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My family’s scandal is my fall from grace. The night of my seventeenth birthday leads to the final event that catapults my future in a different direction. One call for help turns into my only chance of survival.
Now, the only way to stay safe is to keep hidden.
Hidden in a small town in the middle of “No-where”, Minnesota, away from my friends, my prestigious school, and my family, I have to mesh with the other hidden children in order to survive.
Though, it’s not just the Bogeyman that keeps me up at night…
Ciaran Jakobe, with his frosty blue eyes and instant dislike for me sets my nerves on end. There is no escaping his sharp words and constant torment. Every push from him sparks a fire of fight inside me. Every smirk from his full, pink lips makes me want to punch him in the face. He’s my nemesis and my dark hero.
I may be paying for my parent’s mistakes but I won’t let a Midwest Boy get the best of me.

216 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 8, 2020

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A.M. Brooks

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Author also writes under Ashton Brooks

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August 10, 2020
A family run witness protection program helps a teenager in need!

When I was a teenager I used to love this movie called “Hiding Out”, it starred John Cryer and he was a New York stockbroker that was wanted by the mob so he shaved his beard, punked out his hair, exchanged the suits for jeans and T’s and hid out in the Midwest with a distant cousin and went to high school. This book reminded me a lot of that movie. Though it was a girl that was hiding out and she is actually a teenager.

The teenager in question is a girl named Saylor who had been living the good life in New York for the last few years as one of the nouveau riche, attending private high school with other wealthy students. Though it recently came to light that her father was embezzling from his own investment company and he bankrupted a bunch of families, some of whom lost life savings, committed suicide and worse. He then took the cash and disappeared.

After a break in and attack at the their home, her mother called on an old friend for help. The friend, Matt owns some sort of witness relocation type operation called Rogue, for families in Danger though they are not necessarily witnesses. Though apparently Rogue (Matt and the people that work for him) usually doesn’t help the families of criminals.

Though at first I was not really sure what the problem everyone seemed to have with the fact that they were helping Saylor, her Mother and younger sister. Obviously the two girls at the very least had nothing to do with their fathers’ crimes and the mother was attacked in the home by men trying to find the father. So why are people not more compassionate? Well, apparently Saylor’s mother and/or father have a history in the Minnesota Town that Matt lives in, so it is all very mysterious.

However, Matt thinks it is safest to split up, so the Mother and sister go to a different place and Saylor goes to stay with Matt and his nephew Ciaran. Ciaran is a senior in high school and works for Matt along with his two best friends, Silas and Kai. They all hate Saylor from the start and it seems to be more about Silas and his feelings than about anything else.

Saylor thinks that possibly her Silas’ family invested with her father and lost everything and that is why he hates her so much. It isn’t long before Kai starts wavering though and begins to see that Saylor shouldn’t be held accountable for her parents. Ciaran can’t stop thinking about her but in solidarity with Silas, has the school ignore her just because he can. When they do finally start getting romantic it gets pretty steamy. I give it a heat index of three out of five flames 🔥🔥🔥.

The story is very compelling and the mysteries in the town and surrounding Saylor’s family are intriguing to say the least. Every time I think one thing is going on, something will happen or people will have a conversation that will lead me to think that it is something completely different. In the end what I thought would be the big surprise was completely incorrect and It turned out that I liked the way it was all explained much better than my guess.

The ending is explosive and quite a big cliffhanger. So I can’t wait to find out what happens next. This is a great story and I plan to continue the series. There are elements of bully romance, thriller, suspense, and more in this and the supporting characters are terrific.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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May 4, 2020
MY REVIEW AND OTHERS: can also be found on my blog:

#MNGIRL: is the first full length book in 'new to me author' A.M. Brooks's 'Midwest Boys' series. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.

WOW!! This lulled me into such a false sense of security as I sat there reading about Saylor's sad turnout for her seventeenth birthday, a night which should've been a night of celebration turned out to be a girls worst nightmare.

Her family is being investigated by some of New York's finest criminal investigators in the country all leading back to her father who had been laundering money through his company. An act that had destroyed so many lives including his own family. Leaving them alone to defend for themselves when the wolves come knocking at the door..

Split up from her mother and sister Saylor has been thrown into the boondocks of a town with a population of over seven hundred.

New school, new name, new hair, new home, new rules, new threats..This book pretty much had it all..

Don't stand out..Stay under the radar..And under no circumstances contact anyone from your previous life.


A school run by three guys, but these three boys (Ciaran, Silas and Kai) are nothing like you've come across before in books, these guys are a whole new kettle of fish. The school, the township is their playground, they rule and look over and protect with an iron fist.

Because of Saylor's dads wrong doings Saylor is on their sh#tlist. They don't want her here in their town. They want her gone..But there's more to this story than meets the eye. She's under Mat's protection, living under the same roof as Ciaron, lines between the two will become blurred.

As Saylor tries to navigate her new school and stay under the radar she finds herself struggling when she feels such a gravitational pull every time Ciaron is in the same room as her.

They can act sweet as pie to your grandma then turn around and be a deadly force to an enemy and that's why we call them the good ol'Midwest boys.

That was the turning point where everything in her life changed. Saylor's life was like riding a rollercoaster, from good to bad, to extremely bad again. Twists and turns and stomach curdling moments, had me glued to my ipad. I read this at record speeds, once started I couldn't put it down.
This ticked so many boxes, and then some.


This took unique to a whole new level, going into this I never knew what to expect, twists and turns had my head spinning, hands clammy, heart pounding as I read where Saylor's life took a nose dive and everything changed within a blink of an eye. Thrown into a dark, gritty, tailspin that I did not see coming at me which left reeling in its destruction.

This book comes highly recommended by yours truly. get your one click on guys you won't regret it..

* Teasers used are off the authors facebook page *

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May 18, 2020
It's been a while since I read a book that has me hooked from the beginning. This book was action-packed, fast-paced and has drama. There is not a dull moment here. What I found unique in this authors creation is the system of surveillance - The Rogue. There are so much labyrinth to understand this system and I didn't get most of the things said in the book and this didn't deter me from reading. I was amplified and more engaged with this book. The next thing what intrigued me was the title of the book. The hashtag tittle was new to me and I can't be more agreeable with the title and it's cover. It's perfect.

Saylor and Ciaran start on a wrong foot. Ciaran who has no idea of Saylon's past. He keeps taunting and pushing her to tears but Saylor is no meek. She realises her past has hurt alot of people and readily accepts the accusations. Saylon is tough. She is in a disarray after her life turns upside down. Ciaran was a bully at the beginning. He may not like her for reasons of his own but she starts getting under his skin.

This book has so much angst and criminal activity. Saylor's monologues may crack your heart. All the characters are so engaging. I like everyone and their character description. Saylor and Ciaran relationship is of hate-passion filled romance. This is a high-school romance with a little different world build up structure. The story has yet to unfold. I can't wait for the next book.
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May 8, 2020

For my reviews and more, visit my blog LaraBabbles Book Blog

5 stars 🌟

I picked up this book on a whim. Seriously, I didn't even read the blurb until halfway through the story. The cover and the unusual title intrigued me into indulging my time with this gem.

And a gem it was! I can't believe this author and I have never met before. This book was totally, hands down amazing.

Saylor Torre, a seventeen year old girl has had a bad birthday party where none of her friends and boyfriend show up. Her father has been charged with money laundering and is currently a wanted international criminal, hence the aforementioned birthday disaster.

But, this thing is seemingly nothing to compare to what meets her when she gets home.

A series of disastrous events takes place leading her to separate from her mother and sister, change her appearance and disappear in the middle of nowhere in the small town of Minnesota.

She wasn't prepared for her life to be yanked right from under her foot. But more importantly, she wasn't prepared for a blue-eyed roommate who hates her gut for no reason.

I loved the enemies to lover relationship between Ciaran and Saylor. Their chemistry was off charts! The suspense in the story kept me on edge waiting for the next shoe to drop.

The book ends in a cliffhanger, but it was totally worth it! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!

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515 reviews
May 5, 2020
New to me author, A.M Brooks managed to surprise me in the best way, with this thrilling and suspenseful story. The situations presented were relatable and I enjoyed the writing style, it was easy to follow and engaging. The action was fast-paced and there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the whole story. It had the right amount of angst, drama, hot moments, and sexy banter.

Saylor's life turns upside down, the day she turns seventeen. Her family is in danger and she's forced to go into hiding. With the help of one of her mother's childhood friends, she arrives in a small town in Minnesota. She has to stay under the radar and lay low, but the moment she meets Ciaran, Saylor realizes that she's in for a lot of trouble and heartache.

I loved the protagonists. Saylor is a tough cookie, she can fend for herself and will go head to head with anyone who tries to bully her, and that includes Ciaran, who has it out for her from the first time they see each other. Ciaran tries hard to keep his distance from Saylor but it's near impossible.

The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts, the build-up and anticipation were amplified by their constant bickering, and when they finally got together they were explosive. Also, the secondary characters were interesting. Kai was a delight, always flirting, and making jokes and I was intrigued by Silas who was always moody and angry.

Twists and turns, hot steamy moments, throw in some romance, and this book ticked all of my boxes. Book two can’t come quick enough, I'm really eager to know what happens next.

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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3,599 reviews30 followers
May 8, 2020
5 #MNGIRL STARS!! I was captivated all the way through this book!! Saylor's life is on a emotional rollercoaster and Ciaran, Kai and Silas are their to help in anyway possible. Buckle yourself up and get ready for this crazy ride. I need the next book.....I am dying right now. You need to read this book.
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898 reviews53 followers
May 8, 2020
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS

This engaging story by A.M. Brooks, utterly captivated me from beginning to end. The twists and turns interspersed with the drama and angst along with the secrets, lies and betrayals made #MNGirl a definite page-turner.

I’m eager for more of Ciaran and Saylor. #MNGirl by A.M. Brooks is an EPIC book that will join the ranks of the BIBLIO-ARISTOCRACY!!!

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1,524 reviews60 followers
May 8, 2020
Thank you NetGalley and The Next Step for a complimentary copy. I voluntarily reviewed this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

By: A. M. Brooks

REVIEW ☆☆☆☆☆

When I saw the cover for #MNGirl, I immediately wanted to read the book. I didn't even read the synopsis, which is rare for me, so I went into this book blind. Looking back, I'm actually glad that I did that. This story went places I never would have guessed.

The story begins with Saylor, the heroine, anxiously awaiting guests for her seventeenth birthday party. When no one shows, Saylor reluctantly agrees to call it a day, and head home. I felt so sorry for Saylor and indignant about the no shows. From the first pages, Saylor elicits sympathy, and her authentic voice makes her easy to like and relatable. Why was her party a disaster? It turns out, Saylor's father is involved in a ruinous money laundering scheme, and many people hate him with a vengeance, and by extension, his wife and two daughters. Worse, still, he absconded with the money, leaving his family to suffer the fallout of this scandal. Poor Saylor has, through no fault of her own, become a social pariah. So, she returns home and goes to bed. Later that night, Saylor is awakened by her younger sister, Mila, and crashing noises downstairs. Someone is in the house looking for their father, and in lieu of him, hurt their mother. The sisters hide until they can creep downstairs, and finding their mother nearly beaten to death, she tells them to contact someone named Matt, aka Rogue. Hours later, Matt arrives and takes them from their home to a safer location. While Matt tends to their mother, Saylor and Mila cut and dye their hair and get some rest. Saylor is exhausted, terrified and confused but comforts Mila as best she can. For these girls, life, as they knew it, no longer exists. For relocation, the split up for safety. Saylor goes with Matt, while her mother and Mila go elsewhere-a necessary, but no less heartbreaking, concession.

Saylor finds herself in a little nowhere Minnesota town. Matt has a nephew, Ci, also living in the house, who loathes Saylor on sight. Ci and his "bros" continually taunt and demean Saylor at school, and everywhere else, with any opportunity they get. The question is why? They hate her father, but that's understandable. The tension and heat between Saylor and Ci is palpable. What will their relationship become living in the same house? Saylor senses something odd about this town. Everywhere she goes, people stare and whisper like she is an alien creature. Matt is Rogue, which seems to be some sort of protection agency, and he has a history with Saylor's mother, thus, the reason why he helped them in the first place. What secrets lay dormant in this town? Why is Saylor disliked so vehemently? Will Ci and Saylor turn a spark into a blaze, or douse it with water? So many questions dangling from the cliff! Just read #MNGirls. It's an unexpected, fast paced, amazing treat!
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May 4, 2020
This author caught my eye when she wrote her first book and now I just try and get my hands on all her books because I.LOVE.HOW.SHE.WRITES!

Saylor has been living a pretty glamours life for a few years now and she's oblivious as to how her parents ended up with so much money. But she doesn't care because she's part of the best crews in school, she's dating the most popular guy in school .... until she's not.

One day she's living the life, the next she's running for her life! Saylor never in a million years thought that her life would turn out the way it has. Although even though she's in hiding now she's being protected by the best. She ended up getting split from her mom and sister but as long as they're in good hands, she has nothing to worry about .... until she does.

Saylor and Ciaran may have started off on the wrong foot but someway and somehow she's ingrained herself in Ciaran. He might not like her and he has reasons to even though they aren't his reasons to dislike her, but she's getting under his skin and before you know it....he can't stay away from her.

This book was full of everything you could possibly think of. So much suspense and angst that it will leave your butt almost hitting the floor by the time you get to the end.

I loved, loved this book and can't wait to continue on the journey and find out what in the world is going on!!

5 Stars

**Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**
May 5, 2020
Holy heck! THIS IS SOOOO AMAZING!!!! A whole new series with an exciting plot and characters!
#MNGirl is the first book of Midwest Boys Series. It can't be read as a standalone with a big cliffy at the end! This is a high school, new adult romance with thriller elements. We can read this story in present time, from Ciaran & Saylor's POV. This is a very exciting and painful story!
I was excited at the whole time. Saylor is a powerful but broken girl who just want to survive. She is a new girl in the town! Ciaran and his frosty blue eyes strongly complicates her situation. The chemistry between us is PERFECT! Ciaran want to hate the girl, but he didn't know! He attracts Saylor like a magnet!
This story is seared your soul! I'm curious about what will be happening in the next part!

May 2, 2020
This was a heart pounding, nail biting edge of my seat adventure.
Lies, betrayals, secrets, crimes, I mean, just a dash of every single good thing there could have possibly been. Well not good thing. But you know what I mean.
My heart hurts for poor Saylor & her family. I’m confused about my feelings for the Midwest boys though. Still kind of walking the edge.
I cannot wait for the next one, hopefully the smoke clears a little and we find out what’s really going on.
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194 reviews64 followers
May 5, 2020

“It’s not forever. It’s just for now,”

Imagine this. The quiet night is filled with the screams and the thick acrid scent of fear. Every time you close your eyes you remember that, the night it all changed. Even your name. A jostling wakes you and somewhere in your foggy brain you know you’ve arrived to your destination. Through a tangle of fresh colored locks and sleep blurred eyes you can feel the stare coming from a blacked out truck the in the driveway you are now parked in. And you know whoever it belongs to? He’s going to change ...everything.

#MNGIRL is the first book in A.M. Brooks newest Midwest Boys Series. What some may call a bully romance is in fact one of the best enemies to lovers books I’ve read this year. Filled with an intriguing plot, and edge of suspense, and the heated hate lust of our heroine and hero she brings a refreshing and bingeworthy start to this newest series.

Saylor has not always lived the life of the upper east side. Growing up she was considered normal by everyday standards. But when her father begins the life of a criminal just to reach for what he lost, the life of luxury she’s lived for the last few years comes crumbling down in shards of broken skin and cracked hearts. Everything she knew and loved changed one pivotal night and the Saylor that once was disappeared into thin air along with her mother and younger sister.

“Love you, wild.” “Love you, crazy,”

Thrust into the world of other hidden families, Saylor separates from her mother and sister being entrusted with a family friend aptly named Rogue. In a town filled exactly no one and given an completely new identity she only wants to start over. Start over from the nightmare she left behind. The only problem? Rogue’s nephew Ciaran and his two friends Silas and Kai. How can she start over when it’s clear they hate her? Silas maybe even despise her. And what was suppose to be something fresh quickly turns into a repeat of the never ending cycle she’s seemed to be living lately.

“That’s what she is. A disaster that is going to bring havoc to the town.”

In a game like no other, Saylor navigates the rules of the small northern town and bit by bit begins to thaw the frozen heart of Ciaran.

“I want her in a way I can’t remember if I’ve ever felt about another person before.”

A. M. Brooks flips the standard high school love story and brings #MNGIRL just as hard as the first snow fall. With the bitter air of something anxious energy and the heaviness of gritted hate turned panic filled emotion.

What happens when everything you knew about your life is all a lie? The family past is fabricated. The facts are blurry and when you just start to get settled in a new one... the alarm sounds and the facade crumbled again.

“Her hands wind around my neck again, holding me to her. It’s the final nail in my coffin. There is no escaping from me now, Princess.”
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441 reviews47 followers
May 4, 2020
This was my first read by A.M. Brooks.
While I am not in LOVE with this book, I am definitely in LIKE and still very intrigued to find out what happens. I was getting super nervous as my kindle kept getting closer to 100% and it felt so unfinished...I guess I didn't realize that this would end on a cliffhanger with 2 more books to follow.

It took a little bit for me to get into the story, but things started happening, some secrets were revealed and such, that I am very curious as to what is going to happen in the following books.

Saylor was a well written character. Very believable (not that we tend to read to read believable characters, haha...). She was a constant character, and, so far, her character isn't one that needs growth.

Ciaran he was a character that took me a bit to come on to his side. I could easily tell early on that he would be the main male character, the potential love interest, but definitely one that you have mixed feelings about at first. And I do love when an author can take a character like that and make you have mixed feelings and/or even hate them at first and then make it to where you change your mind.

Silas and Kai...well, Silas was an @$$. Kai was another one that I was on the fence about. Secrets, not knowing the full story of the past, and miscommunication with these boys made for what made them so iffy for likeability at first. I was squinty-eyed confused every time Silas was rude or even hateful towards Saylor wondering why and trying to figure it out.

Like I said...I'm not in LOVE with this story, yet, but I definitely like it enough that I am eager to read the next in the series and get more information. I have no doubt that my current 4 star review may turn into more of a 4.5 or even 5 star by the end!
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1,090 reviews570 followers
July 11, 2020
I don't know why it took me this long to finally read this book. #MNGirl blew my mind!
I couldn't stop reading...I finished it in one sitting. It's that good. This entire storyline was all so exciting!
I am gobsmacked by how much I enjoyed it and was entirely NOT prepared for that cliffhanger.
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1,342 reviews67 followers
May 8, 2020
A.M Brooks slayed with #MNGirl. This book surpassed all my expectations and more! Cieran and Saylor have a tumultuous relationship and I initially loved her more than I loved him. But he grows on you and you can see the change when he lets his guard down. This is the authors best work to date. There is plenty of suspense, angst and this isn't your typical enemies to lovers romance. You will be intrigued with the secondary characters as I have and I definitely look forward to more from this author! This books is gonna be a series that you do not wanna miss!

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344 reviews
August 13, 2020
Ugh..... *sighing*

One I’m such a huge fan of A.M. and this doesn’t let me down. In fact it just confirms my love for her writing style. This book is emotional and suspenseful. I literally felt like I was holding my breath on the end. I hate cliffhangers, but I’ll let this one slide. It sort of scream bully romance but then it doesn’t, so your not sure.
Losing everything you love has to be hard, but falling from such a high to a deep low has to be harder. But I’m must say Saylor does it in style. And let’s face facts 3 hot guys to make your heart trip. I’m not fully sure how I feel about the boys, but ROGUE.....I heart for sure. Big love for this book and I can’t wait for the next one.
No HEA, a little romance, a lot of drama, secrets and much more.

Aug 2020:
Did a little reread for the new book coming out! I’m still in shock over this book. I mean this author truly is amazing. This poor girl goes through so much in such a short amount of time and that ending literally crushes my heart reading it. Now on for the new one! Thank Ashton!
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240 reviews6 followers
May 3, 2020
5+ stars
I’m left speechless. I have a sense of fulfilment for this angsty, action packed and absolutely loveable novel. I don’t care what anyone else says, this has made the top of my 2020 reads so far! #MNGirl by A.M. Brooks is absolutely addictive!

They thought a family scandal was enough to crumble their lives however they were not prepared for what came next. One phone call was all it took for their paths to be changed forever.
Being hidden away and starting fresh become impossible to master when the eyes of Ciaran Jakobe are watching your every move. Saylor wants to hate him but can’t help the pull he’s having on her.
Can she move past all the hate of her parents’ mistakes or will she crumble under his stare?

My heart is still pumping and my mind wonderstruck. From the very beginning right to the very end I was consumed by this read - even after. This has so much thought and structure that when reading, it never misses a beat. I’m so excited for the next instalment and there after.
This comes highly recommend.
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1,273 reviews41 followers
May 3, 2020
There were things I loved about this book and things that I didn’t like, but that is just the way it goes with pretty much any contemporary romance, right?

Saylor wakes up in middle of the night of her seventeenth birthday to her mother being attacked. Along with her little sister, they manage to stop the attack and per her mother’s instruction, call an old friend of her mother’s to come help them out. Because Say’s father got mixed up in some bad stuff and left them to clean up the mess, she must be separated from her mom and sister. They go into protection in one place, and Saylor goes to Minnesota to her mom’s hometown to stay with Matt, the head of the Rogue, the company that specializes in protecting people.

It’s bad enough that she doesn’t have her mom and sister, and that she can no longer see or talk to her best friend in the entire world, but now she is stuck living with Ciaran, Matt’s nephew. He and his two best friends spend the immediate future making her life hell and she doesn’t know why. All she knows is that it has something to do with her mother leaving town years ago.

But, even though it is completely against the carefully crafted rules, Ciaran can’t get Saylor out of his brain. The romance between them is hot and sweet. Will he be her nemesis or her hero?

What I loved:
I thought the underlying story line was original and very interesting. Rogue as a company and as an idea, was great. A group of people who are far reaching, who take in people who need help. When you break it down to the simplest terms, that is awesome!

I loved most of the characters. Kai was my favorite because he was the sweetest of this group of fellas. He is the one who is the least cruel to Saylor when she arrives.

I enjoyed the story progression. The little bits you learn about Rogue and the history between the families kept me fully intrigued and engaged.

What I didn’t like:
Some of the protocols of this secret life situation is far fetched and not realistic. While there is a ton of security in place for the individuals whom are under protection, it kind of seems that everyone in the town knows. If the only security they have among people is the fact that they know not to talk about it doesn’t seem very solid to me.

I also didn’t like the dislike between Silas and Saylor/her family... You are left in the dark for almost the entire book.

Ultimately, this book was fantastic and I cannot wait to see what happens next, as this one ends in a cliffhanger.
Profile Image for Jess *lovetolovebooks*.
443 reviews114 followers
May 7, 2020
I sense him before he touches me. His chest brushes against my back. My eyes slam shut. My traitorous heart beats to life when he’s near. It’s unfair in an almost beautifully tragic way. Enemies to lovers usually is.

#MNGirl is my first read by A.M. Brooks and mark my words it will not be my last. Brooks managed to do create this whole other world that lives right under our noses that is full of secrets, danger, and teenage hormones. This was a wonderfully written, fast paced book. It is no surprise that when it comes to New Adult, I’m not the biggest fan. We have a love/hate relationship. I’m usually left wanting and not connecting with the characters or feeling like the characters were too immature. And that just wasn’t the case here. Because helping shelter and relocate kids/adults who are in danger and need new identities, well that comes with huge responsibilities and maturity which these seniors in high school have in spades. Do they all still act like kids sometimes? Yes, and I loved seeing them be teenagers. But they take their job (yes it is a job that they signed up for) very seriously and I appreciated that immensely.

The romance is a super slow burn, enemies to lovers, and it was a hot one guys. Ciaran was a total alpha asshole dude with the motto “bros before hoes”, but Saylor works her way into his head and eventually his heart. I won’t lie. Ci was an absolute douche canoe to our girl Saylor, and even when we learn the reason why it isn’t good enough to explain away the terrible bullying he put her through, and our girl Saylor knows this and calls him on it like I wanted. Saylor, for being so young, is unbelievably brave and strong. She handles what life gives her with way more grace than I would have. So I applaud her for that. And my heart shattered for her when that ending happened. I was feeling all warm and cozy and ready for a nicely wrapped ending, and then Brooks came out of left field with a bomb that left me running for Kleenex. It was a cruel ending, and I can’t wait for the next book. Seriously can I have it now please? There’s so much to cover. Will Saylor forgive Ciaran? Will she recover from that last blow? Will she ever be safe again?

Overall rating: 5 stars
Steaminess: 3 stars

ARC was given in exchange for an honest review.
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1,212 reviews11 followers
May 8, 2020
First off, this cover!!! GORGEOUS!!!

When the book opens up, we see a hopeful Saylor at her birthday party. Her life is sort of complicated in the money class world. She attends a private school that houses the kids of the rich. Old money and new money. But, her father has embroiled them in a HUGE HUGE act of betrayal with society. But, the only ones around to suffer the consequences is Saylor, her mother and her sister. Their lives are in major danger. So, a blast from mom's past comes in for a rescue.

This story pulled me in really fast. I couldn't put it down. I don't want to give too much away, but their savior splits them up for protection and Saylor is headed to Minnesota to a town where there are people like her are living amongst the "normal" people. In the community, there are levels of hiding, keeping away from certain people, knowing your status, but with Saylor being there, it goes more in depth than any other person there. Ciaran is head of the "crew" that runs the school. People listen to him, they know their place. Also, him and his guys, have pretty much blacklisted her on everything. They let it be known that she is not welcome. The “hate” is deeper than what it seems. But, when walls are down, Ciaran doesn't hate her at all.

I really enjoyed the supporting characters to this story. There were layers and layers that I kept wanting more of as the story was it was unfolding. I need the rest of the story ASAP!!!
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May 7, 2020
#MNGirl was unlike anything I believed that it would be. I didn't spend much time reviewing the book blurb, but I was drawn in by the unique cover and title. I anticipated a sweet high school romance but was delivered such a suspenseful and emotional read. This book set a high bar by bringing such intense action and kept up the breakneck speed nearly from beginning to end.

Saylor's family is new money in a high class world; one she has not settled into well. When news breaks of her father's embezzlement she becomes the school pariah. On her 17th birthday everything changes. Forced into hiding, changing her appearance, her name, and separating from her family, Saylor is thrust into life in the Midwest. Her job is to keep her head down, be no one –– be invisible. But that's hard to do in a small town with purple hair. Especially when you catch the eye of someone like Ciaran. But he doesn't readily accept her into his town. Not with his friends and not in his home.

The amount of emotional heartbreak that Saylor is forced to endure in this book brought me nearly to tears. Isolated in a foreign place and with no one she knows, Saylor is forced to grow up and become a strong and fierce woman. The beauty and pain behind her transformation is both inspiring and gut-wrenching. The undeniable connection between Say and Ci had me yearning for a cease fire while the ending left me with no closure and a desperate need for book two!

From beginning to end A.M. Brooks delivers a fast paced, addicting read that is suspenseful, steamy, and emotional. Pick this book up. Now!
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May 4, 2020
This is not your typical YA romance! It is so much better than that! The bullying doesn't even compare to what the ROUGE operations is! This book was so amazing, I didnt want it to be over! I need the next book like now because you are left with a devastating cliffhanger thatll leave you teary eyed! I need to say this again, this is not your typical YA romance, I promise you will love this book so much you will not put it down!
I recieved an ARC in exchange for a honest review
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May 5, 2020
I thought this would be a great book but it absolutely exceeded my expectations! I was captivated from page one! Saylor's struggles with her family and safety along with hers and Ci's long angsty enemies to lovers romance is so much more than I could have hoped for. The suspense is real ya'll! By the end of this book I was doing the ugly cry and going through tissues like crazy!

I CANNOT WAIT for Book 2 of the Midwest Boys Series! I'm officially an A.M. Brooks fan and look forward to reading more of her work!

*The playlist is phenomenal. Make sure you listen to it throughout the book!

I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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May 4, 2020
#MNGirl was such an addicting read that will have you devouring this book as fast as you can.
Saylor's story is incredibly heartbreaking and it was horrible to watch her and her family being punished for her fathers actions and crimes.
On the night of her seventeenth birthday, her life is changed forever. Horrible events lead to her being moved away and hidden for her and her families safety. This is where she meets Ciaran and even though he is horrible to her and shows her no kindness what so ever, she is somehow drawn to him.
Their relationship is the classic enemies to lovers tale and this story is full of secrets, lies, betrayals, heartbreak, lust and plenty of twists and turns.
That ending destroyed me and leaves us impatiently waiting for book 2.
May 9, 2020
This book has it all!! Including my tears before I was even 15 percent of the way in. The suspense that the book built, the romance I felt in my chest, I could not put this book down. My sister, quite a few times, mentioned how she couldn't get my attention while I was reading (the beauty of books, am I right?) A.M. Brooks does a great job at building her heroine's character. I felt like a close personal friend to Saylor, cheering her on, crying with her, feeling rage for her. I will be waiting very impatiently for this series. Amazing job
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May 3, 2020
This book!!!

Oh this book!! This is the first book I’ve read by this author and it certainly won’t b the last!

This book is honestly intense and full of action from page one and will have you holding your breath and bracing yourself for what’s to come throughout! There’s secrets, lies, danger, betrayal and a whole lot of emotion and heat!

The story I felt was unique with a storyline that keeps you guessing and asking questions throughout. The characters steal a bit of your heart and make you want to know more about all of them and their backgrounds.

I need the next book now!!

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May 5, 2020
#MNGirl is my first read from A.M. Brooks and I was left absolutely stunned by the creative twist and turns that were in this captivating book! A perfect enemies to lovers tale! I love the instant connection and chemistry between Saylor and Ciaran even between the hate and contempt. A complete page turner from the very beginning I struggled to put this down when it was time for bed and picked it back up with my morning coffee!! I can’t wait to add this gorgeous paperback to my shelf!! I can’t wait to see what else A.M. Brooks has for us in this amazing series!!!!
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May 5, 2020

When I first saw the cover of this book, while I was scrolling through Facebook, I was instantly drawn in! The cover alone to me was drop dead GORGEOUS!! I still stand by that, it’s totally beautiful. I love when girls have pastel color hair, it’s one of my favorites. After seeing the cover I read the blurb and it was interesting to me, so I had to ad it to my TBR. A few weeks later and I’m lucky enough to win an arc of this book and now having finished it in one day, I’m writing my review, so here it is!

#MNGirl is the first in A. M. Brooks Midwest Boys series. It can be described as a bully romance and am enemies to lovers. This book is exciting and mysterious.

Our main heroine, Saylor, has not had a very easy life. She had to deal with being the new girl at school and people still treat her wrong. While trying to deal with the emotions of not being wanted at school, Saylor gets separated from her family and has to start a new life because her family got attacked. She must stay under the radar, with a new name, new school, even new hair.

Not only does she have to follow the rules to being hidden but she also has to follow the rules from the 3 “top guys” who pretty much run the school, Ciaran, Kia, and Silas. Not only does the guys make her life hell at school buy one, Ciaran, lives with her so they make her home life rough also. The longer Saylor stays, the more change there is to the way things have been run.

You get to see the emotion the characters progress through all they changes and struggles they deal with. A.M. Brooks has truly delivered an excellent book with #MNGirl. The plot is well delivered and so enticing! The characters you will love! Between the brooding males and the heartwarming females, it’s a equation for perfection.
If you are like me and are a visual person and can see scenes play out while you read. You’ll love the illusion and scenery that comes with they way A.M. Brooks details the book.

I, for one, LOVED this book!! I wish I could crawl in the book and join them. I couldn’t get enough! It has been one of my favorite reads for this year. I am looking forward to more from this world!
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May 4, 2020
Well damn!....
This was my first read by this author and I can honestly say, it won't be my last!

I went in to this blind, I had read the blurb but because I've never read any of her work beforehand, I just didn't know what way it was going to pan out!? The first few pages were quite sad, the night of Saylors 17th birthday and the only one to show was her best friend Oaklynn, and I really felt for her, can you imagine that? So sad, but if you think that's bad - just wait...believe me it's all about to blow! I was definitely not expecting what happened next and I was seriously captivated the whole way through!

It was fast paced but not rushed, I liked Saylor and her family (most of them!), I liked Matt but as for the Midwest boys? Eh 🤷🏻‍♀️ sometimes I really loved them, othertimes not so much - it will all make sense soon!
It was cute yet complex, it has its highs and it's lows with all the emotions thrown in too.....very excited for book 2! 🤞🤞🤞 It's an early release!!!

I voluntarily received an arc from the author and this is my honest review.
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