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Dare Me

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**This book and series have been rebranded to Chasing Love: Sawyer in the Wild Romance Saga by Kelly Shandwick on Goodreads for clarity of reading order.
Chasing Love Billie is book one in the series.
Book two Chasing Love: Sawyer
Book three Chasing Love: James
Book four Chasing Love: Tricia
Book five coming Dec Chasing Love: Erin
Book six coming Dec Chasing Love: Ryder

When Sawyer Wild dared a stranger to ask him to kiss her, he had no idea that kiss would leave its mark.
With her estranged husband looking on, a normally shy Billie Collier, the gorgeous older, soon-to-be divorcee, shocked herself and complied.
Leaving the wine bar alone, Sawyer felt they had unfinished business when the memory of their all-to-brief, blistering chemistry had left him with an ache he'd been unable to shake.
Ten months later, a second chance to know Billie unexpectedly fell into his hands and he grabbed it.
Love, be it a slow burn or hard and fast, usually happens when it is least expected. Sawyer accepted love is love and was confident he could smooth most of the bumps on the road, after all the path to true love never runs smooth. However, in Billie's case accepting that she was enough took a little longer to achieve. 

Published January 30, 2020

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K.L. Shandwick

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K.L. Shandwick is an international bestselling author of over twenty-five novels. She writes New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense stories. Her writing is inspired by imperfect people; each striving to carve out their own piece of happiness from life. Her emotional novels have gained a loyal following for her 'real to life' characters who sometimes face challenges in their quest for love. Many readers have fallen for her book boyfriends and when K.L. isn't writing, she lives in the English countryside with her husband and enjoys live music and socializing with friends

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294 reviews9 followers
December 5, 2021
Chasing Love book 2 is from the gorgeous Sawyer's pov, his challenge continues....

So Sawyer's endeavour to capture Billie's heart has payed off , she believes him when
he says he adores her and wants a life with her.

Billie is swept up in the tide of attention and affection Sawyer has shown her.
She may have said yes to his requests, but she feels unworthy , after all she
comes with a son and an unstable ex husband, who take up all of her time.
She has so many doubts...
Can they really work as a couple ?
How long before Sawyer walks away having had enough of her problems?
She would never recover from his loss, so maybe while it's early days....

This is where Sawyer shows how strong and deep his love for Billie really is.
Nothing is too much, too extreme, too extravagant for his girl. My heart melted
all through the story, Sawyer was just swoon worthy and precious.

The first story in this duet had more romance, however the chemistry Billie and Sawyer
have together in this book is just explosive.
Another beautifully written and thought provoking book by this amazing author.
Profile Image for Jan .
2,154 reviews45 followers
January 30, 2020
"Love hurts, no-one lives without it leaving a scar, when you open your heart you invite pain"

DARE ME is the second part of Billie and Sawyers's journey told in Sawyers pov, so from a male point of view.

When I finished DARE YOU, I was nervous, I felt this book finished were most books normally would, Sawyer and Billie were together and I honestly didn't know what the second part of their story would contain other than to tie up loose ends.

Sawyer melted me to a puddle of goo yet again with his words, his maturity and his love for Billie.
I thought he was too good to be true in book one, I could only think of the word dreamboat to accurately describe a guy like Sawyer when I first met him in Dare you but this younger man who fell hard for an older woman just melted me to an, even more, bigger puddle in DARE ME and I kept waiting for the drama, the angst, for my hopes I had built in him to shatter especially when he went on tour with his band but they didn't, not once.

I've been trying sum up DARE YOU and ask, have you ever finished a book, loved the characters and not wanted to let go yet? Well, DARE YOU takes you on the next leg of Billie and Sawyers journey and I suppose the best way to describe it is "LIFE and LOVE", finding your feet in a new relationship, learning to talk through issues together, learning to trust one another and embracing life together as a couple and then as a family.

A heartwarming and realistic journey of two people's trials in life and love and how they grow as a partnership and a couple.

Gifted an arc copy by the Author for review purposes.

DARE ME, book two of the Dare Duet is live.
Profile Image for Wendy Hodges.
2,225 reviews34 followers
January 27, 2020
Sawyer is amazing, so mature for his age and very understanding and empathetic, he rarely loses his temper and if something doesn't seem quite right he can usually reason it out easily and calmly. Billie has had to deal with a lot and still can't believe her luck with Sawyer, Colby instinctively knows Sawyer is good for both of them. This story is the second part of a duet, it is emotional and romantic, it has a very real life feel to it even though it is fiction. It deals with real life issues that many everyday people have to deal with such as marriage breakups and moving on, shared custody and even sibling rivalry. Some of the content is very deep and meaningful while other parts are more light hearted, it also contains some smokin hot sexual content. I found it gripping and entertaining, sweet and loving. I enjoyed getting lost in the words and all the emotions evoked during the reading. The teasing and easy banter to the difficult, even when it came to issues within the band it was interesting but hard hitting. This story really has it all with fabulous characters that I took to my heart and loved. I am very much looking forward to more of them in future books and seeing how they all evolve and grow as a family both blood and friendship. This author always manages to right stories that are so easy to identify with and believe, I absolutely loved it.
Profile Image for Julia Butterfield - Stevens.
800 reviews8 followers
January 27, 2020
Sweet, sexy conclusion to this beautifully written heart warming duet. I've loved Sawyer and Billie's story, it's made me all smiley and warm inside.

Sawyer Wild is just the most incredible man. The way he makes Billie feel, the way he helps her believe in herself and the way he loves her so completely made me swoon. Billie absolutely blossomed and I loved how her confidence grew throughout. She's kind and forgiving, but no walkover in the way she handles her ex and makes Sawyer see sense over a few things too, especially the rift with his brother James. They have amazing hot chemistry and are perfect for each other.

This story continues straight on from Dare You. There is less angst and drama but it is no less enthralling. Their relationship is established so it's great to see more depth as fears and insecurities are tackled and we see further development of their character, trust and of course their love.

Highly recommended and I'm excited for what is coming next with some of the supporting characters.
January 27, 2020
Well what can I say about this book, except bloody BRILLIANT!!

I really enjoyed getting to know Sawyer and Billie in Dare You Book 1 of this duet but Book 2 Dare Me is most definitely my favourite.
K.L. Shandwick has definitely knocked it out of the park with this one. It's a story that felt so true to real life dealing with real family issues where divorces and new families coming together are concerned.

Sawyer and Billie are absolutely perfect for each other despite there been an age gap. Sawyer may be younger than Billie but he brings out a confidence in her she lost during her marriage and the love they show for each other just goes to show there is a perfect match out there for everyone.

This duet contains some fantastic secondary characters and I look forward to reading their stories in the near future.
Profile Image for Suzie.
560 reviews6 followers
October 13, 2021

Book two of the duet was even better than the first. The story follows on from the first however this one is from Sawyers POV. Couldn’t get enough of it.
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,141 reviews55 followers
February 24, 2020
Billie and Sawyer may have fallen in love and found their way to each other, but their journey has just begun. Billie is still dealing with the aftermath of her divorce and is just waiting for Sawyer to realize that she is a woman with too responsibilities and too much baggage for the long term. Sawyer is trying to show Billie by word and deed that the only place he wants to be is by her side and everything she deals with only makes him love her more.

This is a story about a deep love where each partner only wants the other to be happy and they accept each other as they are. They have their period of adjustments as most relationships do but once they feel secure in the unwavering love between them it makes them stronger as individuals and as a couple.
Profile Image for Pauline Cassie.
880 reviews37 followers
January 30, 2020
4.5 Amazing stars

With Dare Me, we have the continuation of Billie and Sawyer's journey into HEA and beyond.

I enjoyed that it was written from Sawyer's perspective this time, rather than Billie's.

The method used by the author having a duet with each part written from a different character's point of view, was refreshing in my opinion.

Sadly (because I'm totally jealous of Billie!!) Sawyer seems perfect in every possible way! Has any man ever dealt with a hormonal partner and an ex-husband quite like Sawyer? I think not!

DON'T be put off reading Dare Me because Billie and Sawyer got their HEA in Dare You. This is so much more than an extended epilogue, trust me!

Bravo KL!
Profile Image for Michele McMullen .
2,209 reviews63 followers
March 6, 2020
Dare Me is the second part in the Billie and Sawyer story . They each have so many obstacles in their lives and learning to trust one another, the age gap and ex lovers are still causing turmoil in their world. Billie is still dealing with the realization that Sawyer is absolutely in love with her and will do anything to make her believe in him and herself. Sawyer is not only handsome and sexy but so loving, romantic, caring and so mature beyond his years. Billie is it for him and he only wants to show her that daily . Their story gave me such a warm tingling feeling inside . Loved it !!
~~Michele McMullen ~~
Profile Image for Ann Meemken.
342 reviews3 followers
January 27, 2020
This is a duet series. I loved book one. This one is done in Sawyer's point of view. OMG I thought I loved book one but this one just slams it out of the park. Sawyer is so swoon worthy. He is loving, patient, kind, compassionate, and just a beautiful human being. Billie grows so much in this story. She is an amazing mother, patient, kind and loving. They compliment each other so well. I loved how the story takes you on a journey that is so real life. It tackles some huge issues of blended families. It was so beautifully written. I look forward to reading James and Tricia's story soon.
162 reviews2 followers
January 25, 2020
Sometimes you read part one of a duet and it’s so good, you really don’t think that book 2 can match it. Not only does Dare Me equal Dare You , it exceeds .
You fall for Billie and Sawyer in Dare You & Dare Me follows this couples amazing love story from dating to building the family that Sawyer didn’t know that he needed so bad.
Continuing exactly where Dare You left off, KL writes such a solid storyline, the highs , the lows, the blended family dynamic is off the charts
For Those who have been in Sawyers situation will recognise those emotions the are so very well written.
Of course a cameo by my favourite KL Rockstar was a massive bonus!
1,129 reviews44 followers
January 30, 2020
Left off where Dare You finished. Sawyer couldn’t be happier that Billie isn’t bothered by their age difference anymore. You see Billie growing more confident throughout the story, she wants all their baggage gone so they can move on with their lives.
Another amazing read as you watch Billie and Sawyer deal with everyday struggles and insecurities, and at times a battle to make it work, another amazing story with all the feels.
Profile Image for Sille .
311 reviews2 followers
March 5, 2020
This is the second book in the Dare Duet, and the continuation of Billie, and Sawyer's story. This was another great addition to their journey, in this book we get to experience Sawyers POV, and see what an amazing man he is, and perfect life partner for Billie. This was emotional, raw, gripping, sweet, steamy, intense, and dramatic.

Although this author is fairly new to me, I will definitely be looking into reading other books from her, and I recommend reading this Duet.
Profile Image for Lori Hammons.
2,199 reviews15 followers
September 24, 2020
The rest of Sawyer and Billie's story is just as amazing as the beginning! The compassion and respect these two have for each other and those in their circle is unparalleled. Colby has the best input for a 10 year old. This is a must read series.
Profile Image for Heather Woodman.
38 reviews
January 30, 2020
Absolutely loved this book! The continuation of Billie and Sawyer’s story kept me on my toes as the path of true love never runs straight! Throughout this book I fell harder and harder for Sawyer - he’s such a gentleman and a thoroughly good guy 🖤 a gorgeous compliment to the first half of this duet.
Profile Image for Kathy.
1,412 reviews7 followers
January 31, 2020
Part 2 - Dare Me proves that love can be so much better the second time around. Billie finally realizes she's so much more and with Sawyer's help comes to embrace her new life. Sawyer can be a bit much but never doubted his heart and his scenes with Billie's son Colby were so sweet. I love that Billie made Sawyer face his demons although I thought he was a little slow in getting there. Looking forward to Sawyer's brother James and Billie's bff Tricia's duet this spring.
Profile Image for Karen Hrdlicka.
1,074 reviews21 followers
January 12, 2020
KL Shandwick knocked this duet out of the park. Dare Me continues the story from Dare You but from Sawyer's point of view. As Billie and Sawyer move forward in their relationship, lots of obstacles pop up for them to overcome. Along the way Billie becomes more assertive with her opinions. Which isn't always popular with Sawyer, but eventually he tends to listen to her. No longer so concerned about their age difference, Billie is becomes more confident of her place in Sawyer's world and family. I loved watching Billie's growth through the duet and the developing and cementing of the couple's relationship.
Sawyer is an amazing character. He is the very definition of swoon worthy. Ms. Shandwick needs to find a way to bottle him so the reader can sprinkle some of his passion and care on their own men. Ms. Shandwick has a knack for creating great characters that stick with you long after the story is over. Billie and Sawyer embody those characters. I enjoyed the banter between the author's characters and the passion and the oh-so-sexy times in this book. This is the kind of book you will find hard to put down, I know I did.
387 reviews17 followers
August 16, 2020
As good a Book 1

Soooo based on real life challenges of a new couple. Full of wonderful sweet moments and naughty one too. As Sawyer and Billie's relationship deepen as the became more invested and committed through marriage. There were lots of learning curves and hurdles which makes them stronger. The healing of relationship between Sawyer and his older brother James, the Billie and Logan where the later came to terms with his new reality. The blooming new romance between Tricia, Billie's bff and James. Colby's new normal and his adjustment to having a having a bigger family through Sawyer and becoming a stepson and a brother. Such a wonderful and relatable story. I'm in love with this couple but excited to read about James and Tricia.
December 29, 2022
Sawyer & Billie ... A perfect romance

is the continuation of Sawyer Wild and Billie Collier's story. This time it is told entirely from the perspective of Sawyer. KL Shandwick has done absolute justice to this amazing couple by continuing to show how they love, support and trust in one another. In book one, Dare You, we were given the opportunity to watch as Sawyer and Billie fell in love. In book two, DARE ME, we get to see how their loves shines and continues to grow.

As Sawyer and Billie's relationship grows through their love and understanding, they now face conflicts from outside. Dealing with shared custody, a jealous and unrepenting ex, a tour with a band that is falling apart, Sawyer and Billie continually take one step at a time toward their future. An unexpected surprise changes everything, but it only makes their little family stronger and brings them closer together. I simply adored how Sawyer supported Bille and was always doing things to keep their romance alive, even when they were apart. I also loved the way he was with Colby, giving him a father figure, he was sometimes lacking in.

nothing is easy in this story. There is some heavy hitting matters dealt with, especially when it comes to the tour and Sawyer's band members. Logan, Billie's ex also presents a situation that Ms. Shandwick dealt with in her usual elegant style. Amongst the hard-hitting moments are those that are also filled with pure joy and elation. It was wonderful to see Billie continue to grow from strength to strength, and to see Sawyer grow with her. Ms. Shandwick has allowed their development, both individually and as a couple, to move forward at a realistic rate. It was a pleasure to witness.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable duet to read. Ms. Shandwick got everything exactly right ... two unforgettable characters with a story that will remain in your heart. I really look forward to reading more in this series ... James and Trisha's story more likely going to be just as heartfelt.

Read and Reviewed for Reading Is Our Satisfaction

✨✨✨✨✨ FIVE STARS ✨✨✨✨✨
February 10, 2020
Love wins

Billie and Sawyer continue to move forward at a slow pace as Sawyer builds her confidence up. Logan wants back what he lost and Sawyer's ex is just as nasty and bitchy and manipulative as she has always been.
Working with all these problems and problems in his band Sawyer wants Billie to be his in everyway.
This story is written beautifully with a true reflection of how this plays out in real life. KL Shandwick has a gift for giving you amazing reads!!!
Profile Image for Sue Robertson.
88 reviews3 followers
November 19, 2021
Another amazing read. Loved reading this story from Sawyers point of view. Billie and Sawyer continuing their journey and getting their HEA. Brilliant end to a great story ❤️
Profile Image for Theresa Ritchie.
752 reviews
March 7, 2020
Wow dare me dare duet part 2 was amazing love I.l. Shandwick books they get you hooked from the start cant wait to read more books by kl Shandwick highly recommend any of her books
Profile Image for Christina  Thomas.
228 reviews3 followers
March 3, 2020
I read the first 2 books and did enjoy them. I'm hoping there will be more to their story. This was my first reads by this author and I enjoyed her work.
Profile Image for Tammy Dove.
55 reviews
September 20, 2020
Reading Billie and sawyer relationship was a hot read and highly recommending reading. KL Shandwick does it again 💖
Profile Image for Tricia.
430 reviews
January 31, 2020
Dare Me is the continuation of Sawyer and Billie’s story, told from Sawyer’s point of view and I loved getting inside his head. He is so calm and gentle, a very reasonable man, yet fiercely protective over Billy and Colby and I loved knowing what his thought process was in certain difficult situations.

It’s great to see Billie come into her own, she’s more confident in herself and in her relationship, stops questioning her choices and accepts her life as it clearly will be going forward with Sawyer. With her trust comes a sense of relief for Sawyer. Settling the nerves he hadn’t known he’d had, although it was very interesting seeing him on the back foot on occasions.

I would say this book is less angsty overall than Dare You but this couple’s journey is not without its challenges and, as with all things, life sometimes throws them a curve ball. However, as we’ve come to expect from them, I had no doubt they would weather whatever storms came along in life, together, each providing the support the other needed.

However, not every situation is one which needs to be overcome. This couple have a playful side too, as was evidenced by the way they kept in touch when Sawyer went on tour with his band. This author has a wonderful sense of humour and her phrasing, together with certain scenes between Billie and Sawyer had me rolling around laughing. I’m not going to spoil anything as you really need to experience these for yourself, but I’m still chuckling now thinking about them.

Dare Me is hugely enjoyable, the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, funny and emotional. It’ll pull on your heartstrings and steam up your kindle. I can’t wait to see what life and love has in store for the other characters in this series, especially Sawyer’s brother James next.
Profile Image for Ann (Literary Lust).
1,150 reviews19 followers
February 5, 2020
Dare Me is the second book in The Dare Duet and it continues Billie and Sawyer’s story from where Dare You left us. What I loved about this book is that Sawyer shares his POV throughout (Dare You was written in Billie’s) and it was lovely to read his thoughts and understand his feelings as the couple’s relationship moved forward.

Sawyer didn’t let me down. I had high hopes that the man that I absolutely adored by the end of Dare You would still remain on top of the pedestal that I had him on…. and he did. If anything, I’d have added an additional platform to raise it and he would be standing up there right now. I loved the effect that Sawyer had on Billie. She was very insecure in some ways in the first book and to see how much she changed due to Sawyer’s love was wonderful!

This part of the story sees Billie and Sawyer deal with the challenges that they not only came across in the beginning of their relationship, but those that also appeared as they became a family. As always KL Shandwick did a fabulous job of tackling real-life issues with care and consideration.

I felt that Dare Me was very realistic with its storyline and I loved witnessing how Sawyer and Billie worked through the obstacles that developed. They showed how perfect they were for each other and I loved the ways they made sure they stayed connected too. This second book had less drama and was less angsty than the first book but that is their journey. I award Dare Me 3.5-4 stars and I am keeping everything crossed that we will see more of this couple when James and Tricia’s duet releases in the near future, which I am really looking forward to.

Profile Image for Jennifer Pierson.
11.2k reviews145 followers
March 3, 2020
Dare Me is the conclusion to Billie & Sawyer's story, which means YOU HAVE TO READ Dare You (Book 1) FIRST! See, this story picks right back up where Book 1 left off, so do the right thing by reading them in order. At this point, there are very little detail from me regarding the story, so Dare You isn't ruined for others. Their chemistry is leveled up from HOT to EXPLOSIVE in this book. The emotional upheaval is ever present as Billie has all kinds of doubts about this man who is in it to win it (her), making some frustrating push & pull. Ms. Shandwick is a Jedi master when it comes to torturing her readers before it all comes to a head which hurts so good on the journey, and this brilliant style makes it impossible to put her books down once that first chapter is read. There are always plot twists that turn up the volume on my f-bomb dropping, and let me tell you, this is is my other happy place. I really don't want to give more away short & sweet is what you get, and now it's time for y'all to hit that one click button immediately, and if you haven't started the Dare Duet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!
Profile Image for Amanda McCalip.
609 reviews3 followers
March 3, 2020
Sawyer makes me freakin' swoon!! K.L. Shandwick picks this story up right where Dare You leaves off. This one is entirely in Sawyer's POV and I am in freaking love! This man is so amazing. He has the patience of a saint, he controls his temper even when I could understand him loosing it and he is genuinely a good man.

Billie has been through so much and she just can't believe that she has Sawyer. There are of course many emotions going on throughout the story and this one shows you real life can really hit you hard sometimes, but that it is possible to move on and move upwards even when it doesn't feel like it can or will happen. There are so many real life issues from divorce, to custody battles, to feeling completely and utterly broken. K.L. Shandwick does a beautiful job of piecing together our heroine while keeping it honest. There are many light hearted moments throughout this story and of course some steamy moments. This book was so good! I highly suggest this duet.
Profile Image for Alicia.
1,288 reviews5 followers
February 26, 2020
In this second part of the Dare duet we see the past and present through the eyes of Sawyer. And what a beautiful soul he is! Kind, intelligent, strong, empathetic, but no pushover, Sawyer is the perfect foil for Billie. Her shy, unassuming character, further undermined through her marriage, is safe in his loving care.
I loved seeing the rest of the story through his eyes and this part 2 is eventful, rich in plot and character development. There are so many relationship developments: Sawyer and Billie; Sawyer and Colby; Sawyer and James, all described with care and attention to detail, with a talented author's skill in bringing to life characters we have learned to care about.
This is a lovely, warm hearted, sexy and upbeat read which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Bring on James and Tricia!! 💖💖💖💖💖
February 8, 2020
A continuation of Billie and Sawyer’s story, it was great to jump back into their world.

This conclusion to the duet is told entirely in Sawyer’s point of view. And what a character! Wow if they packaged and sold versions of Sawyer, he would be a sellout! Caring and going above and beyond for his family, together with his attempts to keep the marriage alive and engaging, he’s a character who will have your crooning aww and having you panting with excitement.

This duet is an all encompassing love story that will make you feel all gooey and loved up. Whilst life may not run smooth, Sawyer is Billie’s rock and soulmate and their pairing is a beautiful match that is truly deserved.

Lovers of contemporary romance- this is a one-click must.
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