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Moose Springs, Alaska #2

Mistletoe and Mr. Right

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How the moose (almost) stole Christmas.

Lana Montgomery is everything the quirky small town of Moose Springs, Alaska can't stand: a rich socialite with dreams of changing things for the better. But Lana's determined to prove that she belongs...even if it means trading her stilettos for snow boots and tracking one of the town's hairiest Christmas mysteries: the Santa Moose, an antlered Grinch hell-bent on destroying every bit of holiday cheer (and tinsel) it can sink its teeth into.

And really...how hard could it be?

The last few years have been tough on Rick Harding, and it's not getting any easier now that his dream girl's back in town. When Lana accidentally tranquilizes him instead of the Santa Moose, it's clear she needs help, fast...and this could be his chance to finally catch her eye. It's an all-out Christmas war, but if they can nab that darn moose before it destroys the town, Rick and Lana might finally find a place where they both belong...together.

400 pages, Paperback

First published October 6, 2020

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Sarah Morgenthaler

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2,122 reviews39.1k followers
December 24, 2021
When you’re in the middle of never ending, nerve bending, incessantly hearing nails on chalkboard sound in your head kind of Pandemic, reading something make you feel Christmas spirit could be your only life west not to drown at the pessimism sea!

This is truly vivid, enjoyable, sweet and soul healing recipe! We need this book to get through our stressful days and keep smile without thinking any further. It brightens our dark moods, heals our exhausted hearts and melts our hearts.

If you already read Touristic Attraction, you may have been already introduced the most of the amazing characters.

This time Graham and Zoey are supporting characters! But don’t worry, Zoey’s bestie Lana Montgomery is definitely lovable heroine in her trendy, posh designer clothes, her contagious optimism and determination. Town people may think she is the Grinch steals Christmas and spirits with her condo project but she is stubborn enough not to lose a fight. She has to prove she can contribute to the community by catching the mysterious/legendary Santa Moose! How hard it can be!

And sweet, introvert, loner Rick Harding has a crush on her for long time is at her service to accomplish this mission! If she saves town from that Christmas mood destroyer creature, she may get all the approval and change the biased thoughts against her.

Yes, tranquilizing herself was not great start for Lana but she has no intention to give up!
This book is slow burn romance but mostly a laugh out comedy. Town’s people’s changing of heart and realizing genuineness and humbleness of Lana parts warm my heart and Rick was emotional, extremely sweet hero you may wholeheartedly love.

Overall: I love this series so much and I cannot wait to read Easton’s story! These books are true medicines to heal our souls and help us find happiness in small things. It was totally what I needed right now!

So much thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for sharing this lovely arc with me in exchange my honest opinions. I enjoyed it too much!

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610 reviews474 followers
March 17, 2021
This should have been my Christmas in July read, but it was my Christmas in August read instead (and yes, I am aware that's not a thing).

I was pretty happy to see that my wish was granted, and I got the opportunity to read and review Mistletoe and Mr. Right via Netgalley.

The story takes place in Alaska and it really captures small town vibe, with it's characters, their mentality and the descriptions of the place.

I certainly enjoyed this sequel that can be read as standalone (I haven't read the previous book), and I would like to try other books in the series.

It is written in third person following Lana and Rick.
I enjoyed reading about Lana's life more because it was so much different from my own.
I had hard time to understand Rick.

I like how we get to follow characters from the previous book and see the continuation of their lives.

This is romance without explicit scenes, which I like.

Overall, I really enjoyed Mistletoe and Mr. Right and would like to read other books in the series.
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2,371 reviews1 follower
December 22, 2021
This is a Christmas Romance Book, and it is the second book in the Moose Springs, Alaska series. I am so very glad that my wish for this book was granted. This book had me at the first sentence. There is so many parts of this book that made me laugh so hard (a giant penis carved out of snow on a mountainside, Santa Moose, the squirrel b&b, tranquilizer dart, and the Santa Suit two sizes to small). This book is so much more then just a romance because it is a little hearted funny with a little romance. I love it takes part in Alaska. I think this book is my new favorite Christmas book. If you need a good laugh then read this book. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Sourcebooks Casablanca) or author (Sarah Morgenthaler) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review , and I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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1,472 reviews19.2k followers
December 20, 2020
It feels harsh to say this, but this book REALLY needed more editing. It was just WAY too long with way too many superfluous details and plot lines and it just.. did not work for me. Big womp.
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1,254 reviews2,940 followers
September 13, 2020
A cute romance and an attention grabbing first sentence to start off the book. Normally it takes me a few chapters before I have decided whether or not to stick with a book, but not with this one. That first sentence hooked and reeled me in.

Lana Montgomery works for the Montgomery Group which is owned and run by her wealthy family. She is determined to get her luxury condominium project up and running in one of her favorite places in the world, Moose Springs, Alaska. The locals though aren't too thrilled with her plans.

Rick Harding is a business owner in town and has a bit of a crush on Lana. Not exactly a smooth talker as he gets painfully shy when he is around her. Lana might benefit from his help in changing the public's perception of her. The book falls in the romance genre, so need I say more? Minus the story line brought up in the opening sentence of the book, this one has Hallmark Christmas movie written all over it.

I hadn't read the first book in the series before tackling this one and I kinda regret it. I'm not saying this book can't be read as a standalone novel, but I do feel like my reading experience would have been enhanced had I known some of the characters that make appearances in this one like Graham and Zoey, beforehand. Felt like I was missing out just a tiny bit.

The book had a sweet romance but Lana and Rick's chemistry wasn't exactly off the charts. They were nice, decent characters though. They just didn't have the "it" factor or whatever it is that my favorite fiction couples seem to possess. This is the type of story that I can enjoy while I am reading it but it doesn't make the memorable read category.

I do have a slight gripe about the word "dearest", which according to my Kindle search was used 42 times in the story. Get a new word, Lana! It was extra weird and quite frankly irritating when the character would say it to someone she barely knows.

I received an advance digital copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher. All thoughts expressed are my honest opinion.

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406 reviews16.7k followers
January 1, 2021
2.75 stars

TW: off page car accidents involving loved ones; sexual harassment; drunken accidents

This book wasn’t quite as enjoyable for me as the first in the series, but this is a series I’ll continue to read because it does have heart.

I did like Rick and Lana a lot. Small town man in love with big city businesswoman is one of my things, and Rick is such a sweet man.

The problems I had with this were similar to the first book. These books are far too long. There are so many unnecessary story threads, and it all ends up feeling so jumbled. Plot problems also get solved very quickly, which ends up feeling repetitive. Also, the unnecessary nicknames that are used so often pull me out of the story. The first book it was Zoey Bear and this book it was “dearest” and honestly if I took a shot every time they were used, I’d be dead.

The couples in these books tend to feel together very early in the story so if you prefer to see people get together quickly and date, this series will be good for you. Also, fade to black sex scenes for those that prefer that.

I’m still interested in the next book in the series and the fluff these books provide.
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2,474 reviews29.4k followers
January 13, 2021
Mistletoe and Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler is adorable and fun, and another example of why I’ve been loving holiday rom-coms lately.

In this book, we return to the quirky small town of Moose Springs, Alaska. Lana isn’t the most popular person in town since her family’s company bought up most of the town, and she plans to build luxury condominiums in Moose Springs. Many town residents would prefer to keep tourists away even if it causes businesses to struggle more.

And while the town makes its displeasure with Lana known, there’s something else wreaking havoc. Apparently there’s a moose in town that isn’t fond of Christmas decorations—so much so that it keeps destroying everyone’s displays. Lana volunteers to catch the moose in the hope that it might win her some fans. Yeah, that should go well.

One such person she doesn’t have to worry about is Rick, who owns the town’s struggling pool hall. He’s always had a thing for Lana, even though he gets totally tongue-tied around her. He knows they come from totally different worlds, and she’ll probably not be in town long, but he can’t help but fall for her, and she definitely feels the same.

How could you not love a rom-com that has a blind border collie that loves to wear clothes and matching hats, and a Christmas sweater-wearing hedgehog named Darla, not to mention a sweet love story? I love the town of Moose Springs (the setting of Morgenthaler’s last book, The Tourist Attraction ) and the characters are just great. The one interesting thing is that I always feel like the characters seem much older than they actually area—I would have pegged Lana and Rick for their mid-40s, but that wasn't the case.

Mistletoe and Mr. Right took a little while to get going but I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for Morgenthaler’s third book in January!!

Check out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at https://itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-best-books-i-read-in-2019.html.

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See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.

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3,251 reviews422 followers
October 2, 2020
It is a great idea for a book; two lonely people finding love during Christmas time in a small Alaskan town. Sadly, the idea is better than the actual book. I had a hard time getting into it and I am sure I will soon forget all about it. I love the setting of a small town during holiday time in Alaska. Unfortunately, the romance part of the book is lacking. Lana and Rick's love story is just not interesting, believable, or enough for a such long book.
I liked book one, however, this one is disappointing.

*Thank you NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review
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716 reviews343 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
December 30, 2020
dnf @ 23%

This story is not holding my attention. The MCs are a bit bland and I'm not feeling any chemistry between them. There's too much focus on Lana's family business. I'm not interested in reading about huge corporations and investments.
Not what I expected from a story with such a lovely setting.
Profile Image for rachel, x.
1,691 reviews859 followers
July 14, 2022
#1) The Tourist Attraction ★★★☆☆
#3) Enjoy the View ★★☆☆☆

quick thoughts:

i was a little wary going into this after being disappointed by The Tourist Attraction, but i put up my christmas tree last night so it was officially time to start reading some holiday romances!

rick. this tea-drinking, hedgehog-loving, blushing awkward mess of a man that zoey calls a literal duckling saved this book for me. he adopted his nephew-in-law and won't let anyone talk shit about his ex-wife and just inherently tries too hard to be Good and i just, i love soft men who admire badass women and that's exactly what this gave me.
but also lana. look, is she my favourite character of all time? no, definitely not. i appreciated her though. she was a businesswoman who didn't take crap from anyone but was also Tired of fighting every day just to be taken seriously. she has a permanent tremor in her hand that worsens when she is nervous or stressed. she's kind-hearted and called rick pet names until he blushed and tried so hard to make people feel appreciated. i just liked her a lot?
tropes galore. this had so many of my favourite romance tropes, as a good holiday romance should. i want all the tropey goodness with my festive romcoms so yes, there is only one bed, and yes, there is forced proximity, and yes, there is an i'm-going-to-accidentally-confess-feelings-cause-i'm-high-on-flu-medicine scene. it's great.
it's quirky af. the entire taxidermied squirrel hotel scene made me cry-laugh and even though i rolled my eyes at home many antics were shoved into this one novel (seriously, i can't believe how much happened plotwise in this book), i had a good time.

look, it's not perfect. i don't know what it is about this series but i just can't fully get into it? it's not a perfect mesh for me (but it's fun and silly and what i needed).
the whole property & class thing. lana works for the company that owns rick's business (and most of the properties & businesses in moose springs), so there is a little bit of an imbalance there. i think it was done as well as it could be?? but i'm definitely not eloquent enough to address this topic. just something to keep in mind.
graham & ash. i struggled with graham in the first book and i'm officially done with him. he is such a Straight Boi and i hate it.
too much. and like i said, there are so many plot points in this one. the last 15% alone had so much suddenly going on, it was a little overwhelming. i kind of like the quirkiness of morgenthaler's style but i also wouldn't mind it being toned down a smidge.

Trigger warnings for .

Representation: Lana (mc) has a tremor in her hand.

Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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2,007 reviews15.7k followers
December 29, 2020
This book was SO darn adorable! Sarah Morgenthaler whisked me away to Moose Springs Alaska in this hilarious and feel good tale. A Santa moose, a squirrel B&B, a penis sculpted into the mountain, tons of snow, loads of fabulous characters, sweet romance, small-town vibes, an abundance of humor. this was one of my favorite Christmas books this season. these characters were so colorful, the setting so charming, the feeling so festive. Lana Loves Moose Springs, but the residence of Moose Springs aren’t all that crazy about her. They see her as an interloper, the posh rich girl building condominiums in their pristine community. Rick is the quiet introverted local pool hall owner who has a crush on Lana, but is convinced she is way out of his league. This is the sweet story of how these two opposites manage to find their way to one another. And believe me it wasn’t easy it is a story that involves tranquilizers, snowstorms, route family members, and of course a Santa moose. 2020 has been a rough year and I am forever grateful for books like this that just make you smile and feel good. if you like Christmas, small towns, and humorous stories then this is a can’t miss!

*** Big thank you to Source Books Casablanca for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***
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2,411 reviews7,410 followers
December 9, 2020
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

Mistletoe and Mr. Right is literally the written equivalent of a Hallmark holiday movie. It’s about a big corporate muckity muck named Lana who has basically bought the town of Moose Springs, Alaska with hopes of revitalizing it while also making the residents realize she’s not some outsider up to no good. Rick is a local pub owner who has always had eyes for Lana, but avoided her due to her jet set lifestyle being one that would surely break his heart. In theory this had everything potentially going for it – humor, holiday spirit, romance, an accidental tranquilizing, and . . . . a Christmas moose?????

And yet somehow it just didn’t work. This is the second in this series that I’ve read (still haven’t ever reviewed the first one because . . . well, 2020) and I didn’t like either of them. But I still got pissed off when I was denied an early copy of the third installment over on NetGalley! My first world problems. They are abundant. And really, OBVIOUSLY I want to read anything that has an aloof outdoorsman whose description calls to mind this fella . . . .


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Author 2 books148 followers
October 12, 2020
I liked this one more than the first one and Lana and Rick are so sweet together. Rick in general is such a sweetie. It’s nice to take a break from the grouchy men and just have a hero who is nervous and overwhelmed. I wish I waited a little longer because this is such a perfect festive read and I would have loooved to snuggle down next to the christmas tree and devour it. I really do enjoy this series and I cannot wait for Easton because I have a feeling that one is going to be my favourite so far. Again I’m still disappointed there was no smut. I’m so used to there being spicy content in adult fiction so when I don’t get a scene or two, I’m always left feeling a little lost. Nevertheless, this was still a cute read.
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829 reviews192 followers
October 4, 2020
This is the second book about the small town of Moose Springs, Alaska. I just finished listening to The Tourist Attraction, which I enjoyed very much. I am so glad that I listened to it as the narrator, Elise Arsenault, is wonderful, and I could just imagine the characters' voices in this second book.

It's not that this follow-up is a bad story, it's just a little blah. I didn't feel it was as much of a romantic comedy as the first book. Lana is in Moose Springs looking for her happy, but she isn't going to do that by building her condominiums. The townspeople are against it, but she is determined. And Rick..as her supposed love interest...it was a hard sell for me. It wasn't very convincing. He is a quiet, divorcee without, it seemed, too much of a personality or too much going for him.

I enjoyed revisiting Graham, Zoey, Easton and Ashtyn and the Santa Moose. I look forward to the third book, Easton's story.

Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley for my Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for my honest review.
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1,509 reviews702 followers
November 27, 2020
My Rating: 4 Stars
Genre Small Town | Holiday Romance

Mistletoe and Mr. Right is a sweet, small town romance set in Alaska. Ever since I read The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker I’ve been looking for other novels that take place in Alaska and I’m so glad I found that in these books. There’s just something magical about the setting to me and I would love to visit the area one day!

That being said, I really enjoyed this novel. Some parts were a little too slow for me, but when I get down to the bones of the book and everything it’s about, I loved it to pieces. Rick and Lana are complete opposites with her being the prodigal daughter of a billionaire family and he being just a small town guy just trying to get by. One wouldn’t think these two would work well together but I guess the saying that “opposites attract” is true! They were perfect together!

If you’re looking for a heartwarming, sweet, and cleaner romance then this is the book you should be picking up! I recommend it wholeheartedly.


🌲 Rick was just the sweetest hero! He’s a bit shy, but that’s what makes him so endearing. I love reading about quieter men (I don’t always need an alpha!) and he was PERFECT within this role.

🌲 The setting of the book (Moose Springs, Alaska) is vividly depicted within the story. Gosh, I felt like I was there myself and all I had to do was read words! If it were a real place, I’d gladly visit! Not only that, but it’s also a small town and I LOVE small towns!

🌲 The book as a wonderful and uplifting happy ending. As a romance reader, I’ve come to expect happy endings in romance (it’s the norm of course) but sometimes I want something that FEELS different and this one did.

🌲 Lastly, the animals in this book were amazing! From the Santa Moose that ruins the towns decorations to a cat called Roger who gives the stink eye and a hedgehog who likes Christmas sweaters! I loved them so much!


🌲 Mistletoe and Mr. Right was a bit too drawn out. I don’t mind longer books but sometimes they don’t NEED to be as long as they are (like this one). I felt like some of the stuff in the middle was just a filler.

🌲 I felt like some stuff was unresolved. I wanted to hear more about Rick and Lana’s future and what happened with the moose! Perhaps the next book will have a few answers…

🌲 It wasn’t as Chrismtasy as I hoped it would be.


Mistletoe and Mr. Right is the perfect book to cozy up with! If you’re sitting by the fire with a cup of hot tea this is the perfect book to pair those with! While there were a few pieces that were problematic for me, the story as a whole is a good one and it’s certainly worth the read!

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640 reviews
December 14, 2020
I didn't particularly love the 1st book in this series, I just thought it was okay. However, I can't really resist a book set in Alaska with a super cute cover.

In my last review I said I loved the two main characters in the book: Graham and Zoey. I also said that I thought Lana was okay, but couldn't stand any of the parts involving Lana's group of wealthy snobs. This book was all about Lana, so I was a little hesitant to even begin with. Fortunately, it was just mainly about her and didn't include too much of her group. I LOVED Rick, and basically his relationships with anyone. He was a great character. The parts including his cat, Roger, were so hilarious to me.... and the ones with Diego, his live-in nephew.

I'd give this like 3 or 3.5 stars. The book seems way too long, and has crazy long chapters. I was hoping it would be more humorous, but it just dragged a lot for me. 5 Stars for the setting, cover, and title for sure though!
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1,080 reviews282 followers
October 1, 2020
This was a sweet friends to lovers romcom. It featured lots of slapstick moments that had me laughing out loud (and rolling my eyes a bit). I enjoyed it overall, but I can't quite put my finger on why I didn't love it. The hero, Rick, is pure cinnamon roll goodness and the heroine, Lana, is caring, smart, and driven. I'm just not sure why they didn't mesh well together for me. I was certainly rooting for them, but I just didn't feel that spark or connection. There were a few too many side stories and characters that made the story a bit too drawn out as well. The romance built up very slowly and though I don't mind that it was closed door, I think I needed more chemistry and fire in their interactions overall. Fans of the first book will love the appearances and updates on Zoey and Graham as well as the other residents of Moose Springs. I am definitely excited that the elusive Easton is the next book in the series.

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
274 reviews82 followers
January 10, 2022
This was a great follow up in the series and the characters are so lovable. This was a laugh out loud hilarious story with the same witty banter from the first book. Rick and Lana couldn’t be more different but their attraction is so palpable and your yearning for more. Onto the next in the series.
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625 reviews67 followers
June 11, 2021
Lana Montgomery, een rijke socialite, vastgoedtycoon en beste vriendin van Zoey uit ‘Droomvakantie’, komt al jaren met veel plezier in het kleine stadje Moose Springs in Alaska. Ze is verliefd geworden op de omgeving en de inwoners, ook al wordt ze door veel van hen nog steeds gezien als een buitenstaander en iemand die ervoor zorgt dat de stad wordt overspoeld door toeristen, waardoor zij haar plannen graag willen dwarsbomen. Lana wil het liefst worden opgenomen in de gemeenschap en probeert zich nog meer aan te passen aan het leven in Moose Springs. Van hooggehakte zakenvrouw zal ze veranderen in de held van de stad wanneer ze de Santa Moose vangt, de eland die alle kerstversiering vernielt. Wat kan er misgaan?

Rick Harding heeft het al jaren niet makkelijk. Samen met zijn ex begon hij een poolcafé, maar nu heeft hij een flinke huurachterstand, twijfelt hij of hij toch toeristen moet gaan toelaten, werkt hij hard om zijn hoofd boven water te kunnen houden, zorgt hij voor zijn neef en is hij behoorlijk eenzaam. Hij is één van de weinige bewoners die een zwak heeft voor Lana, hij komt voor haar op, ze ontwikkelen een fijne vriendschap en hij valt als een blok voor haar. Maar ze zijn zo verschillend, heeft hij haar wel genoeg te bieden?

Wanneer je ‘Droomman’ vergelijkt met het eerste deel, is dit boek net zo grappig en vlot geschreven, maar behandelt het wel wat serieuzere onderwerpen. Lana heeft het gevoel dat ze zich moet bewijzen tegenover haar familie, moet strijden tegen familieleden die het minder goed voor hebben met Moose Springs en alleen maar grote veranderingen willen doorvoeren om meer geld binnen te harken, ze voelt een grote verantwoordelijkheid en wil graag het goede doen. Rick is door zijn verleden soms wat somber en onzeker en durft zich niet meteen volledig open te stellen. Maar wanneer Lana zijn leven binnenstapt, lijkt de zon weer te gaan schijnen.

Het gevoel van de kleine gemeenschap komt naar voren in de vergaderingen, hechte relaties en hoe iedereen samenkomt om problemen op te lossen en ook in dit boek zitten nog voldoende gekke, onverwachte en hilarische voorvallen. De jacht op Santa Moose waarin het verkeerde doelwit wordt geraakt met een verdovingsgeweer, dieren die de show stelen (egel Darla met haar garderobe en meubels, eland Joekel die graag autoportieren in elkaar trapt, een bed & breakfast die volledig is gevuld met opgezette, aangeklede eekhoorns), reddingsacties, bijzondere dates en te kleine kerstmanpakken. De relatie ontwikkelt zich wel onrealistisch snel, maar je zult gaan houden van de personages en dit is absoluut weer een heerlijk verhaal om van te genieten!

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420 reviews4,524 followers
October 8, 2020
"Rick realized something very important about Lana Montgomery. That breezy smile of hers, the one she used no matter the situation? It was total bullshit."

*ARC provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca*

Morgenthaler hits it out of the park again with her sophomore novel.

~ This book is the sequel to The Tourist Attraction and I highly recommend that you read that first because this is a plot continuation ~

Lana Montgomery is the heir of the elite and prosperous Montgomery Group. Rick Harding is the owner of a failing pool hall and legal guardian of ex-wife's moody teenage nephew. On the outside, the two couldn't be more opposite. But while the locals of Moose Springs view Lana as the Grinch who stole Christmas, Rick has had a unrequited crush on Lana for years. And after accidentally tranquilizing Rick instead of an aloof moose, sparks begin to fly.

I love this book. I love this series. And I am obsessed with Sarah Morgenthaler.

Morgenthaler knows how to mix romantic comedy with real characters. I laughed so many times reading this. I want to quickly give two words to explain my favourite scene in this novel: Squirrel Taxidermy.

I adored Lana in The Tourist Attraction, but I fell for her further in this novel. Lana has been working all her life to live up to the expectations of the Montgomery Group. Just because it is a family business, doesn't mean anyone gets special treatment - they actually have to prove more. Lana has built herself into a irreplaceable member of the group, but her adoration for Moose Springs could cost her.

I empathized with Lana. She loves her work, she loves the group, and she wants to be the Montgomery Group heir. But she has had to create a facade to survive. So much so that her anxiety and stress has manifested as a permanent hand tremor. Lana has never had a home to return to, she travels from country to country for the group, but she has always had Moose Springs to run to when she needed a break. Lana is truly amazing.

Lana was the star of this novel, but Rick was an absolute peach. He is the epitome of a soft-boy and I just wanted to give him a hug. I think he was the perfect compliment to Lana. This was a slowburn romance between two lonely adults. They were both afraid to be vulnerable again, to let someone into their lives, but they built up trust.

I loved that we still got to see a lot of our previous couple, Zoey and Graham. You really need to read Book 1 in order to understand the connections in this town. Everyone came back for book 2, and it made me so happy.

I cannot wait to see more of our characters in Book 3!

TW: car accident
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474 reviews
October 4, 2020
Thank you to Sourcebooks and Netgalley for this gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

Sooo I almost DNF'd this book. I was at 20% of the book and realized I was only on chapter 3 and nothing was happening. The chapters are incredibly long and pacing extremely slow. The second half got better in terms of plot but I really wasn't feeling Lana. I couldn't tell if she was 30 or 50 with the number of "Dearest" she used with everybody. I dislike overuse of pet names in general but this was super cringey.

Overall, it was fine. I didn't hate it but I also don't have much to say about it. Sorry to say but I don't think I'm going to continue with the series.
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746 reviews316 followers
November 1, 2020
The Tourist Attraction is one of my favourites of the year, so I was eagerly anticipating Mistletoe & Mr. Right. This was a perfect addition to the series, and I unexpectedly loved it even more than book one.

Rick stole my heart with his gentle soul, quiet lifestyle, and festively dressed hedgehog. As owner of the local pool hall on the verge of closure, it was such a sweet, opposites-attract romance with Lana, heir of the powerful real estate empire planning to expand in Moose Springs.

As a successful business woman, Lana was undoubtedly headstrong and able to command a room, but her underlying anxiety combined with the overwhelming pressure to gain acceptance from the locals showed a different, more vulnerable side to her. Despite the odds against them, Lana and Rick continually uplifted each other (and communicated!!), eventually leading to one of my favourite epilogues.

From taxidermy squirrels, tranquilizer mishaps, and a skintight Santa outfit, their unordinary romance came with plenty of laughs, too! And the search for the Santa Moose causing havoc on the town was such a fun Christmas tie-in.
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December 26, 2020
An adorable return to the quirky town of Moose Springs featuring a love story between lonely, rich businesswoman Lana & quiet, gruff and dependable Rick amidst an elusive Santa Moose hell bent on destroying the town’s Christmas decorations. ⁣

I fell in love with Moose Springs and it’s quirky and lovable inhabitants when I read The Tourist Attraction. I loved this book just as much with its added holiday infusion. Lana and Rick were so cute together - opposites at first glance who were exactly what each other need in all the ways that count. ⁣

I loved seeing all the quirky inhabitants of Moose Springs, their adorable and fashionable pets and we even got another moose! These books don’t have a lot of steam but in my opinion they have just the right amount of banter and steam that go with the heartwarming feel of the series. Reading these books instantly feels like catching up with old friends that you’ve missed. I’m definitely a fan and look forward to book 3 and getting more of gentle giant Easton, along with all the characters I’ve come to enjoy so much. ⁣
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November 29, 2021
This was an enjoyable, humorous, and emotional holiday read. Across the span of this novel, I felt like I experienced the full range of human emotions from laughing at the sarcastic humour to being emotionally distraught and close to tears. Even though that may not sound positive it was an attestant to the novel's success in development to be able to provoke all of those emotions in one book.

I loved each of these characters individually as well as together. Their individual vulnerabilities truly made them more real than just fictional characters. The chemistry between them was amazing but what made this book really enjoyable was how real and raw each of these characters were as individuals.

I will say that although I liked this story, there was something unexplainably missing from it compared to "The Tourist Attraction" (the first book in the series). I did feel that for this novel, the story could have been told in a shorter amount of pages with more success but overall, it was still an enjoyable read.

***Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca as I received a copy of this e-ARC via NetGalley in exchange to read and review.***
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November 23, 2022
Rick and Lana had me cackling, pining, and swooning this whole book. I absolutely loved them and cannot wait to start book 3!
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December 4, 2020
This is a charming book with enough witty dialogue to make you laugh throughout.  From an obscene snow sculpture to a moose hunt, what better way to meet this town than through laughter.

This is the second in a series and while I haven't read the first one (yet), this book can be read as a standalone but you would have a better introduction to the town and some of its residents including Zooey and Graham who meet in the first book.

Lana and Rick are the featured couple in this installment and they are polar opposites. Lana is a socialite that runs a global empire or at least part of the company.  Rick is a longtime resident of the town and owns a pool hall which is actually owned by Lana's company.  But there is an attraction and chemistry between the two that cannot be denied.  They have their ups and downs in this relationship and you wonder if they will survive and end up together.

While the author may not (or may have) intended this to be a learning experience, I think Lana grew in who she is as a person and letting go of the family expectations. She has some amazing family members and then a few that are not very nice. But you have to have some tension to round out the story.

I think the only thing I didn't like is that Lana called Rick "Dearest."  I know it is a term of endearment but it sounded weird to me.

Overall, we give it 4 paws up.
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October 26, 2020
I really liked this one way better than the first one. We have an opposites attract romance featuring characters who really have their own goals they want to set out and accomplish. Our main female character is hella strong and wants to run her family business while saving a small town and our main male character is scarred from his divorce. I enjoyed this one!
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December 1, 2020
I did like this installment slightly better than the previous one, but it was still not really for me. Honestly, it went on and on and I felt like it would never end.
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