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Faith & Fortune #1

The Trouble With Love

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I, Holiday Brown, have it all. A platinum record. Multi-million dollar home in Manhattan that I share with my two best friends. Life is looking fantastic until my roommate’s brother decides to bunk in our guestroom while his house gets renovated.

W. Emmett Bell has always been the bane of my existence. He’s annoying, stubborn, a know it all, and just might be the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on. But I refuse to fall for him. Then his sister’s threatened by a stalker and dynamics change. His unwavering faith isn’t quite as self-righteous as I’d always thought, and maybe he has a good side I’ve overlooked all these years.

Or maybe it’s all too much trouble.

The Trouble With Love is the first book in the Christian Chick Lit series: Faith & Fortune.

223 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 26, 2020

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About the author

Toni Shiloh

52 books1,074 followers
Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer. Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior. She writes to bring Him glory and to learn more about His goodness.

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358 reviews
July 27, 2020
Originally posted on Inkwell Inspirations

4.5 stars

“Music touched my soul like nothing else. It was the one time I truly came alive and all the cares of the world faded away.”

The Trouble With Love is a fabulous introduction to Toni Shiloh’s new Christian Chick Lit series, Faith & Fortune. Humor, romance, friendship, and even a bit of suspense…this book has something for everyone.

In The Trouble With Love, pop star Holiday Brown shares a house in Manhattan with two of her famous friends, Tori and Octavia. When Tori’s brother Emmett stays with them during his house renovations, Holiday and Emmett’s longtime apparent dislike for each other takes a surprising turn.

Toni Shiloh brings a needed diversity to Christian fiction, and her writing style is very appealing to readers. Typically, I am not a fan of first-person point of view, but Toni Shiloh absolutely nails it! In choosing to write in first-person point of view, she shares a unique insight into the heroine’s thoughts and feelings with the readers. Even though Holiday, Tori, and Octavia are all famous and wealthy, they have insecurities and struggles that readers can easily relate to.

Toni Shiloh’s writing is rich with beautiful messages of faith, including a developing romance with two wonderful characters at varying stages of their own spiritual journeys. The author shares the powerful message of God’s love for us.

The Trouble With Love is highly recommended for readers of inspirational fiction. The cliffhanger at the end of the novel has me eager to read The Truth About Fame, book two in the Faith & Fortune series, which releases in July 2020.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author/publisher and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.

There were so many wonderful quotes in this book. Here are a few additional favorites:

“ ‘He loves you, Holiday Brown. Has always loved you. And wants you to know that His love will never change. It can sustain you, get you through anything, even heartache.’ ”

“ ‘From the moment I decided I wanted to marry, I prayed for my future wife. Prayed that God would be very present in her life. That He would protect her and bless her. That I would know when I found her and be the man she needs me to be.’ ”

“The man before us looked like dark chocolate perfection sculpted into human form.”
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Author 32 books1,439 followers
June 2, 2020
I started out reading Toni Shiloh’s latest book because the cover is fantastic. And also because I saw so many people talking about it! I don’t actually read a ton of contemporary romance. For some reason, it takes quite a bit for me to fully invest and happily lose myself in a modern-day story. I’m super happy to say that’s exactly what happened with this book. The things that delighted me most:

-The setting. I’m a small-town girl. I write small-town stories. And a LOT of the historical fiction I read takes place in small towns. So I have to say it was so fun to be whisked to the big city. And it’s not only that the story takes place in New York City, but that it takes place in a fancy townhome inhabited by celebrities. Speaking of which…

-The celebrity world. Again, it was just a blast to escape into a world that’s so different from my own very non-glamorous life. Lol! (And this is a silly little thing, but sometimes I’ve read stories about famous people where every other sentence was dropping a brand name…almost too on-the-nose, if that makes sense. Toni Shiloh strikes a perfect balance of making the fame and fortune elements feel real but not overbearing.)

-The humor and Holiday’s inner monologue. She’s fun, personable and sounds like a real-life 27-year-old!

-Holiday and Emmett’s nicknames for one another. Adorbs! And their romance in general just felt super real. In fact, there’s a point near the end of the book where the romance takes a subtle little swerve and I appreciate it so much because it felt like something that would happen in real life in a real relationship.

-Holiday’s faith journey throughout the story. I know I’m repeating myself but it just felt…real. It can be hard to take a character from non-belief to belief in an authentic, non-cheesy way but Toni Shiloh totally accomplishes that. I really appreciated the little moments and conversations Holiday has throughout the book that lead her to a new place spiritually. After I finished the book, I realized I felt challenged both as an author myself and a believer.

-Finally, this story set up the next one in the series in a great way, so I can’t wait!
Profile Image for Staci.
1,654 reviews509 followers
July 20, 2020
Cute novel about three wealthy young women living in New York. I enjoyed seeing Holiday's faith journey and loved that "Wally" called her various holiday names.
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Author 18 books485 followers
June 11, 2020
I’ve been wanting to try something by this author for a long time now (I appreciate her perspective, reviews, and just her online presence in general), and my FB reading group assured me that this was the book to start with.

They did not fail me.

I fell in love in literally just a few pages, and I can happily say that by the time I was done reading I had 98 highlights on my Kindle. XD Those highlights vary from conversations that made me laugh aloud to passages that fed my soul or warmed my heart. It’s that good.

Holliday made the book for me. She’s entirely honest, hilariously witty, and has a really compassionate heart. She also unapologetically likes food and picks her outfits out based on if they match her favorite shoes. What’s not to like? <3 But that’s not all there is to her character either. She has some very deep hurts from long in the past that leech away joy from the present and prevent her from trusting people, and I related to that too.

I enjoyed reading about her creative process as a HANDS DOWN AWESOME popstar (wish her songs were real!); I enjoyed her hilarious sparring with Wally and her close friendships with her housemates (strong sisterhood stories for the win!); I loved the suspense storyline and I can’t wait to see what happens next; but it was the slow, subtle, painful thread that oozed with the Gospel that made this book one of a kind. It was so gentle, and so honest, and reminded me that God is faithful to be found by us when we look for Him. <3

I highly enjoyed the romance (*smirks*) and, again, the strong sisterhood vibes, and I’ve already pre-ordered the other books because I need to know what happens to Tori and Tavia. :D

Just a note, there are mentions of sexual tension between the romantic leads, though I very much appreciated how it never got in the way of building a real relationship or discussing hard things, and there’s a hilarious running gag about how attractive a couple male bodyguards are. A side character is quite promiscuous with a penchant for grossly younger wives, and the suspense sideplot does amp up.

Best quotes (and this is utterly insufficient, just read the book): He was arrogant, pretentious, overbearing, and…why did I feel like a thesaurus all of a sudden?

“It’s not my fault you two look alike.” “It’s our mom’s.” Tori and her brother spoke simultaneously, and I chuckled.

I didn’t date, but if I did, I wouldn’t want to be with someone like me. I got on my own nerves thank you very much.

Sing. Create music. Share my emotions with the world in a way that would connect us as they responded with their own stories.

“Treat him like you wish he’d treated you—on your own merits and not based on whether you checked off some requirements. Treat him like a person worthy of your time because you want the same from him.”

If you’re looking for a foodie book, a humorous book, a high society story, an enemies-to-lovers romance, women’s fiction, or an encouraging book with a lot of (subtle but heartfelt) Gospel, congrats! This book is all of that and more, and I enjoyed every moment. ;)
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1,006 reviews169 followers
August 18, 2020
Charming. Light but not shallow. Beautifully weaves faith elements into the very essence of the characters. A winner! My first Toni Shiloh book, but definitely not my last!

Favorite Quotes: “The more we spend time with someone, the right someone, the more we want to get to know them, you know? . . . But with God, that desire to know Him more keeps us seeking Him and keeps our relationship fresh. We’ll never know all there is to know while we’re on earth. But one day all believers will be in heaven, a fulfillment of His promise.”

“Um, it’s me again. I’m not sure how to do this. How to find the answers to all the questions I have. Do you call people? All people or only certain ones? And how do I answer that call? And what do I gain if I do? Or worse, what happens if I don’t?”

“I do. I think when you’re with the right person, nothing is off limits because you trust them. You trust them to take care with your secrets. Your dreams. The love you’re offering them.”

“From the moment I decided I wanted to marry, I prayed for my future wife. Prayed that God would be very present in her life. That He would protect her and bless her. That I would know when I found her and be the man she needs me to be.”
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2,184 reviews136 followers
June 2, 2020
Oh, this book was so good! What a great combination of characters and emotions in this story. As I turned the last page, I wished I had book two to dive right into because I got so involved in these characters’ lives.

The author did a nice job of introducing the three main women of the Faith and Fortune series. These three women are successful and famous in their careers, as well as being from wealthy families. It was easy to see both the benefits and the downsides to their lives, including the need for full time security as one character began receiving threats from a stalker.

I loved watching as Emmett and Holiday began to morph from adversaries to friends to more. Holiday had a lot of hang ups and doubts regarding love and relationships. She also began to question whether there was a God and what He wanted for her. Her spiritual journey was so beautiful! I loved the friendship and romance in this story!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

You can read this review on my blog:
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Author 40 books398 followers
June 13, 2020
Okay, this was a hard book to rate first off here are the good points:

Steller writing!! Some of the best I've read in a while.
The characters were unique and amazing. Each one lept off the page.
Faith is important but not shoved into the story. It's part of the fabric of the story.
The dialogue was snappy, witty, and so much fun!
Those nicknames...just so epic.

Now, here is why I can't give this five stars:
The bible clearly states that believers are not to be married/unequally yoked with a non-believer. I have seen many women start to date non-believers, sure that they will accept Christ and it doesn't happen and it is pretty heartbreaking what happens. I just couldn't really respect Emmit when he chose to start a relationship (even if they didn't go on dates) when Holiday wasn't a Christian.

I plan to read more by this author in the future, because the writing is stellar.
Profile Image for Marguerite Gray.
Author 10 books492 followers
June 12, 2020
Love this new series by Toni Shiloh. How did she do it? She gives her characters the lives of the rich and famous. So believable! Holiday faces the trouble with love as well as trouble with being a celebrity, with her father, with life in general. I'm ready for what faces Holiday and her friends in the next books. Their life lessons are ones we face, well maybe not as celebrities, but we face them in our own lives.
Profile Image for Sarah Monzon.
Author 22 books414 followers
January 17, 2020
I love Toni Shiloh’s books. Soulful, humorous, and spiritual. Can’t wait to read Tori and Octavia’s stories!
Profile Image for Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective).
1,124 reviews55 followers
June 26, 2020
Move over Maple Run, there's a new series in town! I have gushed over Shiloh's Maple Run series for a long time now, but this new series just might be a bit higher on the favorites line. Oh my goodness Shiloh can write. Romance? Check. Swoony hero? Check. Humor? Check. Faith element? Check. It has everything I want and more.

I think what pulled me to these characters the most was their banter. I LOVE couples that banter with each other. The nicknames they had? Yeah I was totally on board with that. Dare I say reading their story almost made me feel a little younger? For the record, I'm not old. But I'm also not in my twenties, and this had me reminiscing a little bit. This whole "I don't to find them attractive but I do" vibe just really sparks my interest. Shiloh did a fabulous job of bringing them together little by little. I didn't go from enemies to lovers overnight - no they had to see each other in different situations, grow as friends, and then grow as a couple.

Speaking of growth, I was pleasantly surprised with the way Shiloh decided to write Holiday's character and her spiritual journey. I don't want to include spoilers - but her transition over the pages of the book was so inspiring and offered so much hope to this reader. It has to be hard for writers to bring their characters to Christ. I couldn't even imagine it. But Shiloh just keeps it so real and believable. I think it is a beautiful book to share with friends that may just inspire their own journey.

The Trouble With Love is a fun, sassy, and sweet spirited book that left this reader smiling. I cannot wait to see what's to come in the next books! I highly recommend reading this new series. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Victoria Bylin.
Author 34 books463 followers
June 14, 2020
Toni Shiloh’s The Trouble with Love is my kind of story—a contemporary romance that shows authentic human beings searching for both love and meaning. The dialogue pops at every turn. The characters tug at the heart, and the ending was both perfect and a surprise.

Popstar Holiday Brown has fame and fortune, but she’s had a rough upbringing and finds it difficult to trust. When photographer W. Emmett Bell walks back into her life, she’s challenged to see the world through a new lens of faith. Add in sizzling romantic tension, and you have my favorite kind of story.

I also enjoyed how the author wove together different story elements: Faith, humor, diversity, romance, and even suspense. Book Two in the series come out soon, and I’m looking forward to it.
Profile Image for Ebos Aifuobhokhan.
519 reviews56 followers
April 12, 2020
Fantastic book! I fell in love with Emmett and Holiday. Their banter was what stole my heart. I loved the girlish moments. Toni did a wonderful job with this book and indeed all her books.
I enjoyed reading about their "hide and seek" kind of love. I loved how they complimented each other. Enemies turn friends. Interesting story.
Profile Image for Rachel Fordham.
Author 6 books846 followers
June 23, 2020
I read this while at the beach with my kids. It was a delightful step away from what I normally read (I'm a big historical reader). Loved the city setting, the character growth and sweet romance. Well done Toni!
Profile Image for Susan Tuttle.
Author 7 books102 followers
July 14, 2020
This book contained two of my favorite things: wit and romance. I loved the banter, use of nicknames, and witty dialogue. And I truly loved the pace of this frenemies to more romance. For me, it's my favorite Shiloh read yet.
Profile Image for Jaime Jo Wright.
Author 15 books1,275 followers
June 14, 2020
I totally enjoyed this relatable, fun, thought-provoking chick-lit novel by Toni Shiloh! It satisfied all the romantic hopes and kept me enthralled from page 1 to the end!
Profile Image for Stephenia McGee.
Author 24 books577 followers
August 23, 2020
I loved how this book swept me away to a big city with a spunky heroine. The celebrity life, love, and great characters made this book a fun escape!
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Author 1 book74 followers
May 30, 2020
Author Toni Shiloh begins a new series that is quite unlike her others, but don’t let that dissuade you. She’s done a great job with this story, bringing in much needed diversity to the Christian fiction scene.

Based on the friendship of three young women, we meet Holiday Brown, who appears to have it all. But does she? Can money and fame really buy happiness? While the setting is the New York “jet set” these characters come across as real, ordinary people with real, ordinary struggles. I think you’ll like them! I really appreciated following along with Holiday’s spiritual growth. It wasn’t without struggles and questioning which is something most of us go through at some point in life.

Shiloh has crafted a story of fame and fortune but also of longing and heartache. Include a guy Holiday can’t stand, some suspense, and you have a recipe for……..well, you’ll have to read it and see. If you enjoy chick lit then you’ll love this The Trouble with Love.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
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404 reviews33 followers
July 20, 2020
What a delightful story! This story has something for everyone! Romance, mystery, laugher, fun, and music. There were fun moments of laughter and heart-stopping moments of surprise where I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. But most of all the love of God was woven into this story.

Toni Shiloh writes characters that are so real you are almost certain that you could bump into them walking down the street. Authentic, charming, and witty. It was a pure pleasure to sink into this story and join these characters.

I eagerly look forward to reading more in this new series as I’m certain that more excitement, romance and mystery await!

(I receive complimentary books from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including Netgalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)
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248 reviews44 followers
July 24, 2020
My go-to genre is not normally romance but this story by Toni Shiloh captured me and carried me through to the end. Tempted to believe characters with professions as a singing star, super model and professional ballerina would be unrelatable, I was pleasantly surprised. The author expertly weaves internal struggles, humor, faith, danger, and romance to produce a compelling read. And as a lover of a strong faith storyline, this book knocked that aspect out of the park. If you love contemporary Christian romance, and maybe even if you don't, give this one a shot!
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Author 9 books134 followers
May 17, 2020
A slight departure from Shiloh's normal style, but I tell you, she pulled it off!! A beautiful start to what is shaping up to be a thoughtful, romantic, read-through-the-night series.

Loved it!
Profile Image for Raelee Carpenter.
Author 8 books75 followers
June 10, 2020
Toni Shiloh's new series is just a little different than her previous work. I loved this title, and I'm looking forward to the next.
Profile Image for Marylin.
957 reviews14 followers
March 26, 2020
I’m really enjoying this new series by Toni Shiloh. I love stories of friendships.
These three girls are from very different backgrounds and lifestyles than myself, but yet, the author makes these women very relatable to us because of the issues they face.
This story has wonderful characters and fun dialogue. There is suspense and some sweet romance in this book. The author knows how to balance these together in a wonderful way.
I loved how I couldn’t put the book down. It kept me spellbound until I finished.
All in all, this is a wonderful start to a series I know I will love to read!
I highly recommend you pick this book up to read and then go out and buy the next one. You won’t be disappointed.
I was given this book by the publisher which did not influence my review in any way, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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1,469 reviews11 followers
May 27, 2020
The Trouble with Love

The Trouble with Love is the first book in the series. I am looking forward to reading the next book. I love the name of the main character which is Holiday. She is not looking for love but somehow it will find us. More than one kind of love. I love this quote from the book “ The Trouble with Love was it always smacked you in the face when you least expected it.”

There is lot of things I loved about this book. The friendships, relationship between father and daughter. Above all the relationship with Jesus. Read the book to enjoy it for yourself.

I received an advanced copy of the book from the author. This book review is my own opinion.
Profile Image for Melissa Henderson.
Author 7 books141 followers
April 14, 2020
Great new read by author Toni Shiloh. Toni has a way of bringing stories to life and drawing me in to the mind of each character. In this sweet story, the path to finding faith, trust and love is shared through heartwarming and touching moments. I look forward to reading more in this series. I received a complimentary copy of the book. No review was required.
Profile Image for Emily.
408 reviews51 followers
January 5, 2023
I just really enjoy Toni Shiloh’s writing style. So. Much.
2,807 reviews1,728 followers
September 8, 2020
One of the absolute delights of this novel is the witty banter between Holiday and Emmett. It's fast a furious and full of teasing (Emmett) and snark (Holiday). My, but that girl can hold a grudge and she's been nursing this one against Emmett since she was fourteen. Loved the crackling energy ziinging between these two every time they are together. My fingertips got singed from all that latent longing. :-)

And I love that Holiday and her two besties (and the heroines of future novels in the series) are successful women in high profile careers. I'm not usually one for the fame/glam lifestyle -- it doesn't interest me at all -- but Shiloh has a way of creating really relatable, down-to-earth characters who are anything but entitled. I think Holiday, Octavia and Tori keep each other grounded in the midst of their jet-setting lifestyle and I like the dynamics between these friends who are really more like sisters. The author has done a great shop of setting the scope for the series in this first novel.

What surprised (and pleased) me the most about The Trouble With Love was the powerful inspirational thread Shiloh has woven seamlessly throughout the story. Holiday's quest for understanding herself and others leads her to a relationship with Christ. It's a beautifully moving and realistic portrayal of someone seeking truth.

I'm super excited about this Faith & Fortune series -- especially since I have the second book, The Truth About Fame on the tippy top of my TBR pile right now! Eeeeep!!! And I love, love, love the covers. Simple and stylish with colour contrasts that make an impact. All with a campy retro vibe. This is bookshelf art at it's best
Profile Image for Suzie Waltner.
Author 7 books107 followers
July 22, 2020
Fame, friendship, and more combine in book one of the Fame & Fortune series from Toni Shiloh. The Trouble with Love has several elements “the experts” claim don’t do well with readers—a big city setting, a main character in the entertainment industry with two friends who are also wealthy and famous in their own rights—but Shiloh pulls them off in a way that had me immediately diving into the next book (sadly, I have to wait a bit for book three).

Holiday’s feelings for Emmett are strong from the beginning but this dislike-to-love story takes such a natural transition, readers will find themselves falling for Emmett right alongside Holiday. The friendship between Holiday, Tori, and Tavia is special and unbreakable due to the years between them. And Holiday’s questions about God are genuine to someone whose life hasn’t included unconditional and all-consuming love.

Holiday’s thoughts and humor and generosity make her relatable even though I can’t imagine what a life like hers entails. Even though this is chick lit and light hearted in places, there’s also a depth and a growth that naturally progresses and enhances the book

Disclosure statement: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Beth | Faithfully Bookish .
851 reviews179 followers
June 9, 2020
Full review and author interview featured on FaithfullyBookish.com

My mind tells me that I don’t have much in common with a wealthy, city-dwelling celebrity musician. However, my reader heart established an immediate kinship with Shiloh’s relatable characters. Skillfully written authentic complexities breathe life into this story through struggles, doubts, and genuine soul-searching or, more appropriately, Savior-searching.

Unapologetic faith issues share the pages with simmering attraction and sizzling animosity while an unknown threat lingers in the periphery. The Trouble with Love is an engrossing and inspiring read that I couldn’t bear to put down and therefore devoured in one day. I highly recommend this story as well as the author’s backlist to readers everywhere!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. As a co-owner of JustRead Publicity Tours, I received compensation from the publisher and/or author to coordinate a promotional tour for this title. The opinions expressed are my own.
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169 reviews88 followers
July 15, 2020
I enjoyed this book. It is a contemporary romance, set in New York. It follows Holiday Brown who is a famous singer. She shares an apartment with two other famous women — a model and a ballerina. When Holiday returns from her tour she finds that Tori, the model, has been threatened by a stalker and has invited her brother to stay in the apartment.

This brother has always irritated Holiday, and she is not happy about living in the same space as him.

This book is written in the first person with a sassy, modern tone. I felt I knew the main character through the narrative and her voice carried the plot. I found the style refreshing in a Christian fiction novel.

At the start, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be enough going on in the plot (other than the romance) to keep my attention, but other threads developed as the story went on. I enjoyed the different friendships as well as family complications.

I particularly enjoyed the level of Christian content as Holiday wrestled with understanding faith and God.

All in all, it was a fun, modern, Christian romance.
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