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Mindy Kim #4

Mindy Kim, Class President

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Fresh Off the Boat meets Junie B. Jones in the adorable chapter book series following Mindy Kim, a young Asian American Girl—in this fourth novel, Mindy runs for class president!

It’s time to pick a class president, and Mindy really wants to win—and she’s basing her entire campaign on snacks and being kind, so how could she NOT be chosen?

But there is one big thing that Mindy is not sure she can do—make a speech to her class about why she would be the best pick for president. Can Mindy face her fears and show the class—and herself—that she can be the best class president ever?

96 pages, Paperback

First published September 15, 2020

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About the author

Lyla Lee

19 books568 followers
Lyla Lee is the bestselling author of YA books about K-pop and K-dramas as well as the Mindy Kim series and the upcoming Gigi Shin books for younger readers. Her books have sold more than 40,000 copies and have been translated into multiple languages around the world. Originally from South Korea, she’s lived in various cities throughout the United States, worked various jobs in Hollywood, and studied Psychology and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. She now lives in Dallas, Texas. When she’s not writing, she likes to frequent cute cafes and play with her dog, Eiva the Siberian Husky. Visit Lyla at lylaleebooks.com or on social media (IG, Twitter, and TikTok @literarylyla).

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Profile Image for Jessica.
769 reviews34 followers
April 23, 2021
This was the most recent of the Mindy Kim series that is currently out (I'm so excited for the fifth book, in which Mindy goes to Korea!), and it might actually be my favorite! In it, Mindy decides to run for class president, and it could not be more third grade. First of all, the central tension is that she has to give a speech, but her speech paper is a fill in the blank! Hilarious. Secondly, why does she want to run for class president? No idea. But when she (**attention: spoiler**) doesn't win the election, she realizes that her platform (kindness, snacks, and being friends) isn't limited to being class president. She can do all of these things by being a regular member of the class and supporting the newly elected president. Awwww. So many chapter book series are really snarky and sarcastic (and I'm kind of those things a lot of the time), but Mindy Kim's emphasis on kindness really has me charmed.

Gr. 2-3
Profile Image for Elizabeth Beck.
63 reviews8 followers
November 15, 2020
Teacher recommendation: My kids enjoyed it and was good when we learned about government and were talking about leaders. Since we only read this one, I didn’t like that the “enemy” was from a previous book (the first). Being that this was the fourth book I would have preferred from an Social Emotional learning perspective that she would have moved passed that. Overall though my kids enjoyed the book and are interested in checking out her other stories.
Profile Image for Abby Johnson.
3,373 reviews309 followers
August 23, 2020
This is a super cute early chapter book series about a Korean-American girl navigating a new life in a new state. With details about her Korean heritage and meat to the story as Mindy not only navigates a new school but life without her mom, this is a winning series perfect for fans of the Anna Banana books or Jasmine Toguchi.
Profile Image for Maria.
313 reviews7 followers
December 5, 2020
A really adorable book. Read it in one sitting lol and it was just the quick read I needed to cleanse my palate and get a little new tastes.

Will be looking forward to the next Mindy Kim book 😊😊
Profile Image for V.
685 reviews8 followers
May 21, 2021
We have enjoyed the Mindy Kim series; T has blossomed into a fluent reader of early chapter books, reading several pages of each chapter himself (and then trading off with me). He likes Mindy as a character and enjoys the stories about her. He has strong opinions on the problems she has faced. Mindy Kim, Class President was just as positive of a reading experience, but the subject matter was not such a great fit. Mindy, in a run for class president, fears public speaking and works to gain confidence and oratory skills. Mindy is not set on winning as much as running a good campaign and simply participating. Spoiler Alert: She doesn't win. She does set an excellent and believable example as a gracious loser, though. The whole process she goes through is empowering to readers, emphasizing the journey and personal achievement.

T's lesser interest in this story line is, I think, a result of T being in kindergarten and not having experience with student government. However, reading about Mindy's platform and campaign did prompt a fair amount of conversation about her candidacy and promises. Mindy's platform is friendship, kindness, and snack sharing. As a former student-council moderator, I found myself critical of her teacher's allowance of campaign swag (like edible treats given out on election day) and compensatory promises (of more snacks from Mindy upon her election). This contributed to our conversations and helped T to view campaign promises critically. In all, Mindy Kim, Class President was a tense and uplifting story about a complex and relatable character. I recommend the series and look forward to reading the next two installments with T!
Profile Image for Crystal ✬ Lost in Storyland.
986 reviews195 followers
June 21, 2021
Mindy is eight years old and now in third grade. Third grade comes with new responsibilities, like more homework and class duties. Like being class president. With election season coming up for the adults, it’s also time to pick a class president. Mindy is scared to run because candidates need to present a speech to the class, and public speaking makes her feel queasy. But Sally and Dad believe in her, so she decides to give it a try. After brainstorming with her Dad, she decides to base her platform on friendship, kindness, and snacks.

Mindy’s story teaches readers about standing up to their fears. Although Mindy lacks confidence in public speaking, her dad encourages her with a growth mindset, telling her that he’s proud of the work she puts into her campaign regardless of whether she wins or loses. And he teaches her that she can do the things she promises in her platform even if she loses. Her friend, Sally, and her babysitter, Eunice, and Eunice’s mom also encourage her and give her advice along the way. Along with Mindy, readers will learn what a platform is and that each vote matters. Mindy learns also the value of her work in and of itself, respect for her fellow campaigners (except for a mean kid), and the importance of friendship.
Profile Image for Annamarie Carlson (she, her).
965 reviews14 followers
January 2, 2021
Mindy Kim has adjusted to her new school, miles and miles away from her old home in California. In fact, now that she is in third grade, Mindy is ready to run for class president! Mindy learns all about how to run a great campaign (with a platform focused on kindness and snacks), but she is extra nervous about having to make a speech in front of her whole class. Can Mindy face her fears and win over her classmates?

I adore this series. Mindy Kim is a Korean American elementary school student, going through the ups and downs of everyday school drama, elements of her culture easily woven into the storytime, and personal and familial adjustments to her mom dying before Mindy and her Dad moved to Florida. Great for fans of Jasmine Toguchi--though I really, really hope the Mindy Kim series doesn't end with just four books like that series. More Mindy Kim please! Already a regular book talk title for me, I will be passing these books to more and more kids.
Profile Image for Pam Carlson.
310 reviews1 follower
April 23, 2021
Mindy's platform of friends, kindness, and snacks sounds like a winner. What scares her is having to make a speech as part of her campaign. Her babysitter. dad, and stuffed animals are a supportive audience as she practices. The weekend before the campaign is Halloween and her first time in the haunted house at the carnival. Finding her courage there helps when she makes her speech on Monday. She hopes she'll win but she'll accept someone else as long as it isn't mean Brandon. Lighthearted encouragement for anyone who has ever had to try something new. Expressive black and white illustrations. This is number four in the series.
May 14, 2021
My family really enjoys the Mindy Kim series and we are looking forward to books 5 & 6 this year.

Mindy steps out of her comfort zone because she really wants to help her friends and fellow classmates. And one way to do that is to run for class president. Mindy hates public speaking, A LOT! to the point that a haunted house isn't as scary giving a speech. Can Mindy overcome her fear of public speaking? What will push her to keep at it instead of dropping out? And will she be the next class president?

Profile Image for Erin Buhr.
Author 5 books31 followers
August 28, 2020
The latest book in the Mindy Kim series is perfect for Fall. Halloween and elections are the focus as Mindy celebrates her favorite holiday and prepares to run for class president. I love how Mindy works hard to prepare for the election, but even more how she overcomes her fear of public speaking. I think this fear is one a lot of kids can relate to and this book shows how she works through it. Sweet and fun, the latest Mindy Kim book is just as delightful as the earlier books in the series.
Profile Image for Great Books.
2,923 reviews54 followers
January 7, 2021
Mindy Kim is back in this newest installment of the Mindy Kim series. In this book, Mindy learns what it means to be a good friend while running for class president and overcomes her fear of public speaking. I loved the little cultural elements and how Mindy navigates through a new grade after moving and her dad's new girlfriend.
Reviewer #18
Profile Image for dawn.
124 reviews12 followers
January 29, 2021
Another cute, fun read in this series!
Profile Image for Charles.
457 reviews4 followers
July 1, 2021
My daughter and I enjoyed this book. It demonstrates determination, addresses doubt, and wraps up with some very valuable life lessons on sportsmanship.
Profile Image for Tia.
850 reviews323 followers
January 24, 2023
Sweet story of Mindy overcoming her fear of giving a speech in front of her class…love the idea of practicing in front of an audience of stuffed animals. So cute and effective too! I’ll have to give this tip to my kiddos.
Profile Image for Sheila.
477 reviews
July 17, 2021
Can’t believe how much Mindy has grown up since the series started. Love this series!
2,140 reviews
August 7, 2021
Continuing fun and scary adventures of Mindy Kim, Asian American in elementary school
52 reviews
June 7, 2022
Another sweet story following the life of Mindy Kim. In this story Mindy runs for class president against a few of her classmates. The story addresses well the importance of hard work, facing your fears, and illustrates well healthy and unhealthy competition. My six year old girls continue to enjoy these stories and ask for more. I feel they continue to be appropriate for their age as well. Overall a great read.
Profile Image for Ettak.
412 reviews1 follower
August 23, 2021
Mindy Kim is now a third grader! And when she gets the chance to run for her third grade Class President, she is nervous about public speaking but wants to give it a try. Family and friends, even puppies and plushies are very supportive and encouraging. Will Mindy Kim soon have a new title, President Kim?
Profile Image for Panda Incognito.
2,683 reviews50 followers
February 23, 2022
I got tired of books about class elections while I was still the target audience for them, but this one is pretty cute. I like the focus on Mindy overcoming her fear of public speaking.

Profile Image for Amber.
43 reviews1 follower
August 27, 2022
This is the second Mindy Kim book I’ve read and I’d like to read more. Mindy learns some important lessons while running for class president, such as how to be brave, how to handle the bully, and how to handle disappointment gracefully. The author’s writing style makes gives this book an journal-like feel from the perspective of 8 y/o Mindy Kim, complete with plenty of exclamation marks. Lyla Lee also does a great job incorporating Korean phrases and some Korean culture, and explains them in an age appropriate way.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Sarah.
3,267 reviews
January 20, 2021
Halloween is just around the corner, and a class election gives Mindy Kim the opportunity to do something really scary...public speaking!!

I enjoy Mindy Kim's optimism and honesty. She learns good lessons for kids her age. I do wish that there wasn't one "bad guy" character throughout the series because books should provide a learning ground for children to see forgiveness and growth as well as develop an empathetic point of view.
219 reviews
June 3, 2021
Mindy Kim ran to be class president but she didn't win the election. She was a good sport and was happy for the girl who won- Priscilla Jones. There was a mean boy who was running, and she was just happy he didn't win. Mindy also invited a new girl- Lindsay from Minnesota- to have lunch.
Profile Image for Cheryl .
8,920 reviews391 followers
June 22, 2022
Very much not the best of the series. I mean, it's great that everyone is so supportive of Mindy, and that she works so hard to overcome her fear of public speaking. But snacks? I'm sure glad that she didn't win by bribing the voters with snacks and then being obligated to feed them regularly or else break her campaign promise.

But gosh that Brandon. "I deserved to win! There needs to be a recount!" Remind you of anyone irl? Someone a lot older and bigger but no more mature?
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