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Deep Human: Practical Superskills for a Future of Success

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What separates you from the robots?

How can you thrive in tomorrows workplace? Experts predict that within the next few years, you will need an extra 101 days of learning to remain relevant at work, but what skills should you hone?

Authors Crystal and Dr Gregor Lim-Lange combine their expertise in leadership and psychology to share five timeless superskills that will help you unlock your fullest potential.

-Focus and mindfulness
-Complex communication
-Adaptive resilience

Deep Human offers practical tools, unexpected insights and inspiring real-life stories so you can build a successful and meaningful life no matter what lies ahead.

224 pages, ebook

Published December 13, 2019

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Profile Image for Ieva Gr.
175 reviews27 followers
May 18, 2020
Why I started reading it: A member of our HR team recommended it to better understand the self-development workshop that they prepared for employees

What I liked about it: It turns out to be a summary of a lot of ideas/ other books I’ve come across over last few years and related to a lot (attention economy and distractions, growth vs. fixed mindset, mindfulness, self-compasion etc.). It was a very fast and easy read. And it had very practical tips for some of the topics e.g. giving feedback, practising mindfulness.

What I disliked: It is not as much a dislike as a worry. Since the book is so succinct, I don’t think it provides enough context for people that come across these ideas for the first time. Therefore I don’t think it would be able to ‘sell’ them. I think this book is a much better read for people already interested/ familiar with the topics. And could be used more like a notes list when you want to practice one of the skills more efficiently.

Ideas/ quotes
In the future, no longer are your biggest threats likely to be snakes, tigers or epidemics, but what we call the four Ds: distraction, disconnection, (lack of) diversity and doing.

We have become “human doings” instead of human beings, and our headspace has never been more cluttered.

When people feel stressed, they sacrifice sleep, exercise and diet, which are the very things that will help them overcome the challenges they face.
Profile Image for Aaron Aik.
59 reviews4 followers
March 18, 2020
The 5 skills highlighted by the book provides a good baseline framework for many younger folks starting out in their careers to build on. What strikes me is that being intentional is crucial in the habits that we build in our lives and in our work, and this book highlights that throughout consistently. Highly recommended and am definitely going to build on the 5 skills and expand it as I progress through life and career.
Profile Image for Aquila Michiryu.
118 reviews9 followers
February 24, 2020
A highly practical and informative book about the skill sets that employers in the workforce are currently looking for.

The tips and skills mentioned in this book are useful and relevant in the near-future, when Artificial Intelligence starts to replace jobs that are mundane and easy to automate. This book is important as it tells us about the 5 superhuman skills that current employees value (focus & mindfulness, self-awareness, empathy, complex communication & adaptive resilience) more than being a straight-A student.

With the authors’ clear writing, this book provides simple-to-understand instructions on how to hone these 5 superhuman skills, which makes it an even more pleasant read.

If you’re currently an undergraduate or someone who is entering the workforce soon, this is the book to read!
5 reviews
October 28, 2021
Read this if: you are looking for ways to ways to differentiate yourself (and be high-touch) in this high-tech world.

Why I read this: Chanced upon this book from my LinkedIn feed, and saw many good reviews on it. Hence, decided to give it a read. Very glad that I have picked up this book and learnt a few soft skills and ways to interact with people for a more pleasant relationship.

What I like about this book: Communication skill is not exactly my strength and I am always looking for ways to improve it. I found the chapter on "complex communication" particularly useful on how I can approach a difficult conversation. There were also examples on what you can say in typical difficult situation like setting boundaries with your colleagues. How you say it matters more than what you say.
Profile Image for Apollos Michio.
388 reviews9 followers
January 9, 2020
This is an extremely relevant and practical book not just for those who will be entering the workforce, but also for those who are already in the workforce. How can we, humans, continue to stay relevant and needed in workplaces with the increasing use of AI and automation? And how can we hone our unique human skills to not just survive, but succeed through this Fourth Industrial Revolution? This book has the answers. I particularly found the chapter on Adaptive Resilience very important, especially for me and my peers, the commonly dubbed “strawberry” generation. This is a valuable life-skill that the generation seems to lack.
Profile Image for Yi Ling.
6 reviews13 followers
December 13, 2019
A highly practical, transformative and important book that explains the five superhuman skills in a very accessible way, more so than many related books or articles I’ve read. Light-hearted and replete with real-life anecdotes, examples and research, Deep Human brings its teachings to life in a profoundly human way and even has effective exercises to help you practise these skills immediately in your personal and professional lives. This honest and illuminating page-turner is a must-read.
Profile Image for Alfie Yee.
78 reviews
August 2, 2021
Easy and inspiration read that works off existing bodies of studies and base material regarding the future of work and its requirement

Regardless it is framed simply and concisely. Liked the framing of the threats we faced today ~ dislocation, distraction, Diversity and Doing
September 27, 2021
Năm siêu kĩ năng cho con người ở thế giới hiện đại và sách còn phân tích chi tiết bản ngã của con người: tinh thần, tâm trí, cảm xúc và cơ thể. Một cuốn sách mình cần đọc nhiều lần để ngấm😂
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