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The Dirty Dozen: ALPHA Edition

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12 Authors ~ 12 Novellas ~ 12 Alpha Men

A Cop
A Soldier
A Lumberjack
A Fighter
A Business Executive
A Firefighter
A Dom
A Warrior
A Doctor
An Architect
A Bar Owner
A Rockstar
None of them stood a chance against the women who would bring them to their knees.
Possession raged through their blood like a live wire.
Nothing will stop them from claiming what should be theirs, but…
Can the women gain the upper-hand, or will the Alphas dominate all?

Participating Authors:

The Fighter – S.E. Rose
He’s an alpha, a fighter, and a loner. He never expected to be a protector.

The Doms – Sammy King
They wanted her, from the minute she walked through their door.
She was a virgin, who was ready to submit, to two masters.

The British Hunk – Gemma Arlington
You hurt me, more than I deserved, and that’s because I loved you more than you deserved.

Londyn for Christmas – Lana Cohen
Officer Shawn Banks likes his life exactly the way it is, with his job being his only true commitment.
The hot spitfire he gave a ticket to this morning won’t get in the way of that, or will she?

Doc Steel – DL Gallie
Autumn White is the girl Griffin Steel walked away from twenty years ago when he enlisted. Now he’s back and that spark is still there and it’s just as strong. Nothing will stop him from getting the girl…not even her ex.

Going Down in Flames – Natasha Thomas & Kay Maree
The flames burn hot, but their love burns hotter.
But what happens when the blaze is extinguished and all that is left is the ashes?

Come the Fall – Jolie Vines
On the run, protecting her baby nephew is all Autumn cares about.
Until, in a small snowy town, she meets a glowering alpha bar owner she can’t resist.

Plucked – MV Ellis
Rome: angry, edgy, rudely talented, broken Slavic bad boy.
King: book-smart, emotionally repressed all-American boy.
Quincy: hot as sin, and the reason this super-sexy duo is utterly, and thoroughly Plucked.

Coming Home – Cari Robe
Thomas Granger has out his military career behind him and is ready to start his life.
He never expected to also get a second chance with the love of his life.

How About Never -Leela Lou Dahlin
What happens when two non-believers of love try to teach each other a lesson? Will they change each other’s minds and be in love forever...How About Never.

Jasper – Gemma Arlington
When Jasper returns home for his parents’ anniversary, the last thing he expects is to find someone from his past.

His Warrior’s Heart – Ann Mickan
Sam Cullinan never knew he was a warrior until he was faced with the battle to protect everything that was important to him... including his warrior's heart.

1181 pages

First published December 18, 2019

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About the author

Kay Maree

36 books227 followers
International Best Selling Author Kay Maree is a mother and a wife. Born and raised in Newcastle, NSW Australia.
Her passion was to show her children that you are never to old to make your dreams come true.
Which is what lead Kay to write and publish Angel Mine in 2017.
With support from her family and friends, She has managed to accomplish something she never thought she could.

And Kay just hopes you fall in love with her characters as much as she has.


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733 reviews106 followers
January 19, 2020
*Come the Fall-Jolie Vines*
I enjoyed this. It was short and sweet.
2,840 reviews19 followers
December 21, 2019
Come the Fall did not disappoint😉

4-4.5🌟stars (Rating based on story Come the Fall)
💕🌶🔥 I sampled some of the other stories but the main attraction of this collection was a new romance by Jolie Vines. Come the Fall is an offshoot of her Marry the Scot series that I love but you do not have to read the series to enjoy this novella. It's well-written with likable characters and, though the sexual tension between the hero and heroine starts from their first perilous encounter, there's emotional connection as well. I just wish it had been a full-length novel.

👥 The British heroine, Autumn, was a minor character in Hero, the third romance in the Marry the Scot series. Contrite about her antics in the earlier story, Autumn is now totally focused on the welfare of her toddler nephew Benjamin. She's moved on from Scotland to small-town forested Washington State and who should she meet and fall for but a Scot! Well, Bull is half Scot, but he's definitely got the accent and the attitude of an alpha Scot.

🔥 The steamy scenes in this story don't hold back and do pack a punch, but the other pieces of the plot, including Bull's disappointments with a previous, conniving partner and the mysterious moves of Autumn's locked up sister, made it a multi-dimensional read on the fringes of their romance. I also liked the references to the area's connection to the setting for Stephanie Meyer's iconic vampire Twilight series.

I read a complimentary advance copy of the story; this is my voluntary and honest review.

Profile Image for Astraycat.
932 reviews76 followers
January 3, 2020
1. The Fighter – S.E. Rose 4stars
A great short read with a strong and sweet H saved h and her sister from danger.

2. The Doms – Sammy King 2.5 stars
Felt like an incomplete story.

3. The British Hunk – Gemma Arlington 1 star
Poor writing and plot, too many POV, incomplete story.
Profile Image for Viper Spaulding.
2,858 reviews18 followers
December 18, 2019
Some of these are outstanding, while others are simply passable.

This collection of romance novellas is sure to have something for everyone. It’s a real mixed bag, so I’ll give each one a quick summary:

The Fighter – S.E. Rose

Maverick runs a gym where young Cam comes to learn to defend herself. Bridget is her adult sister, who is working to free them both from the abusive home of their stepfather. The romance between Mav and Bridget was intense and beautiful as Mav works to empower both young women with the means and determination to protect themselves and take ownership of their lives. It’s a terrific story with a solid HEA.

The Doms – Sammy King

Alaina starts work as the housekeeper for the Caldwell brothers, Cash and Morrisey. The threesome that develops between them is based along typical BDSM standards, and the story ends with a HFN. This selection could have used a bit more proofreading and deeper emotional connections, but still it’s a fun and steamy read.

The British Hunk – Gemma Arlington

Rubi is visiting her cousin, Sibi, in London and meets Aidan, Sibi’s neighbor and friend. Turns out they have another connection, as Aidan’s business intersects with that of Rubi’s father. Rubi’s rather immature, and Aidan wasn’t much better. Their brief relationship crashes and burns, then the story says, “The End … For Now.” So unless you’re really interested in following this couple, you can safely skip this story altogether.

Londyn for Christmas – Lana Cohen

Londyn is the daughter of Richard’s mistress, and only after her mother’s death does she have a chance to get to know her father and his (and her) family. She also starts a somewhat torrid affair with a police officer who wrote her a ticket, only to find out that he’s supposedly engaged to the daughter of her father’s best friend. The convoluted story is simplistic at its core, and the characters are not as well-developed as one would hope. Still, there’s a sweet HEA for Londyn and Shawn, making it a much better story than the previous one.

Doc Steel – DL Gallie

This is a wonderful second-chance romance. Griff left just out of high school to join the Navy, and Autumn knew that meant they were through. Twenty years later, he’s out of the service and back in their hometown, and once he finds out that Autumn is single, he’s determined to show her that they still belong together. Winning her back is only the first hurdle, however, when her past comes back and threatens both their fledgling relationship and her son’s life. The author skillfully packs a lot of story into this short novella, and their hard-won HEA was a delight.

Going Down in Flames – Natasha Thomas & Kay Maree

Ryker and Sera’s meet-cute erupts into an intense insta-love, but their tempestuous relationship is hampered by secrets on both sides. And then there’s the one who wants nothing more than to blow up their entire lives in a wave of destruction. This nail-biting romantic suspense was thrilling, steamy, and swoony with non-stop action and an impressive cast of characters. And then it just abruptly ends on a cliffhanger, promising “Part Two Coming Soon.” Not for me. It was an interesting read, but not that interesting.

Come the Fall – Jolie Vines

This heartwarming romance is set just before Christmas, and introduces us to a wonderful small town where everyone takes care of each other. Autumn and Bull have such a strong connection, and I simply adored them both right from the start. There’s quite the mystery with Autumn’s family situation and Bull’s past, there’s some sadness and loss on the way to their HEA, and it’s all capped off by a beautiful epilogue. My favorite of all the stories in this anthology, this one by itself is worth buying the set.

Plucked – MV Ellis

Honestly, this story was a bit of a mess. Quincy, Rome, and King are all musicians; Rome and King are partners and they both compete for Quincy while all three are professionally competing against each other. At times you think it’s going to be a MFM, but at other times it’s a typical triangle where Quincy can’t choose which bad boy is best. Shallow writing and a threadbare plot ensures that the reader really doesn’t care who ends up with whom, although the story does end with some resolution for all three. This is another one you might wish you’d skipped.

Coming Home – Cari Robe

What a sweet, heartwarming story! Thomas and Ella, along with Mike, were a team of three since early childhood. Now after his years of service are over, Thomas is back in town and Mike is gone, leaving Ella a widow with a darling daughter. This story alternates between the present time and their earlier years, making all three main characters come alive right on the page. Thomas and Ella have some unfinished business, and the road to their HEA was both sad and triumphant.

Jasper – Gemma Arlington

Set in Alaska just before Christmas, this romance brings Jasper home for his parents’ wedding anniversary. He runs into childhood friend Kenzie, who’s grown up to be quite a lovely young woman. But Jasper is only visiting, and has no intention of starting something when he’ll be leaving soon. The writing could have used a little more polish, but the story was solid and the chemistry between Jasper and Kenzie was explosive, culminating in a sweet if abrupt HEA.

How About Never -Leela Lou Dahlin

Tempest is a fiery force of nature who can barely rein in her attraction to her friend, Zane. Both have carefully cultivated a reputation for themselves as sources of fun only, no commitments ever. When the chemistry between them finally ignites, it’s a take-no-prisoners game that can only be won by getting out of their own way and letting their hearts lead. There’s a solid HEA, followed by a teasing segue into a future story for another couple.

His Warrior’s Heart – Ann Mickan

Sam, a widowed father who lost his own father just a few years after his wife died, just wants to focus on raising his son, despite his mother’s best efforts to expand his horizons. Once he meets Rachelle, however, he knows it’s time to live again. This is a short story, perhaps the shortest of the bunch, but very sweet and heartfelt. There’s a surprising amount of character development and emotional impact in just a handful of pages. I really enjoyed this quick trip to the HEA.

Anthologies like this one are a great opportunity to try out new authors to see which ones are worth reading further. I’ve found a few new ones in this set, and I’m sure you will too. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Profile Image for Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon.
2,087 reviews149 followers
January 7, 2020

I’m only giving this anthology 4 stars due to its length. Twelve romance novels are just too much for me at one time. I’m not a big fan but some authors do write stories I can enjoy. Therefore, I’m concentrating this review on the three stories I loved.

The first is Come the Fall by Joline Vines. If you have read her Marry the Scot series, you’ll love it too. An old nemesis of the McRae boys appears in this novel. It is a nail bitter suspense novella that is hard to put down. Autumn is running from a threat back in Scotland and needs to hide. She thinks she has found the perfect spot on a cliff in Oregon. Afterall, she has read about all those hunky vampires found out there. She has her one-year old nephew with her, and he is her priority. When she meets Bull, her life changes in more ways than one. Suddenly she is a dependable, responsible grown woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Swallowing her pride, she goes after the two things in life she can’t live without.

The second story I enjoyed was The Fighter by S.E. Rose. This is a heartwarming story about an ex-boxer running a gym. A young girl enters the gym one morning looking to take boxing lessons. She has very little money but is willing to work around the gym. A great story of humanity at its best. Meeting this child changes his life as well as hers. When he meets her sister and abusive father, Maverick is changed forever. Great love story that evolves slowly.

The rest of the book is similar, and all are well written. More of an adult mix of stories.
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366 reviews12 followers
December 17, 2019
Wow! A lot of great authors with novellas filled with all the Alpha Heroes we love. One of my favorites was Come The Fall by Jolie Vines. Who doesn’t love an Alpha ‘Bull’dozer and a sassy lass that can give it right back to him when others will cower down to him. The story didn’t seem too short, it was perfect. Both of them had their own problems but in the end found a HEA. Get ready for witty banter and the sexy steam. If you love Alpha’s, grab this collection!
904 reviews7 followers
December 19, 2019
This is a wonderful collection of romance novellas.

Come the Fall by Jolie Vines is amazing. The characters are amazing. I love them. Bull is an incredible scottish alpha male and Autumn is strong and confident. This story is detailed and has great depth of characters and their lives. This story is steamy hot and full of adventure and romance. This story is perfect and has a fantastic happy ending.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
475 reviews
May 28, 2020
I struggled to get through this book. There were a couple good stories and some with a lot of potential, but some of them weren't good at all. Continuity, details, and grammar issues (I'm not talking a couple here and there) with many of the stories, and it just didn't sit right with me. Below is a list of each book along with a couple sentences to review each story.

Twelve novellas from 13 authors (technically). One author wrote two stories, and two authors wrote one story. While I'm not an author, I can only imagine that novellas can be hard to write because you have a minimum number of words to potentially pack in a lot of story, especially if you want to include a really good plot twist. With that being said, I think for a couple author's their story in this anthology was their first work to be published. Also a few of these works might include characters from other series, but I didn't read any notes explaining this, so I could be completely wrong. Also there are a couple cliffhangers. While I'm not fully opposed to a cliffhanger, I don't think a cliffhanger has a place in an anthology.

The Fighter - H and h are able to connect based on similar pasts. The insta-love seems a little one sided in the beginning. The chemistry is so so, but the feel good holiday spirit makes up for it. I could have done without the kid sister of the h (not a fan of kids in books), but the kid sister does play an important role in driving the story forward. There was a lot going on for a novella, maybe if this was a novel, I would have enjoyed it more.

The Doms - M/M/F, twin brothers in the BDSM lifestyle that basically stay hidden away in their mansion. I needed more about the relationship for these characters. Not a lot of chemistry, but the sexy times were steamy. Felt like the heroine's backstory wasn't solid, it was a little wish-washy. There is party scene that takes place in their playroom, that wasn't overly stereotypically, but that scene could have flowed better. While not a cliffhanger, there is definitely an opening to continue this throuple's story.

The British Hunk - Cliffhanger alert. Female character traits are all over the place, too much activity for a novella, too many subplots. No real chemistry between the H and h, and character development was lacking. This might have been setting the stage, for a new series maybe? Seemed like maybe there was some world building happening here as well.

Londyn for Christmas - This story has a lot of potential, but it was a little too melodramatic for my tastes especially since everything happens over two weeks. The H comes off more as an alpha-hole. There was a sort of plot twist that wasn't really necessary due to the possibility of a scandal occurring. The steamy moments are steamy, but most of the time the story felt forced.

Going Down in Flames - Cliffhanger alert. There is a POV from a character and their identity is unknown, you'll have to read the next book. A lot of grammar errors and every chapter from the h's POV was like reading the POV of a different person. There are jumps in the storyline that had me going back and rereading to see if I missed anything (I didn't). H talks about how difficult it is for them to see each other, but they have six dates in one week scheduled? I could go on and on about situations like this in the story. It's stuff like this that can make me DNF a book.

Come the Fall - Overall it's a good story, but I did have some issues with some of the details. The h is supposed to be hiding out, keeping a low profile, but there is a time were it feels like she's drawing a lot of attention to herself when it comes to the H. The timeline is a little hard to decipher at times. Seems kind of like instalove, but not really sure.

Plucked - One of my favorites in this anthology. I was left wanting more in a good way. This story didn't quite go in the direction I expected, and because of this I didn't find it to be a true HEA, but there is an HEA, it all depends on your perspective and how you think the HEA should have occurred. I would have liked a couple extra steamy scenes.

Coming Home - Sweet story, but the H isn't really an alpha and there aren't any real steamy moments, but there is some chemistry. Author uses flashbacks for character development. Some moments are a little to whiney for me. I like how the author all pulled it together, but there is a letter the h give the H, that was written from her deceased husband to her. The contents of that letter are never revealed, but things are implied. I wanted the details of the letter and I wanted the potentially messy conversation that could have occurred between the H and h, but at the same time I understand why the author did what she did.

Jasper - Way too many continuity issues, spelling errors, and grammar errors. Also story takes place in Alaska, but author uses British terminology, i.e. jumper instead of sweater and bonnet instead of the hood of the car. It seems like there were too many storylines going on with too many characters, almost like I was jumping between different stories. It was as if the author wrote one story using these characters then decide to go in a new direction, but didn't fully edit the story. New characters would pop up out of know. The story left me going, "WTF".

How About Never - Another story that left me going, "WTF." There was a secondary (more of a tertiary) character that is set up as the h of the author's next book, and it's a poor setup. I was lost with what was going on. It was like the H and h were swapping their personalities, while both were love them and leave them types, the realization of their feelings for each other is very muddled. It was like the H and h were having different conversations or just weren't listening to each other. There are details that aren't really necessary. I just couldn't connect with these characters. Also lots of spelling and grammar errors.

His Warrior's Heart - I wouldn't classify this as a romance, and he's no real alpha. The story is six chapters, plus an epilogue. The h doesn't show until Chapter 5, and it was very rushed. It's a story of a broken hearted man, with multiple chapters talking about his deceased wife, his father's battle with cancer, and the father's death from cancer. There is no character development when it comes to the h. I don't think this story really had a place in this anthology.
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7,650 reviews16 followers
December 24, 2019
The Dirty Dozen is a box set by 12 authors with 12 hot alpha males short hot stories. This box set totals about 1181 in pages. This is a great set to test the waters with a new author or if like me I love Alpha instant love stories so this was a must have for me. I do also like box sets to get my quick fix of a romance story especially when I have to await for an appointment or something to read at lunch.
Here are the stories that you will be getting in this set:

1. The Fighter by S.E Rose
2. The Doms by Sammy King
3. The British Hunk by Gemma Arlington
4. Londyn for Christmas by Lana Cohen
5. Doc Steel by DL Gallie
6. Going Down in Flames by Natasha Thomas & Kay Maree
7. Come the Fall by Jolie Vines
8. Plucked by MV Ellis
9. Coming Home by Cari Robe
10. Jasper by Gemma Arlington
11. How about Never by Leela Lou Dahlin
12. His Warrior’s Heart by Ann Mickan
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,473 reviews32 followers
December 23, 2019
I read “Plucked” by MV Ellis from this collection and believe me when I say this would have to be one of the steamiest reads of 2019. If it is dirty, hot romances that have drama, complications and Alpha Males by the plenty then this story will hold you captivated. Your heart will pound, your pulse will race and you will be sitting on the edge of your seat as collaborations are formed and the music tells the story of desires and love.
Profile Image for Leanne ~ Tales From The Heart.
1,849 reviews16 followers
December 17, 2019
I will edit this review as I work my way through the stories.

Basing this one so far on Going Down in Flames – Natasha Thomas & Kay Maree
It's a cliff hanger so be warned to curse the authors. I want the next one because the action was all at the end I need to know if anyone died. Hot stuff.

I'm looking forward to the rest as I don't know a lot of these authors.
Profile Image for Rhonda Ziglar.
3,534 reviews30 followers
December 19, 2019
5 DIRTY DOZEN STARS!! Wow, you get 12 great authors and 12 great stories!! I have read a couple of the stories and loved them, they are fast reads with lots of sexiness. If this is how the rest will be I am excited for this collection. There is something for everyone in this collection and lots of authors.
1,354 reviews10 followers
December 19, 2019
The Fighter- SE Rose

I didn't really think of Mav as an alpha after he met Cam. His heart of gold really shined through. I think he saw a kinship in her and really wanted to protect Cam and Bridget. He was their knight in shining boxing gloves. They all had the fighting spirit in them, especially making it through adversity and thriving. It was a heartwarming story
Profile Image for Erin Figueiredo.
2,411 reviews36 followers
December 20, 2019
Fantastic Collection!

This is a fantastic collection of stories about different sexy alpha men that will please any reader. There is a story in here that will be sure to titillate and entertain you. Each one is different and each author has their own twists added for the ultimate enjoyment. This is definitely a collection to not miss out on.
Profile Image for Cynthia Carpenter.
1,392 reviews10 followers
December 21, 2019
Going Down in Flames by Kay Maree and Natasha Thomas

Ryker and Seraphina with pull in you and keep you want more and more. They each have a not so good past and when they meet its like instant fireworks. With emotions and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge with and ending that will have your head spinning. Can't wait to read more.
Profile Image for Wendy Livingstone.
13.9k reviews131 followers
December 23, 2019
This is an amazing box set, which has been written by 12 different authors’, with 12 great stories, and with 12 alphas and the women who tame them. This is well written, with engaging stories, and is an all round steamy read. I highly recommend for all.
Profile Image for Nicole.
1,928 reviews1 follower
June 6, 2020
Review based on Going Down in Flames.- Natasha Thomas & Kay Maree only.

Enjoyable read. Will get back to read the other stories in the series eventually.
Profile Image for Becky Wise.
2,281 reviews39 followers
December 27, 2019
The Dirty Dozen: Alpha edition is a fabulous read. You have 12 wonderful stories with every type of Alpha you just love to sink your teeth into. My favorite had to be The Fighter by S.E Rose. You get a lot of heart and heat when it comes to her Alpha Mav. You will just love how protective Mav is and totally swoon worthy too. These Alpha stories need to be read. I couldn't get enough of them.
Profile Image for Jenn the Readaholic.
1,544 reviews37 followers
December 24, 2019
I enjoyed this collection of short and not-so-short novellas from a few authors I knew and some I didn’t. There’s something for just about everybody in this anthology, but SE Rose’s story about Bridget and Maverick has to be my favorite one. After all, who doesn’t like a fighter with a heart of gold? Or a cop with a chip on his shoulder and a woman with a secret that she’s been told not to share, a là Shawn and Londyn’s story by Lana Cohen?

Overall, if you’re looking for some new authors to read along with one or two you already know and love, I’d say that this anthology is worth your time.
Profile Image for Jodi.
348 reviews2 followers
January 8, 2020
Good anthology! Lots of great stories.

Anthology of some really interesting stories. Some I loved, some I found okay. A couple weren’t my cup of tea, but overall good book. However, cliffhangers in a book like this make me want to pull my hair out. My favourites were The Fighter by SE Rose and Plucked by MV Ellis. The Fighter hits you right in the feels. Plucked starts off hot as sin and circles around to meant to be.
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