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The Bangover #3

Bang on Loosely

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Pop Quiz: You just banged a rock star you vowed to loathe until the end of time. What’s next?

Hint: You don’t agree to be his fake girlfriend. And you certainly don’t fall in love…

Once upon a time, Cutter Comstock was the hot older boy who tormented me in high school. Fast forward thirteen years and I find myself in his bed, riding him like the last stud at the sex rodeo…

Needless to say, mistakes have been made…

But as a chef, I turn food flops around all the time. I can turn this around, too. All I have to do is ignore the insufferably gorgeous (and generally insufferable) Cutter until he goes on tour.

Too bad my nemesis has other plans…

Cutter wants my help winning back the one who got away and he knows just the bait to dangle—the chance to open my own restaurant in a dream location.

I can pull off pretending to be the devil’s devoted girlfriend in order to make my dreams come true. Right?

But what happens when my dreams start to include the clever, funny, unexpectedly sweet man Cutter has become?

Can a bad boy rock star and a chronically nerdy chef live happily ever after?

236 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 3, 2020

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About the author

Lili Valente

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Visit Lili at www.lilivalente.com

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She can't resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win. She lives in Vermont with her two big-hearted boy children and a dog named Pippa Jane.

*Lili rarely visits this site as it is a site intended for readers, not authors. If you have questions, the best way to reach Lili is through her website contact form. Happy reading!

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2,838 reviews623 followers
February 17, 2020
I think this book is messed up in the story/ plot. Here we have the Hero is trying to win his love, the one who got away, by proposition his childhood friend to be his fake girlfriend. This concept is just too weird for me. Does not make sense at all. Why do you want to have fake girlfriend to win another woman's heart? The book does not explain this.

The heroine is also off. Why she accepts this proposition? Her motive is weak. It seems she just say yes for the sake of the romance to roll on. As result, the chemistry between the Hero and heroine is off. There is too much insta lust/ love. And the plot goes very confusing. I am very disappointed picking up this book. Considering the author is Lili Valente.

2 stars
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678 reviews4 followers
February 4, 2020
Hero is a creep

Sorry, but I couldn’t get into this guy. Cutter was a douchecanoe who had commitment issues. He loved Megan but he cheated on her, so he lost her. He slept with women on tour all over the place. But then when he slept with Theo and she thought it was a mistake, his feelings got hurt?
Then he convinces her to help him get Megan back, he has no problem using her to get what he wants, but when she agrees but says no sex, he isn’t with her more than a few days before thinking he needs to get laid, but he’s afraid he’ll get caught and someone might tell Megan. Both women would be better off without him.
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530 reviews
March 20, 2020

This one wasn’t for me. The plot is all of we the place. He’s in love with one girl and wants to win her back, but still screwing randoms. He and the heroine (whom he has known forever) hook up and he is still screwing ransoms. It also wants her to help him win back the other other girl. ok, but at 80% into the book he is still SCREWING OTHER PEOPLE! Im not exactly sure on the timing of everything, but he reveals that it’s “been a while for” him and when she asks what a while is he responds “2 weeks” in all seriousness. Am I strange for thinking that the screwing other people thing should be don’t before the book starts? Maybe I guess, but good lord (if it’s not erotica) who actually thinks it’s romantic for the hero to still be screwing other people 80% into the book?! He then has thiughtfgs about being glad that she decided to be friends with benefits again. It’s all so superficial and undermines the sweet moments that they have had. I know he is a rockstar but geesh. And considering that the entire purpose of the book is that he can commit, because he wants to commit to the ex, it reinforces how shallow he is about our heroine. It takes it from “it’s not you, it’s me” to “it’s definitely you”. Just kind of a mess. Of course there wasn’t any of the book to actually see them really together anyway, because while he was protecting his and making her the priority (knowing that there was something off with the actual heroine of this story) there is this big dramatic bombing scene that rushes his feelings confession, and recovery etc.Just a horribly rushed ending after his bombshell to her while they were getting ready to have sex the day before/behavior that morning, (and no she didn’t stop it after the two week revelation, what a doormat). Don’t worry, she hadn’t been with anyone but him since the first the first time they were together 6 months before. It will never cease to amaze me that some authors things it’s romantic for a guy to be screwing everything that moves while the girl is pure and chaste waiting for them at home. Good thing fictional characters can’t catch STDs I guess. It seriously disgusts me. I know this author can push the boundaries, but this is just ridiculous. I think she’s going on my “don’t read this author” list for a while after this stunt.
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1,434 reviews599 followers
December 7, 2020
Hours I can’t get back.

Not nearly enough angst to engender the hate it’s received. He’s still a douche. And kinda dumb. Unfortunately I kept picturing the 28 year old version of Bill and Ted for the H.

It wasn’t pretty.

I’m almost certain the h is Indian (if the absolute shite reference to curry the H makes about her is to be taken seriously). Her ethnicity is mentioned one time and NEVER do we even get a clear picture of what she looks like. The author’s attempt at diversity is almost a slap in the face.

DNF 90%
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3,102 reviews
February 3, 2020
Note: An ARC was provided by the author.

Yes, yes, and YES! I already knew going into Bang On Loosely that I was going to get the laughs I've come to expect in this series, and after reading the prequel novella, Enemies with Bang-ifits, that this was going to be an enemies-to-lovers romance that has as much bite as it does bang. But what I wasn't expecting was that dash of angst that led to third and emphatic YES at the beginning. Dare I say that with every new novel Lili Valente releases in her Bangover series, the bigger a chunk of my heart is taken. Would it be too soon for me to declare this my favorite series from Valente ever? Because as much as the male main characters are rock stars, the stories in this series are more than your typical rock star romance trope. And have I mentioned that you end up falling in love with the heroines as much as you do the heroes? But I'm getting ahead of myself! Let's delve into a bit about this fab book.

Bang On Loosely is the third full-length novel in the Bangover series, and this time around, the spotlight shines on Cutter Comstock, guitarist and songwriter for Lips on Fire, and Theodora Devi, a chef dreaming to open her own restaurant. When Cutter learns that Megan Blankenship, the only girl he's ever considered having a future with, has filed for divorce, he realizes this could be his chance to be with her. All he needs is to find a fake fiancée to convince Megan that he's capable of committing and settling down, and Cutter's got his sights set on Theo to play that role. Sure, they hate each other, but that means no hearts are going to get broken. Cutter gets Megan and Theo gets her dream resto. Win-win. It's a foolproof plan...until they foolishly catch feelings and lose their hearts.

Enemies-to-lovers happens to be one of my ultimate favorite tropes, so I've read more than my fair share. Lili Valente's treatment of this trope with regards to Cutter and Theo's story happens to be one of the best I've come across in all my years of reading, and those are A LOT of years. There were no secret long-held feelings of unrequited love from our main characters, and the snark were, at times, thinly veiled barbs that were highlighted how there was no love lost between them. But as Cutter and Theo get to know each other--allowing readers to get to know them better as well--the animosity turns to begrudging affection and admiration and then more. Cutter's back story made him much easier to empathize with, which in turn, had me cheering him and Theo on towards their happily-ever-after. This book also had a pinch of suspense to it, making for an even more entertaining read overall. I highly recommend you check out Bang On Loosely, which gets five-plus stars. Read the other books, too! ♥
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3,661 reviews113 followers
February 4, 2020
5 Stars!

Lili Valente never, ever disappoints y'all and I knew from that blurb in this new release, I was gonna be hook, line, and sinker pretty early on with this one and surprise!! I was soooo right. Rock stars are one of my weaknesses but give me one like Cutter and I'm sooooo done **swoooooon**!! Add that you've throw in a bit of enemies to lovers -- fake relationship -- lots of history and you have the PERFECT romance.

Bang On Loosely was so so good... sexy, sweet, fun, one of her best yet, and had everything I love my books to have with a good balance of angst and good stuff. I got all the feels the. whole. time. with Cutter and Theo while also getting plenty of laughs, charm, and heat in their unputdownable journey.

Lili is ALWAYS a must read in my book and Bang On Loosely is just another brilliant reason why I keep coming back for all her words and those unforgettable journeys.

I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.
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86 reviews15 followers
February 18, 2020
I could almost copy and paste my review for the earlier book in this series for this one, which is both good and bad, lol. It’s the same issue: Compelling characters, that get totally side swiped by over the top plot that comes in to resolve the conflict instead of writing out the characters working it out together.

In this case though, the hero needed to fucking grovel and a bombastic mortality plot move does not replace the groveling that needs to happen. But the book thinks so, so everything gets swept under the rug. I saw a way that his behavior could have been forgiven ()but this book just didn’t put in the work to redeem him and instead made the main female character look pathetic for taking him back so quickly. It felt like it needed an extra 75-100 pages to have not felt suddenly very rushed and give the emotions and relationship space to resolve.

I will say the characters are funny and subvert tropes in unexpected and cool ways. There was a well done, but under explored feminist subplot involving flagrant workplace sexism that was absolutely eating up the main female character. She also handled it like a bad ass motherfucker. I just, again, wish the book fleshed out its more niche, cooler elements and had those be where the emotional resolution came from instead of literally blowing everything up to just end it quickly. That’s why I keep reading this author. She always has a modern, cool twist on something that has been done in a toxic or tired way a million times before. I just wish the plot wasn’t used as a substitute for emotions and character development at the end of the books.
1,328 reviews19 followers
February 10, 2020
Bang Loosely is the third book in Lili Valente’s Bangover Series. I wanted to, but I just didn’t love it. Not nearly as much as I enjoyed the first two books in the series. I rate books based upon two criteria. First, how hard is it for me to put a book down when I should be giving my attention to something else? For this book, not very. Second, when I’ve finished a book how do I feel? Do I feel a little sad like I’m saying goodbye to a group of old friends or am I sort of ambivalent? I was sort of ambivalent. I knew the story was the sort of silly story you only find in contemporary romances going in. I’d met both characters in the previous book. I liked Theodora and I didn’t hate Cutter. I just couldn’t get into this story. Probably because Cutter acts like such an idiot for most of it.
Theodora wakes up after a drunken one night stand with Cutter, a guy she’s known all her life and despised for most of it. She thinks he’s a jerk but she’s surprised when she thinks he’s left her in bed after their tryst and just gone on about his day. Then she alternately thinks she’s a jerk for misjudging him and then he’s a jerk again for what she over hears him say on the phone after she’s just ripped him a new one. Despite this, six months later she agrees to be his fake girlfriend in return for getting a prime spot for the restaurant she wants to open in a building he’s refurbishing. Let’s review. Theodora gets a little drunk and hooks up with a guy she doesn’t even like despite the fact that she never does one night stands. Then she agrees to deceive even her closest friends to get something she really wants. Oh sweetie you really need to stay away from Cutter before he completely corrupts you. One of the many reasons Theo wants to open her own restaurant is because the hours she’s been working as head chef at her current place of employment is exhausting her and leaving her no time for anything but work. Because you know running your own business, especially when you’re just starting out, will leave you with plenty of play time.
Now Cutter, he’s upset because of the argument he has with Theo which spoils his visions of her being one of his many fuck buddies when he’s at home from touring with the band. Cutter is at their friends Bridget and Shep’s (book 2) wedding and he’s going on and on to himself how he doesn’t believe in marriage. He doesn’t even believe in serious relationships. But the plot here is Cutter wants to use Theo to help him win back his ex-girlfriend Megan who has a young child and is in the process of getting a divorce. You know because he doesn’t believe in marriage. Huh? So Cutter tempts Theo to go along with his hairbrained plan by dangling a prime location for the restaurant she wants to open in front of her. Really impressive the way he uses women. And Theo whom we’re told is an exceptionally bright young lady goes along with this plan. Makes sense to me. Ugh!
Well, thank goodness Cutter finally gets his shit together and realizes he’s madly in love with Theo. Bottom line here is that for me this was just an okay story. Not terrible but not great either. Is this the end of the series? What about Zack? Will we ever find out what happens between Collette and Fernando? Talk about a person who is screwed up. She loves Fernando but doesn’t believe in marriage because she doesn’t believe in forever. But she wants to have a baby with him and if he continues to refuse to impregnate her without being married she may break up with him. Because why would you want to commit to someone forever before you have a baby with them? Speaking of marriage and babies, will Kirby and Colin eventually decide to get married before the baby is born?
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372 reviews8 followers
February 6, 2020
I don't know what it is about two people loathing each other but having CRAZY HOT CHEMISTRY. It drives me insane but in such a GOOD WAY! Cutter and Theo have never been friends, more like enemies. Growing up, each thinking that the other thought they were better than them, when really it was anything but. Cutter had a really tough childhood and took it out on many around him. He wasn't the nicest of people, especially to poor, sweet, innocent Theo. That was then and Theo has never forgotten it. So when Cutter proposes to Theo that they have a fake relationship so he can win over the one woman he has ever loved, she truly thinks he has dove into the loony bin. However, Cutter makes an appealing offer that Theo can't resist and she has no other choice but to join in in his crazy plan. What harm can come to three weeks of pretending? Well... a whole lot.

Cutter and Theo's relationship begins as one of loathing and slowly evolves into one of admiration. Theo is the one woman that calls Cutter out on his sh*t, and what a turn on it is for him. As time passes Cutter and Theo's true selves emerge amidst them and the presumptions that each had about the other slowly dissolves the walls they have built around their hearts. Theo helps Cutter see that his past made him bitter and untrustworthy of love. While Cutter helps Theo see that she does have self worth, and her drive and love in her work, her friendships and her loyalty are what make her unique, irresistible, and sexy as hell. They are one super couple without even trying; bringing out the best in one another. I just LOVE THEM!!!!!

Bang on Loosely has turned out to be my all time favorite of the Bangover series thus far. Who doesn't love a bad boy rocker dude who is really a sweet, misunderstood, loyal but lost soul looking for his mate to come and sweep him off his feet. Watch out Cutter, Theo might just be the one to do just that!
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1,995 reviews27 followers
March 6, 2020
Theo and Cutter are ... so perfect for each other.
I've been so grumpy and the fact that I read this book cover to cover, and I liked it - I mean, that's huge.
It's my favorite of the series thus far - and it was nice to see... they weren't exactly enemies to lovers (not a premise I like) - but "enemies" in HS who became friends-ish/adults who were civil around each other ... to the "plan" to lovers. <3

The plan - while I normally dislike deception etc - it's not a huge deal here ESPECIALLY since from the start you know the night meant more to both of them, but especially Cutter as the "wild card."

I liked that once he REALLY was with Theo [really in a fake way >.>] that he wasn't back to his manwhore ways. He grows!

AND! He also helps Theo too!
A big part of it was them misunderstanding each other, and their own insecurities - but that was handled so well, and organically, not in an "ugh" way.
Also immediately rec'd it on twitter https://twitter.com/Limecello/status/...

Anyway, I can see myself re-reading this book.
A lovely contemporary romance <3
[And of course sexy and fun too.]
I'm really liking the direction this series is moving, so fingers crossed!

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2,289 reviews68 followers
February 3, 2020
Bang on Loosely by Lili Valente is another stand alone in her Inter-connected standalone "Bang" series. We got a taste of Theo and Cutter's history and relationship (or lack thereof) in Enemies with Bang-ifits, a free prequel story to Bang on Loosely but you just don't know and understand until you live through it with them within these pages. God Lord! The angst, the sarcasm, the sheer unadulterated swagger that Cutter possesses matched with Theo's honest to God cannot deal with Cutter's crap attitude!

Theo is a workaholic. A successful head chef at a nice restaurant but after attaining her dream job and position and title she finds herself still restless. When Cutter comes back off tour with the rest of the band she plans to ignore him but he has different plans. And bless his heart - his actions are saying one thing while his inner monologue is utterly oblivious to the fact that he is falling for Theo. Hard! With Cutter's help Theo realizes how stagnant and unfulfilling her current job is and they make plans for more. Only problem is, Cutter still thinks he needs Theo's help winning back his "One That Got Away" without realizing that she is right under his nose all while Theo is trying desperately to not fall further for Cutter.

The audio narration is phenomenal. Jason Clarke is dreamy in his portrayal of Cutter. Swagger and sex drenching all the words and Lili not only write bomb-tatsic amazing quirky sexy romances, she narrates the crap out of them too! Well Done!

These books have all the fun and quirkiness for a light read with just enough angst, drama and feels to make them a truly worthwhile read! Enjoy!
Profile Image for Emily (Mrs B's Books).
1,525 reviews83 followers
February 4, 2020
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I am not surprised at all that i loved this book by Lili Valente, she is certainly on my list of one-click authors.

Theo and Cutter had a great chemistry together and when Theo finally saw under the veneer of Cutter, she finally sees all of the man, and the man is a seriously nice guy.

Cutter and Theo have been enemies since their school days, but after getting little drunk at a BBQ and finally clearing the air a little, a once night stand ensues and because of a misunderstanding, six months pass before the couple get together again because of a plan that Cutter has in order to get an ex-girlfriend back.

There is certainly sexy times, emotional times, suspense and a happy ever after in this book and you certainly cannot ask for more, this is just a good book.

I am really looking forward to the next stand alone book in this series and cannot wait until Zack gets his happy ever after.
387 reviews17 followers
April 1, 2020
Funny and cute!

I've read the series though not in sequence but i enjoy all of thrm. Just like the others this a huge LOL craziness. Loveable characters just wondering why theres no story about Zach? I'd love to read about his unique personality too. Thanks Lili!
Profile Image for Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers.
1,857 reviews44 followers
January 17, 2020
Bang on Loosely is the third standalone in the Bangover series by the very talented and funny, Lili Valente. I am so in love with this series and the characters. You can read it as standalone but they are all tied together by some sexy rockstars and friendships. I have been waiting for this story especially after reading the free prequel, Enemies with Bang-ifits (The link to it will be at the bottom of the review.)

It happens. They bang. She goes on with her life. He goes on tour. And six months later, he is back with a plan. A plan to get the one who got away back. But, he needs Theo on board with the plan and he knows exactly what she wants. It’s all about location and he owns the property she wants for her restaurant. They can totally fake date for three weeks to convince his ex that he can have a serious relationship without breaking the boundaries, right? It’s not like it’s real or anything.

Until you start having feelings. Real feelings. Raw feelings. Feelings you shouldn’t feel for someone who has ignored you for thirteen years. Someone who says is in love with someone else. Three weeks. That’s all they needed then he would be on tour and she would be hopefully working on her first restaurant opening.

I loved this story. The way these two banter and learn each other is so sweet, fun, and emotional. And hot. The characters are so, so lovable. They are both learning about themselves as well as learning about each other and that was awesome. It’s really full of passion, music, love, laughter, wit, friendship, and family. I am really hoping a certain someone get their own book.


“Well, looks like that was a promise you couldn’t keep, princess. And don’t even try to pretend you didn’t enjoy yourself.”

“Want to dance?”
“No, I don’t want to dance. I want to stab you repeatedly in the spleen.”
“The spleen’s not a vital organ. I’d probably survive.”

“I am not a delicate flower.”
“You are. Very delicate. Except for your boobs, but I’m not supposed to talk about those so pretend I didn’t say that.”

🌟 ENEMIES WITH BANG-IFITS: http://ow.ly/XC8050xNy3Q

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882 reviews19 followers
February 5, 2020

I adore Lili Valente and all of her books, and the Bangover series has been a true delight. Lili's great at writing characters that are more than meets the eye, and the boys of Lips On Fire are no exception. Take Cutter Comstock, for instance. He's living the rockstar life, with his dirty mouth, his devil may care approach to love, and his fear of all things commitment. But, wait, could there be some romance under that bad boy exterior? Yep, and who'd have thought that this love 'em and leave 'em heartbreaker would want to ever settle down? Enter Theo Devi, Cutter's longtime nemesis. She wants something, and so does he, so why not scratch each other's backs to get it? Oh, when will they ever learn...

I was already way in love with Cutter Comstock when I started this book. He's stood disdainfully by while his bandmates have found true love, but, him, well, he's the holdout. Or is he? When the one that got away suddenly becomes available, Cutter's going to have to prove that he's the keeping kind. And who better to help him out than Theo. She can help give him the image that he needs to win another lady's heart, and, in return, Cutter will help her achieve her dream of owning her own restaurant. What could possibly go wrong?

This story, like the others in the series, had my heart from the get-go. Cutter and Theo are hardly a match made in heaven, at least until they open their eyes and see what they have in each other. Lili's sure to deliver a HEA, and these two surely deserve it. With all the stock Lili sass, sizzle, and snark, BANG ON LOOSELY hit all the marks for me. This book, along with the others in the Bangover series, are so much fun, sweet, sexy, and sizzly, with plenty of snark to keep things interesting. Do yourself a favor and make time for these reads...your TBR will thank you! ❤️
Profile Image for Terri.
687 reviews
January 27, 2020
What happens when two frenemies that were like oil and water in school give in to their heated desire? They explode then it is back to the love hate relationship it always was but trouble is those feelings are still there.

Cutter is the playboy in the band and he has no plans of giving up his playboy ways that is until he finds out the one that got away is getting divorced from her no good husband and now he thinks he wants to win her back. Trouble is he can't do it alone. He needs help showing he has matured and is definitely boyfriend material. He bribes his frenemy, Theo into helping him win the love of his life back by pretending to be his girlfriend. One problem, their fake relationship has real underline feelings and what Cutter thinks he wants starts to get cloudy.

Theo wants, no needs to open her own restaurant and the only way to achieve that is to help Cutter win the woman he loves back. She can do this. Even though they had a one night fling and even though it was the best ever she can do this. She can keep her feelings locked down and get to the end and have her restaurant. Only those pesky feelings keep getting in the way even though she knows he is going to break her heart.

Cutter and Theo are a great couple that give as good as they get with each other. There is the pent up attraction that revs them up as well as deeper emotions that explain who they are. Oh and there is the danger of the mob all wrapped up in this funny, sexy, suspenseful mastermind. This is a great book that has it all.

I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I loved it and highly recommend it.
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1,323 reviews18 followers
February 10, 2020

This is Cutter’s story.

This is a frenemies to fake romance to lovers story, and it was completely enjoyable.

Cutter is anti-marriage but he happy for his friends who have found their loving partners; however, he learns that Megan, “one who got away” is recently single and comes up with odd scheme to win her back. Which brings us to Theo, his frenemy from high school, who he had sexy moment with months prior and decides she is perfect for his plan.

Although Cutter and Theo start off with somewhat good plan things start to progress in a way neither one expected. Winning back his ex-girlfriend isn’t as easy as he thought considering Megan’s ex-husband is part of the mafia and his feelings for Theo are quickly changing from friendly to something so much more. Also loved the jealous moments between Cutter and Zack (his friend, band mate and Theo’s crush), no matter what he said Cutter was Uber jealous.

I love that Theo didn’t just fall for Cutter’s charm and when she helped him with his plan, she actually wanted the beat for him even if he did act like turd at times. I was really concerned when the lines got blurred because things got so complicated yet sweet at the same time.

That moment with Theo in the restaurant almost made my heartbreak and Cutter’s reaction was heartbreaking and Megan was totally bada**.

I’m looking forward to Zack’s story and maybe even a story on Colette because I think there might be some serious trouble in paradise.
Profile Image for Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers).
1,628 reviews141 followers
January 31, 2020
Bang on Loosely is Lili Valente's newest standalone in the Bangover series. Lili always knows how to make me laugh and swoon! I love a good enemies to lovers with a side of fake girlfriend romance and Theo and Cutter are the perfect pair. They shared a drunken night months ago and now Cutter is back in town and needs Theo's help to win back the woman who got away. Theo is a chef who loves food but not her job. Cutter offers her the chance to have her own restaurant in exchange for pretending to be his girlfriend. What could happen? A few stolen kisses, touches and a sexy night spent between the sheets. Then what? Can Theo really watch him walk away after it's over? Will Cutter finally see what's right in front of him? I have been waiting for this story for a long time! I love Theo and her take no crap attitude! And Cutter…yummy! He's cocky, but swoony and his mouth is dirty! Yes, please!

Audio: I love Jason Clarke and Lili Valente together. Their voices and enthusiasm for these characters was a perfect match. Jason's deep, sexy voice and Lili's sultry, sweet one. They were the perfect Theo and Cutter!
Profile Image for Misty - The Erotic Book Blog.
625 reviews12 followers
February 4, 2020
If you haven't started this series of interconnected standalones yet, you're missing out on ALL the fun!

How can you not find bad boy Cutter Comstock irresistible? Sure, he's the textbook definition of a playboy rock star, but he never makes apologies for who he is and never leads a woman to believe he's interested in anything more than one night of fun. But he has so many redeeming qualities! He's charming, sweet, considerate, and attentive. He's much better boyfriend material than he thinks he is. He just needs to find the right girl.

That's where Theodora comes in. She's the good to all of Cutter's bad. She's hard-working, diligent, creative, and caring. And she's probably the only one who will call Cutter out when he needs it. She's a breath of fresh air and a reminder of home for him.

From enemies to frenemies to lovers, Cutter and Theo have a complicated, yet entertaining relationship. There's plenty of witty and sarcastic banter to keep you laughing, all the feels to keep you swooning, and plenty of slow-burning heat to keep you turning pages. This is a great addition to the series and I think you're going to love it!
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1,005 reviews9 followers
December 19, 2022
Finally realizing she’s the one

I enjoyed Cutter and Theodora’s enemies to lovers, fake relationship with a side of light danger. Cutter is a famous rock star. Theodora is a chef in their hometown. They’ve been enemies since high school except for one steamy night six months ago. Learning his college girlfriend is getting divorced and believing she’s his one, he convinces Thea to be his girlfriend so the ex will see he has changed. Thea reluctantly agrees in exchange for getting a great spot for her new restaurant. The journey to their HEA is a bit bumpy because of all the feelings denying but they get there. In my opinion for an enemies to lovers story to work, the author has to straddle a fine line of sexy animosity without tipping into meanness or abuse. The author did this beautifully. This story was a swoony fun sexy ride of all the feelings - I laughed, gritted my teeth, sighed, cried, gasped, and did a happy dance. The story included sweet moments, steamy scenes, chuckles, supportive friends, messy families, painful pasts, slight danger, and all love. 3.75 stars. I am excited to read more in this series.
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439 reviews16 followers
January 12, 2020
Bang on Loosely

Cutter and Theodora have been enemies for as long as they can remember. But when Cutter returns home from touring and suggests a fake romance to help him win the one that got away in exchange for helping Theo with her dream, she agrees. But as the time they spend together becomes more frequent, Theo’s feelings towards Cutter begin to change. Will Cutter ever let the walls around his heart down and recognize the true love that already stands in front of him before it’s too late?

The banter between Cutter and Theo is fun and entertaining. Although they’re both strong-willed and driven individuals, I loved the internal vulnerability they both feel which ultimately wanes and allows their souls to join together. And the magnetism that sparks between them is sexy and oh-so-hot. Bang on Loosely is a fantastically fun enemies to lovers romantic comedy. Lili Valente has remained at the top of my must read authors list for years and with each new novel, series and couple she shares, she continues to solidify her top spot there.
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March 27, 2020
Definitely a 5 star and a must read story by Lily Valente.

How hard is it to say that this is one of my new favorite books? Not hard for me. Lily pushes this story to the absolute end. I just wish it wasn't over. I can live on with both Cutter and Theo forever.

Cutter is a superstar and plays in a famous band and Theo is a fabulous chef and they have kinda been friends since high school. Theo has a love/hate relationship with him and when Cutter asks Theo to pretend to be his girlfriend while he goes after Meghan his girlfriend from high school.

Cutter proposed that if she agrees to be his girlfriend while he goes after Meghan then he will get Theo into his own personal pier front building where she can start her own restaurant.

So Theo goes for it. Oh my how I laughed at so many parts. These two actually had me laughing out loud. This story is fantastic and I am so glad I read it. You will too. Read Bang on Loosely by Lily Valente and watch the sparks fly.
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July 19, 2020
Untapped love

Theo was a smart, loyal, bad a$# chef. She had poured herself into her career and hadn't really looked back. Her name was so unusual I wanted to know the story behind it, but it was never mentioned. She was a great friend and that helped to make the story somewhat believable. Cutter was a bad boy that loved playing women and was a certified rockstar. He had a sweet endearing side that he seemed to want to keep under wraps to avoid getting his heart into anything serious. I was quite irritated with him. His thoughts process was lacking. He kept having "feelings" for Theo but couldn't recognize that he was into her. It was unrealistic....because she was so strong willed. It felt as if he was stringing her along with the mixed signals. Also the situation with Zach seemed unresolved. Why wouldn't he have an actual conversation with his friend/bandmate. Also the fact that Cutter was famous was an after thought. How could his restaurant blow up with no backlash. I liked the characters and the plot, but there was a lot left unaddressed.
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January 28, 2020
Cutter Comstock has a filthy mouth, and I’m absolutely in love with him. I wondered how Cutter’s story was going to unfold, and I didn’t see this one. Cutter is the most layered guy of his band mates. Not that the other guys are boring, because they certainly aren’t. They’re just more in touch with their feelings than Cutter. No spoilers, but he’s got a complicated backstory.

Theo is her usual workaholic self. Being the chef extraordinaire, Theo thinks of nothing else but her job, and making all her friends with her gastric delights. When she takes Cutter up on his offer for a fake relationship to help woo an ex-girlfriend, they’re both in for a few shocking revelations.

As their story unfolds, they both discover so much about each other and themselves. Cutter has the dirtiest mouth of the guys in Lips on Fire, and I’m grateful for Jason Clarke and Lili Valente for doing an amazing job narrating.
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February 7, 2020
Cutter is a bad boy rock star, at home before going on tour. He knew Theo when they were growing up, and they didn't get along. Then, one night they got drunk, opened up to each other, and ended up in bed. But it didn't end well. Fast forward 6 months, and Cutter needs a favor from Theo. He wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can look reliable, so he can get his soon-to-be-divorced ex- back. He gives her what she wants--a lease for restaurant space--and he gets what he wants. What they don't expect is that they'll grow to like each other. And more.
Cutter, who has a reputation of being a bad boy, is actually a good guy at heart. Theo, who has a squeaky clean reputation, actually has a little bad girl in her. I loved watching these two fall in love. There was some heartbreak and suspense along the way, though.
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June 22, 2020
I loved this entire series. But this book. I devoured it. I could not put it down. Lili once again does disappoint.

Bang On Loosely is an enemies to lovers kind of book. Cutter use to make fun of and be mean to Theo when they were younger. She never forgot. Cutter had a tough childhood and took it out on everyone around him. But when he lets you in, then your in for life. He doesn't do feelings easily.

Theo is strong, independent, loyal and she doesn't care to much for Cutter. But when he asks her to help him get his ex back with the promise of giving her a space to open her own restaurant how can she turn him down.

What starts out as fake turns real quick into real feelings. But will they be to late to tell each other how they really feel? Or will they both hide their feelings and go separate ways?
January 21, 2020
Bang on Loosely has been added as another favorite by Lili Valente! I adored Theo. She is a strong soul that has passion and fire! She will not back down and is ready to put up a fight. No Lili adds her signature comedy at the beginning with Theo and Cutter’s dad. I could not stop laughing. But then there was Cutter and his smart alec remarks which had Theo walking out and not looking back.

Cutter loves another and is ready to show how much he is ready to settle down. In the midst of things, feelings and chemistry began to grow for Theo and Cutter. We began to grow with them as readers as well. I loved reading some scenes that have past characters. I could not put this book down and loved Theo’s and Cutter’s story whole heartily!
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February 2, 2020
I devoured this book - my favorite of the series.

I absolutely loved Theo and Cutter. They definitely go from enemies (more so on her side) to frenemies who "sleep" together to fake romance to of course, real romance.

This one still has the quirks we love from a Lili Valente book, but it had depth to the story and Cutter and Theo just pull you right into their love story and you can't help but root for them. And when Theo "lashed out like a cornered honey badger"...well that was laugh out loud funny!

There's some added suspense that will make you hold your breath too.

This book was just awesome sauce rolled up into one entertaining package.

I voluntarily requested and read an advance reader copy.
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February 4, 2020
I really enjoyed this book. I'm not gonna lie I was a tad skeptical of Cutter at first, but he really surprised me. Once you get know him better the more you can't help but fall for him. This book brings the humor that I love, but it also brought the feels. Several times these characters hit me right in the heart. I loved Theo so much. Reading this book she made me feel empowered as a woman and that's a great feeling. Theo has fight in her which she is going to need to make her way in the culinary world. Theo and Cutter had such great chemistry. Their banter is one of my favorite parts of the book. This book is one you can easily get lost in. It gave me everything I look for in a Lili Valente book.
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February 4, 2020
Cutter and Theo are both such funny characters. They are well-written, no-holds-barred and totally unapologetic in their beliefs. What's amazing is how quickly Cutter goes from thinking he wants his old love to realizing that he's put her on a pedestal and he really, really wants the sassy, chatty, challenging lady that accepts him for who he is even though she pretends she doesn't like him. Their enemies-to-lovers/fake romance story is fun and fast-paced.

As for narration, Lili Valente and Jason Clarke are amazing! I always love their narration, and they do not disappoint. You can hear the humor in Jason Clarke's delivery, so he drops every snarky line from Cutter just as you expect. Phenomenal.
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