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#UofJ #2

Game Changer

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I had the girl — THE girl.
Kay. My Skittles...MINE.
Then a blitz from the past flattened me like a linebacker.
Time for a new playbook.

Mason Nova is...argh!
I told myself to stay away.
Warned my heart not to fall for him.
Did it listen? NOPE.
Now it feels like it’s crushed under a fallen cheer pyramid.
Sorry to tell you, but you are NOT a game changer.

*GAME CHANGER is book 2 in the U of J Series and cannot be read as a stand-alone. It picks up right from the cliff LOOKING TO SCORE threw you off of. Can our too-charming-for-his-own-good Casanova win back his pint-sized, rainbow-haired sass queen in this second chance sports romance? The banter between these two continues until Mase and Kay’s story concludes in PLAYING FOR KEEPS. *

320 pages, Paperback

First published October 12, 2020

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About the author

Alley Ciz

83 books2,201 followers
I'm Alley. I'm an Indie author and I write Contemporary/New Adult, Rom-Com, Sports Romances with fierce heroines and their swoony Alpha partners with heart. There's a heavy dose of witty banter and sarcasm in my characters.

I'm a stay at home mom to 3 amazing and crazy minis all under 4yo, a 95lb lab, and let's face it on some days my hubby is my 4th kids... But to be fair I totally love him a a lot. When I'm not corralling my crazy minis I can be found writing the stories the voices in my head tell me at naptime and when the rest of my house goes to sleep at night.

I'm a complete romance junkie. Pizza and mac and cheese are major food groups to me.

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860 reviews12 followers
October 17, 2020
OMG...Talk about an emotional mess...yes, that was me at 3:25ish AM...Game Changer was the second book in Alley’s U of J series and they MUST be read in order! It was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time! I could not put it down!

Mason jumped to the wrong conclusion and ruined everything. Now, could he win her back?

Kay knew better but heart didn’t listen. Would she be able to put all the pieces back together?

Oh Mason!! I know I have done dumb things before, but...yeah...there’s no excuse for that! He deserved to have to grovel! Gah! When these two were together, I completely swooned! They are certainly meant for one another! But watch out, just when I thought I had it figured out, I didn’t! Is it December yet??
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1,135 reviews44 followers
September 30, 2020
Game Changer picks up right where Looking to Score left off.
But, like a cat with a mouse, Alley Ciz decided play with all my emotions and kill me with a slow burning anxiousness. Will they or won’t they was the question of the hour. My guy Mase pulled out ALL the stops for his girl and oh my swooning heart I was putty in his deliciously calloused hands.
Ciz took the sizzle up to off the charts haaawt with Mase and Kay in this one. Game Changer wouldn’t let me put it down and kept me up way past my bedtime but was totally worth it! Even though I was warned, I still wasn’t prepared for the one-two punch of a cliffhanger I was left with. So Miss Ciz please note that until PFK hits my kindle we are no longer friends.
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1,030 reviews82 followers
October 16, 2020

I was kind of itching to get back in the UofJ world to find out if Kayla and Mason still have a future as a couple.

Game Changer starts where Looking To Score ended. We see how Mason understands he made a mistake breaking up with Kayla and tries to make ammend and to win her back.
I adored how cute and funny our hero is, and loved all the bantering with his friends.

I've found this story really enjoyable, the pace was smooth and kept my attention throughout the book.
I hated to read the end because there's a new cliffhanger that's almost worse than the previous one.I think I can't wait until December to know how this trilogy ends.

Copy kindly provided by the Publisher/Author.

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674 reviews
October 2, 2020
“…you didn’t just break my heart… You broke a part of me that was barely even strong enough to be with you…”

The second book of the U of J Series picks up right where book one ended, so you must need to read Looking to Score first; and believe me you’ll want to. This college romance has all the angst and all the drama you want to find in this kind of genre.

The first book ended with a huge cliffhanger that left me truly confused and in desperate need of answers, secrets and more secrets that Kay had to keep for herself in order to survive her past, but Mason didn’t know the whole truth and its all the secrets and the mystery that was making him question every single part of their relationship. But things are different now, he knows what he wants and what Kay is worth; he wants to be her caveman and he wants her back but Kay might not be strong enough to survive the fall a second time.

The angst behind this story can totally consume your thoughts, I can’t wait for Playing for Keeps releasing December 3, 2020. Get ready because that conclusion is going to be epic!
Profile Image for Carmen Rae.
1,460 reviews174 followers
October 15, 2020
After the cliff-hanger of the last book I was dying to get my hands on this one so badly. Like would have sold my first born into slavery to get it a day earlier, dying for it. And picking up this one I was as excited as I was apprehensive. Knowing that this is the second book of three I was so worried that there was going to be so much angst and drama and end on another cliff-hanger. And the teasers didn’t really help.

So first things first the cliff-hanger on this one was both more brutal and yet, for me, less angsty. And to be fair that might make me seem cold (you’ll understand when you read that dreaded THE END. I really am struggling with what to say so as not to give anything away. So, I’m going to assume you finished the last book and are dying to know what happens after the dramatic end.

All I’m going to say is Mason goes all out caveman once he realises his mistake. And Kay is her amazing self. There’s some drama, there’s more depth into some of the secondary characters, and there’s a load of Mason and Kay and #UofJ411. I couldn’t put it down and yet I was scared to turn the page as I watched the last page get closer and closer.

But now I am freaking out that I have to wait two whole months to find out what happens next. And as excited as I am for that I’m also now super excited to see the spin off Alley has been teasing us with. But OMG I need more BTU. Seriously what is it going to take to get Alley to give up sleeping and dedicate those extra hours to writing because I need all her words.
Profile Image for Britt Chaotic Creatives.
1,414 reviews87 followers
October 1, 2020
My exact words upon finishing this book were "OH EM EFFING GEE ALLEY!!!!!"
True story.
Alley tried to warn us. She gave us a heads up. But I STILL WAS NOT READY FOR THAT ENDING!
I died at the end of Looking to Score, then I came back to life for Game Changer and died all over again. I am officially double dead. First it was the #LTSeffect, now it's the #LiteralGameChanger.
We dive right back in to Mason and Kayla's exactly where Looking to Score left us hanging so you're going to need tissues the second you open this book. I'm not exaggerating. The emotions that pour off from the very first page are raw and a direct hit right in the feels. And what a beautiful blow that hit is. There's no taking time to reconnect with these characters. They're right there grabbing you and pulling you into their world instantly. Your heart is going to break, then get put back together in the best way ever while you read this.
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265 reviews5 followers
September 29, 2020
When I finished this book, my first thought was: I have to wait until December to see what happens next?! GAH!

I want more, and I want it now. This book was more than I imagined it being, and I had pretty high expectations for it (because hello, it's an Alley Ciz book, and she ALWAYS turns out top-notch content). Mason and Kayla are seriously just so perfect for each other, but I was SO mad at Mason at the end of the first book and how he handled their relationship. You get to see how he tries to redeem himself - and if he's successful - in this book. I loved the storyline, loved the banter, and was so happy to get more book time with Kayla's extended family. Be prepared for the drama (ALL the drama), the steam, and the swoon - all of those elements come together to create another banger from Ciz.

I'm willing to wait until December to see how this all ends, but man. I'll be an anxious mess until that happens!

I received an ARC in exchange for a voluntary review, but seriously. I would've devoured this book, even without that element. The story is amazing and left me in my feels when it was all over. I'll be counting the days until I can see how this ends!
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778 reviews191 followers
October 15, 2020
One word. One syllable. One finite answer and he was gone.

Alley Ciz brings all the angst with book 2 in the U of J series. Looking To Score needs to be read first to understand what is happening.

My heart seriously hurt reading this one. After that epic cliffhanger in book 1 I knew I was in for some pain but poor Mase and Kay, Alley really puts them through the wringer!

I won’t give any spoilers away but I will say this, if you love new adult, sports romance books that will give you all of the laughs and all of the tears then read this series!

The side characters are just as amazing as Mase and Kay and you are really missing out if you haven’t read them yet.

But be prepared because this book ends with an even worse cliffhanger...
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429 reviews12 followers
October 27, 2020
Ok. Ok. Ok. I’ve waited a few days. I’ve eaten my fill of chocolate. I took out my feelings on the hubs. I’m finally ready to write my review..... I think.

Imma gonna start by bowing down to the Queen Alley. She done messed me up, and I’m not even upset. I read Alleys’ first book Power Play over a year ago. She caught my attention and I knew she was going places. She sealed the deal with Tap Out. Since then each book she publishes I fall in love with her characters HARD. I laugh with them, I cry with them, I gasp with them, and get ......... 😜 with them (lemme tell you. Alley is not only inspiring, but also checking off every fantasy I’ve had AND some I didn’t know I had. The hubs thanks her.....greatly😉)

Kayla and Mason. Alley was a genius to make this 3 books. - frankly she probably could with all her books. I fell in love with these two, and was wrecked by them. Then Alley takes me on another emotional journey, with all the highs and lows.

I absolutely loved how secondary characters were able to shine in GC. -which I’ve said it before, but Alley kills it with the secondary characters. I’ve bugged her so many times on if so and so will get a book or so and so, and then so and so. They just made this book so much better.

I love the emotional development between Kay and Mase. Especially when they begin to let down more of their walls. We still have a few left to go. And knowing Alley, it’s probably gonna hurt, but all the sweeter with the laughter.

Alley kills the comedic relief. Some made all the more hilarious with the late night reading.

I still had my reservations on Mr. Casanova after LTS but he blew all my reservations out the window and made we swoon and awwww hard core. Don’t worry Jenny. I know he is yours.

Now with that cliffy..... Alley got all my words. All my feelings. She laughed 😑

I have about a million theories going on and I know none will even be close. She keeps talking about Easter Eggs she dropped and it is making me rethink everything!

I NEED UofJ3 NOW!!!!!!!
Profile Image for Laura Lee.
Author 28 books1,667 followers
October 3, 2020
This book, y'all. I loved seeing Mase grovel and how they grew together as a couple. Alley certainly turned up the heat in this one. Like, DAYUM. That one scene...

The secondary characters all get their screen time as well, making them even more lovable than before. I always want to jump in the middle of Alley's books and force these people to be my friends and this series is no different. (I swear that didn't sound creepy in my head.) I am anxiously awaiting the third book in the U of J series!
Profile Image for Heather Rada.
417 reviews59 followers
September 28, 2020
Is it possible to love a fictional couple too much!!! Holy goodness Kay and Mase are straight FIRE! Alley Ciz has done it again, Game Changer is EPIC and I cannot stress enough how much I need the last book. This is a must read for everyone ...one-click now!!!
Profile Image for ABookLover73.
375 reviews208 followers
October 30, 2020
FIVE GAME STARS for Kayla and Mason ❤🖤❤🖤!!!



I want to read "Playing for Keeps" right now!!!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read any of Alley's book and I have to admit that in this series she has shown how much she has improved in her writing and I absolutely in love with these books.

"Game Changer" is a new adult college sports romance with enemies to lovers trope from which you won't be able to separate once you start reading it and you'll fall in love with the characters and the storyline.

Kayla and Mason's relationship is perfect because their connection is so strong.

I'm so excited to read the last book from this series and get Kayla and Mason's conclusion.

If you're looking for a college sports romance series, then you should read the #UofJ series next!!!

Highly recommended!!!
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630 reviews46 followers
October 14, 2020
Game Changer picks up exactly where Looking To Score left us. I could feel the the heartbreak and the shock pouring out of Kay in the beginning.

Both Mase and Kay have trust issues because of their past. It's no surprise that they are going to have to battle their own insecurities in order to make it work. We know one failed in Looking To Score.

Now in Game Changer, it's up to their friends to help give them that not so gentle push for them to realize they are happier together than apart.

This time is outside forces that are out to tear them apart.

I can't wait to find out how everything works out in the conclusion.

*This is book two of a trilogy that must be read in order. The first two end in cliffhangers.*
Profile Image for Katie.
446 reviews105 followers
October 7, 2020
4.5 stars!! I really loved how this book continued with the first. I enjoyed Mase and Kay and how it was less drama and Alley showed their love for each other. More interactions with the side characters was great as well. You can tell that Kay has a special bond with all of them and they have so much fun together. All I will say is that ending!! I need to find out what happens!! Can’t wait!!
Profile Image for Katslovesbooks.
735 reviews18 followers
October 13, 2020

Once again Alley has managed to capture me with this story. Game Changer was absolutely perfection and Mase and Kay once again stole my heart.

This book was full of moments that will melt your heart, the right amount of drama and of course the friendship and family moments that I adored.

This is the second book in the UofJ series(it can NOT be read as a standalone) and it picks up right after the devastated ending of Looking to Score(book 1). The beginning of this story broke my heart, seen my girl Kay broken it made me want to hunt a certain Canova and have a word with him. I loved Kay for everything she represents, she is loyal and has a heart of gold.

Mase (how can I hate/love him so much?)(it must be his dimples lol). In this book he is set to win his girl back. He needs a strategy and he goes above and beyond of what I was expecting from him. I can say now I'm team Mase all the way!!! SWOON!!

Now the ending of this story ARGHHHH!!! can we move forward to December I don't mind skipping my birthday, I need book three now. Yes Alley has done it again leaving all of us with a big ????.

So I you haven't started this series yet, do it ASAP!! you don't want to miss on this extraordinary sports romance because Mase and Kay are fire together.
Profile Image for Court.
594 reviews27 followers
October 15, 2020
Wow, if possible my heart is beaming with emotions because of how swoony Mase is in this book! We pick up where we were left at the end of Looking to Score. Mase and Kay are everything together, but now we are left waiting to see what will happen between these two as we start to learn more about each of their pasts. Will their pasts leave an impression that has them running for what they know is i in their hearts or will the try to fight the demons of their past? Read this book, it is everything and more, Mase will steal your heart and you won't want it back. Plus, you can't forget the banter between Mase and Kay, then add in all their circles of friendship, you'll be hooked and laughing out loud or wanting to knock some sense into them. Kay and Mase take you on a roller coaster of emotions, that has so many hidden twists and turns your not sure the ride will ever end, but the journey is so worth it! Now though we must wait until Playing for Keeps comes out to see how Mase and Kay's story concludes!!!
Profile Image for hopelesslyinlovewith_books.
815 reviews17 followers
September 24, 2020
Touchdown!!! Alley Ciz tackles us hard with ALL. THE. FEELS!!! I am so in love with this book! One thing I absolutely love about Alley’s books are the puns and movie references she writes! It’s amazing! I’m giggling all the time, even when I’m mad!

Mase has his work cut out for him to try to win his Skittles back after the jumping to conclusions disaster he put her through. But our boy refuses to just “let it go”. < (Ha! See what Alley started?) He wants her and nothing is going to stop him. And the douche canoe ex! Yuk! I want to know what his deal is! Like I just want to reach through the kindle and punch him in the face so much! I hope Mase completely annihilates him in book 3! He deserves nothing less after everything he put our girl Kay through! You will also not see that ending coming. I was like WTF?! Mind blown! Sick em Mase!

Let me just tell you, Alley Ciz is an amazing writer. I’m so excited for what she comes up with next. I’m looking forward to a very swoony ending in book 3. And we all know Alley knows how to lay it on us! #kindlecrack
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748 reviews4 followers
April 22, 2022
I simply cannot reccomend this series highly enough. Alley takes your emotions on a wild ride and makes your heart race as you go on this crazy journey with Mason and Kayla.
There were so many tears as I started this book after the cliffy of Looking to Score left me heartbroken and screaming. I was absolutely captivated from the first page and Kayla had to deal with emotions that were threatening to drown her.
Mason made me so very angry and then managed to win my heart all over again as this boy sure knows how to grovel.
The action and suspence of this one was simply amazing and I have never been so invested in a football game as I was in this book.
Alley has simply blown my mind again with this ending.....If you were like me and was screaming at the end of Looking to Score you are going to be equally devestated and lost for words.
I would sell my soul right now to read the last book in this trilogy and I cannot wait for December. A Must Read!!!
Profile Image for Brianna Cooper.
339 reviews
October 15, 2020
Game Changer is book 2 in the U of J series by Alley Ciz. Book 1 ended on a cliffhanger so make sure you read book 1, Looking to Score, first before you read Game Changer.

Game Changer was a definite 5 star read for me just like book 1. I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait for book 3. This series is addicting and I love Mase and Kay. In book 1 there was some miscommunication that had me using shouty caps at Alley but in Game Changer the miscommunication is cleared up. I don’t want to give anything away so I’m going to keep it vague, you’ll just have to read it haha. Mase and Kay are probably my favorite characters of Alley’s and I love the u of j crew. There’s so many side characters that I want to know their story or see their own happy ending. The series isn’t over and in December book 3 will conclude this trilogy, Alley sure knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat!

I definitely recommend reading this series. Kayla is quirky and I love how much she loves her family/friends. I live for her shirts of the day, the wording cracks me up and I love that Mase not only appreciates it but he may or may not make his own in this book as well. Mase is just amazing, I love that in Game Changer there was so much more from him and his perspective. He’s funny and charming, the perfect Casanova. His teammates crack me up especially Travis and Kay’s friends are pretty awesome too. Just stop what you’re doing and pick up this series, it’s definitely my favorite series of 2020 and I haven’t even read book 3 yet!
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122 reviews3 followers
October 14, 2020
Well, okay then!!! My mind is still fizzing with what I’ve just read!!
Alley Ciz never fails to produce a one click read, a world into which you are pulled into and well and truly captured by, and last but not least a book that you as a reader, fills you with all the shouty capitals and WTF’s you wish you could send to her.
Yet again she has not failed to deliver on all of the above. Part two of Mase and Kay’s love story, and it is a love story, fills you with all the feels, draws you right there with them, and spreads out to include all of those supporting characters that you’ve grown to know and love over these two books. The love that the characters have for one another is there for you all to see and feel and wraps around you as you continue to read.
And again, Alley has not failed in making me want to send her all the swears and shouty capitals going around in my head come the end of this book and an even worse cliffhanger than at the end of Looking To Score. Evil, pure evil!!!
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Author 68 books366 followers
October 12, 2020
I’m not talking to Alley right now **insert evil eyes**
I loved Game Changer sooo much, I enjoyed it so much more than the 1st. Each character grew into their own and they all fought that much harder for what they want.
He who shall not be named seriously needs a junk punch.
That ending left me open mouthed cause I wanted more. I cannot wait for the conclusion but seriously Ciz, December is so far away, especially in the year that never ends. It’s also another reason as to why I’m not talking to you.
Profile Image for Sara.
1,289 reviews5 followers
September 27, 2020
I discovered the ARC for Game Changer in my kindle after finishing a different book at 1:20 AM
- the next thing I know, it’s 4:30 AM and I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. A short nap and I was back up at 7:30 AM to dive back into this crazy awesome experience of a book. YES it’s that freaking good!!!

The Queen of Evil, Alley Ciz, knocked my breathe out with another killer cliffhanger in this one. You can’t be faint of heart to read her books. No her books are a full emotional experience and not for the weak.

Mase grovels and goes full out to win Skittles back and it’s epically swoony!! The cast of characters are as fantastic as in book one and make me want to be a part of their crew.

I received an ARC from the author and willingly gave up hours of sleep to read this book and post an independent review. Alley’s writing is super addictive, and it’s so frustrating that we have to wait another month or more for the 3rd book and the next fix. Bring on UofJ3!!
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351 reviews1 follower
October 16, 2020
I think Alley has mastered the Cliffhanger. Like I was seriously prepared for another CH after only just getting over LTS book 1, yes yes I knew there was going to be, we were all told, but Gee whiz Alley just slips it in to the story when you are least expecting, especially when you dont have how far you have read in the book showing on your kindle. Like OMFG again and now and why I was loving the fact Mase had admitted he stuffed up, and was forgiven (I would have forgiven The Casnova who was no longer The Casnova)
I think I am becoming a fan of American Sports without actually watching them, as Alley has me hooked by drawing us into her world.
When reading Alley I became part of this amazing group of People.
I love how there are Mase's people then there are Kay's people and then there are our characters from Alley's first Series BTU Alumni.
Once again I cant believe our author sat on this series as long as she did, and as much as I love BTU this UofJ cements for me Alley as right up there with other Authors with so much cred and no. of books behind them.
Sports Romance and I'm such a fan now, I can honestly say that I cannot get enough of U Of J and Congratulations Alley you so Deserve that Orange flag saying No. 1 Best Seller in Sports Romance on Amazon Australia.
Alley just spins me out with her knowledge of so much when it comes ot other books and characters and the Instagram Posts that we read throughout the book are hilarious and a story just on their own.
December cannot come quick enough Playing For Keeps.
Did I mention how hot I found the Cover, I think its Jenny Dick's influence of "A Man wearing his cap backwards" lol
I cant wait to see what Alley has instore for us once again.
Profile Image for Lager Lefse Book Blog.
472 reviews4 followers
October 14, 2020
First, I must start this off, by saying, that Game Changer picks up right where Looking to Score left us. Yay! That is the good news. Now, the ‘I don’t know what kind of news’ news this is, but it mostly pertains to Alley directly. Alley, seriously? You do that to us, I thought we had a better relationship than this. Oh, the emotional terrorist that she is, still knows how to write a killer book. I can imagine it now, curled up in her comfy spot, ‘assistants snuggled in next to her’ and her rubbing her hands with an evil smirk. Am I right? In all seriousness, Alley wrote one heck of a book. I could not catch my breath, because of everything that was going on.

In Looking to Score, I fell head over heels like a good basket toss for Kay and Mason. Without even knowing it, they were the campus super couple. Now, in Game Changer, Mason lives up to the ‘dumb jock’ phrase. Mason, Mason, Mason, what did you do? He does something and we get to see him try and redeem himself. Is he or Isn’t he successful??

I admired and cherished Kay as our female lead. Alley is doing something fantastic with a lead that is here to show up. She loves her friends and family but does not try to rely on them. Given that said, it is refreshing reading about a female lead who is so strong and confident within her protective clique.

Be prepared for drama, angst, a man groveling😉, more interactions with Kay’s ‘family’, and we cannot forget the hot, steamy and swoony scenes.

As quickly as 2020 has flown by, fingers crossed that that continues until December, where we can FINALLY see how the ‘Emotional Terrorist’ finishes Mason and Kay’s storyline.
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1,324 reviews
October 15, 2020
Game Changer picks up right where Looking to Score left off. Kay is trying to wrap her head around the fact that Mason just dumped her and her emotions are all over the place. Kay tries to move forward by doing what she loves best and that is hanging out with her friends and cheering. Mason on the other hand is making mistakes on the football field for the first time and is getting crap from his teammates and his friends. Mason tries to talk to Kay but she isn't budging because he hurt her and she is trying move on but he is very persistent in getting his girl back. This book is full of laughter, some serious groveling on Mason's parts, truths are told, and there is plenty of drama to go around. Mason and Kay are just getting used to being a couple when a blast from her past makes an appearance and we will have to wait until book 3 comes out to see what happens after that ending in this book.
Profile Image for Read.Review.Repeat Blog.
4,776 reviews88 followers
October 13, 2020
What the ever living hell did I just read!!! C’mon Alley how can you do that to your girls?? I thought the cliffhanger at the end of book 1 was bad but this one...this one took the cake.

I am so happy Kay finally started to come around and let her walls down and the friendships and comradery of this group of friends just makes me love them even more. #kasonovaforlife ~Jen

"So this cliffhanger didn’t hurt quite as much as the first one. I still don’t like them - at all - but I am just going to suck it up and try to wait patiently for the conclusion to Mase & Kay’s story. I know I am going to fail spectacularly already.
Alley has written a cast of characters that I truly do hope all end up with their own stories in the future. They all bring so much to these books. But Mase and Kay are going to be a hard couple to top.
Is it December yet? See already impatient. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book." ~Sharon
Profile Image for Summerlynn83.
677 reviews3 followers
October 13, 2020
Why Alley, why?? How are you going to do that to me?? Yes, I was warned. Yes, I was “prepared”. Ok, no I wasn’t prepared at all and now I need therapy!!
All I want is Mase and Kay to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after but here I am at midnight trying to console myself after reading another amazing book that left me teetering on the edge of a dang cliff!!
I loved that this story picked up right where Looking to Score left off. I didn’t want a replay, I wanted to get into the nitty gritty ASAP and that’s exactly what I got. All my emotions were once again toyed with...I laughed, I cried, I yelled. You know, the perfect book...except it’s missing the end...I need the end like right now. How am I going to sleep? I need to know what happens next, how many days until the next release??
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1,920 reviews43 followers
October 15, 2020
I was given an advance readers copy of this book and have decided to write a voluntary honest review. This series is freaken amazing, its so diffeent from her BTU series because this one is just full of drama and I love it!!! Mason is honestly perfect I mean I love his caveman attitude it makes him even hotter to me. I actually love all the guys. Jt, Trav and carter are instantly becoming new book boyfriends I can't get enough of these men. Kay is my perfect girlfriend she's just perfect full of sass and so much more true girl crush. I can't wait for the next one. I need to know what happens to the deuche Liam.
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899 reviews53 followers
October 15, 2020
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS

This book is definitely a GAME CHANGER!!! You must read Looking To Score first as this book begins from where that book ends. Trust me when I say that this series is filled with the right amount of drama and angst where you'll stay beyond captivated. Mase and Kay's story will conclude in Playing For Keeps and I can't wait since we are once again left with a cliffhanger (I still love ya, Alley... you just know how to keep us wanting more!) Game Changer by Alley Ciz is an EPIC read that will join the ranks of the BIBLIO-ARISTOCRACY!!!
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