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Messina Family #2

10 Truths and a Dare

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It's Senior Week, that magical in-between time after classes have ended but before graduation, chock-full of gimmicky theme parties, last-minute bonding, and family traditions. Olivia couldn't be more ready. Class salutatorian and confident in her future at LSU, she's poised to sail through to the next phase of her life.

But when the tiny hiccup of an unsigned off-campus P.E. form puts Olivia in danger of not graduating at all, she has one week to set things straight without tipping off her very big and very nosy extended family. Volunteering to help at a local golf tournament should do it, but since Olivia's mom equipped her phone with a tracking app, there'll be no hiding the fact that she's at the golf course instead of all the graduation parties happening at the same time. Unless, that is, she can convince the Fab Four--her ride-or-die cousins and best friends Sophie, Charlie, and Wes--to trade phones with her as they go through the motions of playing Olivia for the week.

Sure, certain members of the golf team are none too pleased with Olivia's sudden "passion" for the game. And sure, a very cute, very off-limits boy keeps popping up in Olivia's orbit. But she is focused! She has a schedule and a plan! Nothing can possibly go wrong . . . right?

291 pages, Hardcover

First published May 4, 2021

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About the author

Ashley Elston

20 books1,092 followers
Ashley Elston lives is North Louisiana with her husband and three sons. She worked as a wedding and portrait photographer for ten years until she decided to pursue writing full time. Ashley is also a certified landscape horticulturist and loves digging in the dirt. Her debut novel, THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING was published by Disney Hyperion in 2013 and was a finalist in the Best Young Adult category of the International Thriller Writers Awards.

Coming Soon: FIRST LIE WINS (2023 - Pamela Dorman Books/PRH)

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1,536 reviews9,784 followers
January 28, 2023
With 10 Truths and a Dare, Ashley Elston returns her Readers to the loving, yet frenetic, Messina family. You may recall them from Elston's 2019-release, 10 Blind Dates.

In this installment, we follow Olivia, one of the cousins, at the very end of her Senior year in high school. In fact, there is just one week to go until graduation.

Olivia has always taken school very seriously, so it is no surprise to anyone that she will be graduating second in her class.

As Salutatorian, she will be giving the welcome speech at the graduation ceremony. It's kind of a big deal.

What does come as a surprise to Olivia, is the email she receives from the school, saying her off-campus PE teacher never filled out the paperwork needed to show she completed her golf class.

Meaning, without that course officially completed, she is a half-credit short of those needed to graduate!

Olivia cannot believe it. There has to be a mistake. Everything she has worked so hard for can all be taken away from her because of golf!?

She needs to get in touch with her PE teacher, Coach Cantu, in order to clear this up. Otherwise, she will never be able to enjoy all the graduation parties she has to attend this week.

After talking with the coach, it's clear, she needs extra credit and the only way to get it, is by helping him with the 4-day golf tournament occurring that week.

Olivia needs to hide all of this from her parents, who are luckily out of town, but her Mom tracks her like a police dog. She literally has a tracking app on her phone.

Making matters worse, her Mom knows her graduation party schedule and is really excited for it. How can Olivia possibly be in two places at once?

She's going to have to call in reinforcements. The other members of the Fab Four, her cousins, Charlie and Sophie, as well as their other best friend, Sophie's boyfriend, Wes, agree to help and get Olivia through the week.

As with 10 Blind Dates, this story is full of wacky hi-jinks, romance, humor and touching family moments.

I laughed, cried and felt a whole host of emotions in between. I adored the dynamic of the Fab Four. They really go all in to help Olivia through, what turns out to be, the most difficult week of her life.

The narrative is so fast-paced. I completed it in under 24-hours. Once I started, I could not put it down. I had to know the conclusion.

While this story focused more on the Fab Four, and less on the extended family members, I didn't mind that at all. The other family was still there around the periphery, bringing that classic Messina family chaos that I grew to love in the first book.

I hope Elston writes more books following this family. Could there be a book for Charlie in the works?

I highly recommend this, or any other book by Ashley Elston, actually. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. Also, be sure you read the Author's Note at the end of this.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Disney-Hyperion, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide my thoughts and opinion.

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2,709 reviews701 followers
April 25, 2021
Well, I absolutely loved 10 Blind Dates, so I was beside myself at the idea of getting another story with this family.

I loved Olivia. She’s such a good person and so hyper focused, she doesn’t see the small things. Of course it was great to see Sophie and Wes and the rest of this crazy amazing group.

Plot wise, it was good. There’s a bit of a new format I wasn’t expecting and it was a lot of fun. I especially loved seeing some of the reactions to what was happening. There’s a good amount of moving parts here, but it was lots of fun and low drama.

Overall, I could easily read more books from this family. They’re all so fun and loving and I’m ready to jump into a crazy dinner with them.

**huge thanks to Ashley for letting me beta read**
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September 1, 2021
Thank you to Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As someone who genuinely enjoyed Elston's 10 Blind Dates, I found this book to be simultaneously both enjoyable, as well as vaguely disappointing.

10 Truths and a Dare follows Olivia (a cousin of the main character from '10 Blind Dates'), and all the chaos to come when she finds out that she's missing a credit for completing PE the week before graduation, putting her position as salutatorian in jeopardy. She knows that if her parents find out, they'll never trust her again, so she recruits her cousins and friend to cover for her at graduation parties, while she completes the hours needed to earn the credit. But things seem to go wrong from the very beginning, and it's only a matter of time until everyone finds out.

Just like with 10 Blind Dates, I absolutely loved reading about Olivia and the family dynamic that she has going with her cousins and other extended family. It was so adorable and wholesome to read about, and seeing as to how many of the characters have already been established, it didn't feel too info-dump-y either.

That being said, the plot was a little dry at times. Yes, it was enjoyable, and yes, it was fairly unique to other YA books that I've read. There was a fair amount of character development involved with the pacing of the plot itself, but at the same time, it seemed a little repetitive, especially in the middle.

The romance was... not as developed as I was hoping it would be. I kind of felt that it had sprung up out of nowhere, and there wasn't enough direct interaction between the characters for the romantic subplot to be given the importance that it was in the book. There simply wasn't enough of it, I suppose, which made it feel a tad rushed. Scratch that, it was extremely rushed. And no, it was not insta-love, but I'm not a fan of it regardless.

Overall, this book is a fairly quick read, and I would probably recommend it for the familial dynamic rather than the romantic one. The plot has its ups and downs, but it's enjoyable and fairly satisfying. Apart from that, if Ashley Elston ever decided to write a book about Charlie or the Evil Joes, or both, I would definitely, 100% read it.
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3,341 reviews525 followers
May 3, 2021
Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. . . In this companion book to '10 Blind Dates,' the Messina family is back with cousin Olivia as the focus. It is graduation time for Olivia, Sophie, Marcus, Wes, and the 'Evil Jo's.' Olivia has a full week of grad parties to attend until she gets a note from the Assistant Principal telling her she is half a credit short due to an unfinished PE class. Thus begins a mad scramble for Olivia to do what the coach needs her to do to make up that credit. Even though Olivia herself can't attend all the parties, her phone has to so that Oliva's parents do not find out about the graduation snafu before all is fixed. Having Marcus, Sophie, and Wes help watch her phone and text with her mom sets the group up for some humorous exchanges. How long can they keep up the masquerade? At what point do they realize that coming clean will be easier in the end? Like '10 Blind Dates' this book includes a clean, slow-burning romance with a sweet ending. Would be a great read while relaxing in a hammock after the rush of the school year.

Thank you to Disney Audiobooks and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

P.S. This is my second book set in Louisiana this week. Here is the other one: Summer of Stolen Secrets. Love how my books connect without my advance planning.
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1,761 reviews649 followers
March 9, 2021
I was really curious of this book, because I'd really enjoyed 10 Blind Dates. Unfortunately, this one didn't quite have the same charm. I enjoyed 10 Blind Dates for three reasons: the Christmas vibe, the big family that was front and center in the book, and the plot, which was funny. This book missed all of those elements: obviously it's set in a different time of year, which would have been fine on its own, but the family also played a much smaller role, and I wasn't engaged in the plot at all. Especially the golf aspect just wasn't interesting to me. I also thought the MC's mother was really overbearing and controlling and it creeped me out.
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2,484 reviews29.4k followers
October 28, 2021
3.5 stars

Fans of cute YA rom-coms, here’s one for your TBR: Ashley Elston's latest, 10 Truths and a Dare !

Olivia has always been the one person in her family who knows what she wants. She’s going to be the salutatorian of her graduating class, she knows what she’s going to study at LSU, and she has her whole future mapped out.

Needless to say, she’s more than a little bit thrown when she discovers that she didn’t get credit for the off-campus PE class she took (to cram more classes in), and if she doesn’t get it fixed in a few days, she won’t graduate. And with her parents out of town, she needs to keep this a secret until she solves the problem. Should be easy, right?

That’s when the s—t hits the fan. The coach of the class requires that Olivia help out at a golf tournament in order to get the credit she needs. But that means missing all of the graduation parties—at least one a day—that she’s been looking forward to. And with her mother monitoring her every move via an app—and texting constantly—how can she be two places at once?

That’s where her best friends and cousins, Sophia, Charlie, and Wes come in. They’re willing to help, but things get more and more complicated. And when she keeps bumping into a cute guy who could blow her secret, she has to decide what’s more important—love or the appearance of having your s—t together.

Ashley Elston’s last book, 10 Blind Dates , was absolutely adorable (and featured many of the same characters), and while I didn’t love 10 Truths and a Dare as much as its predecessor, it’s still super cute. And darned if I didn’t get emotional at the end!

See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.

Follow me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/the.bookishworld.of.yrralh/.
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518 reviews316 followers
May 25, 2021
10 Truths and a Dare was impossible not to devour in one sitting! Charm, humor, family, friendship and romance were laced throughout the pages and I loved every minute of it. If you’re looking for a beachy read or a feel good, heart-warming story then this is the book for you! It became an instant favorite and I have a feeling fans of YA romance will fall in love with 10 Truths and a Dare too.
Truth #1: If something happens but your nonna doesn’t find out about it and tell the whole family, then it didn’t really happen

I had already fallen madly in love with these characters in 10 Blind Dates. Oh how I have missed this huge family and their dynamics, I love them so much! In this story, it’s senior week and Olivia is ready to celebrate with all of her classmates before she gives her speech as their salutatorian. Yet there’s one tiny problem. Olivia is short a half credit, from her off campus PE class, and can’t graduate without it. With the help of her best friends, surely she can make it up. Yet what unfolds is definitely more challenging than she ever thought it would be!
Remember that time Olivia almost didn’t graduate because she screwed up golf ? Four years whittled down to one sentence.
This will not be my legacy.

I loved Olivia with my whole heart. She was kind, thoughtful, loved her family and was so relatable. She sometimes stacked too much on her plate, but she always had her best friends at her side to cheer her on. With her mom out of town, and constantly tracking Olivia’s every move on her phone, she needed help babysitting her phone while she made up her credit at the golf course. Her cousins Charlie and Sophie, along with Sophie’s boyfriend/Charlie’s best friend Wes stepped in to help Olivia with her problem.
“This is a bad idea,” I say, when Sophie’s car pulls away from the curb.
“We’re full of bad ideas. So what’s one more?”

Olivia, Charlie, Sophie and Wes were the Fab Four and I loved their connection. Their moments together reminded me of the comfort I get watching my favorite show Friends. They just felt like home to me and were so real. Their love and friendship for each other ran so deep; they always had each other’s backs. Their moments together had me laughing out loud and I couldn’t stop smiling. This group was SO much fun and each one of them easily captured my heart!
“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t driving me nuts that I’m keeping your secret but I don’t know why.” His voice is a near whisper.
My eyes stay glued to my phone. “I’m okay with you lying.”
I have a smirk. I can feel it. I cannot make it go away.

And then there was Leo. He was a family friend to Olivia's evil twin cousins. So even though I was intrigued by him, he willingly associated with them. If you’ve read 10 Blind Dates you’ll understand my animosity towards her twin cousins, the drive-in….I just can’t even lol. So Leo should feel tainted, right?! But oh my goodness you guys, I loved Leo. He captured my heart so easily. He gave me butterflies and I couldn’t help smiling anytime he was near. That’s all I’m saying, but I dare you not to fall for Leo!
Dare #1: Tell the truth

10 Truths and a Dare touched a piece of my heart. This story was filled with warmth and love, but I also had tears too. I loved how this story unfolded, I loved all of the emotions it pulled from me and I loved watching Olivia grow. I finished this book in one sitting and it easily sailed onto my favorites list. I can’t recommend it enough!
L: Maybe I’ll see you when he’s not around
She’s probably going to kill me for this.
ME:Come find me later - Charlie with Olivia's phone haha

PS I would love for Charlie to have his own story! I don’t want to say goodbye to these characters. And the moments we got to spend with Charlie, like when he was watching over Olivia’s phone, he leaped from the pages! Keeping my fingers crossed!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

For more of my reviews, please visit:
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312 reviews148 followers
August 29, 2021
3.5 stars

Messina family deserves endless book series about them.

After adoring 10 Blind Dates and having it restore my faith in Contemporary YA, reading 10 Truths and a Dare felt like a reunion with a best friend I haven't seen in a while.
Truth to be told, it wasn't as exciting or original as the first book, but I still binge read it and found it unique and heart-warming.

And now I'm patiently waiting to find out if we're getting another sequel and which out of the 749305738292 cousins is going to be about!
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948 reviews55 followers
April 29, 2022
Ailenin harala gürelesi okurken biraz yoruyor ama onun dışında ortalama, keyifli bir kitaptı.
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911 reviews869 followers
May 10, 2021
I loved the first book in this companion series, 10 Blind Dates, and so I was so curious to see what the Messina family had in store for us this time.

Even though this huge family played a much smaller role in this new YA book, I still enjoyed the story quite a lot. Olivia was a likable character and I understood her frustration, especially after all her work and effort for the last four years. Seeing the Fab Four in action was adorable, they are truly the best of friends and they are so supportive of each other. Reading about Charlie having to fend off messages from aunt Lisa was so much fun!
I wouldn't recommend this book as a romance since this part definitely has a minor role in the story. But other than that, this was a quick read and a fun YA that you will totally love if you liked 10 Blind Dates!
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138 reviews271 followers
September 26, 2021
Už je to nějaký ten pátek, co jsem si mohla přečíst 10 pravd a spousta odvahy, což je volné pokračování vánoční knížky 10 rande naslepo – tu jsem sice nečetla, ale vůbec mi to při čtení nijak nevadilo, i když je pravda, že jsem si ji potenciálně vyspoilerovala.

10 pravd a spousta odvahy je velmi odpočinková a čtivá kniha, která jsem slupla vážně rychle. Ale musím říct, že dějově mě tolik nezaujala – samotný námět a prostředí střední školy spojené s golfem mi přišlo fajn, ale samotný děj mi přišel dost monotónní a předvídatelný, což je za mě fakt škoda, protože si dovedu představit, že s trochou změn by to bylo mnohem lepší. Co ale musím vypíchnout, je humorná stránka knihy, která fungovala hlavně díky Charliemu (Oliviin bratranec a nejlepší kamarád).

Jo a k humoru přidávám ještě jedno plus a přiznávám, že na konci mi teda trochu ukápla slzička dojetím. A poděkování autorky věnované jejímu maturujícímu synovi v době pandemie... To jsem hodně pocítila... A tak nějak mi i pomohlo být k téhle knize trochu shovívavější.
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133 reviews43 followers
June 19, 2021
omg omg!!! we get another book with the amazing sophie and her family?! i'm sooooo excited!! i can't wait!!!!! <3

ahh this was amazing!! (i preferred the first book though, but i loved this one, too!)
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245 reviews34 followers
April 12, 2023
Dün uykum gelmeseydi bitirirdim aslında ama olsun🥲 Çok güzel çok tatlıydı ekibi özlemişim💝💞💘💕💖💗
Olivia’nın tek hayali, lise son öğrencisi olarak her gün birbirinden farklı temalarla hazırlanan partilere katılıp okulundan mezun olmak. Fakat derslerinde bir sorun olunca ve mezuniyeti riske girince artık tek yapması gereken golf turnuvasında hocasına yardım etmek. Annesinin telefonuna yüklediği konum uygulaması varken ve her gün bir partiye katılması gerekiyorken bu işi ailesine belli etmeden nasıl çözecekti? Tabii ki Efsane Dörtlü’nün yardımıyla. Bu kadar karışıklığın arasında çocukluğundan tanıdığı Leo kafasını karıştırmaya başladı. Bakalım hem Leo’nun varlığı hem de mezuniyeti için golf turnuvasında gönüllü olarak çalışması nasıl sonuçlanacak?👀
Yine 10 Sürpriz Randevu’da olduğu gibi çok tatlı, okuması çok keyifliydi. Efsane Dörtlü’yü çok özlemişim😍 Sophie, Wes, Charlie, Olivia o kadar eğlenceli ve o kadar tatlıydı ki keşke ben de aralarında olsaydım dedim okurken. Sophie’nin kalabalık ailesini, ailedeki karmaşayı ve komik hallerini tekrar okumak çok keyifliydi😍
Bir de aralarına sonradan katılan tatlı ve gizemli Leo var🤌🏻 Olivia’nın giderek Leo’ya çekilmesi, onunla arasındaki ilişkinin giderek tatlı olmasını okumak güzeldi. Olivia başındaki karışıklıkla uğraşırken Leo’ya çekilmesi, onların tatlı tatlı didişmeleri içimi ısıttı😍
Ben 10 Sürpriz Randevu’yu da bu kitabı da çok sevdim. Yazar çok güzel bir genç yetişkin dünyası kurmuş. Okurken içiniz ısınıyor, sayfaları yüzünüzde tebessümle okuyorsunuz
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291 reviews
June 7, 2022
Yaş grubu artık bana hitap etmediği için ilki kadar ayılıp bayılamadım😪😪😪
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267 reviews343 followers
April 20, 2022

Her ne kadar Leo’yu tekrar aramayı çok istiyor olsam da, ona ne yaptığımı anlatmaya nasıl başlayacağımı bilmiyordum.
Beni asla affetmeyecekti.
Ve onu suçlamıyordum.

Kitabı sevdim ama bayılmadım. Dolu dolu bir dört değil yani verdiğim puan. Konuya başlamadan önce söyleyeyim, bana göre 10 Doğruluk 1 Cesaret’i okumadan önce MUTLAKA önce 10 Sürpriz Randevu okunmalı. Yoksa kitaba adapte olmanız çok zorlaşır gibi hissediyorum. Tüm karakterleri önce o kitapta tanıyoruz ki çok kalabalık bir aileyi anlatıyor kitaplar, o yüzden riske girmeyin. 😂
Kitap kadın karakterimiz Olivia’nın okuldan ikincilikle mezun olacağı ve arkadaşlarıyla eğleneceği hafta, beden eğitimi dersinden -golf eğitimi- istenilen kuralları tamamen yerine getirmediği için kalacak olmasıyla başlıyor. Dersi okul dışı bir hocadan alan Olivia, ailesi öğrenmeden bu durumu düzeltmek isteyince hocası da ona, tüm hafta boyunca gerçekleşecek golf turnuvası için gelip yardım edip saatlerini tamamlarsa dersten geçeceğini söylüyor. İşte kitabımız da tam olarak bundan sonra başlıyor. Olivia arkadaşlarından yardım istiyor ve o gizlice dersin saatlerini tamamlamaya çalışırken Sophie, Wes ve Charlie, Olivia’nın evine gidip telefonunu da alıp oymuş gibi davranıyorlar. Tüm hafta annesi evde olmadığı için dakika başı kıza mesaj atınca işler daha da zorlaşıyor.😂 İşin içine şeytani ikizler dediği kuzenlerinin en yakın arkadaşı Leo’dan hoşlanmaya başlaması da eklenince her sayfa birbirinden karmaşık bir hal alıyor.
Kitap eğlenceli kesinlikle hakkını yemek istemiyorum. Sırıtarak okuduğum birkaç sahne oldu ve kitap oldukça akıcıydı. Sonuçta Ashley Elston’ın kalemi kötü olmaz. Ne yazsa okurum dediğim nadir yazarlardan. AMA… ilk kitaba göre ortalama kalıyor ve biraz daha çocukça bir yazım dili var. 10 Sürpriz Randevu kitabı da genç yetişkin olmasına rağmen yazım dili benim de çok fazla keyif alabileceğim gibiydi. Bunda biraz arayı bulamamış gibi hissediyorum. Onun dışında 13-18 yaşa çok daha rahatça önerebileceğim bir kitap oldu. Keyif alarak okuyabileceklerine inanıyorum. Ama yetişkin okurların favorisi olacağını düşünmüyorum diyor ve gidiyorum.
Sizi çok seviyorum. 😍♥️
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677 reviews375 followers
April 4, 2021
This was a really cute romance with layers of family, friendship and high school shenanigans.
10 Truths and a Dare is a companion novel to 10 Blind Dates, Ashley Elston’s debut novel, which I absolutely loved. I really enjoyed the big family aspect in the first book and I was so happy to be back with this large and loving family again.
This book follows Olivia as she enters Senior Party Week, the magical in-between time after classes have ended but before graduation, when families go all-out to celebrate their high school seniors before they head off to college. As class Salutatorian, Olivia is looking forward going to LSU in the fall after all of the hard work she put into her classes. But when she learns that an unsigned off-campus P.E. form puts her graduation in jeopardy, she has one week to set everything straight. The only catch? Making sure her very big and very nosy extended family doesn’t find out.
10 Truths and a Dare follows in the footsteps of Elston’s debut novel where meddling family members create a lot of the drama. They’re such a fun group and I love how much they care for one another. Even through their obtrusive ways, you can tell they’re doing it because they care. Friendship and family played a large role in the book and I loved those added elements on top of the romance storyline.
I really enjoyed the characters and the various antics and hijinks they were apart of. It definitely made for a fun and entertaining read, even if some of the situations seemed unrealistic. I wish the actual game of truth or dare was used more throughout the book. Based on the title, I thought that it would’ve played a more integral part of the story but it was really only referenced once for use in the plot.
I definitely know a lot more about the game of golf after reading this book than I ever thought I would. I didn’t know the majority of the book would take place on a golf course but it was an interesting setting and I learned something from it which is always a great outcome from reading.
This was a really quick and easy story that’s perfect for readers looking for a light and cute summery book.
Thank you so much to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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1,212 reviews72 followers
July 21, 2021
A solid 3.5 stars

I think I liked 10 Blind Dates better, just simply because there was more family shenanigans and drama plus it took place around Christmastime and I am a sucker for a good romcom holiday story. That said, this story is pretty cute as well. I really liked Olivia and her close relationship with her two cousin's and their next door neighbor(the Fab Four!) was very well explored. It made me really happy to see Sophie and Wes from book 1 being all cute and lovey dovey. I wasn't too fond of Olivia's mother (she is really is too heavily involved in her daughter's life) but I understand that in order for the plot of this book to occur (changing phones, trying to keep her location a secret, etc), Olivia had to have a helicopter mom so I let that particular grievance all away.

Olivia and Leo's relationship was super cute if super fast (this whole story took place in like a week) but I was more intrigued by Charlie and Bianca (book three please!) as well as the relationship between the Fab Four and their twin cousins who are the same age that the Fab Four refer to them as the "Evil Joes". It seemed like all six teens had assumptions about the others that may or may not be true (I mean Leo wouldn't be friends with them all if they were horrible) so I am really hoping that later books explore that particular family dynamic. Because she can't just write about Sophie and Olivia and not about the rest of the cousins. That would be rude.
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189 reviews12 followers
April 24, 2021
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this book! Going in I didn't know much about the plot but I knew I wanted to read it because I loved 10 blind dates by the same author, so I was very happy to find out that it is a companion novel to 10 blind dates! It does spoil an event and the couple of 10 blind dates so if you want to read both read 10 blind dates first. I liked seeing the golf tournament as it wasn't something I was familiar with, but I was glad that it wasn't too heavy on golf terms. I loved seeing more of the family especially since they remind me a lot of my family. I did feel like the romance was a little rushed and didn't have much chemistry but that was really my only complaint. This was a very fun contemporary book that I would definitely recommend as a great summer read!
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351 reviews27 followers
January 23, 2022
„Teil dieser Familie zu sein ist wirklich nichts für schwache Nerven.“
(Olivia in 10 Wahrheiten und ein Happy End)

Worum geht’s?

Olivia ist glücklich: Die Abschlussprüfungen sind geschafft, vor ihr liegt eine Woche voller Partys, und sie weiß genau, was die Zukunft für sie bereithält - bis sie erfährt, dass ein Lehrer es versäumt hat, ihre Note einzutragen. Wie gut, dass ihre Freunde Sophie, Charlie und Wes da sind, um sie zu unterstützen. Olivias Plan, den Kurs heimlich nachzuholen, scheint aufzugehen, wäre da nicht dieser süße Typ, der für allerhand Gefühlschaos sorgt. Aber für die Liebe hat sie jetzt nun wirklich keine Zeit - oder etwa doch?

10 Wahrheiten und ein Happy End ist Band 2 der 10 Dates-Reihe. Das Buch ist in sich geschlossen und kann unabhängig gelesen werden, da es nur sehr lose mit Band 1 zusammenhängt.

Schreibstil und inhaltliche Hinweise

Das Buch wird durch Olivia in der Ich-Perspektive erzählt und verläuft chronologisch. Der Schreibstil ist sehr locker und angenehm zu lesen, teils sehr humorvoll, auf jeden Fall für Jung und Alt gleichermaßen geeignet. Der Schreibstil ist unkompliziert. Das Buch enthält keine erotischen Inhalte und ist auch frei von Kraftausdrücken.

Meine Meinung

Wahrheit Nummer 1: Auf kaum ein Buch habe ich mich 2021 so sehr wie gefreut wie auf dieses. Wahrheit Nummer 2: Ich bin wahrscheinlich doppelt so alt wie die Zielgruppe. Wahrheit Nummer 3: Ich habe Band 1 abgöttisch geliebt, wirklich. Wahrheit Nummer 4: Jugendbücher haben es bei mir leichter, zu überzeugen. Wahrheit Nummer 5: Dieses Buch konnte mich aber gar nicht überzeugen. Wahrheit Nummer 6: Nicht einmal das Cover mochte ich so wirklich. Wahrheit Nummer 7: Manchmal braucht man keine „Fortsetzungen“. Wahrheit Nummer 8: Selten war ich beim Lesen so genervt und frustriert. Wahrheit Nummer 9: Konstruierte Bücher sind schrecklich. Wahrheit Nummer 10: Diese Rezension wird hart. Und kein Happy End.
Ja, ich habe mich so extrem auf das Buch gefreut, nachdem ich Band 1 uneingeschränkt geliebt habe. Der Klappentext klang gut, die Idee klang niedlich. Aber leider war am Ende gar nichts davon wie erwartet. Zwar gelingt der Einstieg wieder gewohnt einfach, das Buch ist wahnsinnig leicht zu lesen, man kommt superschnell durch und es ist ein richtiges „Entspannungsbuch“, aber das ändert leider nichts an dem Inhalt. Es geht um Olivia, die auf der einen Seite als total zielstrebig und intelligent dargestellt wird, auf der anderen Seite aber daran scheitert, rechtzeitig und regelmäßig zum Golfkurs im Semester zu erscheinen, um hier die notwendigen Punkte für ihren Abschluss zu sammeln. Trotz mehrfacher Ermahnungen trifft es sie wie ein Schlag, als sie erfährt, dass sie den Schein nicht bekommen hat. Recht fix kommt der Coach auf eine Idee, sie als Aushilfskraft einzusetzen während eines Golfturniers. Olivia stimmt der Idee widerwillig zu und geht mit genau der gleichen nachlässigen Einstellung an ihre Aufgabe heran wie an den Golfkurs – direkt an Tag 1 kommt sie zu spät. Gleichzeitig möchte sie auf keinen Fall, dass jemand davon erfährt, dass sie den Kurs vergeigt hat und jetzt nacharbeiten muss. Daher kommt sie auf die Idee, dass ihre guten Freunde für sie am Handy so tun sollen, als wären sie sie. Zudem sollen sie sich immer wieder mit ihr treffen, wenn sie auf bestimmte Partys gehen soll, denn aktuell ist Abschlusswoche und eine Veranstaltung jagt die nächste. Was entsteht, ist ein riesiges Durcheinander, was einfach nur anstrengend und lächerlich war. Zu keiner Zeit gab es für mich einen nachvollziehbaren Grund, wieso Olivia niemandem davon erzählen wollte. Stattdessen wird an allen Ecken und Enden gelogen, vermeintliche Freunde hinters Licht geführt und natürlich gleichzeitig von Olivia der Ernst der Lage nicht erkannt, wie wichtig das Turnier für sie ist. Das führt etwa dazu, dass sie sich nicht einmal die Regeln durchliest und dadurch eine gigantische Katastrophe heraufbeschwört. Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass sie einfach immer wieder kurzzeitig verschwindet, um eventuell zu Veranstaltungen zu gehen. Es tut mir leid, aber ihre Haltung hat mich enorm aufgeregt und war so unglaublich unsympathisch, naiv und ich wollte sie permanent nur schütteln.

Das Buch war für mich in sehr vielen Punkten widersprüchlich und unstimmig. Die kluge, ehrgeizige Olivia, die es nicht schafft, ihren Job anständig zu machen. Die Schule, die die Zweitbeste der Klasse wegen eines Sportscheins durchfallen lassen möchte. Die komplett anstrengend, übergriffe Mutter, die Olivia permanent zutextet und natürlich das Hauptproblem der Geschichte wird, da man sie beschäftigen und über jeden Schritt informieren muss (und auch darüber, welchen BH man ausgesucht hat). Zudem ist es interessant, dass Olivia ihren Schulabschluss gerade macht, hier von aufwendigen Abschlusspartys verschiedener Freunde und Klassenkameraden die Rede ist, gleichzeitig aber alle Charaktere eher wie 14 wirken. Mir fehlte der rote Faden, die Greifbarkeit der Geschichte. Es war zu konstruiert, zu gewollt, zu sehr zurechtgedreht. Und dadurch leider immer wieder auch zu anstrengend und zeitweise auch etwas cringe. Wie oft wollte ich das Buch abbrechen? Ich weiß es nicht. Gerade auch die in Band 1 sehr präsente Großfamilie, die für mich doch einen großen Reiz der Geschichte ausgemacht hat, spielt in diesem Buch einfach so gut wie gar keine Rolle. Die Dynamik fehlte, der Witz, der Spaß.

Und dann war da ja auch noch die Liebesgeschichte… Das Love Interest Leo lernt man recht schnell kennen, man erfährt auch, dass beide ein wenig Vorgeschichte haben. Leo ist offenbar sehr lieb, zumindest das wenige, was man von ihm mitkriegt. Gleichzeitig wird er von Olivias Freunden aber ein wenig geschnitten und es bleibt bis zur Hälfte des Buches unklar, wieso er überhaupt in der Stadt ist. Als Leo und Olivia später aufeinandertreffen und er ihr Geheimnis erfährt, gibt er sich wahnsinnig große Mühe, ihr zu helfen. Sie? Dankt es ihm nicht wirklich. Und dann plötzlich auf einmal schreiben die beiden miteinander und zack, große Liebe. Wieso, wie, weshalb, wann? Kein Plan. Es war verwirrend und wirkte fast so, als hätte die Autorin plötzlich noch eine Love Story einbauen wollen. Gefühlt habe ich auf jeden Fall leider gar nichts.

Mein Fazit

10 Wahrheiten und ein Happy End fällt unter die Kategorie „Fortsetzungen, die niemand braucht“. Das Buch ist so wahnsinnig konstruiert und macht wenig Sinn, die Protagonistin ist anstrengend und die Liebesgeschichte hat eine derart untergeordnete Rolle, dass man sie auch gleich ganz sein lassen könnte. Das Buch kommt nicht einmal ansatzweise an Band 1 heran, schade.

[Diese Rezension basiert auf einem vom Verlag oder vom Autor überlassenen Rezensionsexemplar. Meine Meinung wurde hiervon nicht beeinflusst.]

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May 2, 2021
I LOVED 10 Blind Dates and am sad that I didn't enjoy this as much.

10 Truths and a Dare features different members of the Messinas, the same large, lively extended Italian family as 10 Blind Dates.

I think the structure that the 10 dates had was missing in this for me. I thought the plot dragged at times and the romance, while fine, wasn't nearly as cute.

Olivia, the book's main character, is Sophie's cousin (Sophie was the main character in book one) and can't be the salutatorian because of some mix-up with a gym class. So she has to work at a golf tournament instead.

For me just okay, but missing the magic of the first book.

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Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy for review!
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34 reviews9 followers
April 4, 2021
I liked this. It was light, fluffy, a bit predictable, but definitely enjoyable. I really loved Olivia's close family and how they all looked out for each other. 4/5 stars would recommend.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an arc via netgalley.
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824 reviews109 followers
September 6, 2021
I had such high expectations for this one after how much I adored 10 Blind Dates, but it just didn't measure up.

It was still a cute and fluffy YA story, but it was missing the magic of 10 Blind Dates. It was nice to see everyone again though. 3 stars
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December 25, 2022
3.5 Stars

I wouldn't say I am a quite a bit older than the target audience for this book but it didn't really matter. I loved the first book in this series and was really looking forward to reading this one. I rarely read YA contemporary books now because I generally do feel too old for them. Although that was slightly the case here, I still loved the book. I loved the big family vibes in this series and all the characters are so vivid and so much fun.
The storyline is pretty basic but it is the characters that make it up for me.
It was a little cheesy at times which is why it didn't quite get 4 stars (like the first book), however I still really enjoyed it and recommend this series to YA lovers.
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October 23, 2022
(free review copy) I absolutely adored Elston’s YA novel “10 Blind Dates” so I was very happy to know we would get to return to the massive and boisterous Messina family in this follow-up story. While Blind Dates was a holiday story, this one is set around HS graduation and contains just as many family shenanigans. I didn’t love it quite as much as Blind Dates, but I think that may have more to do with the fact that I’m a mom of teens and a HS teacher and I couldn’t shut down my adult feelings about Olivia’s choices as I read and reflected. However, this is a sweet and peppy HS story that was exactly what I needed right now. I hope we get to see more of this family!

Source: year+ old digital galley from publisher
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February 19, 2022
I absolutely loved 10 Blind Dates and it was one of my favorite reads of the year when I read it in 2019. So I was very excited to finally check out 10 Truths and a Dare and had high hopes for it.
Unfortunately though, this book wasn’t really for me. The story was a bit boring, I didn’t really like the main character Olivia and her mom’s behavior creeped me out. I really hope I’ll enjoy Ashley Elston’s next novel a bit more again.

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February 22, 2021
This book was cute, but it didn't hold my attention all too well. I found parts of it way too unrealistic, and I struggled to connect with our main character, or the conflict.

I will admit that upon starting this, I hadn't realized that it was a sequel to 10 Blind Dates, which I have downloaded, but I haven't read. I don't feel like I missed much because of this, but it might've helped me understand the family dynamic a bit better.

My main problem with this would have to be how unrealistic it was. Olivia planned out her future so well, and took so many AP classes, but failed to fulfill a semester of PE? How does one miss out on a PE requirement, out of all things? And, I personally found it a bit alarming how closely the mother followed Olivia's life. It seemed like it was only there to add drama, which is something I hate in books.

I also wasn't a huge fan of the ending, it felt way too convenient. I can't say too much without spoilers, but everything fell into place so nicely.

This was a super cute book, but it wasn't right for me. Maybe if I hadn't read this directly after A Court of Silver Flames (which was absolutely amazing) I might've enjoyed this more. I can definitely see why this book would be loved!

Thanks to Netgalley and Ashley Elston for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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December 27, 2021
I absolutely loved being back with the Messina family!

10 Blind Dates is, in my opinion, one of the best contemporary novels in the YA genre. So, needless to say, I was completely giddy that Elston decided to tell another story featuring this family.

We get Olivia as a main character this time. There’s still the wacky Three’s Company type shenanigans I was hoping for but we get a bit of Caddyshack mixed in with it.

Elston knows how to play with your emotions. I got so stressed out when Olivia was stressed out. I cried no less than three times. I laughed A LOT. I love Elston’s way of storytelling and I’ll just sit here hoping we can get a Charlie book next. *fingers crossed*

*Disclaimer* I received an eARC from Disney Publishing Worldwide on NetGalley. An honest review was provided.
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