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Changing Roles

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Brand new standalone Contemporary Romantic Comedy from New York Times Bestselling author Melanie Moreland

Lights! Camera! Clueless!

Liam Wright is Hollywood’s golden boy and at the top of the A-list.

But what he doesn’t know about life… Well, it could fill his very large Hollywood mansion. Thankfully, he’s got Shelby Carter in his world to keep him—and his house—camera-ready. Part confidante, part master chef, Shelby is his best friend and the only one who knows the real Liam.

Pampered, pretty, and often puzzled, Liam and his antics keep her on her toes, and there is never a dull moment living with him.

Until one day, Liam sees her as more…and he wants her to see him for the man he can be. The man he wants to be.

For her.

Is Liam up for the part?

Kindle Edition

First published March 6, 2020

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About the author

Melanie Moreland

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A bit about me:
NYT/WSJ/USAT International bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of lots of lovely years and their rescue cat, Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.
While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys travelling, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.
Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She's learned happily ever-afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story. 

Melanie is represented by Flavia Viotti at Bookcase Literary Agency. For any questions regarding subsidiary or translation rights please contact her at flavia@bookcaseagency.com

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Profile Image for Carol [Goodreads Addict].
2,311 reviews24.7k followers
February 27, 2020
Changing Roles is a stand alone friends to lovers romance by Melanie Moreland. Some have called this a rom-com and while the hero definitely keeps us chuckling, I don’t want to call it a rom-com. Because to me, it was so much more. There was so much heart in this book. I loved both of the main characters so much, as well as the secondary characters.

Liam Wright is a twenty eight year old Hollywood movie star. He found his way into acting pretty easily and found success quickly. Liam was nicknamed a modern day Peter Pan. He just never seemed to grow up. He was completely dependent on those around him to take care of him such as his hectic schedule, public appearances, and the many other things that go with being a successful actor. At home, all he wanted was someone to take care of his house and make him turkey sandwiches and cupcakes whenever he wanted them. Because he loved turkey sandwiches and cupcakes. He found that when his manager, Everett’s sister Shelby, came to work for him.

Shelby Carter is thirty three years old. Shelby is a very independent, head strong woman who doesn’t like asking for help. But six months ago when her life fell apart, she had to ask her brother for help. That’s when she found herself working for Liam.

she is my home - Google Search

Liam might have been Shelby’s boss, but their relationship was so much more. Yes, she cooked for him, did his laundry, took care of the house. But they had become best friends, confidants, movie buddies. They laughed together, ate together and lived together. She found the peace she needed in Liam’s home and for Liam, she made his house a home. As you already know, though, that day comes, for both of them, when their eyes finally open and they realize that their feelings towards the other are so much more than friendship.


Did I mention that Liam was British? Oh yes! So add the British accent to your best sexy muse and there you have Liam. Liam knows he’s going to have to work to convince Shelby to take a chance on him. Now, believe me when I say that Liam made a mess at first of trying to win Shelby over. But he is a very determined man. And THIS is the Liam I fell in love with! THIS is the Liam that made me swoon. Because he knows what he wants. Shelby makes him want to be the man she deserves.

couple walking the red carpet - Google Search

As his friend and employee, Shelby was just Shelby. But Liam’s public life was full of paparazzi, tabloids, fans, body guards, and so much more. A life Shelby was not accustomed to. Would she really fit into his life? Can she be the woman he would want to spend the rest of his life with? Or is it just a whim he would tire of eventually? Can she take a chance and risk everything on giving Liam what he wants? Because he has already become her home and she can’t imagine life without him.

I loved Liam and Shelby together so much. And the rest of the characters, her brother and Liam’s manager, Everett, and Liam’s cousin, Douglas, were amazing as well. I admit I wasn’t sure what I thought of Liam at first. But then I fell for him hard. There was a confidant, take charge man inside of him. It just took the right woman to bring it out of him. This book is their journey. And of course, Melanie Moreland ends it with the most amazing epilogue. I have loved every book I’ve read of Melanie’s and this one now happily joins that list. I hope you’ll love it as much as I did.

For more about this book and so many more, come and join me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

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664 reviews113 followers
April 3, 2020
Oh Liam, you silly, wonderful git.

I know we all love our Alpha heroes. Take charge, possessive, growly - all the things we heard that Tarzan of the jungle was and want one for our own. But, wouldn't it be wonderful to see someone grow into the role without the a$$hole part of alpha?

Liam needs help. OMG desperately. As witnessed in this bite over at Book+Main:
For twenty-eight years, he has enjoyed his role (mostly) as an actor, friend, and son. There is no possessiveness needed. Until Shelby walks into his life. And leaves him on a dinner date where he realizes - he's in love with her. He tries on that possessiveness to get the Girl Friday.

Shelby is no simpering heroine. She's had life hand her some rotten lemons. But rather than wallow and hide behind life's crappy fate, she walks around the pile and chooses to chin up and move on. Little does she know that her heart is going to add to her list of duties - Falling in love with her best friend.

This story is everything you expect it to be: Funny, sexy and falling in love with their journey. If you loved the movies Music & Lyrics or Notting Hill, this novel is for you.

Melanie Moreland engages the reader with appealing leads and great secondary characters. It's so lovely to read great storytelling without the unending drama that is meant to shock and cringe. I am growing weary in my choices being just men who aren't redeemable. In a book world where my daily recommendation feed is full of bullies and men who don't appreciate life, this story fills my hearts-and-flowers-fluffy-bunny-and unicorn heart with laughs and smiles. Ms. Moreland delivers a story for the rest of us: For those who want to see the characters grow and love with some laughter along the way.

This is going to be shelved in my personal favorites. One I will return to when I need that - love story. Friends to Lovers - Best Friends perfect for each other - and *poof* watch it happen.
Profile Image for Nicki.
3,553 reviews151 followers
February 25, 2020
Can the Peter Pan of Hollywood find his forever mate with the one woman who is nicknamed after a Muppet? Melanie Moreland stand up and take a bow - you have outdone yourself with this book!!
5 Stars are not enough. Introducing Liam - the hot as hell actor who has more money than sense and needs so much help that a 24 baby sitter would be over worked and pair him up with his housekeeper who is more like his personal assistant/chef and laundry girl. When sparks fly the two become more than just friends and confidants but they also become lovers. But when a tragedy strikes will Liam return back to the boy who never grew up or will he become the real true version of himself - the one that only Shelby sees? With a storyline that had me hooked from the opening pages and a duo that will remain one of my favorites this is a book you cannot miss. A must read.
Profile Image for M L.
453 reviews13 followers
February 25, 2020
Dear Sweet Baby Jesus!! Melanie has done it again!! I want to say so much about this book but I don’t want to spoil it for the masses!! What I can say is the antics are over the top! It’s absolutely hilarious!! But it also has a serious and heart wrenching side. It’s a beautifully written story of life, love and the everything that makes up the in between. It’s a story of thinking you have everything in life, yet realizing you have nothing at all!

Melanie has a knack for writing men that you can’t help but love and Liam is no exception. Even with all his faults and fears he is absolutely swoon worthy!! Shelby made a bad choice in life and love. One that has her in a heap of trouble. So when her brother Everett offers to help her, she has no idea that accepting his offer will change her life forever.

A shared connection, an unexpected friendship and one ginormous epiphany.....now that’s a good recipe for a story! Loved, loved, loved it!!❤️❤️
Profile Image for Thuy Taylor.
1,205 reviews11 followers
June 6, 2022
5 Shining Stars!!!

Guess what? Melanie wrote another book, another guy that I wanna shout out, MINE, MINE, MINE!!! :)....She writes every couple so special to each other, their moments, their special unique nicknames for each other! Its so endearing, I love it! Melanie sucks you into her story and especially with her knack for writing the swooniest of all guys. Take Liam in this story, when Shelby and him were just friends, you just loved their friendship, they had fun and truly enjoyed each others company. But the moment he realized he fell completely in love, SWOOOOOON ALERT!!!! He did anything and everything to protect and show her that he loves her. MAJOR HEART EYES!!!

Opposites Liam and Shelby strike up this friendship, she is hired to help him with his home life. As his everyday life happens, he realizes how truly happy he is being around Shelby. There was so much to this story. Fun humor that had me giggling continuously, so so funny. Also, the seriousness in this story, so so good. Liam is an absolute dream. The supporting characters makes this book so much more special. I don't want to give too much away, but GRAB THIS BOOK! Just like her other books, I could see myself rereading this book over and over. I love Beaker and Oscar!!!
Profile Image for Donna Smith.
1,075 reviews8 followers
March 12, 2020
What to say about this book... I laughed, I cried, I swoned. Liam is a Hollywood actor who has been so misunderstood. We meet him while his first housekeeper is being fired. And to say it doesn't go well is a ginormous understatement. His thoughts and his words dont always agree. His thoughts are so eloquent but his words come out in a jumbled mess. This is what I swoon over. And really what I laughed over too. He is so endearing that you cant help but fall for him. Shelby comes into his life at the perfect time. She takes over his household and sooths him like no one else has ever done. She organiizes his life along with his manager who also happens to be Shelby's brother. She also puts him to rights when he buggers up. Shelby becomes Liam's best friend. I loved how this Hollywood actor was made so much more human than I could have ever thought possible. He has doubts and fears. He has hopes and dreams. Shelby makes all of that better in so many ways and is such a perfect fit. The love that flys off the page is something I count on from a Melanie Moreland book. And im hoping this isnt the last we see of the supporting characters. Hint hint.
Profile Image for Janet Taggart Baldwin.
709 reviews20 followers
March 1, 2020
Melanie Moreland has done it again with this newest book and it has all the feels! We have Liam, an actor riddled with anxiety and Peter Pan Syndrome and Shelby, his housekeeper, who has had some bad luck in a past relationship.

I loved both Shelby and Liam so much! Their banter was so clever! Liam with his OJ and pickles! Shelby with her cupcakes and biscuits. Their roles were very defined when she started there, but as time went by, the lines blurred and when it counted the most their places actually flipped and Liam was everything!

And, oh, the nicknames! Shelby calls Liam "Oscar," there is a funny story behind behind it. Shelby's is Beaker! Shelby loves her OJ, as much as she can handle, and Liam loves his pickles. This book has very little angst! I highly recommend Changing Roles!
Profile Image for Michele McMullen .
2,175 reviews60 followers
March 1, 2020
Oh my word I fell in love with Liam and Shelby. Melanie has once again wooed me with her words and pulled me into her character's world. Liam truly has his issues but that sweet protective side will get you every time ! Yes he is a star, people take care of him and he can go a bit off the rails at times but he just needs the right person to get him grounded and give him a reality check! Enter Shelby she needs a job she has been taken advantage of by her ex and she is desperate to make a go of it on her own. Her brother Liam's friend and employee may have the perfect role for her. Caretake of Liam's home. She can bake cupcakes, make a mean turkey sandwich and she doesn't take any lip from Liam ...HIRED !!! I loved their friendship, the way they looked out for one another and the comfort that they found in the simplest tasks . Liam and Shelby have a fabulous witty banter, they are sweet, and yes they are also so sexy!
Loved it !
~~Michele McMullen ~~
Profile Image for J Lundsten.
873 reviews31 followers
February 26, 2020
When the Peter Pan of Hollywood meets the one girl who doesn't fall for his adorable British charm and ridiculously handsome face, he does the only thing he can do. Becomes her best friend. When Shelby had hit rock bottom, Hollywood playboy Liam gave her a job and more importantly his friendship. Now lines are blurred as Liam realizes what his true feelings are.

I read this entire book with a huge smile on my face!! Liam is completely adorable in his own bumbling manner and Shelby is his perfect sassy compliment. I loved how they grew together into their own happily ever after. Great secondary characters, a very compelling storyline and some truly laugh out loud moments made me read late into the night.

Once again, Melanie Moreland stole my heart with these characters and this story.
Profile Image for Sue Moore .
220 reviews4 followers
February 25, 2020
Absolutely loved it I wanted to cuddle Liam, he completely changed as the title says, no longer the quiet man who rushed in with his head down to avoid the paparazzi, but when push comes to pull he took them on. Shelby was his soul mate and he was hers they both realised it at the same time, I really loved it and yet again Melanie has a 5* book
693 reviews9 followers
February 26, 2020
Changing Roles is Melanie Moreland at her best! If you're looking for a low angst, low anxiety, sweet and sexy rom com, look no further -- this was the perfect "feel good" love story of Liam, the British goofy git, and his best friend, Shelby. I laughed my way through this read because in typical Melanie fashion, she had me in stitches! And because of her great storytelling, you'll become invested in these characters immediately like I did; I felt like I knew them my whole life. Another wonderful read from an author who makes me feel good, makes me grateful and thankful and makes me walk away after reading her books feeling refreshed and renewed. Another ginormous 5-star read from Melanie Moreland!
Profile Image for Karrie.
257 reviews
June 6, 2022
Dubbed as a Hollywood playboy and also known as Peter Pan due to him playing in younger roles which is a misconception from the paps that follow him everywhere. Liam Wright was not a playboy at all. He’s just like everyone else with his own anxieties. Then he meets Shelby his other half. Though he was slow to not only realize it, but to admit to himself and Shelby as well. While Shelby has a past that she wouldn’t want anyone else to have she brings something out of Liam that no one else could. Everett is not only Shelby’s brother and Liam’s manager, but he is so much more to Liam.

If you want humor, romance and so much more I highly recommend Melanie’s newest book. ❤️
Profile Image for Barbara Fogarty.
29 reviews1 follower
February 26, 2020
Talk about the feel good story of the year!
Melanie Moreland, you have done it again!
A happily ever after with characters that I can relate to.
The "never growing up" man child meets the down on her
luck perfect woman, who finally get out of their own way to find
a great love. I may never be able to drink orange juice again!
(thanks Melanie) Folks who love a laugh out loud HEA, this is a
must read!
Profile Image for Denise .
844 reviews7 followers
March 8, 2020
Melanie Moreland has given us an incredibly wonderful book in Changing Roles ! Liam is it 28-year old actor with tons of charm and very real flaws, such as crippling social anxiety – definitely not a plus when you are a Hollywood A-list actor. He is self-deprecating and even sweet until life hurts the one he loves and he discovers a side to himself that he never knew existed. Enter the strong, take charge man that neither he nor anybody else imagined he could be. Shelby is no naïve heroine. She has been badly hurt in life, and is woefully insecure, but she is still a wonderful and caring person inside.

Dialogue between the characters is excellent, and I laughed out loud more than once. I swear I will never look at OJ again quite the same way! The secondary characters were wonderfully drawn, and I loved the extended epilogue. This book was such a pleasure to read that I really hated to have it come to an end.
Profile Image for Sue Dayoub.
275 reviews1 follower
February 29, 2020
Peter Pan to Alpha man and all in between!
First I wanted to cuddle Liam, mother and take care of him but he had Shelby for that and she did her job well.
Then I laughed with them because omg there was laughter, I may never be able to drink OJ again.
Then for a second I may have hated Melanie but I think it was only for a sentence or two.
Then my heart hurt but during this hurt Liam came into himself, became a take charge alpha that we all love.
This story is about admitting love, taking the chance and enjoying the ride all the while dealing with outside drama.
Liam and Shelby may just be my new favorite couple along with all of their friends and family!
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,081 reviews127 followers
March 5, 2020
5 star Review Changing Roles by Melanie Moreland
Melanie Moreland is an author whose style of writing I adore. Her writing is strong with characters that you cannot help but like and become fully invested in. Not only are the hero and heroine easy to relate too but the secondary characters were just as enjoyable.

I fell hard and fast for Liam Wright who ticked the boxes for me. Add in Liam’s best friend, Shelby Carter who I really liked and you know you are in for an entertaining ride. However, what happens when he begins to see Shelby in a totally different light? Can Liam convince Shelby to take a chance on him, for her to see that there is more to him than meets the eye?

I love Liam, he is such a likeable man, one that I can easily see myself falling for. Shelby is such a feisty, strong woman who has overcome so much.

This was an entertaining read about best friends who fall in love. It was a funny , romantic, passionate journey of self discovery and one which brought a smile to my face throughout my read.
Profile Image for READ ME ROMANCE.
535 reviews126 followers
February 26, 2020
Talk about character development! Changing Roles will take you on journey as Liam and Shelby get to know one another under unusual circumstances, become fast friends, then forever lovers. Our sexy British hero Liam is a popular movie star who is used to the good life and hires his business manager and best friend Everett’s sister, Shelby, to be his personal chef and housekeeper.

I adored Shelby from the beginning. She was married to a total jerk that used her and left her penniless, yet she was humble, rose above it, and made the best of her situation. She needed a change and a chance to earn an income and Liam provided the perfect opportunity. He was left high and dry after firing his last crazy employee (so funny), and welcomed the opportunity for a sense of security and normalcy. What he did not expect was how beautiful she was on the inside and out, how much he enjoyed spending time with her, and how he little by little, she made her way into his heart. She was his employee, still married, and not in any emotional state to even think of dating, and I loved watching their friendship grow page after page.

Melanie writes stories with such detail you feel as if you are sitting in the kitchen with them while she is cooking. I love this about her writing because it’s so down-to-earth and you would want to be friends with her characters in real life. Her characters are so relatable and I love how they tease each other, not sexually, but in a way you would with someone you know so well and feel totally comfortable with. Their flirty banter came much later!

Shelby didn’t see him as a celebrity; she saw him as a man who didn’t even know how to make his own sandwich, but who took care of his family and had morals and integrity. Melanie’s characters are never perfect and she’s not afraid to highlight their flaws as well as their attributes. In this case, since Liam worked away from home and odd hours, he loved the feeling of being nurtured and appreciated being taken care of by Shelby.

She was a natural caretaker and it was beautiful to read how much they enjoyed spending time together whether it was watching TV or visiting with friends. I liked how they respected each other, and how they could kid and joke with each other. It was only a matter of time for these two to act of their mutual romantic feelings and let me tell you, Ms. Moreland can write some steamy love scenes!

Liam and Shelby had explosive chemistry and it was fun to see how protective and alpha Liam became once they became intimate. He held nothing back when he told her how he felt and I just melted. But this isn’t one of Melanie’s insta-sparks romances where there is no angst. Changing Roles has lots of angst, drama, and suspense with many surprises such as when her awful ex-husband resurfaced, and when they faced obstacles with the press which results in a major part of the storyline.

Over their time together, Liam and Shelby shared a united front and it was beautiful to see him change from a needy dependent man to the one who provided encouragement and strength. Liam was so generous and appreciative and I wish he were real so I could give him a giant hug (and fondle him a bit).

I loved all the secondary characters in this book, including her friend Caroline, and his cousin, Douglas, his manager and her brother, Everett, his mom, etc. I especially loved the epilogue and getting a glimpse of their HEA in the future. Melanie writes the best epilogues ever. You will always finish one of her books with a big smile.
Profile Image for Jenny Hale.
42 reviews6 followers
February 27, 2020
I'll never think of pickles the same way again. But I will stock up when I reread this gem.

I thoroughly enjoyed Changing Roles and loved the banter between Liam and Shelby, our hero and heroine. Liam was looking for someone to 'manage' him and his house. Shelby's interview was a great meet cute, because our leading man loves food. He asks her if she could make him cupcakes, deli sandwiches, and biscuits to which she simply replied yes.

Liam tends to 'cock it up real good' creating sticky situations quite often by sticking his foot in his mouth. His intentions are pure but also a bit unconventional because he's used to her taking care of him, not the other way around. The banter and relationship between the two was the best part of the story - they had me rooting for them the entire time I devoured the book.

Liam is also British! I loved imagining what his voice sounded like while I read. I adored all the British terms and how he enjoyed annoying his friend and manager with his "English-speak". I imagined Shelby as a lovely, soft spoken, yet sassy lady. It's rare to get that combination in today's heroine.

And last but not least, I loved the Thor reference. You need to read it to understand, but this same exact thing happened to me and it only made me fall more in love with Changing Roles. Melanie Moreland has done it again - had me captivated and in stitches all night long because I was unable to put this book down after I started reading it. I am feeling the book hangover today but it was worth it.
Profile Image for Isha Coleman.
6,885 reviews133 followers
March 2, 2020
Changing Roles by: Melanie Moreland  
Changing Roles is a life lesson. Through a duo of battered hearts, there's much to learn about life, love, heartache and strength. Moreland crafts a story as unpredictable as it is enticing. Liam and Shelby seem as different as two people can be, but where it counts, they're more alike than they realize. Moreland encourages readers to see with their hearts. In life and love there is always a surprise. Liam and Shelby are a reminder that we're never two old or young to take a risk and learn something new.
Profile Image for Cathy.
838 reviews4 followers
March 1, 2020
4.5 Stars

The relationship between these two begins more as friendship than a work relationship between Liam, the British actor, and Shelby his new housekeeper. Liam starts as a bit of a 'lad', silly and self absorbed but by the end he has grown so much. Shelby is a natural caretaker, always looking after others. The story was a timely look at the actions of the Paparazzi/press. Once again Melanie Moreland delivers a sweet (and at times comical) romance, with an element of danger, that contains no fake angst. just what I needed!
141 reviews5 followers
March 6, 2020
Wow another great story by Melanie Moreland. Changing Roles made me laugh and cry. Liam is an actor that has some social anxieties, when his last housekeeper was fired, Liam's manager finds him a new one. Everett's sister Shelby has been left without a dime to her name she needs a place to live and a job. Liam instantly feels comfortable and trusts Shelby from the very begining. Things take a turn when Liam realizes he loves Shelby. Due to Shelby's past she doesn't want to trust that Liam loves her, so Liam sets on to prove to her that she is the love of his life. But the life as an actor comes with its bad parts, when Shelby becomes target #1 for paparazzi Liam tries to protect her...
Profile Image for Hanne.
655 reviews66 followers
March 16, 2020
Changing Roles is a wonderful read. I found it difficult to put down, just like every book by the author. This book warmed my heart and put a big smile on my face. Liam and Shelby are super lovable characters, just like the secondary characters. The epilogue was an awesome ending of Changing Roles.

Shelby is caring, kind hearted, hardworking and maybe a little insecure. She needs a change and a place to stay after leaving her ex. Shelby will become Liam’s new housekeeper and she will stay with him. She likes the job and taking care of him. She knows him and his likes, not too long after working for him. Shelby and Liam will become best friends.

Liam is talented, rich, caring, loyal and maybe a little arrogant. He is a British actor. He loves to act, but he doesn’t like some a fame that goes with it. He also likes his privacy, but that’s not always with his job. Liam gets along with Shelby from the start and their friendship is important to him. She’s different than any other woman he’s met.

I adored Liam and Shelby’s friendship. It’s fun and easygoing. That friendship slowly transforms into a relationship. Both of them loved the other for a while, but didn’t want to risk their friendship. There will be some things that could jeopardize their relationship, but their love is strong and worth every fight.

-- My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book. --
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
8,921 reviews53 followers
March 9, 2020
Liam is a successful actor but when it comes to his personal life he is carefree and doesn’t want to be troubled with the day to day responsibilities that most people must face. Instead he ensures that he is surrounded by people to take care of the details of his life and that includes having Shelby live with him and look after his home and meals.

Shelby was going through a difficult time so the job was Liam was exactly what she needed at exactly the right time. Not only did she work for him but living together they developed a deep friendship that was evolving into something so much more.

Their journey wasn’t without its obstacles as Shelby knows that he is fun but doesn't believe he can give her forever. Liam wasn’t about to let the best thing that had ever happened to him walk out of his life and was determined to show her that he could be the man she needed. Humor, heat and all the feels as Liam and Shelby realize that all they really need is each other.
Profile Image for Cee Cee Houston.
1,341 reviews21 followers
March 12, 2020
5 Addictive 'Oscar-worthy' stars.

Changing Roles is a warm, funny and delightfully sweet rom-com from my favorite author, Melanie Moreland. Liam Wright is a British actor living in LA. He should be on top of the world, and in his acting life, he is. But, real-life and having to deal with the effects of being a​ ‘hot property’ actor isn’t something he enjoys.
Shelby is searching for a new life and finds it being Liam’s new housekeeper. But, that’s not all she is. She and Liam form an instant friendship, neither are looking for more… or so they think. It’s only when Liam’s cousin threatens their status quo that he discovers the truth.
This story is filled with scorching chemistry from both characters, witty banter, light-hearted fun moments and some more serious ones. Their journey is filled with all the feels and kept a happy smile on my face… most of the time. Be prepared to laugh, love, chuckle and cry, yes, you will run the gamut of emotions with this one. But, as always, Ms. Moreland delivers a most excellent​ read.
Profile Image for Island Girl Romance Reads.
508 reviews41 followers
March 12, 2020
Awesome read. Liam and Shelby’s friends to lovers story is beautiful. A fun and light read, but it also has some heartbreaking parts.
Love Liam and Shelby’s story and chemistry.
Love their banter and their friendship.
Liam..love him. Melanie always writes the best Heroes. Liam is my new favorite of her.
Love that when Liam realized that he was in love with Shelby he was determined and did everything to show her he loved her. Swoon!!
Shelby is a strong heroine. Life has not been easy for her but she moved forward. Love her.
Liam and Shelby were perfect together. They completed each other.
Love the secondary characters and hope to read more of them in the future.
The epilogue was beautiful. Loved it so much.
Another fantastic read by Melanie Moreland.

My Rating: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 OSCARS
Profile Image for it.sgottabethebooks.
1,309 reviews66 followers
October 29, 2021
Melanie Moreland deserves an Oscar for Changing Roles. This friends to lovers is a 5+ star read. Liam and Shelby have the best chemistry. I loved everything from their friendship, to their banter, and their love! The sweet, silly and sexy times between them is so epic that I seriously couldn’t put the book down. I flove everything about Liam! The journey in which the author takes us through the development of Liam and Shelby’s love story is one not to be missed. The characters relationship as they grew from friends to lovers, all the laughter and tears had me consumed. Changing Roles is a must read and bravo to Melanie Moreland for delivering such a phenomenal read!!

This audiobook had me chucking out loud so many times that I was getting weird looks from my family. The narration of John Lane as a British character was phenomenal. His accent never faltered and I absolutely loved how he kept in character within all his different moods. Maxine Mitchell once again did stellar. This narrating duo have never failed to put a smile on my face. Liam and Shelby’s story is fun & sweet. I recommend you give this audiobook a go!
Profile Image for Ester.
83 reviews3 followers
March 4, 2020
I can describe this book as “smilecreator” I just finished it and I have a big smile on my face.
When I started the book I wasn’t sure I would connect with Liam because I love strong, cocky, alpha etc etc male characters.. but Liam stole my heart very fast! He is like a kid with his jokes, his humor but he is also strong and very very cute and loveable!
I loved their relationship as friends and how it became a love story.
Was a very nice reading!
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March 2, 2020
Another 5 star ⭐️ read from Melanie Moreland. To top this amazing read off is a hot English actor named Liam as the main character. Woohoo!

Liam is a huge man child, I mean hot actor. Hee hee. Liam literally cannot do anything for himself. He may be the hottest actor in the big lights, but he is not like most. Behind the scenes he is helpless and has panic attacks. Without his manager he would never make it. This shows true in the very first chapter.

Then comes Shelby. His mangers sister. She is amazing. She keeps Liam in line and his life less chaotic. What he doesn’t realize is their relationship is more than housekeeper and boss. She grounds him. She is a safe place in a world of paparazzi and crazed fans.

A beautiful story of falling in love and taking charge. The story has a unique story line and the characters are absolutely beautiful. This perfect love story is sure to play on your emotions. Melanie’s perfect mix of romance, danger and comedy is sure to bring readers plenty of enjoyment for hours. This story has a perfect twist in roles, hence the name, Changing Roles. Think about the movie lA Walk To Remember” with Mandy Moore. Remember falling in love and growing up. Well like that movie, you will fall into this story and fall in love.

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March 14, 2020
DNF 18%


I really REALLY wanted to like this, i forced myself to read up to 18% telling myself just a little bit more, to give it a chance but GAWWD.... So bored.


And he is a Man-Child. This is not older heroine/younger hero trope. This is Motherly-son relationship and its freakin weird. Their whole relationship is too weird for me.
I cant get over all the kisses on cheeks, heads and foreheads they give each other, the fact we are thrown into them knowing each other for few months already and there was no chemistry until this point, or heroes constant thinking about what heroine cooked or how he cant manage to do anything himself. I dont know if that changes trough the book but he is too beta for me to enjoy it.
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March 10, 2020
*sigh* This book is so much swoon that I could barely even handle it. Liam is one of the best characters I've read in a long, long time. The friendship between him and Shelby was so special that I couldn't get enough.

I loved how this story was light on the angst and left my heart feeling full and happy. I never wanted the book to end and I want to visit these characters again and again!!
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