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There are only two kinds of people left on the earth: Donors and Recipients.

Sixteen-year-old Aston Vazeto hates the idea of selling her blood for money and is determined to be the first Donor in New World history to never donate.

But after a suspicious accident at her father's power plant leaves her family diving deeper into poverty, Aston has no other choice except to enter the annual blood auctions, where Recipients bid on the richest blood. With the highest test results ever seen, Aston’s blood becomes the most sought-after in history, and will likely bring a large price at auctions.

When her friends are caught tampering with their donations, they are arrested and tortured. Knowing she puts her family's safety and income at risk Aston takes advantage of an opportunity to escape donation facility drugs meant to keep Donors complacent. Free to feel and free to love she is caught between Gannet, a kind facility technician, and Marcus, a sarcastic rebel like herself. Dancing at Blood Auction Balls and kissing a donor in coat closets under the stairs has Aston confused between joining the uprising she hears rumors about or merely following the life her blood was meant to lead.

Kindle Edition

First published August 30, 2022

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About the author

C.F. Kreitzer

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C.F. Kreitzer is a crossing guard turned novelist in Vineyard, Utah where she lives with her husband and five children. She loves stories of angsty teens because she still identifies as one. When she isn't writing she's hiking with her family, reading, or binge watching Netflix originals.

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May 8, 2020
Blood Numbers is an excellent story written with master-like language by author, Cary Kreitzer. This is a spoiler free review. The main character is a girl named Aston who’s blood could earn her big money. However, she seems to be the only who sees the corruption in the process and she seeks to become that first Donor to make a living without donating.

I break my stories down into five categories and grade each out 20%. Then whatever the sum is will decide the amount of stars it receives. The five categories (in no particular order) are story, imagery, enjoyability, language (which includes tone), and success. The only one that doesn’t seem to explain itself is success and that’s a measure of how successful the book can be in the market.

The story is amazing. It has one of those dark tones that seem to draw the reader in. I swear it was only five minutes into the book and I had already found myself past page 30. Time goes by fast when you are reading this novel, so congratulations Cara. You have yourself a creative and insightful story. I would give this 19%.

Now did I enjoy the novel? So, this is where it kind of draws the line between “story”. The story category is based solely on creativity and execution. I have started to grow out of the Young Adult genre, but this book gave me a reason to continue reading YA novels. Don’t grow up too fast guys because I guarantee you, readers of all ages will enjoy this at least at a small level. Aston’s a character I have fallen in love with and you just might also. Enjoyability gets 17% from me.

My head feels disconnected from my body for a moment as my blood now pools around his thumb. “That’s a lot of blood, technician.” My voice sounds funny—quiet and distant. Too much blood. This isn’t right. Something splashes against my bare legs and I notice my blood is dripping, forming a small, dark puddle on our newly polished floorboards. - Excerpt from chapter one

Imagery gets an easy 20%. That was probably the best part of the novel. The language goes hand in hand with story and imagery and it’s because of this those two categories were successful. Language, 19%. Lastly, success? Given the right marketing and atmosphere to succeed, this novel will go places. Be sure not to miss it! 20%.

The 95% earned is good enough for five stars.
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Author 4 books16 followers
May 5, 2020
This book is prophetic. A post-pandemic world where people give blood for their antibodies feels very believable right now. Healthy blood becomes a commodity that only the wealthy can afford, creating stark inequalities. This is the not-so-distant future! Kreitzer has a strong voice and powerful prose—at times I stopped to re-read passages just to enjoy them again. I connected with Aston, the main character, and felt her struggle as she fought against the injustices of her world and the expectations placed on her. I enjoyed the love triangle and found myself alternating which boy I was rooting for. The ending had an unexpected and satisfying twist. Looking forward to the sequel!
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Author 23 books132 followers
September 15, 2022
Solid dystopian debut! This start to a trilogy was just perfect. I felt immersed in the world and I met a lot of characters that I care about. I am looking forward to more because I didn't get enough here! I think that Kreitzer is a talented author and she has a lot to offer. I am picky when it comes to dystopian books that give me vibes of the classic dystopian novels, but this was perfectly balanced. Some parts gave me vibes of the Capital in The Hunger Games, other parts felt a bit like Matched (except I dnf'd Matched but didn't dnf this one, lol) so I think this is perfect for fans of the popular dystopian novels.
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44 reviews4 followers
August 26, 2022
~I received an arc in return for my honest review!!~

When I read the synopsis this book immediately reminded me of both The Selection and Red Queen and it did! And I really enjoyed it!

This book does feel a little more like an introduction into the real story but the characters are really interesting and there is a lot of the world you will just want to know more about so I am beyond excited to see what the rest of the series will bring!
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350 reviews12 followers
September 9, 2022
I had high hopes for this one with my love of Dystopian books, and while I did like this, it felt too much like Deja Vu. Like, I had read something like this tho, though not quite like this, if that makes sense. Still a good read:
My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟
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1,174 reviews162 followers
May 17, 2020
I think the cover of this book, though simplistic is still eye catching. The large droplet of blood appearing very bold within the background of grey. As in this society everything about you, your life and your future depend on your blood. It fits the book perfectly. With a title like Blood Number I suppose you would naturally assume that this is a vampire book, but it isn’t, though blood still is a type of “currency”. The cover did attract my attention and then the blurb certainly made me want to read the book.

Basically, as with most dystopian books there are the “haves” and the “have nots” ironically, rather like the society we live in at the moment. In blood numbers, those that have the power and the money are called the Recipients. The recipients are the richer people in the New World, but they are all ill due to the germ wars that happened years ago. To stay alive and in good health they need blood. That where the “have nots” or as they are called in the book, the donors, come in, the “have nots” are poor and though they do have everyday jobs too the way they earn their money to exist is by donating their blood as a facility that then sells it on to the recipients. Donors have their blood tested when they are 16 years old. Their blood is tested and given a number. The higher the number, the better quality and better healing qualities are in the blood. Once tested, donors are expected to give blood a few times a week. They are paid for this donating and are given their own “blood bank account” but initially due to donors young ages their parents control the account. The donors have about three months to donate blood that recipients can try and see if it is suitable for them and has the properties in it that they need. After three months there is the Auction, where the Recipients bid for their donor. Donors are given lawyers to draw up contracts of what they would like in return, such as how much money, how many days they wish to donate per week, any “holiday days” they want off and so on. Having said that they can ask for these things but they are not guaranteed. At the end of the day the Recipients have the final say as they are paying for this precious blood, and they are the “ruling class” in this strange New World.

The world building is done amazingly well, and is so detailed. There are so many things to learn about both halves of society. You soon learn that both the Recipients and the Donors have their negatives, but of course those with the better lives are the Recipients. The Recipients live apart from the Donors, in new, well built, buildings, with plenty of money, food. Donors live in the poorer areas with broken, falling down buildings, scraping by for food, some growing it in their gardens. Anything they own or have earnt can be taken from them at any time by the Recipients if the Donors are deemed to have done anything wrong. As I was reading Blood Donor my mind was racing with so many questions, such as, Could Gannet provide a way out or a different future for Aston? Could there be some sort of undercover group/agency working against the system. Who is Marcus? What is his donor blood number? In fact, is he a donor at all? Why does his appearance seem to vary so much?

The central character in the book is Aston Vazeto who has been educated on the whole germ wars and the recipients, donor relationship by her father. Aston has decided that though she cannot refuse the testing, she will refuse to donate her blood and live in the family shed painting and selling those paintings for enough money to survive on. Aston’s best friend Lazuli also has the same sort of attitude but as she becomes 16 before Aston, her time to donate comes earlier and Aston notices a difference in her friend. Lazuli seems to be happy all the time and a completely different person, not criticising the system anymore. Aston soon realises when she notices Lazuli’s mam, Mrs Price is making large purchases for their house, leading her to believe Lazuli is already donating at the facility. Aston is caught off guard one day when she is alone, a technician comes to her door saying he is going to test her blood. When Aston questions him, as she is not yet 16 years old, he brushes off her concerns saying he was in the area so decided to do her test too. Aston truly intends to tell her dad about her test but the time never seems right, there is always someone else there or her mam, who is all for the donating of blood and looking forward to spending the money Aston’s blood will bring. Unfortunately, the news about her blood test is discovered by her mother and all the plans that Aston made about not donating are pushed aside and she has to visit the facility like a good Donor citizen.
It is whilst at the facility that Aston meets the mysterious lab technician, Gannet. Strangely every time Aston goes to donate, it is Gannet that deals with her. At first Aston think it is normal, but then she finds out from a brief conversation with Lazuli that it is extremely rare to see the same technician more than once. In fact, it is later revealed in the story that it is, in fact, kind of frowned upon. Aston begins to wonder why her blood is so special, she knows she has a high number, but surely there are other high numbered donors too. Aston is also confused at the way the “happy juice” is conveniently left in a cup for her to take when she is briefly left alone, meaning she can quite easily dispose of it. Aston remains herself but is careful not to make herself stand out any more than her high blood number already does. Aston becomes closer and closer to Gannet, in fact she goes on a “date” with him, yet when he hints he has something important to say to her she immediately shuts him down. Aston thinks he wishes to become her husband as she has such a high number and though she finds Gannet attractive and the fact he is a lab technician means he may have a decent blood number making him a suitable match she is not ready to commit to anyone. Aston’s mam is determined to match make and tries to push many different male donors whom she thinks are a “good match” onto Aston, but Aston manages to get rid of each and every one of them. Some of the match making is quite amusing really.
I think one of the reasons that Aston doesn’t want to commit to Gannet is the increasingly mystifying Marcus who seems to turn up when least expected and quite literally bumping into him continually. From observation and the little morsel of information Marcus reveals, Aston thinks that Marcus is a low numbered donor who has been over donating to make ends meet. As time goes on his health and appearance seem to improve and Aston becomes more and more attached to him.

Character’s I loved were Aston, her father Patar, the rather unique and elusive Grandma Bolgi and Gannet. I loved the attention to detail with the relationship between Aston and her Grandma Bolgi who calls Aston her “Little Ash Tree”. Aston also has a great relationship with her father Patar. Aston attributes this to when she was the youngest, she would do boyish things with her father, but then when son, Torrin came along she still remained close to her father. Patar understands her fascination with painting, and he has taught her the history of the germ wars and is also against the whole Donor blood, and Recipient/Donor relationship.
I really liked Gannet, his caring attitude towards Aston, the way he leaves the donating cubicle, giving Aston the choice of taking the “happy juice” or not. There are times in the book that I really wanted to shake him and shout for him to tell Aston what she needs to know! Another character I became annoyed with was Lazuli, who once firm friends with Aston becomes very bitter over the blood number tampering scandal, yet at the same time accepts the food Aston hides outside for her. I think Lazuli takes the turn it does because of her mam’s greed for the money a high blood number daughter can bring into the home. Having said that, Aston’s mam Evelyn also seems to put the money Aston’s blood can bring, before the physical and mental health of her daughter.

I could seriously go on and on about this book, its great mysterious characters, some devious, some destined to be used up and spit out by the blood donating program. The world and society building is excellent and so detailed and intricate, I felt thoroughly immersed in it and honestly did not want this book to ever end. I have revealed the basics of the society in this review but there is so much more to the book. As with most dystopian societies where there are haves and have nots, there is also a rebellion, which turns out to be much closer to Aston than she would ever have thought. There are so many expectations on Aston, her mam expects her to bring an excellent price at the auction and in fact, Aston is a prized donor. Though as with life there are ups and downs and those that are placed on very high pedestals have even further to fall. With blood numbers being tampered with, rebellions infiltrating Ambassadors Balls and creating havoc, then the truth about one of the males that Aston has come close to not being who he portrayed himself as Aston has much further to fall than most. Can any one save her?

I admit to begin with I struggled a little getting into the book and story, but once the basis of the society and its workings were revealed I easily became engrossed. I found the society fascinating and there were clues as to who certain characters are throughout the book and I have to be honest I had guessed the true identity of one, and the connection to the rebellion of another character. The clues are there if you really read and think about where the book may be going. The true identity revelation changes Aston’s life in a large, most likely irreversible way. The latter chapters of the book see Aston in serious trouble first imprisoned in a dirty awful prison, making it seem like she could die. Then suddenly she is rescued, yet she is still imprisoned. What a point to end the book! Aston’s future health, safety and life is all left undecided really, which makes for cliff hanger which makes you desperate to read more as soon as you can!!

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book were, what a 'different' read it had been, it's all about the Donor's blood and how much it will bring at the auction. This book has an amazingly different but really well thought out society. The 'haves' = Recipients, rich but ill health. The 'have nots' = Donor, poor in everything but with the power within their blood to help the recipients.
This book definitely made me want to read more about this society and the people within it.

Finally, to sum up, from initially thinking perhaps this book was a tad slow for my taste, to then becoming totally immersed in it. This book has that “feel” to it that exists between the different classes of society that are also featured with The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Attwood, The Lone City by Amy Ewing, The Perfected Series by Kate Jarvik Birch and The Belles Series by Dhonielle Clayton. I could mention so many book titles that it reminded me of, in the way I read and enjoyed them, not in its actual content. As I have said I found the intricate details of this world and society fascinating. I definitely want to read more! Maybe learn more about the resistance? Can Aston be rescued? Does Aston need rescuing? Can the person holding her where she is be persuaded to work for/with the resistance? What about those close to Aston that are part of resistance, why did they not include her within the group? Why did they not rescue her, hide her or help her when things went wrong? What is so special about Aston’s blood? Why were so many new donors in Livonia suddenly dying? This book left me with so many questions to be answered.
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2,411 reviews105 followers
June 16, 2020
Imagine living in a world where there were only two kinds of people, Donors and Recipients. Donors are people who are paid for their blood; the higher their blood numbers are the more they are paid. Donors receive credit for their blood and these credits are how they survive and pay for things.

Sixteen-year-old Aston’s family has been donating blood for many generations but Aston has decided that she is going to be the only person in history to not donate. When her family finds out they are sorely upset by this fact as her donations would help the family out tremendously. But life among other things forces her to change her mind.

Aston has the highest blood count in history her blood is sought by many. With her blood being the most wanted in the world she decides to enter the blood actions where Recipients bid against each other for the Donors with the highest numbers. With high numbers Aston is also invited to Blood Auction Balls.

Blood Numbers is not quite like any book I have read before. It drew me in from the first page but if I am honest it was more like the summary that took my attention. The world building was so awesome and amazing. I love the whole new twist on blood donating.

Blood Numbers is a very interesting and intriguing story filled with twists and secrets that it likes to hang on to revealing them slowly but have you flipping the pages faster and faster and before you know it you are lost in Aston’s world as you leave your own world behind; then the next thing you know you have turned the last page without even realizing it. I would so like to read more in Blood Numbers world and more of Aston’s story in future books.

I highly recommend Blood Numbers to anyone looking for a good book and anyone who likes a good love story set in a dystopian society.
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Author 4 books114 followers
February 27, 2020
Futuristic dystopian meets Pride and Prejudice.

Aston lives in a world divided into two groups of people--the poor who donate their blood for money and the wealthy who use the blood to survive. She's determined to make money elsewhere but finally breaks when her crazy high numbers can save her family from impoverishment. That's when she meets Marcus, not the high numbered match, but the boy who steals her heart and makes her determined to find a way to fight the system.

Blood Numbers is full of twists and turns and jaw-dropping surprises. I read it in only a few days because I had to know what the truth was behind the story. The pacing is great and there is continual excitement, whether it be insane action or tragedy or swoony romance.

The romance, especially, was enticing and exhilarating. The book leans heavily on romance and the marital conflicts of the society in addition to examining issues with the divide created between the groups of people.

Marcus is classy and badgering, and the author did an excellent job setting up the conflict between Marcus and Aston. There are a lot of little nods to Pride and Prejudice, even to the point where that is one of Aston's favorite contraband books to read. The ensemble of characters is rich and diverse in personality. The romance builds believably. The lead character's personal stakes and world stakes are high.

I love how this book has Jane Austen's old-fashioned romance vibes with the cool tech of the future and a dystopian society like I've never seen before. I've already it multiple times, and I highly recommend!
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99 reviews16 followers
September 16, 2022
“It’s the reason I love books I manage to find in rubble and smuggle into the house. They speak of a world where matched and marriages had less to do with the sum of two Donors numbers and more to do with something these reticent Donor hearts know nothing about. Love.”
Blurb –
Aston lives in post- apocalyptic world divided by blood.
Royal recipients reside on one side of the wall, desperate for blood donations to survive. Donors live on the other, surrendering their blood to combat poverty.
For Aston, a donor, the only way out of the slums is to bleed-or marry well. Only Aston wants more then to enter the hyped-up blood auction balls with their glistening ball gowns and flashing news reports, to marry a sleazy suitor with the highest blood count for convince, or to live where her blood is possessed by a royal.
She wants freedom from the system…and, most dangerous of all, real love.
Thoughts –
Blood Number is a young adult thriller. Which will have you hooked from the very first sentence.
This book was FANTASTIC. It reminded me a lot of my all time favorite-‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. Aston’s mother is especially the reincarnation of Mrs. Bennett, always wanting her daughter to marry well; into money, and in this case Blood Numbers.
The major reveal, was mind blowing I literally had no idea. I didn’t even guess that what was happen. I’m still mind blown by it!
Blood Numbers by C.F. Kreitzer is available to buy now on Kindle, Audio, Hardcover and Paperback Format.
I received a free ebook of this novel. This is my honest opinion and is written voluntarily. Thank you @KatieandbreyPA for arranging this book tour.
Content Warning: Blood
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5
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1,358 reviews5 followers
June 1, 2020
A frightening look at the results of a virus that divides people into Donors and Recipients separated by penalty of death. A world separated by illness and cure. A world where Donors are drugged by Recipients so the Donors keep donating. A world when a Donor's name is only a number and their blood is auctioned off to the highest Recipient bidder.  

Aston hates the idea of donating her blood for money, but when an accident happens at her father's power plant, she realizes if she doesn't donate, her family will suffer. Finding out she has the highest blood numbers ever in the New World, she is the most sought after Donor by wealthy Recipients who are only interested in her blood. Something she will discover the hard way.

Ms. Kreitzer's well-developed characters and enthralling plotline with unexpected twists intrigued this reader until the last page. Aston is brought up by her father to respect her independence, to be kind, and not give in to the norms of her society. But under pressure to save her family, she gives up her blood. Not her dignity and not her life. The secrets are many among the characters and they unfold into a heartbreaking realization for Aston.

I loved this compelling and unique dystopian setting where blood is a priceless commodity and donors are forced to give blood or be punished.  The story seems to end on our subtle cliffhanger so I hope to read the sequel soon. Recommend highly!

Thank you to Ms. Kreitzer for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.
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Author 3 books52 followers
April 18, 2020
This is the perfect read for fans of Hunger Games with a future dystopic society, a romantic plot, a rebellion and even a fancy ball! I admit, I wasn't sure where the story was headed at the beginning and things felt a bit slow-moving to me - I've never been a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice and there are definitely themes of it throughout the beginning. Aston, the MC does a whole lot of contemplating and there's a boy who she's literally always bumping into...sounded a bit too convenient to me --- but, alas!! There is good reason for all this contemplating and bumping-into-the-boy moments and I'll tell you, I couldn't put this book down! The romantic plot twist is so well done and I felt all the same emotions as Aston. The world-building is believable and intriguing. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and found it to be an appropriate read for the times right now, as it is set in a post-pandemic world. (This may be a trigger for some readers)
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16 reviews
June 7, 2020
Dystopian future. Rebellious heroine. Love triangle. Sounds like a YA book to me!

Aston has always been a bit of a rebel, but her identity is challenged and refined as she searches for her place in a divided society. Her journey is filled with frustration and unease, secrets and sacrifice, lost friendship and first love.

I was immediately drawn into the story and connected with Aston. I liked that the reader always knew what was going on inside her mind, what was motivating her choices. The descriptive language, especially about nature, was beautiful, though occasionally i was unsure if the scene was a story event or purely metaphoric. I also appreciated the author choosing to use clean language and keeping the romance PG while still evoking plenty of emotion.

[I read the Kindle edition, and there were a few misspelled words and spacing mistakes, but not enough to distract from the book overall.]
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29 reviews4 followers
September 17, 2022
Read this if you like: Divergent Series📖, forbidden romance💔, potential book boyfriends👦🏻👦🏼 #teamgannet, friendships👭, rebellions🩸

If you were a fan of Divergent, The Hunger Games, Red Crown or the Selection series GET THIS BOOK! It had basically all my favourite parts of these books wrapped up into one and had me dying to find out what happened next.

There were auctions, balls, romances, different classes of society, uprising and everything that makes those other series the amazing things they are. I’m really really hoping this is becoming a series and we can follow Aston’s story even further. I can already see this becoming a movie. If you can’t tell I’m just over the top obsessed.

Do not skip out on this book. I already feel like it’s going to be an Insta favourite📚

Thank you to @katieandbreypa and @monsterivypublishing for the copy of Blood Numbers and letting me join this tour✨
31 reviews
May 29, 2020
Wow! Reading this book was a wonderful experience. The plot is exceptional, the characters believable and well-crafted, the pacing impeccable, and the climax surprising and satisfying. I love the author's ability to create an exciting teenage romance within the depressing setting of a realistic dystopia. Beyond the excellent story are important and timely asides into the power of money and technology, the ties of family and friend, and the importance, above all, of individual freedom and self-determination. I highly recommend this book to all!
167 reviews2 followers
May 10, 2020
I enjoyed this story very much so. It had a well-thought out premise with plenty of extremely interesting characters. The main character was increasingly fascinating and I never found myself wanting to quit reading the story. I finished it all rather quickly and would definitely recommend this book to others wanting to try this author out.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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237 reviews
May 26, 2020
A post-biological warfare, dystopian world with an interesting class system that has inklings of the Hunger Games, The Giver, and Matched, but with its own unique premise. Kreitzer does a great job of making you want more. This book also comes at a perfect time: when the whole world is thinking about disease, antibodies, and the economic systems that affect health and our ability to provide for ourselves. For readers who like a teen romance with steady sci-fi world building.
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2,379 reviews
June 10, 2020
As Aston reaches the age to have her blood tested to become a blood donor she tries to think of a way out but the tester comes early. She meets Gannet who takes her blood and Marcus who she thinks gives too much blood. But both have secrets. She can’t decide which one she really loves and this interesting and intriguing story takes them all on an exciting adventure full of danger and lies.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
25 reviews9 followers
September 18, 2022
Blood Numbers reminded me of why I love dystopian YA novels so much. When I saw this book marketed as Jane Austen meets Matched, I RAN to get it and I was NOT disappointed. Some of the plot points were pretty obvious, but not so much so that it made it unenjoyable. It's definitely worth the read! Now excuse me while I spend the next three months in a dystopian YA binge!
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Author 14 books209 followers
March 11, 2020
Loved it! Dystopian future meets Jane Austen romance? Yes, please! Kreitzer has a way with character. I was pulled into Aston's story, which was full of twists and turns. I am so glad I had the chance to read this!
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Author 15 books15 followers
March 15, 2020
Not something I would normally read but I'm so glad I did. Aston, the main character is so well crafted and I was drawn in from the start. A fascinating tale of dystopian society, this was eerily relevant and all too believable. I couldn't put it down!
Profile Image for Kate.
Author 2 books54 followers
July 6, 2020
Blood Numbers is great! Aston has a great voice. This book presents a dark dystopia, but in hopeful, rebellious eyes; I really enjoyed the contrast. Kreitzer has a great semse for detail, and voice. Highly recommended!
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Author 11 books162 followers
September 1, 2023
1.5 stars. Okay........... here's the deal. I fought to finish this book. You know when you have a book go through a sensitivity read? I think this needed to go through a scientific read.

I tried to remember that this was science fiction, but the science didn't make sense to me and it kept clouding any separation I could get to enjoy it. (Scientific rant below, if you want to read on.)

I skipped ALL the dialogue from the mother. She was the worst part of this book, worse than the science, and that's saying something. And I didn't even miss anything in the story by skipping it.

I wasn't a fan of any of the characters, actually. The romance made my eyes roll. Aston herself, was no Katniss. She was completely clueless, which also drove me crazy, since the reader is way ahead of her in knowing what is happening. And it's hard for me to root for anyone that doesn't catch on or make smart decisions.

The naming of the side characters also was out of place. The main characters have super cool names like Aston and Lazuli. Thought should have been given to the side characters' names so they would fit in the world.

I do know that a lot of work and creativity went into this world, even probably some research into apheresis technique, so I upped it a point. I don't like to review books that don't agree with me, and I really tried to like this one, it just had too many issues that I couldn't ignore.

************* Scientific Rant*******************

Ready? I'm going to get a bit sciencey for a sec - this is not "blood" but plasma. When they talked about antibodies and an apheresis machine spinning and separating and returning the blood, sure, I get that. Plasma donation you CAN go a few times a week. Blood donation you can't. So then, okay, they are only taking a little bit, I told my brain, but it was never mentioned that this SHOULD be plasma, not blood. PLASMA EVERYONE holds your antibodies, not blood. Why are you still calling it blood?

And the numbers are arbitrary, since I have no idea what these numbers even refer to. It's not the hematocrit. The white cells? I worked on a convalescent plasma study published by Johns Hopkins, and one unit of plasma has a titer that is not anything like a mythical 157! 157 per what? Microliter? Deciliter? I mean, where are you getting this number? I know.... it's fiction... but there is real science that COULD have been used here. And no one even thought to run it by anyone in the field.

What do you mean blood type doesn't matter anymore? How is that possible? I wish that it was explored why, instead of just getting a blanket answer. Blood type is so important, and so many people have no idea that it is until your life is slipping away and you need it. Tell me how you made blood universal for everyone?

And blood in the sprinklers? Blood Aston was donating? It's not blood! She isn't donating blood. Blood is not Kool-aid. It is cells with a job to do. It will coagulate in air. It will dry and flake. It is not water. What is even happening?

kay.... rant complete.
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April 15, 2023
I love this book!!!!

I absolutely loved this book. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice so much. And I love the other aspects that are tied into it. I can’t wait for the other books to be released!!!!!
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February 3, 2023
Every once in a while I stumble on a little gem in Kindle Unlimited that I take a chance on. “Pride and Prejudice” meets “Shatter Me” … or any number of other popular modern YA dystopias.

This was written well, however it was challenging at times to follow how everything worked. I called the “twist” at the end, but maybe that was meant to be obvious. You don’t get many answers and this is the first in a self-proclaimed trilogy. I was anticipating a vampire reveal, as the “sick” Recipients are kept strictly separate from the immune Donors. Donors are all but forced to donate antibodies as a means of income; the higher your antibody count, the more valuable your blood is. Herein is your Austin allusion: literal blood determines your place in society. If you have a high blood number, you get paid more and therefore rise in society. People marry young and hope to make a high match so that their children potentially have an even higher blood number, therefore securing your financial future.

Aston knows the system is a farce and that her fellow Donor citizens are suffering in poverty and death, used only by the rich Recipients who keep themselves segregated due to a claim of being so immunocompromised that it would be a death sentence to be exposed directly to Donors. She resists donating her historically high-numbered blood to essentially stick it to the man, but their circumstances are manipulated to force her to begin donating to ensure her family can even eat. Donors are kept complacent and cooperative due to a “happy serum” but Aston’s mysterious technician omits it from her donation sessions. This keeps her cognizant of how society is controlling Donors and keeps her looking for a way to resist.

Why the strict segregation? What exactly is the virus or problem the Recipients have? -Are- they vampires? The book ends on a pretty big cliffhanger, with Aston finding herself in a dire situation and confronted with betrayal. The pacing was excellent and Aston is a very likable, strong yet still feminine character. She is very similar to Katniss from “The Hunger Games.” That said, it’s not until about 85% in that suspicions are proven true. The book ends with more questions than answers but I find myself ok with this—it reads like a Netflix series and now I’m stuck waiting for season 2.

Prepare yourself for a Hunger Games level love triangle, too.

Hopefully it’s not long until the sequel debuts.
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September 1, 2022
I LOVE dystopian novels. I have gotten away from them in recent years, but they started my love of reading and I am always excited to read a new one. This one was incredible - 5 stars all around! And a note to the author - I need book 2, like now. Pretty please!

Blood Numbers is based in a dystopian society in which there are two categories of people - Recipients and Donors. They live separately, and the Donors are responsible for donating blood to the recipients to save their lives - in exchange for money. The higher your "blood number", the more money you can make. The system is corrupt and disgusting. Not only do they basically force these Donors into donating their blood - they also drug them with a "happy serum" to keep them compliant and coming back to donate more. Donors with high numbers are auctioned off to Recipients, who all want the best blood they can get their hands on.

Our FMC Aston knows there is something wrong with this arrangement, she doesn't subscribe to the narrative that society seems to have accepted as normal and okay. However, as she turns 16 and her family is struggling just to survive, she realizes she must donate to support them. When she learns her blood number - higher than any other donor on record - her mother is ecstatic. But Aston and her father both seem to realize this isn't a blessing at all.

There is a love triangle here, which I don't typically love, but this one is done so well. MMC 1, Gannet, is a technician at the donation center. MMC 2, Marcus, is a sickly boy Aston seems to have trouble staying away from, no matter how hard she tries. I loved that both of these characters have an air of mystery and it isn't until the end that we really get a glimpse of the truth behind who they both are. Lots of twists and turns!

The writing is strong and well-done, the world-building is incredible, and the characters are well-developed and bring out so many emotions (like Aston's mom - I HATE her with a passion). The story was absolutely gripping and I could not put it down. If you love dystopian - do yourself a favor and pick up this book ASAP!

Thank you to the author and Katie & Brey PA for the ARC, all opinions are my own.
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August 21, 2022
About the book:
The story is in a futuristic dystopic society which is separated in to two groups. The Donor, who sell their blood to meet their everyday needs and also their freedom to feel any emotions were taken away. And the Recepient, who are sick and pays the Donors for their blood and also favours by the system. When Aston Vazeto becomes 16yrs old, she is officially a Donor. She hates the system and does not want to sell her blood for money. She doesn’t want to be controlled and believes that everyone have the freedom to feel. However, with the pressure from her family who is in the verge of poverty and the accident from his father’s power plant, Aston have no choice but to follow the system. Their blood were tested and will be match with numbers. This numbers determines how much they will get paid and also how the Recipient will choose them for the contract. Aston’s number is the highest in the history not only in New Detroit but in the whole New America. She became the most wanted by the Recipient on the annual blood auction and are willing to pay a high price. On the process, she met Marcus and Gannet who both have a mysterious background. With all of this attention and money that she is getting, will she give up her principle and be eaten by the system? Or will she become a rebel and fight for their rights, their freedom to feel and freedom to love?
My thoughts:
The plot is unique. Each chapter is well thought. Unpredictable which gives you a reason to keep on reading. The twist is good and hard to predict who will end up with Aston. The ending is a bit heartbreaking but you will wonder what will happen to her. A book 2 is definitely a must. Giving this a five stars.
Title and Cover:
The title is intriguing and it suits to the story. The cover is simple but with deep meaning.
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December 31, 2022
Blood Numbers
C. F. Kreitzer

Rating 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸/5(yeah this is another 6 star read!)

Highlighted text:
I watch the children swinging carefree from the metal swing sets for a moment. What I wouldn’t give to be with them again. Feet up in the clouds. Cares far beneath me.


Wowh what a brilliantly wonderful book I love sci-fi when it's written well and let me tell you this book was AMAZING! The cover is just so beautifully displays the story, the title a perfect fit for the storyline.

Aston Vazeto is a sixteen year old girl who just wants to live her life her way but with her high blood numbers she could do so much more for the family and that's what her mother insists that she do and her father insists that they don't need her donating blood to survive, but when her family is targeted because she doesn't donate then things get crazier and crazier! A resistance is building up in the background now if she could find them and join them then that would be a whole lot amazing but since her blood numbers are high a lot is at stake since she's in the eye of the world now! Will she resist donating for the Über rich? Will her plans to join the resistance come to fruition? And who the heck is Marcus!!

A well crafted book, with fantastic characters that are relatable yet so fantastical, the plot twist hits just right and it's so so twisty that my head spun! The writing style is easy to understand, the character arcs were well set. I cannot wait to read book 2!!
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September 13, 2022
First of all thank you katieandbreypa for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is something else. It offers great characters and an inset resting plot. It was great in many ways attaching to my nostalgia with a great dystopia society. It reminded me of many of the great books I enojes not so long ago.

This particular society is separated in two groups, the receivers and the donors. After a germ war the only cure for some to live was to receive constant blood donation. And not everything seems to move according to it. The receivers, the ones who control society pay the donors for their blood. And the donors must chose among donating every week or starving to death for lack of resources. Both classes can not interact with one another because it could infect the precious recipients. The hole world move among this with incredible media manipulation and control of the education. No to mention drug abuse.

The characters have you thinking about how we live nowadays. Except this time among a society based on how decent is the number given to your blood. I loved observing how society worked whit in this book. And of course, everything mixed with the possibility of revolution. A book that any dystopian book lover must add to their TBR.
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September 9, 2022
I love dystopias and this one looks great.

The action takes place in a distant future when only 2 types of people are left on earth: donors and recipients. In fact, the human kind suffered because of using germs as biological weapons and the rich recipients can survive only on donor's plasma.

Donors are kept in their place by strict rules, poverty and a kind of serum.

Aston is a normal girl who becomes a donor at the age of 16 even though she doesn't want to donate.

Jane Austen is my all time favorite writter and I loved to discover her influence. Actually was thrilling to discover the characters inspired by her.

As a fan of dystopia and romance, this dystopian romance was perfect for me.
The book is well-written, the storyline is interesting, addictive and flows smoothly.
Aston, Gannet and Marcus are complex characters and it is hard for me to choose my favorite.

I received this ebook in exchange of a honest review.
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September 15, 2022
Thank you to Katie and Brey PA, Monster Ivy Publishing, and CF Kreitzer for providing me with a copy of this book. This is my honest review.
I haven’t read a YA dystopia in a while. For years, it felt like I was just reading Hunger Games 2.0 anytime I tried. Blood Numbers was such a pleasant surprise! It has all the dystopian characteristics, but it delivers them with a fresh perspective. I couldn’t put this book down! I was so intrigued by the power dynamics of this world.
At times I wanted to yell at Aston, but those moments made it even clearer that Aston is so young and already carrying so many burdens. You can kinda see some of the twists coming, but they were so enjoyable that I didn’t even mind 😂 And the way this left off?! I want to know how far this goes! Give me vengeful Aston 👀
All in all, I really enjoyed this book. If you haven’t given YA dystopia a try in a while, give this one a shot!
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