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Want to know a secret?

It's about that girl over there.
Don’t look, but she’s the one in the power suit—with the long, black hair and the serious expression, the one I’m about to go on a date with . . .

Yeah, according to her, she “accidentally” donated an obscene amount of money to my charity — The Lineup — to win said date but I found out the truth. Miss. Button Up Blouse has a secret, passionate crush on me.

I didn’t know her name until two days ago, despite the friends we have in common.
Was I oblivious? Probably.
Was I blind to it? Definitely.

But I’m no fool, I see it now. The High Heel Harlot wants more than just a date with Jason Orson, she wants to be able to claim the best butt in baseball as hers.

Here's another secret . . . she has no idea I know.

356 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 5, 2019

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About the author

Meghan Quinn

117 books21.6k followers
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When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn't take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. It wasn't until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven't turned back since.

You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation.

​I currently reside in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.

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June 25, 2022
3.5 stars

I’d say that Jason’s so called weird and quirky personality did win this book major points. Did I think that at times it seemed a bit too much and too forced? Maybe, but I didn’t want realistic, I wanted fun and he was certainly fun.
Now, this is gonna sound weird - but as much as he provided comedic relief and lots of weird banter - I didn’t actually care that much for him as a character. I felt like he was a bit too full of himself and he thought he was nice. The problem when guys describe themselves as morally uncompromised, they become oblivious to their faults and expect others to always treat them as such. They also tend to be self righteous- which he was towards the end when the conflict part of the plot was unleashed. I’ll say this, as much as Dottie had many faults (as any human does), I think she was honest with about who she is and why she is that way, which I appreciate much more than a character like Jason.

As for the trope and the plot - I wasn’t a fan. The tough business woman routine which will evidently only end in her abandoning her job to do something which makes her kinder and more selfless is something I want to disappear from the genre. I want the Ice Queen to not be some sort of trauma response — apparently women can’t be strong and ruthless in business without having some sort of traumatic catalyst.
And having everyone (especially the men in this book) call her scary and intimidating just for her being … herself and being a woman (they call men with the same personality as her badass, tough, alpha, hot, etc) and no - this is not a general feminist statement - there is a guy in this series — Maddox to be precise - who gives scary vibes but he’s a man, so on him it’s hot. Anyway… that’s where I’m at with the portrayal of the heroine.

The conflict - Gosh, another lesson in double standards.She withheld something from him. She was wrong to do so. She apologised and explained countless times and made up for it in millions (yes, actual money) - not that the money should make the difference, but if anything it further proved her intentions. Everyone knew she was sincere, all of the friend group. Everyone knew she apologised profusely and tried to make it right. He blew it so much out of proportion. He made such a big spectacle of being betrayed. And really, compared to the other books in the series where the men were the ones who messed up — and I mean really messed up and they were forgiven so freaking easily, for much, much, much more heartbreaking issues I felt like this book was another example of how whenever it is the heroine who does something wrong she is almost crucified for it while men will be men. To top it all off, after he didn’t accept her sincere sentiments, apologies and gestures, she quits her millions of dollars job (because it made her too ruthless apparently), decides to move to the other side of the country and leave all her friends, and start fresh. Because of course a woman is so weak and so fragile, she will end up changing her whole life because a man was too sensitive and too high up on his horse to forgive her and continue their relationship. Gosh, all the guys in the series, after messing up and breaking up with the heroines, go and have extreme success before they get back together - but the woman has to lose it all.

So yes, I had that very big issue with it, but I still think it was a funny, well written and at times sexy book to read. Not much of a plot except for the drama of last part..
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November 30, 2019
Release Date: December 5, 2019
Actual Rating: 5 stars

Romantic Comedy | Sports Romance

Romcom fans can rejoice because we have another winning romance right here with The Lineup!

I always get giddy when Meghan Quinn writes a new book because I feel like I’m revisiting friends. Her characters are gems and it’s not hard to fall in love with each one of them. In the Lineup readers will become well acquainted with Jason and Dottie. Their romance is thick with humor, the banter is hilarious, and the deep, all encompassing passion is swoon worthy. Gosh, Jason just may be one of my favorite heroes that Meghan has written! He and Dottie are a match made in heaven even though it took them a little while to come together. It’s a slow burn for sure because the two start off as enemies (rather, Dottie can’t stand him and makes it known) but it’s so much fun to “watch”. I was rooting for Jason from the beginning and it was a blast to watch him tear down the falls that held her heart hostage! It was a hoot too as I was laughing nearly every page!

Jason reminded me of Racer from Twisted Twosome. (If you haven’t read that one, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a standalone in the series and one of my top favorites. You can find it here: TWISTED TWOSOME. Why does he remind me of Racer, you ask? His wittiness and snarky personality that had me rolling on the floor laughing just like Racer. Jason may be a little more “feminine” (he isn’t afraid to weep (his words, not mine) and has one of the most positive outlooks on life) but their personalities are similar in so many ways! I freakin LOVED IT.

Dottie is a little rougher around the edges. She’s a BOSS lady, doesn’t give in easily, and really has no problem doing her own thing. She’s been burned in the past by men and doesn’t take easily to Jason who won’t take no for an answer. The two don’t hit it off right away (or easily) which leads to the hilarious banter, but when they do? MAGIC. Gosh, I really wasn’t sure about them being good for one another at first, but they are really each other’s perfect match. Their chemistry hides in plain sight!

Anyway, I really LOVED this book. I honestly didn’t want it to end because I couldn’t get enough of Jason (I’d love to try his potato salad). He’s such a charming, sweet man! Meghan wrote him to perfection, and I think all the ladies are going to fight over him. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance in some future books. Fingers crossed. Otherwise I’d just have to read this book all over again (and I totally could- that’s how much I loved it!).

If you’re looking for a sweet, one of a kind romance with the most ADORABLE hero in the world then you won’t want to miss The Lineup! I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed in this story! It’s truly a spectacular read, and I loved seeing Knox, Emery, Carson, and the rest of the gang!
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3,815 reviews32.4k followers
December 9, 2019
4.25 stars

 photo 7DB3027B-E3C6-432A-A831-A435E6EDE35E_zpsr3cbucwd.png

This is the third sports romance of Meghan Quinn’s that follows Brentwood baseball players. What makes this one different than the first two is it doesn’t follow a college ball player. Jason Orson has been out of college for some time and is a popular MLB catcher.

Dottie Domico is a powerful CEO and all around bad ass. And she’s had a crush on Jason since college, though it’s been that long since she’s seen him. Her best friend Emory is dating Jason’s friend Knox, and now that Jason is back in Chicago, they’re bound to run into each other. Though a charity donation mishap makes it happen more quickly.

Even though Dottie had it bad for Jason, she doesn’t want to go there now. She’s been hurt in her past and isn’t looking for anyone. But Jason… Jason is hard to resist. I loved their back and forth banter and the way Jason could get Dottie to come around. He’s pretty irresistible.

I cannot think of a more hilarious hero than Jason Orson. This guy had me cracking up from page one. Are some of his antics and jokes a little immature, sure, but my goodness is he funny. Dottie is much more high strung but what I loved most about their relationship is that Jason brought out the lighter side of her.

There was some conflict toward the end that was a bit angsty and could have been avoided, but I appreciate that Jason took Knox’s advice and didn’t make the same mistakes as some of the other couples and it didn’t take years to resolve their issues.
“Do you want to be happy? Or do you want to be right?”
The Lineup was a gem of a book. One of the funniest rom-coms I’ve read this year and definitely a fantastic addition to this series. I saw that Cory Potter’s book is next and I am dying for that story. I am crossing my fingers that it’s with Jason’s sister, because I think that would be so much fun. If you’re looking for a funny, sexy, and highly entertaining book, pick this one up. It was great!
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November 14, 2019
Meghan Quinn knocks it out of the park AGAIN!! The Lineup is a perfect balance of laugh out moments, angsty feels, heartfelt emotions, and pure joy!! These characters are some of my favorites ever! I had such a blast reading this amazing book!

1,383 reviews17 followers
February 9, 2022
Oh Jason......I think you just might have knocked Knox out of the top spot of my favorite Brentwood boys (it's such a tough choice on who I love more!).

Good heavens, this man was so sweet and charming and utterly ridiculous at times, but that just added to his appeal. And watching him flip that switch from his goofy persona to an alpha male - so hot!! Dottie - she definitely needed someone like Jason in her life. He made her laugh and not take life so seriously. He showed her how to have fun and enjoy life again. They had such an incredible relationship, even if one person may have originally had ulterior motives in the beginning. The love that developed between them was real and true - one that was worth fighting for. Loved these two so much!!
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Author 117 books21.6k followers
Want to read
December 5, 2019
She first saw him in college, talking to his friends. Tall, broad, sculpted by his many hours in the weight room. His personality was larger than life and she was too shy to approach him.

Now he’s a professional baseball player, she's a confident CEO, her crush is still strong, and she has a chance at winning a date with him.

Should she enter?

✓ HOT baseball pants
✓ College Crush
✓ Slow Burn with an EXTREMELY hot end
✓ Baseball player with all the ALPHA swoon
✓ Romantic Comedy that will melt your heart

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4,304 reviews83 followers
December 2, 2019
Romantic Comedy at its best and I’m going to say a must read for all lovers of romance, sports romance and rom-coms . Meghan Quinn is one of the best writers in this genre and I’m sure like me you will be captivated by Jason Orson and Dottie’s story .......because it’s one of a kind, it’s the kind of story that draws you in, makes you laugh and has you falling head over heels for the hero.
Jason is a man we would all love to have by our sides, he is caring, kind, sensitive with an amazing sense of humour and once he decides he wants Dottie there is no stopping him, funny thing is while he is trying his best to woo her what comes out of his mouth ends up winding her up in the most comical of ways. Sizzling chemistry but is it lust or is it love .....
This book ticked all my boxes, I laughed, I swooned and at times I shed a tear as I joined this couple on their journey. The banter is hilarious and the softer side we see in Jason is heartwarming, a book I’m sure I will read over and over because it has a story I will never grow tired off. What’s next from this very talented author who knows, it’s going to be hard to top The Lineup but if anyone can do it Megan Quinn can.....looking forward to what’s next
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1,260 reviews9,961 followers
December 7, 2019
*****FIVE++++++ STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

His hands immediately grip my jaw and before I can give it a thought, his lips descend onto mine, claiming my mouth the way I’ve always dreamed of. There’s no humor in his kiss. No fumbling. It’s as if this has been the kiss I’ve been waiting for my whole life, the one that would alter my world forever.

Jason Orson aka ”Big Daddy Boo-Boo Bear” and Dottie Domico aka ”Witty Wench” are my absolute favorite couple in this series!! Meghan Quinn’s sense of humor is so infectious and made me laugh out loud countless times, I swear I still have stomach pains!! Jason is the silliest, most in touch with his feminine side alpha male I have ever encountered in a book, and it completely worked! He rocks the “J Lo” butt like no other Hero out there!! Dottie comes off as abrasive and cold, but deep down, her heart is the biggest of all. Most of their story is a slow and hilarious build to an incredibly steamy and heartwarming romance, and the angst uncharacteristically comes very late in the game, but don’t let that fool you, it packed a TERRIBLE punch!! I think I cried more during this one than the previous two installments. I have an undying love for Meghan Quinn!! I am a fan for life!! BRAVO!!

Here are my overall ratings:
Hero: 5++++
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5++++
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

”THE LINEUP” is currently available!!

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/37ZUQw9
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2OL5cZe
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2RgzLHK
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/34JOTkR

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796 reviews68 followers
March 8, 2020
Oh Meghan Quinn, you absolute goddess, you. I honestly did not expect you to top Knox’s story and then you gave me Carson, and I thought for sure nobody could top Carson, but then you gave me Jason. Talk about a swoonworthy hero! I don’t think the smile ever left my face for the entire time it took me to read this sweet, charming and very funny love story. Fantastic writing and storyline, wonderful characters, oodles and oodles of humor and so much heart and soul, The Lineup was such an entertaining and enjoyable read. I was living for this book and especially for Jason and Dottie.

Jason and Dottie’s chemistry was explosive. I LOVED every single thing about their relationship. The way in which Dottie and Jason's personalities are so opposite was just phenomenal to read and I could just visualise it in my head. A true testament to the talented storytelling prowess of Meghan Quinn. There were so many sweet and adorable moments between the two of them. Dottie and Jason’s chemistry is undeniable and their story is unforgettably hilarious! From the opening chapter, I knew I would be laughing hard and I did....A LOT! The visuals of certain scenarios literally had me ugly snort laughing. They had such an incredible relationship and the love that developed between them was real and true - one that was worth fighting for.

I have to say, I absolutely adore Jason and his over the top Jason-ness! He is definitely a TOP forever favorite of mine. This man is really something else and so unlike anyone I have ever read before! He has a heart of pure gold, he’s insanely hilarious, he’s extra sensitive and isn’t afraid to show his feelings. He is pure happiness and he’s everything that is good in this world. His adorkable and ridiculously over the top ways had me smiling so big and laughing so hard. He’s sweet, caring, considerate and so selfless. Jason is truly one of a kind and his antics are the best. And a special mention has to go to Jason’s biggest pride and joy - his potato salad!

The Lineup is pure Meghan Quinn gold. She hits this story way out of the park with her quick wit and her quirky humor. I loved this book as much as Jason loves his potato salad! It’s equal parts funny and romantic with just the right amount of angst. Meghan paints such vibrant pictures with her writing and I couldn’t put this one down for anything. Not only is this book one of my top 2019 reads, but truly one of my all-time favorite Meghan Quinn books.
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633 reviews168 followers
December 5, 2019
5/5 Stars

OH MY Jason Orson you are something else #BestDamnTatoSaladEver


The Lineup is book 3 in the brentwood baseball series and follows Jason and Dottie and although these books can be read as standalones to truly appreciate these characters I highly suggest reading The Locker Room and The Dugout first

This is a book that will make you laugh so hard you will have tears in your eyes, then it'll rip your heart out and make you cry for a whole different reason but ultimately you will be left smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside thinking Jason what have you done to me. It was deliciously slow burn, incredibly steamy, with a good mix of angst and some insane laugh out loud moments

The best way to describe Jason is to use words from Dottie herself 'Oh my God. Why is he such a moron? An adorably sweet moron. A moron that keeps tempting me to laugh'. He is loud, obnoxious, funny, has no filter but is also kind, warm, sensitive and so damn loveable and I hear he makes the best potato salad you will ever eat

Dottie is the defitnion of a Boss Woman. She is career orientated, strong, distant at times, doesnt hold back but is also vulnerable, sweet, loyal and caring

I loved this story so much and I'm constantly amazed at how Meghan keeps hitting it out the park with the dialogue in her stories, by far these books have some of the best dialogue and funny scenes ive ever read and I can't wait for more stories especially Holt and Cory 😍😍


《book aesthetics made by me. I do not own the pictures, all found via pinterest 》
《Thank you to Meghan and Candi Kane PR for providing me with an arc in exchange for my honest opinion and review》
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2,899 reviews635 followers
June 7, 2020
Another winner for Miss Quinn. Just like the other books of hers, The Lineup is full of cute, sassy hilarious banter. Some part of the book makes me laugh out loud.

I love Jason. He is such baby boy trap in a sensitive heart. In a funny way. Not in some dark twisted character. I think we all need a Jason in our life. I love him. It is rare to find such sensitive alpha male in romance books.

Now Dottie, I resent her at first. I thought this girl is so rude to Jason a the beginning of the story. Then she used Jason for her career advantage makes me want to slap her silly. To be honest until the end of the book, I wish Jason did not go back to her. Jason deserves such better soul mate.

So I give this book 4 stars all due to Jason.

4 stars
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Author 210 books54.1k followers
December 5, 2019

She first saw him in college, talking to his friends. Tall, broad, sculpted by his many hours in the weight room. His personality was larger than life and she was too shy to approach him.

Now he’s a professional baseball player, she's a confident CEO, her crush is still strong, and she has a chance at winning a date with him.

Should she enter?

✓ HOT baseball pants
✓ College Crush
✓ Slow Burn with an EXTREMELY hot end
✓ Baseball player with all the ALPHA swoon
✓ Romantic Comedy that will melt your heart

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1,473 reviews451 followers
December 20, 2019
Jason was unlike any hero I’ve ever read. He was confident in who he was, in touch with his sensitive side, open and ready to let love in, and he had this switch that could be flipped to bring out his alpha and protective side. Perfect, right!? **dreamy sigh**

Dottie was an awesome heroine. She was a take charge kinda woman who prioritized work, was successful and a little serious, but was still generous. She blossomed under Jason’s attention.

I loved the plot and role reversal of sorts. They had great chemistry. Their banter was hilarious and it just felt... right. The writing was superb, as if Ms. Quinn could do any less, and the pacing was good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the fall of these two and can’t wait for whatever’s next for this author.

Complementary copy received and voluntarily reviewed.
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652 reviews1 follower
June 14, 2021
3,5 ★
summary: if you mix a businesswoman + teddy bear hero + forced proximity = this book!

At first, I hated this book, Jason was too 'loud' for me. there's a scene where she says she's his butt, not the best butt in baseball he asks everyone at the party if they agree with her. I read a review in which the person said Jason is a frat boy, and although I've never met one, I agree with that.
at least in this one, they fight, but they soon get back together, unlike the previous books.
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1,808 reviews384 followers
December 8, 2019
2 🤔🤕⭐️s

The Lineup didn’t work out for me.
I will share with you only one funny incident regarding this alpha-swoon-sensitive-hot-handsome-sweet baseball player.
Jason debated if he should wear a thong under his jeans or not and finally decided on his lime-green one because it looked great against his tan.
No, thank you.
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673 reviews304 followers
June 27, 2022

ARC Audiobook Review

The last book on the Audible collection of The Brentwood Boys starts a loooot like an enemies to lovers...
Still with funny moments and with Jason being so drama queen and so exaggerated in his antics, that he's the one to make you laugh out loud in this book.

Dottie is a b*tch. I don't have any other word to describe her at the beginning of the book. She treats him so bad since their first encounter, and I honestly don't know why he got attracted to her!
There's no reason for her being this way with him, other than her untrusting ex-boyfriend.

I reaaaally enjoyed much more this book than the previous one too.
This is the funniest and sensible man between the guys, matching with the grumpiest and coldest woman between the girls... a real good recipe for a hilarious rom-com.

Jason was such a different character!
He was a bag full of contradictions and I loved each and everyone of them.
Dottie was the cold side of their relationship until she lost him... And that was all on her too, so I couldn't help the girl.

Bonus points for the break on the cycle of years apart, after the plot twist... I couldn't handle another couple doing their own thing for years!

I guess I'll read the others... Someday! 😂

About the Audiobook Narration...

I'll give it 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for both!
Maxine Mitchell gave life to the cold Dottie and I really loved how perfect for her she was.
Stephen Dexter did an amazing job bringing Jason to life, but he also exaggerated so much in Jason's antics, that Jason looked like a gay in his playfulness, not just a funny guy.

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1,090 reviews570 followers
December 5, 2019

Title: The Lineup
Author: Meghan Quinn

The Lineup Collage.jpg

This year Meghan Quinn has truly cemented her presence in my life as one of my favourite go-to authors for romance.
Her other two releases for the year 2019, The Locker Room and The Dugout, where two books I LOVED so much.

The Lineup was another awesome read.
Jason and Dottie's story in The Lineup was one with so much humour, entertaining banters and an unbelievable chemistry that will definitely make you feel envious.

The Lineup had me laughing my ass off with the very first chapter and the charm didn't wear off. Honestly? Like the other two books I mentioned earlier, I really didn't want the book to end.


I really enjoyed the fact that in this book, the guy was an open book with his emotions while the girl was the one who was precautious.

Jason's personality is one of a kind. Funny, witty, hilarious and by God! does he make it easy to fall in love with him.
Dottie is my girl. She is sassy, confident, smart.. she is a badass.

The characters in this book will easily cast their charm on you.

Meghan Quinn's latest, The Lineup is a must read!

4.5 new1

For an excerpt, click link below:
November 30, 2019
Meghan Quinn has once again knocked it out of the park. And yes, I obviously had to use a baseball reference because duh, this series is about baseball players. THIS BOOK! Holy heck this book was right up my alley. The never ending laughing fits, low on drama, sweetness overload, stars-in-your-eyes romance, hot & steamy and so many swoony moments. I was living for this book and especially for Jason and Dottie.

Dottie is a boss lady—kicking butt and taking names. She’s a take no prisoners kind of woman. She’s fierce, independent and hard working. And because of what her ex did to her it changed her and made her build a wall around her heart. But even with her tough exterior there is that soft and tender side to Dottie, though she doesn’t show it, but it’s there nonetheless.

Jason Orson has definitely become a TOP favorite of mine. Geez louise this man was something else. He has a heart of pure gold, he’s insanely hilarious, he’s extra sensitive and isn’t afraid to show his feelings, he’s is pure happiness and he’s everything that is good. His adorkable ways had me smiling so big and laughing so hard. He’s sweet, caring, considerate and so selfless. He’s just so amazing and I found myself loving him so hard.

Dottie and Jason’s chemistry is undeniable. And even though Dottie tries to play it down, there’s no denying what Jason makes her feel. Their personalities are so opposite, but they each learn from the other. These two had me laughing nonstop, squealing in delight and then screaming #GetYourIshTogether !! In the end though I was quite happy, not gonna lie.

The Lineup is pure Meghan Quinn gold. It’s bursting with humor, filled with so much heart and soul and with wonderful characters. I found myself laughing my a$$ and then becoming an emotional mess. I loved this book as much as Jason loves his potato salad. And it was such a delight to catch up with the other characters from the previous books. All in all The Lineup was an entertaining and enjoyable read I couldn’t get enough of. Definitely recommend this book and this series.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*
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1,804 reviews457 followers
December 4, 2019
Meghan Quinn’s latest baseball contemporary romance The Lineup is rom-com at its finest.

Dottie Monico had the biggest crush on Jason Orson when they were in college. Yet they never met even though they hung out with the same friends. Now that Dottie is a powerful executive ready to take her father’s place at the helm of the family’s business, she has no time for silly crushes much less looking up pictures of the best and sexiest catcher in the country nor his delectable derriere.

When Dottie accidentally donates a big chunk of money to Jason’s charity though, she also ends up winning a date with him. She has no intention of going on said date. He has every intention of keeping it. And what starts as a cat and mouse chase turns into a sweet and sexy relationship that only an ugly lie can rip apart.

With Jason and Dottie, Quinn has crafted two very opposite yet perfect for each other individuals. Jason is a romantic, fun loving, honest and emotional man while Dottie has become confident, yet inflexible and guarded. But not even the thickest walls could resist Jason’s crazy, cute and charismatic wooing.

Without a doubt, Jason stole the show. I just loved him to pieces and adored how he pursued Dottie, thoroughly enjoyed how he interacted with his friends and their significant others, swooned over the way he transformed from cute and adorable to sexy alpha, and flat out melted with his incredible heart. He made me laugh like a loon and I was absolutely addicted to him and his endeavor to win Dottie’s heart. #teamJason all the way! I cannot wait to read more from this world Meghan Quinn has created.

The Lineup is a standalone contemporary romance by Meghan Quinn. It is sports romance, told from both points of view with a happy ending.

My super quick review/recap:
➵ Cover: 5
➵ Hero: 5++
➵ Heroine: 4
➵ Sexiness: 5
➵ Feels/LOL/ROFL/LMAO: 5++
➵ Plot/Pace: 4.5
➵ Overall rating: 5

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

Amazon -> https://amzn.to/363GVnc

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1,336 reviews71 followers
December 7, 2019
Must read!!

O M G this is my absolute favourite from the this series. Give me Jason stat. He’s a freaking unicorn that’s what he is. A phenomenal male lead. Sexy, funny, a fabulous cook, caring and sexy. That warranted another sexy.

Dottie. Is the perfect ingredient for him. She’ll keep him grounded, balanced. And she’ll love him.

Being hurt in the past she has a facade that she’s erected around her heart. When a crush from the past arrives in Chicago in the form of the Rebels new catcher she’ll try to resist but there’s no way you can ignore this guy. He opens his mouth and your either laughing on the floor or swooning.

Sometimes taking a chance on something is good but jumping into a relationship based on a little white lie? Well that shits going to come back and bite you. Hard. Especially with a guy like Jason who wears his heart on his sleeve. Even though what started out as a small lie there’s no way you could resist this man.

Tears of laughter, and a fantastic read await you.

In my top ten reads this year.

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Author 41 books15.2k followers
December 5, 2019

She first saw him in college, talking to his friends. Tall, broad, sculpted by his many hours in the weight room. His personality was larger than life and she was too shy to approach him.

Now he’s a professional baseball player, she's a confident CEO, her crush is still strong, and she has a chance at winning a date with him.

Should she enter?

✓ HOT baseball pants
✓ College Crush
✓ Slow Burn with an EXTREMELY hot end
✓ Baseball player with all the ALPHA swoon
✓ Romantic Comedy that will melt your heart

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December 6, 2019
4.5 STARS!


Once again Meghan Quinn hits a homerun with the Brentwood boys! The Lineup is Jason Orson's story. He was first introduced in The Locker Room and played a large part in the shenanigans that take place in The Dugout, which is where I first fell in love with him.

Dorothy "Dottie" Domico was first introduced in The Locker Room as Emory's best friend. Presently she's a fierce business woman who has been jipped by love. She guards her heart like a fortress until it becomes impossible not to let Jason in.

Jason Orson is the funny guy you want in your life. The things that come out of this man's mouth were obscene yet somehow hilariously witty. I couldn't get enough of him! He has a sensitive side that you can't help but love and a possessive alpha side in the bedroom that is oh-mama-so-hot 🔥

Together, Dottie and Jason are explosive! Their chemistry is undeniable. What began as a relationship where Dottie is being a wench to Jason soon turns into a friendship of sorts. The Lineup is a slowburn romance with lots of enticing moments, so when these two finally do get together it's so wonderful to see them as a couple.

Overall, I loved this book immensely! However, I found myself already knowing what was going to happen. I also felt the drama was unnecessary but hello sweet, sweet ANGST my dear friend! I'm a sucker for angst, especially when my heart aches and the end result is me balling like a baby. Le sigh.

I have nothing more to say other than I truly love these boys! Completely. This is one my favorite series by Megha to date. I'm excited to see who she writes next, which to be frank I'm hoping it's Walker Rockwell because he's so brooding and intense I need his pain in my life 😭

*Edit was taken from the author's newsletter.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Hot-Lanta Publishing. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.*
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May 26, 2020
I live and die for this series. It is without. A doubt my favorite Meghan Quinn stand-alone series. It has everything I love - athletes, hilarious moments, Dirty talkers. I’m straight obsessed.

I’ve read and listened to the audiobooks and would highly recommend them.

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January 1, 2020
Note: This is my last review of 2019.

Another Note: This is a series, so this all goes in order. First comes The Locker Room, then The Dugout, third and final (for now) is The Lineup. They can all be read as standalones but it would be recommended to read in order, to understand every character's backstory. Thank you.

Songs applying here: 1. It's A Lie by the Vamps. 2. River by Charlie Puth. 3. Kiss by The Vamps. 4. Good Boys by Josie Dunn. 5. I Wish You Were Here by HRVY.

So Jason Orson. Dottie Domico. You two. Have. Got. My. Heart.

That's all I can manage to stay. Third couple to win this trophy.

Anyway. These two have my heart so bad for being so endearing, wonderful and perfectly hilarious peeps of nature.

I don't think I'll ever find a replacement. Gah..

Anyway let me start this review for real. It's already getting so long.

Here we go.

The cover - So darn swoonworthy, no wonder Dottie felt the attraction so bad at first sight...I mean I wouldn't mind some staring and (oh shit is that drool?) touching..got me all jumping and down like a kid with a present for their birthday..But I loved the cover, first sight. Fucking swoonworthy. Gee. Hence the stars.

The summary - Dottie (Emory's friend - Emory (Knox's girl from The Locker room) and Lindsey's amigo from the same novel..) actually donates 10,000 dollars to Jason's charity and immediately removes it as well. But by then Jason has found out about it, and gets determined to confront her. In their interactions, attraction simmers, anger rests underneath, and tension brews in the midst as they slowly get closer. But not without some problems being thrown in the mix, these two battle the world to have their future. Loved this summary, so gosh darn much. Hehe. Hence another star.

The characters - Ah Jason, my boy. He's such a dreamboat, and I don't mean by the looks. By his bloody good personality. He's so sweet, sensitive (rare in today's world), caring, clever, and handsome. My dream, for sure (if only he cared to read as well..). Dottie on the other hand, my to some-extent copy. Sarcastic, intelligent, clever, caring, and ruthless in some manners, she's the epitome of what it means to be a leader in her professional life (not me) and caring to her friends, family and Jason. (me) So many times, I felt like banging my head on the wall when I read what she did (so many of those actions were like mine..it's amazing..how you get frustrated when you meet someone like yourself..) Lindsey, Emory, Milly, Carson, Knox, Mama G, Jessica, Natalie, Walker, Cory, they all made this story even more delightful to read with their wit, words and comedic touch. Bloody awesome they all were. All the stars of the world to them.

The romance - Slow for sure, but so worth the wait. Steamy and sweet, it's a perfect mix of what you'd like when you first meet Jason and Dottie. And that's exactly what I got, delighting me to no end. Hence the stars.

Finally the problems and the end - With Dottie's job, Jason's charity thing (aaah..Can't remember..clearly the new year's got me, still off..), Dottie's past and Jason's, a lot of these problems stop Jason and Dottie from getting together...but with how resilient these two are, and so are their friends and family, there's no doubting Fate wants them together, for sure. And I loved the ending, with Knox and EMory (oh you'll know..*winks*), Carson and Milly, and our newest couple Jason and Dottie. JUST FREAKING LOVED IT ALL! All the stars it deserves.

So congrats to our newest couple for winning my heart, and pray sincerely that Meghan Quinn keeps swishing her magic wand back and forth with her books, cause I freaking love them.

Until the next year,

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December 9, 2019

She first saw him in college, talking to his friends. Tall, broad, sculpted by his many hours in the weight room. His personality was larger than life and she was too shy to approach him.

Now he’s a professional baseball player, she's a confident CEO, her crush is still strong, and she has a chance at winning a date with him.

Should she enter?

✓ HOT baseball pants
✓ College Crush
✓ Slow Burn with an EXTREMELY hot end
✓ Baseball player with all the ALPHA swoon
✓ Romantic Comedy that will melt your heart

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December 5, 2019
Dottie Domico is a boss ass businesswoman who loves her career. After being burned badly in her past relationship, she isn’t looking to settle down anytime soon (if ever). She learns that her assistant accidentally donated a large lump sum of money to the wrong charity. That shouldn’t be a problem except she donated to The Lineup, pro baseball star Jason Orson’s charity. Dottie had a mad crush on Jason when they attended college together. Their best friends are in a relationship, putting them in the same social circle, but until now, the two never crossed paths. And somehow, because of her donation, Dottie’s won a date with Jason Orson. Dottie doesn’t want to touch that date with a ten foot pole.

Jason is not only extremely sexy, but he’s charming and a total family man. He’s the complete package. Dottie and Jason want complete different things and since she was heartbroken before, Dottie wants to stay far away from men like Jason. But when Jason learns about Dottie’s resistance to his date, he refuses to take no for an answer.

When one of Dottie’s clients insinuates that her professional image would be better if she were in a relationship, Dottie has second thoughts about her date with Jason. So she succumbs to Jason’s persistence. At first she just does it for professional gain, but soon she finds herself smitten with this tender-hearted baseball player. But if Jason learns of her original plan, everything they’ve built together might just go up in smoke.

The Lineup by Meghan Quinn is book 3 in the Brentwood Baseball series. I enjoyed books 1 and 2 in this series, but book 3 has complete won my heart. Jason is my new favorite hero—he’s sensitive, funny, kindhearted, and knows his way around the kitchen. I loved the banter between Dottie and Jason. The way that Jason pushes her buttons completely reminds me of how my husband pushes mine. I found myself laughing out loud at several points in this book and didn’t want it to end. If you were missing the couples from the first two books in the series, you’ll be happy to see their cameo appearances here. Meghan Quinn truly hit it out of the park with this one (pun 100% intended)! 4.5/5 stars.

Thank you Candi Kane PR & Meghan Quinn for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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December 31, 2021
Siri, play 🎵Whatta Man by Linda Lyndell🎵

The Locker Room and The Dugout are both new adult romances, but The Lineup is an adult romance. I love that this book is not set in college. College romance is fun, but adult romance is more my thing lol.

Jason Orson, AKA the best ass 🍑 in baseball, has been traded for the Chicago Rebels and he is EXCITED to be back in Chicago with his besties Knox and Carson. Dottie Domico had a crush on Jason back in college, but they've never been introduced even though their best friends Emory and Knox are a couple. After a donation mishap, Dottie accidentally wins a date with Jason and that's how these two officially meet.

Where do I even begin with the ridiculousness that is Jason Orson AKA best ass 🍑 in baseball? Aside from his delicious bubble butt 🍑, the man is a phenomenal cook who loves cooking for his loved ones. He is SO WEIRD and SO RIDICULOUS. I can't even begin to describe how much of a weirdo he is. It's the kind of weirdness you have to experience yourself. What can I say? I like 'em weird 🤣 Jason makes the dumbest jokes that actually make me laugh out loud. He's very soft, sensitive, emotional, and playful in the streets 🥺 But he's a dirty talking dominant Alpha in the sheets 🥵 And he loves cuddling and stroking the heroine's hair afterward 🥺

What I love the most about Jason though is his kind heart. He's the sunshine to Dottie's grumpy. He has a positive attitude and he always sees the good in people. Yes, he's utterly weird, ridiculous, and quirky. But I love all of his weird quirks, including his big heart, his empathy for others, and his ability to see the good in people and the beauty in everyday things. He has the qualities that I strive to better in myself. So it comes as no surprise that I 💯 adore this man to pieces. Jason Orson only exists because he's written by a woman and that makes me want to cry.

Okay, I swear this review is not just a love letter to Jason Orson. Let's talk about Dottie - she's a straight up badass businesswoman, with a hard and cold exterior. She's the ice queen to Jason's warm playfulness. She's the grumpy to Jason's sunshine. She's been hurt by men before and she's afraid of falling for Jason Orson, the man she's crushed on for forever. Jason is quite literally perfect for Dottie. He's not scared of her. He doesn't back down from her coldness. He loves how uptight she is and he LOVES teasing the hell out of her. Only someone like Jason could ever get under Dottie's skin.
“The tough girl from the boardroom, the ruthless vixen who makes men in suits cry . . . what she’s really into are sensitive men, men who will pull out the emotions she usually has to hide when dealing in business. Am I right?”
The third act conflict thankfully does not rely on a long ass separation, which I appreciated a lot. Dottie messes up and it takes time for Jason to come to terms with it. Dottie has been hurt by men before, which is why she's built such a hard exterior to protect herself. Jason has also been hurt by women before, but his personality does not let that get in the way of his feelings for Dottie. It's interesting how Jason and Dottie approach things differently, despite having experienced similar hurts in the past. The conflict was dealt with appropriately and the grovel was heart moving 🥺 I am thoroughly satisfied with Jason and Dottie's HEA 🥰

Dear God,
I'd like to place an order for one Jason Orson, with his famous potato salad on the side, please and thank you 🤲🏽

Stephen Dexter did a FABULOUS job bringing Jason to life 😍

P.S. The bear scene 💀

P.P.S. I learned some new terminologies: camel toe and motorboating L O L
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November 27, 2019
***4.5 ‘It’s a Mystery What Goes On In My Brain’ Stars***

This book.

This book drove me batshitcrazy on all levels.

I think that’s the only way to put it. It definitely hit all the right romance buttons for me, but it also had my eyes hurting from all the rolling they ended up doing because Jason and Dottie definitely conjured up their own kind of endearing, frustrating, swoon worthy roller coaster of a ride that was difficult to get off of.

Jason and Dottie. I actually wrote out my typical “I like this about them...etc”...thing and then realized that it gave away waaaaayyyy too much when it comes to these two. So, I will say this. I loved them ~ in the end ~ but man did they try me. Both definitely are so complex, so much more than anyone ~ even those closest to them ~ could ever realize. They have huge hearts and great personalities and yet they both had me wanting to Gibbs smack them as much as I was laughing at and with them while wanting to hug them.

With such varied feelings towards them it should come as no surprise that their journey to the HEA had me feeling the same. But while their actions, reactions, thought processes ~ or lack there of ~ drove me batshit crazy, there were a few truths I can’t deny. The main, and most important, truth is that I really liked them together. They simply fit together and, not to sound cheesy, but they completed each other. And when things went sideways and upside down? Well, I was simply team #getyourshittogether and thankfully they did.

This one was definitely a ride, but also a great addition to the series. There was a good mix of things that had me laughing, groaning, and swooning to keep things interesting and me turning the pages to see what would happen next. I loved catching up with Knox, Emery, Carson and Millie and I’m still all about Cory, but now there is a newbie on the scene...Walker. Yup. If anyone needs an HEA it’s this guy. So toes crossed that there are plans in place for that to happen.

Note: This can be read as a stand-alone, but the books are interconnected, so, IMHO, it will be a lot more fun if you start at the beginning.

~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~

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