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England, 2003. Tom McIntyre is a worried man. Debts are piling up, his career is in free-fall, and his family life is under strain. Only his wife, Alison, remains unswerving in her support. Close to rock bottom, he clinches the deal of a lifetime before tragedy strikes, putting everything Tom values at risk.

In the aftermath, a toxic mix of grief, substance abuse and blame lead to different paths for the family. Duplicity is a story of lost innocence, unwitting deals with darker forces, and fragile family bonds. Can grief, love, lies and hate be reconciled? And can Tom repair his fractured family and release himself from the pact he has made? What fate does he deserve?

294 pages, Paperback

First published November 28, 2019

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Fin C. Gray

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1,996 reviews306 followers
January 12, 2020
Duplicity by Fin C Gray

What a fantastic crime thriller/suspense read. From the first page, the story hooked me to the story and I wanted to find out more. What happened and why would a person do such a thing... and there the story unfolded as the layer was peeled and Gray reveals in just the right time pieces of the puzzle in this wonderful story.

The pacing was quick and the plot moved the story well through the alternating story line that was told between the present timeline and the past.

The story was centered around young Daniel McIntyre whose childhood innocence was taken from him in a horrific and traumatic way, compounded by the death of his mother and a fractured relationship with his father. As Daniel craved to be accepted and loved, he befriended a young Pakistani man, Waqar, who took advantage of their friendship, and turned it into recruiting Daniel to become a radicalized jihadist.

Gray’s writing was solid and was able to maintain that thrilling element throughout the story line, that kept me turning those pages. Gray was able to write an amazing cast of characters including Daniel’s father Tom whose ordeal and pain was palpable. The characters were realistic and faulted to their demise.

The story was an amazing psychological thriller that was disturbing, utterly suspenseful and highly addicting!! I really enjoyed this book very much!! Don’t let the cover scare you to thinking this is a horror read. It is not, though it had violent elements from the terrorist activities, it is a crime thriller/suspenseful read.
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156 reviews48 followers
November 20, 2020
#NetGalley #BooksGoSocial

Wow! All I can say is I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I was engrossed with the story from the first page to the last.

I thought the writing was very good, making me feel as if I knew each character intimately. This novel deals with many things; family, sexual abuse, love, homosexuality, loss, suicide and terrorism. I really don't want to say anything else but READ THIS BOOK! You will think about it a lot after reading.

I will recommend to friends, family, and anyone who reads! Thanks go to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an e-book. All opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Jannelies.
964 reviews58 followers
March 16, 2020
I am absolutely at a loss for words. Actually, I didn't read the whole book. I had to skip some parts because they made too great an impact. The story is by times very confusing, full of hatred and love at the same time.
I think Fin C. Gray is a very, very talented author and I will try and read the book again sometime, but right now, it is just too much for me.

Many thanks to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for this digital review copy.
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266 reviews39 followers
June 4, 2020
While Duplicity is very much a character-driven story, it was really author Fin C. Gray’s writing that kept my interest. Gray’s scenes are descriptive and full of tension, often building up for pages until there is a payoff. I really enjoyed that aspect of it, because that is one of my favorite methods of story building. Keeping the tension high and combining that with really descriptive scenes ensures my senses are on edge, and that state of heightened awareness makes me want to keep going until it ends.

But, even though the writing itself was really good, there are a few aspects of the book that kept it from achieving a higher score. First of all are the cover and title. I love them both. The problem is that I am not sure they really match with the content of the story. And speaking of the content, while reading this book I kept thinking to myself is this the story we need right now? The main character is a rich man named Tom who has self-destructive tendencies. When bad things happen to him – mostly by his owns actions and choices, mind you – Tom attempts to seek redemption. As a reader, I was never really given a reason to care about him, though.

The other piece of the story follows Tom’s son Daniel on his own journey to find himself, and I do not want to give too much away here (since this part is not described in the Synopsis put out by the author), but Daniel’s is a plot line that has been overdone in the last 20 years, and I felt the same way about Daniel as I did his father: nothing. His story never connected with me, and I never came to care about what happened to him. In my opinion, both Daniel and Tom’s stories are not relevant to today’s climate, and I never found myself rooting for them.

Despite its flaws, I did enjoy this book on some level. Author Fin C. Gray has an interesting writing style, and I will be looking for whatever Gray writes next. If the synopsis sounds interesting to you, I recommend giving the book a try. You may connect with the story more than I did.
1 review
April 5, 2020
Finished reading Duplicity by Fin C. Gray. Thoroughly enjoyed the read, couldn't put it down - I reached the end at 4 AM.
It made me think, cry and reflect on life's journey.
This powerful thriller will challenge preconceptions and melt the hardest heart. So I recommend it highly to other readers! 💙
3 reviews
March 19, 2020
I'm happy to say I read this book while on a quiet holiday on a Mexican beach, because there are plenty of hair-raising, thrilling sequences that provided exactly what I wanted in an engrossing beach-read. The protagonist, Tom McIntyre, is fighting multiple inner demons but nothing prepares him for the ultimate tragedy of what his adult son has become. His son's story, interwoven with Tom's, is the extrapolation of the same crucial experience in which their wife and mother was lost. At the beginning of the book I wished for more in-depth examination of the three relationships but Mr Gray soon hit his stride. Perhaps by a third of the way in, I couldn't wait for my next opportunity to pick up the story, and stayed up late into the night to finish. There are dark descriptions I cannot get out of my head, and isn't memorability exactly what every reader and author wants? This one will stick with you.
Profile Image for Cody Pelletier.
152 reviews
October 13, 2020
The author has a great writing style. It captured my attention and did not let go! This fast paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller will keep you up late into the night. A great read.
Profile Image for Khizra.
30 reviews15 followers
February 1, 2022
It took me few minutes to come back to reality.
Call it whatever you want.
A family tragedy.
A personal tragedy.
Story of a man who was so eager to be successful that he ignored his family. His addictions cost him and his family their happiness.
Yes, regret was their. When he tried to make things right but fate had other plans. Wife's death because of cancer. His son's hate for him. His son choosing a wrong path and dying as a suicide bomber. Everything came to him as a nightmare.
But there is ALWAYS somthing to be hopeful. May be not much, but he found his new purpose in his daughter and granddaughter until he met his natural end.
MPOV: The story was so heart breaking. Agony of losing your loved ones. Not being able to do anything about it. Knowing that things could have been different if you reacted to certain situations differently. But Alas, what's done is done.
One thing I didn't like, that at the end it was little hard for me to connect three stories at the same time. Quick shuffle of, Daniel-waqar(past and present) story and Tom's life. But this book deserves 4.5 but that's not possible here.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
December 23, 2019
Not being an avid reader ,I was most surprised at how readable and engrossing the book became. I particularly enjoyed the two stories running along side each other, one in the past and the other in the present. It gave an insight into how somebody could be groomed to commit an act of terrorism. Through the character Tom, we were able to feel his emotions, happiness and times of deep depression. The story was quite an emotional read and was brought to an excellent climax. I would highly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Margaret Duke-Wyer.
529 reviews3 followers
March 11, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this psychological thriller – if one can speak about enjoying the trauma experienced by our protagonist Daniel McIntyre and his friend Waqar. The plot was revealed through two separate, alternating timelines which kept me anxious to discover what would happen. The pace was tense and the characters brilliantly structured, even Daniel’s father, Tom who had a fractured relationship with Daniel evoked my sympathies.

I was incredibly moved by Daniel and Waqar’s relationship and could not help but love Waqar who presented as a sensitive, forgiving soul. Ultimately I was left deeply saddened by the outcome.

A thrilling story of how one young man was radicalised with tragic repercussions.

Thank you to the author, publishers and NetGalley for providing an ARC via my Kindle in return for an honest review.
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731 reviews14 followers
April 7, 2020
In this emotional thriller we find Daniel, a young man who was assaulted as a child, lost his mother a few years later and then watched his father Tom's decent into a deep dark despair. Yearning for a connection and real love Daniel accepts a handsome Pakistani as a roommate. Waqar is on his own journey, although attracted to Daniel his culture doesn't allow for such relationships and he soon leads Daniel down a path of death and destruction.
Told from past and present chapters as well as through the POV's of Daniel and Tom we feel the magnitude of the decisions the characters make. With themes of innocence lost, coping with loss, substance abuse, love, manipulation and terrorism the author does a great job of allowing the reader to experience the lives of the characters. Well written with a fast, compelling pace, I was invested from the first page to the last. A trigger warning should be mentioned for a couple of gruesome scenes and animal cruelty. Admittedly, I was a little put off by the later but pushed through those events and ultimately was satisfied with the way the author tied everything up in the end. Overall I really enjoyed this one and recommend it to those of you who can overlook the triggers.
137 reviews
March 20, 2020
The book starts off with so many words that not just indulge the reader but also pique his interest. The first sentence is so intriguing that you can't help yourself from reading the next and the one after that. I didn't have to read the entire book to understand the tone of it, it was obvious from the start how interesting the book is gonna be.

It is set in England, 2003 and is the story of the male protagonist, Tom McIntyre. This book is about all the obstacles that he faces in not just his personal life but also his professional one. It's about how he overcomes them while trying hard not to succumb to grief or do substance abuse or play the blame game.

His only reprieve is his wife, Alison, who remains by his side no matter what.

It is a thriller that touches on some really sensitive topics! The book is fast paced and can make the reader be on edge with what all is going on.

The ending is quite unexpected but makes for quite a surprise.

All in all, it is a beautiful read one that you shouldn't miss, if you love thrillers.
Profile Image for Kareenah E.
89 reviews
February 24, 2020
Publication Date November 28, 2019
I want to thank NetGalley, Olympia publishers and the author for giving me the opportunity to review this novel.
This novel tells the story of a young man (Daniel) and his journey through self discovery, from losing his innocence by a stranger at a young age to losing his mother. Daniel struggles with love lost and hatred which inadvertently lead him to become a suicide bomber. I have to say that the story was very captivating, and the author did an amazing job in telling a detailed story that showed aspects of the characters past and present and very thing that lead up to the events of this book.
3 reviews1 follower
December 12, 2019
Duplicity is a novel that will stay with you long after reading it. It explores themes of love, loss, and fractured families. It pulls no punches and Gray writes with a visceral understanding of human nature - with all its highs and lows. The character of Tom is expertly drawn and Gray coaxed out a mixture of emotions from me as a reader as I followed Tom's journey. This is an assured debut from an exciting new voice.
3 reviews
January 14, 2020
Wow what a debut novel! It had me gripped from the first chapter. So many emotions following Tom and his family through this journey. The story was intriguing with characters showing a wealth of human emotions anger, sorrow, love, hurt, loathing and latterly promoting introspection of the main character . A gripping read, a real page turner. Cannot wait for the next novel
Profile Image for Melina Lobo.
627 reviews79 followers
February 22, 2020
Warning: a lot of sensitive topics.
We've got each other. At least we have that. We will find some way to get to the other side and live again.
Daniel has had a rough childhood with very bad traumas that no child should endure.
His Father, Tom tries his best to keep his family together but sometimes someone's best is not good enough.
Dani finds a roommate and friend in Waqar after he leaves home to live away from his father and sister.
But will this friendship prove futile for Dani?
Duplicity is a fast paced thriller by Fin C. Gray.
Daniel is a character who has become vulnerable after certain events in his life and it shows after he's easily manipulated into doing something that was least expected. At the end all he wanted was to be loved.
Tom, is lost! He tries to be a good father but because of his own secrets, it has caused turmoil within the family and his relationship with his children.
The author knows how to keep a reader engaged with every page turned. The writing is fluid and easy to understand.
The book doesn't move in a one timeline, but switches from past to present to help readers understand both Tom and Daniel's point of views. Although, this seems like a story with Tom as the main character, it's very well emphasised that without Daniel's side of the story, this book would be incomplete.
The ending was had a bit of psychological factor to it because we expected one thing but something else happens. (Vague, I know but you'll know it when you read it.)
Overall, a great thriller book and would definitely recommend it.
Rated 90/100
Melina L.
Profile Image for tales unknown.
48 reviews3 followers
April 11, 2020
I don't think a lot of authors are keen on taking about a controversial topic that this book portrays or have the ability to pull it off. I'm glad that Fin C. Gray could. This book shows the journey of a boy named Daniel McIntyre from a sweet child to a terrorist. This book shows the early life of Daniel and how a disfunctional family can change a person so drastically. We see Tom's negligence towards his children, Daniel and Jenny, spiraling Daniel into depression and substance abuse and nurturing immense hatred for his father. We see Tom, too broken to care after his wife's death turning into alcohol for solace.
Brown culture, mostly the older generation are really big on homophobia and hence we see a guy named Waqar turn into a jihadi after being beaten by his dad and brainwashed by an imam. The book was slow to build up pace but gradually it got really, really good. I could literally see it in my mind what was going on. The plot is super unique and honestly I loved every bit of it although it gets really really dark closer to the ending. The book voices topics such as broken marriages, homophobia, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and misinterpretation of a religion leading to terrorism. Overall, a very addictive, bone chilling book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Chris Bruce.
5 reviews1 follower
November 10, 2020
This is an edgy and gripping story, that succeeds in being both high octane thriller and metaphysical parable. No mean feat, but Fin C Gray is an assured and resourceful writer; his sharp, pacy prose and adroit manipulation of time lines are fully equal to the audacity of his project. The action of the novel roves from Carlisle to Karachi, from fine wine to formaldehyde — but no matter where he takes us, we never doubt that the writer knows these places, knows these experiences. And if the story traverses some familiar terrain — terrorist conspiracy — the mastery of insider detail and the backstory of damaged lives bring fresh layers to the action. The complexities of the central characters, Tom and Daniel (father and son), grip the reader in a fearful suspense that never slackens; this is a book to devour at a sitting. And the metaphysics? Wait til the end! — though I guarantee: once you get there, you’ll begin re-reading for the clues you missed first time around, when you were too busy turning pages!
Profile Image for Tika.
170 reviews10 followers
February 10, 2022
Wow.... this is such a painful read and nothing like what I think when I read this in the earlier chapter.

The story opens with the fact that Tom's family has to deal with an illness that is eating away at Alison, his wife. And everything started to fall apart at that point. Although Tom is not a good husband and father but he tries hard to be better. Unfortunately, when he was left by his wife everything fell apart.

Shortly after following Tom, we will follow the story of Daniel, Tom's eldest son, who has a sad story too. Childhood trauma, made him get love from the wrong place. The comfort and love he got from his friends, even made him trapped in terrorism under the guise of religion.

When reading this I try to be as neutral as possible because it concerns the religion I believe in. But, apart from that I can get an idea, maybe people who carry out terrorism and even suicide bombings have different beliefs. That they believe that life in this world is not for them and they believe that they will soon be in heaven.

All the characters in this book really made me sad. Thinking, actually the error appears where, when chaos comes to them. The chaos really can't stop in Tom's life, starting from his wife, children to himself.

A truly heartbreaking book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Blue Reviews .
184 reviews10 followers
January 2, 2020
A Crime Thriller that actually fits the definition of a book that'll keep you on your toes.
The debut novel "Duplicity" is fast paced, full of mystery and keeps you engaged till the very end.
Characterization by Fin is marvellous having the quality to make readers curious about the entire character list. The books major portion is about Tom but the other characters are also brilliantly placed to make story engaging.
The author lets you guess by unfolding the aspects one by one and really makes you care for the characters. The story is intriguing having major twists and nail biting moments.
The writing style of the author is compelling with alloting descriptions about the world created by author. Overall, the book is a treat for crime thriller readers and you won't regret it.
I would give this book 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and would definitely recommend it. Cannot wait for the next book by Fin.
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Author 8 books38 followers
April 13, 2020
Duplicity is a riveting account of a family’s spiral of disintegration after shared trauma, and the dark, unwittingly intertwined, although seemingly opposite, paths followed by father and son into cathartic and catastrophic finales. While Tom, the dad, dissolves into drunkenness and a superficial wealthy lifestyle, his son Daniel, passionate and damaged, embarks in a platonic love affair with a charismatic terrorist who leads him down a dramatic path of destruction.

Fin Gray’s fast paced, unrelentingly thrilling novel is written in an agile, beautiful and lyrical style that carries the reader from page to page till the very end. Gray takes on a wide spectrum of themes, from lost love, to hatred and fanaticism, spiritual yearning and terror, and masterfully weaves them into the story of a modern, apparently typical family. An amazing debut novel and a very promising author.

Profile Image for Cátia Rato.
28 reviews1 follower
September 17, 2021
Holy shit. Wow.
I picked up this book in exchange for an honest review and whatever I was expecting from it, it just blew me away.
For a debut novel, it is amazing how much is achieved. The plot is completely different from anything I've read to the date. The depth with which the author describes behaviors, feelings, and events gives a whole new perspective to the book.
Let's just say I cried like a baby at the end. And not because it was a sad ending, but because of the rollercoaster of feelings you go through while reading.
But be aware, the plot can be triggering because themes like rape, suicide, and cancer are discussed.
5 reviews
January 29, 2020
I would rate this book a 3.7.
This was my first time reading a book about terrorism and brutal attacks. I have always considered murder mysteries very gripping but a book on terrorism and romance together..well you do not easily come around genres like these.
I loved how the author spoke about the suicide bomber and how he thought that this killing would fill his life with purpose and let him wander into the heaven that is waiting unto him..not realising that it is the gates of hell that you let lose.
Profile Image for Heather Emerick.
44 reviews8 followers
March 21, 2020
Holy sh*t it was hard to stop reading this book once I started. This definitely is a psychological thriller, I honestly forgot to breathe at times while reading. Fin C. Gray did a great conveying whichever emotion the characters were feeling.

Trigger warnings for some gruesome moments like the murdering of a cat, heavily implied sexual assault on a minor, terrorism, language, alcohol abuse, and suicide.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Arushi Seth.
57 reviews7 followers
April 1, 2020
The story is centered around young Daniel McIntyre whose innonce was shattered in his childhood with a very traumatised scenario of his mother been dead and a broken hanging relationship with his father which turned Daniel act of innonce into a horrific crime of episodes. The plot development and writing of the author was great in maintaining the crime element throughout the story.
While reading the characters description felt very realistic.
8 reviews
May 2, 2020
Duplicity is a really great fast-paced thriller. It focuses on themes like love, money and fractured families. It hooked me to the end and I completed the book in a week. The book is so great that even though I've read it about 2 months ago, I still remember every incident very clearly. It's a great debut. The storyline was filled with tension and thrill. The characters Daniel and Tom were very well crafted. The contrast between the characters was really well displayed. I'll be willing to read more from the author very soon.
April 7, 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thriller book Duplicity. This absolutely amazing book and most engaging collections of insights into the human mind I have read. Please buy it quickly and read it slowly but never put down!
Profile Image for Prashanth Bhat.
1,540 reviews89 followers
December 15, 2022
At the end of year reading this dark book is totally worth. I have sympathy for tom. He tries to keep the family together. And his son Daniel oh my god such traumas.
This fast paced thriller with grief is one of the best way to end reading this year
Profile Image for Osarenagharu Okundaye.
15 reviews1 follower
Currently reading
November 9, 2022
Duplicity by Fin Gray is a typical of book that ignites better reading proficiency.There is the obvious dominance on read spree of the audience as the author put pen on paper just to take you through practical hood menace in thrilling deadly encounter.

Indeed, Duplicity is a copy for every good read.

Poet Okundaye Israel.
October 1, 2020
I highly recommend this book! Jaw dropping twists and surprises-I did not want to put this book down! :O
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