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The Path To Sleep, Exercises in an Ancient Art

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Sleep is a set of states of mind. Insomnia describes the condition in which you cannot reach or cannot stabilize yourself in them. Insomnias in general, as well as other sleep dysfunctions, are the result of mental dysregulation; your inability to support your mind's natural states, transitions, and functions. This book works to retrain your mind.

The Path To Sleep consists of written and spoken words. It contains a series of twenty-four guided visualizations--that you can download from the internet--that carry you in thought, image, rhythm, and frequency into a range of other states of mind. These are not simply different ideas or perspectives, they are different realities. You are a different person in these different states.

Many people--especially those with sleep dysfunctions--do not, are rarely, or cannot even imagine being someone other than who they are. This makes the work in this book especially difficult or confusing for the very people who need this work the most. If you find yourself becoming lost or confused, that's exactly where you should be!

Let the material unfold without your guidance and control. Learning to intentionally let go is a prerequisite for allowing your identity to dissolve, which is what sleep essentially is. Sleep is a form of metamorphosis you cannot control. You must let go of all that you are and create a completely empty space for other selves to arise.

The Path To Sleep presumes no knowledge on the readers part, and does not require you to understand or remember any of the information it presents. Its works to improve your sleep through reforming your control of your thinking, leading you to less control and more flexibility. You cannot achieve this by trying, just as you cannot fall asleep by trying.

Falling asleep, staying asleep, and experiencing the material in this book all require that you merge into a different state of mind. The book presents exercises to develop and strengthen this ability, and as your mental abilities improve, so will your patterns of sleep.

230 pages, Paperback

First published November 27, 2019

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About the author

Lincoln Stoller

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Lincoln Stoller grew up around and was mentored directly by the colleagues of Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Calder, Bucky Fuller, and Albert Einstein. As a teenager, he traveled the world climbing mountains and, in the process, fell 1,000 feet off the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, swam across the arctic sea, crashed his airplane, collapsed his horse, stepped in quicksand, was buried in an avalanche, and became a cultural ambassador to families in Central America, Mongolia, and the Caribbean. During this time he attended seven colleges, got a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics, and founded a software company specializing in business automation. Building on his interests in physics, neurophysiology, psychology, education, and culture Lincoln is now a therapist and mentor living in British Columbia, Canada, where he works with clients remotely. He has two wonderful ex-wives, and two wonderful sons. Committed to supporting intuition and the feeling mind, he can be contacted through his web site at mindstrengthbalance.com.

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