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Primal Instinct #1

Edge of Hunger

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The hunger is calling…

Ian Buchanan never truly believed his mother's stories about the ancient Merrick race, nor her chilling predictions of a darkness that lives within him. That is, until the day a tenacious psychic named Molly Stratton tracks him down, claiming to bear messages from the dead…and a warning that Ian's awakening is about to begin.

(Re-released in a 2nd Edition)


First published March 24, 2009

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About the author

Rhyannon Byrd

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Rhyannon Byrd is the national bestselling author of more than forty contemporary and paranormal romance titles, including the romantic thrillers LONDON AFFAIR and NEW YORK SCANDAL, and her books have been translated into ten languages. After years of enjoying the California sunshine, Rhyannon now lives in the beautiful Malvern Hills in England with her family and their ever-growing collection of concert T-shirts and coffee mugs.

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1,069 reviews282 followers
January 24, 2009
Reviewed for queuemyreview.com; book release Apr09

Yippee! Something new in the paranormal genre to read about--by yet another author who’s making the jump from small-press to mainstream publishing. Rhyannon Byrd’s first HQN Paranormal release is “Edge of Hunger” and after reading it, I’m just hungry for more.

Molly is a woman who is used to protecting herself from the scorn and disbelief of the rest of the world. When her latest ‘case’ won’t let her be, she accepts her ghostly task…find the ghost’s oldest son and convince him to listen to her because someone he cares for is in danger. Molly knew the job would be difficult. She also knew it might be dangerous. But she had no idea it would involve sex, blood, erotic dreams, and bite marks!!

Ian is a man who uses his imposing physical appearance to keep himself apart. He uses physical labor and ‘sex-only’ encounters to try and bury the hunger inside him. But lately, that’s not working so well and his dreams are becoming darker and even frighten him. So when his dreams suddenly incorporate the wacko psychic who won’t leave him alone, he’s not sure how to contain the feelings she seems to awaken in him. And when she shows up sporting the marks he put on her while dreaming…well, even Ian can admit this situation might just be a bit more than unusual.

I’ve been a big fan of Byrd’s erotic novels for a couple of years now. I can almost feel my fingers tingling as the passion transfers from the page to my brain. She’s done a great job here of portraying that passion with the growing sense of caring and love that’s a must for mainstream press. The story flew so smoothly I was almost surprised to realize I was nearing the end…and I didn’t want it to end! Another mark of a talented writer...and her characters?

Ah me, I came to care for Molly and her incredible patience, and Ian with his incredible stubbornness! I swear there were times I wanted to jump into the book and smack Ian upside the head! That was my only complaint with the book…Ian and his bullheaded determination to fight the obvious. Of course, without that the book would have been much shorter so I’ll mark that down as a needed plot contrivance; but I hope this doesn’t become a trademark for her heroes now.

The paranormal elements in this story are interesting and different from the normal werewolves, vampires, witches, etc available en masse today. Rhyannon Byrd hooked me with just enough information to make this tale work, yet it’s easy to tell there’s more new data to come. So I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next two scheduled releases in May and June where she continues this series with books about Ian’s sister and brother, respectively. If you’re looking for something new and hot in the paranormal romance genre, try “Edge of Hunger” in April 2009. I’m glad I did.
331 reviews213 followers
October 4, 2009
Right then I picked this up during my weekly trudge around Asda (Walmart)but only because I vaguely remembered the authors name from GRs, and seemed to recall she got good reviews. However this is a Nocturne and altho I'd never read one before I had the impression this was going to be a PNR version of a Blaze, not much story , intimate scenes thrown in to spice to things and that's your lot. So how surprised was I to find this story was not like that at all, and infact you get a whole lot more, characters that actually feel right together, good world building an interesting, intense story line that makes complete sense.

So our H/H are Ian who has spent his whole life running away from things he doesn't like , the thruth about who he is, his mothers almost fanatical (but understandable) desire to find out the truth, and his feelings about commitment to anyone. Then there is Molly whose desire to find Ian and help him find out who he is stems from a meeting with Ians deceasd mother who comes to her with various messages from beyond the grave. Ian at first is reluctant to believe the information Molly imparts until a series of events leave him in doubt that Molly speaks the truth. What follows is Ians journey into the unknown and how he resists the truth until ultimately he has no choice in his course of action. Molly is there all the time to support him and offer her total trust which Ian has difficulty in accepting, he pushes her away all the time for fear that when his inner beast is released he will be unable to control it, and ultimately destroy her.

The love story between Ian and Molly is never exasperating altho it is intense, Molly and Ian are both clear to each other about why they shouldn't/should become involved with each other on any level. Molly remains level headed throught understanding and accepting her role with Ian , whilst Ian becomes more and more emotionally tied to her still denying himself the one thing he needs the most, until finally he has no choice.

I liked Ian and Molly and how they were with each other. Ian told you as much of his story as you needed to know, whilst Molly was secretive about her past,giving away little snippets of her life when she felt they were needed, I felt she too was a loner who had learnt to live with certain life changing experiences that she did not feel comfortable talking about.

The intimate relationship between Ian and Molly is well written I enjoyed Rhyannon Byrds style of writting, and the idea she came up with for two of the four(?) intimate scenes.

A PNR for people who like an intense relationship between the H/H, with a strong supporting story.

Profile Image for Amyiw.
2,253 reviews63 followers
February 6, 2017
2 1/2 stars
I got a few of these from my library book sale years ago. I finally decided to start reading them. This is another PNR that just didn't get there. The main characters actually have anti-chemistry due to the jerkness of the guy. I don't see why the woman likes him, at all. Is it the dream sex? Cause that is the only time that they seem to have chemistry. Because of how much he pushes him away, to past the 80% part of the book, she seems like a sick, lonely, and desperate woman.

So at the beginning it seemed like that might be pretty good but... it just didn't get there. There were a couple of dreamscapes that were lightly erotic and showed a possibility. Then the whole, why she is there, it takes forever for her to tell him and forever for him to listen and not run away. Then neither understands anything. Mid-point new people that explain the whole world and whys final come into play. Well that just pulled me completely out of the relationship. And then he is pushing away again, for more angsty reasons and I'm thinking.... is this YA? Then runs away, sorry for the spoiler but it is deserved. Finally 85% in and there is an erotic scene, very, it could have been good except these two have no chemistry and there is no romance, just sex in dreams and pushing away. I guess it is some sort of bond, except that isn't explained well.

This really seems like it is a drawn out attracts through mental dreams that is drawn out through angsty worry. Then a lot of out of the relationship, slog, through world building. The world might have been interesting if either of the main characters had any information but it was all new people that we don't care about. **sigh**

Another that sat on the shelf. Looked good at the time but only OK. At least it wasn't out right bad. I had one of those recently. This at least had a world that was good in some ways and some good sex scenes. Not much of a relationship though. Maybe the second book would be better as there would be different characters and the MC not such a dick, and the woman, not such a doormat. Maybe, just maybe I'll pick up book 2.
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723 reviews317 followers
June 8, 2009
The hero in this book almost ruined the entire story for me. He was annoying and kept pushing the heroine away almost the ENTIRE story. She was only trying to help but he selfishly refused to consider how his attempt to ignore the obvious change in himself would cause for more people to die, plus he hurt the heroine again and again with his actions. He didn't want to be close to anyone ever but we were never given a good reason why. He just came off like a selfish rude jerk, so I wasn't sure how I was supposed to want the heroine to end up with him. It took WAY too long for him to open up to the heroine, it just really ruined the story for me.

The rest of the plot was okay. I will try the next book because the excerpt was pretty good and maybe I will like it since Ian will not be ruining it for me.
Profile Image for Gardavson.
1,100 reviews9 followers
September 29, 2009
Sheer and utter crap. This author is obviously an erotica writer trying to cross over. In te first third of the book, I was thinking, there is no way this belongs on a Walmart shelf. My problem, however, isn't necessarily with erotica. The first third was composed of basically two strangers either having sex, thinking about sex, or well, thinking about sex. Ok. But, there was no real plot. There was the promise of a plot, hint of a plot, but it never got into a plot. Molly was there to give a warning to Ian from his dead mother. Never, during the course of the book, did it ever become clear what the warning was. He was in danger. People around him were in danger. And elusions to a "merrick" and "casus".

So pretty much, I waded thru the steam scenes, which were ok, waiting to find out what a merrick and casus were. Half way thru the book I finally figuted out which one was the good guy. But I still didn't even know what either one really were. Still don't for that matter. Finally some plot comes in at the half way point, but it all reads very like a sad amateurish attempt at a teen romance. I spent most of my time rolling my eyes. Here's an example of one of the sex scenes:

Let me set it up. He has told her he is not going to have sex with her, but he wants to do something else. She looks down at him across her nude, splayed out body to where he is crouched with his shoulders between her legs chin practically resting on her pubic hair, and she asks in confusion "What?". As if gee, what could he possibly be referring to with his face less than an inch from her wahoo? I mean really. And she is a grown woman who has had oral sex before. B-but i-it wa-was em-embarrassing. Major eye rollage here. Please. And it didn't fit with any other aspect of her personality.

The characters were majorly not developed. I had no idea who Molly was, what kind of person she was, what she was like. At. All. She just came into being, announced she had one rule - not to get involved with men she meets delivering her messages from the dead, then suddenly capitulates and chases him trying to convince him that having sex with her is the right thing to do. And there is no reason what-so-ever. We were given some insight into his psyche and what was driving him, but none at all to hers.

Terrible, terrible, and I'm so glad it's over.

Profile Image for Amarilli 73 .
2,204 reviews72 followers
October 2, 2018
In realtà la parte paranormal non è male.
Se il libro fosse stato 70% paranormal fantasy e 30% erotico (e non il contrario), sarebbe migliorato moltissimo.
Invece è tutto un risveglio della componente bestiale che ovviamente trasforma normali maschi trasandati e disadattati nei discendenti inconsapevoli di magici-porno-cacciatori...
Magari tento il secondo perché mi ha incuriosito il fratellone sceriffo.
Profile Image for Calisto.
407 reviews35 followers
January 25, 2011
Good universe, hot sex and I'm definitely reading book 2. I'm giving this 3 stars but with reservations.

Now it totally helped that I read Edge of Craving (prequel) before starting this one. If you can do it I'd definitely recommend it. Just treat the prequel as a very long prologue.

Why only 3 stars? Mostly because of the hero and the heroine. I didn't like them as individuals and I definitely did not like them as a couple. In fact, if I was friends with either, I would say run, far away or we are going to be having this conversation again over a tub of cookie dough ice cream or a 24 pack of cold ones. This couple just didn't work even in the 'I hate you both and you deserve each other' way.

Molly the spunky 'I see dead people in my dreams' psychic is a bit of a wishy-washy heroine. She ends up sharing two incredibly hot, no holds barred sex dreams with the hero but when it comes to the real thing it's a 'I can't get involved with men like you. It was just a dream so it doesn't count. Don't you want to be friends and share you feelings now?' *hurl*

Normally that type of heroine would drive me crazy and this would have been a wallbanger. But she does get better or at least her 'Love me. Hold me. Share you feelings' *hurl* actually gets overshadowed by the hero. But not in a good way.

I pose this question. If a writer hits their hero with a stubborn stick enough times does anyone notice when the hero becomes rather stupid?

Ian started out a bit rough but turned into a stubborn ass bordering on suicidally stupid. And the angst. OMFG! It was like a vampire who has lived a few centuries but loooongs to be human again. I. Am. Heartless. Emotionally. Dimwitted. Monster. Must. Not. Feed. Hunger. Will. Hurt. Little. Woman. Must. Get. Away. To. Protect. Little. Woman. Will. Not. Have. Sex. Bad. Monst....snore.

Sorry, where was I? Right. So not only is our hero an ass but also a whiner. It got to a point where I was actually hoping the deliciously evil villain would kill Ian just to shut him up. Not the makings of a romantic hero anyone can swoon over. Except maybe the wishy-washy spunky heroine.

Another problem is that we spend almost half of the book on these annoying protagonists before we get a truckload of info dump (bad guys are evil, there's a supernatural UN, watchmen shifters are alpha hot - grrrl ;) and introduced to some delish sequel bait. Now I love sequel bait, so that was not the problem. But the info dump came in way too late, in my opinion, especially since the getting to know the hero and heroine didn't turn out so good.

I think if the info dump had been presented sooner, I might have cared more about how it affected the hero/heroine. Maybe not since I really liked this book better when the hero and heroine didn't speak.

Still, the final fight scene was well done and Ms. Byrd writes rocking! sex scenes. I like the universe enough to read the next book. Just not right away ;)
Profile Image for Sarah .
745 reviews16 followers
August 7, 2009
Edge of Hunger is one of those books that I'm glad I read once for something new, but I probably won't read again or remember much about after I put it away.

The concept is different, introducing two new kinds of supernatural creatures in the epic struggle for good and evil, but it's not enough to make this book stand out. I never connected with the characters and often wondered why I should care about what's at stake for them. The only interesting character for me was Quinn, and he's not even in it much.

Descriptions are heavy handed more often than not, with statements like "someone-or something-was going to die". Cue thunder and creepy music. The romance between Molly and Ian felt forced and abrupt. They start out loathing one another, but one dream suddenly flips a switch and they can't live without one another. I like strong characters, and I felt cheated that Molly lost some spine along the way--about the time she decided Ian was the be-all end-all. Ian just stays a prickly ass through much of the book. His one redemption comes at the end during a heartfelt confession at his mother's grave.

All in all, this is just an ok story. Entertaining for a minute, but nothing special. I'll read the others, but only because they're already on my TBR pile.
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566 reviews225 followers
February 19, 2010
A generous 3 stars, more like 2.5- 2.75, but the concept was different, and I liked that. But my GOD, Ian? UGH. Seriously what a prick. If I were Molly, I would have slapped his face and said "dude, fine you don't wanna hear what I have to say, screw you, do what you want" and turned tail and left in a storm of dust, but alas, then we would have had no story to read. So, let's talk about Molly. Molly at first seemed to have spine, then she was a jelly fish, then turned back to spine, then floundered around like she was constantly gasping for air and for some reason, the mean, selfish, jealous, I -only-do-one-night-stands, constant asshole Ian, seemed to be her only breath. Good grief :X

I didn't really like any of the characters, and really didn't feel all that much care if the Casus or the Merrick won the fight, speaking of the fight, a little anti-climatic. Over too fast, but there was a wake of dead bodies for Ian to feel guilty about.

I might read the next ones, mostly in hopes that the characters will get better, and it will be interesting to see the sister (saige) as a sort of almost vampire, but not... the Merrick just drink blood and have lots of sex...
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3,460 reviews228 followers
December 23, 2009
Ian Buchanan, is a loner who has shut everyone out of his life. There is something unknown inside him that is trying to get out so he keeps to himself, until Molly Stratton arrives. The dead talk to Molly. Specifically Ian's mother, who sent Molly to Ian with a warning. Ian fights the attraction with Molly in an effort to protect her from himself. He is fighting his inner beast who needs to be awakened in order to defeat the demon that is hunting him and anyone he cares about.

I liked the characters in this book eventhough Ian's demeanor was aggravating at times.

Ian's siblings are also involved as "The Merrick" resides in all of them. His brother Riley, is the sheriff and his sister Saige is an archeologist.

This is a well-written starter to the series though the details are rather confusing and hard to believe. It draws you in immediately and interests you in the siblings adventures.
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425 reviews2 followers
April 20, 2010
I could not stand the hero, Ian, in this book. He had the worst attitude and it took nearly the entire book for him to FINALLY realize that his life has changed forever and he needed to deal with it. The heroine, Molly, was not much better. Ian kept being cruel to her, pushing her away and she just kept on saying "Ian I trust you" and "I believe in you". She was like a wet blanket throughout the book. I do not think I will continue reading this series.
Profile Image for Celeste.
260 reviews12 followers
March 29, 2009
A great read. I'm excited to read the next two books in the series, which are slated to come out in the following months (April then May). Very enticing totally absorbing book, at least for me! I couldn't put it down until I had finished. Would recommend to all paranormal romance fans.
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297 reviews4 followers
April 24, 2020
What a great start to a series. I loved the to and fro of the hero and heroine especially as the hero battled with his darkness; his own inner demons and his battle to protect the woman he thinks he shouldn't want or need. I was hooked and had to battle family away so I could isolate myself and continue reading!

Ian Buchannan has lived his life on the fringe of everyone else. He keeps everyone at bay and only has short term hookups to quench his sexual need. Then walks in Molly, a small quaint woman with long blonde hair and big soulful brown eyes and his attraction is instantaneous. She someone different despite being crazy. His initial reaction is to push her away like he has done with everyone else in his life but the woman is stubborn.

Molly once refused to listen to the spirits and has never forgiven herself for what happened. She lives with the guilt to this day. She closed herself off to everyone around her until one such spirit convinced her to warn her son of impending danger. Leaving on a whim and despite being dismissed by the arrogant prick, she knows in her heart she has to stay by his side to keep him safe.

They need to stay together to survive but Ian continues to battle against his inner self throughout the book constantly keeping her at arms length despite the significant decline in his own being.

This book kind of reminds me of Catherine Bybee Ritter werewolves series where each member of the Ritter family are born with the werewolf gene, but it's their choice to a werewolf.

With Edge of Hunger, Ian Buchannan has the Merrick living dormant within him and from a young age he has felt this darkness and has tried to run from it. With the Casus species emerging, the Merrick awakens and tries to break free. Ian has lived with the idea he possesses something evil inside of himself and struggles at every turn whereas Molly has faith he is nothing but good.

I've just finished the book and have already downloaded the next book to my kindle and pre-ordered the final book of the series just to be ready.

This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it!
446 reviews2 followers
August 17, 2021
This is the first book in a fairly lengthy series and also a new author for me. It's a new spin on the old Werewolf tale with sexy gritty likeable characters. This is Ian and Molly's story. Ian being the oldest son and a descendant of the Buchanan Merrick line...he fights against the darkness with in him wanting no part of it...Molly small, blonde, and able to communicate with the dead in her sleep begins sharing some of Ian's more sensual dreams and when his dead Mother begs her to find him before something terrible happens Molly heads off to Colorado to do just that.
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1,363 reviews343 followers
December 2, 2019
**2.5 stars**

This guy is so stubborn! Over and over, he’s told what he has to do and he refuses! It got so tiresome, I wanted to smack him in the head. And for an immortal being, the villain died very easy.
3,439 reviews4 followers
October 11, 2020
Great read

I do love a paranormal romance and this is exciting and different. Read it years ago in hardback but just as enjoyable this time round. All alpha guys and Ian is a real ass but molly is the key. Looking forward to the rest.
Profile Image for Lauren.
2,271 reviews162 followers
May 9, 2016
Edge of Hunger
5 Stars

Synopsis: Constantly on edge with the darkness that lives within him, Ian Buchanan only wants to lead a normal life, but then Molly Stratton arrives on his doorstep with a message from Ian's deceased mother and nothing will ever be normal again. Now, Ian and Molly find themselves sharing the same intense and sensual nightmares, and soon discover that they are the prey to an unspeakably evil creature bent on their destruction.

Intense and exciting from the first pages. The plot is intriguing and the characters compelling.

The world building is comprehensive and absorbing with a unique mythology involving original creatures uncommon in existing paranormal romance. The precise details regarding Ian’s true nature and that of the creature stalking him are revealed as the story progresses and there are enticing hints of an all-encompassing battle to come between the forces of good and evil.

The writing is descriptive and well-paced. However, there is some repetitious word usage, such as variations of “rasp” and “rasping” but this does not distract from the storytelling.

Ian is a perfectly flawed and tortured hero who has a difficult time coming to terms with his identity and abilities. Some readers may find him terse and uncaring, however, in my opinion, this only adds to his appeal and to the strength of his feelings for the heroine. Molly is strong and determined, and never allows Ian’s surliness to deter her in any way. Their chemistry is sizzling in its intensity, and their banter is one of the highlights of the book.

The secondary characters, most of whom form a secret society known as “The Watchmen”, are also appealing and will appear in the own books down the line. The villain is suitably despicable and the scenes told from his perspective serve well to ratchet up the tension and suspense. The final encounter between the hero and villain is one of the most exciting that I’ve read recently.

Overall, this is a thoroughly entertaining read that I found hard to put down and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
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779 reviews2 followers
March 26, 2016
This was really awesome ,I enjoyed it immensely, I could not put it down,loved every second of it .

From the start of this book I found Ian to be so intriguing ,the moment he steps on the page he's kind of a jackass but it's not actually who he is ,he doesn't know how to trust people so he acts like an ass and pushes them way . I really liked how he met Molly,i thought there first meeting was so funny.

Molly is just such a sweet character but she has backbone and she never really took Ian's crap ,I really loved how they get together,the dreams were pretty steamy and I thought it was a great add to the book.

Ian and Molly's relationship isn't perfect but I really think that they are perfect for each other, loved their whole story .

I also loved all the other characters that we meet in this book and I can not wait to read the next book once I get it .

Overall this book was awesome ,it's got great characters and a really good plot,. if you love Paranormal Romance then I think you will totally love this book.
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507 reviews13 followers
September 2, 2009
Good grief, how much can one guy rasp? Every time he opened his friggin irritating mouth he rasped. Which sorta killed the book for me right along with whats-her-name, oh, Molly, constantly being described as soft and all her whispering. Between the rasping and the whispering I wanted to scream. How did I make it through to the end I'll never know, but I can speculate. I'm thinking it may have been the plot which was actually fairly decent. I have the next two but I may only read them if I have nothing else available.
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1,008 reviews1 follower
May 20, 2014
I am not sure what to think of this one to be honest, I wanted to love it in so many ways because quite a few of my friends rave about the series but I just didn't love it with the enthusiasm that they do. It is the first book in a series and it has a serious amount of world building going on, I think if the hero was more likeable or I could identify a bit better with the heroine then I may have tolerated this a bit better. Saying that, I did enjoy the premise and it did pick up a bit towards the end, I will continue with the series, I think, but I am in no hurry.
Profile Image for Kim.
130 reviews5 followers
May 23, 2009
This is the first Rhyannon Byrd book I've read, but I don't believe it will be the last. I gave four stars because I really liked the storyline and the characters. That being said, however, the hero was a little too tortured for me to like him whole-heartedly. I'm just a fan of a little less angst & denial, and a bit more acceptance and accomplishment.

Overall, however, I liked this and am looking forward to Book 2!
Profile Image for The Listmaker.
122 reviews2 followers
July 20, 2009
If you like graphic, sometimes violent, sex scenes strung together with what is seemingly a secondary storyline then you'll like this book.

Don't get me wrong, this is a decent book but the numerous sex scenes overwhelm what could have been an promising and interesting story.

There are two other books in this series in which hopefully the story receives equal attention to the sex.

I'm all for a good sex scene but sometimes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
November 3, 2010
OK, so this was not the greatest book, however the story was a bit different and kept me interested. It certainly wasn't the characters. First off Ian was almost unbearable. His attitude towards Molly was bad almost until the end of the book. And Molly threw herself at him more than once, at which point I would've already left him to deal with his issues. But, the other characters are intriguing enough, and the storyline has potential, so I'll probably give book 2 a try!
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2,815 reviews180 followers
May 9, 2009
Horrible horrible book. He was a real sh*t to her the entire book, just plain mean when he had no REAL reason to be. She let him and kept coming back for more. Storyline wasn't all that great either.
Profile Image for KarenF.
956 reviews10 followers
February 13, 2011
This book was just OK. I agree with those who thought Ian was a jerk for most of the book. But I found the world the author created was interesting enough to keep me reading. I'll check out the next of the series because if the characters are more likable I think I'd enjoy this series.
Profile Image for Cindyg.
965 reviews54 followers
June 19, 2009
I just happened across this series at our local WalMart. Glad I did, it's intriging, moved at a good pace and I like the characters.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
Author 131 books1,006 followers
July 22, 2009
A pick-up at RWA and one I really enjoyed. A new author to read is always welcome. Sexy, interesting and suspenseful.
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