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From USA Today & Amazon Top Ten best-selling author Harloe Rae is a new standalone romance where opposites attract and the lines of friendship are blurred beyond recognition.

"Will you help me remember?"

That's the second thing I ask the stranger hovering just outside of my hospital room. To me, Decker Fredric is another nameless face in the crowd. To him, I'm a forgotten girl he hasn't seen in years. But he agrees to be my crutch through the fog as if we were once friends.

Everything is a blank canvas spreading far and wide in front of me. Any direction I take, my steps stumble over the unknown. Decker becomes the only reliable constant in my life. I lean on him too hard, but he doesn't seem to mind. His unwavering patience and guidance restore some semblance of normal I don't recall having.

My attraction to Decker is instant, but he appears indifferent. Until the day his stare holds a bit too much heat. In return, I dare to let my touch linger. Our hugs cling tighter than a simple embrace should. But we have no business defying the distinct line cutting between us.

Decker Fredric was never mine to keep. But that doesn't stop me from wanting him to be.

369 pages, Paperback

First published February 6, 2020

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About the author

Harloe Rae

36 books5,758 followers
Harloe Rae is a USA Today & Amazon Top 10 bestselling author. Her passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is an unforgettable adventure.

She's a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. She’s always chasing an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and son. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her horses.

She writes emotional, heartfelt romance with swoony heroes and sassy leading ladies. Her titles are available on Amazon.

Find all the latest on her site www.harloe-rae.blog
Subscribe to her newsletter at http://bit.ly/HarloesList
Join her reader group, Harloe’s Hotties, at http://www.facebook.com/harloehotties

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Author 56 books46.5k followers
January 14, 2020
This book.
No words.
Decker and Delaney owned my ass.
I said it before and I will say it again--Harloe Rae is dedicated to her craft and she keeps producing books that are better and better. This one comes highly recommended. READ IT!
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1,241 reviews189 followers
January 10, 2020
The author’s best work to date! You will fall completely in love with Decker and Delaney. This is a love story with elements of suspense that you won’t be able to put down...yet you won’t want it to end!

A well-written second chance romance that brings you a slow burn that’s worth the wait and makes you believe in true love with the perfect happily ever after.

Delaney was the unattainable dream girl. That’s how Decker always thought of her back in high school. And when she was forced to move away, Decker thought she was gone forever.

A chance meeting reunites these high school acquaintances years later. The only thing is, Delaney has no memory of him. In fact, she has no past memories at all. But when Decker lets her know he used to know her, they strike up a friendship.

It doesn’t take much for them to become close friends. Delaney has no one. Decker steps in to help her navigate through her new life.

Delaney’s ignorance of all things we take for granted is both comic relief and endearing. She’s sweet and naive, but steadfast and strong. She takes on new challenges with enthusiasm and doesn’t shy away when situations become difficult.

Decker was perfection. A hot and flirty bartender with a soft spot for the girl he crushed on. He’s not a man of many words or friends. He can’t help but let Delaney into his circle. She brings out his protective alpha side. Get the fan...it’s going to get HOT!

I loved everything about this couple. Each was the other’s perfect complement. Their attraction sizzled right off the pages. And when the author hits us with a twist, I could not read fast enough to find out where she was taking us.

Every new story the author writes includes unforgettable elements that make the story even more memorable. Wisdom of Worth offered insights to ponder and added to the overall storyline. This was a fantastic read with everything that makes for a great romance.
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112 reviews6 followers
May 9, 2020
“This might sound super cheesy, but you gave me butterflies. Something about that bubbling feeling told me to trust you. This has turned out to be my best decision yet. So, always trust the butterflies.”

If you are looking for a bearded, tattooed, sexy, protective alpha bad boy biker with a sweet romantic side.... Decker Fredric is your man! Wow did he make me swoon throughout this book. Decker is EVERYTHING a woman (or man) could ever want.

"Delaney was the beauty queen without a crown. The girl with brains to spare. Varsity athlete. Way out of my league. That didn’t stop me from lusting after her. I was a cocky little shit, but she never fell for my crap. Like I said, smart girl."

Delaney Wallace is so brave and strong and sweet. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with her?

From the very first paragraph, Harloe Rae captures your attention and holds onto it until the very end. I think KEEPER is my absolute favorite book of Harloe Rae's, and that's saying a lot when I love all of her books. Her storyline and characters are just perfect!
Profile Image for Jessica.
2,885 reviews23 followers
January 16, 2020
I am in love with Decker!
Talk about a great book boyfriend!
I’ll take him!
And you will want him!
He is everything I look for in a book boyfriend. He had me swooning early on and all the way until the end of the story. Did I mention he’s a bad boy turned good boy???? Ha!

Delaney is a rockstar! She wakes up in the hospital with no memory. None. She has amnesia. Enter Decker who is drawn to her. To her room. He tells her they knew each other in high school. He offers to be her friend. There meeting is perfect. Friends to lovers with no unneeded drama. Absolutely no cheating in this one!

Harloe did an amazing job with this couple. If I could have read straight through the night and finished this one in one sitting I would have. That’s how wonderful this story is to me.

This book is part of a series, but can be read all on its own with no issues. Each story features a different couple.
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1,544 reviews1,440 followers
February 28, 2021
2,5 stars but I don't feel like rounding it up to 3. Sorry.

Plot line

A girl who was beaten violently wakes up having lost all her memory. She meets a guy who went to the same high school with her at the hospital and she asks him to help her to remember. He is reluctant at first for whatever reason beyond my comprehension but later we learn that she was his biggest crush at high school. She was dating someone else then, and he was a boy who got himself into trouble very often. He is a refined man now. Slowly, they become friends while he is helping her and the attraction between them slowly grows and they give in to their feelings and become lovers.

It all happens too slowly. 2 months before first kiss. Then weeks pass while they do things in bed but not have sex. However, when it happens, it is good – all intimate scenes are written well. It just was too stupid while they spent weeks doing all the things in bed but not have actual sex. Whatever. It just felt like the writer’s choice of dragging the story to make it longer.


Never-ending clichés

I am just sick of the cliché happenings in such books with assault and domestic violence etc. I need some originality from writers.

As in all books with an evil abuser, the abuser comes back. As in all books with an evil abuser, the abused girl is too careless and is kidnapped again. Blah blah.. same old same old. However, here in this book, the kidnapping happens and ends so very quickly with an easy and quick rescue.

The man doesn’t suffer at all so I am pissed! I needed a savage revenge – I needed him to suffer some physical pain in the hands of our hero. But nope, just arrested and put in prison. Me not satisfied at all ☹


Did't make me feel much!

The book and the love story in it has left a mediocre effect on me. Although they are cute as lovers, the period between them being friends and then lovers isn't written well. I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel the process because that period of them coming closer is full of ordinary mundane tasks such as watching series, shopping and meeting with other people rather than focusing on the couple and their getting closer with some good enough dialogues.

They resisted for too long, saying to each other they were only friends. I only felt their connection after they have become lovers.


The hero & the heroine

The heroine is too bubbly for my taste, too positive, too sweet but still I liked her.

The hero was a mystery when he was refusing to help her at the beginning or when he was refusing his feelings for her but after he gave in to his feelings, I started to like him, too. They have become an adorable couple.


The stupidity of it all!

There are too many stupid things in the book which made me like it less.

For example, she was beaten violently and left in an alley. She has lost her memory. They call her mother and she doesn’t bother to come. Later, when she visits her, she behaves as if she is a burden, an unwanted visitor. I didn’t understand this cruelty. She was presented as a workaholic person but could that be the reason? I needed more clarity on that. Who would never visit her daughter in hospital when she has amnesia after a brutal assault? There had to be more history or a better reason for that and it was not given. And it is her who introduced the psycho boyfriend to her and who also sent him back to her later on. I needed her to suffer in the end. I still feel so very angry that she didn’t.


Also, what did the police do after her being hospitalized? They just assumed she saw a robbery and they beat her up. They didn’t solve the case, just left it unsolved.


And the worse was the OTT stupid social worker who was supposed to help her. She made sure that it was safe for her out there and no one was coming after her because it was only a one-time case, apparently. How stupid is that? Towards the end of the book, after she was kidnapped and survived, she comes and apologizes to her for wrongfully giving her a sense of security and having missed the signs.

Huh, everyone missed the signs!!! The doctors, the police, the social workers. Even all those friends and the hero himself never thought that she was in danger.

Again, how stupid is that?


Also, I am disappointed because she never regains her memory.


Final words

Whatever, the book could have been so much better with a plot line that included assault, amnesia, high school crush becoming a real love story later but the idiocies hindered a more powerful effect.

Also, the many pages spent on useless things such as shopping or getting a tattoo made it dragging and boring. Can you imagine a whole chapter only about her getting a tattoo? Well, I just wish writers didn’t use so many story fillers. This book could have been 200-220 pages instead of 290 without all these boring and unnecessary stuff.

All in all, the book felt like a 2.5 stars worth to me for all those reasons I have listed above.



- Dual point of view

- 290 pages

- Doesn’t flow, unnecessarily wordy - dragging with too many story fillers.

- Ends in a HEA: Marriage and of course a “too-soon pregnancy”. I hate it when writers do not let their couple stay as a couple and enjoy some time being together for a while but make them pregnant asap. Two months after marriage for God’s sake. Why? She is just recovering and starting a new life with no memory of her past. Come on, leave them alone for a year if not more!



- No cheating.
- No one else for either of them after they meet at the hospital. Just a few women coming to the bar and sometimes coming onto him. And of course, her crazy psycho ex causing drama by kidnapping her.

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February 5, 2020
Pure and utter PERFECTION! I couldn’t get enough of Decker and Delaney!

This story definitely is unlike any I have read and was quickly became my addiction today because once I started I just couldn’t put the book down!

I don’t want to give ANYTHING about this story away! I want it to be organic and discovered completely on your own! Just know that Decker is one amazing man! He’s a bad boy with a heart of gold! Delaney is a woman whose trying to find her way in the world! She’s sweet and humorous but isn’t afraid to speak her mind when needed! These two together are so beautiful and I just couldn’t get enough of Decker and his protective nature!

A definite fave of mine from Harloe!
Profile Image for Syndi.
2,993 reviews690 followers
March 17, 2020
This is OK read. My first book by Miss Rae. The idea of helping someone with amnesia is very interesting. Especially when the helper is someone who has a crush on you way back when. It should be very angst and heart breaking. It turns out Miss Rae is not that angst writer. She is more feel good romance.

I can not feel a bit disappointed. The whole story is feel good romance. Due to idea of feel good romance, the whole plot is flat. Not so much twist or drama. The chemistry is cold in some part. I need more character's background story to feel connected.

Overall this is a OK read. Something to pass by on weekend.

3 stars
Profile Image for A.M. Hargrove.
Author 71 books2,417 followers
February 1, 2020
5 Keeper ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
As her usual style, the wordsmith came out a hundred fold in this book. Rae has a knack of pulling you in right from the first page and not letting you go until you read the words— The End. The characters practically leaped off the pages — that’s how much I identified with them. But what I really loved was the mysterious element added to this one. It kept me on the edge for most of the book. Well done, Harloe!
Profile Image for Jennifer S.
15 reviews2 followers
January 17, 2020
Harloe Rae did it again .. Loved Dell and Deckers second chance at love ..Each book Harloe writes just seems to get better and better. I discovered this amazing author right after book 1 was released and have loved everything she has written ever since .. If you have not ever read a book from this author you need to start right now :). I promise you wont be disappointed.. Decker is def swoon worthy lol
January 17, 2020
4 Sugary-Sweet Stars!

And there are the butterflies whenever I get to read a new Harloe book! So many things that I love about Keeper, and all of this author's works. I can always expect all the swoony, sweet, cutesy, and sexy feels, and Keeper was no different.

I have a habit of reading darker reads, but sometimes I just want a good, light-hearted read with real romance, and I can always count on a Harloe book to meet all of those wants, and Keeper surpassed them. Delaney and Decker were made for each other, and I loved how they always trusted and stood by one another, no matter what came at them. I loved how sweet they were and were always showing PDA, which I was living for to be honest, they were always giving me butterflies!

Decker is someone I need in real life instead of a book boyfriend, where can I get one of him?Delaney was always strong, and I loved how she never let her past really get to her, and took it in stride. Loved the main characters, and I was living for any moments of the the side characters, especially snippets of Sutton and Grady, whom I love so much!

Definitely recommend for those who want a super sweet and refreshing read. I'm not sure what's next to come in this series but I am definitely hoping for some of the side characters to get their stories!

*ARC provided in exchange for honest review*
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984 reviews14 followers
January 22, 2020
For a relatively dark premise, Keeper is a light and sweet read. Our story starts with Delaney waking up with amnesia in the hospital in her home town. Decker, who had a crush on her in high school, just happens to walk by while visiting a relative and finds her.

Butterflies happen and Decker agrees to help Delaney find her way rediscovering her town and friends.

Decker is a perfect book boyfriend. Protective and sweet, respecting Delaney. And Delaney was strong; accepting her issues and working through them with grace and bravery.

With a little suspense thrown in, Keeper was a wonderful read. Harloe Rae keeps getting better and better.
Profile Image for Anita.
412 reviews16 followers
January 15, 2020
From the first page I couldnt put this book down. It draws you in with the mystery and suspense. You HAVE to know what happens next.
Delaney and Decker have this spark. He knows her, or at least the her from the past. No one knows who Delaney is now, not even herself.
Decker is swoony and alpha and romantic. Even if he doesnt think so. For her he gives it all. I loved watching them fall in love. So much in this book. So many unexpected things. I'm not giving anything away. This book is phenomenal and I enjoyed the ride.
Profile Image for Christina Rybka.
912 reviews15 followers
January 16, 2020
Decker and Delaney meet while Delaney is recovering from a head injury that left her with amnesia. Decker remembers Delaney from the past even though that haven’t seen each other in years . She asks him help her and they become friends. He helps her with find her new normal. They become closer but there are some twists and turns waiting. Great characters and storyline. Harloe Rae has a way of making you fall in love with her characters and this book is no different. Highly recommend. Excellent
March 8, 2020
3.5 ⭐'s

I was drawn to the book because the heroine has amnesia and I always like the mystery that it entails.

Delaney's in the hospital recovering when she (re)meets Decker who's there to visit his Mom. Decker has always had a thing for Delaney but nothing ever came to fruition.

When Delaney finds out that Decker knew her from before, she asks for his help. As an extra bonus, his sister, Lacie, knew Delaney too...as did much of their small town.

What was weird for me was that they had Delaney's information but no one came looking for her. They called her mother but she didn't come (they have a horrible relationship.). Still...you would think Delaney would go to her house? Get money from her banking accounts...find out if she has a job? But nope, nothing. Well, there is a little tidbit towards the end but that's it.

In some ways, it's also a little refreshing to have such a blank slate and a "new" Delaney comes into the picture. She remembers how to do some things but not everything so there is a learning curve. It was funny when she found about emojis!

This book has some friends from the first (or related?) book, Breaker. Sutton (from that book) becomes close friends with Delaney and I loved the parts with her and Grady.

There's a lot of crazy drama towards the end (thank goodness for "Find Friends") but I was happy with the way things turned out even though it was intense and a bit of a trigger.

I wasn't happy with all the sex...shocking I know and as much as I liked how into each other they were, it became a bit monotonous.

We get to know a lot about Decker's sister, Lacie, and his friend, Erik. If you subscribe to the author's newsletter, you can download a short book with some information about those two.
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1,619 reviews128 followers
January 30, 2020
If this talented novelist isn’t on your list of must reads, you need to give her a go because after one book, you’ll be eagerly devouring all of them. It's a mystery to me how she does it, time and time again, but each book is better than the last, with irrefutable evidence that she pours herself, heart and soul, into each work. The storyline is riveting, the characters effortlessly abscond readers' hearts, and the tiniest details are tweaked to perfection.

Delaney Wallace wakes up in a hospital with no memory of her past. She has only the Wisdoms of Worth, her own inspirational phrases, to cling to, until she sees Decker Fredric standing at the door of her room. He knows immediately who she is and has every one of their past encounters cemented in his brain. While Delaney doesn’t recognize him, there's something she sees in him compelling her to trust him. She doesn’t remember that he was a bit of a bad boy, and she never had any idea of his crush on her.

Delaney is the very best kind of knife to the heart, and she owned me from the beginning. Bravery is courage in the face of fear, and this is our Dell. Her slate has been wiped clean, and she's starting over. While her memory may be gone, her spirit is indomitable and the fire within her still burns bright, acting as a beacon drawing in those around her like moths to a flame. Before long, she finds her footing, coming into her own, and a secure, confident Delaney is a sight to behold! I have a serious girl crush on this phenomenal, admirable character.

I thought Grady from Breaker was my favorite hero from Silo Springs, but then I get to know Decker, and oh my heart! At first, he’s highly amusing, because any hero who claims he'll never settle down while everyone around him can see he's clearly falling for the heroine is entertainment at its best. He’s reluctant to get involved with Delaney, but it isn’t long before his protective side shows up. And he’s so absolutely, amazingly perfect with Delaney – careful and compassionate but light-hearted, fun and encouraging. Everything about this reformed bad boy is swoon-worthy.

Some wordsmiths tell a story. The really gifted ones immerse the reader in another existence, and this book does that. It’s like I could see every scene take place in front of me, but better. These captivating, charismatic, beautifully flawed characters took me by the hand and drew me into their story so I walked their journey along with them. There's humor and heat, and nail-biting suspense, but the heart of this book and the emotions it evokes are what elevate it above the vast majority in this crowded genre. Do yourself a favor. Start reading this book today and let Delaney and Decker cast their spell on you. Your romantic heart will thank you and likely never be the same.
February 9, 2020

“Are you going to fit?”




 photo image_zpspa45m5cc.jpeg
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1,403 reviews73 followers
February 7, 2020
This friends to lovers is a cute read. Decker and Delaney have great chemistry. I loved reading about the big bad biker getting soft for his girl. There was the right amount of sweetness and steam to keep you entertained. This light-hearted small town romance is a breathe of fresh air. I especially enjoyed seeing Grady and Sutton from Breaker. Harloe Rae will leave you with butterflies as Decker is so swoon-worthy and Delaney is a strong heroine. Must read!
Profile Image for Flo.
1,752 reviews
February 8, 2020
Oh Deck... sigh... my new fictional boyfriend...swoon!
I really enjoyed Keeper and I'm looking forward to picking up Breaker very soon!
Profile Image for Mandie.
691 reviews34 followers
February 6, 2020
Beautiful, heart-swooning book! I really enjoyed Decker and Delaney’s story!
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Author 70 books10.9k followers
Want to read
February 6, 2020
“Decker Fredric was never mine to keep. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting him to be.”
Read Keeper by Harloe Rae today and dive into ALL the feels!


Available to read with Kindle Unlimited!
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35 reviews5 followers
January 15, 2020

Y’all Harloe did it again!

Decker and Dell absolutely owned my heart and soul! I could not get enough of them and was not ready for it to end! This second chance friends to lovers is sure to have you swooning and feeling all the feels before you’ve really even gotten started!

Harloe never fails to disappoint she’s perfect at what she does!

I don’t want to give anything from the story away! I want you to be able to fall in love with it just as much as I did! Just know Decker and Dell are going to rock your world!

This is most definitely going into my top 5 ⭐️ reads of 2020!
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404 reviews16 followers
January 19, 2020
Sometimes there is a magnetic force that pulls two people together. Delaney and Decker were the perfect example. Delaney's past was non existent to her but courageously she fought to adjust with Decker by her side. Keeper is a second chance romance that had me swooning so hard! This book shows you the meaning of true love healing. What a beautiful story with two characters that held my heart .
Profile Image for Ashley Estep The Art of Reading .
782 reviews35 followers
January 29, 2020
Keeper is my first Harloe Rae book, but it won’t be my last. I absolutely love Keeper! I’m actually surprised at how much I loved it, Delaney isn’t the usually type of h I like but with her I loved beyond words. She was sweet, a little timid at times, sassy, and I loved watching her grow with each page I read. Her joy and wonder about everything was just infectious and I couldn’t help but smile while reading.

Delaney has something terrible happen to her in the beginning of the book and it leaves her in the hospital with no memory of her past, she had complete and total amnesia. She remembers so basic common knowledge but that’s it. She has no one who has has visited her or will I to take her home. On a pure accident Decker enters her hospital room and immediately remembers who she is. A short conversation and Decker is agreeing to help her fill in some of the blanks for her past.

Decker is the hot, sexy, small town bartender, with a bad boy past and player present. Woman pack inside the walls of Howlers to get a chance with him. When visiting his mom in the hospital after a surgery he finds himself in a strangers hospital room staring at the face of Delaney Wallace the girl he had a crush on five years ago. With her pretty blue eyes, and deer in the headlight look he couldn’t say no to her when she asked him from help.

The chemistry between these two is off the charts. And the sexual tension is enough to start a small forest fire. Their relationship starts as a friendship that is sweet, fun, and tension filled. It’s no surprise that Decker find Delaney attractive but is also scared to say anything to her. I mean she has no idea about anything. Delaney has no idea about anything, she’s attracted to Decker but doesn’t have any idea what to do with that. When a person from their past makes an appearance Decker decides he needs to take things into his own hands.

Their dating relationship is really what allows Delaney to find herself. She becomes more self confident. She goes from being the timid girl in the hospital to a woman who stands up for herself and what she wants. Decker is one of the sweetest, loyal, understand person. Every step of the way he is at Delaney’s side encouraging and comforting her.

This is a sweet, sweet story, with a little bit of scary when Delany’s past comes knocking and she doesn’t remember it. However, her instincts are spot on.

Keeper is well-written, sweet, and so infectious. I’ve never had a book that has made me smile as much as Keeper did. I genuinely was happy and amazed at how much Delaney loved life and how much she appreciated the small things we all take for granted on a daily basis.
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3,749 reviews455 followers
February 15, 2020
Delaney and Decker stole my heart…

I’ve been in an awful book slump. You know how it is when you’re stressed and your mind can’t calm down to even enjoy a good book. Yeah, not a good time to be sitting down with a new book.
This read started off slow for me, not surprising since nothing has been able to capture my attention but after a few chapters something changed. Delaney’s situation, Decker’s helping hand, it all started to come together. I really listened to the characters and you know what? They had a lot of stuff to say that I wanted to hear….

Imagine waking up to… nothing. No memory of your name, your life, what happened five minutes – or five years – ago. Frightening couldn’t describe that enough I think. But that blank slate couldn’t remain empty for long. Life goes on, whether we are ready or not and Delaney had a lot of firsts in store… Thank goodness Decker, an unknown blast from the past, held out a welcoming hand…

Oh wow, was this a great book! Delaney was learning everything new and Decker was happy to show her the ropes, his long ago crush finding sudden new life. From their tentative first moments to their eventual smoldering interludes, their journey was one I followed and felt along with them. I wallowed happily in their humour and heat, the sheer warmth that they sparked together… Their story has put this author firmly on the ‘ones to follow’ shelf… ~Diane, 4.5 stars
Profile Image for Anne OK.
3,580 reviews461 followers
March 15, 2020
Once again Kindle Unlimited tagged me and, after reading a number of reviews highly praising this book and author, I one-clicked. Well, you never know until you try. A new-to-me-author, a solid and intriguing book blurb, along with the aforementioned glowing reviews and I'm not feeling the glow. The plotline had a huge amount of potential, but it wasn't even explored. Mediocre writing at best and a bunch of unbelievable and boring page-filler. The couple wasn't unlikeable -- just not fully explored or developed past to strengthen their appeal. The supporting characters didn't offer much in the way of positive vibes either.

Not much else to say other than I just wasn't impressed. Others have certainly rated it highly, so it may just be me. I struggled to finish.
Profile Image for Jen (jensdreamylittlereads).
823 reviews76 followers
February 6, 2020
Keeper is a second chance romance with a very unique twist. This book is incredibly sweet, intensely romantic and poignant. It is so well written and it easily captures your attention from the prologue and doesn't let go until the last page is read.

Harloe weaved so much depth into Decker and Delaney's story. I felt the angst, the suspense, and the emotions that came along with the unknown.

This book just gripped me from page one. An absolute delight, original and refreshing. It is full of raw, beautiful moments with writing that flows effortlessly. It’s about life's surprises and finding joy in every moment. A fantastic read from Harloe Rae.
Profile Image for Janice  M .
Author 5 books361 followers
February 8, 2020
Harloe is the queen of wordsmithery - is that even a word? And If not, can we get that patented just for her? The best at swoon and aww, and she just continues to get ever more amazing with each book!

Decker and Delaney are epic! This opposites attract, friends to lovers with a little bit of suspense will woo you all the way to the end. I was sad to leave them, but so looking forward to what comes next! 💚
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