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Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life

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In this book, brain performance expert Jim Kwik will teach readers his core techniques so that they, too, can unleash their inner genius.

For the last 25 years, Jim Kwik has helped everyone from celebrities to CEOs to students improve their memory, increase their decision-making skills, learn to speed-read, and unleash their superbrains.
In Limitless, readers will learn Jim's revolutionary strategies and shortcuts to supercharging their brains, with simple, actionable tools to sharpen the mind, enhance focus, and fast-track their fullest potential.

"No matter your age, background, or level of education, you can learn new ways to use your brain. If you've been searching for better ways of coping and growing, I'm here to help you fall in love with learning again." -- Jim Kwik

343 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 7, 2020

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About the author

Jim Kwik

16 books355 followers
From official website:

Jim was once known as the “boy with the broken brain.”

A childhood head injury at age five left him struggling in school. For a while, he even believed he could never be as good as other kids when it came to learning.
Jim loved superheroes as a kid – and comic books saved him when conventional education couldn’t. Comic books taught Jim how to read…and they also kept his dreams alive that one day he, too, would find his inner superpower.

As the years wore on, fate led Jim to a mentor, a friend’s father, who sent him on a journey to learn about his brain and learn how to use it. Little did Jim know, it would take him down the long path of discovering different learning habits, including accelerated learning systems and tactics.

Jim discovered that, no matter the circumstances, we can rebuild our brains. And after working on himself, he realized his brain was not broken…it just needed a better owner’s manual. This shattered Jim’s own limiting beliefs – and over time, it became his passion to help others do the same.

For the past three decades, Jim taught his learning techniques to students from universities such as Harvard, CalTech, and Singularity University. As well as executives and employees from companies such as Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, GE, 20th Century Fox, Cleveland Clinic, WordPress, and institutions like the United Nations to get the most out of work and life

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Profile Image for Joe.
442 reviews
April 28, 2020
Long on stories and talk about celebrity friends.

Long on recommending free online videos that are hour long adverts for expensive courses with zero content.

The book has virtually no useful content. It’s just a very long and full marketing pamphlet.

Read the work of Tony Buzan instead. Much more useful content. Some of the anecdotes are stolen directly from Tony who popularised these ideas decades 30+ years ago.
Profile Image for Bianca A..
214 reviews148 followers
May 3, 2020
Good read

Not disappointed with Kwik's book. But if you've dug the internet about him and especialy his YouTube, most notions he presents in the book are a wrap up of that together with many great book references and borrowed ideas. There's no denying he does offer some novelty and he's talented at wording it. However if you're a voracious consumer of the contemporary self-help best-sellers then you'll notice the spin-offs. The parts where he inserted self-advertisement of his other products irritated me a bit and disrupted some of the content experience for me and the 25% end of the book was just references and index (which was too much for any book I'm reading and I've put this in reviews before). If you're not a voracious book reader then this book will all be new to you and I encourage you to read it. Some advice from it was really great and helpful and his methods of shrinking big ideas into acronyms has always been an easy tool. Expect repetitions of his work head to toe if you're already familiar with him in the media.
Profile Image for Danielle Suarez.
25 reviews6 followers
July 3, 2020
The first 50% of this book is his story about wanting to be a superhero and how there’s a ‘superhero in all of us’. Ok... and then the rest of the book talks about eating healthy, sleeping well, and believing in yourself. I was stubborn enough to finish it, but I would not recommend this to others.
Profile Image for Keyo Çalî.
66 reviews93 followers
November 15, 2020
Have you ever seen the movie Limitless?
Eddie Morra(the main protagonist played by Bradley Cooper) complains about his lack of creativity in writing to Vernon, the brother of his ex-wife. Vernon wants to help and gives him an exclusive product, a pill called NZT-48, and says "They say we can only access 20 percent of our brains... well, this lets you access all of it!".
and it did!

Ok, now let's get back to the reality,
I have almost the same story(to be continued of course).
One day I was complaining about being a slow reader to a friend...
she wanted to help me and recommended this book
and It's working!
I just feel like I am LIMITLESS now
this book is just like that NZT-48 pill
believe me!

now I read a little faster than before(I practice every day)
I study and work more organized and smarter than before
I sleep better now
I eat and drink healthier
I am highly focused on things I do
and my memory is getting better and better every day.
there is an assignment in the book about improving your memory, and the author wants you to memorize 10 words in the order they are given. I used his technique to memorize them, it was about a week or two weeks ago that I read that page, and now that I am writing this review I still can remember them in order.

Fire Hydrant - Diamond
Balloon - Knight
Battery - Ox
Barrel - Toothpaste
Board - Sign

I am surprised!
how can I remember such a random list( and believe me all I did was to give it a minute and visualize them in a funny way)...

all I have to say is
Read this book and upgrade your brain.

Thank you Diana
Profile Image for Mike Rose.
13 reviews1 follower
May 25, 2020
Had high hopes. Can't recommend. I felt like the book was almost completely composed of ripped off tidbits from various well known self development authors. When he does explain some of his techniques explicitly, it is as shallow of a treatment possible. The rest of the space was filled by advertisement for his online courses, which I assume is the main reason he wrote the book. I feel like he does know his stuff and those courses may very be great, but this book is not. I really hoped it was going to be better.
Profile Image for Valeria Lipovetsky.
19 reviews7,168 followers
May 19, 2020
Such a great, informative book filled with research, inspiring quotes and Jim’s own personal stories to connect it all together. I finished it in 2 days and I am very familiar with Jim’s work and had heard about a lot of this book’s concept but will highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to take ahold of their brains and understand it better! Lots of very practical and helpful tips!
Profile Image for Negar Afsharmanesh.
223 reviews16 followers
September 8, 2022
خب بزارید راستش رو بگم در کل کتاب خوبی بود اما به نظرم نویسنده یه سری جاها بزرگ نمایی کرده و از واقعیت دور شده. جیم( نویسنده) اول میاد ۴ تا خائن که باعث میشن ما از مغزمون در اون حد که باید نتونیم استفاده کنیم معرفی میکنه(سیلِ اطلاعات دیجیتالی، حواس‌پرتیِ دیجیتالی، فراموشیِ دیجیتالی و استنتاجِ دیجیتالی) . در درجع اول هر کدوم از اینارو تعریف میکنه و با ارائه راه حل و تمرین هایی خواننده رو دعوت میکنه که بتونه سطع استفاده از اطلاعات مغزشو ارتقاء بده و بهتر کنه. اما در چند جا میاد مغز مارو تشبیه میکنه به ابر قهرمان ها که به نظر من اینجا دور میشه از واقعیت اگر مثلا در جامعه خودمون رو درنظر بگیریم این که بخوایم خودمون رو به ابرقهرمان ها تشبیه کنیم و اون هارو با خودمون مقایسه کنیم بی فایدست چون ما هیچ وقت نمیتونیم خارق العاده باشیم. ما باید یه هدف و یه توقع معمولی از خودمون داشته باشیم به نظرم اینجا جیم خیلی کمال گرا میشه. ولی در کل کتاب مفیدی بود. تمرین های جیم هم دوست داشتم ولی باید به خودمون یادآوری کنیم که ما نمیتونیم خارق العاده باشیم و خودمون رو با توانایی های ابرقهرمان ها نمیتونیم مقایسه کنیم.
Profile Image for Byeongho Ahn.
25 reviews5 followers
May 1, 2021
It was a mediocre self-development book that might help teenagers who have difficulties in reading and studying something in general. However, this book appears to be trashy for an advanced learner. Either new insight or new technique is hardly presented in this book.

One of the interesting remarks is about the amount of information that we need to make a decision in a timely manner. It is 40-70%. If you have less than 40 %, then your decision is mainly based on ignorant guessing, and if it is more than 70 %, you are hesitating too much. Even though you may make a wrong decision with 40-70 % information, perhaps it is fine for most of the decisions we are making unless you are a policy/lawmaker.
Profile Image for Henrik Haapala.
492 reviews84 followers
August 18, 2022
1. Why did I select this book?
I looked for books to teach me about the brain and learning faster.
2. What is the book about? Central idea?
We must learn how to learn. We need to break free from limiting beliefs and eliminate myths, and learn faster in a world where knowledge is expanding ever faster. Growth mindset at the core.
3. What problem was the author trying to solve? What is the structure of the book?
What one wish would have the biggest impact in learning? Learning how to learn. This breaks down into three sections of the book 1. Mindset (what), 2. motivation (why) and 3. methods (how)
4. Who is the author?
Jim Kwik is a widely recognized world expert in memory improvement, brain optimization, and accelerated learning.
5. What did I know about the subject?
I have read the “learning revolution” by Jeanette Vos and “The art of learning” by josh waitzkin and a book on memory techniques.
6. How can this information affect your life?
Knowing why you want to learn is so key. Also “the spell of belief systems” and ”the 7 lies of learning” are very important to unlimited learning.
7. Three key takeaways? Ideas and insights?
Three key questions to always remember when learning:
• How can I use this?
• Why must I use this?
• When will I use this?
8. When was it published by whom?
The book was published by Hay House 2020.
9. Is the evidence compelling?
Yes change from fixed to a growth mindset! Read carol dwecks book “mindset”. The science behind is logical and is based on how the brain actually works not on received traditional ways of learning. This also can include the theory of multiple intelligences.
10. Further implications? What of it?
Always be active when learning!
Always know why you are reading and learning
Always have reading as a habit - it’s like going to the gym for the brain
Use active recall - read something and then try to reconstruct it fast.
Use visualization more in memory and the loci method - this is the way the brain remembers.
11. Did my life change reading this book?
Yes my mindset changed a bit towards a more optimistic and growth mindset.
12. Can I explain to an 8 year old? One sentence summary?
Active learning is the key!

7 lies of learning:
• Intelligence is fixed
• We only use 10% of our brains
• Mistakes are failures
• Knowledge is power
• Learning new things is very difficult
• The criticism of other people matters
• Genius is born (it’s not - it’s made)

Jim’s story is fascinating recovering from a childhood brain injury:

”We walked back to the house where he took me to a room that I’d never seen before. It was filled wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with books. Now remember, at that point in my life, I was not a fan of books; it was like being in a room full of snakes. Bit what made it even worse was that he started grabbing snakes from his shelves and handing them to me. I looked at the titles and realized these were biographies of incredible men and women throughout history, as well as some early personal-growth books such as The Magic of Thinking Big, The Power of Positive Thinking, and Think and Grow Rich. 
“Jim I want you to read one of these books a week”
page 9-10

“He held up a finger, saying, “Don’t let school interfere with your education.” I later learned that he was paraphrasing a quote often attributed to Mark Twain.

In short a fantastic book on learning complete with mindsets, motivation and methods.

Update 2020-09-26

Chapter 4 key concepts:
Forgetting curve

Forget what you know. Forget what’s not important. Forget limitations.

Act: be active. Take notes. Do all exercises. Highlight key ideas.

State: all learning is state-dependent

Teach others and use in social situations

Enter into daily schedule and routine

Review: active recall and spaced repetition

Mental models
Profile Image for Karen Ng.
466 reviews87 followers
February 9, 2021
As an intracranial bleed survivor who was in NRICU for 2 months in an induced coma at 56, who recovered 100% while also learned many new skills as Japanese, watercoloring, calligraphy, financial planning and investment strategies, Kwik's book offered nothing new while the reader was forced to know about his whole life history, his celebrity friends and of course, how amazing he is.
As one broken brain(someone once insulted him with the phrase) to another: "Been there, done that, no, thank you."
There's nothing in his book one cannot learn from reading books and researches on neuroscience, cognitive reserve and brain health. Skip if you are well informed.
For neuroplasticity, read books by Eagleman, Pinker and Doidge.
Profile Image for Enzo Woo.
50 reviews5 followers
July 22, 2020
I honestly cannot understand the hype behind this book. I found this in the bargain bin seeing the positive Amazon and Goodreads (usually much more stingy). It feels extremely Sales-pitchy and surface-level all throughout and I kept waiting for it to get better: it did not. Jim Kwik is an extremely accomplished and impressive man (clearly) but this particular book did not do it for me. The writing itself was also very “white bread” and lacking in sophistication although I have to acknowledge that there were some interesting anecdotes.
Profile Image for Ammar Bassa.
Author 6 books24 followers
December 15, 2020
Want to cut your studying time in half? I have a good news, you can do more than that for free. It's time to actually learn super-memory techniques through practical exercises and check your feedback immediately. The Mnemonic Symbolism book is available for free from dec 15th up to 18th, good luck https://amzn.to/3gV7Esz
Profile Image for Mohsen M.B.
226 reviews31 followers
September 27, 2020
ان‌قدر از خودش و کتابش تعریف کرده که آدم می‌خواد بالا بیاره. بخش اول کتاب (تقریبا ۷۰ صفحه) کلا مقدمه است که می‌خوام این و اون رو بگم و این‌طوری بخونین و من خیلی خوبم. فقط سیصد بار می‌گه «فلانی که مهمون پادکست من بوده...» ولی خب، انصاف داشته باشیم، مطالب خوب هم داشت فقط نیاز نبود سیصد صفحه بنویسه. توی صد صفحه هم می‌شد جمعش کرد.ـ
Profile Image for Viktor Stoyanov.
Author 1 book150 followers
November 9, 2020
Limitless ... като във филма, ама не баш.

По принцип имам лека форма на алергия към книги за самоусъвършенстване, а тук я изпитах само на моменти (ще се опитам да изброя кои), така че да кажем:
- Не почувствах да ми умират мозъчни клетки, в опит да отключа потенциала на останалите, заспали блажен зимен сън, ... което е постижение достатъчно, че да се отдели време и за ревю. Пък и да прецените дали ще ви е от полза.

Книгата е нова новеничка, от тази година и налична на българския пазар, а вече и на бг аудио. Незнам дали е най-подходяща за слушане, защото има много упражнения, които да захванете с лист и химкал. В които да направите пауза и да помислите за нещо, да отбележите и тнт. Може да я послушате, пък ако ви допадне - да си я вземете за домашния офис (както изглежда ще наричаме домовете си в близко бъдеще).

Основно ми допадна, че движещия акцент е за мета ученето. Ученето как да учим. Как да запомняме, четем по-бързо и други похвати. Сами по себе си - не са тайна, ако поне малко сте се интересували, или на база личен опит, но е добре от време на време да си свериш часовника за мета ученето. Това безспорно ще е най-важното умение в бъдеще, а и няма да е грешно да се заяви и че досега е било. Хубаво е да се обърне внимание и от педагогическите съвети и методолози, защото това с наизустяването действително е най-каруцарският начин за запомняне, за учене, за развитие на мозъка като цяло. Вместо това, за предпочитане са похватът със Storytelling, илюстративния, асоциативния и др.

Надали ще е нова информация и че орехите, куркумата и др. са полезни да се включат в диетата, както и аеробните упражнения, но е добре човек да си припомня тези неща и да ги включва, ако е позанемарил диетата си. Има няколко рецепти, няколко упражнения и тнт.

Авторът е тръгнал от там, че като дете е имал травма и по-трудно е учел уроците, поради което се е видял принуден да търси други методи, отвъд тези, на които са му преподавали. За мен е непознат, но явно има успешен подкаст, обучения и много материали в нета. Езикът, на който говори и проболемите, които адреси, са съвсем съвременни - като дигиталната ни разсеяност. Това са теми, които няма как да са налични в четива от преди 20 и повече години, та е дошло време за анализ на мозъчната ни дейност в сегашни условия и всъщност всеки само може да си даде сметка за проблемите свързани с прекомерно дигитално преяждане с информация, мултитаскингът и др.

Какво не ми хареса:
- подробно описание на някои очевидни неща;
- препратки към други ресурси в нета и най-вече сайта на човека, което е вид реклама;
- използването на многооо акроними за описание и вероятно по-лесно запаметяване на методите;
- имаше моменти на доскучаване в някои глави.

Хареса ми, че обръща внимание на сънищата като част от активността на мозъка, защото и аз го правя. Дори пробвах същата вечер препоръчания метод за по-ясен спомен от съня и случайно, или не ... той проработи.

Не намирам книгата за кой знае какво откровение, но определено се съгласих с една голяма част от нея. Просто новото за мен беше твърде малък %, че да я оценя по-високо в личната си класация. Все пак, ако някой има отявлен проблем със запаметяването, бързото четене и други - това може да влезе като потребно четиво. Да се пробват описаните техники, които без да са революционни, понякога просто за пренебрегнати, или неосъзнато изпуснати от фокуса ни. А аз ще направя пореден опит да спра с мултитаскинга, с който добре се спогаждахме досега, защото научно обосновано съм наясно, че не работи добре за мозъка и го изпържва в дългосрочен план, вместо да го развива. Така книгата ми даде още един подтик да го направя.

Без алергии, но и далеч от постиженията на Брадли Купър в Limitless.
Profile Image for Matthew.
62 reviews4 followers
April 29, 2020
A written version of the podcast

If you listen to the podcast, you already have all the information needed from this book. If you haven't listened to the podcast and you get value out of reading, then you will find some value in this book.

Be warned: A LOT OF ACRONYMS involved with this book.

As an aside, some of our moms were horrible people and we'd rather not remember them even if it is a memory device.

Really, save yourself the money and listen to the podcast.
Profile Image for Raz Pirata.
70 reviews10 followers
July 20, 2020
“We’ve learned more about the brain in the past decade than in the previous course of history.”

Maybe once upon a time, while amid a daydream you imagined that you had a photographic memory and with that photographic memory you had the key to unlock the dreams of your choice. It abounds wealth, friends and lovers abundant, fame and appreciation rained down on you like confetti. Well, this is the life of Jim Kwik. You were dreaming you were him.

Master brain coach Jim Kwik has, as bewildering as it seems, become a superstar of teaching people the same techniques of the mind that have been available to anyone with a library card for the past 25 years. Yet his book Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster and Unlock Your Exceptional Life, is flying off the shelves faster than you can say ‘kwik’.

“Our most precious gift is our brain. It is what allows us to learn, love, think, create and even to experience joy.”

Limitless reads like an internet marketing freebie, ‘here are lots of things that I am great at and you can be to’. Which is true. Mr Kwik is not wrong. The techniques he presents work. His research is sound. I can attest to that as I have used many of the same techniques in my own memory practice. I happen to agree with just about everything he says in Limitless.

Where this book fails for me is with the surface coverage and scope of a subject which requires more depth. His stories of his time spent hanging out with Wolverine and Cyclops are self aggrandizing and his ambivalence to the promises he makes to his readers is disingenuous. In his own words he speaks of the fact that he worked his memory to the point of hospitalization yet one gets the feeling that he is selling the promise that by reading this book or signing up for his online seminar you too will be fluent in Mandarin and remembering the names of everyone you meet.

“Through deep practice, ignition, master coaching, anyone can develop a talent so deep it looks like genius.”

Jim’s super and limitless memory is spectacular, his strategies for teaching and learning hit the mark. It also is not as though the book was all bad. It is an easy read; I imagine it would do a marvelous job of motivating and inspiring a neophyte and I believe he is correct in stating that your mind is an incredible technology and with dedication you could develop a super memory that will unlock the doors to a limitless life.

More pep talk and sales pitch than playbook or field manual.

Overall Score: 2.4 / 5

In a Sentence: A book that won’t teach you how to get a limitless memory, but will tell all about what it is like to have one.
Profile Image for yAsAmAn.
95 reviews3 followers
January 13, 2022
خب بذارید اینجوری شروع کنم که من همیشه نسبت به کتاب‌هایی که تیتر این‌شکلی دارن یا کلا کتاب‌های مثبت اندیشی و روانشناسی زردو و اینا گارد داشتم و دارم؛ و فکرمیکردم این کتاب هم قطعا همینطوریه ولی اشتباه میکردم!
نمیگم این کتاب یه شبه زندگیمو تغییر داد و از این رو به اون رو شدمو هرچی میخوام الان دارم، نه😂 ولی خب خیلی حرفای منطقی‌ای به آدم یاد میده🤔 و نکته مثبتشم همینه مثلا‌ مثل اون کتاب سمیه معجزه شکرگزاری نمیگه بشین فکرکن که همه‌چی خوبه یا هی با خودت بگو فلان و همه چیز درست میشه اتفاقا میگه خوبه که بعضی از باورهاتو تغییر بدی ولی لازمه در کنارش مثلا روزی ۱۰دقیقه وقت بذاری و فلان کارو انجام بدی برای رسیدن به چیزی که میخوای...
خلاصه که اگه فکرمیکنید به دردتون میخوره پیشنهادش میکنم البته به شرطی که واقعا کارایی که میگه انجام بدید 😂 خودم هنوز به طور جدی همشو انجام ندادم ولی مثلا روش تندخوانیش و تمریناش واقعا جواب داد برای من؛ میانگین خوندنم از ۲۴۰ رسید به ۴۰۵😯
حالا ترغیب شدم خرده عادت‌��ا هم بخونم ببینم اون چی میگه ولی دیگه بعید میدونم برم سراغ اینجور کتابا🤔
همین دیگه😃
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September 20, 2022
کتاب‌های خودیاری زیادی نبودن که بتونن به من کمک کنن اما این تونست. این دو روزی که خوندم تغییرات محسوسی تو زندگیم به وجود اوردم و مطئنم میتونم بهشون پایبند بمونم، به این معنی نیست که این کتاب معجزه میکنه یا روش‌های خارق‌العاده‌ای توشه، فقط مجموعه‌ای از همه روش‌های یادگیری‌ای که اتفاقا خیلیاشونو به ما اموزش دادن رو جمع کرده. چیزی که برای من متفاوت کرد این کتابو این بود که بهم نشون داد چرا بهشون نیاز دارم و بهم نشون داد به چی نیاز دارم تا راحت‌تر کنترل کنم خودم رو. تا راحت‌تر تاثیر بذارم.
خوندن این کتاب برای من یه تحربه موفق و مفید بود برای دیگران ممکنه نباشه. خود کتاب هم میگه اگه داری این کتاب رو میخونی یعنی حس کردی نیاز داری بدونی این چیزها رو، اگه نیاز رو حس نکنی واقعا هیچ کتابی به درد نمیخوره.

یه خوبی‌ای که هم داره، اینه که تکنیک‌های خوداموزی و یادگیری کتاب محور رو میگه، و خود من هیچوقت با کتاب اونقدر که با کلاس، یاد نمیگرفتم. رفرنس خوندن تو دانشگاه مثلا برای من خیلی عبث بود چون تقریبا هیچی نمی‌فهمیدم از حجم عظیمش. ولی اینطوری خیلی راحت‌تر میشه.
امسال قصد دارم کتابای ناداستان هم بخونم و میخوام فقط نخونم، یاد هم بگیرم پس اولین کتابم امسالو گذاشتم این کتاب.

من به تجربه خودم امتیاز دادم چون چنین بخش‌هایی رو ایگنور کردم ولی باید پذیرفت که خیلی زیادی از خودش، ارتباطش با سلبریتی‌ها و بسته‌های فلان و سایت و پادکست و این چیزا میگفت. ولی خوب مغزم با احترام به توصیه‌های خودش همه رو ایگنور کرد.

لینک طاقچه
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May 25, 2020
I am not being totally fair with three stars, I kind of speed read through the whole book and might have missed important information, but it is mostly a recollection of Kwik's online content, YouTube and Podcasts. There is little new information, just some extra advice in tips and some changes in acronyms. Anyway I believe Jim is one of the best mind coaches out there, his message is clear as well as the results. I'm just saying that the book is quite repetitive if you already follow Jim and other Mind Hack techniques.
I definitely recommend people getting this book if you want to improve your memory, learning capacity, brain health, and speed reading. Jim also is a self-help guy, he doesn't want people to just learn to memorize, but learn how to apply and use this knowledge.
Anyway, "f knowledge is power, learning is your superpower" - Jim Kwik

I recommend, "Moonwalking with Einstein," and "Unlimited Memory," the two books that got me in this path.
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May 3, 2020
If you can skip around some (ok, I think it's a little more than "some") fillers, this book is ok. There are several really useful memory techniques which I'll put into practice. And I'll never forget, without using those techniques, that reading Jim's childhood story is really touching and inspiring.
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April 7, 2021
Ļoti laba, saturīga un vērtīga grāmata. Daudzus padomus jau esmu ieviesis savā ikdienā.

“It’s not “How smart you are?” But “How are you smart?”.

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June 8, 2021
Na úvod jedna podstatná informácia - nevyhľadávam motivačné knihy. Nie som cieľovka, nefunguje na mňa ten štýl. Čo ale vyhľadávam a rada čítam, sú knihy o psychike a psychológii, mozgu, duševnom či fyzickom zdraví. Jim Kwik žne u nás samé chvály a tešila som sa, že mi parádne rozšíri obzory. A... ukázalo sa, že je to tá najmotivačnejšia motivačná kniha, akú som kedy držala v ruke.

Jim Kwik sľubuje, že oslobodí vašu myseľ, zbaví ju i vás hraníc a naučí vás používať ju úplne revolučným spôsobom. Naučí vás lepšie sa učiť, lepšie si pamätať, lepšie a rýchlejšie čítať. Urobí z vás skutočne "všemocného" (na tento film sa rád a často odvoláva). Lenže to sľubuje bez preháňania viac ako polovicu knihy a k praktickým radám sa dostane až v poslednej tretine.
Dovtedy si prečítate o Jimovom životnom príbehu - tu bez irónie hovorím, že je obdivuhodné, ako sa dokázal prekonať a aké obrovské úspechy dokázal. Ďalej o úspechoch jeho zverencov a dozviete sa o mnohých Jimových stretnutiach s celebritami, ktorým zmenil život. Je z toho cítiť úprimné nadšenie a nie chvastúnstvo, takže vás to nebude dráždiť - len stále budete čakať teda na odomknutie tej Jimovej skrinky plnej uzitočných trikov, ale Jim vás zatiaľ bude skôr povzbudzovať, aby ste si verili, ako to dokážete a ako si máte všetko zorganizovať nanovo a lepšie. Dobre, tu fakt nie som cieľovka, nie som podnikateľka, nechodím prednášať, nerobím projekty, neučím sa nič nové... Ja som napríklad iba chcela konečne získať schopnosť zapamätať si mená na prvé počutie a necítiť sa a nepôsobiť pri ďalšom stretnutí s dotyčným ako ignorantka. A teda povedala som si, že celkovo by som si tú pamäť rada refreshla.

Jimova technika na zapamätanie si slov z jeho príkladu fungovala super, ale tých trikov by sa mi zišlo viac. Tisíckam ľudí však Jim Kwik naozaj zmenil život. A pokiaľ máte radi motivačné knihy, máte dvasať alebo aj raz toľko, ale prácu, v ktorej potrebujete výrazne zmeniť organizáciu, pružnosť či vaše prezentácie, budete nadšení. Myseľ bez hraníc rozhodne nezatracujem, mne by ale viac sadlo menej motivačných rečí a success stories a viac praktických rád a zaujímavých faktov.

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August 3, 2020
This is totally crap work.total waste of time. He is marketer par excellence.just writes a book to promote his video. Ever paragraph has a reference of another book and author. .avoid.
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January 8, 2022
By constantly comparing, many people mistakenly think that others are fundamentally smarter or more talented. Frustration about this keeps us from reaching our own full potential.
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January 12, 2022
بیشتر انتظار داشتم یه عالمه روش و این چیزا بگه ولی بیشتر داستان بود و از افراد معروف ک فلان شدن و چمیدونم بعد از دوره های من موفق شدن و اینا،راحت میشه مطالب کتابو با یه سرچ توی گوگل پیدا کرد
واقعن اونقدری ارزش وقت گذاشتن نداره
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