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Turns out being the town’s only necromancer could pose some problems when the dead won’t stay dead.

The new semester of Windhaven Academy is about to start, and already Autumn Blackwood’s life is in jeopardy. Rumors are swirling around the school that Autumn and her boyfriend are raising the revenants, and Autumn worries they might be right.

What if the resurrection she performed last semester wasn’t as successful as she thought? What if she really is the cause of the dead returning to life?

Soon, Autumn and her boyfriend find themselves in the center of a supernatural federal investigation that could land them both in prison—or something far worse. And if Autumn doesn’t find out what’s really behind the soulless scourge quickly enough, everyone she cares about could be next on death's list.

Soul Legacy is a harrowing and suspenseful supernatural mystery for fans of heart-thumping paranormal tales! Fans of Deborah Harkness and Kelley Armstrong will love The Windhaven Witches by Carissa Andrews!

Kindle Edition

First published October 6, 2002

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About the author

Carissa Andrews

39 books695 followers
"An author emerges from the depths of Minnesotan waters. Sci-fi/Fantasy is my pen of choice."

Carissa Andrews is an internationally bestselling author from central Minnesota who writes a combination of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, supernatural thriller, and dystopia.

She keeps sane by chilling with her husband and five kids, playing with art in its various forms, seeking out mysteries, and being an occasional meditation and reiki badass.

You can learn more about Carissa and her upcoming books by visiting her website: www.carissaandrews.com

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Profile Image for Shannon Rochester.
854 reviews76 followers
December 6, 2020
Thank you to StoryOrigin and the publisher for my digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I joined this site and requested the book because I read the first book in the series and really liked it...and unlike most authors who wait so long to put out the next book in the series, Carissa Andrews actually made an effort to publish close together. So i figured why not request while I still remember what happened in the first one. I enjoyed the second in the series just as much as, if not more than, the first one. We get to know the characters a little more in this one and I don't just mean the main couple of characters. We get to know more about Autumn's powers, Wade gets to come to the school, and Cat and the boys get to be a little more involved with this installment. That ending though? Now I've gotta get a hold of the next one because I have to find out what happens. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes books about young witches coming into their powers or young anyone with powers, really :) Anyone who has ever dreamed about going to a school like this would also love the book I believe.
Profile Image for ShannaBanana✨.
519 reviews30 followers
December 29, 2020
Well! That was interesting and screw Colton 😒 I hated him from the moment he was introduced. Wade just can’t catch a break and it broke my heart. I was somewhat bored with the first few chapters and just wanted to throw a dagger at Colton but it finally picked up and the ending didn’t disappoint me. Now I’m eager to start the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Nancy (The Avid Reader).
2,415 reviews105 followers
September 17, 2020
Autumn is attending Windhaven Academy she received a full scholarship to attend. Autumn thinks there has been some mistake as she has no magical powers of any kind but hey it is a full scholarship. Autumn is happy to learn that her boyfriend Wade is also going to be attending Windhaven Academy with her.

Autumn is worried about Wade as he is acting kind of off lately but she just puts it down to his grandfather dying recently. Wade’s mind has been somewhere else a lot lately. Is he thinking about his grandfather or could it be something else entirely?

Someone is going around town digging up graves and it is not the gravediggers at the cemetery. The graves are being desecrated and the bodies removed. Why would anyone what to desecrate a grave? Who would do such a thing? Rumor has it that Wade is responsible for the act. Is Wade capable of doing something so horrid?

To hopefully clear his name sooner than the law is doing Autumn and Wade decide to join in on the investigation. Strange things start to happen which neither one of them can explain. Their investigation opens up a whole new world for them and leads them down roads they are not sure they want to visit. Can they solve the crime? Will they be able to clear Wade of the crime? Is Wade guilty or not?

Soul Legacy is an enchanting read and once it grabs on it will take you for a thrilling ride and won’t let go until the very end with all its twist and turns in between. Soul Legacy has secrets that it likes to hold on to letting them slip out one by one pumping up the old adrenaline until you are about to burst and then it slams you in the face like bam.

If you are into witchy, magical, suspenseful, academy reads then you are going to love Soul Legacy but I would suggest that you read the first book Secret Legacy as well. So one click your copy of Secret Legacy and Soul Legacy today to begin an epic journey!
10.5k reviews125 followers
September 22, 2020
Getting a scholarship to a Witches College is strange especially when you think you have no magical abilities. Fabulous story.
Profile Image for Kay.
1,662 reviews16 followers
September 5, 2020
I enjoyed the first book, Secret Legacy, but this was a whole new ball game and totally up my street. The author really gets us right into the action, and, boy, I so enjoy a good ritual. There's twists and turns aplenty, and when Autumn has to close her eyes to 'see' the hidden world, you can actually visualise it and feel what she does. It's very well written. I also love the strong role that a certain distant relative takes when learning more of what Autumn needs to survive. We also find out more about Wade. It's a wee bit eye-popping...

There's some very clever things in here, one of which is the way the students are taught in the classroom. I've never come across this before. It's brilliant. There's much more depth to the story, the characters, and their use of powers than in the first book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm not going to spoil the excellent storyline for anyone, but the reader is dragged up off their seat and carried along for the ride. It's exciting and furiously page-turningly good. You won't be able to put it down. Can't wait for book three!

I chose an early copy (via StoryOrigin) which I then voluntarily read and honestly reviewed. All opinions are my own.
Profile Image for TXBRITGAL.
1,295 reviews25 followers
October 3, 2020
Wow! Things get even more intense in this book as graves are being dug up, and zombies run a mock..Even worse is Autumn and those she cares about are suspect. Can she learn more about her heritage, the past, and who is behind this craziness in time? Secrets start to reveal themselves, but more questions remain. An action packed gem of a book. I can't wait to see what's next in this exciting series.
Profile Image for Carissa.
Author 39 books695 followers
October 19, 2020
Obviously, as the author, I have read this book.

Each one of the Windhaven Witches titles has brought me on a journey I wasn't completely expecting. Soul Legacy was no exception, but I was so thrilled to be on the wild ride.

One of the things I enjoy most about writing is finding obscure mythological references and creatures no one has ever heard of, so I can bring them to life. Soul Legacy, in my opinion, offered up many of those, while also mixing in a few that you already know, too. Plus, I got to bring in a wicked cool character that I know you're going to love...

So, enjoy!
Profile Image for Jessica (Read book. Repeat).
621 reviews13 followers
January 23, 2021
You can find this review and all of my others over at www.readbookrepeat.wordpress.com

It's a new semester at Windhaven Academy and Autumn is excited to have her boyfriend attending with her this time. Though things don't stay jovial and calm for long as they soon come to find that the dead aren't quite staying dead. Autumn being the town's only necromancer starts to wonder if it could be her doing it as nothing else seems to fit. On top of this, Cat is acting strange, some days she's fine, others it's like she doesn't even know who Autumn is. After Autumn's boyfriend is tagged as a prime suspect in the desecrating of graves that is happening it's a race against the clock to find out who is really responsible before the undead get to them first.

This instalment picked up not quite where the first one left off, so it took me a little bit to wrap my head around where we were and what was happening. After the cliff hanger of book one, I was a little bit frustrated at having to wait to find out what the go was with Cat, but it's not a deal breaker, it was just me being impatient.

This story has the same quick, easy read of the first one and the flow of narrative is wonderful. Autumn and the gang are all back in fine form as they tackle another mystery while trying to juggle supernatural school as well. Cat and Colton aren't around as much, but they're still their enjoyable selves when they do get screen time. I feel like this instalment focused more on the building of Autumn and Wade's relationship, which did grind my gears a bit. It irked me that Autumn is so reluctant to talk about certain things that are concerning her with Wade, instead she sort of dwells on it and ends up doing herself in because she winds herself up, when everything could be sorted out by just talking. I know, I know, it's not a perfect world and communication isn't as easy for some people as it is for others. I just feel like certain issues could have been avoided if they just spoke about it. Though, this does lend to Andrew's ability in her writing because it evoked emotion from me and that's what reading is all about.

The mystery of the rising dead and who is behind it, I actually worked out super early on in the story, and the reason behind the raising of the dead came across as rather superficial which I was a little disappointed in, I was hoping that this would lend to a deeper story line that will arise down the track, which, it still may, so I'm gonna hold out hope for that one. They mystery of the man that Wade spoke to in the end of book one was also revealed...which I had also worked out in the initial scene itself, but that's okay. Not every book has to be a total mystery and plot twist for it to be super enjoyable, and this book really proves that for me. Some people may get down about 'cliches' when it comes to story lines and mysteries and the like, me though, if a story is written well and is enjoyable, I don't really mind if I guess things before their reveal. I mean, if one reads quite a bit, it can be difficult to surprise them, and that's okay. Yes, I love it when a book can really get me with a twist, but in the end it's not a HUGE deal.

All in all, this was a great follow up to the initial instalment and I can't wait to see what happens next. I feel like the characters are really developing and the story keeps me entertained.
Profile Image for Tessa.
Author 7 books59 followers
October 24, 2020
Soul legacy by Carissa Andrews is the second book in The Windhaven Witches series. Another semester starts at the Windhaven academy and Wade finally joined Autumn, but not without problems. Bodies disappeared from the cemetery and people think Wade has something to do with it. As a necromancer, Autumn doesn’t escape the grapevine either. It’s time for her to explore her talents and her family’s legacy.

I really like Autumn getting in touch with her powers. It’s kind of sad that all of this has to happen before she gets a chance to get used to the idea of being a necromancer. Her dad is gone and her mother is still in a no-contact zone, which is really convenient, or not. We see a lot of growth in Autumn and change in Wade. Even the twins show their true nature.

What really interests me is Abigail and the Blackwood manor. There seems to be so much history and mystery, and I would like to find out. I don’t like how Autumn has to find out her family history through newspaper clippings instead of talking with her father. Instead, Abigail is her teacher, which makes sense if his powers aren’t that strong. But I’d really like to her have stronger family ties because it doesn’t make sense that she doesn’t.

Her relationship with Wade is getting close to gaslighting at times; not a good look. It gets better at the book as some things are revealed (no spoilers, so I won’t say what!). It’s still a bit weird with the two of them and Autumn’s old friends and I don’t get their reaction to Wade, not even after finishing the book. Autumn as a character is believable, Wade a bit less, but the rest is kind of flat.

The story itself is good and it definitely kept me reading. Abigail is amazing and Autumn exploring a new part of the house is exciting. I want more of it. Hopefully, we’ll get more in the next two books. Because there is only two left…

I give Soul Legacy four stars. It’s an entertaining read with an interesting premise. Keep your eyes out for the next book, Haunted Legacy, out on November third.
Profile Image for Kanyon.
460 reviews
October 7, 2020
So, going into this second book in the series, I found the story to be just as entertaining and engaging as book one. There’s quite the mystery that needs solving and questions needing answers. Then there’s a nice little plot twist. I don’t want to give anything away, but this story is thrilling and a book I’d recommend to anyone who likes magical academy reads. I can’t wait for book three.

Soul Legacy is the second book in The Windhaven Witches series.

I voluntarily received and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches, #1) by Carissa Andrews Soul Legacy A Supernatural Academy Series (The Windhaven Witches Book 2) by Carissa Andrews Haunted Legacy A Supernatural Academy Series (The Windhaven Witches Book 3) by Carissa Andrews Cursed Legacy A Supernatural Academy Series (The Windhaven Witches Book 4) by Carissa Andrews
Profile Image for Stephanie.
346 reviews10 followers
October 6, 2020
I was really looking forward to continuing the Windhaven series. Unfortunately, Soul Legacy felt disjointed and erratic. From the mannerisms of the characters, to the wording of the narration, and character development.

I’m still not behind Autumn’s complete and utter devotion to a guy she hardly knows. Especially when said guy is so blatantly keeping secrets and yet demands to know her every secret.

Throughout the book I found myself lost, not seeing how we went from scene to scene. I had to go back and re-read on several occasions to connect the dots. Another thing that threw me off was the tone of the narration. It went from being “normal” to using words that clashed, as if synonyms were being used when the actual word could have been more cohesive, and the use of slang for narrating purposes doesn’t go well.

I still really like the story, was happy to get some answers and there were plenty of twists and turns that kept me on toes trying to figure out what’s next before the reveals or wondering if they’ll be answered in the next book. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Autumn and seeing Dom and the twins have a bigger role.
30 reviews
October 14, 2020
Okay, I see you, Ms. Andrews. I see that you like to play with our minds. I'm not mad, not mad one little bit.

Let me start with the fact I did struggle a bit, in the beginning, to get into the second book. It felt like a lot of banter, and not enough action. I think part of my issue was it had been a little bit since I had read the first book, so I had to go back and do a reread just so I wasn't as lost. That is my fault, but the beginning of book 2 certainly took it's time to build up. But what a build-up!!

Once the action started, secrets were starting to be revealed, and twists began to unravel it never stopped. I was slapped so hard with questions my head was still spinning when the next event happened. This series is my first in paranormal fantasy, and if they were all this good I think I would have started this genre sooner. I don't think they are all this good because the author certainly knows how to tell a story that keeps you firmly glued to the pages. If you need me I will be looking at how I can enroll at Windhaven Academy and harness magic to get over my awe of this series!!
Profile Image for T.C..
Author 11 books10 followers
March 11, 2021
I liked Book I, Secret Legacy, but I loved Soul Legacy. It had a few quirks, such as a couple of continuity errors from Book I to Book II, but nothing major. Plus, the fact I found it a little easy to decipher who was behind these revenant attacks made the work less thrilling than I anticipated.

However, Andrews puts the pedal to the metal in this one and doesn't let up. Ranging from a zombie chase in the middle of a cemetery to the perp looking to frame another for their crimes of awakening the dead. And there, the action was only beginning to heat up.

I also loved the way our current main cast of characters grow and mature. Along with the arc coming from Autumn's mentor, Abigail. It was great to see characters with different goals in the work go after them in their own way...sometimes toward cataclysmic consequences, as you will find out.

I'm looking forward to continuing with Book III, Haunted Legacy, to see what becomes of Autumn and this dynamic cast of characters.
Profile Image for Nicky.
965 reviews16 followers
April 13, 2021
Now that we know Autumn can commune with the dead and also bring them back to life, we soon find out that someone is doing just that ... bringing the dead back to life. But doing it badly so that they come back as zombies. And of course all signs point to Autumn. it's pretty obvious who's actually doing it and why, but there's still the problem of handling the zombies. Autumn may not have made them, but she is responsible for taking care of them. At the end of the day, all is well. But we finally find out about Wade and why their union is forbidden. And a surprise revelation leads to the next book.

This book was much better than the first book. A lot less "world building" and a lot more action. A lot happened in this book. In a weird way, it kind of gives off a Charmed vibe. I like the series so far.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
139 reviews2 followers
October 21, 2020
This book was again a great read. Brilliantly constructed, it was an easy read. I couldn't put it down. Just when I thought I knew where it was going, I felt a big switcheroo coming! I just knew I couldn't be wrong, then BLAM! I got hit on the side of my head when all was revealed! I can't wait to see where the final book goes, but that's still a little ways to go. I know the next book will be fabulous!! This was even... dare I say it?... better than the first! We're in for one wild ride, and I can tell I won't be ready to get off after the 4th book! I can't imagine how this will wrap up, but I'm excited for the possibilities!

I received this book as a gift and have offered my honest opinion above.
Profile Image for Tammy Tyree.
Author 10 books55 followers
July 27, 2023

Carissa Andrews' "Soul Legacy" is an absolute masterpiece that captivates from the very first page. This spellbinding urban fantasy takes readers on a thrilling and emotional journey, weaving a complex web of magic, mystery, and self-discovery. The well-developed characters are relatable and endearing, making us deeply invested in their fates. Andrews' writing style is nothing short of enchanting, effortlessly transporting us to the richly imagined world she has created. The intricate plot unfolds with surprising twists and turns, leaving us breathless until the very end. "Soul Legacy" is a must-read for anyone seeking a heart-stirring adventure filled with courage, sacrifice, and the power of destiny.
Profile Image for Sharley.
386 reviews4 followers
October 6, 2020
The second in The Windhaven series and a book that will give you whiplash it moves so fast.
Autumn and Wade are still in the dark about their magic, their families, even each other but with this another piece of the puzzle is solved.... sort of.
With danger to themselves and their friends barrelling towards them they rally together to solve this instalments puzzle and save each other.
The love between Wade and Autumn remains strong and their bond, although tested is what keeps them ultimately safe
Profile Image for xxKaTxx.
31 reviews2 followers
March 29, 2021
Getting better and better

So much more explained. I predicted a few of the twists but was never quite sure till they happened. Noticed this book focused squarely on her relationship with Wade. That's ok I just am observing. I can see the interaction and dynamic of the ancestors (dad's, gmas, etc) developing. I will say the stepping in because quite frankly the youngn's weren't ready yet was truly appreciated and more realistic than random gifted knowledge so I completely appreciated all of it. Onwards to book 3!
Profile Image for Scarolet Ellis.
7,444 reviews50 followers
October 6, 2020
Soul Legacy: A Supernatural Ghost Series (The Windhaven Witches Book 2) by Carissa Andrews is such an awesome story that I have read. This is book number two out of four in this awesome series that I am so hooked on since the beginning. I can not wait to read the rest of this awesome series and I highly recommend it to everyone.

I received a free copy of this book via Story Origin and am voluntarily leaving a review
Profile Image for Jennifer Mccormick eding.
110 reviews1 follower
October 7, 2020
Suspenseful and mysterious

This second installment of the Windhaven series was definitely suspenseful and very mysterious! Andrews has an amazing way constantly developing the characters of her story and is great with the timeline in which things are revealed. Some secrets are yet to be uncovered which leaves high anticipation for the next in the series!! Highly recommended if you love mystery and suspense dipped in a little magic!!
364 reviews3 followers
October 7, 2020
Revenants are showing up and it seems like they are coming right for Wade and Autumn. Autumn is going to have to grow into her powers quickly. I am a little put off by her complete love for Wade as he has secrets and she just blindly follows. However, she does finally learn some secrets in this book and I am looking forward to where they go from here. I am really enjoying this series and love the way the author is weaving her magic.
Profile Image for Marie Fraser.
441 reviews1 follower
November 7, 2020
This book is an excellent addition to the series. It carries on seamlessly from the previous book. I loved the individual character personalities and enjoyed seeing their relationship dynamics evolve and grow through the book. The book was action packed and full of twists and turns. It had suspense, intrigue, emotion and romance.
I’d highly recommend this book and look forward to the next book in this series!!

I received an arc for a voluntary review.
Profile Image for Barbara Marie Warner.
758 reviews2 followers
September 28, 2021
Soul Legacy: The Windhaven Witches Series

This was absolutely great book…. I was crying when all that stuff happened with Cat, I love the grandmother she is feisty and really old school with how she talks, dad seems a little aloof, and Wade situation is still sketchy to me, definitely need more answers~ especially after Abigail said her last state… 🤦‍♀️

Was not expecting that twist with the betrayer, because I thought it was someone else.

Definitely recommend this
104 reviews
October 4, 2020
I loved this book. The story keeps growing and growing. I enjoy the adventures that Autumn and her friends are on. I'm disappointed by some of the actions of her friends, but that's life. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

I received an ARC copy and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
49 reviews
October 7, 2020
Thid is a really good book.

Autumn & Wade are getting closer but also having problems getting to understanding each other & others. There is so much going on with all the characters in the book that it keeps you totally involved in every page until the very end. It is really a good read & I am sure the next book will worth the wait.
Profile Image for Colin Andrews.
Author 1 book62 followers
September 24, 2020
Nope, you'll get no spoilers from me. My lips are sealed. But trust me it's a dang good series. Start at Secret Legacy or you won't know what the heck is going on. Has the perfect amount of twists and turns and just enough to keep you guessing. An amazing book from a very talented writer. <3
Profile Image for Jennifer Bishop.
1,211 reviews19 followers
October 7, 2020
Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love the characters and the mystery of the storyline. The imagery is awesome. This is one of those books that is very hard to put down once you’ve started reading. I am very excited for the next book in the series!
Profile Image for Shawnae Aiu.
164 reviews1 follower
October 14, 2020
Who has unleashed the undead? Why would they do it? Wade’s 1st term at the academy is full of stares and questions. Autumn does her best to stand up for Wade but she too becomes a suspect and is thrown into a nightmare. Autumn learns more about her powers, who Wade really is and what can go wrong when you bring back the dead. Another great installment of the Legacy series! Loved every minute I spent inside this world!
Profile Image for Aletia.
384 reviews4 followers
October 30, 2020
I love the continuation of the story. I enjoy seeing what happens to Autumn. I like learning more about her and her town. I am really looking forward to reading the next one!!! And I felt that the heroine was in high school. That's really my only criticism about this book/series.
Profile Image for KC Spence.
305 reviews
November 5, 2020
My Mind Is Exploding!

Wooooowwwweeeeeee! What is going on?! Even though I keep telling myself Autumn is a necromancer and things are going to get rough, I'm still not prepared. And I'm soooo shipping Colton and her. #Coltumn is not over. I can feel it!
Displaying 1 - 30 of 44 reviews

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