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Some men know how to kiss.
Some men know how to love.

Sometimes you get those butterflies in the pit of your stomach instantly. Other times… well sometimes other feelings come first.

In this collection, you get it all. Right down to those fluttering feelings at the end of the book that make reading romance worth every single page.

Kiss Me Slow is a collection of four best-selling novels, including:

Ryan’s Bed by Tijan
We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels
Irresistible Attraction (a trilogy) by Willow Winters
King of Wall Street by Louise Bay

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.

1429 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 3, 2020

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February 17, 2020
My review for Irresistible Attraction by Willow Winters

𝗔 𝗦𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗲 𝗚𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲

Willow Winters has once again left me speechless. I finished this about 12 hours ago and I honestly had to process everything that happened in this book before I could actually think straight to review it!

A few words to sum up this book?


Those are just a handful of words, to sum up, this book, but they do not even come close to describing just how amazing it really and truly is.
Willow is known for her dark, kindle melting, all-consuming and addictive romances and this book is no exception.
She artfully weaves together words and turns them into a masterpiece. In my eyes, this author cannot write a bad book.

Jase was strong, dominant, intelligent, strong-willed, intriguing and very much intimidating. He’s perfect. I’ve always thought about this.

Bethany is outstanding, brave, determined, and a strong heroine in this story. She was everything I love in a heroine. She was perfect!

The two of them together are intense, to say the least, dark and dangerous, disturbing, but so wrong that it’s right, the chemistry between the two is off the charts, and will have you squirming in the seat. it’s downright addicting and I need more... I’m craving more. This story had me bent out of shape, but all in a good way. I love it when an author can knock me on my a** with a plot so heavy and consuming that it takes me weeks to recover and Ms. Winters did just that with A Single Glance.

It’s was beautifully well written and the characters were beyond amazing and that ended? I need MORE!! I cannot wait to see where the author goes with this, what she’s got up her sleeve. All I know is that I do not doubt in my mind that it’ll be epic!

𝗔 𝗦𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗲 𝗞𝗶𝘀𝘀

I have no words,
Once again Willow has gone and blown my freaking mind. After A Single Glance, I didn’t think this author could get any better.
But of course. She goes and proves that to be wrong.

In A Single Kiss, we continue Bethany and Jase’s intense, all-consuming and hot whirlwind love story, and just like the first book, this author weaves her magnificent skill and gives me everything and more that I wanted. After being hung and left out to dry on the ending on book 1, the author picked up where she left off, and we see Bethany become closer to Jase as the book progresses but yet there is still this distance. Bethany needs to find out the secrets and mystery that’s behind what happened to her sister, she also needs to find out who is trying to get to her. But something isn’t right, and something happens that makes her question everything she believed of Jase, and question his true intentions, is he wanting to protect her or not? She’s more confused and messed up trying to figure this out. Is Jase the man he says he is? Or is it Bethany blinded?

I FLOVED this book.
I’ve been a massive fan of Willow’s for a while now and when announced that this series was happening, I was beyond happy!
Now after reading book 2, I need book 3...I’m craving it! I’m craving Jase! Ms. Winters knows how to write a dark, intense and mysterious bad boy, she is the master at it, and it first started with Carter Cross (Jase’s brother) in the Merciless series, and now this series of books is Jases time to shine, and shine he does! He is perfect. He’s hard, he’s intense, he’s dark, mysterious, alluring and best of all, he would do anything for the woman he loves. But don’t let that fool you, he’s still ruthless and a bad man,.. but something about Bethany has his hard as concrete persona shifting slightly, and it pulls me in every damn time with this man.. I can’t explain exactly, but Jase has always been a favorite of mines I’m a sucker for a bad boy, what else can I say?

This love story is addictive and intense, to say the least, it’s no flowers and rainbows. No. Not. It will have you question everything you thought you’d figured out, and just when you think you’ve got it right and you think you know what’s going to happen next. Ms. Winters throws curve balls one after another and you are left with your heart pounding, your mind reeling and you are struggling to catch your breath!
And that? That is why I love this author so much! She is a genius!

I highly recommend this book, but it must be read in order, and if you are wanting to start from the very beginning, to get a better understanding of these Cross Brothers and their worlds, then start with Merciless.

𝗔 𝗦𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗲 𝗧𝗼𝘂𝗰𝗵

WOW! - I don't even know where to begin. Just when I thought this author couldn't get any better, she goes and blows my mind and delivers an outstanding, all-consuming, angst-filled, dark and raw plot that has swallowed me whole from the moment I turned the first page in A Single Glance (Book 1). Now as we hit the end of what was an amazing trilogy I am left feeling overjoyed with how amazing Ms. Winters weaved her words together to create a series for Jase and Bethany, yet... It's a bittersweet feeling and I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye.

I fell in love with the Cross brothers in the Merciless series so when it was announced that Jase was getting his own story I was beyond excited to see what this author had up her sleeve and she did not disappoint.

A Single Touch is the conclusion of Irresistible Attraction trilogy and I think out of all three books this one was the most emotional, most raw, most consuming. It was a roller coaster of a ride through each book, and in this book, it hit its peak. It was INTENSE, to say the least. Jase has been holding things back from Bethany, secrets that could quite possibly ruin their relationship, and everything they have become over the last two books. Will she be able to handle all the secrets and lies? Or will it be too much for her? Will they get a happily ever after?

I saw so many changes in Bethany in this book. she grew stronger and stronger as a person and grew strong as she continued to overcome her past and everything that was happening around her.

The push and pull with these two main characters was enough to drive me crazy, but in a good way of course, and though these two have their struggles together and with themselves, they could not deny the love they had for one another, and I couldn't help but fall in love with them over and over again.

This was one hell of a ride, it cut me deep in some parts, had me squirming in others and had my heart pounding a mile a minute the entire way through. The angst, the suspense, the unknown,... It consumed me from the beginning and didn't let go till the very end, and still, I am sitting here wanted and needing more.

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3,476 reviews29 followers
March 3, 2020
A SINGLE GLANCE BY W. WINTERS!! I was captivated with Jase and Bethany's story all the way through. This story had me on the edge of my seat with all the unknown, sexiness and suspense. I can't wait to get more of their story soon, I am so engrossed in these two. W. Winters is phenomenal in her storytelling and always a 1-Click for me.
A SINGLE KISS!! Jase and Bethany story continues from a Single Glance and OMG the fireworks are still flying. Their story will keep you on the edge of your seat and dying for more, which will come in A Single Touch. This author is brilliant in her storytelling to suck us readers into the story land and needing more. You definitely need these book in your life.
A SINGLE TOUCH!! This series has been like a drug....I was addicted to Jase and Bethany's story from the first book. As always Willow Winters gives us a head spinning conclusion that you can't put down. The book will keep you on the edge of your seat with all the feels. If you haven't started this trilogy yet what are you waiting for. Press 1-Click NOW, you will be happy you did.

Ryan's Bed by Tijan!!! This story was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. My emotions were all over the place....but I was so captivated in this book.

We Own the Night by Corinne Michaels!! Wow, I lived this book so much. It kept me flipping pages....what more can you want a boy band you grew up with and love.

This is the perfect collection on your Kindle, so go ahead and download it....you will love it.
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March 2, 2020
This Romance collection is made up of some amazing Authors. All who have been on my TBR for a long time and I just haven't gotten around to reading their work yet. That is the reason I love collections like this it gives me the diversity all in one place.

I had previously read Tijan and Willow Winters, but have not read Corinne Michaels or Louise Bay until now that is. Overall this collection is a great mix of troupes within the romance world, giving a good mix of strong, well written romance reads.

Ryan's Bed by Tijan - A young adult romance about a sister surviving the loss of her twin. This one took me almost half the book to settle into, I found it a little repetitive with the back and forth aspect and there were simply too many secondary characters involved. Once I hit the halfway point the story seemed to flow at a better pace and became more focused on the Hero and heroine. I did like how it turned out in the end.

We Own Tonight by Corrine Michaels - A rock star romance, with characters in their late 30's and early 40's which I loved! This book had me interested from the start. I liked that the characters were older and the connection they had was genuine. There is 2 other plot lines that run throughout this story one expected and the other not at all. The twist was great and I genuinely enjoyed reading this one. A different take on the rock star romance troupe which was angsty, a tearjerker but very refreshing in it's difference.

Irresistible Attraction trilogy by Willow Winters - This is the one collection I have read previously as the books were released. I love the romantic suspense element to this trilogy. It is part of Willow's Merciless world, which I am a fan of anyway. Jase is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it, he is protective of Bethany and will do anything for her but when you are tied up in the world he is from his actions have consequences. A steamy, suspense story for sure.

The King of Wall Street by Louise Bay - Another new to me Author, another book that I really enjoyed! This book is a single father, office romance. The Hero is a CEO of his own company and the heroine a new hire junior researcher. The chemistry is there from the start but for a good chunk of the book it plays out as an enemies to lovers story, Louise built up fantastic friction between the two main characters. I enjoyed seeing how their relationship navigated through the boss/employee boundaries and I am a sucker for a single dad romance so this book was a win win for me!

I look forward to the future collections from Top Shelf Romance if this is the standard of books that will be available, I will be one happy bookworm.
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866 reviews49 followers
March 2, 2020
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS

When you want the highest quality you reach for the stuff on the Top Shelf and these books and authors definitely deserve to be part of the Top Shelf Romance.

The collection of best selling novels found in Kiss Me Slow are from the following authors: Tijan (Ryan's Bed), Corinne Michaels (We Own Tonight), Willow Winters (Irresistible Attraction: A Single Glance, A Single Kiss, & A Single Touch) and Louise Bay (King of Wall Street).

I loved each and every story in this book!!!

Kiss Me Slow by the authors listed is an EPIC collection and will join the ranks of the BIBLIO-ARISTOCRACY!!!

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790 reviews87 followers
March 4, 2020
Can we just take a minute to thank our lucky stars we got all of these authors to release an all in one with some of their very best work?! Honestly, if you’re a romance lover YOU NEED this in your life, so make sure you buy this as soon as possible.
The first story, Ryan’s Bed, by Tijan is an absolute must read-probably by everyone. It truly is a remarkably beautiful, and emotional story, but seriously moving in many ways.
My other favorite was Louise Bay’s story. I absolutely adore her writing-everything about it is flawless, and to have a heroine be that bold was just so refreshing. Willow and Corinne are also two very talented authors that have amazing stories included-it’s just an absolute amazing one click. Five stars for every story in this!
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2,632 reviews3,209 followers
November 16, 2020
5 Yes, Yes, Yes Stars
* * * * *Spoiler Free-1st Top Shelf That Started It All,
Quick, ONLY 99 CENTS!!!!

There is something I have Always Thought...Kissing is an Art Form. I learned this when I was young and new with the activity. As I got older, I became sure in my concept, Kissing is an art form, and when it is done right...Watch Out.

Well, four well-known, extremely skilled authors must believe the same thing I do about kissing. They have come together under the Top Shelf Romance umbrella and are giving you four books that demonstrate their devotion to this show of affection.

Kick back, pucker up and pretend all those lips and other parts....are yours.

Ryan's Bed by Tijan Ryan’s Bed by Tijan
We Own Tonight (Second Time Around, #1) by Corinne Michaels We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels
Irresistible Attraction by Willow WintersIrresistible Attraction (a trilogy) by Willow Winters
King of Wall Street by Louise BayKing of Wall Street by Louise Bay

Kiss Me Slow by Tijan Kiss Me Slow

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 photo banner_zpsb3ab83a0.jpg
February 29, 2020
My review is based on Willow Winters Irresistible Attraction series and Tijan’s Ryan’s Bed.

Irresistible Attraction:

“So long as I’m with him, so long as his touch is within reach, I would give everything else up.”

I have never read a book by Willow that WASN’T five stars, but this series, I need to change that statement.. 10 STARS, WILLOW. TEN MOTHER F’ING STARS!! It was incredible. The passion that you can feel dripping from this book is something else.

One thing that pulls me into Willow’s books are her alphas and the woman that bring those alphas to their knees. Bethany definitely doesn’t lack in that category. I loved her!!

Don’t even get me started on Jase Cross.. That man.. mmmmmm!! Such the perfect balance between broody alpha-hole and soft man.

I still can’t comprehend how Willow can have this whole world in her head and put it into paper in the passionate and perfect way she does, but she does it. Book after book after book, she leaves me in awe. She is and will continue to be one of my favorite authors.

Ryan’s Bed:

Ryan’s Bed was heartbreaking, moving, and so full of love and loss.

I am still at a loss for words trying to write my review and it’s been hours since I finished.. But Tijan has a way of doing that to me.. leaving me speechless.

Mackenzie and Ryan have the type of connection that you can’t mimic. Ryan is Mac’s sanctuary. Her safe place. The calm in the eye of the storm.

Ryan is one of my favorite characters Tijan has written. There was never a doubt from day one of his feelings for Mackenzie. He didn’t hold back and he was so protective of her.

This story isn’t your typical girl meets boy love story. Ryan’s Bed is riddled with pain and loss. It shows us the different types of grief a person or a family can live through. The denial. The anger. The sadness. The loneliness. The feeling that your lost.

But through it all, I loved seeing Mackenzie fight through her challenges. The ending really gave me pause and I sat in my bed for a while and just read back through the book for little insights and hidden keys that would make it all alright.

Truth is, I’m not alright after finishing. This story really hit me in ALL of my feelings. I’m glad I read it but it was an eye opening read.

All in all, Ryan’s Bed was a powerful, meaningful read that I really enjoyed.
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Author 157 books12.1k followers
March 3, 2020
Kiss Me Slow, an exclusive collection of SIX Bestselling Novels, from Top Shelf Romance is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

Amazon Worldwide
Apple Books
Google Play: Coming Soon

Top Shelf Romance is bringing you the best of the best of romance in one collection, Kiss Me Slow, featuring FOUR bestselling authors; Tijan, Corinne Michaels, Louise Bay, and Willow Winters!⁣⁣
Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.⁣⁣

Some men know how to kiss. ⁣⁣
Some men know how to love.⁣⁣
Sometimes you get those butterflies in the pit of your stomach instantly. Other times… well sometimes other feelings come first. ⁣⁣
In this collection, you get it all. Right down to those fluttering feelings at the end of the book that make reading romance worth every single page. ⁣⁣
Kiss Me Slow is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣⁣
Ryan’s Bed by Tijan ⁣⁣
We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels ⁣⁣
Irresistible Attraction (a trilogy) by Willow Winters ⁣⁣
King of Wall Street by Louise Bay⁣⁣

 photo KMS_LIVE3_zpsgddlplzh.jpg
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930 reviews69 followers
March 2, 2020
Ryan's Bed by Tijan:
How do I even begin to put into words how this story made me feel? From the very first chapter I was intrigued, consumed and entranced by this heartbreakingly emotional read. This book was filled with loss, grief, forgiveness and love but the journey was raw, heart-wrenching, gripping and nothing short of perfection. If you haven't read this INCREDIBLE story I highly recommend grabbing some tissues and prepare to be left breathless!

We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels:
Why oh why have I waited so long to read this book??? This story was full of witty banter, heartbreaking moments, explosive chemistry and finding that once in a lifetime love. I was so taken by Heather and Eli that I couldn't and wouldn't put this book down until I read the final words in their story. Believe me when I say this is a story you MUST read! I will leave you with this...."I wasn't living before you, I was waiting. We were ONE heartbeat, ONE breath, ONE moment in time where there was nothing other than US!" With words like that how could you not want to read this breathtakingly beautiful love story.

Irresistible Attraction by Willow Winters:
Willow Winters is a newer author to me but after this suspenseful, addicting page-turnerI'll definitely be reading more of her books. Jase and Bethany's story was full of secrets, passion, love but will have your heart pounding and gasping page after page of this exhilarating read!

King of Wall Street by Louise Bay:
I absolutely loved Max and Harper! Their story was filled with sexual tension, chemistry, and a passion like no other. I had a smile throughout reading because these two characters and the multiple secondary characters were so much fun! If you are looking for a single dad, boss- employee romance with some sizzle this is the one for you!
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590 reviews37 followers
March 3, 2020
Kiss Me Slow is a collection of previously published full length stories by 4 Best Selling Romance Authors including a trilogy.
No cliffhangers.
That’s 6 full length stories!!

Tijan- Ryan’s Bed
Corrine Michaels- We Own Tonight
Willow Winters- The Irresistible Attraction Trilogy ( A Single Glance, A Single Kiss and A Single Touch)
Louise Bay- King of Wall Street

I’ve only read the Willow Winters’ Irresistible Attraction trilogy previously, had a Ryan’s Bed by Tijan on my TBR short list, Corrine Michaels as a must read author, and Louise Bay whom I’ve read previously and enjoyed but not yet read King of Wall Street.
All in all this collection is nothing less than a stellar 5 star on each authors merit. Still I read each story, and even reread the Irresistible Attraction series.


Ryan’s Bed by Tijan 5 HEART WRENCHING STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I’d always thought I was going crazy, but when I woke that morning in Ryan’s arms, I felt a little less crazy. I felt a little bit better. And I felt a little more whole.”

Ryan and Mac took me on an emotional journey that I wasn’t sure my heart wasn’t ready for. As always Tijan writes her characters so intricately with so much depth and an emotional rawness that grips you.
It’s not all claw your heart out but how she writes about grief and loss is harrowing but yet still beautiful with deep seated understanding and sensitivity. This story will leave an emotional imprint on my heart, both Mackenzie and Ryan two unforgettable Tijan characters.

We Own Tonight by Corrine Michaels 4.5 EMOTIONAL STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

“We can’t worry about tomorrow, we can only own tonight. And tonight, I’m going to make sure you never forget how good we are. When you want to run away, I want this to be what you remember.”

I was swept about by this story, it started out fun and light then got all hot and steamy, then came the angst and the tears flowed like a burst damn! This story is everything and that plot twist had me teetering over the edge, but all in all so beautiful and well written. Rockstar come down to earth kind of romance with characters being more of a mature age Heather and Eli will own your heart.

Irresistible Attraction trilogy by Willow Winters 5 FIERY STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A Single Glance: “There are moments in time, pauses in your reality, where you realize this instant will be a memory forever. Something that will never leave you. I’ll remember this one forever.”

A Single Kiss: “The only known in my life I need, is you beside me. As long as I have
you, nothing else matters.”

A Single Touch: “These moments are never forgotten.
That’s only with a single glance. I can tell you what a single touch will do. It will consume you and everything you thought you knew. I felt all of this with Jase Cross, with every flicker of the flames that roared inside of me. I knew he’d be my downfall, and I was determined to be his just the same.”

I love this series and book world to no end. Willow Winters writes full on sexy, emotional, suspenseful, edge of your seat gripping mafia romance. Jase Cross is alpha and comes with his own intensity that the Cross brothers and the men in the Merciless world is branded for. Bethany is no push over, she’s a girl on a mission and will stop at nothing to find out about her sister’s death, even bargaining with the devil himself. This one of Willow’s best writing and it only get better. Be very thankful that this is a complete trilogy because I died a thousand deaths while read this as each book was released. EPIC, OUTSTANDING and PHENOMENAL writing by an author I highly recommend to every romance reader.

King of Wall Street by Louise Bay
4 SWOONY STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“In that moment we were joined; we were connected; we were inseparable.”

After and all out emotionally charged read this book was refreshing and low on the angst. Louise Bay writes with an easy seamless flow. Her H are always swoony and h have an edge of vulnerability and brash strength to them.
Max is undeniably sexy and swoony, there’s everything to love about a man a suit; he’s not quite the alpha a-hole he came across as at the start and this is such an endearing quality. I loved how he’s very much an involved dad in his teenage daughters life and that she’s far from the bratty kind.


There’s something for every romance reader in here and a great way to experience new authors and check a book or two of your TBR ( I sure did!) and have a great collection in one must-read EPIC ROMANCE COLLECTION.
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660 reviews34 followers
February 23, 2020
I devoured these books so fast! I absolutely loved them all!! They were beautiful, heart-wrenching and romantic!! These four authors have an incredible way with words!!
Profile Image for Andrea.
1,396 reviews11 followers
February 14, 2020

This is an extraordinary collection of hot and sexy alpha men who fight for their women with persistence and finesse that is simply adorable. A MUST READ that deserves 10 of 5 sparkling stars.

💔 RYAN’S BED by Tijan

I don't even know where to start or how to describe what this book has done to me. Mackenzie and Ryan’s story is one of the rare perls in an ocean of books!
It’s very, I mean VERY, emotional and the characters are described so vividly that I could relate to them one hundred percent.
The inner conflict, the inner turmoil, the conflicting feelings, the agony and the pain that Mac and her family are going through… it all felt so raw, so real, so authentic that I could feel it myself. Not in the intensity that they do, but I COULD feel it.
Reading this book is kind of a challenge. It broke my heart over and over again and I had to pause ever so often to rein in my emotions and tears.
But this book isn’t just about loss. It’s about friendship, and love, about empathy and about supporting a friend, about mending torn pieces and above all it’s about healing and the process to get there.
It’s a wonderful and moving book, captivating and stirringly written, which I highly recommend and which will stay with me for a very long time!


💖 WE OWN TONIGHT by Corinne Miachaels

O.M.G !

We Own Tonight is another fantastic read from this author. Her books are truly unique in every way possible …
… full of emotions …
… full of compassion …
… full of twists and turns …
… full of depth …
… full of heart and sincere feelings …

Eli and Heather’s story is no exception. They are a dream team if I have ever read about one. They are so perfect for each other - like pieces of a puzzle clicking together - so perfect that sometimes it hurt to read about it.
Their chemistry threatened to ignite my e-reader. ;)
They both come with quite some baggage … one of them being Heather's sister Stephanie, who has Huntington's disease.
The chapter about Eli and Heather visiting Busch Garden absolutely destoyed me. It was just too intense to keep it together.

Ms. Michaels has done a wonderful job of interweaving the horror of that disease with the otherwise very intriguing and romantic, passionate and gripping story. It makes this book a phenomenal read with many moving moments and a page turner par excellence!




Bethany and Jase’s story is gripping from the very first page on.
The readers’ emotions are getting played by the world’s best word concocter.

I felt the despair, the agony and pain of Beth while mourning her sister’s death. I felt her obsession for answers and I felt the chemistry between her and Jase, the tingling, the butterflies, the desire.
I felt the protective streak in everything Jase did, his anger and pain and his obsession with all things Beth.

Both characters are profound with multiple layers to their personalities, perfectly created by this versed author. So well versed that she lets her readers feel every little emotion even if it's so small.

The plot is twisted and thrilling. Everytime when I thought that I had figured out something it took a new turn and only added to all those hidden secrets and mysteries. And there are so many mysteries to be solved …


Jase and Bethany’s story continues as mind-blowing, thrilling and intense as A Single Glance ended.
Again I am at a loss for words to properly describe my emotions while reading.
I almost felt like an addict craving their drug of choice while reading on and on to find out what would happen next. It is a feeling quite unsettling, yet satisfying, too.
I got drawn in deeper and deeper into this abyss of tangled lies and truth with seemingly no way out …

I felt Bethany’s despair and loss, her hopelessness and her drowning in grief and her craving for peace and love, safety and being cherished …
And I felt Jase’s anger and hate, his want for revenge, his craving for Bethany’s calm and to keep her protected …

With A Single Kiss Ms. Winters has surpassed herself another time ... unbelievable but nonetheless true!


Right now I am terribly torn with this book and this series.
On the one hand, I am glad that A Single Touch is the last instalment of this series. Another book would surely have killed me. The tension in this last book was murderous, which made me read as quickly as possible and hate me at the same time because I wanted to enjoy this book for as long as possible, knowing that it was the last in the series.
The plot kept me on my toes, to say the least, and my fingernails really suffered trough this book…

On the other hand, I am so, so, sooooo indefinitely sad that this series ends here. I want to keep Jase forever in my life and not let him go at all ... ever!

I do not know what else to say about the characters. I have said everything before. They are amazing in every little facet of their personalities, created as perfectly and skilfully as any figure in a book by Ms. Winters.
She was, is and always will be one of my favorite authors!



This is such a hot and sexy read that my e-reader threatened to catch fire not only once. WOW!
The chemistry between Harper and Max is incredibly hot and can't be denied by either of them, they may fight it as they want. But mixing personal feelings and business is not the smartest idea ... is it?

Both characters are absolutely comprehensible and have so many personality facets that appearances are deceptive.

I loved every twist of this story, every bump in the road, as it only increased the tension of whether they would find their happy ending or not.
This is clearly another page-turner from this very talented author.

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321 reviews3 followers
March 3, 2020
An amazing collection of novels

*Tijan* *Corinne Michaels*
*Willow Winters* *Louise Bay*

This is an amazing collection of stories from Top Shelf Romance, featuring four outstanding romance authors. It's pretty fantastic that all these books are all together in one volume.

These four books are all very different types of novels, so there should be something for everyone in here.

Ryan's Bed, Tijan

Ryan's Bed is a slow-burn, haunting Young Adult book that begins in the aftermath of a tragedy and follows the life of Mackenzie as she adjusts to her new world.

This story is full of teenage angst and drama, and while quite sombre in tone, is really touching and raw in places. Ryan is Mackenzie's rock. He is a really likeable and dependable character, he and Mackenzie are definitely kindred spirits, drawn to each other in a truly difficult time.

Mackenzie's narrative is complex, and will have you questioning what is happening a few times, as the ghosts from her past keep appearing in her life, and the journey through her grief is ongoing. I enjoyed the twist at the end... Or was it?!

We Own Tonight, Corinne Michaels

This is an endearing story of fate and finding true love.

Heather and Eli meet in an unconventional way, and soon begin a passionate romance. Along the way there is sadness that will really tug at the heart, and there's an unexpected turn of events at the end of the book.

This is a heart-warming novel, filled with emotion and heartache but also hope, love and positivity. I found this book to be really engaging, funny in places, and full of emotional ups and downs. This is an excellent contemporary romance.

Irresistible Attraction, Willow Winters

Irresistible Attraction is the complete story of Jase and Bethany, from the book's A Single Glance, A Single Kiss and A Single Touch.

In this book we enter the mafia world of the Cross Brothers, meeting Jase and Bethany. There's intrigue from the beginning, the search for the truth, and lies are uttered. There's plenty of chemistry between the two main characters, but there's also tenderness and several heart-stopping moments to add into the mix!!

This story had me guessing throughout - Where was this story going? What was going to happen next? There are a few mysteries and questions that need answers as we go along and this novel brought everything together to an amazing conclusion. The further you go into the story, the more nuanced and complex the tale gets. This book has romance, chemistry and love aplenty and all the magical ingredients needed for an amazing read.

This is a gripping page-turner and I would definitely recommend for those that love contemporary romantic suspense books and mafia stories.

King of Wall Street, Louise Bay

An enjoyable and upbeat contemporary boss/employee enemies-to-lovers romance. This book is witty, quirky, and moves along at really nice pace.

Harper and Max have an amazing natural chemistry. They were a believable and relatable pairing, with some flaws, but there was always a feeling of them being absolutely right for each other. They had great banter together and were a couple with plenty of heat.

The author created a fully formed world of friendships, colleagues and family in this novel. These secondary characters really added to this world without detracting from the main story in any way, in fact they helped to push the narrative forward. I thought this was done really well.

King of Wall Street is a great read if you enjoy stories that are fun, warm and full of chemistry. This is a complete standalone story, told in dual pov.
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March 10, 2020
Ryan’s Bed by Tijan: 5 Star
Click to read my review

We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels: 5 stars
A sweet, humorous and emotional romance. The story of Eli and Heather melted my heart from beginning to end! I thought I’d come across all there is to come across in this genre after reading as avidly as I have for so many years. I was wrong. This was epic! It was the truest romance journey I have read in quite some time. Realistic and relatable with just a touch of starry eyed fantasy to make my heart happy!

Irresistible Attraction (a trilogy) by Willow Winters:

A Single Glance (Book 1): 5 Stars
Willow Winters is a new to me author with this trilogy so I had no expectations going into this read and she blew me out of the water LOL My mind is completely blown at the sheer sexiness and passion and world-building I just read.
A Single Kiss (Book 2): 4.5 Stars
How luck am I that I got to read Bethany and Jace’s journey without interruption? VERY EFFIN LUCKY because this journey was so ridiculously flawless, I just could not have handled not having all the words!! The storyline continues to be an explosive page turner with growing intrigue, mystery and twists. Guy … I was glued to my kindle for days with this trilogy! Just amazing!
A Single Touch (Book 3): 5 stars
I don’t even know what to say about the conclusion of Jase and Bethany except holy balls of fire !! I mean everything about this story was fire! The intensity and passion that is Jase and Bethany will have you questioning if you’ve really read a passionate story before this. The character growth was spot-on for both Jase and Bethany! The plot twists and intrigue and mystery were very well developed and unfolded. Amazing!

King of Wall Street by Louise Bay: 4.5 Stars
You guys! I loved this story. I loved Max. I loved Harper. I loved Amanda. I loved Max and Amanda. I loved Max and Harper. I loved Harper and Amanda…. why have I not read all the words by Louise Bay yet?! Don’t worry, it’s happening soon :)

There's a lot of talent within these pages. You do not want to miss out on this epic collection from 4 bestselling authors! #TRUST
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February 10, 2020
Irresistible Attraction by Willow Winters
Jase. Need I say more? This trilogy was explosive! An epic page turner that kept me engaged throughout, turning the pages as fast as I could to see what was going to happen next. It was brilliant and amazing.

Ryan’s Bed by Tijan
I am new to Tijan and am always excited to find new authors. And wow! Full of tragedy, heartbreak, and love, Ryan’s bed will put you through an emotional rollercoaster! A great read.

We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels
Corinne Michaels consistently delivers and We Own Tonight is no exception. A beautifully written story with all of the feels.

King of Wall Street by Louise Bay
Hot, sexy, funny. The King of Wall Street was an amazing read! I loved it.
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March 4, 2020
This by far is one of the best collections I have come across. Whether you are new to romance and just want to give a few different genres a try or know these authors well and want to experience their greatness in one book you can’t lose. Every author has their own voice and writing style plus the genres are different. This is something I find different from many other themed collections.
Ryan’s Bed by Tijan is highly emotional and deals with a very sensitive subject in a poignant and respectful manner. This one will hit you hard in the feelings. While Willow Winters delivers in Irresistible Attraction romantic suspense in a heart pounding, gut wrenching way that she is know for. And yet still there is Louise Bay who writes a steamy single dad office romance that is funny, hot, and emotional.

Every book is a 5-star title from a brilliant must read author. This is a book I am happy to have on my shelf. Again, if you are new to romance it is a great place to start. I myself, a romance lover, had not had the pleasure of reading Louise Bay until this collection and she has a new fan in me.
This is a must own collection!
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February 12, 2020
My review is for Irresistible Attraction by Willow Winters

A Single Glance

Stunning is the first word that comes to mind when I read this book. As with all the Cross Brothers, Jase surprised me with the depth of his feelings he tries hard to bury. I love Bethany's determination in finding answers to her burning questions. She is a lost soul but has an inner strength she does not realize she is capable of. Bethany is continually pulling the bandaids off of Jase's inner wounds and forces him to rethink everything all over again.

The ending is heart-stopping and I can't wait to read more about Jase and Bethany.

A Single Kiss
Uncertainty and Indecisions...

Jase Cross is a man that has almost all of the human emotions. Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Contempt. But the emotions he is forever struggling with are fear and happiness. These are not in his makeup. He has no fear and does not believe he deserves happiness. Jase is plagued with a past that he cannot escape and harbors guilt for certain deeds he feels responsible for.

Bethany is caught up in the invisible ropes of danger and desire that Jase has bound her with. She cannot abandon the feelings she has for him. In the dark background, Marcus is still playing the role of puppeteer controlling Jase and Bethany's strings that are precariously dangling in danger of unravelling them both completely.

This story is emotionally gut wrenching as we watch Bethany at the crossroads of sinking into the world of Jase or swimming above it all to be free.

A Single Touch
Tell me Something Else.....

A beautiful love story that shows that even in the darkest well of despair, love and hope are always possible. The curtains are finally closed in this touching and heart moving trilogy of Jase and Bethany's journey. The suspense and drama that is Jase's life is always rearing it's ugly head, but Bethany knew what that entailed being with him. Her love for Jase is all consuming and she kept telling herself over and over again, she could not leave him. Bethany is continually asking Jase to "Tell me Something Else" as she craves to know the man that Jase really is under his armor.

Willow Winters words are alluring as she draws you in and envelops you in an emotional blanket that will have you forever drawn to the world where these characters were first born in the story. As I am sure the readers have expressed, it is hard to put into words how affected we feel after reading this story. Willow Winters continues to touch my heart on so many personal levels.
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March 1, 2020
What an incredible set of books!
Loved every single one.
There’s a bit of everything.
From serious to funny and everything in between.

Ryan’s Bed by Tijan
This book gutted me.
It’s filled with loss and heartbreak.
But also of love.
It’s an emotional story.
Beautifully written.
This author weaves a love story into a very serious heartbreaking issue.
I could feel the pain and loss of the characters.
But from the heartache a deep friendship grows and flourishes.
There’s a mending and healing of the broken parts of the soul and heart.
Ryan’s Bed is written exceptionally well and stirs all the highs and lows of the emotions.

We Own the Night by Corinne Micheals
What an incredible book!
Ms. Michaels delivers a phenomenal story of love and hope.
It’s the heartwarming romance of Heather and Eli.
Along with the romance there is sadness that broke my heart.
There are so many emotional rollercoaster ups and downs in this heartwarming story.

Irresistible Attraction (trilogy) by Willow Winters
A Single Glance
Wow what a gripping powerful all consuming book!
I loved every minute I spent living in the world of Jase Cross!
Under all his toughness and the rough environment he lives in there’s still a vulnerability to him.
There were moments I just wanted to hug him and take away his pain.
Jace is the antihero that should be hated but you just can’t.
It’s that draw and allure he possess that had me drooling and loving him.
But more than that there’s a deep pain in his heart he keeps in himself and doesn’t share even with his brothers.
Bethany is Jase’s balm.
She’s his comfort and his healing.
But her grieve is all consuming and she doesn’t know what’s truth or what’s lies.
As much as both need each other and their chemistry is off the charts hot.
Her pain may bring things tumbling down in a big way.
I can’t wait to read more of Jase and Bethany!

A Single Kiss
In A Single Kiss Ms. Winters gives the reader more of the feelings that Jase and Bethany have towards one another.
Their feelings are becoming more intense and more consuming.
When they are in each other’s presence both have a sense of comfort.
But these feelings are causing them to be weary and scared.
Each of them have their own reasons for being afraid of how much they need the other.
While Bethany is fighting with her feelings for Jase.
She is also still overwhelmed with the loss of Jenny.
Her chaotic overflowing emotions are throwing her in a deep depressive state.
Jase although he feels unworthy of Bethany he can’t let her go.
He’s merciless and cutthroat with his enemies and his business.
But when it comes to Bethany he has a soft side and a tenderness no one else gets to see.
There are secrets yet to be revealed and a mystery yet to be solved.

A Single Touch

The conclusion to the hard fought journey of Jase and Bethany.
Things are about to come crashing down on Jase.
Revelations will come to light.
Lies and the feelings of betrayal will run deep and wide.
Is Jase and Bethany’s relationship strong enough to withstand the earthquake that rocked their world?
I loved the final part of this amazing couples story.
It’s filled with so much emotions.
It had me heart hurting for both of them.
It also had me wanting to slap some sense into Jase at other times.
But still hoping they get their hea.
I can’t wait for the next book in this world that Ms. Winters has so masterfully created.

King of Wall Street by Louise Bay
What a fun read this book was.
An office romance that’s sexy and funny.
Harper and Max have incredible chemistry between them.
They fight and resist it but it won’t be denied.
I loved their banter!
Ms. Bay gives the reader a perfect blend of colleagues,family and friends.
Along with sexiness,heat and incredible chemistry between the characters.

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March 3, 2020
This collection of stories is absolutely amazing! I haven’t read the final one yet but the blurb has definitely peaked my interest, so I will definitely getting around to it this week😁

Suffice to say the first two stories by Tijan and Corinne were both my first by these authors and I’m certainly keen to look at some more of their work in the future❣️ Willow is a favourite author of mine already so her books are automatic one clicks for me😁 I’ve put my reviews together for these three and will post the final one as soon as I’m finished reading it.

Tijan - Ryan’s bed


I purchased this book when it first came out after reading a sample, but I just recently realised I hadn’t finished it. This book is my first by Tijan and I don’t think it’ll be the only one.

This book deals with grief within a family unit, the aftermath essentially and coping mechanisms which are different for everyone. That ending was one I never could’ve seen coming and I’m sure it’s going to leave me reeling for a while yet❣️

I loved Mac’s character and her strength persevering to go on and I also fell in love with Ryan and his inner goodness😍 A must read story❤️

Corinne Michaels - We Own Tonight

We Own Tonight😍

This is my first book by Corinne that I’ve read and it was sweet but with an emotional edge to it. There aren’t many authors that can get me to cry, so I was pleasantly surprised when I did as these characters snuck in and wouldn’t let go❣️

Heather is an officer but rarely lets loose because of her responsibilities. When her girls decide to take her out for the night to watch an old band they loved while growing up, Heather is surprised when Eli calls her out of the crowd😱

An amazing heartfelt story of finding love again and the journey it takes to get there❤️

Willow Winters - Irresistible series

A single glance, kiss and touch❤️

Jase is Carter’s brother and runs the club The Red Room. When a woman comes in causing a disturbance, rather than Jase sending his second in command to deal with her....he sets out to do so himself. However, Beth is unlike any woman he’s ever met. She’s fiery and is a fighter. What happens next will blow your mind😍

Bethany is still searching for answers regarding her sister and Jase and Seth are the people looking into this for her. Tumultuous times ahead and some interesting surprises I wasn’t expecting. Filled with red herrings, steamy sensual moments, danger and some surprises that not even I expected, this trilogy will keep you on your toes❣️

I received an advanced copy and I voluntarily leave my honest review😍
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May 30, 2020
These are reviews for Willow Winters Irresistible Attraction Series
-A Single Glance (5 stars)
Bethany Fawn is looking for answers to her sister murder. Jase cross is the owner of The Red Room bar but that’s just a cover for who he really is. When Bethany goes to the Bar looking for someone to blame she might get into more trouble than she bargained for. “Jase Cross Will Be My Downfall” This is a great romantic suspense with many twists from Willow! Told in dual POV. This also ends in a mega cliffhanger!!!!

-A Single Kiss (5 Stars)
Willow You Are Brilliant!! Book two of this trilogy is finally here and more Jade Cross!!!! This picks up right where A Single Glance left off so you must read that first. Jase Cross and Bethany Fawn are magical together and this book is no different as they continue on their journey together to find answers. We get more mystery, romance and twists. “I’ll be angry alongside you. I’ll find you a way. I’ll make sure there’s not a damn thing that will touch you. Nothing should scare you when you’re with me.” I cannot wait to find out what happens in the conclusion of this series and how it all unfolds! My heart breaks for what Jase is dealing with internally. This books was everything and More. Ends in a major cliffhanger; Told in dual POV

-A Single Touch (5 Stars)
This is the 3rd and final book in this irresistible attraction trilogy. Jase Cross and Bethany Fawn are Perfection together and I’ve fallen in love with this series all over again! Jase knows now that he would do anything to protect Bethany. She has broken his hardened exterior and made him feel...alive...love. Can Jase and Bethany survive when all his secrets are finally revealed? Will Bethany finally find out the truth about her sister? There is so much intensity, twists, love and deception, you really need to start this trilogy today! The Cross Brothers are very powerful and I cannot wait for more of their stories and this world. What a fantastic love story. Told in dual POV
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February 14, 2020
I have read Willow Winters' trilogy Irresistible Attraction. Below is my review:

A Single Glance Book One
Wow! Just wow! This is an amazing story that just begins to touch the surface of what is to come with Jase and Bethany. Two broken people brought together when Bethany goes looking for answers to questions about her sister's death at Jase's club and what really happened. Jase takes one look at Bethany and can see her pain and can't deny the attraction he has to her. Bethany somehow believes Jase if not one of the other Cross brothers either had something to do with her sister Jenny's death or knows who did. Jase comes up with a way to answer Beth's question while also satisfying his need for Beth. Willow Winters has a way of pulling you into a story and keeping you wanting to read more and to really feel what the characters are experiencing. Jase and Beth may seem as if they are enemies (what Beth seems to believe) but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Both have no problems accepting it. This book is full of suspense, mystery, lies, an intense connection and at times even some trust. It will pull you in from the beginning and leave you wanting to know what happens next. Be warned this book ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you wondering what just happened? I can not wait to find out what will happen next and read more of Jase and Beth's story. I thought Carer Cross couldn't be topped. Looks like Jase may just steel the show!

A Single Kiss Book Two
OMG! This book was amazing! It picks up right where book one left us. Bethany and Jase are great and their connection only grows stronger as the story continues. Just when you think it couldn't get any better Willow is able to surprise you with what happens next again and again. The chemistry between Beth and Jase is smoking hot and will leave you needing a tall cool drink when you finish. The emotions you feel while reading this story will have you questioning what could possibly happen now? I absolutely fell more in love with Jase. I can not even begin to guess at what will happen with this super couple in book three! As before Willow leaves wanting to scream "WTH?" "When is the next book coming out?" Please say soon!

A Single Touch Book Three
What and amazing story that lead to a truly great ending. Jase and Bethany have a love that overcomes all the hurdles placed in the way to happiness. This story is filled with twists, turns, description, danger and a connection that gets stronger day by day. Bethany and Jase learn to trust one another while trying to find out what happened to her sister. The way Bethany was stood up to Jase when she discovers the secrets he has been keeping from her in order to protect her and the way she was able to understand why and forgive him was so brilliantly written. Jase is afraid at times to let Bethany see who he really is for fear of losing her. Bethany knows who he truly is deep down and understands who he is and accepts him. She just wants Jase to realize he so much more than he perceives himself to be. I liked the way his brothers along with Seth and Sebastian were right there ready to help Jase and Bethany. The chemistry between them was literally "Hot" between them. Probably some of the most intense scenes I have ever read. Ms Winters always manages to weave and craft a story that pulls you in and hits all your emotional buttons. The HEA was perfect!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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February 8, 2020
I really enjoyed reading this book as I already read two of them.. I loved all four of these story which of course I cried again reading Ryan's Bed. This is a must read
March 3, 2020
A single glance

Wow..just wow

It took me a while to think of what to put, I had to keep coming back and adding bits, this story gutted me and I've tried to read since and all I keep thinking about is jase, the beautiful but broody man who's stole my heart, I knew he would. The story grabs at you without notice you have to read it in one sitting, you can to anything else, it's intense and bloody brilliant.
Ive been a fan on willows work for a while now but this has completely blew the rest out of the park, it's exceeded my expectations and I'm craving more of him.

I'm not gunna lie. The kindle nearly hit the floor as I turned the last page, but it's so worth it, I'm on edge waiting to find out what happens next.❤

A single kiss

Oh wow, I knew I was going to enjoy the ongoing journey of jase and Beth.

Growing up in a life of death and destruction isn't something you can ever get away from, loving someone when you think your incapable of living or being loved is a different emotion entirely.

This book had me on thw edge of my seat, I read it in 1 sitting, I couldn't put it down, gahh that ending.....

Can't wait for more....need more!! Willow has ever has done an amazing job with these characters, I loved it.❤

A Single Touch

A single touch is the 3rd and final book in the trilogy and it absolutley blew my mind.

Jase and Bethany has been my favorite couple and after reading the first two I knew this was going to deliver and O.M.G did it!! I absolutley love how willow writes, she draws you in, every page had me holding my breath, it completely broke my heart.

Jase cross has ruined me in the most amazing way possible.

You have to read this series it's undoubtedly the best thing ive read.

The cross brothers will suck you in and spit you out, I'm at a loss what to read now because the hangover is madness

I love you willow, everything you write is pure gold
June 8, 2020
This collection is amazing!! My review will be based on the Irresistible Attraction collection.

A Single Glance

What an intense, emotional ride! Only to result in my wanting to chuck my kindle! I didn’t though, I didn’t want to break it... but I was on the edge of my seat and then BAM! Ms Winters sure knows how to knock my socks off!

The suspense will keep you captivated throughout the whole book. The characters will intrigue you. I just could not get enough of it all. This will only be a short review as I do not want to give too much away, you really need to experience the amazing words of this book yourself!

A Single Kiss

What is Ms Winters doing to me? Seriously! I neeeeed to see where this goes! This book had me hooked as soon as I opened it. There was no way I wanted to put it down at all. I read it slow just to saviour the words cause I knew I was about to be blown out of the water... and what do you know, I was!

I loved seeing the brothers again, hearing about their ladies. I enjoyed reading the connection growing between Jase and Bethany. I just need more! I can’t not wait to see how this turns out! Bring it on!

A Single Glance

The epic ending to this fantastic trilogy is finally here! I loved this book. I loved Bethany's strong character, the fact that she didn't let anyone walk all over her, Jase included. Jase's heart is so huge and I just love him as well. The twists, the turns!

Ms Winters knows how to write a story that will have you hooked and on the edge of your seat, I really enjoyed this book because of that. I can't wait until the next book from this world comes out because I will be first in line to snatch it up!

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306 reviews
March 3, 2020
Ryan's Bed is an ugly cry of a book. Total heartbreaker. It will tear you apart, then put you back together small piece at a time.
For most teenage guys finding a hot girl in your bed is something to be happy about. But not if the girl just lost her twin sister.
Getting into the wrong bed may have been the best thing that happened to Mackenzie. So much heartbreak in a little package. Girl is a mess. Ryan was a happy mistake.
These two share something together. They both understand loss. And with each other they find love. This book is a total heartbreaker, but like Mackenzie it'll put your pieces back together. It can even teach you some things. Take nothing for granted, laugh when you can and love always. But, be mindful of other people's problems too.
Corrine Michaels;
These books seem determined to make me cry. I've never read Corrine's books before and I'm glad she was in this anthology. I'm definitely going to be reading more of them, even if they make me cry. Sometimes those are the best books. This was definitely a good book and one I'd recommend reading any day.
Heather and Eli are so different from each other but so perfectly suited. One instant moment at a concert and Heather goes on radar for Eli. Neither were expecting, or looking for someone but sometimes fate happens. Teenage dreams come true for Heather and she meets the guy she spent those years crushing on, and even the years after.
Sometimes when you're not looking, something gets dropped right in front of you. That's what happened with Eli. Heather was unexpected surprise but not an unwelcome one.
There are secrets that can make or break a couple. The ones in this book almost do. They break but come back together stronger than before. This book is a lesson in that. Heather and Eli are so good together that it's just subliminal. I know you'll love their story as much as I did.
Willow Winters;
Jase and Bethany's story is gut wrenching. It's pain and loss, hope and joy, love and lust, it is just so much of everything. There is so much drama and intrigue in this one that you're hooked from the start. This is all three of their books so you're not left hanging. So, so good.
Louise Bay;
I am so in love with this book. Harper has wanted to work for Max King since she was in High school. The King of wall street. Except when she finally does she finds out he's not who she thought he was. At work he's cold, aloof, unforgiving and a general a$$hole, as she calls him so many times. But when she moves into her new apartment she finds out he lives in the same building as well. Then she sees a different side of him. He's a brother, son, and father. Harper has some serious daddy issues and didn't expect Max to be the one he is because of his disposition.
Max didn't expect someone like Harper. From jump he's been attracted to her, but since he's her boss he knows nothing can come from it so he tries to stay away from her as much as possible. Then he finds her in his building and things progress from there. A one time thing. Or so they thought but when you have an attraction that strong, one time isn't enough. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (That's what they call the bedroom.) As Max gets to know about Harper he finds himself wanting her more.
That doesn't mean everything was sunshine and roses. When you're sleeping with your boss/employee things are bound to get complicated. But, when somethings this good, you fight for it. And when you're least expecting it, you find the one meant for you.
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March 3, 2020
This is a great collection with a great line-up of authors. I am putting my review for the collection by Willow Winters. This is her Irresistible Attraction collection and is a complete series. This is such an outstanding series. It is Jase and Bethany’s story. I was absolutely hooked from the very beginning. The Cross brothers took a hold of me in Possessive and they haven’t let go. I never want this world to end, I love it so much. You do not want to miss this trilogy. It will take you on the best ride. It will give you all #THEFEELS. I wanted Jase since Possessive and started falling for him in the Merciless series. In this series, he stole my heart. WARNING: Willow’s books are like Pringles. 😂 Once you start reading her books, you can’t stop. You will want to read more and more of them. If you haven’t read any of the other books in The Cross World, you will want to after reading this series. Willow did a fantastic job with Jase and Bethany. You will love this just as much as I do. 💞💞

A Single Glance:
OMG!! I have been waiting for Jase’s story since the beginning and I was not let down. Jase and Bethany’s story is one filled with angst, heartbreak, lies, secrets, lust/love and of course, some twists and turns that just make your jaw drop. Both Jase and Bethany have big losses in their lives. Neither wants to admit that they need each other. Jase knows he should leave Bethany alone, but he can’t. Their chemistry is off the charts and they are the missing piece that they are both missing. They complete each other.

A Single Kiss:
In the second book these two are fighting the feelings they have for each other. “I don’t love you.” “ I don’t love you, too.”
Bethany is still dealing with the loss of her sister, and feeling guilty of the feelings she has to Jase, who she thinks could very well be her enemy. Jase is fighting his caring about Bethany, because he thinks he doesn’t or can’t love anyone. He is so loyal to his family, but also wants to keep Bethany safe. There are some big twists that will make you go, WTH!!😳😳

In the third and final part of Jase and Bethany.... A Single Touch:
“We’re both moths to each other’s flames, ignited by our touch. We’re drawn together, destroyed together. It used to scare me, but there’s no fighting it. Isn’t that what love is?”
#JaseCrossIsEverything is #TheTruth. We have seen many sides of Jase, and some of those rival the Devil himself. Bethany is such a strong heroine, and we see her fiery personality show and it is explosive when she is mad. Their chemistry is still explosively hot and has gotten hotter as their story has gone on, and their connection is hanging by a thread that could snap unexpectedly or become even stronger than ever. There are a lot of lies and secrets that come out into the open, action, drama, angst and twists and turns that have you gasping.
Bethany and Jase have some obstacles to overcome, but Jase will never let Bethany go. He needs her as much as she needs him. They came together because of her sister, but can they stay together? Let me tell you, the ending will have you saying “What the !!!!!!” It is jaw dropping.
“Hope is the opposite of tragedy. It’s a glimmer of light in utter darkness.”
Willow grips you into their story with her words and doesn’t let go until the very end. And even then, she leaves you wanting more and more.
Pick up this fantastic collection by four fabulous authors.
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March 3, 2020
What an awesome collection of stories! I was drawn to this collection because Willow Winters is in it. I have now discovered Tijan, Corinne Michaels & Louise Bay to add to my list of favorite authors. This collection was very well written. Each story was unique & hooked me from the start. Willow Winters' story was my favorite. I love having all 3 books in the series all together.

A Single Glance- I was blown away with A Single Glance. I have loved reading the series that this book is connected to. Willow Winters has given us glances of Jase through out the books but now it's time for his story. Jase has a bar that is his world. He feels safe there. He sees Bethany across the room & is hooked. Bethany wants answers & Jase is the one that has them. Is Bethany ready for what Jase has to say? Will she believe him? The chemistry between them is off the charts! I love the dark twisted world that is the Cross Brothers. I can't wait to see what Willow Winters comes up with next.

A Single Kiss- What a book! I don't know how Willow Winters does it but she just does. A Single Kiss picks right back up where A Single Glance leaves off with Jase & Bethany. What a twisted web Jase has weaved with his brothers & now Bethany is a part of it. The chemistry is amazing between them. There is a love/hate relationship going on & both of them don't know what to do. Bethany just wants answers to what happened to her sister. Jase is afraid to tell Bethany what he knows. I love this whole world that Willow Winters has created with the Cross brothers. It is nice to see appearances by characters from the past books too & see how they are doing. I can't wait for the next book to find out the rest of the story. Talk about a major cliffhanger!

A Single Touch- What a book! I loved the conclusion of Jase's & Bethany's story. The chemistry between them is amazing. Willow Winters wrote a fabulous story that kept me on my toes the whole time. Just when I thought I had things figured out here would come another twist. I felt torn between them at times because I could understand where they were both coming from. Bethany is looking for the answers on what happened to her sister. Jase knows way more than he is letting on to Bethany. Jase holds so many secrets & lies. The pull that they have towards each other is undeniable no matter what Bethany tries. I loved this book & the whole series. The Cross world is hot!!!

I am so happy to have read this book & discovered several new authors to me.
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March 3, 2020
This is such a great collection of top romances.
Ryan's Bed by Tijan 5 stars!
An emotional journey, that kept me engrossed in turning the pages. This is Mackenzie and Ryan's tragically beautiful love story. Possible triggers as Mackenzie deals with her sister suicide such a great read!

We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels 5 Stars
This was one of my childhood fantasies come true, a girl meets her childhood boy band crush and there is an instant attraction and spark when they touch and then their sparks ignite! Heather and Eli are a new favorite couple of mine. I love their chemistry and their banter. I devoured this story!

Irresistible Attraction trilogy by Willow Winters 5 stars!
Jase and Bethany's story has been bundled into one beautiful book!
A Single Glance 5 Stars Gripping, Emotional, Raw!
I am so in love with Jase and Bethany's story. It is gripping, exciting and definitely hot! This is a wonderful addition to a thrilling, engrossing world of the Cross Brothers that Willow Winters has beautifully written. This book is amazingly good. Had me turning the page all night and on the edge of my seat. I didn't want it to end. I love the whole Cross Brothers universe and this was another brilliant installment, with Jase and Bethany's story. Had me in all my feels!! Great job, Willow!

A Single Kiss 5 Stars Another Must Read!
Oh Willow, you have done it again! Another gripping, captivating story! I'm addicted! Willow is my dealer and this thrilling world of the Cross Brothers is my drug, I must have more!! Willow knows how to tell one hell of a story! With all the FEELS!! This book is everything and more! Willow Winters has created this thrilling and captivating world of the Cross Brothers and it keeps getting better!

A Single Touch 5 Stars A Phenomenal Ending!
A Single Touch is the final installment of the Irresistible Attraction Trilogy. Jase and Bethany's story is an emotional rollercoaster, but I love it! Jase and Bethany's conclusion is another brilliant story, in the thrilling and captivating Cross Brothers world. I am so addicted to this world that Willow has created, I never want it to end!
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