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Fortuna Sworn #1

Fortuna Sworn

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We were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure humans in.

Fortuna Sworn is the last of her kind.

Her brother disappeared two years ago, leaving her with no family or species to speak of. She hides among humans, spending her days working at a bar and her nights searching for him. The bleak pattern goes on and on... until she catches the eye of a powerful faerie.

He makes no attempt to hide that he desires Fortuna. And in exchange for her, he offers something irresistible. So Fortuna reluctantly leaves her safe existence behind to step back into a world of creatures and power.

It soon becomes clear that she may not have bargained with her heart, but her very life.

323 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 2, 2019

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About the author

K.J. Sutton

9 books1,586 followers
K.J. Sutton lives in Colorado with her two rescue dogs. She has received multiple awards for her work, and she graduated with a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Hamline University. K.J. also writes young adult novels as Kelsey Sutton.

When she isn’t writing in a coffee shop, K.J. spends her time traveling the world and working at a vet clinic. She is best known for her Fortuna Sworn series. Visit her at www.kjsuttonbooks.com.

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1,482 reviews79k followers
September 7, 2022
"Fallen. I hadn't had to use that term in ages. Every species-faeries, werewolves, shapeshifters, nymphs-were descended from angels. No one knew whether it was mutation or evolution that had separated us."

Hello, and welcome to my newest obsession. Yes, we've all read countless fantasy tales in the midst of the faerie boom, but Kelsey Sutton has brought something new to the table. While she's borrowed a dash of folk lore from here and a smattering of angsty romance from there, the real standout quality of this new series is her protagonist: Fortuna Sworn, a Nightmare and last of her kind. What is a Nightmare you might ask?

"Nightmares don't sit on their victims' chests as they sleep, like it describes on Wikipedia or in books; once I touch my victims there's no need to maintain physical contact."


Basically, a Nightmare is another supernatural creature that, once he or she makes physical contact with you, they can sense your deepest, darkest fears and make you feel as if you are experiencing them. Surprisingly, Fortuna and her brother Damon were raised by decent parents who taught them only to use their powers in the most dire of situations; anything more or less and you become the monster they fear you are. Also, lying is a no no. Now that we've got that down pat, let's move along.

The premise here is that Fortuna's brother, Damon, went missing a couple of years ago and no one has seen him since-meaning no body has turned up-which has caused Fortuna to never stop searching for him. One day, a mysterious stranger arrives at our main character's place of work and offers her a bargain: in exchange for her hand in marriage, this being will take Fortuna to her brother. What follows is a descent into danger and chaos, both literal and figurative.

I don't want to give anything away, but it's safe to admit that this book has a lot of fae activity going on. I love how it felt a little darker and more mature than some of the YA faerie books being published, and while we received a lot on information in this installment, there are some major threads that need answering in the next book, which I'm desperately looking forward to. My only concern was with the trials that Fortuna has to pass in the second half of the book; they felt very similar to the ones that Feyre has to endure in A Court of Thorns and Roses, and I'd have liked the final trial to have been something a bit more unique. Overall, I adored this book and am anxiously awaiting the second!

*Many thanks to the author for providing my review copy.
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323 reviews6,804 followers
April 2, 2020
This book is like if Sookie Stackhouse wasn't dumb and was blackmailed into marrying the version of Rhysand we see in the Court of Nightmares

For a while now, I've been searching for a new Dark Faerie Romance series that would steal my heart and let me tell you... this does not disappoint.

Fortuna is a Nightmare, the last of her kind, with the ability to sense your greatest fears and turn them against you. She is feisty, loyal and driven by the singular goal to find her younger brother Damon who disappeared without a trace 2 years ago. So when the dark, powerful and very attractive Faerie, Collith, approaches Fortuna with an offer to disclose her brother's whereabouts in exchange for her hand in marriage, how could she refuse?

What follows is an atmospheric descent into an underground world teeming with political machinations, Faerie manipulation and Fortuna's fight to save the only person that she loves, even if she loses herself along the way. Combined with Collith's dark allure and forbidden sexual chemistry that will leave you begging for more, Fortuna Sworn is a lush, indulgent read that will remind you of all the reasons you love dark fantasy romance.
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461 reviews7,370 followers
May 26, 2020
This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion.
You can see more thoughts and reactions here in my vlog.

OOF, this book. It saved me from a reading slump, which is bold enough a claim in itself. But my god, was this everything I've been looking for.

Following Fortuna, literal nightmare and last of her kind on an endeavour to save her brother, we enter a world of bargains, bonds, and mistrust. The plot is one I fell into easily, reading 50 or so pages without even realising - which isa saying a lot, considering I usually get distracted at every chapter break. But this proved to be a story I couldn't help falling into. It's quick paced, intense, and the tension seemed to rise with every turn of the page. AND - the thing I was most thrilled about - it actually felt dark . I've read so many "dark fantasy" books lately that don't even come close to that kind of atmosphere, and yet this book hit it exactly. It's brutal, it's scheming, and it's so addictive to read. You really can't predict what will happen next, but you're in for a ride let me tell you.

I became attached to the characters so unbelievably quickly. They're all complicated but authentic, their motivations realistic, their outlook on the world in general understandable. And - my favourite part - they're all morally grey. It's so rare for morally grey characters to actually pull through, but my entire reading experience of this book proved to be a wild ride of wanting the characters to succeed even though they were making questionable decisions while knowing they're not acting the shining example of a person. But again, it just made sense in the context of this world and it's events. And it so, SO fun to read.

So it's safe to say I adored this book. I sped through it, couldn't stop thinking about how I wanted to get back to it when I had to go about my day, and want to talk about it endlessly. I can't wait to see where the series goes, because it has so much potential to blow open everything and blow my mind in the process.

TW: Animal death, torture
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3,535 reviews9,943 followers
February 1, 2022
4.5 Stars

I loved this book. There are a lot of triggers, but I loved it none the less.

I hope the rest of the series is this good. I cringe as with some of the grim darkness in the book could mean more horrific things are to come.

I love the werewolf, of course he will probably die 🤨

PS-The author has the trigger warnings after the blurb of each book on GR page! I took half a star off for the Leviathan, because that’s what I do 😘

Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾
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1,012 reviews2,055 followers
September 24, 2022
✅ Gorgeous cover
✅ Dark atmosphere
✅ Urban-fantasy setting
✅ Characters
✅ Magical creatures
✅ Pace
✅ Potential for romance
✅🆗 Plot (it's good, but the second half reminded me a lot of the trials in ACOTAR)

This book was a nice surprise.

There is a lot of folklore: goblins, werewolves, Fae, and Nightmares. Nightmares are creatures with a face that changes so it shows you whatever face you will find the prettiest. It is made to ensnare and seduce you until it touches you and discovers your fears. Once a Nightmare touches you it can create illusions and make you live your deepest fears.

Like the nightmares that came at night, we were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure our victims in. Then, when it was too late to draw back, we struck.

Fortuna Sworn is a Nightmare, probably the last of her kind since they were hunted because people feared them. She is trying to live a normal life in a normal town, while also looking for her brother who mysteriously disappeared two years ago. That is until Collith, a darkly handsome, and mysterious Fae meets her and decides that he wants her... The deal he offers is simple: she marries him and he will bring her to her brother.

It's very easy to get into this book, and I was 100 pages into the story before I even realized it! The urban-fantasy setting and the fact that Fortuna works at a restaurant reminded me a little of the Sookie Stackhouse series, but Fortuna is actually clever and can be ruthless when she needs to. She's no pushover and she's definitely not as dumb as Sookie. The atmosphere is also darker than in many YA books I've read lately, and I loved it! It's full of scheming, and lies and the main characters could also be described as "morally grey", which is perfect for me.

I don't want to reveal too much about the story, but let's just say that once Fortuna descends into the Fae's realm, she is stuck in a court full of politics, machinations, and betrayals. There is anger, dark moments, a little bit of romance, intrigue, and magical powers in this book. I was not expecting to like it that much, and now I cannot wait to read the second book.

The main problem for me (and the reason it's not actually 4.5 or 5 stars) is how similar the second half of the book is to A Court of Thorns and Roses. The three trials in the Unseelie court look a lot like Feyre's trials under the mountain. Even the individual trials are similar, especially the last one. The book is still awesome, but having read the ACOTAR series before, it's impossible not to make the comparison.

Still, I really enjoyed reading this book and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a darker Faerie romance.

Fanarts by Gwenn Danae and Stephanie Brown

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323 reviews644 followers
January 1, 2022
I’m deleting my entire original review and editing it after this reread because 2019 Lindsey was incorrect on 7302837 levels. 2019 me gave this 3 stars. 2019 me was a moron. This book is fantastic.

New Review from 2021/less moronic Lindsey:

1. Fortuna Sworn is a go-getter.
She does not dilly dally. She has a goal and immediately sets out to accomplish it with full confidence and determination. Mad respect. So I appreciate the quick pacing of this book. 2019 Lindsey thought the pacing was too quick. No. She’s wrong.

2. I’m a sucker for Fae.
Especially if there’s a mating bond. Don’t care how many books I see it in. IT LITERALLY NEVER GETS OLD FOR ME. I love it every time and turn all 🥰🥰🥰🥰 (as opposed to my normal 😐😑).

3. Fortuna is a creature known as a Nightmare.
I’ve never seen this type of creature before, but it’s freaking badass. She can make people see/experience their worst fears just by touching them. Hello. Yes. I’m on board.

4. It’s firmly in the NA category.
There is a little spice, but it’s part of a slow burn. I can handle little teases when I can tell there will be payoff later in the series. 😏 Fortuna is 24, so she also uses colorful language (which, for whatever reason, isn’t used so much in YA because the publishing world is under some delusion that teenagers don’t curse 🙄), and she uses it quite often. Not in a crass sort of way. It’s typically in the, “What the hell am I supposed to do next?” type of way.

5. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts exist in this world and damn is one of them brutal.
If you’re familiar with anything Fae, you can probably guess which. 😈

In conclusion, I’d like to apologize to the entire world for 2019 Lindsey’s idiocy. She knew nothing. She is Jon Snow. Pretty sure she’s also illiterate because during this 2021 reread I learned that the male lead, Collith, has brown hair, dark eyes, and a scar on his face. 2019 Lindsey pictured him with white hair, blue eyes, and not a scar in sight. Maybe 2019 Lindsey was drunk. Or having a nervous breakdown. Or was just illiterate. All are possible, tbh.
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1,609 reviews10.7k followers
February 11, 2023

Fortuna Sworn is the last of her kind. It used to be her and her brother, Damon, but he went missing two years ago.

Since that time, Fortuna has spent her days blending into the human world while searching for him at night. On one of her searches she gets captured by goblins and brought to the market to be sold.

Luckily she's able to escape the whole being sold thing, but she did catch someone's eye whilst at the market; a very powerful faerie named Collith.

Before she knows it, she's receiving a proposition, her hand for the possibility of getting her brother back. I am putting it simply, but you get the gist.

The story follows Fortuna as she enters the world of the fae, hoping against all hope that she'll be able to find what she's looking for.

But if she finds her brother, will he even want to be rescued? And what is she sacrificing in the process?

This was good. I liked it. A solid foundation for the start of a series. I don't read a lot of Fae books, in fact, I have only read a handful that I can think of, but I liked how this one was constructed.

Additionally, I'm very intrigued by the ending and will be continuing on to the second book.

I won't claim I understand everything going on here, but I loved Fortuna as a character and want to learn more about her and this world.

Fortuna is a creature known as a nightmare, which I have never come across before. Basically, she can make people see, or experience, their worst fears just by touching them. She wields this power as a weapon and I got to say, it's pretty badass.

As stated above, I'm definitely on board to continue on with this series. I listened to the audiobook and thought it was a great way to take in this story. The narration was fabulous.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Dreamscape Media, for providing me a copy to read and review. I'm so happy I finally had the chance to check this one out. It sucked me in!

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1,048 reviews1,380 followers
November 29, 2019
This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷

Actual Rating: 3.75 Stars

“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.”

Disclaimer: Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

★ When the author contacted me to review this book, I did not know what to expect. I saw that it has faeries and it is a NA book which I think the book community has a severe lack of. I initially thought it was a standalone but it looks like a trilogy and I have no problems with that. The book left me wanting more.

★ The author has a nice prose that fits the story and the genre! The prose is easy to read and it can be romantic without all the extra cheese. There were some quotes I liked for sure and the book gave me SJM vibes. I will speak more on that when I talk about the plot.

★ Fortuna was a good character, she has a clear object, to rescue her brother and she will try her best to do so! Fortuna is actually a Nightmare, one of the many fallen creatures the book have, she and her borther’s are the last of their kind and the book also focuses mainly on Faes. Vampires, werewolves and other creatures are mentioned but not heavily. Since the book is NA, Fortuna was kind of mature and not the typical YA girl although she had her flaws. That may be a thing I preferred over SJM characters which are all flawless. The rest of the characters are also well written, I can still imagine them fresh in my mind and I also associate them with some emotions such as respect, hate, empathy and others! For a book of only 300 pages to make me connect with characters in such a way it is a great achievement! The characters are surely diverse and THERE WAS A FREAKING HIJABI MUSLIM FAE!!! That is a small detail to a secondary character which did not impact the story but it was good to see a representation in such a casual way.

“Nightmares may be lies, but we don’t have to be liars.”

★ I have been comparing and mentioning SJM for a reason. The plot is kind of similar to ACOTAR, we have our MC who is forced to love a strong fae and then all kind of emotions are thrown into this mix! There was mentioning of mating, The usual courts, a trial, and riddles! I recently read ACOTAR so I had it fresh in mind and I could not help but to compare them. I am not saying it is based on ACOTAR because it has its own atmosphere but I think they both have a root originating from a similar mythology.

★ I really enjoyed this and the fast pacing helped making it a page turner. The problem is that for a strange reason, my last 3 reads have been too fast-paced. I think the characters were obliged to act in a certain way and that makes me accept part of the fast-pacing, but I guess if it was a bit slower with a dozen more pages then it would have been more enjoyable. It is just that the pacing makes it hard to have a strong emotional connection with characters and make some events seem unbelievable.

“A beautiful thing was much harder to destroy than an ugly thing.”

★ Summary and Prescription: I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I am surely interested in continuing the rest of the series. The book had some good writing, unique characters. The pacing was a bit too fast and the plot will appeal to fans of SJM, with less cheese and more diversity! If you love stories about Faes then I think you should be picking this book sometime.

You can get more books from Book Depository
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168 reviews
January 9, 2023
4.25/5 ⭐
.5/5 🌶️

Hello, and welcome to my newest obsession Fortuna Sworn Series. I really enjoyed this fast paced dark fae romance. I liked that Fortuna is actually a heroine who doesn't need to be rescued all the time. She's smart. She's resourceful. She's reliable and devoted to her family. If you are a fan of ACOTAR, this is a good series to pick up.

"It means that I am constantly torn between civility and ferocity. It means that I do not want you for a wife, but a mate. As to why you should accept me, above all others, consider this. I know exactly what you are... and I think it’s magnificent. Your enemies are my enemies. My power is your power."

“Satan came to my christening, little boy. Stay out of my way, or I’ll make you piss in your fancy clothes.”

"Sometimes it’s not about being stronger. It’s about being smarter."

“It’s simple, really. Close your eyes. Picture the worst possible outcome. Be cruel to yourself. Spare no pain. Do this again, and again, and again. Until one day, you find yourself immune to it, and the fear no longer controls you.”

Profile Image for Ana.
143 reviews29 followers
May 12, 2020
Im so shocked to say... im not a massive fan of this one. I thought i was gonna eat tHIS UPPP. A Court of Mist and Fury but adult?? Yes please!
Unfortunately, this did not live up to my expectations. There are so many plotholes in this book. The entire story makes absolutely no sense. Like, zero sense. We experience everything through the main characters POV and she never questioned anything!! I still have no idea how the fuck everything worked. The world building is non-existent. All i know is that a bunch of weird ass faes live underground and the are tons of tunnels and rooms. Everything else is a complete massive question mark ??? The amount of times i rolled my eyes... man. Every decision that the main character took made no sense. It’s like the author wanted certain things to happen in the story but she didnt know how to get there in a logical way so she said fuck it and made her main character say and do the most irrational things. I was extremely annoyed. What i did like was Fortuna’s powers, i found them quite original. I liked her relationship with Oliver and that whole dynamic. Collith, however, is a stupid weirdo that gets away with everything because Fortuna literally never asks him any relevant questions it’s RIDICULOUS. The plot twist at the end was cool, though. I just dont think im gonna continue with the series... i dont think there’s any way to redeem this. It wasnt horrible i just truly hate when stories dont make sense. This is why you outline people.
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2,015 reviews1,312 followers
February 24, 2020

WOW! I bloody adored this book.
Fortuna Sworn snuck up on me catching me completely unawares.
I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this quite as much as I actually did, mega impressed here.
My only issue with this as I didn't want it to end when it did.
It is so going to kill me to wait for book two but needs must and I will be eagerly anticipating it's release like yesterday.
So Fortuna Sworn (totally digging her kick-ass name) a nightmare is last of her kind.
Whilst out searching for her younger brother on the anniversary of his disappearance she is snatched by goblins and taken to be sold on the black market.
There she is assisted by an unknown faerie in escaping her jailors.
Striking a bargain with the mysterious Callith for his assistance in rescuing her sibling sets off a chain of events that will change Fortuna's whole life.
A set of circumstances that will take her deep into the intrigues and dangers of the Unseelie court where all have a hidden agenda and she must watch her back at every turn.
As this story unfolds the transformation that Fortuna undergoes is both brutal and merciless.
Strengthening her inner core into the pure steel she will need to go head to head with the fae courts cold cruelty and game playing.
This also had so many diversely intriguing players: characters like Laurie and Oliver.
Both adding their own unique spin on the ongoing proceedings.
Also, Collith himself is so much more than what he originally appears to be his character so much deeper and empathetic than what he outwardly portrays to others.
There is also somewhat of a slight love triangle: I say slightly as that is what in essence it is.
I myself am not a lover of this trope and it didn't bother me one bit so if you are not a fan of this just know that it does not play a pivotal part in this book.
I also managed to read this in one sitting no breaks as I was that invested here.
This is told from Fortunas POV and though I do prefer dual this didn't bother me too much.
It would have been nice to maybe get some insight from Collith to but no biggie I was so into this I could deal with this small flaw.
This really was such a page-turner of a read and I want to read the next book like right now it is really going to be a feat of patience to wait for its release.
A new author for me here but a definite keeper for sure: I do so love it when I get surprised like this.
Highly recommend this its such a fantastic book.
I voluntary reviewed a copy of Fortuna Sworn.


Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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245 reviews128 followers
May 20, 2020
3.5 stars

If you're looking for a dark faerie romance with urban fantasy vibes, this is the series for you!

Fortuna is a Nightmare - a creature who can see, smell, and taste the fears of anyone she touches and create hallucinations to torment them. Her younger brother, Damon, has been missing for two years, and despite Fortuna's desperate searching she hasn't discovered any clues to his whereabouts. But she hasn't forgotten the promise she made her parents many years ago - that she will always be there to take care of Damon. 

One night, a mysterious and handsome faerie named Collith appears with information on Damon. He says he can take Fortuna to her brother - for a price. Determined to help Damon no matter the cost, Fortuna agrees to the faerie's terms and is whisked off to the underground Unseelie Court. There, the loving sibling reunion she hoped for turns into a struggle she never imagined possible. What's more, danger lurks around every corner of this dark and magical kingdom, and Fortuna must fight to earn the court's respect and find her place among them while grappling with her growing feelings for the very faerie who brought her there.

In this first book of the Fortuna Sworn series, K.J. Sutton creates a mesmerizing yet eerie world filled with harrowing danger and unique magic. Everything is not as it seems in the Unseelie Court, and the reader must uncover new information alongside Fortuna as she works to understand this mystical environment and make difficult decisions that determine whether she and those she loves will make it out alive. With familiar elements of the fae/faerie subgenre in an unfamiliar, enchantingly sinister setting, this book is perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses series looking for an adult fantasy read. 

One of the biggest reasons I'm so excited about this series: it's not a duology... it's not a trilogy... it's slated to be a six-book series over the next several years! I can't wait to follow Fortuna's journey and I hope you'll join me!

In Fortuna Sworn, author K.J. Sutton creates an unparalleled faerie world. The ominous underground labyrinth of the Unseelie Court kept me on the edge of my seat; I very much felt like I was stifled beneath the earth with Fortuna, struggling to catch my breath in the winding passageways and longing to escape back to the fresh air and sunlight above. I do think this book requires some prior knowledge of or experience with fae/faerie books, as several of the terms and scenarios aren't explained in detail; nevertheless, as someone who still considers myself a novice in this subgenre, I managed to piece everything together just fine.

With her fierce personality, determination, and incredible powers, Fortuna shows us that just because a character is strong doesn't mean she can't also be vulnerable, doubt herself and her abilities, and struggle to stay true to herself in a world forcing her to change. She must conquer her inner demons and face her past traumas as she creates a new future for herself navigating the dismal maze of the subterranean kingdom and Unseelie court politics. Although at some points her sarcasm and sassy remarks seemed a bit forced to me, overall she is a wonderful and dynamic heroine to follow from 1st person POV. I loved seeing her come into her own, and I can't wait to watch her growth. I hope she continues to show those faeries just how powerful a Nightmare can be.

Regarding side characters, I still have so many questions about Collith, Laurie, and the other faeries, and I definitely don't feel I know them very well. However, I suspect this is Sutton's intention, to keep us wondering until we discover more about them as Fortuna does. I'm still not sold on her romance with Collith, but then neither is Fortuna! My heart shattered for Damon and even the Leviathan, so broken by the cruelty of the faeries. The only character I didn't quite understand was Oliver; he didn't seem to fit into this world for me, and Perhaps this will happen at a later point, but in this book I wasn't very interested in his scenes - I'm not a big love triangle fan (although as far as love triangles go, this one was certainly unique), and I just wanted to get back to the story in the Unseelie Court.

Lastly, the pacing of this book is great, with constant action and intrigue that piqued my curiosity through the final page. And wow, what a cliffhanger at the end! I will definitely be devouring and reviewing book #2 in the next couple of months. 

Thank you to the author for reaching out to me and providing an e-version of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. You can follow K.J. Sutton and check out her work here!
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635 reviews476 followers
August 31, 2019
4.5 stars

I think I wanna start by saying, I'm absolutely in love with that cover. The composition, the colours, it just does it for me especially for a fantasy book. I'm always wary of a good cover, as it doesn't always mean the inside will be as good but thankfully this time I loved the contents just as much.

Fortuna Sworn is the only one of her kind left. Her parents are dead and her brother has gone missing for the past two years. She's stuck in a loop. She works all day and at night she goes searching for her brother. She's made a promise to look after him. Unfortunately for her one night she ends up captured by goblins and a powerful faerie helps her out. Now that she's caught his eye there's no way to return back to her safe life. He makes her an offer that she simply can't turn down. But you should always beware of bargains with faeries and when she ends up in the Unseelie Court where no human rules apply, she realises that the bargaining chip might as well be her very life.


My problem is that I really, really want to expand and elaborate and explain, but this being an ARC I feel that I should at least be a bit vague so please bear with me. Fortuna's powers were at the very least kickass. She also acknowledged whenever she was going to do something stupid but just couldn't help herself which actually endeared her to me. Fortuna has this endless well of strength and even if she reaches rock bottom she refuses to stay there. Her coping mechanisms were also pretty impressive and kept leaving me thinking that she's not what she seems to be.

"You did not allow us to break you. We do so love out broken things."


Collith the powerful faerie that saves her and proposes the irresistible but suspect bargain is one massive mystery. You get glimpses of him through Fortuna but you never really know what to think throughout most of the book. He doesn't answer her questions or provide information voluntarily. He's an enigma Fortuna is very drawn to but she also feels conflicted every time she responds to him.

"Strange that the one I trusted least was now the one I could depend on most."


The only thing that brings it down a bit for me is that I'm not sure if K.J.Sutton is planning on making this into a reverse harem situation or triangle or none of the above. Because the way I see it there's at least two (maybe three) more players on the board by the end of the book that could all possibly go for Fortuna. One of them is a peculiar triangle that you're not sure it exists. And who is also the part I'm somewhat hesitant about as I really dislike triangles. So if this goes to a RH situation I'll be happier than if it goes to solid triangle area.


The writing style and world building was captivating. I loved the descriptions and kept wanting to read more and more and then I reached the end and realised I didn't do a single thing at work today and just read this in the eight hours I was supposed to be working. My bad. (Totally not ashamed) This book really entranced me and got me in the fae zone without much effort. The book ties up one major issue but ends on massive reveals that really make you want to get your hands on the next book. I'd totally recommend this to people that love reading about the fae.

** ARC kindly provided by the author, K.J. Sutton, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much!
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1,728 reviews351 followers
July 9, 2019
Nightmares may be lies, but we don’t have to be liars.

I’m not going to info dump the blurb, so I’ll start by saying that Fortuna Sworn was... something else. While fantasy isn’t my usual genre, I’ve read a few and Fortuna Sworn seems to be a good combination of standard fantasy constants and a unique spin on certain aspects of the genre. Faeries. Other fantasy beings. Unseelie and Seelie courts. A world adjacent to the human one. Corruption. Some budding romance from more than one suitor. A little bit of blood. A little bit of violence.

Fortuna is a fantasy being that I’ve personally never read about before, so her skills and power were intriguing to me. She is a strong character and she is loyal to a fault. It’s something that I appreciate about her and even though she is not PERFECT, she is growing and learning even in book one. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that there are a few options at love interest and quite a few options at a series villain. In this book a lot of character development and story frame-working takes place..

FS is the first book in a series, and as I said before the author spent much of the time building the world of the Unseelie court and planting plot seeds. I’m not much of a flower gal, but I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t excited to see what blooms from those seeds left in the dark underground of the court.

The pacing of this book is pretty quick, but there are a few slower parts in order to feed the reader information, which works well with the fast pace of events taking place. I spent most of this book thinking, “what is happening? Who can we trust? Who is the love interest!?” Then the other half I was just impressed by the world that KJ Sutton is building.

To add, since my review may not make it clear. I truly enjoyed this book. I wanted to say so much more about this story, but it’s nearly impossible to without spoiling it. Just know that Fortuna Sworn is a determined heroine. The world is a dark yet fantastic one, and KJ Sutton is an author to add to your to read list NOW!

^fan edit on IG!

*NetGalley ARC
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February 17, 2020
“My own face was proof that beauty couldn’t be trusted.”

Fortuna Sworn is the first book in the Fortuna Sworn Series. Fortuna Sworn is a powerful woman who possesses great power. An orphan, she has been desperately searching for her brother who has been missing for two years. After catching the eye of a powerful faerie, she gets swept away into a dangerous world in which she cannot escape.

“Nightmares may be lies, but we don’t have to be liars.”
Fortuna Sworn offers a paranormal delight with a powerful heroine and a double dose of intrigue. The characters are complex and the world in which they live is full of power, passion, and intrigue. With action, suspense, and unforgettable characters, this first installment in the series is a spectacular introduction to the greatness that is sure to come.
“I know exactly what you are... and I think it's magnificent.”
This is my first K.J. Sutton read and I certainly cannot wait for more!

✪ A copy graciously offered in exchange for an honest review!

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:
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July 16, 2019
3.5 stars

“Nightmares may be lies, but we don’t have to be liars.”

A different, refreshing, and surprisingly enjoyable book.

I decided to read this book because a)The cover is super cool! b)The blurb seemed so interesting. And, Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.

Fortuna is a unique different character/creature that I’ve never heard about. And I loved that! She’s that morally grey character that you can’t help but admire. She’s strong, fearless, and loyal to who she loves. I don’t know exactly how I feel about Collith. I feel like we still didn’t see all the sides of his character, so I’m still unable to decide how I actually feel towards him. I’ll have to wait for the next book for that.

”But my own face was proof that beauty couldn’t be trusted.”

The world is greatly built. The writing is actually good and effortless. I liked that the plot was well developed. Not too rushed or to slow, and best of all, it was never boring. This was an enjoyable different read and I’m looking forward to the next book. I need to know more about a certain mysterious character.

*A copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you*

Song recommendation:
Nightmare by Halsey
You should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish
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September 20, 2019
Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, K.J. Sutton, for an honest review.


“Like the nightmares that came at night, we were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure our victims in. Then, when it was too late to draw back, we struck.”


This book is a nightmare beckoning you into the shadows of your fears and insecurities.

It sings promises of love and protection into your all too innocent ears, reaches a tender hand of surety out into the open space between you, and just as your fingertips meet…

…just as you begin to taste the sweetness of heartfelt completion…

…it drags you down, down, down.

Into the recesses of sorrow, lies, heartbreak and death.

Until you’re nothing more a than mermaid trapped in a puddle, in a lonely decimated forest.

“You’re a Nightmare.”

Fortuna Sworn is one of the fallen, a collection and species of various creatures descended from angels with intriguing abilities. But Fortuna is the last of The Nightmare’s – a creature of intoxicating beauty whose face shifts and transforms to accommodate the onlooker’s tastes. A creature that can reach into your mind with a gentle caress, find the fears that lay delicately in the folds of your thoughts, and turn them into a horrifying reality. But when Fortuna is captured by two goblins who intend to sell her to the highest bidder, she is freed by a strange faerie that offers her a deal she can’t refuse. He knows where her brother is, who disappeared two years prior, and he can take her to where he is being held if she agrees to just one thing: to be his mate.


Where do I even start with this book?



…it pains me.

I love and hate it. It makes me happy and sad, thrilled and disgusted, excited and revolted. I have so many feelings and thoughts on this book. About the questions that are left unanswered. About the characters I THOUGHT I knew, but obviously don’t know at all. About the direction I assumed this story was going, until the trap door opened up beneath my feet and swallowed me whole. But there is one single feeling that stands high above all of this.

Pure obsession.

Because I, am obsessed.


There is SO much happening in this story, and I barely even know which direction to turn to first. The Unseelie Court is the epicenter of the turmoil in this tale, and the Fae in this book are not the sweet and caring creatures we have come to love from Sarah J. Maas books. These are Holly Black level Fae. Twisted, dark, deviant and 100% psychotic! They love to get inside your head and jumble your inhibitions, to see you writhe in pain. They kill each other, own slaves, and even have sex in the middle of the damn throne room during parties!!

Oh no lassies.

This is NOT your fluffy little Fae tale.

But absolute horrors and atrocities aside, the real confusion of this book starts and ends with the lovely Fae male that Fortuna becomes mated to: Collith. He is…pure sex in earthling form? Can I say that on here…? He is mysterious, brooding, regal, rough and goddamn drool-worthy. Things get heated between Fortuna and Collith, and I don’t just mean Fortuna’s temper. It’s going to get steamy, and it’s going to get intense. But remember, no leading Fae male would be ever be complete without him contradicting EVERY single thing he says with questionable actions, vague answers and secrets on top of secrets on top of SECRETS. . So go forth, my child. Fall for this dreamy, tall, dark and handsome Fae male that stalks women until they mate him. Be my guest.


And enjoy the whole in your chest later on, okay?

It’s your funeral, I’m just always dressed for it.

“With every lash, I lost more than skin and blood. I lost the potential to someday love my mate.”

But of course, the true gem of this stomach pain inducing book is Fortuna. She is a fiery, snarky, sarcastic and saucy woman who my dark little heart can only PRAY to resemble one day. This woman is badass incarnate and would have ZERO problems sinking her claws into your face while she takes a trip into hell, and drags you down with her. From the very start of the book she proves to be an intelligent and ruthless character, but also incredibly human. She is both powerful and unique, but she is also so relatable and heartfelt in everything she does. She is confident and tough, as well as sensitive and compassionate.

I adored Fortuna and every deliciously horrifying comment that dripped from her lips like sweet wine.

“For a terrible moment, I considered snapping my brother’s neck.”


Though I wholeheartedly am ravaged by this book, I do wish it was a bit longer and more drawn out. I felt like the trials Fortuna had undergone were a bit rushed, and therefor her emotions towards what she was forced to do and endure weren’t focused on as much as I would have liked. What can I say? I like to see characters in immense suffering. I also would have preferred more time with her and Collith to see if their relationship would grow/evolve/crumble, but I guess that is what book two is for…right?

As this is Kelsey Sutton’s first Adult book, I am positively impressed and not at all surprised at her abilities to make me lose my mind over another one of her books. Fortuna Sworn is an addicting and vile book that you need to get your spindly hands on NOW.

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July 13, 2020
I’m surprised how many people loved this book. I was expecting this book to be so good! I started it, and then knew that I probably wasn’t going to enjoy it, so I skim read the rest.

I didn’t connect with the main character at all, and even though she was meant to be this feisty character, she seemed extremely bland to me, and I didn’t have a connection.

I hate it when characters say “wow your so feisty, you like having the last word” but the author never actually really shows it in the story, so it comes off flat.

The romance was lack lustre, as you literally get no information on the king, and he was also an extremely bland character. (At the start his character was promising, as he seemed funny and mysterious, and then that died in the story and you were left with a bland character) I’m kind of interested in Laurie’s character, and the only character I actually loved and connected to was Oliver. He was so sweet and patient, and he actually had character, and I HOPE he becomes a real person.

I think I enjoyed it even less because I just read a fantasy book that I LOVED “From blood and ash” and I loved the authors writing and the characters. Even though you didn’t get much information about Hawkes life, he still had CHARACTER and a PERSONALITY, and that was why you fell in love with him. The author in this book did not do that very well, even with the main character.

It just gave me a strange vibe, that she went off with this guy, hardly got any information on him, and all of a sudden she feels sexual attraction and I’m like, girl, if you are so strong minded, how did that happen so quick? It was just a weird, cold bland atmosphere in the book, and I don’t know how to describe it.

The only times we got any spark in the book with characters is probably when she is with Oliver, and Laurie.

Don’t get me started on the trials. It was so obvious that it was a rip off to the trials in “A Court of Thorns and Roses” which had so much more spark and interest and tension in them. Again, the trails in this book were so bland and boring, the only time it got interesting was the part with the dragon and how it wanted freedom but she had to kill it. Even when she had to kill her “brother”, it was so cold and quick.
A lot of times in the book, I saw things that reminded me of ACOTAR knock offs, which, I’m totally fine with an author taking inspiration from other books, I totally don’t mind that, but at least make sure it turns out good or even better.

Again, like with “From blood and Ash” you could tell the author took inspiration from Sarah J Mass’ writing, but she did it REALLY well, maybe even better. (Maybe)

I just feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time reading this book, and I’m really disappointed from the reviews I’ve seen, which is another reason to not take reviews into consideration when reading a book, as you don’t know if you will personally enjoy it or not. I will not be finishing this series.
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July 25, 2019
Nightmares may be lies, but we don't have to be liars.
Gotta love a bad-ass heroine!

Fortuna Sworn is a nightmare . . . literally. With just a touch she can delve into your mind, find your greatest fears and then feed them back to you. She's also the last of her kind.

Two years ago her brother went missing and her only lead in his disappearance . . .
"I wish to make a bargain, Fortuna Sworn."
. . . comes from a mysterious fae named Collith who speaks in riddles. Fortuna knows he can't be trusted but her love for her brother leaves her with little choice but to accept.

And so she ventures deep into the Unseelie Court and begins to peel back the layers of lies, cruelty, and violence to get at the truth.

Fortuna Sworn, guys, Fortuna Sworn! She's going down as one of my all-time favorite heroines!

You aren't supposed to admire her for traditional reasons; she was rash, distrustful, and didn't shy away from meeting the cruelty of the fae with her own.
If I wasn't hard, or closed off, the world would destroy me.
She was a survivor, a prideful, unapologetic, 'get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way' survivor, and I LOVED her.
"Fortunately for me, you faeries keep forgetting what I am," I hissed.
There were a ton of fabulous moments in this book. The action was non-stop and kept me on the edge of my seat.
"Sometimes it's not about being stronger. It's about being smarter."
But while the action was this story's strength, in my opinion, it was also its weakness. The author didn't give Fortuna a single moment to catch her breath . . . or allow for the relationship with Collith to deepen. There was a decided lack of meaningful dialogue between them. Yes, I get the appeal of a mysterious hero who's not the main focus, but considering his role in Fortuna's life, he was too . . . absent.

Regardless, I CAN'T WAIT for the story to continue. I love that feeling of reading a book with your heart lodged in your throat!
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April 6, 2020
Thank you to the author, K. J. Sutton, for providing me with a copy of her book in exchange of an honest review.

“Unleashed fury. Pain. The things bad dreams are made of.”

Oh, wow. This was better than I expected.

Fortuna Sworn is a young woman in a desperate quest to find her brother who disappeared two years back. When a mysterious man appears with the promise that he can help her find her brother, but at a price. She must make a decision, her safety or her brothers. The only problem is that she may have made a deal with the devil and gotten herself into more than she can handle.

A tale full of twists and darkness that will suck you right into it.

“We are Fallen. Arrogance is in our blood.”

This is a paranormal-fantasy, which is not something that I was aware until I started the book. Which is good because I had been craving to read a paranormal book for a little while now.

In a world that has werewolves and vampires, faeries and ogres, we also have Fortuna, the last of her kind... One of the most powerful and feared of the Fallen. And, in my opinion, also the coolest.

I really liked that it got right to the action and there weren't dull moments in between. We start and the action picks up since that precise moment and doesn't let’s go until the last page of the book. Which is really nice but at the same time not so good for my poor heart that suffered a lot with all the things that were happening.

And we do have a fair number of fighting-action scenes. Though most of the battling is happening physiologically and by manipulation rather than physically.

It made my mind ache at times.

“Fear was all I knew.”

A story full of twist and betrayals and torture and blood and darkness.

Around the middle of the book -probably before - I started to realize that nothing I thought I knew was to be trusted. Nothing is what appears to be. And that includes our main characters.

Fortuna's slow development was so... crazy and strangely satisfactory to see. When we start the book we meet this girl and by the end she has transformed before our own eyes. I love that is a slow transition and one that makes the most beautifully twisted sense. I love that it's the kind of transition that happens so gradually that it feels natural for it to happen.

It did break my heart a bit. Okay, well, it broke it a lot.

And then we have Collith. He is presented in this... shady and mysterious and specific way that getting to see the layers was fun. I particularly enjoyed seeing his contrast with Fortuna. Their dynamic was always fun to read and was my favorite in the whole book.

By that I'm not saying that it wasn't messed up.

“You trade in edicts and secrets; mine is nightmares and terror. Noting I see will give me a second’s pause, faerie.”

Actually, this whole book is messed up.

That's it.

There were so many moments where I just went... kinda blanc and just... tried to assimilate whatever was happening. Sure, maybe it wasn't always showed in all its gory details but all the implications and reasoning and just details of it all was more revolting than anything.

Most of the time I either didn't know what to make of something or was just trying to not flip in rage.

By the end I wasn't surprised by anything anymore. I even managed to guess that cliffhanger. That is, I knew that whatever we thought it was couldn't possibly be true and, therefore, I already distrusted that facet of the plot and was not surprised by the fact I was right to do it.

“Nothing ends, Fortuna Sworn. There are only continuations and beginnings.”

I really enjoyed my time reading this book. I was expecting it to be dark and it delivered on it as well as giving me such a twisted story that I will not be forgetting it anytime soon.

Well, that and the fact that I connected with Fortuna's quest. Her deep love for her family and her loyalty. Really, she deserves to be praised for that.

“From now on, I’ll be a better sister. I’ll take care of you. Promise.”

Oh, this was dark and twisted and so good.


Okay, so this sounds pretty interesting?

Are those dark hints that I'm catching there? Because if they are I'm gonna be very pleased.

It also sounds like something I don't usually read. Which is great because I love stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

The fact that I'm currently in a paranormal mood will just make this a better experience... or, well, so I hope.
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March 21, 2020
3.5 STARS ★★★✬✩
This book is for you if… you're an adult/adolescent (?) urban fantasy fan. There are some dark motives woven into the plot that might be triggering.

I have a confession to make - I sometimes use the categorie insightfulness to make sure the rating fits my overall impression of a book. The number not alllways fits the categorie. Please don't hate me.

Also: since I found out Henry Cavill also bakes his own bread, he's now the face of every love interest of every book I read. Look what you made me do, you nerdy, goofy, animal-loving, flawless skinned, cute, bulky gathering of atoms.

I mean...this was an intriguing story. Honestly. Despite not getting the total kicks out of it, I would be lying if I claimed I didn't enjoy myself. There were just a couple of things that didn't really add up.

To be explicit - I didn’t really find the progression of the plot plausible: you arrive in the realm of the faeries, discover they’ve held your brother prisoner for the better part of 2 years – physical and mental torture included – and don’t pause to question your new husband and his role in all of this, much less confront him about it? There’s too much of an urban fantasy element in this story for the fairytale-aspect of the narrative to justify this. You know, like when heroes do stupid things but because it's a fairytale we let it slide? Yeah, na.
It just didn't add up for me, despite the instances where Fortuna revolted against the logic of the Unseelie Court. Now that I'm writing is - and in light of the following paragraph - I'm less stoic about this point, but my opinion is valid, damn it. Ain't nobody gonna tell me otherwise.

There's also one other little thing that I'm really keen to find out more about in the following book: just how many 'love'-interests does Fortuna have? There's the dream guy, the fairy king and the mysterious Laurie. She says she's confused about this herself, just so you folks know I'm not making this up. I'm not sure why I'm bringing this up it was just ... confusing and offputting (I just read plenty of bad reverse-harem stuff that pretty much abuses polyamory to the point of torture).

Let's cast aside this minor plothole and let's have a look at what I really enjoyed about this introduction to a promising series: the faeries. The characters are SO interesting. they’re in line with the common stereotype of what we picture fairies, elves and the like, which gave me a distinct Thranduil vibe – we all love us some Thranduil, amiright?

As elusive as most of them were, you still have such a good grip on their presence it is effortless to trot alongside them through the book.

KJ’s writing style deserves a special mentioning because it really fits the fantasy theme of her world. It's sometimes very prose-like, just the right thing to highlight the fairytale nuances of the universe she introduces her readers to.

What’s happening.
‘Sex. Desire. Lust. These things are natural. Humans have taught themselves restraint – they believe to give in is to be wanting, somehow – but that’s such mall thinking. Why set limits when we are creatures of impulse?’

Looking at the above quote, getting quite cosy with the king of the Unseelie Court sounds all fun and games ... until it turns out you'll have to enter a deadly battle if you want to safe your captivated - and deeply disturbed - brother from the claws of a lunatic faerie. Well good luck, Fortuna Sworn, last remaining (and functioning) Nightmare.
writing quality + easy of reading = 4*

pace = 3*

plot/story in general = 3*

plot development = 3*

characters = 5*

enjoyability = 3*

insightfulness = *
Many thanks to the authorKJ Sutton for approaching me and providing me with this eArc in exchange for an honest review.
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August 31, 2021
I would like to thank K.J. Sutton for providing me with a copy of her ARC, due to this kind gesture I've decided to leave an honest review.


I hardly write reviews anymore because I am so busy with work (12-hour shifts will be the end of me), so I just jump from one book to the next. Being asked by an author to read an ARC of a genre that rocks your socks is always a great pleasure and its an honour to leave a review!

Imagine a world where the Fallen roam the earth, and I mean every species. Werewolves, nymphs, shapeshifters, fae, VAMPIRES.. and then we have Fortuna, who finds herself in a nightmare, quite literally. When her brother disappears without a trace, how far will Fortuna go to find him and bring him back? If you have nothing to lose but everything gain, then let the nightmare begin!

K.J did an amazing job at world-building, it was simple but extremely effective and completely gripped you, leaving you wanting more. The book is an emotional roller coaster! I was teary one minute, angry the next, giggling my head off, I didn't want it to end! I love how everything was underground, could you imagine being stuck down there?! Dirt, torches, no natural light? God, please forgive us for our sins and take us back.

I have fallen in love with this book and its characters, they are off the chain! Our heroine Fortuna is a force to be reckoned with. I have always had a love-hate relationship with leading ladies, but Fortuna completely kicks ass and screams independent woman who needs no man, or should I say fae? Meh technicalities. She is fierce, determined, strong-willed and the best of all... family always comes first. She is so likeable you find yourself rooting for her at every turn.

"What a hot, slow delicious thing he'd done to me. Get a grip, Fortuna"

"I spit out the wad of gum, hoping childishly that one of the fae stepped in it"

Can we just have a little appreciation for our males?! Poor Oli, what in the good god damnation is this!!! Collith, our mysterious fae, Laurie our very own fae fashionista. I had a place in my heart for all three and I don't know who to ship Fortuna with the most because I would just like them all. I can actually picture Regina George winking at me famously saying "Boo, you whore!"

I don't want too give away to much! I'm being pretty vague because it is genuinely one of the best reads I have binged in one sitting in aaaaagggggeeeesss!! It's fast-paced, keeping you on your toes throughout.. Go on.. you know you want to pick it up!!

4 and a half stars of goodiness!


"You could try calling him." She lifted one shoulder in an indifferent shrug. His name is "

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October 7, 2019
Some stuff I liked, some stuff I didn’t, but overall it left a positive enough impression on me.

I have a soft spot for fae stories. Darkfever, Throne of Glass, The Call, Rhapsodic, Dead Until Dark, Lost Girl- what can I say, a good fae story just hits the spot sometime.

I can't lie, I had a lot of reservations early on. It felt eerily derivative of Dead Until Dark and the Sookie Stackhouse books in general - a virgin waitress with powerful but alienating powers, who is approached by a mysterious and sexy stranger. Fortuna is a Nightmare, a very rare fae able to sense and manipulate the worst fears and dreams of those she touches. Her brother Damon is the only family she has left. Then he disappears.

A mysterious, gorgeous, and obviously powerful fae named Collith offers her something too good to be true - he can lead her to her brother. But first she must make a deal that is far more dangerous that it looks on the surface.

Thankfully, the story diverges and stands on its own soon enough. Once we're down in fae territory, the story finally gets it's sea legs. The underground atmosphere of the fae courts is comfortably creepy, dirty and slightly claustrophobic. I liked how Fortuna's Nightmare abilities are shown as both a gift and a curse; she can control others and access their most primal selves, but no one ever sees her for anything beyond her abilities. They can never see her true face.

I can't say the romance won me over, but the angle with Ollie was interesting. His very existence, and to what degree he can interact with the world, raises so many questions! Those were among my favorite scenes, the surreal conversations with him. I could just feel all the potential for him, and especially his relationship with Fortuna, building under the surface.

Also, the story definitely feels the weight of being the first in the series. The stuff it establishes is good, but the narrative is burdened by having so much world building. Sometimes you can feel that burden dragging when the plot wants to move.

Let's talk about Damon.

Not that Damon unfortunately.

Fortuna's relationship with her brother Damon could have been explored further, either through flashbacks or making their scenes more substantial. I do like that he's a blind spot for her - her love for him can make her oblivious to the very real dangers of her impulsivity.

Fortuna Sworn didn't wow me, but I didn't have a bad time reading it by any means. It definitely shows a lot of potential to be a rocking series (darn cliffhanger!) And in a world where fae stories are bountiful, it manages to display originality and creativity while using established fae lore as well.

*Big thanks to a sweetheart of an auther, K.J. Sutton, for the free copy!*
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January 31, 2022
Reread : 28/01/22

I just found out that this is a 6 book series!!! 6 books?!?!?! Are you joking??? anyway, I'm just gonna continue on, and the little reveal at the end makes me curious.

First read : 25/02/20

~2.5 stars~

This is kind of a hard one to review, because parts of it were pretty good and held promise, while other parts (the majority of them) were quite subpar. I hate to say it, because it seems like a gross generalization, but this book read very amateurish and “self-published.” It did not seem like an established author wrote this and instead felt more like reading an outline than an actual novel.

This book opens with an interesting scene of our main character Fortuna trying to escape her captors. They are trying to sell her at a black market for magical beings/items, but they underestimate her Nightmare abilities.

A couple things. One, I don’t like it when book title is just the character’s name. It seems so…unoriginal and arrogant. Second, I have seen a lot of people talking about how Fortuna being a Nightmare is SO original and SO unique but like…it’s not? Having the ability to sense someone’s fear and plant visions in their mind is very, very common among fantasy novels.

Bleh. There were clichés upon clichés upon tropes upon predictable, tired plot devices here. It’s one thing to use a common trope and still use it well. I love certain faerie tropes! I love a forced marriage trope and a shared bed trope and a bargain trope and a trial tripe and a “losing sense of your own humanity to get ahead and survive” trope. But lemme tell you, these were not well done here.

As far as the plot and and The writing, It was clunky and very simple. It was so telly the entire time and Forutna had a very irritating inner voice. My main complaint, however, was how short and poorly planned this book was. There was hardly any plot and what there was, seemed like the author just wrote scenes she wanted in the book and then filled the in-between with random, nonsensical scenes to pass time.

Fortuna was always sleeping in order for the time to pass (even if she did visit her weird dream-sex friend all the time, who was such a boring “nice guy” character). There was no substance to this book! There was no time spent on anything and that right there is such an amateur mistake, because I have done it a hundred times. When the author doesn’t properly outline and develop a story, the narrative just rushes through everything.

This gives the reader no time to acclimate to the world, become invested in the story, or come to care about the characters. Fortuna’s trials (which, let’s be real here was the most blatant rip off of A Court of Thorns and Roses there is. In fact, a lot of this book is just a K-Mart version of ACOTAR) happened so fast there was literally no time to care. They were rushed through in a matter of pages, hell paragraphs sometimes. You’re really not going to spend more than 2 pages on the fact that Fortuna had to risk stabbing her own brother to win the crown? It’s just sloppy.

So yeah. This was kind of a flop for me. Even the erotic scenes were bland and kind of uncomfortable. Just all around not a very good book. I feel bamboozled by my YouTube chicks that said this was just as good as Sarah J Maas. Ha!!! Who knows if I will read the second one. Maybe. We’ll see.
March 10, 2020
For the first time...I felt powerful. Decades ago, Nightmares were the most feared race. The fae had been unwise to forget.


“Don’t you know what strengthens a Nightmare’s power?” ... “Unleashed fury. Pain. The things bad dreams are made of.”

3.75 stars

I had so much fun reading this book and I'm immediately moving on to book 2. This book is so refreshing because it features a strong, powerful heroine, which I've been missing lately... While Fortuna is strong it's clear she's still discovering her own power and how to wield it. I really hope future books in this series expand on Fortuna's power as Nightmare.

Other reviews have mentioned this, but for a New Adult paranormal romance (leaning close to YA-Adult) it's nice that the heroine isn't a Mary Sue. She has flaws. She's reckless at times. There's room for character growth and a character arc as this series progresses. I see some darkness in Fortuna, and the dark/twisted side of me can't help but wish more of her evil side comes out in future books.


He wasn’t evil, or cruel, or selfish. He was someone with a cause and nothing would pull him away from it. Too often, though, someone with a cause lost sight of themselves. The lines between right and wrong blurred. Passion became fanaticism. Collith seemed precariously close.


Slight spoilers ahead!

I have to say I was surprised by the turn Collith and Fortuna's relationship took at the very, very beginning of the book. Wham bam and they are but neither of them are human, so this is not the typical soul-bond, true love, romantic sort of bond. No, and Collith is forthright when he says:

“The first thing you should understand is that I am not a man. Let there be no illusions about that. I don’t have human instincts or desires...I have killed...I am constantly torn between civility and ferocity. It means that I do not want you for a wife, but a mate...I know exactly what you are...Your enemies are my enemies. My power is your power. If nothing else, let that be the reason.”

I love mysterious main male leads and I can tell we've only scratched the surface regarding Collith in book one. My only fear is that he's going to be too good, too idealistic. We'll see. I really hope as the books progress both Collith and Fortuna head into morally gray territory together.

Which brings me to Laurie. I've been seeing from reviews either a reverse harem or love triangle is being set up and I have to say I'm really interested in Laurie. Right now he seems almost more powerful than the Unseelie King I'm dying to know more.

Unpopular opinion, I don't care about Oliver. Oliver is sweet, a great friend with benefits to Fortuna, but he just paints all day in Fortuna's unconscious mind. If he plays a larger role he'll really need to actually do something to win my affection. I don't mean to downplay the supportive role he's provided to Fortuna, but that's just what it is right now. A supportive role.


All in all this was a wonderful escape, and a pleasure to read. Thanks to the author for providing me a copy of the book to review! I'm now off to read Restless Slumber. I can't wait to read more about Fortuna and her werewolf.

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March 3, 2022
So Fortuna Sworn is a Nightmare, a supernatural creature that can find people’s fears and make them come true in their mind. Fortuna meets a mysterious fairie who offers to marry her in order to help her find her brother who has been missing for two years. You can probably fill in like 90% of the plot yourself if you have read any fairie books.

Let's jump right in with bad to get it out of the way. The plot is so copy and pasted that I am now wondering: is the Three Trials deal with Fairie like a real myth? And do they all follow the same pattern of physical/ ‘mental’ (in quotes because Fortuna’s trial was NOT mental even though it was clearly supposed to be)/ emotional? Either way, Fortuna’s trials fall very flat. However, the way these trials are treated makes it kind of clear they aren’t really the main focus of the plot.

Fortuna is the most confusing character I have ever read and that is being nice about it. Being mean about it might involve me pointing out that she is an idiot. Her mental follow through is zero, and maybe even backwards. For example, she decides at multiple moments to ‘investigate and learn about the Fae’ before taking action. All of which she immediately throws out the window when anyone says anything to her. There is a difference between being short-tempered and being stupid and Fortuna is both. She hates the fae, she loves him, she hates him, she wants to bone him. Too much wishy washy.

There are things that simply just don’t really make sense. Example: Fortuna repeats over and over again that she learned self defense from her father. She seems capable with a knife and is able to defend herself rather well. All thanks to her father, that she mentions multiple times. Her father DIED when she was EIGHT. Does that make a lot of sense that those lessons until she was eight years old would really hold a lot of weight this far into her life? NO. Stuff like this is peppered throughout the book.

But then….but then…..I kinda still enjoyed this. I knew exactly where the plot was going. I was never not once surprised. But I still liked the ride. The writing is quick and breezy. Fortuna despite being so dumb still is kinda fun. The whole concept of a Nightmare is cool. I think I have to admit to loving urban fantasy because it being modern was great. And of course, it throws in every single romance trope it can squeeze into a novel and I’m liking all of them?

Fortuna has THREE separate love interests (so far! *looking at you werewolf*) that I count in this book and they are kind of fun. We have the forced fae marriage to a mysterious powerful fae, we have a flirty and mysterious assistant to that fae, and we have a literal dream man? Who I was actually super interested in as a concept. This book felt like a set up to much more interesting stories and drama.

Anyways, I never read True Blood books but this reminded me of the True Blood show (and obviously ACOTAR because of the whole trials thing might as well be a play by play) and well that show is fun too! So yeah, I will probably check out the next book so I can yell at Fortuna some more. Also, this was apparently a debut so I can hope that some rougher edges get smoothed as we go.

Thank you to Netgalley and Dreamscape Media for this audiobook in exchange for an honest review! Thanks to Emma Lysy for narrating who did fine.

Thanks to Netgalley for the audiobook in exchange for a review!
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February 16, 2020
Fortuna Sworn is a fantasy novel of faes, goblins, shapeshifters, nymphs, werewolf. An attention grabing blurb promising supernatural activities and entity which I'm craving right now.

Fortuna Sworn, last of her kind is a Nightmare. Nightmare is a supernatural being who has the ability to bring out a persons most feared thoughts by physical contact, i.e. skin to skin. While I never knew what Nightmares were, this new knowledge is facinating and I'm curious to know how this is going to be played out. Fortuna is in search of her younger brother, Damon, who went missing two years ago. She is powerful with unique abilities. A powerful faerie, King of Faes, Collith, approaches Fortuna in her quest to find her brother in exchange for marriage by providing her information. She readily marries him. Collith is a mystery. It is really hard to understand him with all the secrets coming out only when there is a situation.

The book is slow paced at the beginning and I understand this was for the character and background development. Fortuna has great human friends where she is working in a restuarant. Then there is Oliver, an intriguing persona to which I have grown attached to. Fortuna grew up knowing all supernatural beings and she can distunguish them among humans by feeling an aura of power radiating from them. I kind of felt Fortuna down on intelligence sometimes since she is rash on her decisions, it might seem prudent but that makes her immature of her power.

The plot was engaging when Fortuna meets Damon. All those dangerous trials, intense situation had me stressed that leads me to being more intrigued. Sadly the pacing of the story was extended, too much time spend on background and plot points. After this the novel showed us a convenient anticipation. While nothing seemed rushed except the ending, the story gave more mystery. At this point I was frustated and needed the solution.

The story is told only on Fortuna's POV. Great world-building, interesting twists and the book standard has much potential. I'm definitely curious to know what happens after the cliffhanger at the end of the story.

***This author provided me with an e-copy. Thank you for choosing me and giving me an opportunity to read this.***
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June 30, 2019
ARC provided by the author via GR in exchange for an honest review (Thank you!)

Real Rating: 3,5 (three and a half stars).
Fortuna Sworn is a paranormal romance that follows the protagonist, Fortuna, a girl that lives in the human world but she is a Nightmare, a special being with very unique powers.
Fortuna's brother is missing and she caught the interest of a powerful Fae, Colith. Then, her journey begins.
There are things I really loved in this book and things I didn't like too.
What I liked:
-The Worldbuilding was great and I loved the concept of all fae being descendants of fallen angels and the concept of a Nightmare.
-I liked Fortuna, I was able to relate with her and feel her struggle, her fears, her dreams. Her relationship with her brother was touching and I was hoping to see more of her brother as a person and not just as "the brother".
-Laurie was hands down an intriguing, mysterious character and the one who left a bigger impression for me at the end.
-I really loved Oliver. He stole the spotlight for me. I loved all his scenes and honestly, I shipped him so hard with Fortuna. He is a cinnamon roll that deserves some happiness...
- I liked that there were not two but three love interests.
-The writing style of the author is lovely. It's written in a way that you can actually visualize things easily.
What I did not like:
-No eerie feel.
-Colith. I wanted to feel the danger, the sorrow, angst, the conflict aka complexity that he is supposed to carry within him. I felt nothing but the special snowflake syndrome and insta-lust that he feels for Fortuna.
-The overuse of tropes. This is a "me thing not you", but I wouldn't be honest if I said it didn't bother me. "The mate" was just one of the many that made me roll my eyes.
- The villains were so...predictable.
- The lack of decent female friendships.

Overall, it was a good read, it was entertaining and I recommend it to people who enjoy paranormal romance, or fantasy romance;)

TW: Death, Torture, Slavery, Sex Scenes.
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