is for you!! Its the perfect Summer read!
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535 reviews69 followers
August 18, 2020
Kisses and Croissants is a sweet, fun summer romance between two teenagers in Paris.

Mia's passion is ballet. When she is accepted to an elite summer ballet program in Paris, she knows this is her chance to achieve her dream: an audition for the American Ballet Theater in New York. Then she meets Louis (pronounced in the French way, of course), but she cannot let him distract her from her goal. Ballet requires total and complete focus.

I loved Mia's passion, but also her willingness to let go and live. This book definitely reminded me of Love and Gelato, as well as Love à la Mode. I also loved how her relationship with Audrey, initially her "nemesis", developed. Louis was a bit bland, however, and I would have liked to see a bit more complexity from him, but he clearly cared for Mia, so I didn't mind him too much.

This is the first work I've read from Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau, but I'm looking forwards to reading more from her.

3.75 stars

*I received an eARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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131 reviews1,576 followers
May 21, 2021
This was such a cute story! I adored Mia and all of the adventures she had with Louis. I also loved seeing her and Audrey grow as they learned to work together. Mia’s strength, determination, and passion for ballet was so inspiring.
And now I must try a croissant in Paris. 🥐
Profile Image for ~ prapti • anti-romance read era.
125 reviews103 followers
June 25, 2022
changing the rating from 4 to 3 cause i was on my “no more slump” high
"i just wanted to make you happy. from the moment i met you, i thought, i love to see her smile. and if she's smiling because of me, then even better."

je t'aime books set in Paris so much, that too with short chapters!! the writing c'est fantastique and i devoured the book within 3-4 hours (i just feel very proud about it considering my shitty slump last month)

"i'm in Paris. of course i'm going to be okay." i also want to be in Paris to be okay

our fmc, mia, is a ballerina and meets a gorgeous french boy who helps her with pretty much any crisis she falls into in Paris and goes on "adventures" with her IN PARIS. meanwhile, she makes peace with her rival ballerina and they become good friends which was very beautiful to see alongside her journey as a ballerina who wants to make it her life

if you love: paintings, art, dancing, Paris, YA, friend groups, short chapters, fast reads and romance then you should definitely read this.

if you're looking for an extremely developed romance or "charming french boy... her tour guide" then this book isn't for you-in case of that you should check out The Paris Connection

"merci so much! thank you. beaucoup, beaucoup." for reading my short, french obsession review
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431 reviews186 followers
May 16, 2021
es un buen libro, i mean, no esperaba mucho de el mas que un cliché sobre amor en parís.
tiene sus puntos negativos, quizás la principal es medio tonta, teniendo que elegir entre un chico y ser bailarina profesional. No se ella pero si yo estoy en parís cumpliendo uno de mis sueños, quizás y solo quizás, el amor no es mi principal objetivo pero aun así un personaje en una dijo "but i still would like to fall in love. Whem i'm a dancer at bolshoi ballet or wherever i end up, i don't plan on coming home to an empty apartament every day, and only having my pointe shoes for company" y bro, lo sentí, sentí esa soledad de entrar a un departamento vacío sin nadie que te reciba.
pero si aparte la pareja principal tampoco me voló la cabeza estoy segura que en una semana me voy a olvidar de sus nombres.

yo esperaba un libro sobre un amor en Francia con un chico que cocinara por que EL CROISSANTS en el titulo me hizo pensar eso. una decepción de que nadie haya cocinado.
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161 reviews40 followers
May 18, 2021
~ 3.0 stars ~

This was a cute and cliché story, but was it worth it? Find out below.

I picked up Kisses and Croissants mainly because the cover caught my eye. You have to admit: the cover is so cute ❤️! I then read the synopsis, and realized this was a young adult contemporary romance, which I am a sucker for. I feel like this novel didn't hit my mark, but was relatively close. I was looking for an exciting romance, but I only got a simple adventure and a typical YA romance. I even debated between 2.5 stars and 3.0 stars, but I finally decided on three because I feel like I did enjoy this novel to some extent. (To find my rating style, go to my profile :))

“Love is like ballet in that way: to be worth it, it has to be painful at times. Exquisitely so.”

First off, the synopsis isn't too accurate, based on my opinion after reading the entirety of the novel. Allow me to give you a better one. Kisses and Croissants follows the story of Mia, a seventeen-year-old prodigy ballet dancer, who has been accepted into one of the most elite ballet summer programs in Paris, France, where she has only one and a half months to catch the attention of American Ballet Theatre, her dream ballet program and one of the best in the world. But then, Mia meets Louis, an endearing French boy, Mia cannot help but fall head over heels for him. Then, Mia finds herself getting distracted from her ballet by Louis, but she soon realizes she can only choose one: the passion of her life, ballet, or the love of her life, Louis.

This novel definitely lacked depth. I felt like it was very shallow and scratching the surface. It didn't truly encompass the passion of love (especially when one is in the famous City of Love) and the grief of heartbreak. I really wish there was more depth and insight on relationships.

I expected to feel so much from this novel, from love and lust, to heartbreak and sadness, but I definitely did not get all that. (The novels I have been reading recently have not been conveying emotions too well, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to comment on this review or recommend them to me!)

Something that I really disliked was the fact that Kisses and Croissants is very predictable. Every twist in the plot was not unexpected, and the overall plot honestly just follows the typical YA contemporary romance format. Not anything out of the ordinary or anything that will blow your mind. The "plot twist" at the end was very predictable, and the conclusion honestly felt very cliché.

The writing style was simple and unoriginal, with cliché lines sprouting everywhere. It was honestly even cringey for me to read these dialogue lines, and I could not help cringing for the characters. There were a couple repetitive lines, such as many variations of "breaking the spell of the moment" and "her face breaks into a smile." A little repetitive, but not as bad as it could have been.

The characters were very two-dimensional. I feel like all the characters were the based off the same characteristics, and the author just gave them a name and an appearance. We did not dive deep into any of the characters' personalities or qualities at all. They were all just black and white snowflake characters.

Paris, as everyone knows, is the City of Love, with so many beautiful sights and tourist attractions. It is a really remarkable city, and the book definitely does a great job capturing the beauty of this city, but Paris is not just a pretty city. There is more to Paris than just that. The novel only portrayed the beautiful parts of Paris, but I do wish it also discussed some of the not-so-pretty aspects of the city. It would have made the story more engaging and would have added some diversity to the setting.

Something I really appreciated was Mia's passion for dancing and ballet. I find ballet to be a unique and elegant sport that requires strength, discipline, and so many qualities that I definitely do not have. Her passion warmed my heart, and it felt good to know that she has such a strong desire to dance. (I love books with ballet and dancing because it is such an elegant sport, so if you know any good books centering around dancing or ballet, feel free to comment on this review or recommend them to me!)

Despite all the aspects of the novel that I did not fully enjoy, I still felt like this was a cute, quick read. If you are looking for a unique YA contemporary romance, I would not suggest picking up Kisses and Croissants, but if you are searching for a quick read of a cute, typical YA contemporary romance, then go for Kisses and Croissants! I enjoyed this novel overall, and I think this would be a pretty enjoyable read for most people.

a solid 3.0 stars ★★★☆☆

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link to my reading goals and all my reviews for books i read in 2021

Review written on 4/8/2021
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91 reviews
October 17, 2021
O excursie minunată! Romantică, fermecătoare, încântătoare!

O poveste ce te poartă pe străzile unuia dintre cele mai inspiraționale orașe, Parisul, oraș care te face să simți totul: gustul delicioaselor produse de patiserie, deserturile care te fac să crezi că ești în rai, mirosul florilor, operele de artă din muzee care scot în evidență admirația, pasiunea, dorința. Străzile istorice cu o arhitectură specială care îți taie respirația. Acesta este orașul pe care Anne Sophie l-a descris, un oraș al artei și iubirii.

O avem în prim-plan pe Mia, a cărei pasiune este baletul. În momentul în care este acceptată la un program de elită în Paris pe perioada verii, își dă seama că aceasta este șansa ei pentru îndeplinirea mărețului vis. Pe străzile Parisului îl întâlnește pe Louis (pronunțat cu accent franțuzesc, bineînțeles), un băiat fermecător care îi va da lumea peste cap. Va reuși Mia să ajungă unde își dorește având în jurul ei un băiat care îi distrage atenția și o rivală pe măsură?

Între antrenamentele pentru balet, Mia explorează Parisul și ne poartă prin frumoasele muzee pariziene, cum ar fi Muzeul d'Orsay. Pentru mine, o fată care nu a fost niciodată în Paris, dar visează să ajungă cândva, această carte a fost călătoria de care aveam nevoie, fără a părăsi măcar confortul canapelei mele.

Mi-a plăcut foarte mult pasiunea de care a dat dovadă Mia, dar și de ușurința cu care aceasta a reușit să se detașeze de lumea baletului și să trăiască momente de neuitat pe străzile Parisului.
Chiar dacă partea de romantism a fost introdusă cam brusc, mi-a plăcut foarte mult profunzimea acesteia, odată ce multe dezvăluiri au avut loc. Un plot secundat adăugat poveștii principale a făcut ca Mia și Louis să pornească într-o aventură care le-a marcat evoluția.

Aș fi vrut să notez inițial această carte cu un rating cuprins între 3,5 și 4 steluțe din 5, dar ultimele 20-30 de pagini m-au făcut să mă răzgândesc imediat, ajungând astfel la un rating de 4.10/5. Această carte nu s-ar fi putut încheia mai perfect, la mine s-a lăsat și cu câteva lacrimi. A fost un roller-coaster de sentimente și trăiri, m-a făcut să zâmbesc cu gura până la urechi, dar să fiu și tristă pentru întâmplările Miei. Chiar dacă o altă versiune de final ar fi fost mai potrivită pentru întreaga evoluție a personajului, felul în care Anne Sophie a încheiat povestea Miei mi-a dat speranța de care aveam nevoie în viața de zi cu zi.

Balerine aspirante și iubitori de balet, această carte este pentru voi. În ciuda faptului că o mare parte din carte se axează pe descoperirea orașului, baletul este un subiect important în întreaga poveste. Cum spune și Mia: 'Parisul este cel mai mare vis al oricărui dansator de balet' iar pentru ea, Parisul va deveni mult mai mult decât un simplu loc de pregătire profesională.

Și chiar dacă până acum nu ați avut tangență cu această lume, 'Săruturi & Croissants' este pentru oricine dorește să descopere o poveste fermecătoare a unei tinere balerine care descoperă Parisul, învață din propriile greșeli, se descoperă pe sine și, poate, marea sa dragoste?
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322 reviews174 followers
June 11, 2021

🌀 NOTĂ: 5✨/5⭐️ 🌀
În primul rând, muuulțumeeesc @edituranemira . M-ați făcut să mă îndrăgostesc de o carte și să-mi stea gândul la ea la aproximativ o săptămână după ce am terminat-o. Păi e frumos așa?🤨 Muulțumiri unicornești pentru exemplar!!🥰💘
Când am citit descrierea acestei cărți și după ce am văzut coperta absolut duulcică (v-am zis că ador acea nuanță de roz), mă gândeam că o să fie un summer read ușurel, cute, o poveste de dragoste clișeică, dar drăgălașă.
DAR NU MĂ AȘTEPTAM ÎN NICIUN CAZ SĂ ÎMI PLACĂ ATÂT DE MULT!!! Mai vreau, mai vreau…dar s-a terminat prea repede.😭😭
Foarte posibil să o fi citit la momentul potrivit. Convingerea mea în legătură cu romance-urile este că ai nevoie de o anumita stare pentru a le savura, nu merg chiar oricând. Și ce am mai învățat este că experiența cu romance-urile este de 10X mai subiectivă decât la alt gen de cărți. Poate nu este pentru toată lumea o carte de 5 ⭐️, dar eu m-am îndrăgostit iremediabil de ea.
Unul dintre motivele pentru care am adorat-o atât de tare a fost atmosfera și cât de bine este descris Parisul. Eu l-am vizitat în 2016 și “Săruturi și croissants” m-a făcut să fiu extrem de nostalgică.😭 Am fost alături de Mia pagină cu pagină, am simțit aromele reprezentative ale Parisului, am vizitat din nou atracțiile principale, dar m-am și plimbat pe străduțe lăturalnice. Nu cred că am avut vreodată o carte cu care să ma identific personal atât de tare. Nu m-oi fi îndrăgostit eu în 2016 sau să fi avut vreun sărut în cel mai romantic oraș, dar promit că o să mă întorc și o să fie pe lista de “to-do’s”. Mia mi-a arătat că se poate.😼
Al doilea motiv au fost personajele. Mi s-au părut atât de bine conturate și realiste și mai ales iubibile.🥰 De Louis nu mai zic nimic, Audrey a reușit să îmi ajungă la suflet (știam eu că nu e chiar atât de dură), iar Mia mi se pare un exemplu de urmat datorită dăruirii ei, dar și a capacității de a jongla cu…viața și ce are ea mai bun de oferit.😍 În anumite părți mi-a adus aminte de “Loveboat, Taipei”, carte pe care știți că am adorat-o, iar asta m-a bucurat nespus.🥰
Deși pare o poveste clișeică, vă spun sincer că am stat cu emoții la unele părți, mai mai să-mi sară inima din piept.🤣 Avem parte de niște plot twisturi neprevăzute, acțiunea e alertă și nu te poți plictisi. Am devorat cartea în 2 zile, nu am putut-o lăsa din mână și mai ales mi-a dat o stare incredibilă atât pe parcursul lecturii, cât și la finalizarea ei.🥺
Așa că da…ce să mai zic?🤣 O recomand cu toot dragul, mai ales dacă sunteți în căutare de astfel de povești cute și bubbly. Iar dacă vreți ceva ușor, perfect pentru o vacanță, care să vă relaxeze și să vă dea o maximă stare de bine, din nou, “Săruturi și croissants” este alegerea ideală!💘
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112 reviews42 followers
July 3, 2022
Atât de cute și frumoasă 🥺🥺🥺
Mi-a plăcut enorm de mult, mai ales că ador și franceza și tot ce vreau e să merg în Paris chiar acum. 🥺 Nu pot să înțeleg de ce am lăsat-o atât timp neterminată...
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235 reviews68 followers
September 27, 2020
Oh to be a ballerina in Paris wandering through art museums, sipping on espressos at the infamous Cafe de Flor, and traveling to the French countryside with an overseas lover!

I’ve never seen anything like it, and my heart fills with delight as I look all around me. Is this what it’s always like to discover a foreign place? Experiencing not just new sights, sounds, and smells, but feeling every moment differently, like your life started anew? Or is it just the Paris effect?

I remember seeing a quote once about how someone who doesn’t read only lives one life, but readers live hundreds. That quote resonated with me because my favorite kinds of books are ones that make you feel like you’ve traveled without even leaving your couch. When I say that this book took me to Paris, I mean it TOOK me to Paris. I could smell the croissants, picture the Opera Bastille in front of me, taste the strong and sweet espresso, and hear the bustling cobblestone streets with people wizzing by on vespas.

In between ballet practices, Mia explores Paris on the little downtime she has to take us to beautiful Parisian museums such as the grand Musée D’Orsay. For a girl who has never been to Paris but has always dreamed of it, this book was just the journey I needed. Traveling to Paris without even leaving the comfort of my couch; it’s a yes from me!

I try to picture what it would have been like to grow up around here, just off a gorgeously manicured park, wandering past centuries-old monuments on your way to school, peeking inside elegant boutiques and stopping by a star-studded café in the afternoons. It sounds like a pretty good life.

Aspiring ballerinas and lovers of ballet, this book is for you! Despite the fact that this book takes place in Paris, it’s VERY ballet heavy. It has a Parisian setting but ballet is the true lifeblood of this book. As Mia herself says, “Paris is every aspiring ballet dancer’s biggest dream”. Between all the ballet and exploring Paris, Mia is determined to undercover a family secret involving her ancestors and the famous Degas painting, to discover if ballet truly is in her blood.

I originally was going to give this 4/5 (my rating system is very tough and 4/5 is actually hard to achieve and is a very high rating with my rating scale) but this last 10% of this book had me change my mind instantly. This book could not have ended more perfectly.

5/5 stars, this book was perfection.

(Word of advice, I recommend having some croissants on hand before starting to read this. I guarantee you will want one.)

Merci beaucoup Netgalley and Random House for sending me an advance copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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November 16, 2021
📚Recenzie: “Săruturi și Croissants”, cea mai nouă apariție de la @edituranemira
Notă finală: 3.75/5✨
Un summer read ideal - gata să fie devorat pe plajă sau într-o cafenea…. din Paris.

📚O cunoaștem pe Mia, o fată de 17 ani care își petrece vacanța de vară în cadrul unui program de balet din Paris. Deși orașul iubirii îi oferă șansa de a se perfecționa pe partea profesională, îi oferă și șansa de a avea parte de o iubire ca în povesți alături de Louis, un băiat fermecător, dar și un ghid turistic foarte bun💕

📚Eu consider că vara este sezonul perfect pentru cărțile din categoria #summerreads 💕 cute, adorabile, ușoare, distractive, cu un romance pe placul tuturor. Acestea au fost așteptările mele de la “Săruturi și Croissants” și, în mare parte, am primit ceea ce mi-am dorit😌
Mi-a plăcut mult că am avut ocazia să vizitez Parisul prin ochii Miei - m-am bucurat de atracțiile prezentate în carte, de vibe-ul orașului și am plâns după deserturile delicioase🥐💕
De personaje nu pot să zic că am reușit să mă atașez în totalitate. Da, la unele faze am empatizat dar, au fost scene unde pur și simplu nu le-am înțeles acțiunile/ modul lor de abordare. Mi s-a părut la un moment dat că acțiunea devenea puțin copilăroasă, dar am trecut peste acel astept și, până la urmă, am apreciat pasiunea și puterea Miei de a își atinge țelurile. Am avut parte și de câteva conflicte între Mia și adversara ei (cât și love interest), dar totul s-a rezolvat un capitol mai târziu, fapt pentru care nu am reușit să văd seriozitatea situației.

📚Per total a fost o poveste de vară. O recomand persoanelor cu vârsta între 13 și 17 ani💕
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March 15, 2022
dnf at 64%. i’m sorry but this book just bores me. the paris vibes are nice but it’s just too cheesy and clearly not for me. i cannot bring myself to read it
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May 10, 2021
Check out all of my reviews at: https://www.avonnalovesgenres.com

KISSES AND CROISSANTS by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau is an enchanting and heartwarming standalone YA fiction book about a seventeen-year-old American following her dream of becoming a professional ballerina one summer in Paris. I do not usually read and review YA books, but I love books about the ballet and I gave it a chance and I am so happy I did.

Mia has been accepted into the elite summer ballet program in Paris. She has worked single mindedly for this chance to learn and hopefully be asked to addition at the end of this summer for a position in a major ballet program preferably ABT in New York.

Mia has two challenges to her dream, her “nemesis” throughout her career, Audrey, who has always been perfect in her form and her major competition and a cute French boy, Louis, who makes her heart beat wildly for the first time in her life.

It is summer in Paris and Mia has many decisions to make.

I really loved this book! Ms. Jouhanneau brought the city of Paris in summer to vivid life on the pages with descriptions of the food and locations that make you feel like you are right there. She depicts not only the tourist locals, but also secret hidden gems to be discovered all over the city.

I believe Mia is a realistic depiction of a seventeen-year-old following her dream and some of the obstacles or distractions that can appear. While ballerinas seem so professional and composed, we sometimes forget just how young they are and what the demands are on their bodies and emotions and what they give up for their dreams of a professional life in their craft. I enjoyed the growth of Mia and Audrey’s relationship, both personal and professional. The first love interest, Louis was portrayed in a believable way with its ups and downs. The search for Mia’s family ties to the Paris ballet from the time of Degas added an interesting and inspiring subplot to the story.

I highly recommend this story for any reader!
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August 6, 2021
This was such a sweet read!

I loved Mia - she was a relatable teenager who was just trying to live her best life and focus on succeeding in ballet. Her struggles felt real.

The romance was very sweet and I loved Louis. *me going "Loo-weeeeee" every time his name was mentioned hehe*

I think my favorite part, though, was seeing Mia and Audrey, her main rival, grow as characters and as dancers.

I loved this book, so I hope the author continues to release books like this in the future!

*now I must leave to go attempt to learn French so I can talk to cute French guys 🥖*
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January 8, 2023
podróż do Paryża rozwiązałaby wszystkie moje problemy
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February 24, 2021
Kisses and Croissants was a fun and quick read, but it lacked a little bit of the depth I was hoping for.
Getting exposure to the world of ballet through the lens of the enchanting city of Paris was a piece of the story that I really enjoyed. Mia's passion was so inspiring but I also liked that she was willing to learn and grow along her journey. That being said, the reader really doesn’t get to know Mia, Louis or any of the other characters beyond the surface level. They felt pretty one-dimensional to me overall.
Paris is one of my favorite places in the whole world, I absolutely fell in love with it when I visited so I love reading books that take place there. Following Mia as she explored the city and discovered some of the same places that I found so amazing was so much fun. It was like I was back in Paris for the first time again.
The romance was cute but some parts were predictable as the book followed the typical structure of a YA contemporary romance. I felt like the plot got pretty repetitive at some points.
I really didn’t like the twist at the end, it felt unnecessary and the extra bit of drama that came from it kind of took away from the story.
I obviously loved the setting of this book; as the saying goes, Paris is always a good idea. The characters and storyline were just missing something for me to be able to enjoy it more thoroughly.
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September 23, 2021

I feel betrayed by that ending. It was one of those endings where you realize what is to occur and you have the urge to actually v*it. It was so out of place and was not cohesive with the plot buildup whatsoever.

The main character was okay, I liked her dedication to ballet and how it was portrayed but ultimately she wasn't memorable at all. The love interest was also boring and sure, they were conventionally attractive, but I didn't feel any chance of someone finding them book boyfriend material.

Low 3 stars. Probably an insult to some of my previous 3 stars but I thought this book was semi-entertaining for the middle half. (I wonder why after reading it, especially after all of the "there was a sparkle in his eyes" and "he pressed his lips to mine" lines.) It was nice for Paris, France to be described by someone who is Parisian but that's basically the only compliment I have for this book (other than the front cover).
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July 1, 2021
Esse livro foi MUITO fofo!!!! Romance contemporâneo fofinho que tem gostinho de verão.
O romance eu achei uma gracinha, mas não foi dos mais bem desenvolvidos, até porque é um livro curtinho. O final me deixou meio estressada porque acontece uma coisa que me deixou FRUSTRADA junto com a protagonista, mas eu entendi o significado que a autora quis passar.
Quando eu for para Paris com certeza vou reler.


This book was VERY cute!!!! A cute contemporary novel that has a taste of summer.
The romantic couple I thought was cute, but it wasn't one of the best developed I've read about, but it's a short book, so that's ok.
The ending made me a little stressed because of something that happened that made me FRUSTRATED along with the main character, but I understood the meaning of what the author wanted to write (I WAS ANGRY, but i understood)
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March 29, 2021
“I thought I wanted this more than anything else; then my life took a different path, and it was perfect. This isn’t about missing chances. It’s about enjoying the journey. You should pursue your dream for as long as you want to, but you should also allow yourself to change dreams along the way.”

Ballet books in YA Literature wasn't something that I thought I would enjoy. That all changed after I read Bright Burning Stars. My life was revamped after that and now I'm obsessed. So when I read that this was about being the best ballerina and that it took place in the city of love, I was sold.

Bright Burning Stars meets Anna and the French Kiss in this unforgettable book about being the best you and opening yourself up to new experiences.

Mia gets accepted to a prestigious ballet program in Paris for the summer. Being the perfect ballerina is her whole life, so she accepts this opportunity. Her goal in life is to turn this into a career and nothing is going to stop her or get in her way. Not even her indifferent Mother will change that.

All of this changes when she meets an adorable French boy named Louis. Together they discover that Paris holds some secrets and they are determined to solve each and every one. Can Mia keep her eyes on the goals she has had her entire life? Or will she let a boy change her future?

Mia was a character that you instantaneously connect with as she makes her first appearance. She's strong, has a lot of heart, and is determined. Mia and and I share a very common thing when it comes to our Mother and I think that helped me grow closer to her character. Both of our Moms want to hold us back and not fully support our decisions in life, that makes Mia so much more stronger. She sets out to be her own person and not someone her Mom wants her to be.

The scenery was stunning. The way the author describes everything, you feel as if you are there right along with Mia and watching from the front row. It was mesmerizing. The story that follows was just as memorable.

Kisses and Croissants was absolutely sweet and cute with a lot of determination. It had a lot of strong characters and the cutest boys. It was all very swoony and unforgettable. Everything had depth and took you deeper under the surface. The story was one you can't help but fall in love with.
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July 28, 2021
Seventeen year old Mia Jenrow is very passionate about becoming a ballerina. It's always been in her blood. When she got an offer for a six-weeks camp at a prestigious ballet academy in Paris, she can't be more excited. However, she did not expect to be joined by her rival and she TOTALLY did not plan to meet the cute local Parisian boy, Louis. Should she focus on her ballet, or enjoy the moments in the City of Love?

Here are my thoughts :

" The spotlight can only be on one of us at a time, but we're in this together."

1. This book is a very light read and it makes sense because this book is to cater for the younger readers (starting from the age of 11 years old). Despite that, I feel the excitement and the giddiness from the adventure in Paris and also from the relationship surrounding Mia; her friends, her instructors, and of course, LOUIS.

2. The romance is quite insta-love-ish for me but did it intrigue me?? YES lol. Louis and Mia are easy characters to root for. They're both very fun and kind-hearted. Their moments together made me grin all the way!

"I've danced with the flu before. I've danced with sore legs and swollen toes. But I've never danced with a broken heart."

3. The thing that took the stars away from me is the ending. It seems very rushed, in some parts it seemed out of character, and it turned darker all of a sudden.

4. All in all, this is an enjoyable read and I'd really recommend this to beginners and people who are looking for something fast and easy to read.

Rating : 3.5 stars (rounded down)
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June 4, 2021
I’ve been to Paris twice and thought I didn’t need to go back but this made me miss it a lot!

Mia goes to Paris for an elite ballet program that takes place over the summer for six weeks. She is very passionate over ballet and works super hard to become a professional ballet. In between exploring Paris and ballet, Mia meets Louis and a cute romance blooms between them. This book gives huge Love & Gelato vibes and it’s so fun. I do feel like our main character is a little immature and young which is kind of what stopped me from loving it. Also, Louis had about no personality in my opinion and Mia literally just likes him because he’s cute.

Aside from that, this book made me so nostalgic - Mia the main character explores the streets of Paris alone and makes friends with strangers which is exactly what I did on my own trip. I felt transported right back in Paris. There were so many similarities for me and the book and I really loved that personally. I look forward to more books from this author.

Thanks so much to Netgalley and to the publisher for an advanced copy of this book.
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May 17, 2022
Milutka ta książka, ale życia mi nie zmieniła ani też nie bawiłam się specjalnie wybitnie.
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January 17, 2022
4.5/5 stars, I really loved the dance aspect and I actually almost cried omg

"I will never take it for granted. I will treat every performance as my last, enjoy every minute, and give it absolutely everything I have" (268)

This book really hit home, in a couple of ways for me, and made it a really emotional read. I can see how some people might just not connect with it and think it's just okay. But being a former dancer reading this, who had to stop during COVID-19, my heart literally almost burst. The way the author describes the desire to dance, and the feeling you get when you are up on stage is perfect, I wouldn't have been able to describe it better myself. That's what really made the difference for me.

Mia just got accepted into an elite summer dance program in Paris, France and is excited to spend the summer before her senior year doing what she does best. She hopes to snag an audition with one of the world's best ballet companies, but she has to do it all in six short weeks. Soon, she finds there is more to Paris than ballet, such as the charming french boy Louis she runs into on the street. This is the perfect summer adventure for love and croissants to find their way into Mia's heart.

While both the setting and plot are elements of a pretty basic coming-of-age story, along with romance, I really didn't mind. I was always obsessed with going to Paris when I was younger, and I honestly still really want to. So I did not mind reading another book in this city, as it also took place at an elite dance studio. I seriously need to find some other good dance books because I had such a fun time just sitting there reading about the dance classes. While that is not for everyone I loved that part.

Mia was a pretty typical main character, but I also didn't mind that because I could really connect with her on a couple levels. She is super dedicated to dance and has been doing it her entire life, which I had been doing before the pandemic as well. The way she felt about dance, that it was her whole life, was really relatable as well. Mia often got down on herself for not being perfect in her eyes, but being good to everyone else. Sometimes this could be typical from a young adult novel, and get annoying over time, but seeing the insecurites that dotted her brain helped steer my feelings away from this. She truly was self-concious about some of the things in her life and it was good to see her eventually grow from it. I am really proud of how she handled everything in this book and I really ended up liking her character.

Audrey was the "rival" of the story, but even at the beginning Mia acknowledges they arent really rivals. They have just been dancing against each other for their entire lives, and always almost beating one another. Audrey in the beginning felt a bit like the typical young adult rival girl who was just there, but she quickly became one of my favorites. She was really dedicated to dance because her parents expected her to be, and admired Mia for her ability to have things outside dance. The way that she and Mia ended up being best friends was really sweet and I loved the positive friendship ending vs the "we will always hate each other" catty sort of ending. We honestly need more of those, I'm tired of two girls competing just to compete. Their made sense.

The romance in this book between Mia and her interest Louis was really basic, but also sweet. There were a few moments where I found myself bored when they were talking. I think it was a little naive, they were both like instant attraction and fell in love pretty fast. I think what would have helped the romance if if we got scenes from Louis' point of view, as that would have elevated it. We were only seeing Mia's side which was, dance, think about him, dance, focus, see him, etc.

Overall I really connected with a lot of pieces of this book, but I can totally see how some people don't. I always love reading books about dance and so this totally got to me, but other parts were just okay. I think the romance was very young adult, as it should have been, but it just felt naive. Other than that I really liked the book overall.

[TW: injury, hospital visit]
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September 25, 2020
Just finished this sweet read and I absolutely loved it... my heart feels so full of hope and love 😍
Kisses and Croissants is a romantic and sweet read perfect for those of you with wanderlust in your veins 💛
This book is about self discovery and forging your own destiny, the importance of chasing your dreams, forgiveness, friendship, and most of all LOVE. I could just hear la vie en rose playing in my head the whole time I was reading this treasure
I could smell the sweet scent of Paris, taste the decadent pastries and baguettes, picture the beautiful art and culture of Paris and I may or may not have watched multiple Swan Lake videos on YouTube (especially that 32 count fouetté and wow am I IMPRESSED!!) 🩰🩰
This book follows our protagonist, Mia, a passionate and ambitious ballerina who dreams big and sees the world through rose colored glasses. When she gets accepted to a prestigious summer academy in Paris the only thing on her mind is ballet and getting into ABT in New York....that is until she meets a sweet boy with messy hair and sparkling eyes 🥺
Y’all when I tell you that Louis stole my heart almost immediately I MEAN THAT 🙌🏼 from his chinos to his Vespa motorcycle (I felt like Hilary Duff in the Lizzie McGuire movie... If you know, you know! 😂)
everything about Louis just screamed “cinnamon roll” and I am HERE FOR IT
Now, although this book focuses mainly on Mia and her ballet there is a super cute subplot that involves a mystery photo and her ancestor (who may or may not be a ballerina from a famous painting), which leads Mia and Louis on the sweetest adventure to uncover the truth
Overall, this book was super sweet and a breath of fresh air and gave me “Anna and the French Kiss” vibes! I’m sure you will all love this one!
4/5 🌟

*thank you to Netgalley for the earc in exchange for an honest review*
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