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Wish & Wander #1

Paris on Repeat

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GROUNDHOG DAY gets a hilarious French twist in this delightful upper middle grade novel about first crushes and friendship when an eighth-grade class trip to Paris goes horribly wrong and the worst day of one girl’s life keeps happening over and over.

Fourteen-year-old Eve Hollis is ready to push through her fears and finally let her crush know how she feels. And what better place to tell him than on top of the Eiffel Tower in the City of Love? But things don’t go as planned, and Eve is sure she’s had the worst day of her life— until she wakes up the next morning to realize the whole disaster of a day is happening again. She’s trapped in a time loop.

Desperate to make it stop, Eve will have to take some big risks and learn from her mistakes or she’s destined to live the most awkwardly painful day of her life over and over again, forever.

224 pages, Paperback

First published July 14, 2020

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About the author

Amy Bearce

9 books129 followers
Amy writes magical escapes for young readers and the young at heart. She is the author of the World of Aluvia series, The Secret Psychic series, and the Wish & Wander series, for ages 10-14 and up. Her latest book is The Worst Villain Ever, for ages 8-12. She is also a former reading teacher and school librarian.

As a military kid, she moved eight times before she was eighteen, so she feels especially fortunate to be married to her high school sweetheart. Together they’re raising two daughters in San Antonio. You can find her online at amybearce.com.

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345 reviews55 followers
February 27, 2020
Groundhog Day for kids. Review to coSimilar to the movie Groundhog Day, Paris on Repeat gives Eve Hollis a day to remember…over and over again. The premise is one I love and there has been more than one day in my life where I wish I could go back, repeat it and change things. However, although the story was enjoyable there were a couple of issues that really bothered me. Both issues might be in relation to genre misclassification.

Eve Hollis and her classmates have been on a class trip to Paris. It’s their last day before heading back to Germany where their parents are stationed due to being the military. This particular day is filled with lots of excitement because they are finally getting to go to the Eiffel Tower where Eve plans to confess her feelings to her friend Jace. But before she can, things move in a direction that feels out of her control. Lucky (or unlucky) for her she wakes up the next morning repeating the same day and gets to try again. Only that day doesn’t go as well as she wanted either.

As mentioned above, there were two issues that I had. When I selected the book it was very clearly advertised or placed in the middle grade/children’s fiction genre. Since this is a children’s book, I was completely taken aback when the first two sentences reference the Eiffel tower looking like the middle finger and then the main character thinking about giving ‘the salute’ back. Since middle grade age range starts at age 8, it seems completely out of place and unnecessary for the story. After these two sentences, nothing like this is within the book and I found no other content-type issues.

The other issue is more minor and it relates to romance. In Paris on Repeat, the kids in the story are in 8th grade – not quite high school yet and are really in that in-between stage in terms of book categories between middle grade and YA/teen. Since the story includes kissing (chaste kissing) it seems a bit more than what one might expect for the middle grade genre. Because of this issue and the one mentioned in the previous paragraph, I’m wondering if this should really be moved up to YA/teens.

Overall, a fun story about friendship and developing confidence in yourself. Not a book I can recommend for younger middle grade, but is one that I definitely think late junior high/teens would enjoy.me.
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3,152 reviews447 followers
July 4, 2020
Eve makes a wish on her last day in Paris and finds herself repeating that day over and over. Each day a mysterious fortuneteller makes cryptic remarks that are meant to give Eve clues on how to end the cycle. As in the movie "Groundhog Day," Eve goes through predictable stages in coping with the loops and learns from her mistakes. The reader will find themselves reflecting on their own life as they watch Eve work through that last day so many times. How do I juggle discovery vs. my fears of the unknown? What if my BFF "like" likes the boy I have a secret crush on? Will my world end if I color outside the lines? The cover is superb! More mature readers can move on to "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver after reading this one.

Thank you to North Star Editions(Jolly Fish Press) and NetGalley for a DRC in exchange for an honest review.
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621 reviews127 followers
July 23, 2020
*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to publisher. ***

4.5 Stars

Paris on Repeat was interesting spin on Groundhog Day that revolved around Eve and her attempts to break the time loop in Paris. It was about friendship, anxiety, finding courage to talk about your feelings, understanding relationships and real meaning of love.

I loved the concept and theme. All loop repetition was written cleverly. Though places and events were the same, author changed things as the character developed with element of surprise. Text never felt repetitive in each time loop. Eve’s development was the best part of the book. Her feelings were raw and honest. I felt for her. What she was feeling with her parent’s divorce and unrequited love and what she did was genuine and realistic.

Sixth loop, the last one, was amazing. Eve tried all different things, lived free, broke all her rules, revealed all hidden feelings to her friends and told about her parents’ divorce. With help of Reggie, Sophia, Jace and mysterious palm reader she broke the loop at the end.

Overall, Paris on Repeat was interesting, fast paced, both fun and sad magical realism fiction about friendship and courage. I recommend this to upper middle grade/teen readers.

Read full review on my book blog by following this link - https://booksteacupnreviews.com/2020/...
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Author 1 book74 followers
February 11, 2020
This book is an utterly delightful spin on Groundhog's Day. Eve is a character you will root for and cringe for as she is forced to relive her worst day ever... on repeat... again and again.

Eve is an anxious traveler on her eighth grade field trip to Paris, but she somehow summons the courage to finally tell her crush how she feels. Unfortunately, things don't go as brilliantly as she'd hoped they would. Instead, the day turns out to be her Worst Day Ever, and Eve is eager to get it over with and put it behind her. What a surprise when she wakes up to discover the entire miserable day has started again!

With the help of her friends and a mysterious meddling fortune-teller, Eve has to unlock the mystery of the time loop and the love lock that seems to have started the glitch.

This is a story about friendship, trust, and in finding the courage to take chances. It has mystery, humor, a relatable main character, and just a touch of romance. It's a fun read for anybody, but it's especially perfect for upper middle grade readers. I highly recommend!
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120 reviews13 followers
September 2, 2020
This book was really good, a good time during these quarantine days! It's all about Friendship and believing in oneself. I like how it takes conventional notion and twist it. One may think they know how the story will end but it will surprise you in a very good way. I really really enjoyed it. MY only complaint is that the book felt more like younger range of young adult book that upper middle grade, but then again that's just a personal preference! I am grateful for Netgalley and the Publishers for providing me this e-arc! Thank you!
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631 reviews58 followers
February 14, 2020
Rating: 2/5

Thanks NetGalley for the digital copy in exchange for an honest review 😊

When I first read the synopsis involving Groundhog Day - one of my favorite movies of all times - set in Paris, I just knew I had to read it, but unfortunately, it wasn't for me.

Paris on Repeat is about a fourteen year old girl named Eve, who is travelling to Paris with her classmates and she finds herself stuck on the same day over and over again, until she figures out what she's doing wrong.

The biggest problem for me was that it was a middle grade book. I usually like them, but in this case, it was really hard to connect with the protagonist, since it's been so long I've had the shame thoughts and struggles she did. I think if it was a Young Adult book, I would've related to the characters more easily. So yeah, I'm not really the target audience of this one.

The writing is ok, really easy and it has a fast pace, plus the book it's short (It has about 200 pages), and the themes like friendship, growing up, etc. are very well developed. Especially her friendship with Reggie and Sophia, which is really cute. There is romance, of course, but the highlights of this one are really the friendships and improving yourself.

I recommend it if you like middle grade books with these themes, since it's a really light read.
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9 reviews1 follower
February 14, 2020
Paris on Repeat, by Amy Bearce is a fun ride with a group of 8th graders on a trip to Paris. What could go wrong? Right! It has a sweet romantic vibe, plus the scenes of Paris in all it's glory. Add a mix of magic from a weird but funny little palm reader with one of the famous "love locks" and a bit of teen angst. Then if we found we were repeating a day that didn't turn out as we wanted, what would we try to change? We might be as surprised as young Eve and her friends. I certainly enjoyed the trip and would go again!
236 reviews19 followers
February 21, 2020
what Can I say about this upper middle grade book?. I Read The synopsis and thought wow this book sounds like a happy light fantasy. sign meup. This book had IT all. It was about seeingyourself with New Eyes. It was about breaking out of your comfort zones. It was about learning that friendship is also love. It was all this plus a big dose of magic. I Would recommend to Read this book to all ages. Thank you to #netgalley for this e book arc in exchange for an honest review
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88 reviews10 followers
March 12, 2020
*I received a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This book was adorable. Describing it as Groundhogs Day is pretty perfect. I grabbed this book both because the cover was beautiful and because the description was pretty hilarious. It’s the kind of book that puts you right back into being fourteen and angsty. Having a crush and no idea what to do with yourself, if only we all got to go to Paris. It’s the perfect middle grade book because it doesn’t underestimate the characters because they’re eighth graders and lets them be themselves and have life ending problems (in their eyes because again they’re fourteen) that don’t seem so insane because they’re well written. But the book isn’t about getting a boyfriend or being brave enough to tell a boy you have a crush on them. It’s about accepting yourself and realizing that friendships are what really matter.

Sure it follows a girl that has a crush and wants to tell him but the whole point of the loop is to make Eve realize that she doesn’t need to tell a boy how she feels to know if things are real. Her parents divorce isn’t the end of all love in the world and the real love (as super cheesy as it sounds because i feel cheesy writing this) is with your friends. You just need to step out of your comfort zone and see it. I would totally recommend this to my nieces because it was a great book and is perfect for middle grade readers.
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619 reviews71 followers
June 18, 2020
This was a really cute read! This is an upper middle grade book, and I honestly am not sure I have too many books that fit this specific age, so that was a really nice thing to see. I really enjoyed all the characters and I felt that this book really tackled some important issues but in a way that wasn't too heavy, but still relatable. One thing that I think most middle grade books do really well (and that YA and adult books should take note of) is having really strong themes of friendship, and this book is no exception. I loved that focus and I loved seeing Eve connect with her friends in different ways, as she re-lived the same day, while they were unaware of it, and I think this is why I enjoyed this book so much. The book isn't too long, but I still felt that things were well developed, which is really important, especially if the book isn't as long. Overall, I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend it.

Thank you so much to netgalley for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
July 12, 2020
I absolutely adored this, Groundshogs Day For YA, it’s a fabulous premise and so well executed. It’s a sweet middle grade/YA read, full of fun, crushes, humour and dealing with issues like divorce, being a teen and rejection. I absolutely loved the emphasis on friendship, something I feel all great books need to highlight especially for middle grade and YA readers. Just a perfect read, even as an adult it took me back to my teen years and it’s so relatable. Just a fantastic read

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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29 reviews
April 21, 2020
Paris on Repeat- Amy Bearce

This is my second #middlegrade #ARC and I absolutely loved this story. It was a fun take on Groundhog Day that I think many students would enjoy. I personally related strongly to this story as I had traveled to Paris, France while in my junior year of high school. Many of the places that Amy brings to life; I have visited.

The last day on a week long trip to Paris is filled with so much excitement. Eve is determined to tell her crush what she is feeling, except someone gets to him first and it’s none other than her best friend, Reggie. I think this is a situation that is so relatable to young adolescents in those middle grades and early high school years. Eve and Reggie are military kids, in fact the entire school trip is filled with kids who are from military families.

Eve will have to get out of her comfort zone, break all her rules, and create magic to break this day on repeat. However, that is easier said than done. This book had it all from friendship, young puppy love, to adventure. It made me reminisce my own experiences with my friends from high school.

This was a fun and quick read which will be published in September 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣. I can’t wait to bring it into my classroom to share Notre Dame Cathedral, Seine River, and Montemarte with my students.

Thank you to #Netgalley and @jollyfishpress for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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9 reviews
February 16, 2020
It can be hard to find books for 5th-8th graders that aren't too young and aren't too old, but this one is just right. A fun, fast read set in an interesting location that honestly shows that first big crush and how it can impact friendships. Definitely recommend--it was perfect for my shy 8th grade daughter!
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157 reviews2 followers
April 27, 2020
This is a lovely story about learning the exact parameters of the shell you’ve closed yourself into to protect your fragile heart, and about why breaking out of that shell is so important and necessary in order to live a full life.

Fourteen-year-old Eve, the main character, gets an up-close look at how each of her flaws is holding her back in this time-loop novel that explores best-friendships, crushes, first kisses, and the balance between bravery and fear—all the elements that make life so topsy-turvy at that age. The magnificent backdrop of Paris gives her ample opportunity to find richness and depth in both her surroundings and her relationships. The repeating day helps her tackle each challenge she faces, and lets her build on her growing self-awareness and confidence in a way that’s highly satisfying to read. PARIS ON REPEAT is a wonderful combination of funny, sad, poignant and sweet. Highly recommend for middle-grade readers.
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Author 7 books136 followers
November 2, 2020
Another delightful story from Amy Bearce! On the last day of a middle school trip to Paris, Eve gets caught in a time loop, reliving what turns out to be a spectacularly disappointing string of events. It may tempt to reader to believe they’ve seen this story before and they know how it plays out, but Paris on Repeat does not accommodate those expectations. This is a fresh take on a familiar trope, increasingly surprising as the story progresses. It is a story about teenage heartache and friendship, marvelously executed. Highly recommended.
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4,136 reviews339 followers
July 24, 2020
Once again, I don’t know how many times I read this book in its early stages, but the final version is so good I still had to stay up late to finish it (I realize 10:30 does not really seem all that late, but I’m generally in bed at like 9:00, so...)!

Anyway, I love this one, I really do! Eve does so much growing over the course of the book, and it all feels so natural, despite the unnatural (supernatural?) circumstances. And the way her friendships develop is so beautiful! I love the message, I love the humor, I love the dialogue, I love the ending.

This is the perfect book for young teens looking to find a little love and a little courage, and I feel like even as an adult there’s a lot I can learn from Eve and from Paris. No time loop required!
8 reviews
December 26, 2022
This book is great ,it has twist and turns .The plot is great.It has romance and friendship.The book is a great middle school book.
November 12, 2022
For now I'm not doing a whole review on this book because I don't know exactly what to say except gush and compare it, like pretty much everyone else on Goodreads, to "Groundhog Day". Also, I'm not giving it a star rating because I can't figure out if my wavering between a 4 and 5 star rating means anything or if I would give it 5 if I weren't concerned about the fact that my rating average is somewhere around 4.8. But I would highly recommend this book.

Things This Book Made Me Think About
- Why middle schoolers hesitate to tell their crushes they like them
- How middle schoolers respond to being told someone likes them
- What's the worst that can happen if a middle schooler tells their crush they like them
- Why I haven't booked a flight to Paris yet
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24 reviews
April 19, 2021
It's an amazing heart-filled book and I just couldn't stop reading it. Amy really brought the love and beauty of Paris out in this book.
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869 reviews28 followers
July 16, 2020
Paris on Repeat, by Amy Bearce

From The Wish & Wanders

This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

Paris on Repeat, by Amy Bearce is delightful middle grade young adult book, with a touch of magic.

While on a middle school, multi-day field trip to Paris. Eve Hollis has a secret, one that she is bursting to let out. But nothing seems to go as planned, from the moment she wakes up in the morning, to the having her book-sack stolen. Not to be mention what was inside the book-sack. A note of confessing her feelings to a boy she has crushing on for two years, Jace. She has the perfect place to share her secret in The City of Love, the top of the Eiffel Tower. When she sees the unthinkable, her bestie, Reggie actually kissing Jace. Her turbulent emotions come to to the surface when a
A mysterious fortune-teller gives her friend Reggie and Jace an iconic love lock. Blinded by her feelings of anger, jealousy and despair she cause a magical time loop to start. One where the day’s events keeps happening over and over each day, with no end in sight. This exasperating loop won’t end until she solves the cryptic clues the fortune teller keeps giving her.

“Having a secret is exhausting, but the idea of sharing one was terrifying.
Shared secrets could glue people together but just as often they tore everything apart.”

A sweet middle grade read, perfect for any 8th grader, or any adult that remembers these trying years. The romance subtle and sweet, depicted perfectly for this age group. The author uses real life issues for young people, Eve’s parents relationship is deteriorating and ultimately will end in a divorce. The author has also redirected the main protagonist crush to focus more one what’s really important, the bonds of friendship. This was done in such a way, that Eve’s character goes through the emotional struggles of feeling hurt rejected. To Eve’s realizing what really is important is ultimately friendship. Young Eve comes to realize the consequences of her actions, to her gaining self esteem.

I really enjoyed her characters growth, and there is several lessons that are immersed within the pages. The authors seamless narration carries you through all way until the satisfying end. A captivating book that I definitely will be recommending it my family and friends.
Excited to read more from this wonderful author.

#parisonrepeat #anybearce #jollyfishpress
#Cityoflights #parisfrance #paris #EiffelTower #middlschool
#uppermiddlegrade #gwendalyn_books_ #tweenread

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Author 3 books174 followers
April 19, 2020
The connection to Groundhog Day is impossible to oversee as it takes a twist and hits a fourteen-year-old girl as her class tours Paris.

As a military kid and constantly on the move, Eve has learned to stay out of the spotlight, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have friends and enjoys her current stay in Germany. The class tour to Paris is something they've all been looking forward to, and with the school year ending in one week, it's her last chance to finally admit the year long crush she's had on one of her classmates. She's written a note, plans to tell him while on the Eifel Tower, but things don't run as she'd planned. Devastated and broken hearted, she runs into a gypsy who gives her a key. And Eve's life soon switches into constant replay until she gets things right.

The title fits this book perfectly as Eve relives her last day in Paris again and again, each time messing up her chance to finally reveal her feelings to her crush. The main setting, the Eifel Tower, is ideal and adds a wonderful atmosphere. While romantic, in some respects, it also allows Eve's personality to shine to its full angsty, quirky, and teenage-ish extent. Eve has a lot battling inside of her, and much of this she isn't even truly aware of herself.

The problems Eve has in life are ones tween readers will easily identify with. She doesn't feel right in her own skin, wants to voice her own opinions, doesn't want others to look down on her, is totally insecure on the romantic end, and even has more subtle problems like her parents' divorce. Yet, she wants and is willing to push past this all...if she only knew how or where to start. She's easy to like, and while she does have a heart of gold, she isn't always perfect and makes mistakes.

While the same day repeats itself...and the same situations, this book never grows boring. It's not clear what Eve has to do to get out of the constant repeat, and it isn't what she or the reader might expect. The messages are clear without becoming over-powering, and it's easy to root for her. I did find the writing and her reactions leaning more heavily toward the middle grade end than the young adult, though, making her and her friends sometimes come across younger than they should. Still, it was a nice read and I'm sure younger tweens will thoroughly enjoy the storyand see a bit of themselves in Eve.

I received an ARC through Netgalley and enjoyed this new twist on a movie I enjoy.
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463 reviews
July 14, 2020
Thank you Jolly Fish Press for providing me with a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Eve Hollis is in Paris for a school trip away from home, and on the last day, her eighth-grade class is heading to the Eiffel Tower. Excited to spend time with her best friend Reggie and to give a note professing her affection to her crush Jace, she begins the day happily. Then, her existence is shattered as she sees Reggie kissing Jace. Feeling heartbroken in the city of love, she receives a cryptic message from a palm reader, and the trip finishes its last day with a sad whimper. Only the next day is not tomorrow, it's still the last day of their Paris trip, and Eve quickly begins to realize what the palm reader's message means: She's stuck in this day, the worst day of her life, until she figures out what needs to change. Can Eve uncover what's really important in her heart, or will she be stuck in this time loop forever?⁣

This was such a cute little middle grade novel, and I enjoyed it even though it wasn't necessarily written for me. Loosely based on the Groundhog Day concept, Eve has to grapple with the expectations she's carrying around, her own turmoil at home, the difference between love and friendship, and decide what's really important after all. This book was wholesome and overall appropriate for ages ten and up, and its setting helps to elevate the story even as the repeated day carries on. Paris on Repeat is a short and sweet treat for young and old alike, and I enjoyed following along with Eve as she learned and grew as a person while those around her were (mostly) unwitting participants in the whole adventure. I think you will love it too.⁣
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310 reviews3 followers
August 10, 2021
When I first picked up Paris on Repeat I had high expectations. Two reviewers I like very much, loved it. I couldn’t get this one at the library so I bought it and eagerly dove in about six months ago. I was very put off by the main character’s angst. Line one of the very first page. “I never realized how much the Eiffel Tower looked like a giant middle finger.” Rather than holding the promise of a magical story, this portended to plod through a lot of teenage angst. I read the first chapter and put it down.

Six months later I have a rotten head cold and had just returned all the overdue library books I hadn’t had the chance to read yet. The guilt of having bought a book and not read it, convinced me to try again. I’m so glad I did.

I get this girl. But I have tried hard to forget how much like her I used to be and still am. Eve, a girl greatly afflicted with anxiety, is perfectly portrayed. The battle with negativity inside a person with chronic anxiety is huge. The desperate need to fly under the radar, but then feels bitter when no one notices her—that is very real. As an adult and and old fashioned person at heart, I needed some set up to that first line, but I’m pretty sure it will really resonate with some middle school kids.

Amazing character development and really hit on a lot of situations kids deal with. A solid four stars and highly recommend.
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271 reviews8 followers
July 8, 2020
This book was such a fun spin on Groundhog's Day. I'm normally a bit wary about books like this because I find they can end up being very repetitive and boring to read, but this one was neither or those things. Amy Bearce did a great job at making each repeated day feel like separate days while still being similar enough to the original events of the day.

We spend this book experiencing Eve's worst day with her over and over again, doing things slightly different trying to get a different outcomes. It's her last day in France and things are not going her way; Eve cannot wait to get home and leave this day behind her. Unfortunately, when she wakes up the next morning, she realizes that the day has restarted.

Eve, with the help of her friends, needs to work out the mystery of this time loop if she wants to get out of it and finally be able to go home.

We watch Eve learn and grow throughout her time reliving this miserable day. It's a beautiful story about friendship, finding courage, and middle school crushes. Eve is such a relatable main character, and it was so fun getting to experience this with her and watch her grow. I highly recommend this book, especially to younger readers.
July 8, 2020
I finished this earlier today! This was such a fun cute read! I really enjoyed it! There are so many great lessons to take away from this book as well! This is a great story about friendship, learning from your mistakes, having courage, & living life to the fullest and trusting in it & love. I loved the friendships in this story, the fortune teller, & being in Paris for a little while-repeating the day over & over again w/Eve. Lol💜 this comes out July 14th!! Thanks again Jolly Fish Press for sending me this advanced copy to review! I really enjoyed it!💜

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Eve Hollis is ready to push through her fears and finally let her crush know how she feels. And what better place to tell him than on top of the Eiffel Tower in the City of Love? But things don't go as planned, and Eve is sure she's had the worst day of her life until she wakes up the next morning to realize the whole disaster of a day is happening again. She's trapped in a time loop. Desperate to make it stop, Eve will have to take some big risks and learn from her mistakes or she's destined to live the most awkwardly painful day of her life over and over again, forever.
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Author 7 books5 followers
September 10, 2022
Paris on Repeat by Amy Bearce is indeed a “Groundhog Day” concept with Eve Hollis’ day happening over and over again. Fortunately for Eve, she’s in Paris, at the Eiffel Tour each day, along with other famous landmarks. Unfortunately for Eve, she doesn't know if the day will ever stop repeating. She will need to figure out how to stop the merry-go-round she finds herself on so she can get back to the rest of her life, even if that life has its own problems. Eve is a very insecure military teenager. Her hopes for a truly romantic time in the “City of Love” don’t turn out quite like she had planned. In fact, nothing about that day turns out as she had planned, absolutely nothing.

Join Eve and her fellow students on this MG adventure story filled with romance, friendship, and exotic places. I did, and after having read it, I’m glad I was able to join them. Though I found the first part of the story wasn’t my favorite (in its pacing), the remainder was interesting, and kept me wanting to read more to see how it all would turn out. Maybe it was the magic of Paris, or possibly the magic of an old gypsy woman, or most probably, the magic of a good story.
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493 reviews8 followers
July 15, 2020
Thank you to the publisher, Jolly Fish Press, for sending me an ARC via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
3.5/5 stars

This was a pretty fast and cute read. It follows Eve who is an 8th-grader on her class trip to Paris. Eve has been crushing on Jace, one of her classmates, for 2 years now and she is finally ready to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately things don't quite go how Eve hoped they would, and after enduring a tough final day in Paris, she wakes up the next morning only to have to relive the day again. And again. And again.
There were some funny moments between the characters, but one of the stars of this book was the friendships. Eve learned that friendship is one of the most important kinds of love. With the help of her friends, Eve challenges herself to be daring as she tries to figure out how to break out of this time loop.
I thought Eve was a good character. I liked how real her fears and anxieties were, and the way that she handled them was believable. Eve is a military kid, and her parents have just told her that they're getting a divorce, so she's struggling with how to feel about these issues. We don't learn very much about the other characters, but it didn't make them feel one-dimensional. What we learned about Eve's friends fit the story, and didn't detract from their characters.
Overall, this was a pretty good read. It was a solid plot with some good messages and friendships amongst the characters. I'd definitely recommend this book to younger readers (10-14ish) as that's the age-range the main character fits into. As an older reader I still enjoyed it, but Eve's problem of trying to tell Jace how she feels came across as juvenile (which I thought was fair because she is only 13). I think younger readers will definitely be able to relate to Eve and her friends and get wrapped up in this lovely book with its magical Parisian setting.
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Author 3 books280 followers
January 14, 2021
A Moving and Magical Story.

I simply adored this book. I’m drawn to any story with a time loop premise, but this was a time loop with a twist! I won’t spoil it here for readers, but it was a twist I didn’t see coming and upped the stakes in a brilliant, unexpected way.

The setting alone is a reason to buy this book. You can tell the author knew her stuff. The Paris scenery, traditions, and landmarks were fully fleshed out and beautifully described. I’d never heard of love locks before, but I was fascinated and loved how they were woven into the plot.

The characters were well-developed and the themes of courage, friendship, and self-acceptance tied the story together. This is a fun, moving and magical story for young readers...or anyone who’s ever wished for a little courage.

I’m excited to read Rome Reframed, the next book in this series!
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July 11, 2020
This was a fast-paced, aesthetic filled story of a girl who gets stuck in a Groundhog Day inspired loop on her last day in Paris.
Our main character, Eve, is a socially anxious army kid experiencing an 8th grade trip to Paris with some of her best friends- and her crush. Unfortunately, Eve has a really hard time talking to her best friend about her feelings let alone the boy she likes. Through the novel we follow Eve as she lives the same last day in Paris over and over again until she can figure out how to fix the time loop.

Bearce imbues the story with the atmosphere of Paris, offering historical and geographical knowledge about the City of Lights on the way through her plot. I just got to visit Paris this year and it was amazing to be back, if only in a story! I loved the magical realism that was rooted into the narrative and it was interesting to see how Eve, as a contemporary young teen, dealt with the possibility of magic being real along with all of the other problems she was facing. If you're looking for a fast-paced, magical read or if you even if you just love Paris, definitely pick Paris on Repeat!

* I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. *
July 16, 2020
‘Paris on Repeat’ is a story about 14 year old, Eve a Military kid, stationed in German, on a class trip to Paris. Wait a minute... a military kid?!! We are an Army family and to see a book about a military child is a rare find! I can’t begin to say how much I appreciated reading about how difficult it can be for military children to move or deal with their parent being gone. I know my kids can relate to this. The author did a great job talking about the difficulties but not in a negative way. Having the military connection is not the only reason this book spoke to my heart, there are other topics such as divorce, girl friendship, anxiety, and learning to appreciate yourself.
Thank you JollyFish for the ARC of this book! All opinions are my own.
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