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There's no wrath like that of a witch scorned.

Seventeen-year-old spirit witch Ava López is the self-appointed guardian of the witches and humans of Darkhaven, an idyllic village nestled between the forest and the sea. Her watch: vicious and bloodthirsty vampires.

Ava is a novice in the eyes of her coven. If she expects to protect them and the secrecy of their powers, she must gain better control of her own. When a full moon ritual goes awry, control may be lost forever, and Ava is exiled from her coven. Forced to seek refuge among the beings she had always sworn herself to hunt, she vows revenge on those who have upended her life.

But the more time Ava spends away from her coven, the more she discovers a startling truth: the witches haven’t been honest with her. Ava’s quest to strip the truth from everything she’s ever known begins with the toughest realization of all—coming to terms with who she has become.

184 pages, Paperback

First published February 18, 2020

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About the author

Danielle Rose

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Danielle Rose is the USA Today bestselling author of The Darkhaven Saga. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. When not writing, she can be found frolicking the woods of Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and their dogs.

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726 reviews336 followers
February 13, 2020
So this isn't my first book by Danielle Rose, I've read a couple of her books now but this is my first paranormal/fantasy/YA read by her and at first, being a genre I don't often jump into I was a little apprehensive and I honestly didn't know what to expect. I wasn't really into these kinds of books in my youth but I think if I had found something like this, I would have been.

Well, I'd like to say that I was blown away... It took me a moment to get into the storyline but within the first few chapters, I found myself needing to know what was happening next. Ava is a 17-year-old spirit witch set out to protect her coven. As a spirit which she can feel the darkness and bad things that are about to happen before they happen and she could sense something dark and evil was coming to Darkhaven... When no one believes her, not even her own blood, she is left to figure it out all on her own and that does not come easy... ultimately places her in the last place she ever wanted to me...

And what transpires throughout the book I never saw coming. Ava is truly a unique character that I felt connected to. Ava had a profound effect on me, more than I realized she would and I'm not sure why though. The way the author wrote Ava and the way she developed her character, her traits, her flaws, and her strengths... She just had so much detail and to me, it was on point. I had no trouble picturing it as I read along.

Danielle's way with words and her ability to paint a picture in my head blew my mind. I thought I had read Danielle's best work but this has raised the bar. There was so much detail to take in too and this wasn't a long read. It lacked for nothing and had me wanting more... I can't wait to see where she goes with this.

5 pleasantly surprised stars!

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99 reviews15 followers
February 13, 2020
While fantasy is not typically my thing, i have really been working on that and this was a great place to start

The main character, Ava Lopez is a strong and fierce lead who is surrounded by likable supporting characters which makes it so easy to invest in this story and get lost. The plot was captivating and suspenseful and really sucks you into the story line, so thankfully its going to be a series because you will close the book wanting more.This book reminds you that things are not always quite what they seem and there are two sides to every story.

Whether you are new to fantasy/paranormal stories, I think this is a book that is easy to follow and enjoy.

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814 reviews74 followers
February 18, 2020
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”Briefly, I forget the world around us. I forget about the war and my hatred for vampires. I even forget about my impending death. There is only him. There is only me. There is only blood.”✨
Ava is a spirit witch. And a novice in the eyes of her coven. She appointed herself with the hunt of the bloodthirsty vampires. When a full moon ritual goes bad, Ava is exiled from her coven. And forced to seek refuge with the beings she’s always hunted. While discovering secrets kept from her, and learning to become who she is now, she vows revenge on those who have upended her life.✨
If you love:
•Young Adult
•Hint of Romance
•Continuing Series
•Singular POV
Then this is the book for you!✨
This was such an easy, enjoyable, quick paranormal read! Young adult is something I don’t tend to gravitate towards, as it can sometimes feels ‘too young’ for me personally, but I did not feel that here! I really enjoyed the way to author built this story up. Great balance between action and emotion. It’s not just a witch hunts vampires story. It’s about changing, adapting and pushing forward.✨
This is Book 1, in a continuation series (Darkhaven Saga) but she doesn’t leave you with a heck of a cliffhanger, just a hint of what’s to come. And I am here for it! I look forward to reading more about Ava’s transition and where her relationship with Jasix goes! And I hope we learn more about this mysterious woman Malik is interested in! There’s just a hint of romance in this book and it’s done so well! I need more!! Looking forward to the next book already!✨
I was provided with an ARC for my honest review.✨
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422 reviews97 followers
September 22, 2020
I was looking forward to picking this up. I didn’t know much about it, but it seemed right my alley. Sadly I was very disappointed with the outcome. It lacked on a lot of different levels for me.

I call this a DNF because I just scanned through the second half of this one. I wanted to see if I was going to be able to get into it better, but it wasn’t for me. And I was just confused most of the book. The reader is thrown right into the action. Which I wouldn’t have minded, but it all felt rushed and nothing was explained.

This is a tiny book and I felt that it tried to put way too much into one book and everything suffered for it. It was like one thing was happening after another, and then was no room for a break to explain everything that was happening.

One of the things that I felt did suffer was the characterisation. I feel like I didn’t know her at all. She feels flat and didn’t feel real. I wanted to like Ava. And like the rest of the book, the reader is thrown into her character arc. And we don’t get to know her. I didn’t feel that she grew throughout the book and annoyed me a fair bit.

The world of Dark Secret was also confusing. I wasn’t able to get an image of the world. Normally it takes me a little bit to get an idea of what a world looks like, but this book was moving too fast that I wasn’t able to fall into it and grasp it.

Overall, Dark Secret isn’t the book for me. I wanted to like it. But nothing stuck and everything feel flat. The characters weren’t great and the plot just confused me. I have seen people that have enjoyed it, but it wasn’t for me.
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693 reviews47 followers
February 5, 2020
I loved that this book had some spanglish moments. I related to Ava because her main language is English but her mother first language is Spanish. The moments she had with her family was very realistic in a Spanish household.

Ava has been raised as a witch. She was being groomed to take her grandmother's place when she passed. Unfortunately Ava can be very hardheaded and stubborn. She thinks because she fought and killed a few vampires that she can't be touched. Boy did she find out the hard way how wrong she was.

I believe Jasik has had feelings for her before he saved her. I'm waiting to find out do they get together and what happens next. This was a quick read that leaves you wanting to know more. If you loved the twilight series you will love this one as well.

Thankyou to Waterhousepress, Danielle Rose and Luvbooks for letting me read this book in an exchange for my honest review.
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260 reviews18 followers
April 14, 2020

DISCLAIMER : Thank you, YA Bound Book Tours for letting me be a part of this tour and for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Dark Secret is the first book in the Darkhaven Saga. The book is a YA paranormal fantasy set in our world and takes place in a quaint little village called Darkhaven. Witches and Vampires have been at war forever. The book is about a 17-year-old witch who gets caught up in the war between vampires and witches. Her family and coven have been around Darkhaven for a long time and protect the village by killing the vampires. The story was interesting, the world was simple and accessible. The whole set-up reminded me of The Vampire Diaries series. The book was a fun and engaging read. The main character Eva was annoying and acted like she was in control and the majority of the time bringing more harm than good to the village with her unwise decisions. I felt her character was written like that but at the same time, her thought process was confusing because she was indecisive and often flip-flopped about her feelings towards certain things. The plot and the way the story unfolded brought more characters some interesting turns in the book kept me engaged in the story. There is a potential love interest introduced and I really didn't care for it and so that was not a strong point for me where the book is concerned. Overall I think the book was OK and enjoyable if you get accustomed to how indecisive and predictable Ava is when it comes to her decisions. I gave the book 3 stars and want to see how the story progresses from here on. I think the book will be good for younger readers who want to start out in the fantasy genre and wants to read something that will not intimidate them with a simple world, paranormal creatures, and light magic system. The book is interesting and a good start for a series.
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549 reviews73 followers
January 29, 2020
I didn't necessarily know what to expect when I picked up the Dark Secret, but I have to say I wasn't disappointed. We meet Ava, a young witch who is hell bent on protecting her coven and getting revenge on the creatures that threaten them and took her father away from her: vampires. She's not the most experienced witch in her coven, but she's certain that she should trust her instincts no matter what her mother says. You have to respect her determination and fire, but unfortunately, this is exactly what also gets her into trouble. After disobeying her mother to go hunt vampires, she unknowingly leads the vampires right back to her coven, which spells disaster for her and everyone around her.

I really enjoyed the premise of this book and the fact that it's written in novella format wasn't a bad idea. I will say that I didn't feel much development for Ava, the coven or the vampires. While I like novellas, I think a little bit more time could've been used to develop the characters and the mythology of the two groups (coven and vampires). That may happen in future books though. Ava was also very stubborn, which borderlined on reckless for no reason at times. At one point I found myself rolling my eyes at some of her actions because I KNOW she should be smarter than that.

Overall, I think Danielle has created a world that has all the possibilities of being interesting, especially in future installments. She doesn't shy away from the grittiness of vampires or the innate prejudices that the different species have for one another. With a bit more development and a deeper look into how we got to where we are with these characters, I think this could be a real gem.
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286 reviews74 followers
April 17, 2020
I’m going to be short with this review because there is not that much to say as the book was under 200 pages. So this was a very short but quite intriguing and entertaining enough read.

The magic system was interesting.

The supernatural world was fascinating enough.

The beginning of the romance was promising, but there ere just hints of it at the moment, so I want to see it develop and blossom into something beautiful in the next books as the story continuous. I have hope for Ava and Jasik.

The plot was easy to follow and entertaining. However, the moment story really started and got interesting it also ended, but I was left with desire to see what happens next. So I’m going to read the other two books that are available at the moment, and then lets see how I’m going to feel about continuing on with the other two books.

The characters were kind of intriguing, however, they needed more depth and characteristics to become real people in my mind. Also, I was a bit disappointed that I have no real idea what the love interest – Jasik, looks like. What is the colour of his hair and skin or are there any other memorable features about his looks? I can imagine the villain very well as Ava described his looks several times. But what about Jasik or his brother Malik, except for the eyes that are the same as any other vampire’s?

Overall, I wanted more from it, I believe that I would have felt more satisfied with the story and characters if the book had been at least twice longer and had more depth and development in it. But I still liked it enough to give it 3.5 stars and want to keep on reading to find out more.
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732 reviews
April 7, 2020
I really wanted to like this book. It's got witches. It's got vampires. It's got secrets and mystery. But ultimately, I found it pretty forgettable.

The twists are pretty predictable and not really too unique. I thought the characters were pretty flat and generic- which pains me to say because the witchcraft elements seemed pretty cool conceptually. I just didn't up caring too much because I wasn't relating to characters. I do appreciate that Ava and her mother speak in and out of Spanish, it's nice to see cultural touches.

Because this book is very short- clocking in at about just under 200 pages- I felt that time was an issue. The pacing felt slow in some places and rushed in others. There didn't seem to be enough time to really flush details out the way that I would have liked. Maybe that's rectified in later installments, but I wasn't drawn in enough to book one to continue onward.

In the end, I get why there's so many positive reviews. It's a good idea for a book. It's not poorly written. A lot of people seem to like that it's in shorter format. But for me it was just pretty mediocre, and not anything that I got excited about.

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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99 reviews1 follower
December 28, 2019
I'm anxious to see where this story goes. It was a quick read and I was dying for more. Ava being forsaken by her family because she turned into the one thing she sought to kill was devastating. Jasik intrigues me and I'm ready to find out how him and Svz progress. I like this premise and I hope it keeps building because this part left me hanging and hoping for more.
February 11, 2020
[I received a copy of this book from the publisher and author for an unbiased review.]

4.5 stars.

What a great start to this new YA series from Danielle Rose!

Ava is a witch set on protecting her coven from the things that threaten them...mainly, vampires.

While out patrolling, she picks a fight with the wrong group of vampires. She makes the mistake in letting the leader get away. He comes back with a vengeance and attacks her coven, leaving her on the brink of death.

That's when another group of vampires shows up to aide the witches. One vampire gives Ava his blood after she's been bitten...dooming her to a vampire's life. She is tossed out of her home and forced to reside with this group of vampires who tries to protect humans (and witches) from rogue vampires.

Fortunately for Ava, if she has to be a vampire, she can still continue to protect her family and her coven from the bad vampires that seek to hurt them.

This series is broken up into 5 books, which is essentially 5 different parts. The first part is Ava's beginning and her first fight, realizing she needs to train to control her newfound powers. Book two comes out in March, followed by book three in April. Books four and five will be released in the fall. The way Danielle has broken this book up reminds me of the way penny dreadfuls were released. You got just a little bit of the story each week. You have to keep reading each week in order to find out what happens next in the story. That's the way the Darkhaven Saga is written.

I can't wait to read what happens next...
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101 reviews16 followers
February 9, 2020
There is nothing that draws me to a book more than it being a story about witches. I absolutely love them in all shapes and forms. Unfortunately, this one missed the mark for me. Dark Secret is a very short book, coming in at 184 pages, and while the length of a book doesn’t determine the strength of the story, this one felt rushed and underdeveloped. I really liked where the plot went, but every event moved so fast and we didn’t get enough time to invest in the characters. They were all very surface level and I wished I would have had more to connect with and care about them. I liked the main character, Ava, in the beginning, but she became so wishy-washy as the story progressed and it didn’t make sense. I understood the complexity of the situation that was trying to be portrayed, but the way it was written didn’t accomplish the emotional depth and confusion in a way that felt real. I did love the way witches and their magic were portrayed in this world, and I really wish we could have gone deeper into the coven and Ava’s place within it. Her journey was a tough one, and while we only see the beginning of her arc in this book, there could have been a stronger emotional change for her. In the end, this book had a fun and quick plot, but lacked the character and emotional depth that makes a book feel complete.
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370 reviews3 followers
January 28, 2020
This is a story about Ava who is a spirit witch in a town called Darkhaven. Her job is to protect the town from Vampires. One night she goes on a hunt and her best friend comes along. They wind up in the cemetery where they are attacked. During this Ava is bitten but she is healed by her mother. The next night is a full moon and the coven prepares for their ceremony under the full moon. Things don’t go as planned when the vampire who attacked Ava shows up and attacks her coven. She is saved but it has consequences and she is turned into a vampire by Jasik. His job is to hunt rogue vampires like the ones that attacked Ava’s coven. He takes her in and she comes to understand what her life is like now.
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610 reviews3 followers
February 18, 2020
Dark Secret is sooooo good!! I have to say my first ever series read years ago that sucked me in was a paranormal romance series, so when I saw that Danielle Rose had this coming out, I knew I had to have it immediately! Paranormal is one of my favorite genres and she absolutely slayed it!

Ava is a 17 year old spirit witch and is able to sense things coming whether they are good or bad. She has this dreadful feeling that something awful is headed her covens way, but she doesn't quite know what it is or when it is going to happen. Her coven especially her mother doesn't take her intuition very seriously and she knows she needs to protect them at any cost. Part of that means going out and hunting the vampires because if she can eliminate vampires, she can eliminate the evil in the world.

Things don't go as planned for Ava though and she is cast out of the coven she has tried so desperately to protect. She is thrown into a life being with the very creatures she has learned to hate and must learn to cope with who she now is and adapt to her new way of life.

Danielle Rose did such a phenomenal job world building with this shorter read and I cannot wait to read the second installment. That cliffhanger had my jaw dropping, but I know I will soon know what I want to know.

Theres just enough suspense, love, lust, and even a bit of humor that are going to suck you right into the world of the Darkhaven.

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1,739 reviews152 followers
January 13, 2020
2.5 stars

***ARC received in exchange of an honest opinion***

Dark Secret is the first book in the Darkhaven Saga and unfortunately it was a "meh" book for me.

The story went by really fast and there wasn´t enough time for me to engage to any of the characters, even the main ones. Ava seemed like she´d be a good heroine, but for me she was more in the whiney side.

I feel like there´s a mystery going on in the story, but there wasn´t time enough for me to feel hooked on it. I felt like things happen and then some characters completely dissapeared from the story. I get that they´ll probably appear in the next book (or books), but for me it felt like lose ends. Even when the story isn´t a standalone and there will be sequel, there is no need for lose ends. Lose ends and cliffhangers are two very different things.

The writing was good enough, so I think what made me not relate to the story or feel engaged were the fact that even though the plotline might be interesting, the way it was put into paper left something to be desired.

With some tweaks and some work I feel like this story could be more and I felt it needed maybe a bit more into it, because it was super fast and I didn´t realized it was supposed be a series until the end.

I'd be curious to see how the story goes from here, but I'm not sure I will continue with it.
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545 reviews14 followers
December 13, 2019
I really liked this book. It was a fun and quick paranormal read. I do wish that the first book was longer but I believe the second in the series is coming out only a few months after the first does. I really liked the main character. She was flawed but still entertaining at the same time. All she wants to do is protect those she loves and she will do anything to ensure their safety. The plot was enjoyable but I wish that it was more flushed out and we got more info on the big bad in this book. Hopefully the second book will answer some questions I have after reading the first book. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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1,165 reviews21 followers
February 13, 2020
I received a copy of Dark Secret from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dark Secret is an interesting, but short, book. My copy had 167 pages. Ava is a young, self-confident witch that doesn’t draw her power from a traditional source. Ava is a spirit witch, which means she isn’t tied to any one element, time of year, time of day/night where her powers truly peak. She is able to communicate with other spirit witches, like her mother, in her sleep. Granddaughter to the head of the coven, Ava feels like she has a lot to live up to and that it is her duty to protect her coven. As a result, she frequently goes out ‘hunting’ for the witches’ natural enemy, the vampire. Or so she has been told her entire life.

But a run in with a band of rogue vampires on one of her patrols draws attention and her coven is attacked at one of their ceremonies in the forest. Ava makes the desperate choice during the fight, to become a vampire, after the run-in leaves her dying. Her savior, Jasik from the local vampire family she never knew roamed the area.

Now a vampire, Ava needs to come to terms with her new state of being. Her hope is her coven will take her back once she learns to control her thirst…

What did I think?

This book has a lot of potential. It delivers on many fronts and lacks in only a few. Ava’s head strong, self-assured attitude is both an asset and the thing that often lands her in tough situations. For some reason she thinks a 17 year old girl knows better than her mother, a 200+ year old vampire, and another vampire we can’t even begin to guess the age of…but it also helps her to defeat her enemies and succeed at whatever she decides to do so it’s two sides of the same coin.

The noticeable short falls for me were, the pacing, bouts of repetitiveness and stating the obvious.

So, the pacing. This book starts off a bit slow but promises action soon if you just stick with it. After the first initial run in the rogue vampires, the pacing slows right down again until the next run in. After the next run in, it does it again. And again. As a result, every time I hit a slow part and had to stop reading to go back to living my life, I struggled to come back to the book. I never regretted it once I hit another fast spot, but a little more of an even keel probably would have had me finish this book a lot faster.

Occasional bouts of repetitiveness in both thoughts, actions and word usage does seem to happen in this book, but it’s not to any extreme level. More of something I merely noticed. Like the constant referral to Ava being sure that her insta-love tendency towards Jasik is because he is her vampire sire. We got it. Thanks though.

Now I only really noticed this last one, explaining the obvious, was bad in one particular spot. Now the part that got me was the explanation that Jasik, his brother and various others are the hunters/defenders of the vampire seethe. This is obvious seeing how they are the ones who rescued Ava and her clan from the rogue vampires, and they are the ones who do patrols, and go out to face threats head on. Did not need that pointed out at all.

What I did like.

How the author explains things. I like an author gives you the facts and this author delivers. While its more of a ‘tell you’ rather then a ‘show you’ style I did appreciate the clear descriptions of things like how all the witches’ powers work. When their powers are at their peak. When their powers are at their weakest, etc.

The author also goes in the gives the reader a quick chakra lesson through Ava’s ceremony prep and explains a little about herbs and such. She also explains a bit about weaknesses for the vampires and things like that. I like that. Tell me things I don’t know much about and how they work in this world you have created for me to immerse myself in.

To Sum It Up

As a whole Dark Secret is a decent book that gives the reader a new world to explore that opens the possibility that this could actually, potentially, be going on around us without us 'normal' people even being aware of it. To me it seems like a witch/vampire blend of Twilight and City of Bones when it comes to plot and feel. But that could just be me.

Hopefully the second book offers some more explanations of what is going on between the witches and vampires to make them hate each other so much, maybe some more supernatural creatures and people, and add more development of the characters that we can dive into.
14 reviews1 follower
February 17, 2020
I must admit, my first thought upon reading the first line was "oh no, not first person present tense," as normally that is by far my least favourite narration style, however, it worked well for the purpose of the story, and wasn't anywhere near as grating as it usually is. It offered some benefits in terms of being able to see Ava's thought processes as they were happening, but overall it's still a tense I really dislike, and probably contributed to me not being able to rate this book higher, as it's just a strong personal preference.

One thing I really liked about this book is that Ava, the main character, is really opinionated and full of personality. Often writers in this genre will play it safe, and make their characters pretty bland, but that was not the case here, and I really appreciated how 3 dimensional and fun to read Ava was. She's not entirely likeable and she has negative traits too - namely her stubbornness, but I liked that too in a way as it was more realistic. Real people have flaws, and I liked that while Ava was strong, she wasn't perfect.

One thing I really didn't like about this book, was the dialogue involving Ava's mother. It's mentioned that her mother speaks in Spanish, and that's fine, but instead of doing something to indicate that she was speaking a foreign language (like italicising the words, or using <> symbols around them like other books do), her dialogue is actually written in Spanish which most readers wouldn't be able to understand as this is a book aimed at English speakers. It's very annoying because the dialogue is written, and then the translation is awkwardly worked into Ava's thoughts afterwards, and it just feels really forced and unnatural to read. There are also certain occasions where no translation at all is given, so the reader is left not knowing what the mother says.

Overall, the pacing is a bit slow at the start, but it picks up around chapter 6, and is pretty compelling to read. The story is a lot shorter than most books, with only about 170 pages of the actual story, but I don't really see this as a negative as it was still fun to read, and I thought the plot was decent. It's a bit sparse in places, but as it's the first one of a series, I'm sure it will get meatier as the series goes on.


One thing I really dislike is the instant attraction between Jasik and Ava. It's fine to be into someone immediately, but the way it's written just feels grating and annoying to read. I get that they have a sire bond, but that's never really fully explained. Ava is simultaneously obsessed with him, and bothered about her feelings towards him, and she does not stop going on about it. I swear we get pretty much the same sentence at least 15 to 20 times of her thinking that she's attracted to him but doesn't want to be. I know it's probably a deliberate choice, but as a reader it just feels like the author forgot that she already wrote that part. It really affects the pacing of the story, and isn't much fun to read as the two have no real chemistry, it just feels very forced and uncomfortable.

I do like Ava's transition to a vampire, and how she has to deal with the conflict of becoming the one thing that she's always hated and hunted. It's a bit whiny in parts, but I don't really mind that as it's realistic because Ava is a young girl, and that's likely how she would react in that situation. It's pretty fun to read the changes she goes through, and to see the stark difference in her thought processes before and after the transition.

Overall, this is a decent book, and worth a read if you're a fan of the vampire genre, but it's unlikely to become your new favourite.
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20 reviews1 follower
February 18, 2020
I received a copy of Dark Secrets for my honest review.
I didn't know what to expect but i was quickly finding my self not wanting to put it down. It is fast passed paranormal book. It was very enjoyable. It quickly got my attention from the first page.
A young women Ava has been raised as a witch, she was groomed in a sense to take her grandmothers place when she passed away. Ava is very self confindent but came off as hard headed and stubborn she has killed a few vampires and now she thinks shes some what untouchable. Ava is a spirit witch, she isn't tied to any one element during any time of the year.
The book had alot of mystery and suspense which i love about a book because your not sure how or what could happen next. I did really enjoy the romance of this book i don't think it was like anyother paranormal romance i have read yet.
The fighting/combat seen between the vampires and witches was my favorite part.
I feel the realationship between Ava and Jasik could have been explored more im looking foward to see in the next book where they could end up.
Ava has alot of growing and maturing to do. I love that she is strong willed to a point but can quickly get in over head. Shes not one to let anyone tell who what to do. Im excited to see how she grows in the next book.

I really enjoyed a different kind of romance read and this gave me exactly that. I really enjoyed seeing it from First person perspective it was a different twist than what im use too! hands down i give it a 5 star read!

Thanks to Danielle Rose and Waterhouse Press for allowing me to read this book! It is also release day and my birthday!
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1,180 reviews
March 8, 2020
Where did I stop? 34% in

Why? Ultimately, this book is poorly edited. There’s walking back over established world rules/inconsistencies (spirit witches having minimal control over the elements but Ava has some control over them oh BTW if there’s an element nearby they can ride it and sort of harness its power; vampires turning to dust and “cleaning up after themselves” in one scene and leaving scattered body parts in the next), redundant writing (multiple mentions of getting grounded for sneaking out to hunt in one chapter or Ava wanting to talk to Liv about what happened, repeatedly, in another), and wasted space on unnecessary information (overly detailed about what chakras are and how they operate; far too detailed about a moon ritual). My copy of the book was only 167 pages long. There’s so much that could have been cut to make the plot move forward more smoothly without it stalling for unnecessary detail that just took up valuable real estate. Not to mention the writing itself was overly florid. It could have been a fun read, but there’s a lot not going for it here that I wasn’t about to slog through, even if the book is short.
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February 18, 2020
* I received this as a advanced reader copy exchange of an honest review**
This hook me from the first page. Its been so long since I read vampire and witches book.
Ava is 17 trying to protect heat cover from vampires. I understand how it must hurt to hear your mom to say thir disappointed in you. She feel so bad that as a child she couldn't protect them from through vampires. Throughtout her journey she find put that there are secret that have been kept from her. I love this so much and can't wait for the other book
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April 28, 2021
A quick and easy read. Not the best thing I've ever read but definitely good enough to keep my attention and leave me wondering how the story would progress. Timeline was a little bit confusing though... the way Ava referred to past events made them seem like they were at least a couple of months ago, but it turns out it had only been a few days. Anyway, if you're looking for a fresh take on vampire stories the plot isn't entirely original (a lot of the dialogue and lore reminded me of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries) but the whole with thing definitely has potential to be.
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February 18, 2020
I really liked this paranormal book. It’s a great start to this series and I can’t wait to read more about Ava and the adventures that she will have. She is a novice witch and her mother is head of her coven. She is out hunting vampires against her mother’s wishes with her friend who is a fire witch with no experience at all and they get attacked by a group of vampires. Ava starts to learn that she hasn’t been taught complete truths and there is a lot to learn still. This is a very quick read.
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February 18, 2020
I honestly was not too sure what I was going to get when I signed up for this book. I have read a few of the authors contemporary books and adored the storyline and the authors writing. With Dark Secret, Danielle Rose gives us such a unique and spellbinding tale that is so unique that you cannot put it down at all. I fell in love with Ava and her character. Her spunk and her need to protect the ones she loves. There are some interesting moments that leave you with a ton of questions and I am really looking forward to what else will come of this series.
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February 14, 2020
This was my first YA/Paranormal read from Danielle Rose, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ava is a spirit witch and a protector of her coven until she does something they don't approve of. Her own family kicks her out of her home/coven and she's taken in by her enemy...Vampires. Ava learns things she never knew and lies she was told by her family.

I loved Ava's character and her strength!! Danielle wrote this story with so much detail and I could picture everything so clearly. The other characters intrigued me. I can't wait to read more in the next book and see how things continue!! Keep writing these amazing books Danielle!

This is a definite MUST READ!! I give it Five Amazing Stars!!

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February 15, 2020
Fun twist on paranormal! Wendy for Janise’s Jivin’ Book Blog

I liked Jasik from the time we met. I know that despite him being a vampire there is still goodness in him. Ava doesn’t trust any of the vampires but as she gets to know them she begins to develop trust. I really like how Danielle combined these two supernatural worlds. I haven’t read any good young adult novels in a while so happy I read Dark Secret. Love a good story that has the main character growing up and beginning their life as an adult. Story was a quick and easy read and left me wanting more.
February 18, 2020
This is the first book in the Darkhaven Saga, and I have to say I was blown away. I love Ava and all her flaws. Ava ws born a spirit witch who hunted vampires. Until one day when she becomes the very thing she hunted for years. I can't wait to see what is in store for Ava and Jasik. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series as it comes out.
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January 30, 2020
I thought this book had a lot of promise as who doesn’t love a witch and vampire story??

There was a lot of action in the first 2/3rds, but then it just dropped off without questions being answered. I know this is a series and I hope the next book follows up on answering the loose ends.

I wish there was more backstory about Ava and her coven, her father’s death, why they hate vampires so much, etc. It was mentioned the change to vampirism is a hard process, but it was barely described besides a little thirst. I did laugh out loud about microwaving blood - loved that little tidbit. More of the Jasik/Malik/Amicia backstory. There is SO much good stuff here the Danielle Rose can work with. I just want more☺️ I think the premise is so interesting and entertaining - there could be a lot done with this story.

Overall, was a fun and quick read and I will definitely read the rest of this series. Vampires are my guilty pleasure☺️

**Thank you to Net Galley and Waterhouse Press for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.**
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