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The Accursed God

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The Lost Epic

The story of the Epic battle of Kurukshetra has been told and retold for ages. Millennia of dust, fables, imaginations — and the epic itself is lost. What remained is the story of a family feud and ambition of Kauravas and Pandavas. But why, then, was this an epic war? Why entire Aryavart plunged into this first real world-war? Why the echo of this ancient war still resonates after all those centuries? Rediscover the lost epic whose origin lies in the birth of the Kurukshetra that had tasted its first blood over a hundred years before the final Mahabharat war. Discover the complete saga of Mahabharata which goes far and beyond just Kauravas and Pandavas and their ambitions.

Accursed God

Long before the Epic Battle, long before even the birth of Kurukshetra, a man swore on his father’s pyre to avenge against the mightiest empire, any civilization had ever seen. Between his might and near-certain destruction of the Empire, stood a warrior who rose like a phoenix from the ashes of his seven dead brothers — taking the mantle of a fabled Accursed God.
In the clash that followed, Aryavart heard several more oaths by the side of more burning pyres, until, a young king decided that no price is too high for peace — Little did he knew that the price would be a war engulfing the entire Aryavart, where few would live to tell the tale. And only one man can delay the inevitable if not prevent it. He is the accursed God and even he doesn’t know that destiny is like a quicksand, the more he tries to prevent it, the faster Aryavart moves towards the ultimate catastrophe.
Discover the saga of a man’s journey to that of a legendary and universally hated Accursed God, the saga of the ruthless ambitions, and unfulfilled loves, endless deceits and vengeful oaths, and the saga of the battles to prevent the ultimate war.

392 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 15, 2020

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Vivek Dutta

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355 reviews422 followers
August 28, 2023
Understanding different perspective is one of the many reasons I read books. It's the story of Mahabharat from the perspective of Bhishma. This book talks in length about Mahabharat from a completely different angle. And what an intriguing narration! At some point in our lives, we have all come across the stories of Mahabharat. And by far, a retelling of these stories has been seen repeatedly in the form of books, short stories, movies, cartoons, etc. The beauty of these stories is they never stop being interesting. Such is the case with this book too. 

All the scenes of that time are very vividly written. I have never come across such an elaborated description of the events that took place in Mahabharata. One such description is below. 

"Promise me you won’t die unless you are sure Hastinapur is safe, in the right hands."

“With whatever virtue, my good deeds might have earned; I bless you — death won’t touch you without your permission. You would die when you desire it.”

The above conversation took place between Shantanu and Bhisma on the day of Shantanu. It was heartbreaking and hopeful. 

This book is the first part of the series. This book throws light on the story of Dev's journey to becoming the great Bhishma. He narrates his personal life, including his father's conquest and rule in Hastinapur and the first war of Kurukshetra, as well as the doctrine behind his decision never to marry and never to be king of Hastinapur. One more highlight that I was unaware of was after his father died, Chitrangada became king of Hastinapur and began to make his own judgments, which irritated Bhishma, who resigned as grand regent and went into exile, which he later regretted. Though Bhishma has always been one of my favourite characters from the Mahabharata, I learned more about Ved Vyasa, better known as Maharishi Vyas, and the friendship he shared with Bhishma after reading this book. The friendship between Dev and Ved is not widely known. In addition, I learned for the first time in this book about Ved Vyas' relationship with his parents.
I've never been a huge fan of mythology, but reading a few retellings in recent months has piqued my interest. I appreciated how the author kept the language simple and straightforward. The book is also incredibly comprehensive and descriptive, which I found to be a positive quality because it helped me better grasp the tale.

Grab your copy here or here.
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400 reviews38 followers
June 22, 2020
If you have been following me for a while, you would know that mythology is one of my favourite genres. I love reading books which are based on the Great Indian Epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The book that I am going to recommend you today is based on the Mahabharata. The prime focus of Mahabharata has always been the feud between the cousins Pandavas and Kauravas and over the years we have read many versions and perspectives of this epic.

In the 'The Accursed God' the author has tried to uncover the story of The Kurukshetra War from the beginning. Mahabharata was not just a war over a kingdom but was called as the Dharma yuddha, the epic war for a reason.
Generations of various dynasties were involved in unfolding of this war.

This book will take us through the beginning of Mahabharata on the lands of Aryavart, how it came to be known as Kurukshetra and the first blood spilt on this land.

We get to read about the prince who on his father’s pyre swore to avenge against the mightiest empire, any civilization had ever seen. Was this the beginning of Kurukshetra? This in a way also portrayed a clear picture of Panchal's hostility towards Hastinapur and its ultimate contribution to the war of Kurukshetra.

There were many more characters and chapters to this great epic which we get to discover through this book. One of my most favourite part to read was the rule of Chitrangada (son of King Shantanu and Queen Satyavati), his ideas for the kingdom of Aryavart and his death.

Though Bhishma has always been one of my favourite characters from the Mahabharata, after reading this book I got to read more about Ved Vyasa who is also know as Maharishi Vyas and the bond he shared with Bhishma. Dev and Ved's friendship is rarely know of. Also the bond Ved Vyas shared with his mother and father(s) is something that I read of first time in this book.

I don't want to giveaway much about the story. But I would urge you to directly pick up the book and let it speak for itself.
The story is very well written. The narrations are gripping and the language is simple. The pace of the story is fast. And you will definitely enjoy it!

Happy Reading!
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547 reviews51 followers
September 16, 2020
As a Mahabharat fanatic, I'm always keen on reading books that provide insights about different characters of this epic saga. Growing up, I have heard, seen and read a lot of variations of Mahabharat but it's such a complex story with never ending layers that every time I read it, I discovered something new. Same was the case with this book.

This story takes us back to the period before the Kurukshetra war even happened and tells us the story of Bhishma, one of the most fascinating character of this saga. His journey from being Devrat— the warrior to Bhishma Pitamah is intricately woven with keeping the authenticity of the original characterization intact which is what I loved the most about this book. The introductions and development of each and every character and the bond they share with each other is really well done. I loved the fact that this was written in first person perspective where Bhishma himself is the narrator and he's telling his story to none other than Krishna. It just made me feel really happy for some reason.

If I am being subjective, I will say that the book is slow paced and takes time to grow on you. One of the main reasons for that is the unique perspective that we get, but once you get used to the character voices, it becomes a rather wonderful experience. I'd suggest that you read this book while keeping in mind that this is a retelling with its own twists and turns. You'd be able to enjoy it more if you don't make comparisons to the original text or even the other retellings. I quite enjoyed it and would recommend it to my fellow Mahabharat lovers and mythology fanatics.
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1,169 reviews89 followers
May 31, 2022
The accursed god, written by Vivek Dutta, is a retelling of the Kurukshetra conflict that has been recorded and retold for centuries. Debabrata (Bhishma), the son of King Santanu and Ganga, is the protagonist of this story. Devbrata is King Shantanu’s eighth child, who grew up to be a powerful warrior after his mother’s seven children died. This book provides readers an understanding of the great Bhishma Pitamah’s participation in the epic fight, which led to it in some way. The first book in the series follows Dev’s journey to becoming Bhishma, the great warrior. The conflict, which was waged in the honor of the Kauravas and Pandavas, has a relationship to the past, a past that stretches back long before Kurukshetra was founded. The mythology of Accursed God, the fabled hero destined to save the Aryavart from extinction, harkens back to a time when a young prince attempted to restore peace to the whole race without considering the implications.

The narrative explains why ancient seeds were planted, and it is clear from the book that the author is well-versed in the Mahabharata and conducted an extensive study on the subject. The well-crafted tale and dialogical narrations amongst all of the characters are what I appreciated most about this book. As you progress through the novel, each chapter becomes increasingly engaging and raises several issues in the reader’s head. Though Bhishma has long been one of my favorite Mahabharata characters, I learned more about Ved Vyasa, better known as Maharishi Vyas, and the friendship he formed with Bhishma after reading this book. I enjoyed how the author incorporated stories of other places like Anga, Yaksha, Gorkha, Magadh, Gandhar, Mathura, Apar Kunti, and others, as well as their rulers and generations and internal feuds.

I recommend reading this book with the understanding that it is a retelling with twists and turns. This book is very exceptional because of its unique style of presenting a well-known subject while including all of the little nuances. The timeline jumps about from Krishna and Bhisma chatting about the child Devbrata to retelling the events in Hastinapur. Every episode or encounter in this book was meticulously written without rushing. I couldn’t put the book down for even a minute since the narrative was so well-paced. Despite the length of the book, the reader can sense the thrill throughout. Anyway, if you’re searching for an excellent Mahabharata retelling, this is the book to read. Everyone’s emotions, challenges, and enthusiasm are well represented. The author has included a dictionary of key locations at the start of the book, as well as a list of key people at the end. Beautiful drawings are scattered throughout the text, making the book aesthetically engaging to readers. For fans of Indian mythology, this is a must-read!
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870 reviews115 followers
September 4, 2020
The accursed god by Vivek Dutta is the story of the battle of Kurukshetra that has been told and retold for ages.

This book gives the reader a different perspective. Who is the Accursed god? With each chapter, you'll join the pieces of the missing puzzle.
The saga of Mahabharata which goes far. Well, take your own time to read this book because it's full of surprises. There are times when you'll be amazed.
The crisp and intriguing narration is up to the point. It's a bit heavy read but the simple and easy language makes it a bit easier for the reader.
Well, the way the book started I felt like I won't like, but then as the story picked up, It was unstoppable. The author tried his best to make it feel lighter for the readers.
Filled with drama and dialogues, the author did a commendable job.

The drama, the dialogues, The simple and lucid writing style of the author is commendable. The author successfully captures the reader's attention keeping them hooked throughout.
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137 reviews31 followers
July 26, 2020
Rating - 3.5/5

I have grown up watching Mahabharat and listening to various versions of it and it definitely has one of the epic battles in the history of battles. Mahabharat has been retold a number of times and all of them are around the rivalry between Kauravas and Pandavas.

The Accursed God by Vivek Dutta is one such book that takes you back to the time where it all actually started and it explains how Mahabharata was not only about the family feud and the rivalry between two families but how the seed of hatred and revenge has been cultivated over time and how it was above Kauravas and Pandavas.

The story of The Accursed God is about one man who pledges to save Aryavart and stand in the path of anything that threatens the safety of his people and his kingdom. It is about the unbelievable decisions, sacrifices, oaths, battles and much more.

This book definitely had my attention and it amazes me how much I didn’t know about the background of it all. Mahabharata wasn’t the result of one play, one unfortunate accident, it was not because of Draupadi as commonly known but it was a result of a lot of actions and deep-rooted hatred going way back in the history of Aryavart.

It was really interesting to read Mahabharata with a new perspective and understanding its origin. The book was pacy and the flow of storyline was smooth and I was completely consumed by it while reading. However, the narrative was confusing at times and I had to go back and read it again. Sometimes, the amount of information provided was overwhelming and for me, it made the book felt dragged.

Apart from all this, it’s a great book especially for mythology lovers and I am looking forward to reading the next book.
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165 reviews
May 25, 2022


_Anything that is not perfect is essentially imperfect._

🪔The Accursed God embarks on the journey from the eye of a fabled Accursed God — the prince Devabrata of Hastinapur and his tryst with the politics and that of battles to prevent the ultimate war.

🪔The chapters explore the story of the friendship of two friends Dev and Ved and their shared childhood anguish of being raised by a single mother and their transformation to legendary Ved Vyas and Bhishma. This story starts with prince Devbrata meeting his school friend and planning the marriage of their single parents — King Shantanu and fisherwoman Satyavati. Once again the story explores analternative perspective from the often quoted perspective and ventures to understand the politics of Aryavart and why Bhishma decided to give up his claim to the throne and took his legendary oath of celibacy that earned him the name Bhishma. This relationship is further explored in detail.

_Prayer and weapons, both are for brave – a coward is suited for neither._

🪔The complete book has a promising premise. It show Indians the political landscape of the Mahabharata era which has been mostly overlooked in literature related to the epic. If you are interested in understanding the politics behind the Mahabharata, The Accursed God might open up a whole new perspective.

_True, wisdom comes with age, and faster in the times of crisis._

🪔The characters, their background, their story is mostly known, as it is an epic, but the best part is that the author took an opportunity to give words where they were silent.

_But “forever” doesn’t last forever. Strange is the way of humans._

🪔I'm eagerly looking forward to the sequel to this Book. May God bless the author in all his future works of this nature! May his tribe flourish!!

_Strange is the way of humans._
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Author 5 books35 followers
July 25, 2020
There were lot of books which is available out there that talk about Mahabaratha. Since this is one of the two major epics of India, most of us would know the story as a whole. Credits should be given to various authors who has relentlessly written or translated this epic in various languages. Though the main book is written by Ved Vyas, all the books that followed were based on this actual epic. We have also seen the epic on television as tele-serial or as a movie in the big screen.

I too had the same thoughts when I saw the title. I must also openly admit that I knew the epic in full but only when I started reading this book, I started feeling the truth. Please note that like most of the readers, even I have read only the generic version and not the real version – written by Ved Vyas.

The book is a real lengthy one and the cover page itself would have given you the idea of what this book is all about, if you knew the epic in full. I got it right at the very first instance. Vivek Dutta has taken a different approach to the story. As you know, the story cannot be changed but the approach can. This unique way of presenting the known story by incorporating all the minute details is what that makes this book, a real special one.

What did I like the most about the book?

1. Known story but a different/unique approach
2. Detailed inclusion of characters
3. The story is more like a play - conversational
4. Evokes interest since the story was written in such a way
5. Great attempt which has captured the emotions as it is

I would highly recommend this book because this is an epic which is loved by all the Indians and this version wouldn’t fail to impress you.
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391 reviews14 followers
September 8, 2020
Reading Mythological books have always been a pleasure to me. You get to learn a lot of things and gain so much knowledge and peace of mind compared to any other genre. It helps you to reflect on the good and bad deeds of your life. It shows that the seeds of war didn't emerge between the cousins before the war, but it was sown way before the birth of Kauravas and Pandavas.

There are so many books I read on the epic Mahabharat, but what makes this book different is the fact that while every other book starts directly with the birth of Pandavas and Kauravas or just a glimpse of their ancestors, this book explicitly focuses on the very birth of the place Kurukshetra and life of Bhishma.

This book gives the details of the birth of Devbrata and how he became the grand Bhishma. Not many people are aware of the Devbrata being the accursed God and his boon of choosing death at his own will.

Devbrata is the son of King Shantanu of Hastinapur and Ganga. This book speaks about Devbrata's life from even before his birth and the oath which made him the grand Bhisma from a mere prince of Hastinapur. And how he stood tall against anything and everything that came as a harm to Aryavart. Devbrata is the 8th accursed God who was cursed to die right after their birth. But fortunately or unfortunately Devbrata was the only one who survived.

The story starts with Sri Krishna asking Bhishma to unfold his story from his perspective. We see the story from the point of view of Bhishma, where he narrates his journey and the glory and destruction of Aryavart and the reasons and events that led to the great war of Mahabharat.

It was absolutely chilling to read the way Devbrata killed Jantu, the Prince of Panchal and the way he avenged his brother Chitrangad's death using the mighty Divyastra which only a few have knowledge of. The conversation between Sri Krishna and Bhishma was mesmerizing to read.

It talks about friendship between Devbrata and Ved who are now well known as Bhishma and Maharshi Ved Vyas. It includes tales of Kansa, Jarasandh and their friendship which turned into a relationship, Kansa's curse of him being killed by the 8th child of his sister Devaki.

Bhisma's prophecy to Jarasandh“You have unleashed an evil that would outlive you and me and my Divyastra.Very soon, people will forget the difference between Divyastra and Pakshepastra.” sends chill down the spine and let readers think whether he was talking about the modern day weapons.

I liked how the author has included the tale of other regions such as Anga, Yaksha, Gorkha, Magadh, Gandhar, Mathura, Apar Kunti etc. and their respective kings and generations and their internal feuds.

The one thing that made this story stand out is the battle between Bhishma and Bhagwan Parshuram. It feels like it's happening right in front of you. Also, I liked the character of Amba who became the reason for this feud.

This book is the first of its series so you won't be reading about the Mahabharat war in this book. But it gives us a very clean closure with young Prince Pandu conquering Mathura and freeing Vasudev and Devaki from Kansa's prison.

The author has done an extensive research for this book and I really applaud him for his effort in writing this book. Not many people these days try to preserve The ancient epics. The narration was very well paced and I couldn't keep the book aside even for a minute. Even though it's a lengthy book you can feel the excitement flowing throughout.

Although I expected a little more detail of Devbrata and Ved's Gurukul experience and Bhishma and Bhagwaan Parshuram's life as a student and teacher, I loved the way the author has depicted the story and the characters.

But nevertheless this book is very addictive for people like me who love to read our epic tales and can never get enough of it. I totally loved reading this book.

I am eagerly waiting for the second book in this series.
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258 reviews9 followers
September 15, 2020
"The Accursed God" by Vivek Dutta is a Mahabharata retelling which starts from the very inception of the seed of hatred that was sown even before the birth of Pandavas and Kauravas. It takes us back to how Shantanu became the King Shantanu to finding the actual reason behind the 'Bhisma Pratigya'. How Devbrata became the disciple of Bhagwan Parshuram to how lady Satyavati met King Shantanu and the conspiracy behind their meeting. This book takes us to the roots of Kurukshetra by unfolding some mysteries and making us refresh with the tales of this mythology.
At the start I found this book a bit confusing, but once I got adjusted with the storyline then there's no going back. The timeline runs back and forth from the interaction of Krishna and Bhisma talking about the young Devbrata, to narrating the incidents that took place in Hastinapur. Every incident or interactions in this book was very beautifully pen down without any rush. I liked the friendship shared between Devbrata and Ved at the start of this book. Moreover the character of Jantu too, seemed very interesting about whom I discovered in this book. Even a small incident was a contribution towards constructing the path to Kurukshetra and the author gave importance to all of them.
I got to learn many new things from this book like the reason behind Ganga abandoning her husband to many mysteries about the most important character in the Mahabharata that is Bhisma. I'm a bit sceptical about retelling because many at times they end up destroying the essence of the real story, but beleive me this book made me even more closer and empathetic towards the characters of Mahabharata.
I have always loved reading the stories of the Mahabharata. There are so many characters in this great epic showing different emotions, feelings and relationships. They all will resemble at least someone in our life. That's the thing about Mahabharata that I like, it's relatable and some teachings are really practical.
There is this quote in this book by Krishna, “Pitamah, when authors, thousands of years later, would quote Maharshi Vyas, it won’t be as it is. How would anyone learn or understand today's values? People would picture the story with their contemporary eyes. Storytellers will spawn stories around stories. The epic will morph and grow to an enormous proportion — first in the name of Maharshi Vyas, then in the name of creativity.” and I actually felt it. There are so many retellings and often an author in the name of retelling moulds the story, adding to it a lot of unnecessary spices for marketing.
Anyways, if you are looking for a good retelling of Mahabharata you can definitely read this book. The emotions, struggles and passion of everyone are wonderfully captured. It is captivating, deep and easy to read. A must read book!😊
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104 reviews
June 1, 2022
"Few survived to tell the tale; deads spoke the loudest."

All of us have heard or saw the tales of the greatest epic 'Mahabharata'. But do you really think that it was only about Draupadi's insult and the throne? No, it was way more than that. The stories we read and the shows we watch based on this epic are generally fabricated stories created keeping a protagonist in centre. But this book shows us the different side of the 'Dharam Yudha'.
Book takes the readers to the time when Shantanu was the emperor of Hastinapur and gives logical reasoning behind the stories. Author's writing style is impressive and the way he retold the story in his own flavour is amazing. The story of Shantanu marrying Satyawati, Ganga killing her 7 sons, why Bhishma took oath to serve Aryavart, the backstory of Lord Parshuram, divyastras, Jarasandha, the story of Vishnu's praying to Shiva, Amba's conspiracy, the birth of Kurukshetra, and many such stories are shown with a wider and completely different perspective.
The book cover has a hidden meaning in it. It is designed very thoughtfully and the name 'The Accursed God' is unique and appropriate. Stories run parallel to each other. Some stories are started from a high point of an incident and further precedes to it's beginning. Illustrations are there in the book that is cherry on the cake. Language of the book is not so hard. But the stories running in parallel, sometimes confuses the readers. Although it's fictional but author has given logics for each incident and that makes it look realistic.
There are some one-liners in the story that are strong enough to grab anyone's attention.
-- “But ‘forever’ doesn’t last forever.”
-- "It’s virtuous to realize what they couldn’t achieve was not worth after all."
-- "When the money is at stake, the fear takes a back seat."
-- "Every dog runs towards the bone—you just have to find the right one.”
-- “But ‘forever’ doesn’t last forever.”

I was completely in awe after finishing the book that this could also be a side of 'Mahabharata'. I really loved it and would surely recommend it to others who are bored of reading the same old story. This book is such a masterpiece ♥️.

Highly highly recommended.
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647 reviews6 followers
May 22, 2022
The Accursed God
Vivek Dutta Mishra



Have you read retellings of mythology? I love to read mythology and only a few retellings stay with me because it should be perfectly aligned with the original yet unique and that's when a perfect retelling is born. The author has taken the mythology and made it his own! The writing style is just perfection, the plotline stays uniquely his, the characters are intricately built from the first page! The language is lucid and he's used good vocabulary without it being felt superfluous! An amazing book in my opinion overall!

Now for a hint of what the book holds within its leaflets....

The battle of Kurukshetra, is a story that's been retold by many and made it their own! This is the first book in the Lost Epic series, it takes you to a time, when most heroes of popular epics weren't born, and Kurukshetra had just manifested. And preparation of war had started the author has given detailed description of the characters for us to get to know them and I'm a person who loves these little details!

I loved the book from the start but there's something special to be talked about the climax where we mostly figure out what's gonna happen so it's a hit or miss and HIT the author did because the last stretch of the book just had me wanting for more and waiting for the next book already!!

The epic battle in the mythology solely focuses on other major characters and so do most retellings but the author has chosen to tell the story of Bhishma and his journey. Since it is an epic retelling it has a lot of characters and I found it a little harder but it was totally worth it! The way each and every dialogue and verse hit just the right spot made this epic indeed epic! Looking forward to read more from the author!!
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33 reviews
September 12, 2020
Growing up we have always heard about the legends of Mahabharata. The epic battle of Kurukshetra, with infinite fables amidst one storyline has been told and retold over millenniums. But "The Accursed God: The Lost Epic" narrates the saga from a different perspective. It neither began from the birth of Pandu and Dhritarashtra nor The Pandavas and The Kauravas but years before their birth. This book talks about the life of Pitamah Bhisma and gives us an understanding about the seeds of The Epic Battle of Mahabharata.
The research behind every character portrayed in this book is very impressive. The detailed life of Bhisma or Devbrata as described by the author including his boon of immortality and choosing the time of his death; his vow to celibacy; the battle with his "guru", Parashuram, and the sole reason behind the battle, Amba are something which most epics about Mahabharata doesn’t express.
I have read a countable number of mythological books. Although this book is really lengthy with over three hundred pages yet I must say that I really enjoyed this book. The details enveloping the legendary characters is very informative and would provide a wide level of knowledge to the readers. The writing style was simple and understandable but at some instances the book got a bit slow paced. It was difficult to keep track with the events due to sudden change in scenarios. I believe that illustrations are a very important segment of Mythological books which "The Accursed God" lacked. Also, a few characters such as Amba, Ambika and Ambalika needed more elaboration instead of a few unnecessary sections. However, the background analysis is worthy of praise. The cover of this book was really aesthetic and beautiful. And I would recommend all the mythological lovers to read this book.
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275 reviews6 followers
June 23, 2020
I adore Mythological genre as it takes me on a journey to an era where I can't imagine visiting in my real life and this book is one of those which actually made it happen.
You realise a writer has done a commendable job with his book when you become so curious that you can't stop flipping pages.

Since few days whichever book I read it all felt like a half baked cake but after picking this one I want to thank the author "Vivek Dutta" sir.

The book takes us to ancient days of Lord Krishna. Devavrata, who is none other than Bhishmapitamah is the ACCURSED GOD and the protagonist of the book. He was the eighth son of the Kuru King Shantanu and the river goddess Ganga. He was privileged that he could choose the time of his death.

He befriended Ved (read Vyas who actually narrated Mahabharata) in Parshuram's Gurukul where they studied together and that's how their friendship prospered. Dev was raised by his father while Ved by his mother. They try to bring them together and that's how the story moves forward.

The story of deceit, love, brotherhood and sacrifice is what one goes through in this epic tale . Spoling your experience won't be a good idea so I really want you people to go for it and delve inside.

The cover deserves special mention which is beautiful beyond words. The writing style of the author is very engaging and quite understand for novice readers.

The book takes time to reach its conclusion but it will keep you hooked nevertheless . So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.
369 reviews15 followers
September 14, 2020
RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

To be honest i never showed much interest in the stories of Mahabharat untill the lockdown made me watch it on the television with my entire family.I too started watching with them and my curiosity and interest increased which provided a boon to the book i recently read.THE ACCURSED GOD by VIVEK DATTA MISHRA is based on the character of Bhishma also known as Bhishma Pitamah.
Mahabharat is mainly known for the fights of Kauravs and Pandavs but i was happy after reading this book on a really important character of Mahabharat - Bhishma.This book highlights Bhishma's journey.The journey even before his birth.It talks about how the base of the war took place and how it developed to be one of the biggest wars of all times.I got to know that Bhishma was the accursed god and had the power to choose when he wanted to die after hearing the story and reading this book which pretty well explained the situation.The book also contains conversations between Shree Krishna and Bhishma which is all so soothing to read.The book has been given a nice end too.
Kudos to author for the hardwork he has put in the research of facts and the effective writing skill which will arouse curiosity as well as as keep solving all the previous questions in your mind.
I would want to whole heartedly appreciate the author for the mind blowing cover and title.The vocabulary used was easy to understand and the book was informative and intriguing throughout.If you are a mythology lover then here is what you should read next.
Happy reading!
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October 10, 2020
The Accursed God

It's a mythological fiction revolving around the tale of great Mahabharata. It's always fascinating to read something out of this gem. This book will serve you an another and very different version from the side of Bhisma, whom we have known in much lesser importance. The saga of a man's journey from being an accursed God is what we will read here.

The conversations between the Krishna and Bhisma is a delightful to read. There are a lot of spheres the author has touched in this story, that at some point it becomes difficult to keep a track on every bit of it. I was confused at the beginning though the answers have been described in the later part. The author has thoroughly gone through it, and made a good research to put something so strong and knowledgeable.

I somewhat liked this book and will definitely recommend to mythology lovers. The language was easy and lucid but the narration wasn't that fast paced. It's a huge book so at times you may get distracted but yes the storyline is engaging. The cover and the title is apt for it. This is the part one, so hoping to get my hands on second one sooner.
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June 13, 2022
Luxury is a great thing - a rendezvous with flattery and luxury boosts one's confidence like nothing else, and the fear of losing them forever makes men braver than they are.

We all must have listened to countless accounts of the war of Kurukshetra from our grandparents & parents. The tale has been dissected & retold for many centuries, with the storyteller's own renditions enclosed. The Accursed God offers us the slightest of elements concerning all that occurred in the most epic fight & that too from Bhishma's point of view. This hair-raising saga has one ignore their current life & hauls them back to that epoch-making era. Plus, there's a MAP - do I ought to say more?!

I enjoyed the story-telling process of the writer, providing in-depth details about all that happened between the empires to increase their power & also survival instincts. Earlier, visualizing the personalities of anything smaller than god was unbelievable. Now reading this novel, it's discernible how they lived a life like our own but with marvelous abilities conferred upon some of them due to their sheer hard work & perseverance. Every character is given justice & it's they who carry the narrative ahead. The 'Important Characters' mentioned at the end aids a lot, but I felt it could be pivoted to the opening, i.e., behind the map section.

I relish reading books based on Hindu mythology as they flare up our thinking approaches to various levels. Listening to different perspectives allows one to comprehend the story from all points & that's why it's my favorite. I had goosebumps at multiple instances & could even visualize it as if observing a film.

Overall, a must-read for everyone. I can't wait to begin reading the subsequent book in the sequence.
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June 4, 2022
Somehow I am always inclined to mythological reads as it gives us the knowledge of the ancient things which we aren't aware of.

I have never seen properly the whole Mahabharata but after reading this piece the author has done all the research which is penned down so detailed and beautifully that we are pondering over what actually the truth was behind all the war..
Shakuni, Bhishma and Kaurava's so many characters we got to know with many different personalities.

We traveled back in time which was very interesting to read, you will surely discover a lot of things about Hindu Mythology the hidden truths the sacrifices, the massive wars

It also unfolds the truth of the journey of Aryavart from warrior to God , which we never knew

Author has a commendable knowledge about all the things which he has published

The book doesn't cover entire Mahabharata. It is book #1.
Looking forward to read book #2 soon whenever it will be launched.
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June 22, 2020

" KURUKSHETRA " , " MAHABHARATA " those are not only mythology or story but also emotional phenomena for all of us. Those epic battle and facts has been told and retold for ages, from one generation to another, but the story havent faded yet.

But when i read those lines to description, I knew this book is also going to be a epic thoughtful asset.
" why was this an epic war? Why entire Aryavart plunged into this first real world-war? Why the echo of this ancient war still resonates after all those centuries? "

Now here a concept arise " Accursed God" ! Many of us maybe haven't heard it! Author Vivek wrote exactly about it with multiple threads of mythological know and unknown epic details. Kudos to author for his Supreme knowledge and effort towards " THE ACCURSED GOD"

The complete writing style is very classy and interesting. Many unknown and new words are there, but trust me! thats what a true reader wants , for getting more knowledge from a book. It was little slow for me, so i took time to complete. After completing I must say this book is real gem for booknerds.

I was awestrucked by author's dedication. There a lot if things what I didnt even know but author defined them very smoothly with perfection.

Narrations are well managed and story lines are very engaging which will not let you stop from reading. Characters are very well developed. I must say, It was my best choice for this quarantine.

Its my first read of author Vivek! Where plot is unique, writing style is perfect, concept is smooth and author's effort is stupendous.
Isn't enough for a reader to fall for this book how I was !

I will recommend this book for everybody but new readers can take this book if you have patience to get fruit.
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September 23, 2020
Detailed written review of "The Accursed God" by Vivek Dutta Mishra

Genre - Mythology

Rating - 4.5/5

Being a Mahabharat fanatic, I love to read a lot of books regarding the epic Mahabharat. Up to now, I have read a lot of variations of Mahabharat but it is such a complex story that gives you something or the other to learn whenever you read it.
When I started reading this book it was slightly confusing but later on, I found the answers and didn't felt confusing at all.
The starting point from the introduction to the ending of the story you won't get bored.
The author maintained the continuity of the characters and plot being on point from starting to the ending of the book.
Talking about the book the author talks from the beginning of the Mahabharat on the lands of Aryavart. The characters in this book are so engaging to read and slowly you'll connect to them strongly and you can listen to the voices too it is that fascinating to read.
It is an amazing retelling for the epic Mahabharat. The language is lucid and easy to understand. It is fast-paced but yet highly intriguing.
The conversations between the characters are so good (I don't want to give any spoilers here)
After reading the book you'll understand about all the characters in the Mahabharat even if you don't know about them before or just know them this book tells you about each and every character in the Mahabharat.
The storytelling is amazing. This is going to be an amazing pick for mythology lovers and even if you are a newbie in mythology you'll definitely like this book.
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October 26, 2020
plot -

The story of the Epic battle of Kurukshetra has been told and retold for ages. Millennia of dust, fables, imaginations — and the epic itself is lost. What remained is the story of a family feud and ambition of Kauravas and Pandavas. But why, then, was this an epic war? Why entire Aryavart plunged into this first real world-war? Why the echo of this ancient war still resonates after all those centuries? Rediscover the lost epic whose origin lies in the birth of the Kurukshetra that had tasted its first blood over a hundred years before the final Mahabharat war. Discover the complete saga of Mahabharata which goes far and beyond just Kauravas and Pandavas and their ambitions.

The story revolves around Mahabharata and the great war. I love reading about mythologies be it indian, greek or chinese . We all have been brought up reading about Mahabharata and Ramayana. But be it in a book or a tv show the story majorly revolves around the central characters..and we do not see much of it through other POVs. I love how we are not just introduced to several new characters but told their story as well. And I am so thrilled that this is an entire series.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try to read mythological books. It's a great fresh view of an epic story. Thank you Vivek for gifting me this copy.
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February 25, 2022
Reading the book was a great experience.
It was my first experience Reading a fiction on Mahabharatha, I had read the unabridged version of Mahabharat, so for me it took some time, to see the book as an author's retelling. The story Mainly deals with Reading between the lines of Vyasa Mahabharatha. But yes, the story hasn't been distorted. The characters which haven't been discussed more in Vyasa Mahabharatha, has a unique role to play in this retelling.

The dialogues are Epic 👌👌. The way of storytelling is very smooth .

A must read for fans of Bhishma.

Overall, I liked the book very much.
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September 3, 2020
I have read many books on Mahabharat- the biggest epic in the Universe and I must say that reading it always makes you think about a lot of things – right and wrong – in the epic itself and also about your actions in your life as there are many situations in this epic where you can corelate with your situations. Every book that I have read till date about Mahabharata always started from the birth of Pandu and Dhritarashtra or Pandavas and Kauravas. This is the first time where I got my hands upon a book named “The Accursed God: The Lost Epic” which is written on the character of none other than Bhishma.

Frankly speaking, I never knew about Bhishma much except that he was respected by all as I always read about the final War where other characters are dominant. This book speaks about Bhishma’s journey even right before his birth which gives us terrific insights about what all happens long before the war of Mahabharat takes place. This book also talks about how the seeds were planted long back which kept on developing roots of hatred across generations which finally made the world suffer the biggest War of all times. I didn’t even know about Bhisma being the accursed God and how he got the boon of choosing when to die which this book has made me know very well now.

The book is written by Vivek Dutta and I must say that the research that the author has gone through to ensure that the book covers several small details which plays prominent part in the epic is worth-applaudable. I don’t think that there are many documents available to know about Bhishma or Devbrata which speaks volume about the efforts that has been put into giving shape to this book.

Speaking about few segments specifically which really made me become one with this book:- the first thing that shall always stay with me is the battle between Bhishma and Parshuram- the way it has been narrated makes you imagine as if the same is happening in front of your eyes and you realize the power of the clash between the titans. Another scene that author does justice is with the character of Amba which tells a lot about how powerful women were even in those days.

The book finally comes into action when the character of Chitrangad becomes king and starts dominating the things which makes even Bhishma take oath which surprises everyone- even this scene has been handled very well by the author. The few initial conversations between Shri Krishna and Bhisma are mesmerizing as knowing and reading about Shri Krishna is always enjoyable. The last chapters which tells about how Mathura is conquered by Pandu which irritates kings from other regions is again a great read which gives the book a nice closure. Along with this, I am also glad about how author has been able to include the tale of other regions such as Anga, Yaksha, Gorkha, Magadh, Gandhar, Mathura, Apar Kunti etc. and their respective kings and generations.

Now, talking about the drawbacks- when a book is written about a story or epic which consists of more than 10 characters and speaking about this one, it has lot many characters- the first thing I expect is a family chart on the 1st page for the ease of readers to recollect when they read book in breaks. Secondly, when the plot has battle between different regions etc., then the ancient Indian map shall also need to be the part of the book. Both these factors are missing from the book. I believe author has not given nice backdrop on Pandu and Dhritarashtra’s childhood days as you find them grown up quite soon. Similarly, a great character Amba is not discussed after a while at all.

I also feel as this is just first part of a big series, I believe the book should have been edited well as I believe author has gone into details even in those segments where it wasn’t needed that kind of elaboration. The book could have been easily 100-150 pages less as a book of 400-500 pages is tough for a reader to go through. Also, somewhere, I wanted the book to end with another conversation between Bhishma and Shree Krishna but I missed it. The book also consists of typos as even the names of characters are spelled differently at many instances.

Except the above few points, overall, this book is a great read in terms of knowing the character of Bhishma and how characters played with each other due to which the dynamics got built around them which led to certain scenarios later on in next generations which led to the War of Mahabharat. I give this book 4 stars out of 5.


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May 23, 2022
I belong to a family where Vedas, Upanishads, Vedas, Granthas reading is must. I had read Mahabharatha when I was a kid, it started from the birth of Dhritarashtra and Pandu.

Three years back, I was gifted a book by a friend written by an author which gave insight about Bheeshma. That was kind of a case study.

Now this year when this book The Accursed, The Lost Epic Book 1 by Author Vivek Dutta Mishra was released and I got this book, the first feature I liked about this book was that this book was concentrated on Bheeshma, a character that is loved by all. Bheeshma had been a great warrior. The story starts when, Chitrangad becomes king and starts dominating the things. Most shocking incident was when Bheeshma takes the oath. Bheeshma was named Devavrata, he was made the heir-apparent of his kingdom.

If you know a bit about Bheeshma then you should know that he ceded his throne for his father's happiness and took the vow of lifelong celibacy. Owing to this selfless decision, he came to be known as Bheeshma and was blessed to live as long as he wanted. But in this book you will see how brilliantly the author had given a different treatment. We get to read all the things we knew about Bheeshma from a different point of view which makes this book more mesmerizing.

Lord Krishna had been wise always, so if you read the interactions between him and Bheeshma you will be carried away. All the characters were portrayed well but Amba played a crucial role in the life of Bheeshma, again in her second life when she re-incarnated as Shrikhandi, and one of the reasons for the death of Bheeshma, so it would have been better if more details would have been given about her. All the conversations and details about Bheeshma were really great, which made this read a beautiful experience. I am looking forward for the remaining books of the author in this series. I have some favorite lines from the book.

“Truth is not Dharma, Pitamah. Unlike Dharma, the truth is not universal; it varies with people and milieu. Do you recall Dryutkrida (the Great Gamble), Pitamah? Sure, you do. No one would forget the minutest details of that day. Any author can depict what was done or said that day. But who can tell the truth of your silence?”

“The best indicator of a society’s success can be traced to its beggars. A society where people beg because they are denied sufficient opportunity to earn, or they beg because the government seeks pride in feeding them, is a big question mark on the social structure. But we created a contrary doctrine — begging by the highest order of the society. We denied ourselves — the teachers, the scholars, the yogis, and the legislatures, from any personal possessions and resorted to begging. Begging, not because we are not capable of earning, not because we desist hard work, but, because begging gave us the humility and the selfless attitude needed to create the rule for the general good of the society. We, who are capable of earning everything, if we allow ourselves to rein free, we can amass power and wealth, and that would be an injustice to others.”


“What we want to believe is destiny; what we don’t want to is superstition. Isn’t it?”
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May 13, 2022
The Accursed God by Vivek Datta Mishra

By now you all know it’s very difficult for me to choose a favourite genre but I love mythology books and the accursed god was a nice addition to my reading time. I have already read a lot of books on Mahabharata and was wondering what new tales will this book offer and to my surprise there were too many to begin with would have mentioned all but rather buy your copies and enjoy.

Usually in majority of books that talk about Mahabharata the tale begins from the war between Pandavas and Kauravas. Even if it begins from a little prior times still the highlight is the war between them where as this one begins from the point where the seem germinated for the Mahabharata. It’s all about the Kurukshetra. It’s in details talk about the Aryavarta and a lot more characters which are usually lost. The book at the end has a list of important characters mentioned too and also the map of Aryavart. I simultaneously kept jotting down the names on a page while reading the book. There is a sketch in every chapter which is the highlighting factor and I felt it added to the freshness between the reads.

The plot, characters and their journey are very well drafted by the author. I liked how the story begins and progresses between Bhishma and Krishna my favourite. The book is a hefty one but a worthy one. You will have to read with pure dedication so that you don’t feel lost between the characters and the twist and third that the tale offers. The authors extensive research and story telling is commendable and makes the read interesting even if one has read a lot about Mahabharata. The book offers a lot of learning through the conversations between the characters. One of the conversations that I would like to quote
“First hide your emotions” continues the wise old man. “Second, condemn Yakshas for their misdeeds, support Hastinapur” Prishat waited and waited. Then the wise man added his final piece of wisdom “erase all the evidence that may bring him to our gates”. You might not resonate here but when you read the book you will resonate and learn a lot from the quotes by the characters. Another fav quote which is so true even today is “ nothing can be a moment of greater pride for a guru that to realise you have created the finest specimen capable to out do you” - Shiva philosophy. Well all the shiva philosophies offer great learning which though are here referring to the mythological aryavart times but we can also learn and apply it in today’s time.

I would recommend this book to all mythology lovers, th avid ones read it with a fresh perspective and the beginners enjoy it and know all about the magnum opus Kurukshetra was through The Accursed God as it’s like a milti cuisine restaurant will cater to everyone and everyone will take something back for sure
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May 20, 2022
“Truth is not Dharma, Pitamah. Unlike Dharma, the truth is not universal; it varies with people and milieu. Do you recall Dryutkrida (the Great Gamble), Pitamah? Sure, you do. No one would forget the minutest details of that day. Any author can depict what was done or said that day. But who can tell the truth of your silence?”

I would start by saying I’m intrigued and largely impressed by history and the bygone days. With this, it’s politics and people, but on a grander scale, it’s mostly the legacy that is left behind, the morals it is so full of, that one can never get enough of it. For the generations to come.
For all of us to know and see it with open eyes and a honest heart. It lies in wait, waiting for us to discern it and the truth in it, unravel the hidden - which was mostly viewed with uninteresting eyes, tucked way in a corner, forgotten- tale perhaps. Tales like this carry history for all of us to see. And when we do, we are drawn to them, like a dying man to water. like a moth to light.
Mahabharata, a word that carries so much legacy. A glorious word that floods us with warmth. A tale thats darling. Teaching us destiny and darkness. It’s propensity for dharma and destiny. Some of us know it like the back of our hands. Might even have fond memories of our grandmoms narrating it to us, insisting at the end that,
‘truth always triumphs’
‘ good will win over evil’
and that ‘ as you sow, so shall you reap’
When you ponder over these, it makes much sense in the later days of you life. History is like moments you can’t go back to. There is no way to re- live except recollect and think .
But glory is a part of every heroes destiny bringing him boundless honour, distinction and reputation. If you ask history, it would tell you that a Hero and honour go hand in hand. While some are known for their greatness, Some have a notoriety for evil, in their desperation to glory and fame.
What impressed me most is the retelling of Ganga drowning her sons, masterfully written. So much so it elicits a moment of astonishment from us.
I must say, I was mind boggled with all that’s been written. From retellings to the most eminent incidents that occupy the greater part of history, to lesser known personas and their tales, to warfare and brilliant minds, to war and glory, and to destiny, this tale is ‘ NO ONE MAN’S TALE’ and so cleverly woven with a narration that flows as gently as a river.
This book left me reeling, mostly of joy and amazement, latter of it was more, if I must add. It is not easy to write something such as this, that holds glorious history, connecting us to a time we were nonexistent. I would recommend this book to all and I can only hope you would be as amazed as I was, if not more. Brilliant book that accounts on precise concoction and factually correct assertions.
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May 28, 2022
We all know the great epic "Mahabharata" and it is so famous across our country still now. I am also one of them and I have listened & watched it more number of times till now in my life. My father will take the example from it whenever it needed. It includes all the aspects of life to be learned or discovered. But after reading the blurb of this book, I wish to know all the stories that is prior to the Mahabharata war and to know the origin of it in the birth of Kurukshethra. It made me to rethink the Mahabharata beyond the Guaravas and the Pandavas.

"The Accursed God" by the author Vivek Dutta Mishra is all about a warrior who stands strong against everything against the "Aryavart". We can discover the saga of a man’s journey to that of a legendary and universally hated Accursed God, the saga of the ruthless ambitions and unfulfilled loves, endless deceits and vengeful oaths, and the saga of the battles to prevent the ultimate war. I was immensely felt the extreme pleasure of reading back to the happenings right from the beginning. Was eagerly waiting to the second part to go to the past world fully to explore the known, unknown and hidden events that is hooked in this story. I loved to go around this mysterious journey that is actually not a mythology but it is also can be said like a superior to the history.

The author has to be appreciated for the interest that he has taken to go back deep into this epic to safeguard some originality behind this great epic that is not to be lost. The author narrated all the events, characterizations and the conversations clearly throughout the story. As the author said, a fiction around epic should provide strength that can make it more visible and likeable. And he did it well with this book of Accursed god.

Bhishma, the Pithamaga was the responsible for the peace of Hasthinapura as it was a wish from his father before he dead. I was so delighted to read the battle in the chapters of introduction to Trishala, Raudra Tandava, Bhaghwan Parasuram and the way Bhishma used the Divasthra which has an unlimited potential of destruction. Not everyone have the proper knowledge that how and when it has to be used. Bhagwan Parasuram was beaming his eyes by having all the proud in it as a guru of Bhishma. That was a cherishing moment to feel it while grasping the events.

If I start mentioning the highlights about the book, I can add much more in it. The blurb, prologue, map of Arayavart, illustrations, list of most important and all other characters mentioned in the end will make the read easy to remember the important ones.

Overall, the author done a great job from the language used to the title and the cover, the writing style of crystal clear narration, everything made with a great effort and a deep study to make the lost epic to rejuvenate.

A much wanted read to all the epic lovers!
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September 21, 2020
Book: The Accursed God: The lost epic
Author: Vivek Dutta Mishra
Genre: Mythological
Book Length: 392 pages
Well this genre always gives me an immense pleasure and curiosity to know more about Hindu Mythology.The best part is you get the chance to differentiate between good deeds and bad deeds, you see that there's always truth who stays and lies being faded away. You see how justice and injustice takes place everywhere..but at last whatever the cost may be it ends with peace and harmony.

This is an intriguing book to consider in your book shelf if you’re deep into Hindu Mythology, it'll blow your mind definitely. The story has been plotted before the times of Mahabharata. We all have heard of Mahabharata war stories from our grandparents or might have seen the series. But do we know what was the reason behind such terrifying and ferocious war in this universe.

It consists of far more than just riots between Pandavas and Kauravas. Years ago before Kurukshetra existed, there was another story that created – The story of Devavrata who later turned out to be Bhishma.

If we talk about protagonist it’s easy to figure out Devavrata as our central character. Devavrata, son of Kuru King Shantanu and Goddess Ganga.The life of Devavrata is narrated by himself in the conversation with Lord Krishna.He narrates his journey being the 8th Accursed God who was cursed to die just after birth but survived. He was blessed with boon to choose his time of death. He talks about battles where he killed Jantu, Prince of Panchal and other petrified battles to exact retribution for Chitrangad's death. Usage of Divyastra, which only few were aware of. He explained about epic battle between him and Parshuram which seemed imaginable to your mind. The way he narrates his friendship with Ved was spooky. Sometimes this book takes you to know more about Kansa, Jarasandh, including the essence of Magadha, Mathura emperors and many amazing tales.

After the completion, I got to know that Devavrata was aware of the reason behind most destructive war but he couldn't sort out with the fact.
Grab now to unfold the exciting norms that the book beholds beneath. There’s lot more that have been beautifully narrated with its intriguing words and verses. The way it grabs the reader’s attention is astounding and it has that gripping power to blow the minds with its facts beneath the story.

Not every mythological novels provide such deep content and go beyond reader's expectations. I really appreciate the author for his works and I'm glad to encounter such amazing books provided. Looking forward to explore more unknown facts from this genre and to enhance my knowledge deep into mythological field.
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September 15, 2020
Book :- The accursed god
Author :- vivek Dutta Mishra
Rating :- 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I can say that every one in india knows the story of Mahabharata and the characters of it and none can forget the bhisma whom even death couldn't touch without his wish and the krishna the avatar of Vishnu.

This book tells the story in a new style which will keep you engrossed till the end of the book.


As I have completed this book savouring each and every page with all my curiousity to know more and more of the story of bhisma and the tale of Mahabharata which I knew and the book didn't disappointed me and I liked each and every chapters of this book and I am waiting to read from the author about the next book in this series.

The accursed god the lost epic have the story of bhishm the son of Ganga and Shantanu by the perspective of bhishm himself saying his story to krishna as krishna wanted to know the story of bhishm by his perspective as krishna knows everything but he is very curious to know the story of bhishm in his perspective.

The circumstances of the story is same as Mahabharata but the author have created some new details to the story which looks fascinating and captivating.

I am very fond of the story of Mahabharata and I am also a big fan of bhishm and krishna and I appreciate the effort of the author as he have written the story of Mahabharata in a new style with the same storyline depicting the age of bhishma in very captivating and mesmerizing way.

I really likes this book and I am happy with the author as he took care of each and every characters that had some significant role in the life of bhishma the disciples of bhagwan parshuram , author gave justice to each and every characters and I am very glad that I read this book which is best Mythological book I have ever read.

The language of the book is lucid and smooth and narration of the story is perfect in every aspect which impressed me very dearly and I am eagerly waiting for the next book.


Bhishm starts his story from the beginning as how he born and how he gained knowledge from the bhagwan parshuram and guru vasishtha , how kurukshetra first tested the blood and how he landed on the bed of arrows.

Dev love for his father made him do the things which changed his life and he became bhisma the unconquerable and many kingdom frightens by just listening his name.

Chitrangada became the king of Hastinapur after the death of his father and started to take his own decisions and offended bhishm and bhishm left the post of grand regent and went to exile which was biggest mistake of his life.

Jarashand is trying to capture mathura by his tactics but now as kansa want to kill her sister and if Devaki and Vasudeva will die then jarashand plan will fail.

As jarashand stops Pandu's path with the powerful weapon called Pakshepastra and now his life is in danger.
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May 19, 2022
"Luxury is a great thing — a rendezvous with flattery and luxury boosts one's confidence like nothing else, and the fear of losing them forever makes men braver than they are."

The Accursed God is a first book in The Lost Epic Series written by Vivek Mishra which is a beautiful book that revolves around many Mahabharata characters like Bhishma, Drupada, Ved Vyasa, Trishala, Chatrashal, Somark, Jantu, Prishant and many more. If you know anything about the Mahabharata, you know that there are a lot of characters and that the Mahabharata is much more than just the narrative of the Pandavas. In this book, Bhishma on his death bed started narrating the incidents involving these characters to Krishna and we explore the story of Chitrangad, the Mahabharata's most overlooked character. Chitrangad, Hastinapur's new monarch, had lofty ambitions for his realm. He intended to strengthen his ties with Aryavart and intervene in Yaksha-Gorkha battles. Grand Regent Bhishma and King Chitrangad both had different visions that led to Bhishma's departure from Hastinapur. Taking advantage of Bhishma's absence, Hastinapur's foes commit treachery by duping King Chitrangad, which leads to Bhishma evoking the code Pralaya. To avenge and bring justice to Chitrangad fierce Bhishma leads the Hastinapur army towards Yakshas Kingdom and fires the Divyastra that hadn't been used in any war over a century. All of the characters are described in a narrative style, there are many timeframes, and the novel follows various characters' perspectives. This book is written in a way that appeals to today's readers. It has many unknown truths written in a style that catches the reader's imagination. The author is well-versed in the Mahabharata, and he meticulously researched each and every character before moulding them into the novel and fit into the plot.

The plot is highly unique, combining suspense, thriller, and mythological fiction in a way that is rarely seen. The author's ability to express his imagination through writing is excellent. The author manages to retain your attention from the very beginning to the very finish. Because it was a fascinating story, I was glued to it until the end. At times, I was perplexed since I had no idea where the plot was headed. However, I enjoyed reading this fictional story based on mythology.
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