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Gone Wild #3

Attracting Aubrey

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I never dreamed I’d meet my celebrity crush while stealing every single pair of my best friend’s pants.

Trust me, my life is not that wild. In fact, the most excitement I usually get is running my fan-favorite Insta thirst account featuring butt-tastic pics of Hollywood superhero Carter Hayes. So, imagine my shock when, in the middle of the cruise ship hallway, I realize the guy whose shirt I'm stuffing slacks inside of is Carter disguised as a tourist. How I manage not to faint dead away, I've got no clue.

When word leaks that Carter might be on board, he asks me to help him maintain his cover. There’s no way I’m gonna say no to that. I just don't share that I’m the anonymous woman behind the fan account that reported sighting him onboard. No biggie. Right?

However, when things between us go from friendly to hot to OMG-I-can’t-keep-my-clothes-on-around-him, all I can do is hope he never discovers my secret. You see, somewhere along the way, Carter went from an untouchable movie star to the man I’m falling for.

Five friends. One singles cruise. So many sexy shenanigans.

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154 pages, ebook

First published March 24, 2020

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Avery Flynn

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6,895 reviews819 followers
March 25, 2020
Trust me, during this time when we all need something to smile about, pick up Attracting Aubrey. I promise you, itwill put a smile on your face and maybe take your mind off everything going on around us. Sit back and enjoy the fun and quirky Aubrey and The Admiral.

Aubrey totally reminded me of a geek gone wild. C’mon, The Admiral is a super hero and that’s her celebrity crush? Yea, geek. But, she’s a fun one that isn’t, at this moment, afraid to pull pranks, have a fling and feel guilty about what she has done. She tried, she really did. But, time and kisses seem to get in the way of her admission of guilt. Then, she goes and does the stupidest thing ever … she falls in love. Yes, with her celebrity crush. Yes, with a man that it totally unattainable. Yes, with the man she outted.

Carter just wants to prove that he is more than The Admiral. Undercover on a cruise ship should prove that he can been seen as more. This movie means more to him than anything. Until he runs across a strange woman on the floor taking all the pants out of a suitcase. Then he finds himself as her accomplice. Then, his stalker, his nemesis tells everyone that he’s on board a singles cruise. How does she know? But, there is just something about this off-beat woman that attracts him. Her sense of humor, her smile, OMG, her body. He can’t get enough of her. She knows who he is, he had to tell her in hopes of her helping him not blow his cover. He’s falling hard until …

Yes, I laughed out loud, wanted to slap Carter every time Aubrey got up the nerve to tell him the truth, then sighed at the end. I loved this little story by Avery. But, then again, she’s one of my favorite RomCom authors. The story was cute, fast moving, had interesting characters, full of shenanigans and a wonderful ending that was definitely as swoon-worthy as The Admiral.

As I said in the beginning, if you are looking to lose yourself in a fun story that will definitely take your mind off the life we are living right now, pick up all five of the Gone Wild books. You won’t regret losing yourself for a little while.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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3,862 reviews434 followers
March 31, 2020
whaaaaaaaaaat is this funness I just read?!?!

You guys ….. I smiled a lot while I read this story. These two were ridiculous (in a good way lol)! Shenanigans ran amok in the best possible way. I don’t know what else to tell you, but if you’re looking for a good time read, look no further! #trust

The concept behind this series is fantastic. I had a chance to read 4 out of the 5 books back to back and it made for an excellent reading experience all around! Well done ladies!!

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804 reviews582 followers
March 27, 2020
3.5/5 Stars

Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own.

Avery Flynn is one of my go-to authors so I knew that I had to read this book. I was immediately drawn into this with the synopsis and after the first page, I already had a smile on my face.

The writing quality is top-notch and just what I expect when I pick up a book from Avery Flynn. She flawlessly weaves humor, heat, and passion into her stories.

I really loved Aubrey and Carter's characters. They were easy to connect to and identify with. Since this is such a short book, a novella really, the characters are missing some of the depth that I am used to when I read one of Flynn's books. There are enough stepping stones to cement each character's basic backstory and desires but it ends there. I just felt like I wanted more. And while the characters had nice development for what the author shares with us about them, they still felt very bare bones.

Carter and Aubrey do have some nice chemistry. They meet in a totally humorous situation and their connection is immediate. What I didn't care for in terms of the romance was all the instalove. I am not a fan of instalove and I much rather a couple get to know each other for more than a few days before they profess their love for one another. It wouldn't have been so bad if we got more scenes with them spending time together that wasn't between the sheets. Instalove aside, Carter and Aubrey definitely had an attraction and a connection.

I really loved the premise for this story and the plot develops nicely. The one thing that I would have changed about the book would be the length. I think that if this had been a full novel instead of a novella then it would have been perfect. Keeping the length so short really isn't doing the story any favors. It's still a good read, I just think that it could have been fleshed out a little more.

Overall, this was a quick, steamy, and entertaining story that was so much fun to read. That is one of the qualities that I love most about Avery Flynn's books is how she makes each story fun and they always put a smile on my face. While I very much wish that the story had been longer with some more depth, it is still a satisfying read.

More reviews on my blog: Novel Nerd Faction
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3,323 reviews1,013 followers
March 30, 2020
Aubrey's life hasn't turned out the way she expected, she's back living in her small hometown helping run her grandmother's bakery even though she has zero skills in the kitchen, and her dreams of becoming a writer seem further away than ever. For fun she runs a celebrity fan account posting pictures of her favourite actor on Instagram but never in a million years did she expect to actually meet him.

Carter is a Hollywood heartthrob who plays an extremely popular superhero but he doesn't want to get pigeonholed into one type of role. He's been trying to convince a director to give him a chance at a more serious part but they're worried fans won't see past his superhero character. If he can spend the entire week on this cruise without anyone uncovering his true identity then he might just have a chance at the job of a lifetime, but he didn't count on running straight into a superfan who could easily blow his cover.

Attracting Aubrey is the third book in the Gone Wild series containing books written by Avery Flynn, Katee Robert, Piper J. Drake, Robin Covington and Stacey Kennedy. Each of the books stars a different member of a group of old college friends who are on a cruise trip hoping to reconnect and spend time together. This has been a really fun series that's helped me find a few new (to me) authors to add to my to read mountain.

This was a really fun and light hearted romance, I thought Aubrey and Carter were both great characters and it was hilarious seeing how tongue tied she was when she first met someone that she's spent years lusting after from a distance. Carter was actually really down to earth for someone so famous and it was obvious that he was enjoying being out of the spotlight and not mobbed by fans. I did appreciate that he came clean about his identity to Aubrey very quickly so there was no deception on his part though, it must be hard to trust in that kind of situation but he didn't want to spend time together based on a lie. I did feel like Aubrey could have been upfront more quickly about her fan account but there were several times she tried to broach the subject and he kept changing the subject so it wasn't all her fault. Either way they were a very cute couple and I was happy with how everything worked out in the end.

I'd quite like to read a story about Carter's brother but in the meantime I definitely plan to check out some of the other books that are set in Avery's hometown of Salvation: The Sweet Salvation Brewery Series (Enemies on Tap, Hollywood on Tap & Trouble on Tap) and the standalone titles Betting the Billionaire and Balls Out.
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353 reviews
March 9, 2020
Loved Aubrey and Carter! This is such a fun read.

Attracting Aubrey is book 3 in the series.
Five friends from college decide to go on a single cruise together. Aubrey is looking forward to escaping her blink and you will miss it small town running the family bakery, she can't bake to save herself!

Carter is a Hollywood star who is looking to escape on the singles cruise and be normal for a week.

Carter stumbles across Aubrey whilst she is on a mission to "borrow" her friends pants!

Sparks were flying for these two from the first minute!

I can't wait to read the rest of Aubrey's friends stories.

I received an ARC of this book. I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
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4,411 reviews463 followers
March 30, 2020
Attracting Aubrey was a story I had to devour in a single sitting. Once I got started, I could not get enough. The story had my attention from the first page, and I was desperate to see how everything played out.

With great characters, an entertaining story, and plenty of moments to leave you smiling, the story will have you turning the pages at a rapid pace. There were some details that were a bit too predictable, certain elements that I saw coming well in advance, but this was not enough to take away from my enjoyment. It was a quick read that held the attention throughout, and I happily devoured it.

All in all, another winner from the author.
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2,506 reviews351 followers
March 28, 2020
Attracting Aubrey is packed with so much heat it should come with its own fire extinguisher.

Aubrey’s life hasn’t turned out the way she planned after graduating; instead of pursuing a career in writing non-fiction, she is running her family bakery, although without the actual baking. Falling into the trap of self-pity, Aubrey has lost sight of her dreams and the fun-loving person she used to be. The only thing that brings her a sense of happiness is her super-fan Instagram account of movie star Carter Hayes. So when she agrees to a vacation with her besties from college, Aubrey is determined to resurrect her former self from the ashes of her dreams. Never expecting to meet her fantasy man in the flesh!!!

Carter is trying to break-put of the superhero stereotype he has developed in his movie career. Although he enjoys the action Carter wants to prove he can also act by taking on deeper characters, however, in this instance, his celebrity status acts against him, he has to convince the producer of the movie he is interested in that he can transform into the character so completely no-one would recognise him. The way he chooses to undertake this task is to join a singles cruise as an adorable geek; although he didn’t take into consideration a very distinctive and easily identifiable physical characteristic.

Carter and Aubrey hit it off immediately, and because of Aubrey’s extensive knowledge of all things Carter Hayes, recognises him almost instantly. They agree to keep his true identity under wraps and work together to get Carter the part he so desperately wants. Unfortunately, there is still the matter of Aubrey’s Instagram acting as an emotional barrier between them.

Attracting Aubrey is quite thought-provoking in the way fan sites intrude on celebrities lives and the consequences they can sometimes have for both the person running the site and the celebrity.

Attracting Aubrey also shows that while life may take you on a different path there are always ways in which to pursue your dreams, you just have to think outside the box 💕
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2,734 reviews136 followers
April 1, 2020
Attracting Aubrey is the third stand-alone book in the Gone Wild series by Avery Flynn. Each book in the series is written by a different author and can be read out of order since all of the stories are happening simultaneously. I read Gaming Grace first and it made me worry about what I was going to read in this book. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about and almost everything turned out ok.

The book begins with Aubrey stealing Grace's pants and her asking Carter's assistance to hide them from her friend. Carter who is trying to be undercover and go unnoticed agrees to help her and that's how Aubrey and Carter's story began. The blurb covers up the rest of the story very well and that's all you need to know about what the book is about.

I was really liking the book despite Aubrey's constant deception. For once, I wasn't tired of keeping the secret from the other main character and I think that the book's length helped with that. I loved the groveling and they way Aubrey interacted with the people at the place she was working. What bothers me about this story, is the way Carter acted after his talk with the little boy. I was expecting something grander and a better revelation. Still, it's only a small fraction of the story. I liked the romance between these two characters and I wouldn't mind seeing more of them. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I would recommend it.
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2,151 reviews81 followers
June 29, 2020
This cute story was not to my taste, but I'm sure others will like it and find it charming.

Aubrey starts off the story by "stealing" her friend Gracie's pants out of her suitcase that was in the hallway. Her motives were good and her group of friends that she goes on a cruise with all knew she's a joker, so they assume she took them.

Aubrey is the focus of this story where she is madly in lust/fan crushed on The Admiral aka. Carter Hayes. Lo and behold, when her friends are about to catch her taking Grace's pants out of the suitcase, he is standing right there so she begs him (and pretty much shoves the pants into his arms) to just stuff them in his shirt so she won't get caught. And that is how she meets her crush but doesn't recognize immediately because he's incognito; however, it doesn't take long before she totally recognizes him and inadvertently blows his cover on the Internet.

They begin to grow a friendship that goes beyond that, but she's hiding that it was she that blew the whistle while not meaning to do so.

There were some omissions of words and a few errors like that, that diminished my reading flow. I do think others would like this better than I did. There are quite a few steamy scenes between Aubrey and Carter that culminates from their practicing some lines that he needs to rehearse. I can see younger people enjoying the foreplay in this book much more.
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471 reviews553 followers
February 18, 2021
I finished this book in one setting because there wasn't much to it. The potential was right there. I mean Super star and super fan? Sign me the fuck up but it did not feel like there were risks, no depth. It so needed more pages and I kinda liked the leads but there just wasn't that much of a story to like.

Very sad since, again, it had potential.
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670 reviews37 followers
March 19, 2020
This is the third book in this series and the first book that I've read by this author and this was another beautiful told romance story.
This book is a quick hot and steamy Insta love read and once you pick it up you'll love it.

This is book third book in this series. A Gone Wild Novel.
Book 1 = Kissing Kendall
Book #2= Gaming Grace
BOOK #3= Attracting Aubrey
BOOK #4= Beguiling Benjamin
BOOK #5= Loving Liv

Aubrey is normally living in her small town helping out her family when she goes on a cruise with her friends to relax only to realise it's a singles cruise. Aubrey can't believe her luck when she bumps into Carter.

Carter is a huge movie star and is trying to technically hide on a singles cruise after trying to help his movie role.
Carter wants her to help him maintain his cover and not blow his cover to everyone.
Aubrey and Carter start spending alot of time together in and out of the bedroom. They have alot of chemistry and they are both sizzling hot. They have alot of loves, laughing and joking about together and she starts having serious feelings for Carter.

This book is kinda of the same as the others in this series. They meet each other on this singles cruise and spend time together just on a different adventure. I sort of wish the friends who are also on the cruise were featured more seen as they all went together.

This book is a real romantic, Insta love, hot and steamy read that you can read in one sitting.

Thank you to the author and publishers for allowing me to read an early copy of this book.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

This book is expected to be released 24th March 2020.
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1,185 reviews11 followers
March 24, 2020
Hollywood famous star, Carter Hayes is incognito on a cruise that Aubrey and her friends are also on. The book opens and they sort of have a little meet cute. Aubrey doesn't recognize him right away, so its intriguing and fun for Carter to be treated like everyone else for a bit. This was a really cute, steamy, quick read series about these group of friends and their HEA.

Aubrey and Carter are HOT! Aubrey is trying really hard not to geek out, she runs a Carter Hayes Instagram page and his comings and goings. Something thats been Carter's nightmare. The feelings they're catching for each other on this cruise seems true, but will he be upset with her being the one screwing up his life with that fan page? The only issue I had with this was its told in 3rd person, something that takes me awhile to get accustomed to. Interested in seeing what else these group of friends are going to get into.
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925 reviews34 followers
March 24, 2020
This cute, fun and steamy novella from Avery Flynn is a great read! This insta-love romance between Carter and Aubrey is full of chemistry and lots of laughs. Attracting Aubrey is a fun way to spend an afternoon!
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1,430 reviews41 followers
March 25, 2020
This was a rather cute novella centering on aubrey and her idol! Little does she know when she goes on a cruise with her good friends! There is definitely some fun to be had in this story and entertaining moments as well! When she discovers someone on her cruise needless to say you are definitely in for sizzling steamy times! However what happens when Aubreys secret comes out? This was definitely a good lighthearted read!
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699 reviews24 followers
March 16, 2020
This book was really cute. It started out funny with Aubrey trying to steal her friend's pants and Carter catching her in the act and then just continued with a ridiculousness to it. Of course you shouldn't expect anything different from Avery Flynn. This romcom was a fast read and yes it can totally be read as a stand alone from the other books in the collaboration but now that I've read this one I totally want to read the other ones. It's a real dilemma. Don't miss out on them on release day though!
**I received an ARC for an honest review**
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1,064 reviews12 followers
March 24, 2020
This book was good, let's start with that. It jumps right into the action, with Carter catching Aubrey in the middle of pranking her friend. And, of course, she draws him right into the thick of things. The two click instantly and there's a fun vibe between with some playful banter and basic push-and-pull interactions. Things progress from there in a rather haphazard but mostly believable sequence of events.

I did find it hard to believe though that Aubrey basically blew off her best friends from college for pretty much the entire cruise. Especially since the only reason that she suppposedly went on it in the first place was to hang out with them. I get that she's instead spending time with this great new guy that she is crazy about, but I would have expected at least a bit more interaction with her buddies.

There were a smattering of love scenes that were pretty hot, but the chemistry between these two just didn't seem to jump off the page as much as it might have. I've read other works by this author that I quite enjoyed, and I just felt that this one could have somehow been... more.

Regardless of that, the story is a fairly good one, with this fun couple getting to know one another (even if under some false pretenses). The near end was a bit rough, and rather extreme in some aspects. But at least it did have a cute and totally believeable happily-ever-after ending.

I've never been too convinced that a cruise would really be for me. And with the recent problems due to illness outbreaks and such, I'm now even less inclined to try one. So this book served as a nice alternative adventure in that regard. I got to stay safe and sound on dry land while getting to vicariously experience some of the more fun aspects.

Each of the standalone romances in the Gone Wild series are written by a different author. I'd be interested to read the others in order to discover what type of experience the other characters of this group had on their cruise.

I received a free eBook copy of this title from Social Butterfly PR as part of the Release Blitz, and have willingly provided an honest review.

This review was originally published on the So Few Books blog at: https://sofewbooks.blogspot.com/2020/...!
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1,818 reviews408 followers
March 31, 2020
So, since I am a huge fan of Chris Evans, I mean he is my favorite Avenger, and it’s obvious that’s who Carter Hayes was basically based on, it was really easy to picture the hero in this book. That also made it so I was speeding through it imagining, well, probably myself as Aubrey. 🙂 But it was such a fun story. As I’ve come to expect from books by Avery Flynn, it had some over the top humor, but a lot of realistic sarcastic banter and dialogue that I really enjoy. It was definitely steamy in all the right places, the level that I really enjoy in a good romance. I also enjoyed getting our glimpses of Aubrey’s friends, even if her time with them got cut way short thanks to her spending time with Carter and helping him with his ruse. The drama at the end was perfect, because I always understand why people get upset, but when they hold out the grudges for a really long time, then I just think it’s not realistic at all.

A great story, and I know I’d like to read some of the other ones now to see how their own cruise experiences went!

Review first published at Lisa Loves Literature.
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4,914 reviews153 followers
March 26, 2020
*Read for a great cause and help those in need!
Attracting Aubrey is available now, and Avery is donating all royalties from Attracting Aubrey this month to Feeding America‘s COVID-19 Response Fund!*

Aubrey cannot believe the Clark Kent looking guy caught her stealing her uptight friend Grace's pants and then asked him to stuff those pants down his so Grace wouldn't catch her. Doh! And she's even more freaked out when she realizes her Clark Kent is actually Carter Hayes, the movie star she drools over and about whom she has an anonymous Instagram thirst account dedicated to. Even more humiliating? Outing the man's presence on their cruise ship and not having the guts to tell him who she is, even after she starts falling in real love with him. Will Carter ever forgive her for her lie of omission or will the possible ruin to his career be too much for him to take?

Attracting Aubrey is another seriously sexy, fun installment of the Gone Wild series. So far the series has batted a 2 out of 3 and I'm really enjoying it. This one is particularly likable, as Carter is such a sweetheart, paired perfectly with sweet, slightly scattered Aubrey.

ARC via Social Butterfly PR for an honest review.

Review & Blog Tour: Live Through Books Blog.

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1,326 reviews21 followers
March 26, 2020
I am generally a fan of romances featuring Hollywood movie stars, and Avery Flynn's "Attracting Aubrey" was no exception to that rule. It was a super cute, fun, and flirty story that kept me smiling the entire time I was reading. Main characters Carter and Aubrey were very likeable and well-developed in spite of the story's short length, and I really appreciated that there wasn't a typical insta-love feel to their relationship development. Between the forced proximity of being on a cruise ship together and faking a relationship in an effort to maintain Carter's cover, it felt like they were able to get to know each other pretty well in a short period of time, which made their feelings for each other more believable to me.

I adored Carter, who seemed very down to Earth despite growing up in Hollywood as the child of two famous actors before becoming famous himself. He was sweet, funny, and, of course, handsome; based on the various descriptions of him in the book, I couldn't help but picture him as a Chris Evans lookalike. Aubrey was also very funny and apparently the prankster of her friend group, but she had a good heart and looked out for those she loved. She gave up a lot to move back to her hometown after college to take over her grandmother's bakery, even though she had no interest in (or talent for) baking herself.

Despite their very different backgrounds, Aubrey and Carter seemed to have a lot in common. For example, they both wanted to be taken seriously for their talents (writing for Aubrey and acting for Carter). In addition, each of them was unhappy with the current direction of their life and was looking to make a change. Boarding the cruise and meeting each other was exactly the spark they needed to point their lives in a new direction, and both Carter and Aubrey ended up much happier for it.

Overall, "Attracting Aubrey" was a lighthearted and delightful story, and I found it to be a perfect distraction from the craziness of current events. I highly recommend it for all romantic comedy fans whether or not they have read the other books in the Gone Wild series or any of Ms. Flynn's previous works.

*ARC provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR. All opinions expressed are my own.
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3,167 reviews177 followers
March 22, 2020
I had so much fun reading Attracting Aubrey by Avery Flynn. I laughed and smiled and just kept turning the pages. It was a quick, fun, and just charming read to get lost in this afternoon. Imagine being the anonymous social media account owner of pictures of your celebrity crush. Then actually meeting him. On a singles cruise. Where he is trying to go unnoticed. And asks you for help. Suddenly things are steaming up between you and he has no idea who you are.

Carter was just trying to fit in and Aubrey was trying not to drool. I loved watching them together. Their chemistry is amazing and they just seem to have fun together. A delightful and fun read. I have to say I was not aware of this series, but they are truly standalones with interconnected friends and one I am definitely checking out now.

~ Liz

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2,008 reviews17 followers
March 22, 2020
It took me a little bit to get into Attracting Aubrey (thanks Covid 19), but once I did I had a hard time putting it down.

Aubrey and Carter are both characters that are easy to like and I appreciated the emotional growth both went through as they spent time together. Both are fairly young and stuck in a bit of a rut - I enjoyed seeing them break out of it and try new things.

This is a short read, so we don’t get a super deep dive into what really makes them tick not do we get to know the secondary cast very well. What we do get is a fun little vacation read with a happy for now ending. I would love to see a more in depth story about how these two worked to blend their very different worlds as they go after a happily ever after ending.
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7,523 reviews16 followers
March 24, 2020
Attracting Aubrey by Avery Flynn is book Three in the Gone Wild Series. This is the story of Aubrey and Carter. I have read the previous books which added to my enjoyment of this one but you could read this as a standalone book. Carter is very famous in Hollywood and is on this cruise trying to have a low profile. Aubrey in on the cruise to connect again with her college friends along with a vacation. What she finds is they are on a single party cruse with the Hollywood Royalty. Of course she spreads the word about Carter. Carter didn't know seem to know it was Aubrey that let is slip but he does ask her to help him moving forward. So this puts them in close quarters that escalate their attraction. Enjoyed their story.
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1,388 reviews47 followers
June 20, 2020
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אוברי וקרטר נפגשים בקרוז והוא מבקש ממנה עזרה בלהישאר אנונימי. הוא לא יודע שהיא כבר הספיקה לזהות אותו ולדווח על נוכחותו בקרוז לעוקבי האינסטגרם שלה...
ספר קליל ונחמד. עשה לי חשק לצאת לקרוז.
1,084 reviews3 followers
March 28, 2020
Funny, sexy and secrets always come out

Isn't it amazing that when you're hungry how that obnoxious like gremlin I your tummy makes the weirdest noises only when others are around? Ms Flynn created another wonderful read that was funny, had some steamy intimacy scenes and secrets that come out. There were some glitches in proofreading but no cheating or cliffhanger and you get a happy ending.
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3,635 reviews43 followers
March 22, 2020
What happens when you meet your fantasy man in real life? Aubrey has been using her attraction to Hollywood superhero Carter Hayes as an escape from her everyday life. When she runs into him undercover on a singles cruise she is surprised to find he is even better in person. The chemistry between these two is hot, hot, hot. This book is a wonderful escape.
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880 reviews42 followers
August 4, 2022
I read this as part of the Smartasses: Sexy Nerd Rom Com Anthology. I wouldn’t say either of them were nerds.

This was short and cute. Aubrey is on a singles cruise with her friends and bumps into the celebrity she stalks online as he’s incognito. I’m not saying he’s Henry Cavill but he was Henry Cavill in my mind. Their story was the perfect length.
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March 30, 2020
Attracting Aubrey

Carter and Aubrey make a great couple. Love the way they hold secrets from everyone yet are so open with each other. Yes, even the one that makes the book. ;)
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