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****This book was previously published, additional content and editing has been done to enhance the story.*****

A blind date has never been so deadly.

Mia Rowland is happy in her quiet, comfortable, and highly predictable life in Washington DC. Her work as an accountant for professional athletes is all the excitement she can stand. Her peace is destroyed when the suspicious death of a colleague reveals secrets involving Mia’s firm and a terrorist organization.

Navy SEAL Ben Wells is in DC transitioning from his team in San Diego to a deeply covert military unit, the existence of which is known only by the highest level government officials. He’s knocked sideways when he’s set-up on a blind date with Mia, she’s beautiful, sexy and one of the smartest women he’s ever met. He just didn’t have any idea it could all blow up in his face…literally.

Moment after moment, kiss after kiss, suspicious things begin to occur and soon these strange coincidences begin adding up; Ben realizes that Mia is a target. Together they uncover who is out after her, but by then it’s too late. Mia is captured and all hell breaks loose. Ben will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves, including laying down his life, but when faced with the choice to stop the ultimate terrorist threat or Mia’s life, how can he possibly choose?

199 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 2, 2020

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About the author

Anne L. Parks

31 books147 followers
Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, Anne L. Parks has spent the last 28 years moving all over the United States. Married to the Navy – well a Commander in the Navy – Parks has lived in various locales throughout the United States. She currently resides in the Washington D.C area. When not writing, she spends her time reading, doing yoga, mountain biking, and keeping track of four kids and a very spoiled rescue German Shepherd. And drinking wine.

Author of nine novels (Tri-Stone Trilogy, Return To Me series, and Strangers) and four novellas that have been published in anthologies, she loves to create stories with mystery, plenty of twists and turns, and loaded with suspense.

With a military husband, it was only a matter of time before she broke into the military romantic suspense genre, where she feels right at home amongst highly trained, somewhat jaded, ready to take out terrorists alpha males and the strong, brave women who love them. Parks first military romance, MIA, went to #1 on Amazon’s Kindle World. Thirteen more books will be released in her new series, The 13. Two other series are being planned.

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3,036 reviews1,747 followers
July 8, 2017
Favorite Quotes:

Do you always drink vodka like it should come in a plastic bottle and rehydrate you?

…she half expected to find the file she had brought home was gone. Still there. She placed it on the top of the desk cautiously, and peered at it. It seemed to have a life of its own. If only she knew the magic words to reveal it's dark secrets. Where was Harry Potter when you needed him?

Yes, well, the life of a CPA is quite exotic and interesting… Don't spread that around. We try to come off as very dependable, stable people—but you'd be amazed at some of the parties we've thrown.

Sex, burgers, and killing terrorists…nothing better in the world.

This man—supervisor, if Ben was reading the patch on his uniform correctly—was tall and skinny, and sported the same wimpy-ass 'stache. Were men in Colombia unable to grow anything other than a worm over their upper lips?

My Review:

A mysterious file from a suddenly dead co-worker, murders, a corrupt politician, money laundering, international terrorism, a stalker, and sexy SEALS - wow, who knew accounting was such an adventuresome and dangerous career? Mia had an active and eventful plot with several storylines going at once. Not being familiar with the other stories in this series, I felt more than a bit at sea, much like walking into a movie that had already started, but I was more or less able to bumble through and find my way. I especially enjoyed the levity and steamy bits tucked between the intrigue and action.
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776 reviews27 followers
July 24, 2017
Plot: 4/5
Characterisation: 3/5
Prose: 3/5
How much I enjoyed it: 3/5
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4,874 reviews9 followers
July 7, 2017
I am new to Anne L. Parks, & Kindle World ... I keep meaning to looking into what Kindle World is? I have a kindle but I am clueless on what that is? any who ... I loved this action pack, quick for me thrilling read. So glad I got the chance to read this ARC for an honest review. I love a strong, determined, not gonna back down, don't mess with me kind of woman, in my reads and Mia doesn't disappoint. I enjoy reading book that take place in Virginia. (my home state!!) Love these character, and well though out plot. are you a fan of reading anything having to do with the Navy Seals (Ben Wells), then this is a read for you ... go check it out! Loved it, couldn't put it down had to know the ending. must read! ( ;
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1,131 reviews13 followers
April 25, 2020
Accountant Mia Rowland doesn't like blind dates, but for her BFF Caroline Steel, she agrees to show Caroline's husband's friend around Washington DC. Navy SEAL Ben Wells doesn't want to be set up either, but for his friends Wolf and Caroline, he agrees. It's only one night, after all... Unfortunately, Mia's colleague has been up to no good, and before he can turn in an unscrupulous client, he's killed, leaving Mia in possession of damning evidence against some very powerful people. Luckily, she's got a Navy SEAL watching her back.

This is my first Anne L. Parks book in the Operation Alpha series. It's nicely written with interesting characters and a good mix of romance and action. It moves too quickly in places, and sometimes would benefit from going more in depth in the characters feelings and actions, but overall it's a really good book.
Profile Image for Karen Voitik.
2,959 reviews
February 2, 2018
>Book Review – Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Mia
>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 1st in the “13” series and ends with an HEA. This book introduces some of the characters that will make up the next books, all with tons of action thrown in. Mia is an accountant who finds a file that isn’t hers. Anyone attached to this file seems to be in danger. She is talked in to a blind date with Navy SEAL, Ben, who gets immediately alpha and protective of her as the danger around her escalates.
>There are a few different ideas of who the bad guys are. Ben seems to be targeted by a femme fatale and Mia is also fighting off a serious stalker, along with men taking shots at both Ben and Mia, while others are trying to drive them off of the road. Mia is not a damsel in distress, though. She is smart and savy, trying to understand all that is happening, while trying to help. The other men helping Ben, Lance and Tink, are awesome secondary characters, bringing brawn and humor to the story.
> This book is appropriate for an adult audience. I am giving this book 5 stars. The action is this story is gritty and the romance is hot. I had a slight issue with the editing. Wrong words were used that should have been easy to catch and correct. The story was so compelling, that I am not erasing a star for the editing issues.
Profile Image for Vickie Chaisson.
645 reviews5 followers
October 4, 2018
M.I.A by Anne L. Parks is a suspense filled adrenaline roller coaster ride of dead bodies, hidden files, terrorists and a Navy Seal and and accountant who have to escape it all and find their HEA. Mia is an accountant and people start dying after she finds a file in her office that isn't hers. Ben is a Navy Seal who is set up on a blind date by Wolf and Caroline and never has a blind date been so "deadly". This action packed story is the 1st book in the new 13 series and it is a perfect introduction to some of the continuing characters Ben, Tink (love him). The chemistry is off the chart and if you are not a fan of insta protective alpha love this might be the wrong book for you. As Ben realizes that Mia is being targeted as well as himself they go into hiding to solve the mystery. Mia is an independent heroine who keeps her wits about her. She is witty, resourceful, and no shrinking violet. She works just as hard as the guys to solve the mystery. I loved this start to a new series and can't wait to see what the author has in store next.
Profile Image for Christine Morgan.
680 reviews3 followers
July 20, 2017
This book is about Mia an accountant who ends up stuck in the middle of a dangerous situation when a colleague gives her a file that could lead to illegal dealings. Lucky for her a friend of hers has set her up on a date with a Navy Seal named Ben who helps Mia figure out what is happening and who is responsible and slowly falling in love with her.

This book had romance and mystery and hot Navy Seals. This was a really fun book to read. I haven't read any of the books in Susan Stoker's series so I was a bit confused and am assuming that some of the characters are from other books but it didn't take away from the overall story. Mia was feisty and brave and Ben was protective and hot. This was a fun read.
Profile Image for Teri.
3,919 reviews32 followers
July 7, 2017
First of all I love when the females in this type of book aren't wimps and Mia truly isn't. An accountant who gets plopped right down in the midst of a whole lotta mess but doesn't hide in a corner. Nope Mia and her blind date get thrust smack dab in the middle of a whole buncha crap and old girl doesn't falter. She takes it with the best, And of course the best of the best have her flanks. A great fun and exciting story by this author I am new too but I love her style. I love seals but she did them nicely without being too over the top. Great story with characters you just want to snuggle up to or gawk at either way can't go wrong with a man in (or out) of a uniform.
Profile Image for Kerry.
761 reviews
July 9, 2017
This is a first for me as a UK reader, I don't get access to the Kindle World's books so when I saw Anne was adding her talent to a story, I couldn't help but get excited. I mean, what's not to love about a hot navy seal to rescue a woman he loves...all with some danger and suspense thrown in. I'm pretty sure if I had read any of Susan Stokers books prior to this, some of the characters would have been familiar to me but, to be honest, Anne has done a fantastic job of creating Ben and Mia's little part of this Kindle World that I enjoyed it simply for what it was. A great tale of love and sacrifice!
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reading Copy of this book
Profile Image for Dmcl.
827 reviews13 followers
July 7, 2017
Mia by Anne L. Parks is a fast moving, steamy novella set in the Susan Stoker’s Special Forces Kindle World. Ben “ Humps” Well and his fearless friends meet Mia Rowland and are determined to protect her as she unravels the evil plans of Senator Hutton to fund his terrorist allies. Danger and adventure lurk around every corner, and our brave, spunky heroine looks them squarely in the eye. I look forward to delving deeper into this world, and am grateful to have received an ARC simply in exchange for an honest review. Highly recommended for a quick and thrilling read.
Profile Image for Michelle.
617 reviews4 followers
July 7, 2017
This is my first book from Anne L. Parks that I've read and I really enjoyed it. It's a fast paced novella where Mia, a friend of Caroline and Wolf from Susan Stokers Seal team sets Mia up on blind date with Ben. Ben just moved to the area for a new assignment and gets brought into a dangerous situation that Mia colleague gets her into when he hides a file in her office. This book has a bit of mystery and twist and turns, plus we get to see some old friends such as Mozart and Tex. I can't wait for Anne's new series where we get to meet the rest of Ben's new team.
Profile Image for BP34.
5,566 reviews28 followers
July 13, 2017
This book caught my attention right at the beginning and had me page turning from there. Fact paced with lots of action and danger. A blind date between a Navy Seal and an accountant has them running for their lives. Mia's life goes from ordinary and bland to over the top when a co worker is found dead and it appears that he has hidden a file within her files. Danger, terrorist, a US Senator, murder, kidnapping and super hot sex. A pleasure to read and very well written with a great storyline and great characters. I received an advance copy and voluntarily chose to review it.
Profile Image for Rosemary.
1,253 reviews7 followers
October 11, 2018
Boy oh Boy! When Mia finds herself smack in the middle of a dangerous situation, little does she know that the man she inadvertently stood up on their blind date will turn out to be the man who not only saves her life but becomes someone she might want to spend the rest of her life with. There is a lot of action and danger in this book along with a healthy dose of romance and you also get to see some of the men you met in other books Anne L. Parks wrote, a total win win situation for any reader!

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest and totally voluntary review.
Profile Image for Ashley .
1,073 reviews2 followers
July 11, 2017
Such a fun an exciting read! Loved Mia and the hero :) Navy seals, Virginia, crazy adventures. It has it all! I'm a big fan of mystery, adventure, and romance. Put them all together and we've got this amazing story. I was anticipating the next move with each turn of the page (figuratively, had this on my kindle). You will not want to miss out!

I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily reviewing.
Profile Image for Karen.
1,240 reviews52 followers
July 7, 2017
I loved it. It fit right in the the Kindle world it was created for but gave a new spin on it. I love that this was the beginning of a series as I can't wait to read more of these amazing characters that the author is creating for us. Great read and one I was glad to be offered the chance to read in advance.
Profile Image for D.L. Gallie.
Author 68 books365 followers
July 7, 2017
Move over Alex, there's a new Anne L Parks alpha in the house and his name is Ben **sigh**
I was hooked from page one, I could not put this book down.
The chemistry between Ben and Mia was eclectic and the secondary characters were fun to get to know and added r value to the story.
I can't wait for more from this series and Anne
143 reviews
July 24, 2017

I'm so disappointed in this book. It started out pretty good. But there was just too much going on. I liked the interaction with Ben and Mia. Even Tink. But spoiler alert. There was no ending at all. Not even a cliff hanger. It just ends. It was rushed to end. It needed more story to end. No happy ending! This could have been a great book.
Profile Image for Susan.
1,670 reviews5 followers
August 18, 2017

This book has everything I enjoy. Strong military men and strong women, suspense, action scenes, and love. It is a very good story and I really enjoyed it, though the end was a bit of a cliff hanger in some respects. I hope the "rest of the story" is included in the next book.
Profile Image for Vickey Mcgee.
748 reviews
March 18, 2018
Super Good!

Superior writing in this story. I loved it! It starts out with action and it never stops. This is so good I hated to stop long enough to sleep. The characters are very memorable and there is some sexual content. A new author for me that I'm looking forward to seeing more, especially the 13 series.
Profile Image for Sue.
3,106 reviews5 followers
September 22, 2018
Mia is an accountant for athletes and a colegue who whants to hide what he is doing and the info he has in Mia's office with another stack of files. But this puts Mia in danger from terrosits who want the info back. Ben is set up for a blind date with Mia not knowing what was done to her. They both find themselves in danger and Ben only hopes they can stay alive long enough to be together.
1,602 reviews3 followers
September 25, 2018
Mia had found a mysterious file in her office. She had seen a man that works in her office come out of her office the night before so she is sure he left it there but he is dead now. Mia meets Ben when they are set up on a blind date. Eventually she has to tell him everything after someone is in her home after her. Ben pulls in his team to figure out who is after her and why.
23 reviews
July 7, 2017
Anne L. Parks delivers yet again. This story reached off the pages and grabbed me from the beginning. The twist and turns are exactly what I look for in a book. I highly recommend this to anyone who is lokoking for a great summer beach read!
Profile Image for Nancy Bodie.
1,125 reviews1 follower
July 7, 2017
Very well done. So much so that it was hard to tell this wasn't actually written by Susan Stoker. Perfect fit for this Kindle World, action filled and great characters. I will purchase more of this authors work.
Profile Image for Lisa B. Lovely.
692 reviews1 follower
March 20, 2018
Oh my goodness! This book is non-stop action from beginning to end. I loved Mia and Ben, Tink and Lance are fabulous as well. The writing is great and the plot is wonderful. Great job Anne L. Parks!
May 4, 2018
I loved this book. Mia and Ben were both hesitate to go out on a blind date. But this blind date ended up saving Mia’s life. This story had a good balance of romance and suspense. It definitely left me wanting more.
Profile Image for Sarah Justi.
386 reviews11 followers
September 22, 2018
Mia and Ben make a great couple! Ben is an alpha male SEAL (enough said). Mia is an independent strong woman that trouble finds. What a first date! I can't wait to see what happens with the rest of the thirteen.
281 reviews3 followers
September 25, 2018
M.I.A. by Anne L. Parks is an awesome book! I was drawn in from the first sentence. There's plenty of humor and suspense with a hot SEAL and a bit of romance😍. You're going to love this book. You will be on the edge of your seat speed reading just so you can find out what happens next.
Profile Image for Vicky.
1,998 reviews22 followers
October 18, 2019
DNF. Read up to chapter 3 and gave up. Am really annoyed cos I wanted to like this. Great start, interesting set up and then the male lead feels up some woman in a bar? Double yuck. Not Alpha... just sad.
472 reviews
September 5, 2017
This was the first book I have read by Anne Parks and I loved it. Can't wait to read the next in the series.
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