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Draev Guardians #1.5

Dragons & Ravens

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Curse of fire.

Hercule, the young heir of House Dragonsbane, has everything that wealth can purchase—that is, everything except for the one thing he longs for most: true freedom. And when a powerful goblin casts a curse on him, he may soon fall too far from ever finding it…

Held in darkness.

Zarren dreams of becoming a swordsmaster and a hero who saves lives, but first he must save his twin brother and himself from a cruel household. With nothing but faith, and the slim glimmer of hope to light their way, can they make their escape?

128 pages, Paperback

First published March 18, 2020

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About the author

E.E. Rawls

8 books10 followers
Also publishes under Elizabeth Rawls.

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Profile Image for Elizabeth Dragina.
586 reviews14 followers
April 21, 2020

imma go die from the adorableness.

this book hurts. in a relaxing way.

I know that didn't make sense, but bear with me. 😂

This is a companion novella to Strayborn and it's part of the Draev Guardians Series (which is highly recommended!!!!). It delves into the background of two side characters of Strayborn. AND OH MY FIDDLE STICKS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. 💔

While I did have some issues with the pacing .... (mainly how rushed the emotions were) I really enjoyed myself. The story was adventurous and yet relaxing?! 0.0 It didn't rip my heart out, but it was so adorable OMW I don't even have the words.

Description - It was vivid and enlivened the adventure, dipping in and out of the story in a perfect rhythm. I was entertained and everything was easy to picture.

Plot - It wasn't like ... "tense" or action packed, because it was an introduction into the lives of side characters. However, it was set at a wonderful pace and pressed forward nicely. ALSO THE DRAGONS. 😍😍😍

Setting - We're introduced to multiple cities and lands within this fantasy universe (I'm not even gonna try to spell or pronounce them 😂). The culture and different races play a unique part in the scenes and lands. I love how everything is flushed out in so few pages.

Content - Some characters "curse" ... I don't believe any specific words were used. Just mentions of people cursing. Child Abuse. Death. Some minor violence (it was so sad 😭😭😭💔). Very Clean. PG :)

Characters - gAh. I'm dead. I'm so dead. All the relationships were unique and beautiful ..... imma go cry now. 😭😭 Just thinking of them hUrTs. They all had to grow and move past themselves. Move past the hurt in their own lives to help/love others.

Message - What love and sacrifice really looks like. It spoke my heart. 💖

Overall - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. These characters destroyed me in a relaxing way. Idk how that works, but it works. The e-book is on sale until the virus dies down. SO GO GRAB A COPY.

P.S. - oH mY fIdDlE sTiCkS tHiS bOoK kIlLeD mE. i lOvEs iT sO mUcH.
Profile Image for Taz Warner.
114 reviews
June 6, 2021
Dont be put off by it being a small book!
I love that you learn more about the characters backgrounds and how they became who they are in the first book, I'm super excited to see where the second book goes and super excited for it to come out!
Profile Image for Iris.
462 reviews
September 26, 2020
It was interesting but I felt like it was missing parts of the story and didn't feel developed enough for me. E.E. Rawls is a gifted writer and story teller and I highly recommend Beast of the Night by her.

Sexual: none
Violence: mild/med
Language: none
Profile Image for Amelie.
180 reviews27 followers
December 13, 2021
After finishing Beast of the Night, I was excited to read more from E.E. Rawls! And Dragons and Ravens definitely did not disappoint. Compelling themes and vivid writing comprised a wonderful novella and raised just enough questions to keep me reading but leave me satisfied at the end.

Curse of Fire ~ I loved this first half of the novella. Clear Christian content with beautiful childlike faith and love created beautiful thematic material. Interesting and heartstring-tugging, the plot stayed strong throughout the story, and I’m eager to see more of Hercule in other Draev Guardians books!
I wish I had listened to her...I wish I had taken heed of God’s warning...But selfishness is a sin that blinds you to all else.

Twin Ravens’ Flight ~ The emotion in this story was so tangible and RIPPED MY HEART OUT. This second half of the novella was at the same time horrible, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Horrible because of the abuse. Heartbreaking because of the trauma. But beautiful because of the hope shining a pinprick of light into Zarren’s world. How does it manage to be at the same time dark, heartbreaking, and hopeful? I don’t know, but I love it so much.
"That tall person said Lord God is our hope and rock, even through the fiercest storm, if we trust Him. Well,” he sniffled, “I think we need to trust Him now.”

Several annoyances with grammar/punctuation/syntax popped up throughout the book, such as POVs switching without a clear scene break. But they didn’t detract from my love of this novella. E.E. Rawls is a wonderful, imaginative author, and I can’t wait to read more about these characters in Strayborn! (Dragons and Ravens is a prequel novella to the Draev Guardians series and can be enjoyed either before or after the main series.)

Content: flirtation by a married woman, violence, abuse, mention of an out-of-wedlock birth
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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