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Lieutenant Commander Stefan Lundquist is more than happy with his life. As a member of the US Coast Guard, he gets to work in the Gulf of Mexico, saving lives. As a Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle, he gets to play with submissives who are under no illusions their relationship will go beyond a D/s one. As a Shibari Master, he gets to create beautiful works of art on those submissives’ bodies with his ropes. Life is good—until it comes crashing down around him.

Cassandra Myers knows each of the D/s contracts she signs with Master Stefan are for exactly one month, with an option to renew, but when she realizes she’s fallen in love with him and that love is one-sided, she requests he remove her collar. Despite her broken heart, she tries to move forward with her life. Working as a cardiac rehabilitation technician is something she loves to do but going back to school to become a registered nurse is now her goal.

When Cassandra discovers her new patient is none other than the Dom she can’t stop thinking about, she's determined to help him recover. As she tries to hide her feelings and protect her heart as best she can, Stefan’s new lease on life has him comprehending how short his time on earth could be. Can he convince Cassandra he now wants more than he ever thought he would or has he lost her forever?

209 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 16, 2020

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About the author

Samantha A. Cole

96 books1,321 followers
USA Today Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Author Samantha A. Cole is a retired police officer and paramedic. She's lived her entire life in the suburbs of New York City and is looking forward to becoming a snow-bird between New York and Florida someday. Her two fur-babies, Jinx and Bella, keep her company and remind their mom to take a break from writing every once in a while to go for a walk, which is the best way to deal with a stubborn case of writer’s block.

An avid reader since childhood, Samantha was often found with a book in hand and sometimes one in each. After being gifted with a stack of romance novels from her grandmother, her love affair with the genre began in her teens. Many years later, she discovered her love for writing stories was just as strong. Taking her life experiences and training, she strives to find the perfect mix of suspense and romance for her readers to enjoy.

Her standalone novel, The Friar, (retitled The Road to Solace) won the silver medal in the 2017 Readers' Favorite Awards in the Contemporary Romance genre, and her short story collection, Scattered Moments in Time, won a gold medal in the 2020 Readers' Favorite Awards in the Fiction Anthology genre.

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197 reviews54 followers
March 23, 2020
With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, I am struggling to keep my attention on anything too complex at the moment so this wonderful, quick read was great for me.

It is not going to blow you away in a way that you will remember for years, but it is a great read that is respectful to the BDSM community, has some great characters and before you even know it you are 70% through your read!

This instalment is very plot driven with a little BDSM, specifically Shibari which we need to see a lot more of in these type of books.

Overall, 3.5 stars from me.
Profile Image for Carolyn.
1,293 reviews3 followers
February 13, 2020
Another fantastic addition to the Doms of The Covenant Series. We get Master Stefan and Cassandra’s story in this one. We also get to check in on our favorite Doms and their subs plus other friends of the Trident crew. Cassie uses her safe word when it comes time to renew their monthly contract for the 10th time leaving Master Stefan wondering what went wrong. Cassie fell in love is what went wrong and Master Stefan was content with status quo. Things go down hill for Stefan when he suffers a MI after he is leads a Coast Guard rescue. His career and health are in danger and Cassie tries to help without loosing her heart even more. Of course Ian has to get involved at some point. I love Ian has a ‘twat roster’ and can’t wait to see his new additions.
March 23, 2020
Squeal!!! Another Trident Security Book. I love this series so much! Samantha A. Cole has created this entire world with all theses delicious, sexy AF Dominants live their lives. They have a lot of them married to their sweet Submissives. But, there are always new stories to be told. This one was a can’t put down till I’m finished! Nothing new there, her stories suck you in and give you a heck of a ride. This was about Master Stefan and his little pixie Cassie. Great stuff! 💕💕

I Reviewed an complimentary copy of this book.
Profile Image for Allena.
1,012 reviews
February 17, 2020
Stefan had me intrigued from our first introduction of his character; so knowing he was getting a book made me happy. I had no real opinion on Cassie, she didn’t jump out or grab me or make me want to know more; she just was. So, how did this play out for me? Well I gotta say a lot different than I thought.

Stefan was an amazing Dom, there is no doubt about that, he just suffered from twatitis. His single minded focus on his career and stubbornness to have their D/s relationship his way with no give had me seriously wanting to smack his head. As you read you will have some WHAT! moments where he’s concerned.

Cassie came through as one strong, loving and compassionate character. There were some lump in the throat moments for me as well as cheering her on and helping her moments. The strength of character she showed when she realized how one sided their D/s arrangement was had me loving this woman and wanting me to give Stefan a quick kick.

Ian’s cameos were all we’ve come to expect, I wanted to high five the guy. An amazing addition to the world Samantha A Cole has created.
Profile Image for Rhonda.
2,798 reviews66 followers
February 9, 2020
After getting peeks of Stefan and Cassie, I was thrilled to see them get a whole story. It's was heartbreaking at times and gut wrenching. When Cassie decides not to renew her monthly contract with Master Stefan, he's left wondering what happened. They had a good thing going, or at least he thought they did. She's the only submissive he has played with on a long term basis as he had passed relationships that didn't work out and left him feeling jaded. As an Officer in the Coast Guard, he is in command of his job and his life until things implode and he's left needing help. Cassie enters in his life again, only as someone who has to take care of him. I won't say to much more because........spoilers!!! LOL If you are a fan of Samantha Cole's Trident Security series, then you definitely need to get this book. We get to see the gang and Ian is his ever wonderful, name calling self. (but seriously, I love Ian) Just get the book!
Profile Image for Christina.
269 reviews3 followers
April 26, 2020
4.5 Stars!!!

Loved going back into this world. Seeing glimpses of other characters makes me wanna start all over at the beginning. Ian as usual was his sarcastic, snarky self and I loved every scene he was in.

To see Stephan and Cassie come together was just perfect. I loved how Cassie showed her backbone and went toe to toe with Stephan when necessary. As for Stephan we finally see behind the curtain of his regimented no nonsense COASTIE/DOM exterior.

Looking forward to the next installment in all things TRIDENT SECURITY!
49 reviews1 follower
February 12, 2020
Knot A Chance by Samantha A Cole
I have been waiting eagerly for Master Stefan and Cassie’s story and Sam has not disappointed me!!
Stefan a Shabari Master is a good strong Dom but wants everything on his terms, Cassie is not the sub he expected when she refuses to renew their contract.
Everything starts to fall apart for Stefan and Cassie shows her true strength and character. Ian as always makes a brilliant appearance and another new twat goes on the roster!!!
Does Stefan get his head together to be the Dom Cassie needs, read on my fellow Sam lovers. You are going to love this!!!
Profile Image for Gina Marie.
1,435 reviews7 followers
February 17, 2020
Stefan & Cassie’s book was amazing. I had been looking forward to reading their story for a long time now, and it did not disappoint me. However, Stefan did tick me off more than once, I would have happily smacked him upside the head a few times. On the other hand, Cassandra was an absolute doll, and had the patience of a saint. I loved how strong and caring she was in this book. She was the definition of submissive does not equal weak!

Outstanding BDSM/Military/Security/Action/Suspense/Romance Series. (This is a novel in the spinoff series Doms of the Covenant but still is part of the Trident Security Universe). I have not found another series with these themes as good as this one is. Definitely follow the authors reading order to get the most out of this series.
Profile Image for Terra Oenning.
2,511 reviews
February 24, 2020
Fantastic book and loved it!!!!

Knot A Chance Is Book3 In The Covenant Series And Samantha Cole Has Done It Again With Another Fantastic Story. This book is filled with heartbreak and health issues and of course we get to see Ian Sawyer Stepping In And Giving Us A New Nickname And Plus We All Love When He Is A Sneaky Guy . Master Stefan is Shibari Master and has a month to month contract with Cassie ,but when she says her safe word and walks away can she heal her heart and her love for Master Stefan? Master Stefan doesn't do relationships because he thinks he's not good at them ,but when his subbie says her safe word and walks away can he let her go? This book was absolutely fantastic and my heart was breaking for both them for different reasons, but as a sub who went through an end contract its absolutely heartbreaking and painful to both sub and Dom. Samantha nailed it on the emotional side and also the shibari rope play as well. I always look forward to her books and those hot and sexy men at Trident security and the Covenant. If I could give it a 10 I would absolutely do it. Another Amazing Book.
Profile Image for Melanie Marnell.
3,151 reviews19 followers
February 24, 2020
SamanthaA Cole does a stellar job of exploring the emotions of a health crisis survivors. Mourning what was, what might have been and accepting their new limitations is a daunting task as they adjust to their new normal.

Life happens when you're making other plans and that couldn't be more true for Stefan Lundquist. He had his career and life mapped out for the next 25 or so years. It all started unraveling when his little pixie, Cassandra Myers, asks to be uncollared and then walks away. It was all downhill from there. It takes a near catastrophic event and a good slap up along side of his head from Ian for Stefan to see what's right in front of his face.

Cassie had no choice but to call it quits with Stefan. She had to protect herself since their relationship would never be more than it was. However, fate had other plans and put her squarely in front of Stefan when he truly needs her. She's supportive, caring and unafraid to put him in his place when he does not act in his own best interests. Bravo Cassie!
Profile Image for Deb Hanson.
1,219 reviews12 followers
February 14, 2020
Knot A Chance
Dons Of The Covenant #3
Samantha A Cole

THIS IS BEST BOOK OF THIS SERIES! I seriously can’t move past Stefan and his little Pixie, Cassandra. I know I’m normally a hard reviewer with my stars but I feel 2020 is going off with a crack of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reads, and Sam’s newest will join my freaking amazing ’20 reads.

Stefan and Cassie’s story is hot and sexy as expected, but it was the in-depth look into his life that really sucked me in, I literally didn’t want to put it down! It was heartfelt, and little tear jerker and many “ I want to throw my phone out the window moments”. Thank God for Ian and the awesomeness that is Trident Security. When Stefan’s life comes crashing down, everything is a downhill run leaving a broken dominant in the worst funk of his life.

Cassandra (Cassie), is Stefan’s sub, but when she cuts ties to Pursue a medical career she breaks Stefan, but it’s not all one sided. As she navigates her studies, her job at the hospital and The Covenant a certain something is missing from her life… But when circumstances change, life as you lead it changes and priorities need to adjusted… Cassie and Stefan will find this first hand!

Be prepared for a roller coaster ride, with plenty of loops, this ride you won’t want to end… I know I didn’t!
222 reviews
February 13, 2020
Loved the story of Stefan and Cassandra. Bringing in the element of an active duty Coast Guard officer definitely added to the story - learned a few new terms which is ALWAYS a plus to me.

The main story itself takes place within a couple of months but through their personal history a couple of strategic flashback sections brought it all together.

A chapter from Ian's perspective is always entertaining, but more than that was an important part of the story and not just gratuitously added.

As usual Samantha Cole has delivered an endearing couple that you can't help but want more of.

Can definitely be read as stand alone, but having read the main Trident series will enhance and help you appreciate some of the relationship nuances of supporting characters.
Profile Image for KnottyGirl Reviews.
846 reviews32 followers
February 14, 2020
Samantha A Cole’s Trident Security team is back, and this time it’s Cassie and Stephan’s story. This one starts with drama right from the gate when Cassie, a nursing student and cardiac rehab technician, decides that she’s not happy with the month to month relationship that her and her Sir, Stephan are having.
Stephan loves his job in the Coast Guard, but a major event puts everything into a new perspective, including his relationship with his pixie, Cassie. As usual, Ian and the Trident crew are called upon to make the world right again.
If you are a fan of this series, you’ll love this book! If you haven’t read this series yet, you’ll still love this book!
422 reviews4 followers
February 16, 2020
I was so excited to know that a new story FROM Samantha A Cole was coming my way.

I love Cassie and Master Stefan but I so wanted to smack him up the side of the head. Typical man who can never see what's right in front of his face. But all things change when his life takes a new direction and the intervention of Ian Sawyer and the rest of the convent.

What I also really liked about this story was that it wasn't a suspense story which is often associated with Samantha's stories. It was just a typical ve story with a few extra choice words from Ian. I loved Stefan's nickname from Ian too. I wait with anticipation wandering what name one of the charcters will be called next.
Profile Image for Lisa.
612 reviews
March 3, 2020
Stefan is definitely an alpha who doesn't take anything off anyone, not even in the face of a health crisis. Too bad he can't see what is right in front of his face. Cassie knows what she wants but she thinks it runs counter to what her dom wants. Too bad she can't see what is right in front of her face.

This is another great read in the Doms of the Covenant series and I enjoyed watching the H and h work out their issues and move toward their HEA. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and am so glad that I did.
147 reviews
February 13, 2020
Stefan Lundquist had his life on track and a plan in mind when life happened and his life took a nosedive. It started to fall apart and him with it when Cassie called RED and refused to renew their contract. It went downhill from there. I love the gathering of the characters we have all come to know and love who rallied around him to help get him his life back. Great read, wonderful characters and couldn't put it down.
Profile Image for Kimkbries.
1,663 reviews
February 14, 2020
I thought Stephan and Cassandra’s story was fantastic! Experiencing their struggles was such an emotional journey. Told in multiple POV, I liked how we felt their ups and downs as they all told their story. Add in others from prior books, I felt like i was apart of their journey. Huge fan of this one!
6 reviews
February 14, 2020
Its good to see the masters of the covenant back
especially Ian with his twat roster.
Its great to watch stefan struggles to cope with
his heart attack and everything he thinks he has
lost. cassie is determined to help him but finds
it hard to make a Dom listen, but with the help of
their friends we get to watch stefans and cassies
D/s relationship come together.
A truly great read.
Profile Image for Rosemary.
1,209 reviews7 followers
February 8, 2020
Anytime I get to read one of Samantha Coles books it is a treat and Knot a Chance was no exception. Stefan's characters is one that I loved and while everyone thinks he is a perfect as the life he lives, there is definitely something missing that even he was not aware of. Cassandra has realized that she has fallen in love with Stefan, her Dom and that is why she makes the ultimate decision to end their contract. When Stefan's life is turned upside down Cassandra is the one that helps him get back on his feet but she finds she must leave him once again for both their sake. Will they find their HEA or will this be finally the end of their "what could have been"? Definitely a book for all Trident Security fans and one that can't be missed.

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest and totally voluntary review.
120 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2020
Stephan and Cassandra’s story has everything a person could want, love and heartache, a season of your life ending and not wanting to acknowledge it, and new beginnings. Samantha has another hit book. You won’t be disappointed.
Profile Image for Lucy Taylor.
26 reviews1 follower
February 13, 2020
And the Trident Doms are back! If you're a fan of this series, this is a must read. It tells the story of Stefan and Cassandra which is brilliant in itself but has more than enough of the others to keep everyone happy.
Profile Image for Dicina.
397 reviews25 followers
April 26, 2020
Master Stefan, a Shibari Master, and Cassie have been on a D/s relationship for the past 10 months. Their relationship has to respect some ground rules: one-month only contracts, no involvement, only D/s sex. When the time comes to renew their contract however, Cassie refuses. Master Stefan is confused but he doesn't know that Cassie broke the rule by falling in love with him.
A few weeks later Stefan still hasn't gotten over Cassie's departure and a heart attack lands him in the hospital where Cassie works as a cardiac rehab technician.

I enjoyed this book but felt like it belonged to a short-story instead of a standard length book. I wish we had more of them as a couple in the present, more glimpses into their dynamic instead of one flashback to their first scene.
Outside of this I liked both characters and enjoyed seeing the other Doms of the Covenant and their submissives.
Profile Image for Julie Gerrard.
75 reviews
April 2, 2020
This is a story about love , second chances with a good dose of humour. These books have me wishing I could hang out with the characters .
I cannot recommend these books enough after accidentally finding this series last year I know find myself wanting more and more to be written.
February 17, 2020
Stefan and Cassie have been playing for 10 months, but Cassie uses her safeword rather than renewing her monthly contract with him. Cassie has fallen in love and Stefan while he has been clear from the first time they played years ago that it would never be more than a D/s relationship between them and no matter how close she feels to him, he has never wanted to pursue a relationship outside of those boundaries. Knowing she cannot live this way, Cassie knows it is for the best that she moves on.

When Stefan has a severe heart attack, however, he becomes one of Cassie’s patients. He is given a second chance at life as long as he doesn’t screw it up. He’s also given a second chance at having a real relationship with Cassie if he can figure out his own feelings.

I loved how caring Cassie was. While submissive in her sexuality, I loved the spitfire she was outside of a scene when it comes to making sure that Stefan follows his doctor’s orders. I can see why she cried red rather than renewing a month by month contract since her feelings run so strong for him. And, while a caring man, Stefan feels emotionally unavailable and really doesn’t seem to reciprocate Cassie’s desire for more than a simple D/s relationship..

Honestly, Stefan was kind of a dumb a$$ when it comes to knowing his own feelings. He pushes his recovery too hard and fast and acts like he has a death wish when he finds out he will be medically discharged from the Coast Guard. He misses Cassie, but doesn’t understand just how much or why until he is literally slapped in the face with it thanks to a little manipulation to one of our favorite Dom’s from the Trident Security series, Ian Sawyer. Once he realizes just how much he has to live for, it’s time to make things right with the woman who has held a piece of his heart all along!

I really love that Samantha A. Cole has given us a look into the lives of some of the secondary characters in her main series. I loved getting to know these characters more intimately. The Shibari rope scenes in this book are spellbinding. Stefan and Cassie are a fabulous couple and their story was amazing. 4.5 stars.
Profile Image for Wendy Hodges.
2,097 reviews30 followers
February 16, 2020
This story resonated with me in some way, the health issue is one I've dealt with personally at a young age, so I could really sympathise with Cassie and her fear of losing the man she loved. I must admit to being choked up and even shedding a few tears for her. The frustration and needing to 're build is also something hubs and i as a couple had to work on, for a long time not having him in my sight or at least in the house was very hard. So for me that side of the story felt very real and personal. The scenes of play were interesting, I must admit I love the beauty of the knots and ropes, the clever designs the masters can make is fascinating. It is also sensual. As always I love Ian and how no nonsense and forthright he always is in that take charge way of his, it often has me chuckling and this time was the same. This held me engrossed and almost spellbound throughout, emotionally so in tune with the feelings of this couple and at least the one issue they were dealing with, I knew it would work out at some point but still I was in suspense as to when and how. A bonus is always getting a bit of the other Trident characters . Fantastic read.
Profile Image for Barbara.
2,039 reviews39 followers
February 21, 2020
Samantha Cole never ceases to amaze me. No matter what book I read of hers, be it an action packed romance or a more heartfelt romance they always seem to pack a punch. Her books are emotional and written in such a marvelous way that it seems like the scenes are playing out right before your eyes instead of just in your thoughts. The characters all seem to come to life and take you on an emotional journey that is just phenomenal. Knot a Chance has all that in spades. It’s a very heartfelt emotional ride that just had me hooked from the start.

If you’ve read the synopsis then you pretty much get the bases of the storyline, no point in me repeating that, but please note there is so much more to this story: the heartache, the heartbreak, the OMG NO Moments and the beauty of a true D/s relationship just to name a few.

Kudos Ms. Cole for an outstanding addition to what is probably one of my all time favorite romance series. Highly recommend grabbing up Knot a Chance and if you haven’t read the Trident Security Series and it’s spin offs: Trident Security Omega Team and Doms of the Covenant, these are absolute must. For me they are stories I read over and over, they are just that good. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars.
Profile Image for 2kasmom.
1,449 reviews50 followers
February 25, 2020
This is book # 3, in the Doms Of The Covenant series. This story can be read as a standalone novel. To avoid spoilers, and gain a complete understanding of this amazing series, I recommend reading them in order. I also recommend reading the Trident Security series first.

Cassandra AKA Cassie is completely in love with Stefan. He is not interested in anything long term, and has made his choice clear. She decides it is time to back away from something that can go nowhere.

Stefan does not understand why Cassie is no longer interested in a contract with him. After she walks out of his life, he starts to realize how much of a part of it she really was. Then when the worst happens, she is the first to be there to help him.

This was an excellent addition to the series. I loved reading about these characters and getting to know them better. Loved having the Sexy Six Pack inside this book as well. The story was at a good pace, and the humor & heat were just the right touch.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Fiona Fog.
1,303 reviews69 followers
February 29, 2020

Samanthas an author whose name I automatically one-click. The BDSM lifestyle she portrays in books is an eye opening experience. I can’t rate her books enough.

When Cassie doesn’t renew her contract with Master Stefan he’s left surprised and reeling. They’d be in a D/s contract for the last ten months, renewing it at the end of each month. What Master Stefan failed to see was that his little sub had fallen in love with him.

Cassie knew she was doing the right thing when she ended things with Stefan. Loving him and not being able to show him was slowly killing her. Cutting ties seemed right.

Sure there bound to see one another, they are both members of the same exclusive BDSM club the Covenant.

But when Master Stefan is admitted to the ER after he suffers a heart attack has a way of changing things. Nearly losing your life makes you see things differently and what was staring at you all along.

A phenomenal read as always, Samantha stepped it big time. A huge yes from me.
Profile Image for Pam .
1,440 reviews12 followers
March 1, 2020
I really enjoyed Stefan & Cassie’s addition to Ms. Cole’s series. Stefan is used to having his way, as a Dom & in his career in the Coast Guard. Cassie has been his sub for several months when she suddenly tells him she doesn’t want to renew the contract. Stefan is used to women not accepting it when he wants to break things off. He hasn’t been on the other side of it. Suddenly, everything is going wrong.

Cassie did the unthinkable & fell for her Dom. Now she doesn’t think she can continue the way they’ve been. She decides to go back to school & concentrate on her career for a while.

I really enjoy the way the author intertwines the relationships between the characters so that the stories rarely are just about 1 couple. The dialogue & action make it extremely realistic. To me, this story was about trust. Stefan didn’t trust Cassie not to flip out & become obsessive. Then he didn’t trust her to stick. Cassie didn’t trust Stefan’s feelings to grow & she didn’t trust herself to keep her feelings quiet. This was another fantastic addition to the Trident Security & the Covenant series.
731 reviews3 followers
February 19, 2020
Long-time fans of Samantha A Cole’s books will welcome Stefan and Cassandra’s story. We know Stefan as the Rope Master at The Covenant and Cassandra as one of the subs at the club, contracted to Master Stefan, but now we get the story behind their contract, and we see Cassandra ending it, wanting more than Stefan is prepared to consider. We also see a flashback to a younger Ian, which is a delightful surprise, and, as always, he has a moniker for Stefan when he’s been an a**. Above all else, though, this is Cassandra’s story, and she has to be one of the nicest and most endearing characters I’ve read in a while, and she mixes immense inner strength with kindness and compassion. Each Doms of The Covenant book is eagerly anticipated, and this was well worth the wait. There’s even a brief glimpse of Carter!

I received a free copy of this book and enjoyed it, thus this review was posted voluntarily.
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