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Cocky Hero Club

Contemptuous CEO

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Alexander (Xander) Livingston left college with the dream of becoming CEO of his uncle's technology company. Eleven years later, all his dreams have come true. All except for one: marrying the love of his life.

Madison (Maddie) Hightower had always been a loner until Xander came along. Devastated after he left her behind to chase his dreams, she focused all her energy on becoming president of a digital software company – the same business Xander has just acquired. Even after all these years, her attraction for Xander is still sizzling and palpable. He still makes her heart sing, but she isn’t sure if he feels the same way.

Xander is interested in the merger for two reasons. The first is the potential for growth in the digital market, and the second is a chance to reconnect with Maddie. He’s never forgotten her. She was supposed to be by his side as he climbed the corporate ladder, and now he has the opportunity to have Maddie working under him. Literally.

But Maddie has a secret. One she never told Xander when he left her in California and headed to the East Coast— a secret she never thought he’d ever uncover.

The merger of their companies will bring Xander face to face with Maddie’s life-altering betrayal. How he handles this discovery will decide the fates of these two star-crossed lovers.

183 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 16, 2020

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About the author

K.L. Myers

25 books1,192 followers
K.L. Myers was born in West Berlin, Germany, the daughter of a military father. She then spent her childhood moving from continent to continent, finally landing permanently in Colorado when her father retired.

Eventually, she moved to "hell," aka Arizona, where she resides with her husband & their fur babies. She has two daughters & four grandchildren, and she believes in living every day to the fullest.

K.L. has a passion for reading and writing hot romance when she is not juggling family & a full-time job. Her novels show a pension for a bad boy with a heart of gold and strong, independent women who don't need rescuing, and just a taste of naughty redemption! Her characters will pull you in & leave you satiated, yet panting for more, More, MORE!

Her motto will always be - “If my books can give readers a brief reprieve from their everyday life for even just a moment, I have achieved my dreams and lived a full life.”

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Profile Image for Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog).
7,758 reviews155 followers
August 16, 2020
Whoa! I was unable to put this down once I started it. This is a second chance romance with a secret for Maddie for Xander. I could see why she hid what she did from him and I sort of understood his reaction. I didn't agree with their decisions but that's what make this story so good. The emotions and the characters suck you in and you can't help but scream at them and laugh with them.
Profile Image for Amy [Book Addict Reviews].
2,033 reviews152 followers
August 12, 2020
Contemptuous CEO is full of sacrifices, secrets and second chances. I DEVOURED this book. The moment I started it I couldn’t put it down. I was completely sucked into this story and fell in love with the characters.

Twelve years ago, Xander graduated and started working for his uncle in New York. Leaving the love his life behind. He never forgot about her, she never forgot about him. They remained friends over the years. However, there was a secret between them. When that secret comes out will all be forgiven, or will it destroy everything?

I loved Xander and Maddie. They had amazing chemistry from the start, even after their relationship ended you could still feel the love between them. Xander isn’t the arrogant CEO I expected. He was caring, protective and still hard working. Maddie had made major sacrifices, but she has managed to do well for herself and her career.

There are also some fun visits from Hollis and Elodie throughout that I was loving!

This was a fast paced second chance romance and a MUST READ!
Profile Image for Tilya Eloff.
Author 5 books49 followers
July 31, 2020
A perfect addition to the cocky hero world. Absolute perfection, this book was amazing in every way. Xander and Maddie's story wasn't an easy one that's for sure. They had a lot of hurdles to overcome and it was a fantastic ride of emotion. I loved every single minute of their story.
Profile Image for Sandie Chraponski.
1,080 reviews9 followers
August 16, 2020
I want more!! In typical K.L. Myers fashion you will lose yourself in her world and totally blink and you are finished. She has a way of drawing you in and making you not want to get out!

Maddison and Xander have a past and present but will they be able to have a future? Read this story and delve into their lives, ride the roller coaster that is K.L. Myers. I promise you won’t regret it!
Profile Image for Nancy Metsch.
1,339 reviews3 followers
July 27, 2020
This book was EVERYTHING!!!!
Xander Livingston stole my heart. He everything a book boyfriend should be. Could he be rude? Yes BUT that's because he was more or less trained to be that way. Could he love with all he has? 100%.
It took me sometime to understand Madison. I knew why she did what she did, but I didn't agree. BUT as the truth came out cause we knew it would things got very shaky. Xander was beyond angry and I was angry with him.
But in true KL fashion things were ok
Profile Image for Dimple.
1,005 reviews28 followers
August 13, 2020
Contemptous CEO is a second chance book in the Cocky Hero Club collection of stories. K.L. Myers brings an emotionally charged, second chance romance to the party with this story and it is a perfect addition to the collection.

Xander and Maddie had a plan for their lives but a single phone call from Uncle Malcolm changed their dreams forever. Despite continuing a friendship, there was no chance for repairing their relationship with Xander in New York and Maddie in California. When Xander's uncle finally realizes his mistake in keeping the two of them apart, he tries to correct it... from the grave but when Xander learns Maddie's been keeping a secret for many years, it might be too much to recover from.

I really enjoyed this book. Maddie and Xander were great characters and Brooke was great. Despite some pretty heavy content, I actually felt the conflict wrapped up pretty easily. The ending felt a tad rushed for me but I was delighted by their fairytale ending and I'm only a teensy bit jealous of their beach house!
Profile Image for Rochelle.
1,550 reviews
August 16, 2020
This is the first book from K L Myers that I have read and it won’t be the last. I really enjoyed it. Great second chance romance between Xander and Maddie. Their story will take you on an emotional ride. I was captivated from page one. Loved Xander and Maddie and the chemistry between them. It may have taken 12 years to get their HEA and what a ride it was watching them finally get it.
751 reviews5 followers
August 11, 2020
Xander and Maddie were college sweethearts and he thought they would be together forever. He always regretted not taking her with him when he moved to New York after graduation, but now he has the chance to have her in his life again. The moment Maddie stepped off the plane, he knew she was still the one for him. Her sassy walk and confident manner reminded him of how good it had been when they were a couple. When she looked into his eyes, he could see the passion she still felt for him. Xander always gets what he wants and now that Maddie was working for him, he could slowly convince her that she would be his once again. Maddie does feel the same way about Xander, but anything more than a business arrangement was unacceptable. Her life was perfect in California and she didn’t want Xander to intrude in her personal business. When things didn't go as Xander planned, he decided that a trip to the west coast was in order. He wasn’t sure what he would find when he got there. Does Maddie have a boyfriend who takes up all of her time? Is that why she has been so hard to reach? One thing is for sure, Xander will come out on top, as he always does. He hates surprises, and this way he has the upper hand, because he refuses to leave Maddie behind again.
Profile Image for Isha Coleman.
6,886 reviews133 followers
August 16, 2020
A trail of misunderstanding litters the pathway to love. Contemptuous CEO is as brutal as it is beautiful. Myers crams a great deal of emotion into a convoluted romance. Happily ever after is one heartache short of a forever kind of goodbye.
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,472 reviews32 followers
August 6, 2020
Contemptuous CEO is a highly emotionally charged story of second chances, secrets and sacrifices. Maddison and Xander had their lives all planned out and one phone call changed the path they were supposed to lead together. Twelve years on and these two are thrown together again however as secrets are discovered, second chances may take a backseat to anger and betrayal. Their story is highly charged with chemistry, emotions and is intensely passionate. Words that will pull at your heart strings and have you sitting on the fence as to if the decisions that were made were right. As you take the journey with this couple to finally having the forever they always deserved, the words will wind their way around your heart and under your skin. A story intertwined with the Cocky Hero World that is full of heat, steam, drama, love and even a few tears.
Profile Image for Jessica Alcazar.
3,889 reviews438 followers
August 17, 2020
Okay, so the story was very predictable for me, but I couldn’t put it down. Weird, I know!! LOL The prose flowed so easily that before I knew it, the story was over! The author gets mad props for that! There’s something to be said about a predictable story that isn’t boring! Amirite? I found both Maddie and Xander to be very relatable and the story was not off putting in the least. I think it’s a great story despite its predictability *shrug*

Grab your copy today or read in Kindle Unlimited!
US: https://amzn.to/2PKS7ik
UK: https://amzn.to/2FgOhLV
CA: https://amzn.to/31H2NEe
AU: https://amzn.to/33RGhv8

Also available in audio: https://adbl.co/30YIyTt

Profile Image for World Of Books 65.
1,909 reviews35 followers
August 16, 2020
K L Myers always writes good romance books and if you love 2nd chance romances with a hidden secret then Contemptuous CEO is 💯 the book for you.

I put my feet up opened up this story and didn't close (well except for a cup of tea) my kindle until the end. It was one of those stories that although you knew what the end was going to be you still were racing to the conclusion because you just wanted Xander and Maddie to have their HEA 12 years after this love story began.

Each always knowing that they had found their soul mate at college but with family pressures and thinking you are doing the right thing by holding on to a secret and letting the love of your life go to fulfil their dreams it was only a matter of time that these two worlds were going to collide again — but can the secret that Maddie hid from Xander all those years ago be forgiven when it finally is revealed even when they have never stopped loving each other.

Xander and Maddie were made for each other and this comes across in this book — and I love a story when I am openly speaking to the characters throughout the story.

Just loved it and just the right book to make the Cocky Hero Club proud!
Profile Image for Janet Taggart Baldwin.
709 reviews20 followers
August 16, 2020
Contemptuous CEO is a Second Chance Romance in the Cocky Hero Club series. This lovely book is a wonderful addition and brings in some friends from previous books.

Xander and Maddie were college sweethearts and were planning to spend their lives together until Xander's uncle interfered. Xander left California and Maddie without a backward glance, leaving only stinging cruel words between them.

When these two are reunited twelve years later, Maddie has kept a secret that may cause Xander to hate her forever. Neither has gotten over each other or has been able to move on with another relationship. Now Xander owns Maddie's company and is her boss. His uncle bought it before he died in an effort to bring them back together. Will it work, or cause a bigger division between them?

This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. I read this book in one afternoon and would highly recommend it. I loved seeing Pixy and Chance & family again!💖
Profile Image for Alphas Do It Better Book Blog .
3,092 reviews84 followers
August 14, 2020
4 stars

Contemptous CEO is a second chance book in the Cocky Hero Club collection of stories. K.L. Myers brings an emotionally charged, second chance romance to the party with this story and it is a perfect addition to the collection.

Xander and Maddie had a plan for their lives but a single phone call from Uncle Malcolm changed their dreams forever. Despite continuing a friendship, there was no chance for repairing their relationship with Xander in New York and Maddie in California. When Xander's uncle finally realizes his mistake in keeping the two of them apart, he tries to correct it... from the grave but when Xander learns Maddie's been keeping a secret for many years, it might be too much to recover from.

I really enjoyed this book. Maddie and Xander were great characters and Brooke was great. Despite some pretty heavy content, I actually felt the conflict wrapped up pretty easily. The ending felt a tad rushed for me but I was delighted by their fairytale ending and I'm only a teensy bit jealous of their beach

AnnMarie - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
Profile Image for Barbara.
2,067 reviews41 followers
August 14, 2020
Loved this addition to the Cocky Hero Club. The author gave us an emotional romantic second chance story with a few surprises thrown in.

Zander and Maddison are college sweethearts who know they are each other’s one and only. But when Zander’s grandfather calls him home to NY to be groomed to take over his company they part on a horrible note. But as time passes they agree to at least be long distance friends. Zander climbs the ranks in NY while Maddison’s California career takes hold as well. Neither really getting over the other with a huge unknown secret between them. When a twist of fate has Zander’s company buying out the company Madison heads up, they meet again face to face and the past deceptions come to light. Will anger win out or will the heart manage to forgive and forget.

Excellent storyline that made me sad, happy, smile and very glad I chose to grab it up. Highly recommend reading!!! 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars!
Profile Image for Vera Blaz.
1,081 reviews2 followers
August 16, 2020
I love a good second chance romance and Maddie and story did not disappoint. The sacrifices they both made right out of college were made out of selflessness. The secrets they kept were made out of love. When they met up again I didn’t expect it to be easy for either of them. I loved the twist and turns that the story took and how Xander and Maddie discovered that their paths crossed purposely. I felt every emotion, every bit of heart ache, every bit of happiness. The author’s talent with words cemented my love for this couple.

I received an advance copy of this book at my request and voluntarily left this review.
August 14, 2020
The Contemptuous CEO is a second chance romance and a fantastic installment to the Cocky Hero World. K.L. Myers has written a story that pulled me i from the beginning and Alexander and Maddison definitely stole my heart.

Years ago Alexander and Maddie were everything to each other then one day a phone call changed everything causing Maddie to keep a secret for the last twelve years.
Now the takeover of Maddies work place forces them back into each others lives.
Will this be their second chance at love and how will Alexander react when secrets are revealed will he ever be able to forgive and forget.

I loved every minute of this story and can highly recommend.
Profile Image for Lisa Stinson.
1,006 reviews12 followers
August 6, 2020
I really enjoyed this second chance romance between Xander and Maddie. Xander and Maddie fell in love in college and were planning to spend forever together. Until Xander's uncle demanded he come from California to New York immediately after college and Xander felt he didn't have a choice. Maddie couldn't come with him then but she had said she would come later. Well later never came. One day turned into a week which turned into a month and before Maddie realized it, 12 years had passed. Even though they kept in touch over the years, Maddie never let Xander know her secret.

When they are forced to see each other and work together, Maddie knows her time for telling Xander the truth has come and gone but she is still scared. When the truth comes out, Xander is livid and he had ever right to be. I liked the fact that he didn't let what happened go so easily. These two had to work really hard to get back to what they once were. Maddie was determined to stay in California and I felt like she should have been a little more willing to move so that they could be together.

My only issue with the book is that Maddie kept calling Brooklyn, Brookie. Even after the girl told her that she didn't like it, that is the only way Maddie referenced her. I honestly quit reading it as Brookie and changed it in my head.
Profile Image for Philomena Callan Cheekypee.
3,889 reviews395 followers
August 15, 2020
This was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Xander and Maddie- young love until a phone call destroyed everything. Xander has everything he ever wanted but regrets losing Maddie. Fate brings them together many years later but will secrets destroy anything they may have in the future.

An excellent addition to this collection.
Profile Image for Donna Purcell Zappone.
566 reviews3 followers
August 16, 2020
OMG... Xander is everything you want. Tall,dark( very dark), handsome,rich no... very rich and still in love with the live if his life Maddie ( even after a 12 year absence).
This book held a secret within its pages... and it was Maddie’s secret to tell! So I’m not telling you!!!
By the way this book is part of the Cocky Hero series and it’s one of the top favorite books for me from this series.
August 13, 2020
Xander and Maddie's story is an emotionally charged, second chance romance. Reunited after years apart, they are so obviously meant for eachother. But past hurts and a secret Maddie never thought would be revealed rocks the path to their HEA. I loved the connection between Maddie and Xander and I was really routing for them from the start. Contemptuous CEO is a great addition to the Cocky Heroes Club world.
1,107 reviews6 followers
August 9, 2020
Xander has been chasing his dreams and growing his uncle's business. He has been groomed for the last 12 years to take over for his uncle. Xander's only regret is leaving without Maddie. She let him go and thought she would never see him again. When their world's collide years later can she keep her secret or will it destroy any chance of a reconciliation?

This was my first KL Myers book and I really enjoyed it. I fell in love with Maddie and Xander. The author took them on an emotional journey from soon to be college graduates to adulthood. I loved getting a little background on these 2. Fabulous addition to the Cocky Hero Club World. I will be checking out more work by this author.
August 11, 2020
WOW oh WOW! This story was EVERYTHING. Maddie and Xander story has heartbreak, love, drama, tragedy and a HAPPY EVER AFTER. When two people belong or are meant to be together it goes to show that they can over come all odds and issues and become one happy family again. I loved this book and did not want to put it down and wished I could read more. Another perfect book!
Profile Image for Rina's Reads.
1,356 reviews27 followers
August 16, 2020
I liked Xander and Maddie’s story, it goes to show that some loves never die.
There were parts that made me giggle, some that made me mad and some that made me all google eyed.
3.5 stars
Profile Image for Lisa Petty (Book Bangers Blog).
1,493 reviews14 followers
August 6, 2020
This one hurt my heart a little bit. The love Xander and Maddison have for one another is so passionate it will knock you on your toes. But Xander had choice to make and he wanted Maddison with him unfortunately that couldn't happen. Now years later he's successful and has taken over his uncles entire business. One buy that his uncle did is about to put him and Maddison back together again. For Maddison she has always wanted to be successful, but she has been keeping a secret and when it's time for it to come out can Xander forgive her? Can these two have to navigate their lives and try to trust each other again. What will happen when all the truths come out.
Profile Image for Sarah DeLong .
1,422 reviews1 follower
August 10, 2020
Xander and Maddie's story is emotional and tumultuous. Their journey in the Cocky Hero Club world is one that will stick with me. I implored so hard on their behalf that they would get the hea they deserved.
Profile Image for Ri.
4,984 reviews
August 4, 2020
4 stars

The blurb of this book drew me in. It was a great addition to the Cocky Hero World. I enjoyed many aspects of the story but there were other areas that I struggled with. This was a shame because this book had a ton of potential. I appreciate Maddie and the sacrifices she made and the reasons that she did, especially considering how she did it for Xander. However, the time-lapse of so many years was a bit over the top. Finding out that Malcolm knew all along bothered me, especially as he had lost out by choosing his career over love. So, why then would he want the same thing for Xander?

I did like the connection between all the characters. I also enjoyed Brooklyn and Xander together. The ending was a bit rushed for me. I wanted it fleshed out more. That being said, it was still a solid story.
August 5, 2020
Xander and Maddie younger sweethearts until a day he knew would eventually arrive tore his world apart in more than one way.

Moving away to take over his uncles company was always going to happen but he had hoped Maddie was going to be by his side every step of the way, but California was her life.

When life makes them cross paths again, Xander won't let Maddie escape too easily this time but with a secret she's been hiding - can he forgive everyone for their involvement?

A fantastic story of twists and turns that grabs you from the start adding a perfect part into the cocky world series.

Profile Image for Chrystal M Delgado .
242 reviews8 followers
August 5, 2020
Contemptuous CEO is a second chance romance. It is full of twists and turns, drama, and just the right amount of romance. K.L. Meyers is a new to me author and I really enjoyed Maddie and Xander's story. It left me wanting more. I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn't put it down. Maddie and Xander's story had me feeling all the feels. I definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this author.
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