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Faeling for Them (Eight Wings Academy #1)
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Faeling for Them

(Eight Wings Academy #1)

4.04  ·  Rating details ·  745 ratings  ·  77 reviews

In a world where witches hate the Fae, Gabriella has just broken the borders between the races wide open...

Gabriella is a bad witch. Well, she's not evil, she just sucks at magic, and when she turns eighteen, the unthinkable happens: she grows a pair of wings.

Human born Fae are nothing new. An oddity to be sure, but witch born Fae?

They're a whole other ball of wax.

Kindle Edition, 234 pages
Published September 26th 2019
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Average rating 4.04  · 
Rating details
 ·  745 ratings  ·  77 reviews

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Helle Gade
Oct 01, 2019 rated it it was amazing
OHMYGODS!!!! That ending was beyond epic!!!! Seriously, I'm going to suffer from this book hangover for days. I love love lovedthis book!!! I'm dying to get my grubby hands on book two.

This was a completely different type of omega verse than I have read before. It was completely awesome! Oh and the author owes me some chocolate to recover from the scorching heat in the end.

I highly recommend this book. You won't be disappointed.
Oct 04, 2019 rated it really liked it
Serena Akeroyd has got to be one of my favorite authors when it comes to RH. Her plots are always interesting. And for those of you who like good steam, she's the author for you. I don't know what it is, but she writes some filthy sexy scenes! Can't wait for book two to be released this month.
Nov 29, 2019 rated it it was ok
Shelves: reverse-harem
Faeling For Them was so slow. I felt like the whole book was like a prologue more than a first book in a series. Things are happening but not enough, it's just bland for the content presented in this one.

Gabriella is okay, I didn't find her anything special. Her harem was even less interesting than her. It just feels like we spent so much time on the mundane stuff that we forget to add any kind of liveliness to our main characters. All of them felt stiff and just very minimally fleshed out in
Sep 27, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Faeling HARD for Them

Going into this book I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but being a big fan of this author, I had faith that she would deliver another book that I loved. And again, she didn't disappoint.

Gabriella, the female main character is a witchborn Fae. She kept the Fae-part hidden from her family for years. Why? Witches hate Fae and vice versa. Upon her discovery she has to attend Eight Wings academy, an academy for Fae. At the Academy she's isolated herself. The Fae don't
Natalie panda eyes
Sep 29, 2019 rated it really liked it
Shelves: rh-recs
So it is academy and it is omegaverse, so I liked the majority but towards the end things start going in a different direction.

Gabrielle is strong prickly and as the guys say make a hedgehog look cuddly and the only witch fae hybrid. Three guys Joseph, Matthew and Daniel. Multiple POVs.

No knotting but does go down the alpha omega route. I liked how all four of them are clueless and discovering things together. The change caught me off guard at first but I’d like to see where this one goes. Does
Lindsey Thompson
Thought the book was interesting but one thing that bothers me is when the book cover looks nothing like the description of the main character. Gabrielle is Hispanic with mocha skin and black hair and the girl on the front cover (which I would like if it fit) is blonde?
Dec 28, 2019 rated it did not like it
Slooooooowwww and boring. The main was angry for me thanks.
Abby Huehl
Sep 30, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Strong, sassy, and sexy!

I love, love, love this book! And impatiently waiting for the second book!! This isn't my first paranormal read, but my first from Serena and she has me sold again! I need to read all her other books and I want more from this troupe. Her story telling and descriptions draw me in every time and give me a steamy hug ;)

Gabriella has a lot stacked against her because if being a terrible witch isn't enough let's add a set of wing. The Fae and witches will be thrilled just
Heather Gilbert
Oct 28, 2019 rated it really liked it

This really breaks the mold of the typical academy RH, adding in some omega verse rules, New Fae myths, Intriguing world building and a reluctant bond that is just getting started. Very entertaining.

- Very Intriguing.
- Latina FMC... finally!!
- Mixed language throughout.
- Only The important parts are really covered, so you jump forward in time a few instances, eliminates drivel or filler writing.

- It’s a bit hard to get into in the beginning.
- omega verse just may mess up your
Sydney Hopke
Sep 30, 2019 rated it really liked it

This is different then I'm used to reading but WOW! As with all this author's books it packs a punch, you want more! And the ending well hopefully it won't be a long wait until the next book
Jan 05, 2020 rated it liked it
This is kinda different. I'll admit....Gabriella isn't one of those likable characters. I liked her more towards the end than I did at the beginning. She was cantankerous and against pretty much everything. You know she didnt want to be there and did everything she could to get sent home. Nope...someone wants her there. She's ignored by all the students and the staff dislike her immensely. Her behavior is understandable. She was born witch and later got wings. The Fae arent the greatest people ...more
Jan 05, 2020 rated it really liked it
Gaby spends 8 months suffering loneliness at the academy for the fae, she happens to be from a human/witch/fae descend. Someone helps makes it so that she passes her big exam and is promoted to a warrior in training. Then the males she was obsessed about all along pay her some attention and she becomes their troupe's fourth member. Too bad she has no warrior abilities, in fact she can hardly fly with her wings let alone use a sword.
They all learn that the men are her Virgo, or in other words,
Jan 04, 2020 rated it really liked it
Different take of Fae and witches!

This was a quirky story about a very angry, snarky and fed up witch who just wants to go back to being a regular witch instead of a Fae witch hybrid.

Throw in an academy of Fae where you are taught to duel in the sky, some delicious men that are growly and are turning into baser animals following the instinct of mating and you have yourselves an interesting story.

This was a quick read that I read in one go and a great foundation for the upcoming books.
Jan 11, 2020 rated it it was amazing

Another Amazing Book by Serena Akeroyd!
I would totally recommend this book! It's got Fae , Witches, and an a*hole instructor you wanna slap( not in a good way, like really needs a b**** slap)
I really like Gabriella's Sass. She can definitely keep.her Virgo in line... Unless they Growl... Yeah need to know more about that!!
I see book 2 is already out so I'm gonna go get my fix!!
Book 2 here I come!!
Scroll up and Click But or Read on KU!
Enjoy! You won't be dissapointed!!
Dec 21, 2019 rated it liked it
Waited for all three books to be published before I read.
I'm a fan of her Quintessence Series and Kingdom Of Veronia, but somehow this series was a huge build-up to a very small explosion. I kept hoping that it would get better.

There are some interesting ideas, but overall the characters weren't that well developed.
Kinda rushed and the whole trilogy read like the author was trying to catch a trend wave with the recent interest in 'Academy Romance', but got a low impact on shore.

Jonte-Tehani Ioane
Jan 01, 2020 rated it really liked it
I can dig it

Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this book, but I like it so far. Some of the writing caught me off guard and felt almost overwhelming with the descriptions but prob better to over describe than not enough. Not sure who my favorites are yet and I’m not sure how I feel about the MC now with the bond changing all of them. definitely going to read the next one to see what happens next.
Jan 13, 2020 added it
I'm not going to leave a star review. I always feel bad leaving anything less than 2 stars. But this was sooooo slow. I couldn't get into this. I fell asleep reading it which is unheard of for me. I really liked the premise but I was disappointed. I'm sorry. I feel bad but we can't all love them all. I'm glad others enjoyed this. I CAN see how some people could like this. Just too slow for me to keep interested.
Brittny Scott
Jan 11, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Confusing at first

I was terribly confused at first reading this. Almost to the point where, if I would’ve closed the book for good, I would’ve been fine. But something kept me going, and suffice to say I’m happy I did. I’m not used to reverse harems where the men are appalled at the situation. Can’t wait for the next.
Katie Jane
Jan 03, 2020 rated it it was amazing

As always a great read from the author. The world building and attention to details in the plot always makes for an enjoyable read. It’s the extra effort put in which makes her books one click. Going straight into book 2
Juliana Gross
Jan 07, 2020 rated it really liked it

I had to finish this book. It started somewhat slow, but once I got to know everybody I couldn’t put this book down. The first book is a great introduction for this series, can’t wait for the next book.
Meka Weaver
Dec 16, 2019 rated it really liked it
Great new adventure

I really loved this new world. This was completely different then I was used too. It took me a few chapters to really get into. (All the world building and new fae words. Took me a minute) but after I had everything straight. I flowed right through this book. I loved it. It was entertaining, full of angst, drama, suspense and a really great ploy. Gabriela is a bad@ss and fantastic FMC! I really enjoyed and will jump right into the next book.
Does end in a cliffhanger but all
Stephanie Willett-marion
Dec 23, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Great storyline

I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the storyline and the characters. I can't wait to find out more about Gab
Tabitha Wildman
Dec 09, 2019 rated it liked it
2.75 stars

I REALLY wanted to like this story. From the very beginning I was clueless, and still am. I guess it took leaps into the urban fantasy and paranormal realm that doesn't resonate as "true" or "right" ... it's had to describe. The possibilities for the story just doesn't mesh with any sort of reality to bring in that realism that makes the story more relatable.

I mean, for real, they're in their mid-twenties going to an academy for whatever reason that isn't fully explained, yet teaching
Mary Brannian
Dec 12, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Faeling For Them...

Gabriella, a witch, who manifests into more... Not just a human born Fae, but a witch born one. Eighteen years of hiding what she was among humans, to begin a path to discovering just what she actually is...

Joseph, Matthew, Daniel... Three Fae warriors determined to prove themselves, to reap glory and remove all stigma from their lives and family names... Well on their way until they meet Gabriella... Snarky, defensive Gabriella; a witch born Fae with the power to bring them
Dec 15, 2019 rated it did not like it
Shelves: dnf, i-quit
DNF at 8%

This book is boring. At like 6%, we are literally already being taught a history lesson. That is not a way to start a book. This author missed the hook by a mile. Reviews don't leave a lot of hope that things will pick up, either.

Disclaimer: All my DNFs get 1 star. I know it's a major point of contention and is seen as a reviewer faux pas for a lot of people, but I don't care. My review, my rules. Peer pressure can suck itself.
Dec 12, 2019 rated it really liked it
I wasn’t sure how to feel about this book at the beginning. It started slow and seemed to be just Gabriella complaining a lot but it picked up in the second half. So much so that I found myself lost in the book and really enjoyed it. I love anything to do with the fae and I liked that Serena mixed in a bit of alpha and omega relationships in to it. With that wicked ending I can’t wait to see how the next book is.
Dec 11, 2019 rated it really liked it
Muddy ending

** 3.5 stars on it's way to 4 stars **
I felt like this story was bigger than 3 books. It glosses over her time in the academy (a whole year, almost). It's definitely not a bully RH, but her time there almost doesn't feel important either, more an afterthought. There true plot begins when the troupe forms and she finds her Virgo mates. I think more time should have been sent here earlier on, then the ending wouldn't have felt so muddy. Just like the FMC, I felt a little isolated from
Britt B
Dec 08, 2019 rated it liked it
Nice concept, but...

I liked the concept of this book, vutbthe first half was incredibly boring. The few things that I've found in RHs that keep the story are going good character development and great dialogue. World building is important, but too much surrounding detail can be too much. Also, the FMC barely speaks to anyone in the first half and after some time her negative bravado was irritating.

Like I said the second half was better, but more insta-lust reactions instead of true character
Dec 11, 2019 added it
The story has its good parts but I have to admit it was sorta boring. The narration were long and felt as if one description was dragged on and on.

I wouldn't say not to try this series because it wasn't terrible. The writing is good and plot is not bad.

I think the Insta mating making the characters to do a 180 personality wise might be another reason why this didn't work for me.

Skimming through she's apparently the submissive omega to her alpha mates. Not much of a fan of female submission
Dec 12, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Loved, loved, Lucking Foved it!!

Man oh man am I glad that I waited until all 3 books were out. Cause yea I have no patience and am sooooooo glad that I can now just go right on to the next book cause this book was Aucking Fwesome!!
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Serena Akeroyd is a romanceaholic. She won’t touch a book unless she knows there’s a happy ever after at the end of it. Pathetic as it may be, because of this addiction, Serena decided to craft her own tales, stories that suit her voracious need for raunchy romance. After all, a love story ain’t a lurve story without a bit of raunch!
A citizen of the world, Serena is a nomad at heart, and her

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