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I Hate You, Fuller James

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I hate you, Fuller James.

I hate your floppy hair and your lopsided grin and those laughing blue eyes that always seem to be laughing at me.

I hate that you’re the most popular guy in school and I’m still the girl who sneezed and spit out her retainer on someone at a middle school dance. It’s just such a cliché.

I hate that I’m being forced to tutor you in English and keep it a secret from everyone. Because otherwise it might put our basketball team’s chances at winning State in jeopardy, and even though I hate you, I love basketball.

I hate that it seems like you’re keeping a secret from me…and that the more time we spend together, the less I feel like I’m on solid ground. Because I’m starting to realize there’s so much more to you than meets the eye. Underneath it all, you’re real.

But what I hate most is that I really don’t hate you at all.

279 pages, ebook

First published March 2, 2020

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Kelly Anne Blount

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USA Today Bestselling author and Wattpad Star Kelly Anne Blount has more than seventy-three-thousand followers on social media. Her Wattpad stories have been read more than twenty-million times. She’s contributed to Tap, Wattpad’s new app for chat-style stories, where her work has been “tapped” more than fifty-million times. She is a writer and reviewer for SpoilerTV, which has allowed her to develop an incredible network of film and TV stars.

Two of her Wattpad works, including Captured (seventeen-million reads), have been optioned for film by Komixx Entertainment, and she is regularly invited to present seminars about social media at author events.

Stop by any of Kelly’s social-media platforms (@KellyAnneBlount) and stay tuned to this website for announcements and information about upcoming releases and events.

Kelly Anne Blount is represented by Jennifer Wills (jennifer@theseymouragency.com) and Nicole Resciniti (nicole@theseymouragency.com) of The Seymour Agency.

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331 reviews31 followers
September 21, 2020
DNF. DNF so hard.

I'm sorry but I'm just not into authors fetishizing bullying. Like this kid is straight up making this girl's life a living hell. He doesn't want to admit that he's so dumb that he's failing out of Lit so what does he do? Says that he's screwing her in the library. And then immediately makes a bet with his jughead friend that he can get her to love him. So that he can break up with her. In front of the whole school. Classic.

None of his problems are his own. He openly calls her awful nicknames and then blames it on his troll of a (ex)girlfriend, Melissa. Because he was just repeating something that she had said earlier.

And what? I'm supposed to feel sorry for him because his brother's life is hard and he's feeling a little bit pressed from actually having to secure his future?

And then the girl! Grow a freaking backbone. This guy threw mashed potatoes at her chapter one! And then acts like being smart is somehow annoying for him? Give me a break. Stop acting like him smiling at her has anything to do with his personality and everything to do with his abs.

Okay. Walk it off, Christy. Walk it off. Sorry. I think the reason I had such a bad, just visceral reaction to this was that I was treated like this in middle school and part of high school. I had zero self-worth. I couldn't stick up for myself and no one would stick up for me in return.

Kids like Fuller James exist. And they're not attractive. They're not boyfriend material. They're cowards. And no amount of character development can get rid of the fact that he's a terrible person. Period.
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346 reviews975 followers
July 5, 2022
Your average teen fiction romance. Neither good nor bad, okay maybe a bit bad.
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Author 1 book140 followers
February 16, 2020
I hate you, Fuller James is a classic tale. Boy meets girl. Girl has a difference of opinion with friend. One becomes popular and the others smart.

Wren’s future is already looking promising. All she has to do is survive the wicked tournaments of high school. When she’s asked to tutor the one person she hates more than anything she realises high school isn’t over yet. She isn’t really given a choice when it comes to Fuller.

Fuller James likes sports but isn’t academic. He needs to raise his grades if he wants to stand any chance at attending university. He’s embarrassed he has to have a tutor and tries to cover it up.

This is a predictable tale but has a nice family back story. The lesson learnt is a valuable one and the characters are likeable. I personally don’t mind when I know where the stories heading and this was a good read. It’s for fans of films like she’s all that and never been kissed.

This does have a bully theme including the classic mean girl.

4 stars out of 5.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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683 reviews244 followers
April 12, 2020
DNF@ 57%

This was published this year?! I thought it was published at least ten years ago.

It’s a very cliché book: jock makes fun of nerd, the nerd has to tutor the jock, they get to know each other… things probably go to shit when the nerd finds out (I haven’t gotten to that part). Gossip Girl also made an appearance, but on Instagram because it’s a new age.

I got to half of the book, but I wasn’t interested in the characters and what’ll happen to them, although with all the clichés I could assume. I didn’t have a problem that it’s a cliché story, actually, that’s the reason I picked it up, however, I expected more.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
1,341 reviews94 followers
February 27, 2020
I received a copy of this title via NetGalley. It does not impact my review.

I was hoping something fun and cute would break me out of my reading rut, but unfortunately I Hate You, Fuller James didn’t end up being that fun or that cute.

The whole tutoring premise started out a little rough for me. The principal of the school straight up blackmails Wren into tutoring the star basketball player. He threatens her with not only multiple days of detention, but suspension because she was caught on video throwing food during a food fight in the cafeteria. The suspension would also mean she would miss out on a prestigious STEM camp. However, if she tutors Fuller, that will be her only punishment. And Fuller’s punishment will be…getting tutored. We later find out that someone else caught on camera throwing food only gets two days of lunch-time detention – which won’t interfere with his spot on the basketball team. So that was all ridiculous enough, but then the basketball coach, who is also Wren’s uncle, asks them both to keep the tutoring a secret. The reasoning is that if the rest of the team finds out their star player may not play in the first game if his grades don’t improve, the team will implode and they’ll never make it to State. That makes perfect sense, right?

So when Fuller is caught by one of his friends going to a the library with Wren for his first tutoring session, he covers for it by making a bet about how he’s hooking up with Wren and will trick her into being his girlfriend and then he’ll dump her. Of course, once he gets to know Wren he realizes she’s the most wonderful girl in all the world and tries to cover his tracks on the bet so she they can be together and she won’t get mad at him.

This book was ridiculous. There were a couple of cute moments here and there, but honestly Fuller just said so many gross things in the beginning of the book that I could never quite like him. Wren was really naive and emotional and very self-involved and I found her a little hard to like, as well. I kept hoping something big would happen later in the story that would make me love it, but it didn’t happen. Even the Big Romantic Gesture, which was based off of two movies I really enjoy, felt very lackluster to me.

Overall, I Hate You, Fuller James left me very underwhelmed. The initial premise with the tutoring didn’t work for me and Fuller’s behavior in the beginning of the book really kept me from rooting for him and Wren later in the story. However, I am definitely not in the target audience age range for this book, so those that are may find this much more enjoyable than I did.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 2 Stars
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6,112 reviews215 followers
May 24, 2020
I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, I Hate You, Fuller James was kind of cute. In it you will meet Fuller and Wren. The whole plot seemed like something you've probably already read or watched on TV. So, it wasn't that surprising with what happened within it. I mean, these two were kind of cute together and they had some cute scenes too.

I just.. I felt like things were kind of repetitive throughout the book which was annoying. Other than that, not much drama within this book either. Yes, it will have some bullying.. but it was okay. I just feel like I've read a ton of bully romances so this was just tame to me.

Other than that, this was very predictable and had a cute ending.
Profile Image for TSN ☮.
1,407 reviews23 followers
March 17, 2020
DNF 50%

I also hated Fuller James.

I have kind of a pet peeve, I can't stand stupid people! And Fuller James is not just a moron, he is STUPID.

Wren was supposed to hate/dislike Fuller James, but she must have been absent when backbone was delivered, since it appears that she have none whatsoever. I mean she was practically swooning after a single conversation, and I was getting whiplash from her alternately liking and disliking him.

The slut shaming of the ex-girlfriend(s) wasn't something I enjoyed either.

On a more personal note; It felt almost embarrassingly politically correct. Sometimes the tone was almost religious. and slipped into being moralistic and/or didactic. I HATE THAT.

☛ I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I'm voluntarily making this review.
Profile Image for Susan's Reviews.
1,063 reviews479 followers
February 27, 2020
My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this clean YA novel. It follows the usual "nerdy high schooler tutors playboy jock" trope, so there wasn't much new here. The thoughtless jock (Fuller James) redeems himself by falling in love with sweet nerd, Wren Carter.

There were a few cute scenes, but not much action. Lots of repetitive introspection, but I suspect that younger readers, wanting to have some clean fun, will enjoy this novel. I rank this one a 3.8 out of 5, because it was decently written and the two lead characters were sweet.
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561 reviews54 followers
January 14, 2023

I'm going to have to start this by asking: is Fuller a real name? I struggled with it and a quick google didn't make me any wiser.

I wasn't sure what to expect of this book. On one hand, I like a good enemies to lovers, on the other hand, there are plenty of reviews giving this book a bashing for glorifying bullying. Now that I've read it, I can say that I don't think this book was glorifying anything and I was almost surprised by how tame the whole thing was.

Perhaps a word on the subject of bullying first: bullying is not ok. But I also find it an interesting subject. I don't believe the world is black and white and that someone who bullies is automatically a bad person. Bullying is sadly far from uncommon which leaves me believing that to an extent it's part of human nature, albeit not a good one. The truth is that behind every bully is just another person with a whole story of their own. We don't always know why people do the things they do, and while it is no excuse, people can be driven to do bad things for a variety of reasons.

In addition to that, I believe that people can change for the better and should be given the chance. Having been at the receiving end of bullying myself, I don't think I'd be able to see my former bullies in the same light should I ever come across them again. At the very least I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have, for lack of better words, grown up. Now, grown ups can be bullies just as young people can, but I do like to draw a difference between the two. Young people go through all sorts of different stages and I believe even more strongly that a kid who was mean in school can't be doomed for the rest of their life to be the bad guy. How does this relate to I Hate You, Fuller James?

Ok, Fuller James doesn't have any deep reasons behind why he is the way he is beyond that he is a young guy who is popular at school and lets it get to his head. Is that an excuse? No, it's not, but it's a pretty realistic take on how school dynamics work. Thanks to the dual point of view, we get to see more of why Fuller does the things he does - we see how he comes to realise himself that he is being a jerk and that a lot of his actions are the result of not wanting to fall out of popularity. Again, not a reasonable excuse but nothing out of the ordinary. What I really appreciated is that he comes to realise these things by himself and at no point does he try to wave off any of his wrong doings. He admins and tries to own up to them - he's genuinely there to make a change.

Purely from a bullying perspective, I think this was a well thought out story and I liked the changes the characters went through. While this mostly applies to Fuller, Wren also learns to stand up more for herself and I liked how both of their circle of friends reacted to the situation; Fuller's also had to come around and make a change for the better while Wren's had to get to terms that Fuller might really be able to change to a better person. Bullying is such a common subject in high school dramas and I think the reason for that is all of the above: it's a real thing, there are real people behind it and there's something fascinating about seeing a person change for the better.

Speaking of common subjects in high school stories and RomComs - this book follows the tropes to a T. I wouldn't consider this a bad book, but purely plot wise, you couldn't find a more predictable one. If this were turned into a movie, it would sit right up there with all the Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff and Amanda Bynes movies you could find. Wren is a straight A student who gets bullied but is actually super cool and pretty. Fuller is the most popular guy at school and girls line up for him, of course, he's the captain of a sport team. There's his mean girl ex-girlfriend who is plastered in make up who will no doubt cause the main drama. Fuller is too embarrassed to be seen with Wren with whom he is forced to work so he turns it into a bet with his friends to save his face. Once he gets to know her and starts falling for her, he does his best to make up for it until obviously the cat gets out of the bag. The only way to save the day is for Fuller to pull a big stunt to win her back. You can't tell me any of the above is a spoiler, it's practically the script for all stories in this vein.

So, what I mean to say is that this book lacks originality and is entirely predictable. But you know, sometimes we want to read a book like that and it's not a bad thing at all if you know what you're getting into. As I stated above, I think the bullying aspect is realistically portrayed, the characters are reasonably likeable and it's well-paced. It's not an outstanding book but definitely readable if you find yourself in this kind of mood.

What I didn't like in this book was how unrealistic the teachers were. I found the whole set up behind why Wren and Fuller have to work together completely ridiculous, the headmaster was literally black mailing Wren - an A student who has never been trouble before - purely because he wants his school to win a sport match? I don't know, I thought it was really immature and I found it hard to believe. In addition, while I liked Wren's two best friends, I wish one of them had been a girl. Dae could have easily been a girl character without changing the plot. As he wasn't, though, there were close to no girl characters. Besides Marissa being the obvious mean girl, all other female characters were wholly insignificant. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this is girl shaming but I do thing it would have been nice if there had been a more impactful and positive female character. I'm especially highlighting this because Wren admits she avoids being friends with girls because Marissa dumped their friendship. Ok, so one female friend turns on you and you just assume all female friends are like that? This book definitely could have done better with female friendships.
Profile Image for ♛Vanessa♛ Fangirl Faction.
816 reviews588 followers
February 29, 2020
Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own.

This was an adorable and fun story that I enjoyed very much. This is a story that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

The characters were very relatable. The author did a great job of showing their personalities through the writing. Both Wren and Fuller had a lot of depth. There was a lot more underneath the surface for each of them. They both also had great character development in the story. The secondary characters were likable and I honestly would have loved to see more of them in the story. I also loved the friendships and the family relationships in the story.

I really liked the bond that Wren and Fuller form in the story. These are two teenagers that walk different high school paths but once they actually open up to one another they find that they have a lot in common on a deeper level. While they start off at odds with one another, their gradual conversations lead them to feeling more for each other than they ever thought possible. They had such a comfortable chemistry with one another. It felt so natural.

I liked the plot of the story. It wasn't an unpredictable plot by any means but it really didn't need to be. The tropes that are explored in this story are written very well. The author makes the reader really care about the story and I couldn't put the book down.

Overall, this was a delightful story that was fun to read. The story touches upon issues like bullying, and to a lesser degree dementia, and does a wonderful job of addressing them. I liked the bully's redemption in the story. I am glad that I gave this one a shot and I would definitely read this author again.

More reviews on my blog: Novel Nerd Faction
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719 reviews83 followers
February 26, 2020
I did not enjoy this book. While I thought the premise sounded right up my alley but it fell extremely flat. I did not like the administrators in the school, it felt very unrealistic. I will admit I did enjoy the family aspects, the families felt legitimate and genuine. I didn't like the fact that we had a mean girl just to move the plot along. I also was not a fan of the romance. It just felt like people were too easily forgiven for being a bully in the past. It just fell very flat and very disappointed and underwhelmed..
Profile Image for Katie Prouty.
410 reviews108 followers
August 7, 2020
"When things get tough, you have two options. Pass the buck or stand up to the plate and go to bat for the person you love."

Fuller freaking James, captain of the basketball team and idiot responsible for Wren Carter's hideous nickname, "Wrentainer". The king of Magnolia High. Ugh, he looks like he's just stepped off the pages of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. Fuller James makes Wren's blood boil! Well, he's failing AP Lit and will be benched if he can't pull his grade up. Wren is asked (forced) to tutor Fuller AND keep it a secret in order to protect the team's morale. To make matters worse, Fuller digs himself into a deep(er) hole by making a bet with his friends. But with all the time the duo spend together, Wren realizes there's so much more to Fuller than his jerkwad cocky attitude. I think I’m starting to like Fuller too 🥰! They're two completely different people, with a tragic commonality. Back to the bet...a stupid bet that could only end one way-badly🙈. Enter grand sweeping gesture moment!

That scene was my favorite! Swoon! Lots of cheesin’ 😆 (top row teeth smile) and LOL moments 🤣! I Hate You, Fuller James is a charming YA enemies-to-lover romance. Seeing if I can get my hands on some Nerds so I can settle down and binge Princess Bride and Say Anything.

🎶 song: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel 🎶

Profile Image for Emily.
4,889 reviews523 followers
March 3, 2020
Wren Carter has been tormented by highschool basketball star Fuller James for years. In fact he was the reason she had a nickname that she hated and when his latest antics has her retaliating for a brief moment she finds herself having to tutor Fuller in their AP Literature class. Wren would rather do anything else then help the school Lothario but her options are limited and she can't refuse. Wren makes it clear to Fuller she wants nothing to do with him, add in the fact that they are supposed to keep it secret that she is tutoring him it makes it even more difficult.

Fuller is furious with himself about having to be a tutor but his future depends on getting good grades. He doesn't expect to get to know Wren, her certainly doesn't expect to fall for her. There is one small problem though he made up a lie that can't get back to Wren about why they are spending time together and it could make what they are building implode, can he come clean before it is too late?

I loved this, you laugh, cry all the emotions you would want from this type of book is in there. Fuller is cocky and a bit of a jerk in the beginning but he sees a different side of himself with Wren. Loved Wren, she is determined and I liked that she was her own independent woman. Excellent story.
Profile Image for Sophie.
1,131 reviews437 followers
February 17, 2020
I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher, via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.

Ever since Wren was in middle school, she has been ostracised by most of her year, especially her ex best friend, Marissa, who dropped her as soon as the most popular boy in school, Fuller James, starts to go out with her. To make matters worse, Fuller also landed her with a hideous nickname, and now the only people at school to call her by her proper name are the teachers, and her two best friends, Dae and Brandon. After Fuller launches a food fight in the cafeteria, and aggravates Wren enough to retaliate, she finds herself in the principal's office, basically being blackmailed into tutoring Fuller enough that he passes AP Literature, and isn't benched from the team. Neither really want to be seen with each other, but when some of Fuller's team mates see them together, Fuller ends up making a bet that he can get her to go out with him, and then he'll publicly dump her, in order to save his cool. The issue here, the more he spends with Wren, the more he actually realises that he is falling for her, and he needs to make sure she doesn't find out about the bet.

This book was so fun, and enjoyable. I flew through it one Saturday morning, and just found myself adoring the characters, especially Wren. She has dealt with so much, and with the added complication of sick relatives, she shoulders it all with what seems to be ease, but the more that she can talk about it, and Fuller is perfect for this, the more she comes into her true self, and I just love her! Fuller initially appears as a basic jock, but his family life has it's own difficulties, and very few people know the real him. Like with Wren, he can be open, and that shows him in the best possible light. I found their chemistry perfect, and knew they were made for each other.

The plot was a little predictable - of course that bet situation would come to bite Fuller at the worst time, and Marissa - the ex best friend, and ex girlfriend - isn't going to go down without a fight, she needs a bit of bitchiness. However, it was still a perfect YA contemporary read, and I'm so glad Entangled approved my request!
Profile Image for Jamie  (The Kansan Reader).
568 reviews82 followers
October 31, 2022
3.5 stars

The synopsis reminds me of a lot of Kat’s poem in 10 Things I Hate About You.

No one else made my blood boil like him. When he wasn’t throwing food in the lunchroom or making out with my ex—best friend right next to my locker, he was showboating on the basketball court and bragging about his stats. Fuller had such a big head, it was a miracle he could fit through the locker room door without getting stuck.

Fuller and Wren have been at odds ever since the seventh-grade dance. Now Fuller needs a tutor and Wren just happens to be the best for the job. Too bad she had to be conned into doing it. As Wren tutors Fuller she starts seeing another side of him that he has kept hidden.

The couple was cute. I am glad that Fuller apologized to Wren for everything he had a part in with her bullying. Am I totally satisfied? No. I guess I am growing out of the jerk phase. I don’t know if I like the enemies-to-lovers trope as much as I used to. Mostly due to the fact that I see too many red flags, and I want hopeless romantics.

Profile Image for spring ~♡.
391 reviews466 followers
July 25, 2022
I’d never admit it, but I hadn’t been brave enough to shut my classmates down when they were teasing Wren and calling her Wrentainer. I cared too much what they thought about me. Marissa was the one who came up with it, but I was the one who repeated it, loudly. I was the one who made all our classmates laugh. I was the reason Wren got bullied.

Yeah, dnf. Also, fuck you Fuller James.
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2,394 reviews51 followers
April 2, 2020
I wanted more hate from the hate to love trope, but it was overall a cute read. It got pretty cheesy at times though. And what was with Fuller saying “holy buckets” when he was surprised by something? It made him sound like an 80 year old man instead of a teenager. I also wasn’t a fan of all the name dropping and pop culture references (except The Princess Bride because it’s just the best).
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1,998 reviews226 followers
July 1, 2020
I Hate You, Fuller James is a standalone young adult contemporary romance by Kelly Anne Blount. I really enjoyed this book. It was exactly what I was looking for at the moment, which is a lighthearted fun romance that made me smile. I Hate You, Fuller James was filled with great characters and a heartwarming relationship. I think it is perfect for fans sweet romances reminiscent of early 2000s teen rom coms, which are pretty much my favorite feel good movies.

In I Hate You, Fuller James we meet out main characters Wren and Fuller. (obviously) I loved Wren, and I really, really loved that her Grandfather who has Alzheimer's was living with her family. That was an unexpected element of the story that I really loved. In fact, both Wren and Fuller's families play a decent size role in the plot of this book, which I really appreciated. I loved seeing happy family units represented in young adult high school contemporaries, because we don't get to witness that too often. Yes, each family had struggles, but they faced them together.

The plot of I Hate You, Fuller James had plenty of classic elements that I enjoy reading in YA romances like Tutoring, high school mean girls and bets, but the storyline did not feel overdone. Particularly with the bet aspect, it was a new take on the trope. Instead of a fake relationship trope- this book has a a fake bet trope. Wren is super smart, so when the star basketball player on her uncles high school basketball team is failing English, he enlists Wren to help tutor him in private. Not wanting to upset the team that Fuller might not be able to play, they have to keep the arrangement under wraps. Watching Wren progress from vehemently hating Fuller James to becoming friends with him was a wonderful progression that made me laugh, made me smile and just made me flat out happy.

If you can't get enough of young adult contemporary romances, then you will want to check out I Hate You, Fuller James. This is a well done spin with plenty of classic elements that left me smiling and satisfied. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read more from Kelly Anne Blount. I think you will fall for Fuller James!
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3,288 reviews100 followers
March 13, 2020
This is a high school romance featuring Wren, who is quiet, caring, kind, clever and has been subject to teasing and bullying for years at school. The main perpetrator of it all is Fuller James, the star basketball player who seems to get away with anything, including leading many of the pranks and verbal assaults. It is after being hit in a food fight that Wren retaliates, though her aim isn’t great and hits his sidekick instead of Fuller. This, however, is used against her by the principal and her uncle, the basketball coach. Her punishment is to tutor Fuller to raise his attainment in AP English or see her dreams disappear . . . . Oh, and it all has to be done secretly so the team don’t realise Fuller, their star player, may be sitting on the bench instead of playing . . . .

As the two work together they discover more about each other but he’s made a bet with his friends to explain why he’s with Wren . . . and they won’t let him cancel it. Will he raise his grades so he’ll get to play and lead the school to the Championship? What will happen when Wren discovers she’s the subject of the bet?

This is a lovely story in which proves that hate and love are opposite sides of the same coin. It has the ‘popular’ (mean) folk, some great friends, plenty of family and school drama and the need for a big move for things to work out. It is an engaging read and I particularly liked how both Wren and Fuller change because of their relationship. Fuller’s brother and Wren’s Grandad are both brilliant secondary characters, as are her two best friends. Welcome back to High School in this enjoyable contemporary romance!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.
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3,379 reviews233 followers
March 2, 2020
Wren has hated Fuller James since he came between her and her best friend, AND bestowed that awful nickname on her - Wrentainer. She managed to hate him from afar for the past five years, but as a punishment for launching a handful of mashed potatoes at her nemesis, she was forced to tutor him. After spending time with the real Fuller James, she realized, that maybe, she didn't hate him at all.

• Pro: This book was exactly what I needed after being sick for a week. It was fun and cute, and I really couldn't stop reading it, because I was enjoying it so much.

• Pro: I ended up liking both Fuller and Wren a whole lot. I loved getting to know them, and seeing beyond the surface, because they were pretty wonderful underneath all their armor. I also adored them together, and was absolutely shipping them the entire time.

• Pro: There were a few really wonderful familial relationships in this book, which I could not get enough of. Fuller and his little brother were precious together, and Wren and her grandfather stole my heart too. I loved all the positive family focus, and there was a lot of it in this book.

• Con: Marissa, the ex-best friend, was a miserable mean girl. This trope tends to annoy me, but at least I felt like she served a purpose in the story, and she was dealt with appropriately.

• Pro: Both characters experienced personal growth, but Fuller grew a LOT. Being with Wren, and being recognized for more than his basketball prowess, had Fuller looking at things from a new perspective. He realized he was changing, and embraced these changes and his new outlook on things, and gosh darn it! Fuller 2.0 was pretty fabulous.

• Pro: Blount presented me with a rather wonderful grand gesture, a combination of some fan favorites, which delighted me to no end.

Overall: A fun and cute hate-to-love romance, which delivered many smiles and swoons for me.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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June 29, 2020
My first novel by Kelly Anne Blount will not be my last. I must now devour everything she's ever written. The story is compelling, but it's the characters that really stand out to me. Too often, the story is really good, but I don't particularly like the characters, but I fell in love with both Wren and Fuller from the beginning, which is hard when one of said characters is a giant-ass douchebag. But Blount gives us a glimpse into his life and immediately softens our hearts. No matter what he's done to Wren in the past, his devotion to his family makes him a hero everyone can root for. And anyone who has ever been bullied by the mean girls can immediately identify with Wren. Dumped by her best friend at a middle school dance after an unfortunately embarrassing situation that was only made worse by one Fuller James, Wren distrusts girls and has a small group of friends in high school. Both are the type of guy friends every woman deserves. Wren hates Fuller James so when she is caught on video engaging in a lunchtime food fight with him, both are hauled into the principal's office. Captain of the boys state-champion basketball team, Fuller may find his senior year riding the bench instead of being scouted by colleges. Wren is on a smooth track to class Valedictorian and the logical tutor for Fuller. Except she hates him. Loathes him. Would literally prefer to do ANYTHING other than spend one second with Fuller James.

It's clear from this opening scene that this is going to be an enemies to lovers story, but it's a delicious path they take to get there. Fuller comes to first appreciate Wren before realizing all those years of making her a punchline prevented him from seeing her inner beauty but the outer as well. Not only does she have legs for days, but eyes he could get lost in. Wren sees another side of Fuller when he stops by her house to pick up some notes. This is a side she can't fully grasp, but it forces her to realize there may be more to this this arrogant, cocky jerk than meets the eye. The more time they spend together, the more they both realized they've completely misjudged each other. If only Fuller hadn't made that stupid, regrettable bet.

Expertly plotted, most of the story follows a formula that isn't full of surprises, but the character's depth and breadth shine through in those moments when the inevitable unfolds. While the plot may not be original, the imaginary friends I made while reading this story react in original ways, bringing a deeper level of enjoyment to a lighthearted romance. The nod the author gives to some of the best romcoms ever, including Say Anything, only made this a tale nearer and dearer to my heart.

The Characters
Simply amazing. I have to remind myself they're not real, and that is the saddest part of this book. Fuller is fully-developed and has the most complete character arc, because frankly, he needs it more than he needs an A in AP Lit. His journey is both honest and organic as he realizes he's been far too shallow for too long. Wren is so relatable and though she has her own arc, it's not as significant as she transitions from the victim of bullying to someone who can hold her head high even through new humiliating events. The best part of the characterization is not only being able to see Wren and Fuller through the eyes of each other, since it's dual first-person point of view, but also in the eyes of their family members. Nothing humanizes someone more than seeing them among loved ones, who not only love them unconditionally, but absolutely won't take any of their crap.

Top Five Things I Loved About I HATE YOU FULLER JAMES
1. Fuller. He's perfectly imperfect, making him a flawed hero who's easy to love.

2. Wren. She's so complex and completely relatable. I love how she learns to stand up to her bullies.

3. Hudson. Fuller's younger brother is both hilarious and loyal. The interactions between Hudson and Fuller bring out the best of Fuller James.

4. Gramps. Wren's basketball loving grandfather is a breath of fresh air and helps show Wren's devotion to family in a way that would have been harder without him in it.

5. Angsty romance. Just enough angst without being over the top made this a total page-turner for me.

Bottom Line
A fun romance with amazing characters and a stellar supporting cast.
March 4, 2020
4.5 stars

Dear Fuller James,

As you know, you are one of the lead characters in Kelly Anne Blount’s I Hate You, Fuller James. I read the blurb for your story and I thought, “Yeah. This is something I can really get into.” I then saw the cover for the book. My first reaction was, “I like it. I might even love it. I just don’t understand it.” But more on that later.

You, Fuller James, are why some people don’t like high school. You torment them for your own sick pleasure. Well, I guess the joke is now on you. I hope you enjoyed starting that food fight in the cafeteria because it’s about to land you in the principal’s office and alter your life and way of thinking, as you know it.

You thought you could coast through senior year. That you being captain of the basketball team and one of the most popular guys at Magnolia Valley High would make you untouchable. Well, that isn’t true. You are failing your AP Lit class. If you don’t bring your grade up to passing, you can forget playing in the season opener in two weeks. You know the one where the college basketball scout is going to be at. You know for the school you really, really want to go to and have to get a scholarship to attend? Yeah, that one. Your only salvation is being tutored by one of the smartest, if not the smartest girl in the whole school. Wren Carter. You know Wren, she’s the girl you have made feel horrible about herself and gave the horrible nickname of Wrentainer to in seventh grade. Yes, my friend, for five years, you and everyone else because of you have called Wren this not so lovely name. Now, she’s your only salvation.

Fuller, I have to admit, when I started reading your story, I realized the title of I Hate You, Fuller James, was PERFECT for your story. Because I really hated you. I literally wanted to jump into the pages of the book and throat punch you. Yes, I know that’s a little violent on my part. But let’s be honest, we both know you deserved nothing less. But you, my friend are so much more than you show people. You have so many layers and this amazing and caring heart. Who knew that Wren would or could be your saving grace. The time you two spent together changed both of you and made you see each other in a whole new light. If only you hadn’t made that stupid bet with Marc and he hadn’t told TyShaun. (Sigh) But you know what Fuller, I really liked the way you handled the situation in the end. You and your friends really impressed me. Oh my gosh. How could I forget about your 10-year-old little brother, Hudson? You owe him big time! He’s definitely going to be romance material in the future.

Oh, before I forget...the cover. It makes sense! When you put your heart into it, you are really a thoughtful date.

You, Fuller James, turned out to be a pretty amazing guy. Have you thought about making a movie about the last two months of your life? I’m thinking your story could be a mashup of 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, The Breakfast Club, A Walk to Remember, Sixteen Candles, and The Princess Bride mixed together.

It was a pleasure reading your funny, romantic, heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story. I’m sure other readers who love young adult romances will feel the same way.

Enjoy your happily-ever-after,



“You really don’t like me, Huh?” He offered a lopsided smile, but it faltered. “Not particularly.”

“When things get tough, you have two options. Pass the buck or stand up to the plate and go to bat for the person you love. The decision was simple.”

**Received a copy of the book from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed.**
April 8, 2020
Oh wow, it’s been a while since I read an innocent YA romance. I’ve been on an adult romance kick recently, and I’d almost forgotten what it was like to go back to my “roots”, shall we say. And I Hate You, Fuller James was a good one to read for that sweetness. Just look at that cover!

This is some light, tropey goodness. And I say that in an affectionate way. I love tropes. I seek out certain tropes when I’m in particular moods, so please don’t get all snobby about the fact that this book has them. Here’s what you have in store for you when it comes to the romance between Wren and Fuller:

1) Hate-to-love (one of my faves!)
2) The nerd and the jock, with the accompanying tutoring storyline
3) A bet gone wrong

The past week has been pretty tough for me, with car (and therefore money) troubles, work stress, and my mental health doing its best to keep afloat. I had to put down a couple of books for a while because they were too intense. But I Hate You, Fuller James swooped in and saved the day. It was just predictable and innocent enough to not give me heart palpitations, but I was still engaged in the story, nervous about the angst (again, in a good way), and delighted by the slightly hotter scenes. (Not too hot, mind you, just some good, old makeout scenes. You know, in case you’re worried.) I squeed internally whenever Wren or Fuller stole a quick kiss. Ugh. So cute.

Bonus points go to Hudson, who was beyond adorable. Seriously, this kid! It was great to see his condition repped in a book, and I loved his obsession with Deadpool. Dude, I get it.

Not everything was up my alley though. I found it a bit annoying that Wren was too good at everything. It didn’t seem possible, what with her extracurriculars plus helping to care for her grandfather (and give up sleep). I was really good at school, too, but my teachers never handed out 100 percents on essays. There was always something. Maybe I’m just envious?

And then, to really drive the point home about how wonderful and perfect Wren was, she had to have the nasty former best friend turned popular girl/nemesis. I’m tired of the Mean Girl stereotype, and it got a little boring having to read all the comparisons both Wren and Fuller made between the two girls.

But you know what? I still ate this up. It was just the kind of thing I needed to calm my frazzled mind, something light and sweet with a little bit of sour thrown in.

Much like Nerds.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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February 14, 2021
Its such a sweet book.
✅ Great cover design - loved it.
✅ fantabulous mcs- Fuller.and Wren are truly likeable and Wren's friend support was great.
✅ loved that she's not an ugly ducking waiting to become.a Swan. Wren is confident , on the cross country team , smartest kid in the grade and had already got into University of Georgia and that too in engineering. She's very aware of herself and dresses well.
✅ loved Fuller getting a grip on himself and work to get his grades and his priorities straight.
✅ Making Fuller into a reader or an audio book reader👏👏 3 cheers to Wren for doing so.
✅ loved how both Fuller and Wren show love and concern to their loved ones.

Its a very predictable enemies to lovers trope and follows the formula to the 'T'- right to the grand gesture at the end. But, its truly a fantastic book.and I couldn't put it down. I need to thank my daughter for challenging me to read it . A great Valentine read💕💞💝

Recommended: 👍 👌 👏
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August 20, 2020
fuller and wren are great kids, their families are so nice (love you, hudson baby) and their chemistry was so great. but then there was fuller's very stupid decision, his inability to fix that decision MANY, MANY TIMES, wren's attitude afterwards and the whole just drives me insane with embarrassment. i had a blast until the climax/unraveling part of the plot...it could've been great.
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March 2, 2020

I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

4 stars — I love these Crush line of books, I always gravitate towards them when I’m looking for something fairly light and easy to read. Which is not to say they never dip a toe into tough topics, just that it’s not usually the central theme. And that’s exactly what I was looking for, and exactly what I got.

I will admit, I kind of forgot about the blurb to this story before diving in, but now it makes sense why I kept thinking of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You while reading it. The story was very cliché and predictable in some ways, but that’s what I was in the mood for this time, so it worked out well for me. Honestly, it might have been an even higher rating, but there were some bits that just felt too easy or something…I just wanted something more.

I was convinced at the beginning that Fuller James was irredeemable. Honestly. I’m not a forgiving person, and he was a total cocky dbag at the beginning of this book. I don’t know how Ms. Blount did it, but I did come to feel for him as the book went on. He made stupid decisions, sure, but I mostly believed in his turnaround and his feelings. Even though some parts felt easy, for some reason I really felt like he was fed up with his life and finally at a point where he could see how much more he could get if he rearranged his priorities. And you guys, he was fabulous with his brother Hudson. I really felt the way he loved him, but they still had a teasing brother relationship as well…

Wren was easier for me to like, even if she was so entrenched in her hate at the beginning of this story that she came across a bit reverse stuck up (nerdy stuck up). And sometimes I felt her softening towards Fuller to be a bit easy too…but I don’t know, I guess I wanted to buy in, so I just did, you know? I loved her relationship with her Gramps, and that she had a good relationship with her parents too. I LOVED her best friendships with Dae and Brandon, they really helped us see more of who she was.

And the two of them together were really adorable…I just fell in love with them as they opened up and connected about Hudson and Gramps. It was the perfect catalyst to propel their relationship into something more real, and for me to give them both a chance. And then they were just cute together for other reasons — the kind of crush romance that just has you feeling all of the butterflies.

I’ve already mentioned secondary characters, but they were truly solid in this one. I’m still a bit reserved on Marc and TyShaun, but I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I was only meh on the grand gesture at the end. It felt…I don’t know. I wanted something else, but I don’t know what. I did appreciate how Fuller put himself out there and didn’t pull any punches though.

All in all, if you’re looking for a cute predictable YA romance, and you’re a fan of those 90s teen movies, you can’t really go wrong with this one. It gave me everything I was looking for: smiles, tummy tingles, and some genuine emotion.
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March 29, 2023
Kelly Anne Blount

OH MY, so this is a teen book from an old fashion writer who likes lots of side plots and stuff going on. It was very busy, very predictable, and sort of out of touch with today's teens. Almost didn't finish but I hate making that a habit when I get over a book.

barely 3 stars

Happy Reading!
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September 8, 2022
"You do what you can for family. They're the most important people in the world."
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