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Debutante Diaries #3

When You Wish Upon a Rogue

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She knows what she wants.
Miss Sophie Kendall is happiest arranging the secret meetings of the Debutante Underground, a group of women who come together to discuss the weekly advice column The Debutante’s Revenge. What makes Sophie most unhappy is her impending march down the aisle to a man she does not love. But her family’s finances are in increasingly dire straits.

He makes an offer she can’t refuse.
Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, hasn’t slept in weeks. Desperate to escape his manor house and its haunting memories, he heads for one of his abandoned London properties. There he meets a beautiful, intriguing woman―trespassing. Reese is far less interested in Sophie’s search for a secret meeting spot than he is in her surprising ability to soothe his demons. So he strikes a bargain with her: his shop in exchange for spending one night a week with him.

Is this love for real―or just a dream?
Sophie never expected this to happen. But she cannot deny the fire Reese sparks in her―and soon their shared desire burns bright. Sophie is irrevocably promised to another. But maybe these two ill-fated lovers can find a way to risk it all―all the way to happily ever after…

321 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published May 26, 2020

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About the author

Anna Bennett

11 books419 followers
Anna Bennett started swiping romances from her mom’s bookshelf as a teenager and decided historicals (with their balls, dukes, and gowns) were the best. So, when she had the chance to spend a semester in London she packed her bags—and promptly fell in love with the city, its history, and its pubs. She dreamed of writing romance, but somehow ended up a software analyst instead.

Fortunately, a few years and a few careers later, Anna found her way back to writing the stories she loves and won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® for Regency Historical Romance. She lives in Maryland with her husband and three children, who try valiantly not to roll their eyes whenever she quotes Jane Austen. Her weaknesses include reality TV, cute shoes, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

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490 reviews226 followers
May 24, 2020
NB: ARC review – expected publication May 26th 2020

(Tropes: Mistaken Identity, Forbidden Love, Work Relationship-ish, Love Triangle)

Feeling pressured to save her family from financial ruin, Sophie has resigned herself to marry money without love, but doing the right thing becomes increasingly difficult when she meets the tortured and penniless Reese.


- “I won’t hurt you. I won’t violate your rules. But you can be damned sure that I’m going to take anything you’re willing to give me.”

I liked Sophie’s independent nature, but I wish she had the balls where it mattered to stand up to her useless parents.

It doesn’t take long for both Reese and Sophie to openly admit their attraction to each other, so there is fantastic tension as they can’t act on it.

The book spends plenty of time lingering in their presence, without it all being about sex, but I wasn’t always convinced that their attraction wasn’t mostly about the physical and not being allowed to be with each other, than actual falling in love.

Very easy read, felt fresh, at times a bit syrupy sweet and dramatic, had me engaged, but lacked that extra to have me commit to 4 stars.

3.75 stars


- “I was sincere when I said that it isn’t my intent to seduce you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t desire you, Sophie. In fact, it’s difficult for me to imagine a woman more desirable.”

- “But the rule is absolute. No touching. Even if you want to. Even if I want to. And especially if we both want to.”
He scrubbed his palms over his face.
“I’ve got it,” he said soberly. “No touching.”

- “I wish I was free to follow my heart,” she said. “I’m sorry that I’m not.”
“You don’t need to apologize,” he said firmly. “I knew from the start that you were promised to another, and in spite of that, you were kind enough to help me”
“But?” she asked, sensing he wished to say more.
“But now I’m tortured in a different way, Sophie.” His expression was naked with longing. “I want to touch you.”

- Never had she felt such a strong pull toward someone. She suspected that if she got too close to him, the force of their attraction would be too great to escape. They’d slam together like two magnets that had crossed a critical line of proximity-and they might never be able to separate themselves, might never willingly break the bond.



- Sophie’s eyes stung with unshed tears and she glanced at the clock on the mantel, desperate to make the hands stop moving. In less than an hour, shed be in the hackney cab on her way to Fiona’s house. And if she ever saw Reese again, it would likely be from a distance or in a crowd of people. She’d never have him to herself again. Not like this.
“Come back to bed,” she whispered in his ear.


I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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903 reviews775 followers
May 26, 2020
3.5 stars

Happy Publication Day!

Sometimes you just need a Regency romance... This was a cute and enchanting read, with more fairy tale elements than steamy scenes.

Memorable?: ★★★
Pacing: ★★★
Characters: ★★★★

Miss Sophie Kendall, organizer of the feminist group the Debutante Underground, has a few problems. Her family is one step above financial ruin, her father is a drunk, and her family has given her an ultimatum: she must marry, he must be rich, and it must be quick.

Now, in a deviation from one of the more traditional Regency plots, it's not an arranged setup—the family has already found Sophie a marquess willing to marry her. Too bad Sophie doesn't love him...

Reese, Earl of Warshire, is a man with a serious problem: he can't sleep. We're not talking casual insomnia—he's literally killing himself with a lack of sleep. A former war general, he's haunted by the loss of his men and even more haunted by the loss of his older brother, Edmund, who was supposed to be the Earl. Now stuck in the position with more nightmares than hope, Reese is not doing so well.

One chance encounter with Sophie Kendall radically changes his life.... And begins their sweet, chaste encounters in the nighttime. In a twist that feels more like a fairy tale than a romance, Sophie agrees to spend her Friday nights with Reese—no funny business, for real—and engages in fairy tale-like adventures with him on the moonlit gardens of his estate.

But Sophie's betrothed to another, and Reese knows he has her on borrowed time...

I thought When You Wish Upon a Rogue was a cute and soft installment for the Debutante Diaries series. This was my first introduction, and to be honest I really enjoyed it! My main qualms with the story involved the lack of realism... I know that most Regency romances often deviate from historical accuracy to follow the romance, and normally I'm on board with it, but for this particular plot the facts kept me from fully immersing myself in the story. I thought it was extremely sweet, but not overly plausible.

Intrigued enough to try out the first two books in the series!

Thank you to St Martin's Press via NetGalley for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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1,061 reviews6 followers
May 30, 2020
2.75/5. This book didn't work for me on so many levels.

Plot summary. He is an insomniac, cantankerous earl, who recently came into his title following the death of his brother, forcing Reese (a major) to reluctantly abandon his war duties and the men under his command and return to to England to fulfil his ancestral obligations. Sophie is being pressured into accepting the marital proposal of a marquess, whose wealth holds the key to getting her family out of the dire financial sinkhole that her father's spending and drinking has placed them in. She worries the marriage will end her furtive role in running the Debutante Underground group, where women from all walks of life meet to exchange knowledge and information too taboo or improper to be spoken out loud in drawing rooms. Reese catches her trespassing on his business property. Instant attraction ensues. She somehow becomes his sleeping aid. He persuades her to continue to lend her presence to cure his insomnia in exchange for the use of the building. They struggle to contain their lust. They fail. Lust prevails, but love is hindered by her family obligations and his feelings of guilt. They of course help each other overcome their respective obstacles. HEA.

Firstly, the title is misleading. The hero was no rogue but just a tortured soul whose prolonged self-flagellation got a bit tiresome towards the end. The premise was so improbable, I really found it hard to suspend my critical thinking. So much didn't make sense. How did he track her down just from her surname alone? How could he think it's safe for her to meet him at his abandoned building at night?

There was really little adherence to propriety in their conduct right from the start. There was absolutely no point of having a 'no contact' clause in their arrangement, because for her to be spending alone time with him in his building, sleeping in his manor, her virtue would already be compromised beyond any redemption. However, neither balked at the idea, taking to it like it was the most normal thing for a lady and a gent to be co-sleeping in such proximity, even before libidinous thoughts got in the way.

I also hate the fact that they slept together - twice - in the knowledge that she will still go ahead with her marriage to the marquess, who was only guilty of being a man of his time. Never mind their feelings for one another. How about common decency and integrity? Also I just don't get why a wealthy and handsome marquess would want to enter a marriage with a mere, penniless baron's daughter, whom he did not even appear to feel that much attraction for. Why would he think she is a worthy wife for him, when there are plenty of titled ladies in better financial and social positions than her?

The whole Underground movement for women was rather silly. For them to risk scandal and social ostracism in order to get together and read and discuss a weekly advice column and gleam some illicit information about sex and other taboos, it seems somewhat trivial. At least make it worthwhile by instigating social changes and the likes.

The conduct and language lacked the authenticity of the period for me. The plot was weak. Then there are the plethora of coincidences. There's two degrees of separation between everyone. It was enough to get my eyeballs rolling wildly. Overall, not impressive but on a positive note, it was a very quick read.

Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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690 reviews393 followers
March 31, 2020
I ADORED this book. LOVED it. I started it when I should have been sleeping and instead stayed up half the night reading 70% of it. I have never tried this author but oh she has climbed quickly up my next to read list for more.

This is book 3 in the series and can be read as a standalone. The heroines from the previous 2 books are in this story, but just briefly and you can easily grasp the story and their friendship without reading them prior to this.

Reese is the hero. It has almost a beauty and the beast feel to it in some parts. He tempts her with a rose. He has a tangled, beastly garden they help nurture, though it retains its underworld feel. But he is not a beast. He is wonderful. Utterly sweet, receptive, loving, such a beta hero through and through. Reese was never meant to be the Earl, so he went into the military. He suffers from PTSD from a few things that have occurred in his life. But he finds Sophie to be the perfect balm for his tortured soul.

Sophie is promised to another. She doesn't love him but she knows what she must do to save her family. Her family is near destitute because of her father's gambling and drinking. Her favorite thing to be a part of is the Debutante Underground and escape her reality for a little while. It's unusual for me to really love a heroine. I loved her. I want her in my life and being my friend. She's one of those just wonderful people that brighten your day no matter what. I was literally felt happier reading about her.

This book starts out introducing us to the Debutante Underground, a secret group that discusses whatever women love and focuses on the weekly newspaper clipping of The Debutante's Revenge. This is what binds the heroines from the 3 books of the series together. It was wonderful to read and experience, something a bit new and different.

This book had so much sweetness in it. So much love. There were feels everywhere for me with this book. I have no hesitation about the couple being together. I know they love each other. I know they will be happy ever after. Some stories I'm just not fully convinced by the end but I can see Reese and Sophie's future clearly.

I remember looking at the page count and saying I love this book. It was 7%. I remember thinking I REALLY love this book. It was 12%. And then I was completely and absolutely lost in the story. It takes a good story to get me fully immersed, just watching the characters play out before. And before I knew it, it was 4am and I was 70% done. Can't wait to try another one by her.

Thanks netgalley for the complimentary ARC. These opinions are completely my own.
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142 reviews36 followers
March 28, 2020
I loved the hero. He started off grumpy and grouchy but ended up sweet, romantic and kind. The heroine was sweet and it was nice to see her come into her own. This was a sweet story and I enjoyed it very much.
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1,292 reviews263 followers
November 25, 2020
When You Wish Upon a Rogue was a fantastic read featuring a romance between a woman being forced to marry to save her family and a man haunted by his past.

Miss Sophie Kendall looks forward to her secret meetings with the Debutante Underground every week. The meetings are a great escape from her impending marriage to a man she doesn't love in order to save her family from ruin. When Sophie is looking at an abandoned property for space to expand the meetings, she meets Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire. Henry hasn't slept in weeks but upon meeting Sophie, his inner turmoil is immediately calmed. So Henry makes a bargain with Sophie, his building in exchange for one night a week with him.

Sophie's family is on the verge of financial ruin in large part due to her father's alcoholism. The plan to save them rests fully on Sophie's shoulders with her agreement to marry a wealthy man she does not love. Sophie is an easy character to like and I think she's my favorite of the trio in this series. She's smart, loyal to those she cares about, and her mannerisms regarding organization make her relatable on a personal level. I liked that over time she was more able to express what she wanted rather than continuing to go along with what everyone expected of her.

As a second son, Reese was never supposed to inherit a title and so he joined the army. Soon after he returned home upon learning of his brother's passing, his men were killed in an ambush. Reese has a lot of survivor's guilt which has led to severe insomnia that is slowly killing him. Reese's situation is heartbreaking and by the time he meets Sophie, he's at his wit's end. The author does a good job having Reese work through his trauma throughout the book and I liked that he wasn't magically completely better by book's end.

Sophie and Reese's relationship has an interesting start, Reese finds Sophie trespassing in his building but is immediately drawn to her. The instant connection between these two was fantastic and I liked that they both felt it. The buildup in their romance is very slow as Sophie is betrothed to another for a large portion of the book. The obstacles to their relationship were realistic and I was happy overall with the way they were resolved. The chemistry between Sophie and Reese is amazingly done and I found myself anticipating the scenes where they got to be alone. The book is light on the steamy scenes with only a handful towards the end, but they were well done.

Overall When You Wish Upon a Rogue was as enjoyable as the rest of the series and I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the author writes next.

**I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**
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2,173 reviews83 followers
May 26, 2020
4.25 stars - Reviewed for Wit and Sin

When You Wish Upon a Rogue is incredibly sweet without ever becoming saccharine. Anna Bennett’s third Debutante Diaries installment has a gorgeous setting with some fairytale elements that easily captured my interest, so when you add in such likeable characters as Sophie and Reese it’s easy to see why I fell into this story with such ease.

By all outward appearances, Sophie Kendall is the proper society miss. She says and does what she should and without question she will protect her family’s wellbeing by marrying a marquess she doesn’t love. Underneath that, however, is a much more interesting woman. Sophie chairs a weekly meeting of women from all different classes who discuss The Debutante’s Revenge, a column Sophie secretly works on with her two best friends. Sophie has more spirit than most people would give her credit for and she’s a nurturer at heart. Her love of plants and gardening is something even a person with a black thumb like myself can enjoy reading about.

Chance brings Sophie into contact with Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire. The new earl is grieving and unable to sleep when they first meet, but something about her soothes him to the point where he’s able to rest for the first time in forever. Reese is a hero with a good heart and a troubled soul. When he and Sophie strike a bargain – she can use a property he owns to hold her meetings if she secretly meets with him once a week to help him sleep – it gives them time outside what they would ever be able to traditionally have to come to know each other. I loved their secret meetings and the almost fairytale-like setting of the manor garden Sophie and Reese bring back to life. The two of them are free to be themselves and open up in ways they never would normally, making their swift slide into love work for me.

However, sometimes love isn’t enough and that’s the case in When You Wish Upon a Rogue . The earldom Reese inherited needs a lot of help and there’s no way he can rush in and be the wealthy white knight her family requires at the moment. How things work out, I won’t spoil. I will say that the route the characters take is a bit predictable, but that didn’t bother me.

Sophie’s book is the third in the Debutante Diaries, but having not yet read First Earl I See Tonight or The Duke Is But a Dream I can safely say it reads well as a standalone. I did enjoy Sophie’s friendship with Fiona and Lily and the themes of women supporting other women were strong in this book, which I loved. With its lush background and endearing characters When You Wish Upon a Rogue is the perfect historical romance to escape with.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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2,326 reviews95 followers
May 27, 2020
This is a wonderful book! Our heroine is in charge of a secret society of women who meet to learn about all the things society doesn't want them to know. They support each other and give each other sounding boards for the many woes women of the Regency Period experienced.
Unfortunately she will have to step down as the leader of the group since she is being forced to marry. It seems her father has made some money mistakes and she must save the family through marriage. But., before the fateful day arrives she meets our hero.
Our hero is an ex military man who is suffering from some intense PTSD. He can't sleep. Except when our heroine helps him. Now he needs her. She agrees if he will let her group use his storefront for their meetings. But their love story is on a time limit. Can he realize he needs her for more than a sandman before she accepts the other guy's proposal and will she accept him when he does?
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407 reviews14 followers
September 19, 2020
***ARC provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review***

This was a fair enough distraction for a day or two read. Regency Romances tend to follow the same mode, which is what makes it such a decadent appeal to many. We absolutely know how it all ends, and just sit and wait for those feels to hit. I enjoyed the angst, the push and pull of it all once the heroine meets her soulmate. Sophie has an edge to her, she has a secret story, a secret side that she cannot reveal. That was a great premise, it gave the atmosphere a sense of forbidden.
Unfortunately, the plot twists and external struggles these characters faced were just too predictable and dull. I felt as if too much continually was made out of nothing. The urgency of a marriage, the work of maintaining a secret society, the demands of taking care of a lethargic family did not seem realistically insurmountable for a lady with Sophie's station and drive. It just did not add up!

With all of this said this book did not miss swoon worthy moments, beautiful Balls being attended and the brooding love interest we all love to watch unfold. These moments made the read worth it.
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471 reviews84 followers
February 8, 2021
Thank you NetGalley and St Martin's Press for this arc.
I have found most historical romances of this period usually start with some sort of contrived premise story line and mostly I'm okay with that. But the ridiculousness of this one was too much for me. I read on, hoping the characters would overcome. Initially, I found Sophie and Reese somewhat intriguing, but as I read on they started to wear on me. Sophie was just "too sweet" and Reese was just "too too"
Overall, it was a predictable read with flat characters.
1.5 stars rounded up
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1,140 reviews58 followers
March 24, 2020
"When You Wish Upon a Rogue" is the third book in the Debutante Diaries Series. Although I am jumping around Ms. Bennett's series, I am finding this still new to me author's stories devine and very nice to read. A nice title and lovely cover.

Miss Sophie Kendall runs a Debutante Underground meeting place where females from all classes meet to discuss men. The unfortunate part for her is that she has run out of room due to the popularity of the meetings. She finds a vacant shop owned by Henry Reese the Earl of Warshire. The Earl is a wanderer because of his memories of the war, he doesn't sleep well and also has a hard time with his new title.

One night, Sophie walks into the shop unaware that Henry is there and is watching her secretly. Afterwards they strike up a conversation that and she makes him some tea to help him squash the demons and sleep. Searching for her, he finds her and they agree to her coming to his estate one night a week to help him sleep but alas, she ends of engaged to Henry to keep her family from financial ruin although that is not her intent.

The story starts off nicely but somewhere before the middle trails off. I was glad that it picks back up and takes off from there and kept my attention fo the HEA. I so loved the attraction between the two characters, especially Henry's character. The plot was good and the story well written. Again, I would love to listen to this story and the others via audiobook maybe read by a fav narrator (i.e. Flosnik, Duerdan or T. Campbell). I totally recommend this historical romance.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martins Press for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions herein are my own.
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2,279 reviews67 followers
June 8, 2020

Miss Sophie Kendall is one of the founders of the Debutante Underground, a group of women from different class who meet one time a week, to discuss all kind of topics they can't alk about in society. Her two best friends are happily married now and Sophie wants to marry for love and enjoy one more season but she knows that her family's lack of fortune will probably ruins her chance of following her dreams. In fact, her parents already found her a husband but Sophie is not quite bethroted because she always find a way to avoid him.

Henry Reese became the Earl of Warshire when his brother died. That's about the same time he stopped having peaceful sleeping nights. No one is more surprised than Reese to realized that the solution to his torments is a young lady trespassing on his abandoned store.

"Never in a million years would she have dreamed that an ornery, if devastatingly handsome, earl would prepare a hot bath for her."

Don't you love when a cover fit the story inside? That's not the only great thing about this book. Our hero is grieving, lonely and not sleeping. When Sophie enter the Earl's life, she's like a ray of sunshine to him. It was so satisfying to see him shed a little bit of the dark clouds he's been dragging for a long time and to savor life again. I love how he view her as equal, despite his title. I love the unique garden and the scene when they go there for the first time, be still my heart!
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1,483 reviews137 followers
May 21, 2020
Series: Debutante Diaries #3
Publication Date: 5/26/20
Number of Pages: 320

Sophie Kendall is the last unmarried member of the original group of friends who agreed to keep diaries sharing their experiences of their seasons. Her friends Fiona (First Earl I See Tonight) and Lily (The Duke Is But a Dream) have both found love and marriage, but that doesn’t appear to be an option for Sophie. Her family is on the brink of destitution, and they expect her to marry Charles, a wealthy marquess who has agreed to pay her father’s debts in return for her hand in marriage. The bright spot in her life is the weekly meetings of Debutante Underground, but she knows she’ll have to sacrifice that as well as love in order to save her family.

Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, is a wretched and troubled man. Plagued with nightmares from deep-seated feelings of guilt and remorse. It seems he was never where he needed to be in order to save the people he loved. He goes for days on end without sleep, and when he does sleep, he has soul-deep nightmares. Then, quite by chance, he meets a young woman who calms the beast in his soul, and that allows him a few hours of good sleep. She left him some of the valerian roots she used to make the tea – and he’s tried it – but the tea doesn’t do it. It had to be something about the woman herself that calms him.

Henry seeks Sophie out and asks her to help him sleep again. She doesn’t buy it at first, but finally agrees – and they set up a regular Friday meeting to help Henry sleep. As they spend time together, they begin to care for each other – but they know their time together will end soon. Sophie’s family is waiting for her and Charles to officially announce their engagement. How can they save her family and still be together? You’ll just have to read the book – but expect lots of lovely romance, some surprising revelations, and a delightful twist before they finally get their HEA.

This is a nicely written book with lovely characters. I particularly liked Henry who was grumpy and curmudgeonly – until he wasn’t. Then he was such a lovely, romantic man – you’ll fall in love with him yourself!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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1,129 reviews26 followers
March 6, 2020
Reese is the type of hero that you just want to hold tight in your arms and never let go. Wow, what a story this was, my emotions got so involved and I'm not ashamed to admit I broke down crying a few times!

Sophie agrees to help Reese overcome his insomnia in exchange for the use of the abandoned shop he owns for her secret meetings with the Debutante Underground group. Her kindness, compassion and innocence are a soothing balm to Reese's tortured soul. They meet once a week to spend the night together and even with the rule of "no touching", they form a bond and a love that surpasses all others. Unfortunately, Sophie is soon to be betrothed to a man she doesn't love, to protect her family from destitution. If only she could marry Reese but he doesn't have the funds to help her out. Heartbreak....heartache.....hopelessness...magical time spent together....heated passions....facing your demons.....forgiving yourself.....yes, it's all in this story.

This is so well written, it pulls at your emotions and you just don't want to put the book down, that's how good it is. I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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2,446 reviews110 followers
May 16, 2020
When You Wish Upon a Rogue
A Debutante Diaries Novel series #3
Anna Bennett
Release date 05/26/2020
Publisher St Martin’s Paperbacks

Blurb :

Once upon a time in Anna Bennett's When You Wish Upon a Rogue, three young ladies vowed to record their first London seasons and to fill in the gaps of their educations.

She knows what she wants.

Miss Sophie Kendall is happiest arranging the secret meetings of the Debutante Underground, a group of women who come together to discuss the weekly advice column The Debutante’s Revenge. What makes Sophie most unhappy is her impending march down the aisle to a man she does not love. But her family’s finances are in increasingly dire straits.

He makes an offer she can’t refuse.

Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, hasn’t slept in weeks. Desperate to escape his manor house and its haunting memories, he heads for one of his abandoned London properties. There he meets a beautiful, intriguing woman—trespassing. Reese is far less interested in Sophie’s search for a secret meeting spot than he is in her surprising ability to soothe his demons. So he strikes a bargain with her: his shop in exchange for spending one night a week with him.

Is this love for real—or just a dream?

Sophie never expected this to happen. But she cannot deny the fire Reese sparks in her—and soon their shared desire burns bright. Sophie is irrevocably promised to another. But maybe these two ill-fated lovers can find a way to risk it all—all the way to happily ever after…

My review :

Will it be too late for them now she is engaged to marry someone else ...

Mrs Anna Bennett with this classic tale of the destitute family selling out their daughter’s future right when she might have meet the one man for herself, proposes a heartfelt version of this common trope.
Sophie is the prim and proper miss, never straying, except for her (with her two friends help) one secret society, she never steps out of the pavement, always follows the rules and will do her duty for her family.
She is a loving soul, caring for everyone’s welfare, and trying her best with her few means.
Reese lives in guilt, the survivor’s guiltiness. Why is he still breathing when his older brother and his soldier friends not any more. So he blames and buries himself in his remorse, unable to sleep as he pledged by nightmares.
When encountering Sophie offers him a respite in his grim days and nights. By whatever magic she carries, she soothes his soul and help his find his rest. Thus his scandalous offer.
Their relationship is one of two fated souls, each easing the other’s struggles. From the very beginning, they institute a companionship based on honesty and truthfulness.
And will the clock is ticking, Sophie discovers a new sense of the Love word, and by giving a purpose, a schedule to Reese, he slowly grows out from his griefs, morphing to a better man.

A very lovely story of finding its right footing and its own voice.

I have just some questions, when and where is the plot set, I suppose around 1810, and London is to be the city, but I had problem to figure out how Reese’s town mansion could be so grand in the middle of the Capital. And how Sophie could go out without even a maid to attend with her.

4.5 stars for this charming story of two people who recognize instantly the chance they were given to taste love even if it was not to last.

I was granted an advance copy by the publisher St Martin’s Paperbacks, here is my true and unbiased opinion.

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908 reviews60 followers
May 23, 2020
3 stars

You can read all of my reviews at https://www.NerdGirlLovesBooks.com.

This was a cute, but predictable, fluffy romance that brings together a young socialite and a haunted Earl. It's the third book in the series, but the first one that I've read and can be read as a stand-alone.

Sophie Kendall loves nothing more than to arrange the weekly meeting of the Debutante Underground, a secret society of women that gather to discuss love, life, and the weekly advice column, The Debutante’s Revenge, that she and her two best friends create. It helps take her mind off her impending wedding. Sophie doesn't love the man she is going to marry, but he's agreed to help her financially ruined family and Sophie must due her duty to help her family

Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, is a decorated soldier that was pulled out of combat to attend to his estate when his older brother dies. Haunted by his brother's death and his time at war, Reese can not sleep. While at one of his abandoned properties late one night, he runs into Sophie snooping around his property as she searches for a new venue for her meetings.

When Sophie is unexpectedly able to help Reese sleep, he makes her an offer - spend one innocent night each week with him to help him sleep, and she can use his property rent-free. Sophie strikes the bargain with Reese, never thinking that one decision will change both their lives forever.

This book is a very quick, easy read. The main characters are likable, and I enjoyed reading about their budding romance. Sophie is strong and knows her own mind. She is a dutiful daughter, but is determined to experience as much of life as she can before she's overrun with responsibilities.
Reese starts out gruff, but gentlemanly. His quick journey to sappy, love-struck suitor is a bit jarring and not realistic considering how he started the book, but this is a fluffy romance, so what did we expect?

I don't read too many romance books because I can only take so much saccharine sweetness, but there are definitely some well-written ones that I quite enjoy. Because, who doesn't want to read a feel-good, hopeful book once in awhile? This cute book is exactly what you'd expect of a "typical" romance and will distract you from your life for a while, and that's not a bad thing.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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May 24, 2020
I had enjoyed the previous books in the series and I was excited to get to Sophie’s story.

I’ve liked Sophie from the start. She’s sweet and loyal and quietly feisty. Reese is struggling with PTSD and desperately wants sleep, among other things. Together they have an easy connection and a lovely friendship that evolves organically.

Plot wise, it was good. There are a lot of sweet moments between the two of them (which is what I always want). The story is nearly all fluff as the conflict wasn’t really severe or long lasting. It’s more of a threat of conflict. And while I enjoyed the last chapter, I definitely wanted something more of a future-take epilogue.

Overall, this was likely my favorite of the series and one I’ll probably come back to when I need a pick me up.

**Huge thanks to St. Martin’s Press for providing the arc free of charge**
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444 reviews
May 27, 2020
This author saved the best of the trilogy for last. The first 2 books were very good, but this one was hard to put down.

Miss Sophie Kendall monitors the meetings of a secret society of ladies who faithfully read The Debutante’s Revenge column in the paper. They call themselves The Debutante Underground and only discuss things in their group. Her best friends, Fiona and Lily, are behind the Debutante’s Revenge column and happily married to wonderful men. Sophie’s parents are insistent that she marry a man she doesn’t like because they need money. Her older sister, Mary, is not as outgoing and expects she’ll never marry.

After the Debutante Underground meeting, she goes to explore an old tailor’s shop as the DU need more space for their meetings. As she entered the back of the building, she thought it would be a great place but will see more in the daytime. As she starts to leave, she encounters, Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire who owns the building. He has demons from the war that he cannot shake and rarely sleeps well. She makes him tea with Valerian root to help him sleep, which he did to his surprise.

Henry has decided to peek into a ball looking for Sophie as he wants her recipe to help him sleep. She agrees to help him and plans to go to his home. Her friends will cover for her if her parents wonder where she is. The rest you should read as I truly enjoyed it.
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1,351 reviews71 followers
May 26, 2020
I very rarely give books 5 stars when I’m giving a review for a book, but man... people I’m shaking my head. This book was DAMN GOOD!! Sorry for the explicit language. This book blew me away. It had passion.
It had romance. It had steamy hot characters coming together anywhere they felt like. And a surprisingly twist that I certainly did not see coming in the end. Reese the lead character, he could carry me away anywhere. Gosh, that man with his words and how the writer brought all his male masculines forward- be still my beating heart.
I would fall right there in front of him and say take me right here. I don’t care about proprietary because it’s about to get raunchy and hot in here! Anna Bennett has proved to all readers that she is a great writer. The way the story flowed effortlessly from beginning to end was astounding. The characters intermingled flawlessly.
It was as if I was watching a movie that I so did not to end. My fellow readers hear me! I recommend this book with two snappy, two twist, and double thumbs up. I’m definitely reading more from this writer.

Professional Reader
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March 23, 2020
Love this series and author. Taboo of the times is women who might think for themselves and hold the control over their own destiny. Sophie Kendall finds herself at the mercy of having to marry to save her family from financial ruin. Knowing that she is trapped into this arrangements she wishes only for a few more weeks of freedom to indulge in the secret society of Debutante Revenge. Sophie and her two friends set this group up having a schedule that appears in the newspapers in article and graphic drawing form. This society having grown in numbers prompts Sophie to seek a larger meeting place and thus into the arms of Henry Reese the Earl of Warshire. "A copy of this book was provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion." JUST LOVED HENRY as much as Sophie did!!
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May 26, 2020
I was so completely enchanted by this delicious story that I read it in one sitting! Sophie and Reese are incredibly endearing and charming, and they epitomize the idea of romance, devotion, and love.
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May 9, 2020
When You Wish Upon a Rogue
Series: 3rd book in the Debutante Diaries
Rating: 5 stars!!

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC given through NetGalley for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

When You Wish Upon a Rogue was such an unexpected wonderful story! I loved it from start to finish. I wish I could experience it again for the first time. The story felt very unique to me. We have an Earl who because of his involvement in war and his new social status as the new Earl of Warshire can not sleep. One night he meets Sophie Kendall and finds in her the peace he needs to finally sleep for a good amount of time. He asks her to help him sleep in exchange for her to use one of his buildings for her meetings. She is to spend every Friday night at his house. I liked that the time spent at his house was spent outdoors in his garden. The garden scenes between Reese and Sophie were so sweet and romantic. I liked how the author showed the attraction between them without them touching each other. The words Reese spoke to Sophie were so beautiful. Each night they spent there was a wonderful experience for Sophie. I fell in love with Reese along with Sophie. They found in each other what they needed to be happy for a long time.
The story did seem a little too out there, but that's what I liked about it. I know this story will stay with me for quite some time.
Highly, highly recommend!!
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September 17, 2020
Rated 3.5 - WHEN YOU WISH UPON A ROGUE by Anna Bennett is my introduction to this author’s talent, thanks to the publisher who sent me a copy. Even though it’s the third book in the DEBUTANTE DIARIES series, it was easy to read without prior knowledge of the first two books. It’s fun and entertaining with a great beginning.

The story starts off super cute with a spunky heroine who meets a dark, mysterious stranger. She’s innocent but just mischievous and brave enough to push forward into dark alleyways without much thought for her safety. She’s also smart enough to get away from the dark, mysterious stranger then get her way and keep him guessing. I was instantly hooked.

Miss Sophie Kendall is looking for a new place to hold her secret meetings with her debutante group. Following a lead on a vacant building whose door is unlocked, she wanders inside only to be startled by the owner.

Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, suffers from nightmares created by his time at war. Unable to sleep, he comes to his building to do something away from his home. Sophie not only surprises him with her bold, fearless attitude, she also charms him with her delightful positive attitude and her ability to calm him.

This novel’s plotline is interesting and lends itself to some fun discussions among the members of the secret debutante underground. Sophie’s best friends, Lily and Fiona, are married, something Sophie longs for as well. Unfortunately, Sophie’s father has ruined their family’s finances, and it’s up to Sophie to marry well enough to save them. Her father finds her a man based on what he’ll do to help them. Sophie supposes he’ll do well-enough and, hopefully, she’ll learn to love him.

Reese and Sophie begin a friendship innocently, but it soon turns into something much more sensual. Once they began meeting in secret and moving forward with their attraction to one another, I lost interest. That’s because Sophie is promised to another, yet she sees nothing wrong in dallying with Reese. Reese is so grumpy and downtrodden that I often wondered what Sophie saw in him.

Even though Sophie isn’t married yet, her sexual exploration with Reese seems like infidelity to me, something I dislike in romance novels. With that in mind, I never got back to my initial enchantment with these characters because of my annoyance with their attitudes.

It all works out in the end and makes much more sense at the conclusion, but there was too much page time devoted to their sexual exploits before professing their love for one another. On the other hand, the buildup of their attraction and all the sweet things Reese does to woo Sophie is very well done. That’s why it’s so hard for me to rate this book and how it landed at 3.5 hearts.

It’s a clever plot with fun characters, but I couldn’t renew my connection to either protagonist due to their aloofness regarding their situation.

I will definitely read more by Anna Bennett, a new-to-me author, as her storytelling is engaging and her craft is well-honed. I’m intrigued by the first two books in the series, FIRST EARL I SEE TONIGHT and THE DUKE IS BUT A DREAM, Fionna and Lily’s stories, because I really enjoyed their interaction with Sophie in WHEN YOU WISH UPON A ROGUE. I’m curious how they acquired their happy-ever-after, and if they’re as mischievous as they seem.

Review by Dorine, courtesy of RomanceJunkies.com. A digital and a print copy were provided by the publisher for an honest review.
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339 reviews
April 19, 2020
This was a fun, improbable regency escape with witty, passionate characters and a mild twist at the end. All in all a lovely way to spend an afternoon, but slightly forgettable, compared to the previous books in the series. Recommend!
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2,183 reviews56 followers
March 13, 2020
Sophie and Henry made my heart HAPPY!!!

This was one of those HR reads where you feel yourself transported to another time. I admired so much about Sophie - from her wit and ideas (which were ahead of her time) through to her kindness. And who doesn't love a damaged hero! Together they were just perfect.

This was a quick read for me and I absolutely loved it. Great pace, witty dialogue and a beautiful soft love story. Definitely recommend.

I received an arc of this book.
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May 17, 2020
Miss Sophie Kendall chairs the Debutante Underground. At the meetings, they discuss courting, desire, intimacy, and love. There are four rules that all who attend their meetings must agree to. They also have a newspaper column called Debutante's Revenge. Her father is an alcoholic and has put them in debt. So he has agreed to give Sophie to Lord Stanton as his bride. She does not love him but feels it is her duty to keep her father out of prison. Her mother keeps making excuses for him while her sister hides and reads in her room and leaves it all to Sophie to take care of.
Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, has just returned from war. He had not planned to come back anytime soon but his brother was killed in an accident and he had to take over the title. He is haunted nightly by having to leave his fellow soldiers behind and some were killed. He also adored his brother but he had feet of clay. a lot of twists but story is excellent. The characters are engrossing and there is a strong plot. All this is used to keep your attention and your interest. I highly recommend this book to you and hope you like it as much as I did.
I received this ARC from Net Galley and voluntarily reviewed it.
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March 30, 2020
"He moved behind her and slowly removed the handful of pins left in her hair, running his fingers through the honey-colored stands as he kissed the column of her neck."

Sophie and Henry were great characters. I felt captured with a feeling of sympathy for Sophie being forced to marry for the sake of saving her family. Henry was a tortured soul looking for peace that alluded him.
The story had a great flow and was a perfect HEA.

My only complaint was that although this book was set in the Regency era, it was not historically accurate whatsoever. I put that out there as a warning if that bothers any other readers. In my humble opinion, the love story was enough to overlook the inaccuracies.

I give When You Wish Upon A Rouge 4.5/5 Stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and St, Martin's Paperbacks for the advance copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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May 30, 2020
Sophie Kendall dreams of marrying for love like her two best friends and co-founders of The Debutante's Revenge column, but Sophie is at least happy running weekly secret meetings of the Debutante Underground. Unfortunately, that happiness will soon come to an end when she's forced to marry the handsome, wealthy marquess, whom she distinctly does not love, in order to save her family from penury.

Henry Reese, the rather unwilling Earl of Warshire, can't remember the last time he truly slept. At night he frequently haunts one of his properties, an abandoned tailor shop, in an attempt to escape his manor house and the memories that haunt him. He's not interested in Sophie's search for a larger venue for her secret meetings, but when she's miraculously able to soothe his troubled mind and help him sleep, Reese is willing to negotiate. So the two make a deal: Reese will allow Sophie to use his shop if she'll spend one night per week with him.

Sophie knows she's all but betrothed to another man and sets out rules to keep herself and Reese a respectable distance apart, but that doesn't stop the undeniable connection between them from growing ever stronger. But with Sophie's future all but set, it will take some maneuvering if she and Reese are to stand a chance at having a future together.

I loved Reese and his swoonworthy speeches even if they were a bit over the top at times. This was a light read while at the same time being very angsty. I liked that the attraction between Reese and Sophie developed from a connection to a true friendship before becoming more, I just wish Sophie had fought sooner and more for Reese and their future together. Things were left till the last minute and then resolved so quickly that it felt rushed and a bit unsatisfying. In that same vein, the lack of an epilogue left me feeling a bit deprived. The premise is definitely a bit implausible in terms of historical accuracy, but I liked that in this instance and found it refreshing. This was a good read and I enjoyed it; even if it didn't quite grab me like I wanted it to, Reese definitely made it for me.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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March 18, 2020
An enjoyable enough way to spend a day or two, even if it’s nothing overly remarkable. This was an easy read but not going on my to read again list.
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March 3, 2020
Sophie leads a group of women who secretly discuss taboo relationship subjects in a weekly meeting. When she is looking for a new location for these meetings she meets Reese, Earl of Warshire.
Reese has night mares upon returning from war, and she manages to sooth him enough to make him get a restful sleep. He seeks her out afterwards to offer her a deal: his abandoned shop for her use in exchange for her helping him find sleep.
Meanwhile a man she does not love is waiting for her to announce their betrothal, which will save her family from the poor house.
I admit it - the setting and background story is somewhat far fetched, but the way these two get to know each other, overcome their personal demons, and fall in love is highly satisfying and swoon-worthy to follow.
Highly recommended!
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