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Lock & Key #2

Random & Rare

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Dreams can come true for lost souls, even in the most broken way

Years ago one impetuous decision, one random act of kindness changed their lives forever,
Only Grace had no idea how deep those consequences ran.
Now she’s about to find out

Grace’s happy ever after doesn’t turn out the way she’d hoped
Overwhelmed with guilt and regret she retreats from everyone, even her beloved husband, Lock.

When her best friend, Tania blasts back into town, she takes her along on an adventure to reset both their lives. But they get trapped in a volatile feud between rival outlaw bike clubs. Things turn dangerous real fast.
When an unexpected person from the past offers a new key to Grace's broken dreams with a true gift of the heart, everything changes.

One man’s love prevails beyond a lifetime and propels everyone in its wake forward.
Is there redemption for a burning soul?
Will promises be fulfilled for two lovers fate has brought together?

"Random & Rare" is the unconventional inspirational sequel to "Lock & Key", book 1 of the Lock & Key Series. Book 1 must be read first.

The Lock & Key Series:

1 - Lock & Key
2 - Random & Rare
3 - Iron & Bone
4 - Blood & Rust

*Novella - Lock & Key Christmas
*Series spinoff - Fury

The Lock & Key series is a 4 book motorcycle club romance saga with hot alpha anti-heroes. These romantic suspense / romantic adventure / small town romance / biker romance / coming of age / women's fiction novels contain adult language, sex, violence and are intended for mature audiences

323 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 10, 2015

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About the author

Cat Porter

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I daydream all the time, "what if" way too much, and am a lip-biting romantic. And I don't want to be cured of any of those. Ever. A New Yorker who now lives on a beach in beautiful Greece, I've been writing since forever because I need to. I have two children's books traditionally published and I've self-published my romantic suspense series, spinoff standalones, and a historical. Join me in my world!

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3,808 reviews32.3k followers
March 11, 2015
4.5 stars

 photo 0529f19a-a86e-47be-b73c-f04ed81a4fe4_zpswvv4ugm3.jpg

Lock & Key was one of my favorite biker books of 2014. I love Cat Porter’s writing, I loved that the hero/heroine were a little older, and most of all I loved getting into Grace’s past story. The majority of Random & Rare IS that story. It’s the story of Dig and Grace. And it’s told from Dig’s pov.

 photo 5b2ca751-b5c5-4f73-9420-a16c54d95c10_zps5mdrgq1w.jpg

Dig was one of my favorite characters in the first book. I adore Miller, don’t get me wrong. But Dig is something special. Seeing his relationship with Grace, the things leading up to it was great. What I really loved was how loyal he was. I know being a biker tests you when it comes to doing the right thing/fidelity, and Dig always seemed to pass the test. No matter what other women came his way, deep down he knew that Grace was special and that she was the only woman for him.

 photo 8ebb336e-7dd0-4e3f-b545-7efc92306299_zpswble8lqd.jpg

Dig’s part of the story was probably the first 65%. It was most definitely my favorite part. The last bit takes place in the present. It starts off where Lock & Key left off. With Miller and Grace.

Grace is going through a hard time. For personal reasons, I could completely sympathize to how she was feeling.

 photo 0be62997-c22e-459c-852e-676df10ba1f4_zps1zce6p4z.jpg

Grace should be the happiest woman alive. After losing everything that ever mattered to her many years ago, she finally is at a good place. She has a man. A man that means the world to her. After losing Dig, she never thought she would have that again. But Miller is all that and more. I don’t want to go into all their issues, but I really felt for Grace and what she was going through. I thought it was the most special thing that everything came full circle for them. And I feel like that was all Dig…

 photo 10625820-ad80-4760-a74b-803d914a2f6e_zpselhanuid.jpg

This series is a real win if you’re looking for a great set of biker books. They have a perfect mix of steam, emotion, action, grit and suspense. They also have a lot of love and devotion. You will adore all these characters. And the writing is really top notch. Thought it was painful and emotional to read at times, the ending left a big smile on my face. This is a book and a series I would highly recommend.

 photo 002713cd-2540-4803-b1c5-89ee76dfb736_zps9lop6wyq.jpg

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975 reviews664 followers
March 10, 2015
★★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★★

Amazon: http://amzn.to/198GWJe
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1AdhU0O

Random & Rare was a powerful and emotional book that was packed full of detail relating to the events that occurred in book 1 Lock & Key.

Split into two parts, Part One takes us back to the very beginning of Grace's story, but told in the point of view of her first husband, Dig. Life with the One Eyed Jacks MC was always a hectic life and we are thrown knee deep into the intricacies of the club business that we first saw through Grace's eyes.

Part 2 brings us to the present day and Grace's second chance with Miller and the struggles they face now that they have decided to take their relationship to the next stage.
_ _ _ _

This was a very deep book which requires your complete concentration and attention. Dig's constant worry over Grace choosing to spend her life with a biker and not someone safer, and his guilt over the tragic events of his childhood haunt him and cause him great pain, and I felt that pain along with him.

I have to say, my preference was for Part Two and experiencing the anguish that Grace & Miller are going though was heartbreaking but it's obvious that their love for each other is strong and when Grace almost hits rock bottom once again in her life, Miller is there to pick her right back up again.

I love the way Cat writes, very detailed but not overly so and I would love to perhaps revisit another member of the club. I think the author took a big risk with the direction she took with this book, and it won't be every bodies cup of tea, but it was a brave move and I am glad that I got to experience Grace's first love.

This is the second book in the Lock & Key series, and is a follow on from book 1.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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1,900 reviews404 followers
April 17, 2021
April 2021 series re-read. Still 5 stars and still a fabulous read.

Yeah, so Ms Porter you broke my damn heart!! I bawled my bleedin' eyes out the last couple chapters. I very nearly didn't read this, I was so scared that Grace and Miller's HEA was going to be messed with. What I didn't expect was to fall totally and utterly in love with a dead man. I mean, seriously? Well, I did - head over heels for Dig.

I didn't do a re-read of Lock & Key before starting this, and I'm glad I didn't as I think I may have been bored with going over things again. That said, the first 2/3rds of the book was entirely from Dig's POV so as the reader I got to learn a lot about him, how he thought, acted, reacted, lived and why he did what he did. The tragedy that shaped him into the man he became. There was a lot of emphasis on club business which I found fascinating. He lived hard, he partied hard, he stood for his club hard and he loved Grace HARD - with everything he was, and he owned it.

If I'm honest I got kinda lost when the story jumped to the present day, I didn't get it at first why we were seeing Grace endure yet more tragedy and then was thinking I had no idea how to rate the book. But .... when the drama kicked in it was a total punch to the gut. Geez, at one stage I couldn't see my Kindle for crying. An author that can get such feels from me deserves every 5 star review she gets, and this one definitely gets 5 heartbreaking stars.
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503 reviews2 followers
February 11, 2016
ARC from the author. Thank You.

Some spoilerage ahead.

I buddy read this with my Edgy girls and they all slapped a five star on this, so I am the minority here.

Well I was super excited to get this one. I really liked Lock and Key despite the fact I felt the H was not alpha enough to stake his claim on our h by 60% in on that book. I also enjoyed this author's historical romance, Wolfsgate. Lock and Key had great side characters and I was excited to see who was up next. So , I get blurb from the book and see it's about .....Dig? Wait, ugh....he's dead? He was the h's first husband right? Damn, now I have to do a reread. So I reread Lock and Key. So then I start this one and up until 60% I'm a little bored. Dig's ghost is talking to us! It's a retelling from Dig's POV. Which gave us some insight but since I just read Lock and Key....I'm bored. Then we have my most hated trigger, a rape and torture scene from the past shows up involving a older child (16). Now, I know many of you out there consider a sixteen year old an adult, but I do not. I have a fifteen year old. They are still kids, I don't care what anyone says. Flash to the present. The last 40% is about the h and her current H. It's a weird transition from Dig to present day. They are currently struggling with trying to have a baby. The last 40% is depressing. We have huge coincidence after huge coincidence occur. The end. No real epilogue. Boo.

I will buy the next in the series, because the side characters are interesting. I'd also like to see if they get their baby. Hopefully it won't be Dig reincarnated.
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1,484 reviews124 followers
June 5, 2017
Omg this is just amazing.

Cat Porter is becoming one of my favourite authors and I 've only read 2 of her books. I thought the first book Lock & Key was brilliant but this book was even better. Getting to know Dig and understand him was so good and I felt I needed it. I actually feel so much h for these characters it's crazy I think I mite be goin a lil mad. I luv Miller he is everything you want in a hot biker but Dig just has more. Once I got a few pages into this book I knew I would luv him so much. He just had me hooked and his story omg it had my emotions al over the place. My heart broke for him he has been through so much but he was determined to change his life and being in the MC did that.

I don't really want to say much about the this story cause it will spoil it. But I can it's one of the best MC books I 've read. The story had my gripped from the very start and once I knew we were getting more of my favourite characters I was totally delighted. The book had so many twists and turns in it and heartbreak I laughed band cried throughout this book.

I really liked that the book was done into 2 halves. The first was Dig's so getting to see how things were in the early years in One Eyed Jack was good. Getting to see how the whole story started was great.

The second half was Grace's in the present and seeing how she was still dealing with everything that had happened. She had a good life but she was still dealing with stuff for her past. My heart just broke for Grace and what she had to deal with. But getting more of her story was just what this series needs.

I would highly recommend this book and series. If used haven't read it do. I wish I had read it sooner.

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1,867 reviews293 followers
June 24, 2020
"I will either find a way or make one".

This book has just moved to FAVORITE status, and that's saying a lot since I read non-stop. My standards are very high and this book exceeded them. Cat Porter, I am a fan for life and your books are on auto-click for me. Ok, deep breath, wipe tears, here we go...

This book starts off with Dig. I was initially upset because I prefer my multiple POV to be in the same book in alternating chapters rather that making me feel like I'm re-reading the same story. I loved Lock & Key so much that I didn't even read the synopsis for Random & Rare, I just knew I wanted more and I'd be willing to read anything Cat wrote. So, I couldn't complain when I discovered I was reading Dig's story, and I already knew what happened. Well, readers, let me tell you, it's not REPETITIVE, it's IMPERATIVE.

You need to read the back story, the painful past that directed Dig's decisions and effected his actions. You need to know what he was thinking and feeling, because it's not what it seemed. There are so many layers that need to be peeled back, layers that we never knew existed. Players that we never knew were involved. Heartache that we need to experience to understand and accept. Tears that must be shed, there's no way around it, be prepared for a huge heart-shaped-lump in your throat that may last for a while.

Be prepared to spend some extended time with these characters, because they will stay with you for a while, even after you finish reading. And you'll be glad to know that the entire book is not in the past, Grace will bring you into the present and take you where you expected to go all along, it's just a detour.
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6,948 reviews828 followers
March 10, 2015
JavaGirl's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

SPOILERS if you have not read book 1 - LOCK & KEY.

I loved Cat Porter’s debut novel, LOCK & KEY, and was anticipating reading the next book in the series, a book I assumed would be about another member of the One-Eyed Jacks, but Cat Porter rarely does the expected. RANDOM & RARE is a prequel to LOCK & KEY, told mostly from Dig Quillen’s POV. It’s a different story than the one Grace told in LK, although they certainly have both characters and events in common. This is Dig’s story; his history, the events that shaped and formed him into the man that Grace loved, and he tells it beautifully. It answers several questions from LK, even questions I didn’t realize I had. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Dig’s story is tragic and heartbreaking, and I was in tears many times. Although ultimately tragic, there is plenty of fun, happiness, and romance to Dig and Grace’s early story. He is a much more complex, complicated man that I originally thought him to be. His background and early life was surprising, and yet, not. It explained so much about why he lived his life as he did and the choices he made; how a random event can change…everything. Dig questioned what his and Grace’s lives would have been like, had certain events never occurred. As different as they are, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies, It’s A Wonderful Life. Like George Bailey’s life, Dig Quillen’s life and his decisions had a lasting impact on countless people that continued years after his death.

This was not a quick read for me. It should have been, but I knew the inevitable conclusion (since I had read LK), and I just couldn’t bear to go through that again. It was such an emotional experience the first time, I wasn’t sure I could watch Dig die a second time. However, it was impossible for me to stop reading this book. I’m happy to say that I survived it. In fact, it wasn’t as painful as I expected it to be. I have a feeling It was as hard for Ms. Porter to write as it was for me to read. Grace finishes up the last third of the book, which was unexpected for me. The epilogue in LK pretty much wrapped up her life with Miller and their family, so I wasn’t sure what else Grace had to tell us. It turns out that Grace still had a lot of story to tell. Trust me, it’s a story you won’t want to miss.

Review copy provided for an honest review
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1,373 reviews107 followers
November 7, 2015
 photo tumblr_m5f4gowBPl1ryperpo1_500_zpsaesjuutb.gif
I am 100% completely head-over-heels in love with Dig right now. This is one of the best "original story rewritten from the hero's pov" I've ever read. Porter knocked it out of the park. Not only did we get key scenes from Dig's pov, we also learned about his past, his family, his fears, his guilt. And his love for Grace knows no bounds. It was simply amazing. That kind of love is the reason I read romance novels.

Porter also surprises us with a present day continuation of Lock & Key from Grace's pov. It was fantastic. I cried through the prologue. I cried through Dig's final ride. I cried through the epilogue. Everything came full circle. I think Dig would have been proud knowing he gave Grace and Miller a precious gift when he helped Jill.

Grace is a phenomenal heroine. I just love her. She's so fortunate to have had two great men in her life. And she knows it.

I'm going to go out on a limb and already claim Random & Rare as my fave book of 2015. Beautiful, beautiful story. Bravo!
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1,546 reviews329 followers
March 15, 2015
How can that rare beautiful be rendered irrelevant, intangible when I still feel so damn much?

I can’t even find the words to describe how much I loved this book. Random & Rare is one of those “rare” books that I actually read slowly because I just didn’t want the story to end. Sexy, incredibly thrilling, creative, emotional, uplifting – this book has it all. I really didn’t think anything could match the power and beauty in Lock & Key but the author did it again.

Cat Porter is the real deal. She really touched me with this book. The first part of this story is told by Dig. Yes, that is Grace’s husband. I never imagined that he could have so much to say, and that his story would get under my skin in the way that it did. Dig and Grace are quite literally soul mates, destined to be together and fiercely loyal to each other always.

You might think you know Grace and Dig’s story from Lock & Key, but there is so much more to their history! I thought that I loved Miller, but Dig, oh my God, he stole my heart forever. I do not often cry during books (I read a LOT), but Random & Rare reached right down into my heart and squeezed tight.

“My hand stretched out over the warm skin of her stomach. Grace’s body was our temple, our bit of holy, where both of us connected and exploded together in some sort of glorious, furious symphony. Her skin was still flush with the pleasure I’d just given her, and my mark stained the skin on her sweet ass. Forever.”

Dig’s life is not easy. He is a member of a rough MC and he is a trusted officer of the club. But nothing is at it seems and every action has a reaction and a consequence. Cat Porter is a gifted storyteller and all the threads of both books are woven together here into a beautiful, sexy, satisfying and explosive conclusion.

“You’re in my bones, Grace. Can’t stand straight without you, baby. Can’t.”

Dig is a fatalist, and his life is a very gritty one. But he loves Grace with all his heart and tries his best to shield her from his violent world. Trust me, their story did not end in Lock & Key and if you love MC stories, Cat Porter is an absolute one-click author. You will fall in love with the characters from these books and will not soon forget them.

Favorite quote:

“But everyone else’s random would never be rare for me. My random was a demon that kept attacking me, gorging itself on my entrails like the unsatisfied feral beast it was, dancing his grotesque dance on the road before me.”

(ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.)
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611 reviews204 followers
March 12, 2015
Based on other readers approval of Random & Rare I will not discourage you from getting your own copy. There are plenty of fans who absolutely loved it. This is strictly my opinion, my thoughts and feelings regarding the book. Everyone is entitled, including me. You may not share them or even agree with my rating but I ask you be tolerant. Now onto the review....Spoiler Alert.....spoiler...alert

 photo Book sucks 4.gif
I'm angry and outright pissed! I thought Random & Rare was a sequel but its not! Instead its the retelling of Lock & Key in Digs POV with added details and events that weren't mentioned. The author could have warned us in the summary but she didn't. One reader said the author did cover it, I'd like to know how, because if you read it then you would know Grace's name was used once. The POV could have been written by anyone outside of Dig like Butler, Jump, Alicia, Boner or god forbid her sister. The rehashing of the story was teeth grinding against enamel boring, sure Cat Porter is one hell of a gifted writer. Her story is dark, gritty, shit in your pants intense, I love the controversial brutalities she brings to light! But this should have been a reader's companion or a novelette, something distinctive, not considered a sequel.
 photo boring_1.gif
By the times you've read three fourths of it, over half its entirety the storyline changes to present day, to Grace. So yes Digs death was insightful, yes clearly we saw how close they came to cheating on each other. Sure secrets and lies were revealed. By then I was so livid I couldn't appreciate those remaining pages. I could have cared less about her inner struggles, her lack of coping abilities regarding pregnancies and everything else going on. So why did I keep reading? Simple I had already wasted hours of my time and money.
 photo Sucky book.gif
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907 reviews35 followers
March 7, 2015
4 Wildflower Stars

Random & Rare is the second book in the Lock & Key series and although I went into this with mixed feeling because after all Dig, Grace's first husband is dead, the story delivered an understanding I didn't realise I needed. We're taken back to where it all began. We not only get to know Dig but also Wreck, Miller's older brother. We get to witness Dig and Miller together in the early days, that painful phone call after Wreck is killed and the day Grace's life changed forever.

 photo C898890A-3C8D-4CA1-A94A-B0B958881F03_zpsvaf4qta7.jpg

The first half of the book, is the back story of the One Eyed jacks and the relationship between Dig and Grace, this is told through Dig's eyes. We get to hear the real story behind his death, the decisions he made over his love for Grace and the constant battle he had with the guilt of his past.

 photo 7da44c196704373012f82dd76573c6b7_zps8qseljvm.jpg

The second half, is a continuation to Grace and Millers story, told from Grace's POV. Now this had me in tears. Without giving too much away this was something that's close to my heart. I've been in the place Grace was, I've felt the way she was feeling and I think Cat did a fab job of portraying the emotion and the domino effect it has on the people around you. I loved both Grace and Miller in Lock & Key and getting that final piece to their puzzle was great.

If your a biker lover and have yet to pick up the Lock & Key series, I highly recommend it.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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502 reviews122 followers
February 21, 2022
I am truly happy for reading this book !!

But first of all I want to say ... Mrs. Cat Porter you really broke my heart!!!!!

For me almost half of the 1st part was "ok" and there were moments that I was thinking to stop reading ....but from the part that Dig shared his story/tragedy I couldn't stop crying...there were moments that I stopped reading because I couldn't see the page from crying!!

Dig...omg what a character!!
He loved Grace so ...so much, with his whole heart, he was so loyal and he stood besides his brothers and his club!! Everything in his life, the man he became had to do with the specific fact!!!

What can I say for Grace ...that sweet girl, a fierce, strong bad ass heroine!!!
Lock was ... a sensitive, loyal, alpha male biker, the perfect match for Grace !!
They both deserve their happiness!!

Just for the feelings I had while reading this book I give a big, fat 5+!!
Mrs. Cat Porter 👏👏👏
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1,464 reviews
March 26, 2018
Despite the club trauma exposed in the first installment, it ended things on a hopeful note. Lock and Grace have settled into their biker version of domesticity. Right on the verge of getting their happily ever after the universe starts playing games again. This book explores themes of fate, destiny, both lucky, and unlucky coincidences.

The Good:
1. Though this is book 2, in the series, it works beautifully as a standalone. The beginning is Dig's (Grace's first husband) interpretation of their love story, and club history. Though it covered recently treaded territory, the new POV made it feel fresh. Dig already had a special place in my book-crushdom; this only moved him up the rankings.

2. Grace is a very complicated type of good girl heroine. It was a little refreshing to see her spin out a little, it made her more relatable.

3. The second half of the book moves us into the present, moving storyline forward, and saved this from being prequel. Plot threads wove it all into a beautiful necessary thing.

The Bad:
1. Fans of Lock might be disappointed because he is featured very minimally in this installment.

Final Thoughts:
Smart, sexy, cool would be the best way to describe the writing style. Cat Porter is nipping on Madeline Sheehan's heels. Undeniable (Undeniable, #1) by Madeline Sheehan is my biker golden grail, so that is high praise indeed.
835 reviews75 followers
March 10, 2015
Dear Cat: You should have named this book Random and Wrecked because by the end I was sobbing and completely, totally wrecked. I wasn’t sure about a book from Dig’s POV because alternate POV’s aren’t my thing. Plus, Let’s face it, since I’ve read Lock & Key, I knew that it was going to be like watching a movie about the Alamo – it wasn’t going to end well.

I see what you were doing though, because Dig’s story needed to be told, and you did it well. I am so glad I sucked it up and read this book, even though I ended up crying in my pillow half the night with my poor husband looking at me like I’d lost my mind…again.

Making the second half of the book about Grace and Miller and how Dig’s actions years ago would continue to affect them was freaking brilliant of you. There’s a convergence of past and present that was beautiful to behold, even if it’s a painful, emotional wrecking ball.

My only complaint about the book was that the first half drug on just a bit, since it’s ground we had essentially already covered in Lock and Key. I did re-read L&K first and if I hadn’t done that, I may have felt differently. Overall, I loved this book. Please tell me we’ll see more of The One Eyed Jacks. I’d love to see Boners story, and maybe even Butlers. Well done Ms. Porter. Well done.

While writing this review, I this song came up on my playlist. I decided that it could not be more perfect for this book. In fact, I got weepy all over again just listening to it - and I really am not a crier.

When I'm Gone

Laurie's Rating: 4.5 Stars
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538 reviews98 followers
August 5, 2019
4.5 stars. Beautifully written and touching. I was a little skeptical when I read the summary about how a dead man could help a dream come true years later. But I was completely wrong. Cat Porter brought the story full circle and had me crying my eyes out. I loved it.

I wish I would have read this book right after Lock & Key. I didn’t because I thought it was going to be the same story just told from a different POV (which I’m not a fan of). I was wrong though. There was so much more to the story that Grace didn’t tell in book one. I loved getting Dig’s POV and his background.

Cat Porter is such a talented writer. She takes a very gritty subject matter, but keeps the story so character driven that you feel a part of these people’s lives.

With so many biker romance books out there, they start to run together. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not so with Cat Porter. IMO, she’s in an elite category with Madeline Sheehan, Beth Flynn, Lauren Gilley, and Susan Fanetti. Like those other authors, her stories are unique and memorable.
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1,065 reviews13.6k followers
August 5, 2021
I have no words for this book. I’m a sobbing, blubbering mess right now. Lock&Key and Random&Rare have touched me deep inside to the innermost core of my heart. I will never be the same. I love Dig, Grace & Miller, forever.

“Once, I loved. I stumbled here and there, but I loved well.”
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1,210 reviews24 followers
January 29, 2023
ARC received & read.

My review was originally posted on EDGy Reviews as part of a group review.

Random & Rare takes this story back to when Dig and Grace first met, only from Dig’s POV. First up I thought, what? This is Dig’s story? No, surely not? Had my memory failed me? Was it going to be a paranormal book or had something occurred that we weren’t aware of? Well, needless to say I went into Random and Rare a little confused. I usually read the previous book in a series before getting into the latest release to refresh my memory of where the story was at. So I picked up and read Lock and Key (L&K) , then before I’d finished it, the Buddy Read had commenced! I threw caution to the wind, stopped reading L&K and just jumped straight into Random and Rare. Best decision ever. IMO there is no need to prepare for this book if you’re reading this series in order, you’ll be fine. The story is presented in two parts, first part being Dig’s POV and the second featuring Grace and Miller.

Dig takes us through his take on how he and Ruby’s little sister aka Grace met. Now this is where I struggled a bit. Part 1 covers old ground and being familiar with it all from Grace’s POV, hearing it again so soon, his POV felt a little slow to me. It was good to hear his thoughts and reasoning behind his actions and in hindsight it was important to the story overall.

Once I moved on to the second part, which had returned to the future (and really where I expected this story to start), focusing on how Grace and Miller and their individual struggles as they become weighted down by all that surrounded her, giving this section a distinctive melancholy overtone for the majority of the time IMO. I started to wondered how much bad luck could one group of people endure.

What haunted me as Grace struggled through, was how much of an influence Dig had on the events that played out in Part 2. Could he be still being that protective force, having started a continuum of righteousness triggered by the good deeds and justice he metered out over the years? He was helpless as a child. As a man, he had the power to influence and prevent the evil that some depraved characters inflict on others. The goodness Dig was trying to cultivate contained copious possibilities. It was the only way he knew to fight the memories of his family’s demise, to never let anyone suffer the way his sister Evie and his parents did that day. He would never cower. In his quest to shelter Grace from the darkness of the memories trapped within him, he kept her in the dark, not privy to what he was up to and when she only had the benefit of her own observations and snippets others shared with her did she formed a misjudged perception of Dig’s behavior during the lead up to that last ride. And so did I…

For a while there I was expecting Dig to do a Lazarus and in retrospect he did through symbolic and random coincidences that Grace didn’t notice until the mystery of ‘that girl’ is resolved. At that point I shook my head, how did I miss all this, the title of the book all of a sudden made so much sense. There was a need for not only Grace to come to terms with the accurate take on the events that have shaped hers and others lives to see the beauty in all that appears random and rare. Whether it be coincidence, chance or orchestrated – it provided a platform for the life that eluded Dig to finally come to fruition and in some abstract way have him a part of it.

Overall, Random and Rare is very moving story. There are minor plot lines intricately woven into all that Grace and Miller have to contend with. The story itself was presented in a way that was not how I imagined it would be (to be honest, I was wondering what was going on when I saw the prologue). I wasn’t disappointed, it was more that I didn’t expect the story to pan out the way it did.

The epilogue wrapped up what was at times a difficult story to read, thank you Cat for bringing it home for me so neatly in a way that was not done so for the sake of finishing a book!

What I loved:

*Dig handing over his sunglasses to that girl in need
*Tania, good friends see beyond the moment
*The epilogue, I needed it

What I struggled with:

*The horrific flashbacks
*Creeper – he was creepy, weird and depraved
* Reading L&K again before heading straight into R&R
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February 10, 2016

5+ Once again Cat Porter will be on my top 10 of the year list. Just WoW!!

I would like to thank the person that spurred Cat to write about Dig. You are doing yourself a disservice if you skip this book knowing it is about Dig. I will be the first to admit reading about a character that is gone, or old loves when the new love is in the picture, have never been my favorite. That being said it did not stop me from picking this up at all. Maybe that is because they haven’t been written as well as Ms. Porter does.

This is one of those rare books that I am lucky to get my hands on, and don’t want it to come to an end. Not in the way of “ I can’t wait to see what couple she writes next” or a cliffy that leaves me hanging. To me Cat Porters books are in another category. This is the kind of book you get lost in and just want to stay. I want and need more story for all of the characters. I feel lost and heartbroken about Dig. I want more Miller and Grace. I want more Boner, Jill, Tania, Finger, Butler, and so many more. I feel like there is just so much more story to tell. I need more Cat Porter! I just need more!

All I can say is you are completely missing out if you don’t step into this series. Ms. Porter writes such deeply layered and rich stories. Grace is hands down one of the best heroines I have ever read about. If you are one of the few reviewers that called her a doormat in book one you are not looking deep enough. Dig and Miller are amazing men and although they are fictional I am completely jealous of Grace.

Dig’s story was beautiful and heartbreaking. He was striving to find that happy and give Grace and himself that solid ground. It was so beautiful to discover the choices he made came full circle, and are possibly helping Grace and Miller get what they deserve. I think even Boner may get what he needs out of Dig’s choices.

I think Grace said it best with this line.
Dig had loved me well, both me and Miller, and that love and care was a living blessing, here and now. It touched our lives still, and in the most beautiful way.

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1,834 reviews79 followers
February 17, 2016
This book kind of threw me for a loop...it's actually a prequel to Lock & Key.

We get the POV from Dig who is Grace's first husband and their love is truly something to behold. Dig has been through so much that it still affects him.

At first, he wants to stay away from Grace because he doesn't want to soil her but he just can't resist. Their story ends tragically...like we knew from the first book, but it still hurt like hell to relive it.

In the second part of the book, we come back to Grace with her second husband Miller "Lock" and their story comes full circle in a great twist...loved it.
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September 24, 2018
"Life's random hits may have brought us pain, but they also gave us rare beauty, rare to lost souls like us."
While reading the second in the 'Lock&Key' series, the beginning of the book gives us a look into the past. You know as a reader what is inevitable and yet we get to see how the relationship of Grace and Dig started and how it grew. We also learn of certain events that have a impact on Grace years later.
"For years, I had thought that love had ended in a blaze of regretfully hasty decisions, manly arrogance,hubris, but it hadn't."
If you enjoy a good MC read, I strongly recommend this one.
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May 7, 2015
5 "it's up to you to either find a way or make one" stars!

I can't do this book justice, I can't do GIF's, meme's, or hot pic's w quotes....what I can do is tell you how amazing this book-this series-is! Who knew a HOT, dirty, sexy, raw and gritty MC story could make me feel so much!

"Life's random hits may have brought us pain, but they also gave us rare beauty, rare to lost souls like us. Like when a girl had taken a chance asking a group of bikers to save her sister at a keg party. Like when a tired man had decided at the last minute to stop for a quick drink at a bar on his way home and noticed a woman sitting alone, enjoying a glass of whiskey.....Yes, rare beauty for souls like us." THIS SUMS UP BOTH BOOKS!
This book helps us understand Digs, fall more in love with Digs and yes grieve for him and the life we learn he lived. The love he and Grace shared was beautiful and although ending tragically, this book shows you how his love is still alive inside her and how he is loving her and helping her even from the grave.
The present love Grace and Miller share is just as beautiful. I loved both men, but I felt something a bit more gentle about Miller. They are older and know what they want in life. They help one another hope for the future although their journey is heartbreaking. I felt their pain from a failed surrogacy and hitting rock bottom, I felt them question their dreams, their life. Watching them pull one another (especially Grace) from the depths of sorrow and try again was amazing.
The epilogue alone had my heart twisting in a happy sort of despair, a perfect closing to 2 amazing stories. Bittersweet.
MOTHERFUDGEMYCAKE!! this is a must read! I could gush on and on about it :)
I can't wait for book 3!
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May 22, 2015
What a unique concept. After reading Lock & Key and everything end with them riding into the sunset as it were, comes Random & Rare, the story of Dig. And what a story. The road to love and happiness really can be used twisted and long. I highly recommend this book to any one who has read the first book.
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January 2, 2016
I didn't re-read book 1 and I had forgotten the story. I ended up reading last two chapters of book one to try to remember. I never had a good feeling while reading this one because I didn't remember Grace and Miller's story from the first book. Just a depressing read.
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September 15, 2018
I read Lock & Key four years ago, and if I’m honest I never had the intention of continuing this series. Not that I didn’t like L&K or this writer, but because when I read it I was coming off a 3 year binge of reading MC books and I was burnt out! Then there is also the fact that before Grace and Miller got involved she was married to Dig who died. I wasn’t too keen on reading about Dig & Grace in this prequel. I generally like my love stories between one man and one woman, even if one or both has loved and lost before.

That’s until my interest in another Cat Porter book Dagger in the Sea sparked my interest. Before diving into it, some of my favorite book friends (Kim, Korrie, Cass, & Tina) encouraged me to finish the Lock & Key series because they all connect in a way.

I then decided to give it ago! I spent 7-9 hours clearing my mind on all the reasons I never picked this series back up and started with a fresh open mind.

Dig and Grace’s story immediately drew me in. It consumed me, I read each word slowly letting it all sink in. We learned so much of the past in Dig’s view point that was missing in L&K and the fact that it is not a retelling of L&K like I previously believed made it even better! Random & Rare is a beautiful, sweet, soul shattering, epic tale of how one woman’s young fierce love is everything to one man and how she is able to love again years after tragedy struck.

I really love how Cat Porter told this story. It was different, perhaps that’s the reason I fell so hard for it that I felt it deep in my bones. It’s a story I will cherish for a lifetime and will ever forget.

5+ stars
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October 9, 2018
I was so sure this was going to be a three star read for me. It was real slow going in the beginning and I didn't see why what I was reading was relevant or necessary. But it picked up in the middle and the final 30% was so fecking brilliant that I had to bump up to four stars!
I can't actually believe how this story panned out and I am so so glad that I read it. I have a newfound respect for Dig. Was he perfect? Not by a long shot. But he was strong and always tried to protect and care for those he loved. His past and what he suffered through absolutely destroyed me and that made me understand him so much better.

'Once, I loved her, really loved her. And she loved me, and it was so fucking beautiful.'

I loved the second part of the story, being with Grace and Miller again was amazing!
I can't go into any real detail without spoiling the incredible plot reveal, but it blew me away.

I cannot wait to read the next one ❤️
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September 24, 2018
I’m in Awe!

This book was a two parter that totally blew me away! With a more in depth look at Grace’s life with Dig, we’re shown more sides to their relationship. The parts that weren’t as rosy as the memories she shared in the previous book. I got to know Dig on a much deeper level and that limitless love her had for her. It was so surreal to watch it transcend from the beyond is a series of events that could only be a result of a love so powerful it goes beyond time and space. It’s a soulful desire to fulfill life promises.

This book was deep and emotional and way more than I could have ever expected it to be. My heart ached for Grace’s pain and soared with her hope and bloomed with the happiness she finally found. That joy she has always deserved. This book was breathtakingly beautiful.
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March 11, 2015
Well this just sucks...if I could have made this book last even longer, I would have... should have read it slower because damn if it didn't just make me break down and cry with happy tears at the end. This author...OMG can she ever spin a tale that will cause the reader to experience ALL the feels...and you will beg to be put through that torturous ringer over and over again because it is THAT good.
Lock & Key blew me away last year when I read it and I loved that it was about an older couple and yet, they made me feel like they could have been any age by the passion with which they lived their lives and found love again. We only got a hint, a touch of how much Grace and her man Miller felt about Grace's late husband Dig and the depth of their relationships...hers was a deep first love and his was a brother to brother bond. Now with Random & Rare we find that so many of the events in Dig and Grace's lives before the time they came together were indeed random (the good and the bad things) and what they shared together was very rare, but not so much that she would not find something just as meaningful again with Miller.
This book was so beautifully written and so full of rich history that was as painful to read as it was compelling...Dig's reasons for "being" were engrained in his soul from events he would never be able to erase from his mind or heart and Grace was the "little sister" who fought to stay clear of the dangers that could impact her by being a part of Dig's world.
The first half of the book is the Past and how Grace and Dig came to be (the prologue gave me chills) and it was just so much more heartbreaking than we knew from reading the first book. I found myself holding my breath at the intensely and oh so sexy way Dig reeled Grace into his heart and into his bed...it was such an epic love story that made the tears flow (knowing what was going to come). A very huge predicament that Dig finds himself in (and how he chooses to handle it) becomes both his downfall and also what lifts Grace up by the end of this story.
The second half of the book is back to present day and the struggles that Grace and Miller have to get back something important that was taken from them, while dealing with club business and their possible future happiness.
An important person from the past comes back in an unlikely place and time to cause some painful memories to resurface and yet it all seems like even in such a random encounter, there is a reason for what happens in life and the end results were healing and joyous.
The epilogue crushed me and yet everything made perfect sense...when a love for someone and something is so powerful it can transcend even permanent loss...and promises made were kept even in death.
I would recommend reading Lock & Key first and then diving right into this sequel...a biker romance lover's dream.

***** 5 ***** "the moments in life that shape us" stars
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