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One doctor, one alien lover, one botanist, and one engineer on a desperate mission to save earth from human destruction.

Sakota saved Astraeus and her friends from certain death, but in doing so, she gained the attention of the Oreck, who will stop at nothing to destroy everything in their path.

With their ship severely damaged, Sakota and her crew land on a nearby planet and seek sanctuary while they make repairs to return home. But nothing on this perfect planet is as it appears, and Sakota soon learns they've traded one danger for another.

Hunted and targeted, will Sakota be able to carry out her mission, or will everyone she cares about be destroyed?

204 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 27, 2019

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About the author

Haley Cavanagh

4 books162 followers
Haley Cavanagh is an Army veteran, author, and playwright. She resides in the United States and enjoys spending time with her family. She also writes romance novels as Roxanne D. Howard.

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Author 6 books1,782 followers
February 16, 2020
After a brutal attack by the Oreck, Sakota and her crew land their damaged ship on a planet seeking sanctuary in order to repair the ship before heading home. The planet appears to be an oasis but like any other utopian society, there is unseen danger lurking in corners. As Sakota and Astraeus navigate from one obstacle to another, they realize they’ve walked into a trap. Will they be able to fix the ship and escape with their lives or is this the end for The Oceanstone Initiative?

I love science fiction romance because it blends together two of my favorite genres, science fiction and romance. Retaliation is a well-done sequel and one I thoroughly enjoyed. While heavy on sci fi, the plot shines through as does the love between Sakota and Astraeus. Action, intrigue and quirky characters had me whipping through the pages. It’s so refreshing to read a female lead who’s intelligent, strong and caring. The underlying themes will resonate with readers and speaks of issues plaguing our society today. The ending satisfied me, and I can’t wait to see what adventures lies ahead for Saroka. If I could make one recommendation, ease up a little on the science fiction vernacular. Too many details can pull the reader out of the story.

Fans of science fiction and space opera will love this one!

My Rating: 4.5 stars

Reviewed by: Mrs. N

This review first appeared: https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/po...
519 reviews
June 18, 2021
What if...black holes could be used as Worm holes?? And what about those gravity strings...could they be used as highways between galaxies?

With an educated imagination leading us, we once again set off on a journey with author Haley Cavanagh to....worlds unknown. A multi-leveled story that captures us once again:
Level 1== great Sci-fi adventure into the future with powerful intelligent beings
Level 2==explores the feelings, trials and achievements of one viewed as worthless from the POV of the 1% who have political and economic power.
Level 3==exposes the hubris of rulers decimating their domains:
...”I’m connected in ways you can’t imagine, powerful beyond measure...There’s no law I can’t bend, no planet I can’t destroy. No human I can’t kill.”.......(Hm-m-m.....Seem familiar?)

Some worthy thoughts to share about our heroine:
”...her origins do not define her destiny.”
“ Family and blood are who we choose, not where we come from, and no one has the right
to determine our future but us.”

We avidly read as our H & h travel their adventure, meet their challenges, vanquish their foes and finally find their happiness with each other. Ah-h-h! Just an old fashioned Sci-fi that satisfies! Don’t miss this!
I received a free copy of this book. The thoughts are my own and are voluntary.
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2,261 reviews39 followers
December 30, 2019
With their ship damaged after the attack by the Oreck, Sakota and her remaining friends are desperately in need of a settled planet. Astraeus manages to get them to another part of the universe where they crash land on a superior planet and ask for sanctuary. While they are given sanctuary they are definitely not welcomed. It becomes apparent that even the most beautiful places can hide darkness within

This is a worthy follow-up to the first book. Again, it is a well-written, multi-layered political sci-fi romance. Again, it contains timely messages within the story. This one was a little heavy on the sci-fi for me personally but the story was still entertaining. I do love the innovations, I just don't need all of the minute details. The story is at its best when it is character-focused. Specifically Sakota and Astraeus. These two have a wonderful love. Every moment shared with these two was special. I agree with Astraeus, he chose his mate well! I enjoyed three of the aliens tremendously and of course, Hubble. And I couldn't get enough of Alistair's pearls of wisdom.

While this series is ongoing, the storyline in this book was resolved. I really like how the author has a story within the larger story in each book. The story is resolved, connected, and continuing. I look forward to the next book knowing the challenges facing the crew and their "stowaway". I can't wait for more of Sakota and Astraeus and their next adventure.
345 reviews2 followers
December 30, 2019
Wow! Book two, and what a badass she becomes! A really good book that keeps you on your toes- all the way through! What happens now? ;)
Profile Image for Michelle.
7,479 reviews17 followers
January 7, 2020
Retaliation is the continuation of Sakota and Astraeus's journey and I definitely recommend you read book one of this series "Astraeus" otherwise you will be missing an important part of this series. This is a captivating read and I had a hard time putting it down. I even bought take out for dinner so I could continue reading. I love Astraeus and Sakota's connection and how great they are for each other. Haley Cavanagh has created an amazing world filled with intriguing characters, a fantastic storyline and her detailed descriptions made this world seem so much more real. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Author 1 book
January 4, 2020
Now I understand the book cover. The story continues for Sakota, Astraeus, Tatiana, and Hisoka, and things get complicated. No spoilers here. Hisoka is as sarcastic and funny as ever, and Sakota strives to exceed her own expectations of herself. Read book one if you haven't and move right on to Retaliation.
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Author 21 books91 followers
January 21, 2020
They say life is a series of obstacle preventing you from reading your book, and that was true in this case! And I didn’t like it because this next installment in the series is awesome! The Oreck are still around but the bad guys in this novel are more insidious and sneaky. The romance is hot and heavy (and super sweet at the same time), and the heroine just keeps kicking ass. Can’t wait to read the next one!!
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18.3k reviews3 followers
January 4, 2020
The great character and storyline development kept me totally engaged as each and every page was turned! I was so engrossed in this story that I read this book in one sitting!
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2,045 reviews169 followers
March 6, 2020
I enjoyed this book, but not having read the first one was lacking in some information. I enjoyed it enough to not let that detract from the story. Sakota and Astraeus have an interesting dynamic that makes them characters I cared about. Zir-Ak is suspect from his first words, but almost all of the rest of the residents from Chuleron Nine are nice and helpful to the visitors.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
Full Review @ Coffee Time Romance & More
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224 reviews5 followers
January 23, 2020
A nice continuation of this story. We get to see a whole new planet and alien race in this one, which is always fun in sci-fi genres. We meet some interesting characters as well as deal with some unexpected situations. Sakota does her best to adjust in this new place while still trying to complete her main mission. Not too much romance but we see some progression in Sakota and Astraeus's relationship. Definitely be interesting to see what comes next.
Profile Image for Paul.
27 reviews
February 28, 2020
A really enjoyable second part of the story and very much looking forward to the next book. It expands the universe created in the first book and introduces a very interesting new alien race.
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98 reviews4 followers
February 22, 2021
Let me start with a big caveat: I accidentally read this book out of order. 🤦‍♂️

So because of my stupidity, it was a bit confusing. Having said that I enjoyed this sci-fi book. It had a very Star Trek vibe. Lots of aliens, diplomacy, some adorable alien pets,
Profile Image for Kathleen Johnstone.
366 reviews3 followers
January 5, 2020
Once again good book just no real draw for me. I do like how it's progressing tho and I'm curious what will happen next.
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