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Bro Code #3

Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire

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The lies will come back to bite you every time...

Never borrow pants from your brother. Especially if he’s a size smaller than you are, because all that pressure in the junk will short-circuit your brain.

And you’ll lie to a woman in a club about your real name.

Leave her unsatisfied after making out in a bathroom.

Then find out that she’s the one thing standing in the way of your dreams. And she very much doesn’t like being lied to.

Now I have to convince Lila Valentine—the woman I can’t stop thinking about, my biggest regret, and my new boss—that I’m what’s best for the baseball team she’s inherited.

If we can’t work together to save the Fireballs, the commissioner’s forcing a sale and moving them across the country.

I’ll do anything to save my home team.

But the one thing I can’t do?

Keep my hands to myself.

Which would be fine, if she hadn’t been telling me lies this whole time too.

Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire is a rocking fun romance between a single dad obsessed with baseball, an heiress with secrets, baseball pants, a rundown team, and rabid ducks. It stands alone and comes with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

308 pages

First published March 24, 2020

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About the author

Pippa Grant

56 books7,695 followers
Pippa Grant is a USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author who writes romantic comedies that will make tears run down your leg. When she's not reading, writing or sleeping, she's being crowned employee of the month as a stay-at-home mom and housewife trying to prepare her adorable demon spawn to be productive members of society, all the while fantasizing about long walks on the beach with hot chocolate chip cookies.

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Profile Image for Carol [Goodreads Addict].
2,354 reviews24.7k followers
April 25, 2021
Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire is book three in the Bro Code series by Pippa Grant. I read the first two books in this series quite awhile ago. I was looking for a single dad romance and this was recommended to me so it was the perfect time to pick the series back up. Oh…My…Heart!!! I loved this book. I think it’s my favorite of the first three. Tripp squeezed my heart right from the beginning and he never let go.

Tripp Wilson, big brother to the rock star, Levi Wilson, and former member of the boy band, Bro Code, lost his wife two years ago and now is raising his two and four year old children by himself. He lives close to his mom but also his family of choice, the rest of the members of Bro Code, and their families. They’ve all stayed involved in each other’s lives. But Tripp is trying to do everything on his own. The only thing he loves almost as much as his kids is The Copper Valley Fireballs, even though it’s the worst baseball team in the history of professional sports. He and his friends have worked up a proposal to buy the team. It’s his dream and they will bring it back to it’s former glory. That was the plan anyway.

Lila Valentine grew up an orphan, with only an eccentric uncle as her only living relative, who owns the Copper Valley Fireballs. Suddenly, Lila finds herself as sole owner of the team, inheriting it. The stadium where her own mother grew up and played as a child is now hers. Now all Lila wants to do is to save the team and she has a plan to make that happen. If only one very stubborn man would cooperate.

“He’s strength and stubbornness and rightness and grief and understanding and pure, raw sex.”

From the first moment these two first met, sparks flew, even if Tripp gave Lila a false name. The next time they meet, it’s as boss and employee. They argue and goad each other, those same sparks flying all over the place. They just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. And they start to see each other in a different light. Lila sees the man who loves his kids and his family and tries to take care of everyone. And Tripp sees the vulnerable woman beneath the outer shell. The woman Lila has kept hidden away. The woman who might be starting to believe that she doesn’t have to be alone. Lila also has secrets, lots of them. But for the first time ever, she feels like she might want to share those secrets with someone.

This book was fun and sweet and sexy and just wonderful. The characters from the other books are present but you don’t need to have read those books. Together all of these characters have formed such a tight knit group, their own made family. I loved the emails back and forth between Lila and Tripp. And the hilarious text messages between all of them.

This is a feel good, warm your heart romance that I’m so glad I read. The next book in the series is Master Baker. Wait until you see the cover of this one!!! If you haven’t read any of this series, I highly recommend it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

“She’s nothing I expected, and everything I want.”
“He’s the hero I never knew I needed.”

For more about this book and so many others, come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

Profile Image for Pippa Grant.
Author 56 books7,695 followers
February 25, 2020
Author's note, 4 weeks before release:
Tripp Wilson, how I love thee...
1. For your dedication to your kids
2. For your dedication to your favorite team
3. For how hard you're trying to do the right thing
4. For how you handle the duck situation
5. For how you see right through Lila Valentine
Aaaah!! Just four weeks away now!!! SQUEE!!
**Coming in ebook, paperback, and audio, with Savannah Peachwood and Joe Arden narrating

Author's note, two months before release:
I love when a book heads off to the editors, and I can't wait for everyone to fall in love with Tripp and Lila! And the Fireballs. And Tripp's kids. And Lila's friend Parker-Parker Elliott... (Did I mention Lila has a role in Stud in the Stacks? ) More details coming soon!!
Profile Image for Jacob Proffitt.
2,940 reviews1,552 followers
April 27, 2020
This is third in a series and you could probably get away with reading them out of order. And I'll admit I bounced off the first book, so in a way I can validate that. But I think your experience will be better if you've read at least the second before this one for all it gives you of the friends and neighbors that make up this group of interesting people.

This, like the others, is pure wish-fulfillment fantasy romance in the sense that none of these people could actually exist. Which is an odd thing to say given how the characterization is strong and I really liked the main couple and was engaged by them. I suppose that they feel like real people even though their circumstances are really out there.

And this had the same weird thing about the kids that I identified in the second book. These kids are awful, like, the worst possible aspects pulled forward and with zero sugar-coating at all. But the adults all respond by being charmed and adoring on these snot-brats with hugs and affection. Only it's worse in this story because the two worst ones are Tripp's. So we get a lot of really awful toddler shenanigans and I cringed more than a little with remembered pain.

All that said, Lila and Tripp? Yeah, I just dove into that with both feet and loved every minute. I loved their friction and their communication and how they connected even though both had to make changes to accommodate the weaknesses (and strengths) of the other. And I didn't even resent the last-minute dark moment. For two reasons, I think. First, Grant does a fantastic job laying the foundations for it. We know how badly . So the freak-out was easy to see coming, but more importantly, easy to understand and sympathize with. But second, the aftermath is handled with communication, charity, and reciprocal understanding and in ways that touched me deeply. Because that's exactly the kind of thing that solid, lasting relationships are built on.

So this comes out at a wobbly-enough 4½ stars that I'm rounding down. I loved it, no mistake. But the kids drive me nuts and I can't build a world in my head where these people might actually exist.

A note about Steamy: I find I can't recall how many explicit sex scenes there were, but it was a handful. The middle of my steam tolerance, at any rate.
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1,529 reviews115 followers
March 10, 2020
Don’t touch that drink. Consider candy a choking hazard. And whatever you do, do NOT read this book in public!!! We really need a term beyond ‘side-splitting, gut-busting, laugh-out-loud funny' to describe a Pippa book, because they’re so far beyond funny it's, well, not funny. And you should probably warn your family. My dear hubby startles fairly easily and he's now seeing a therapist weekly and on medication because every time I open my mouth he's afraid of the noise I might make after living through my reading Lila and Tripp’s story.

Yes, I’m joking, but this book is just that hilarious. Plus I lost ten minutes of my life googling duck anatomy, so it’s educational as well. Yeah, I’m kidding about the educational part, but I’ll still never get those ten minutes back (and I just might be scared for life). And Grant always gives us a wonderful balance of humor, heat and heart, but this one has heart with a capital H.

Tripp Wilson is a single dad (cue vulnerability), with some understandable anxiety and phobias, who has moved back to Cooper Valley. Now he and his fellow boy band Bro Code members want to buy the floundering but beloved baseball team, the Fireballs. Lila Valentine is a girl with few friends, no family and lots of secrets (cue more vulnerability). Her last living relative has died and left her as owner of the Fireballs, and she's determined to turn the team around because it was special to her mother.

Tripp and Lila are so amazing together! At first they're like oil and water, bickering and clashing heads. But it’s not long before they recognize something in each other and grow closer in spite of themselves. Tripp grew up in a neighborhood that was a throwback to simpler times. Everyone was welcome in everyone’s home, his friends' parents would ground him along with their own kid, families encompassed everyone, and brothers of the heart were just as important as those borne of blood.

Lila sees this bond with Tripp's family and friends, and it's something she's never had. Her pattern has always been to find a big challenge, conquer it, and move on, but Tripp causes her to long for something she never expected. She sees the way he takes care of others, parents his children, and his wonderful support network, and she wants desperately to have something like that in her life. But a big part of her wonders if she'll be ready to move on once she's succeeded in making the Fireballs the team they can be.

Forget six degrees of separation. In Grant's book world, it's more like two degrees, and we get to see Parker with her crazy texts and Knox, aka Mr. Romance. Plus there are appearances from Wyatt and Sarah, and too many others to name here. It's one big, outrageous world, and we also see characters in upcoming books, which I can’t wait to read!

This book isn’t terribly heavy on the angst. It won’t wreck and ruin you, but the heartstrings definitely get a workout. Along with the abdominal muscles, which will be sore for days from all the laughing you do. If you haven’t read one of this author's books, you're really, really missing out! You'll fall in love with these characters, they'll find a place in your heart, and you'll be eager for more. If you like romantic comedies, you'll absolutely love Tripp and Lila's story! Get ready for a great abdominal workout, and for your heart to happy sigh, and try to be less traumatized over the ducks than Lila. ;)
Profile Image for Bookgasms Book Blog.
2,763 reviews1,338 followers
March 25, 2020
Looking for a fun, sassy, smart single dad/enemies to lovers read?? Pick up Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire right now!

Go. Seriously, I’ll wait.

You need Lila and Tripp in your life. Their crazy, witty banter plus a sexy, slow burning romance makes this couple one of my all-time favorites!

Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire is Pippa Grant at her finest and just what I needed in these trying, crazy times! It will be worth the bribe to your kids or significant other to take the couple hour break from life and indulge in the hilarity of this wonderful cast of characters. ~ Missy, 5 stars
Profile Image for Amanda (Romance Reviewed).
695 reviews31 followers
May 3, 2020
(ARC REVIEW) Single father Tripp is struggling to keep control over his life after losing his wife to a common illness. His fears and phobias are taking over. Trying to relax for once, he meets Lila Valentine at a club and they share a passionate moment- all while she thinks he’s his brother.

Lila inherits her family’s failing baseball team after her only remaining relative passes away. She’s surprised to discover Tripp is a potential team buyer, and that he lied about who he is. Can they work together to save the team?

This was so fun, hilarious, romantic, and full of heart- every thing I’ve come to expect in a Pippa Grant book. There was minimal angst but enough drama to keep it interesting. There were plenty of cameos from people we’ve met throughout Pippa’s worlds but it’s still totally a stand-alone. Just what we need when the world feels like it’s falling apart!
Profile Image for Mrs K.
240 reviews1 follower
March 24, 2020
A slow burn enemies to lovers story with a hea, guaranteed to make you laugh, snivel, snort, squeal, shout and swoon. Not that you’d expect anything less from Pippa.
Lila wants to preserve the memories of her Mom through her Uncles team.
Tripp wants to save the team him and his family have grown up with. They both come to realise they work really well together, but some hidden secrets could prevent this from happening.
Tripp’s kids are two of the most amusing little people I’ve had the pleasure to read. This story truly is a “Fiya starter” with a slow burn
Profile Image for Carmen Rae.
1,460 reviews174 followers
March 29, 2020
Oh my god this book. This book was such a ride. I literally felt like I needed to just hold on tight and go with it. Because even though I saw all of the twists and turns coming they were so well executed that I still felt my stomach flutter on each one.

Lila was unique as hell. I mean seriously there isn't anyone like her. And her background story was sad but it made her so understanding and patient she was awesome. And I loved her friends and family. They took quirky to a whole new level.

And Tripp was definitely something too. Because man was that guy nuts. His germaphobe ways, while understandable, were so over the top I would go insane in his presence. But he loved his kids and family and he was such a great dad I completely sympathize with where his fears came from. His kids were awesome and the fact that they perfectly portrayed their ages was a cherry on the cake.

As always it was great to catch up with the bros and their families. I can't wait to see who's up next and I'm going now to pre order the spinoff so I can get more Tripp, Lila and the kids.
Profile Image for Anne OK.
3,485 reviews445 followers
April 9, 2020

My first book by Pippa Grant, and I was thoroughly enchanted with the story of a single dad, who is a former boy band heartthrob and a baseball fanatic and germophobic. (Oh! And that cover just made him all the more magnetic, too!) And he has two small children, who'll steal your heart with their cuteness. I swear the three of them were adorable and heartwarmingly charming.

When he finds himself face-to-face with a woman who is mysterious and has more secrets than he can keep track of, a female who knows how to push all his buttons and flip all his switches, things get even more crazy. She's his boss!

An over-the-top fun sports-related sizzling romcom that was just what this social-distancing lockdown prescribed. I had such fun reading the story, loved the characters and all their little idiosyncrasies, along with the "take me out to the ballpark" entertainment.

It's a little different than you might expect going in -- but I can bet you'll laugh enough to make you feel better and put a smile on your face.

Profile Image for CzekMart.
239 reviews12 followers
March 14, 2020
“ Emma’s decided that the only place she’ll sleep is under the kitchen table, naked, while cuddling a rock and using a pile of pilfered underwear as a pillow”.

I absolutely ADORE this heartwarming story about second chances in love, overcoming fears and trust issues and learning to love again.

In true Pippa Grant fashion, this tender tale of a single father learning to let go and love again, and the unexpected heiress of a (bankrupted) baseball team the said hero wants to buy, is full of humor, swoon, steam, laugh out loud moments, love and surprises.

Tripp and his band of brothers, formerly known as Bro Code - one of the most famous and successful boy bands of the past, have a business plan, capital and the desire to buy their hometown baseball team, so they can restore it to it’s former success and bring joy to their beloved town of Copper Valley.
What their business plan did not anticipate was the untimely death of it’s current owner and the team being inherited by his niece Lila Valentine.
In an unprecedented move the Commissioner of the league mandates that Lila appoints Tripp to be the Fireballs President.

Will Tripp and Lila successfully overcome their differences, attraction and difficult past experiences and partner to bring the team back from the bottom of the pit of despair and disrepair? Will they allow their feelings for each other to grow into something more as they navigate through the impossible task of rebuilding the organization they both love?

Liar, Liar Hearts on Fire has easily become my favorite book by this author. Be it Tripp’s adorable, precious and mischievous children - Emma and James, getting to visit with our beloved Pippaverse characters, the “love ducks of Duggan field”, or the mysterious Uncle Guido, this terrific book is jam packed with everything a romcom reader could ever dare to dream of, and I cannot recommend it enough - a definite must read!
167 reviews1 follower
March 15, 2020
Pippa Grant knocked it out of the part again! Liar Liar Hearts on fire is a light hearted, feel-good, engaging rom-com. This story is full of mischief, fun and a little sage advice about life. It is therapy for your soul.
I adored Tripp and Lila’s story so much. Tripp has always loved his home team and has waited for their bad luck to turn around. When the opportunity to buy it becomes available, he and his closest friends leap at the opportunity, only to be stopped by the infuriating and beautiful niece of the original owner. Both want to turn the team around but neither agree on anything. Their explosive chemistry leads to more than just lust, and their hilarious adventures and mishaps leave them both vulnerable to the one thing that they both thought that they didn’t need…love.
Tripp has everything that Lila has never allowed herself to dream of.. family. Lila’s kindness, and strength appeal to Tripp when he thought that there was no room for any kind of relationship. They both realize that love is messy, and scary, and can even hurt, but it is better than all the ducks in all the parks in all the world.
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555 reviews5 followers
March 15, 2020
I read an advanced copy for an honest review.

Tripp is a trip! He's a germophobic caretaker, single dad, who lost his wife and can't seem to loosen up. All he wants to do, with his former boy band, The Bro Co, is buy the ailing baseball team The Fireballs.

Lila is the high strung heiress, who now currently owns the baseball team. She wants to hang onto it, because it's the last link she has to her parents, who dissapeared when she was a child. She is has a lot of secrets and keeps everyone at arms length.

When these two meet, at a time they both just wanted to let lose, sparks fly, literally, the smoke alarm goes off and that's that.

This story is filled with a lot of characters from previous books that we know and love, funny text messages and precocious children, that say things that will make you spit out food, if you are eating it. It is also a story of learning how to open you heart and to trust and be vulnerable to someone.

It was one the the best books that Pippa has written and I can't wait for more.
Profile Image for Joyce.
788 reviews23 followers
March 14, 2020
Romance, mystery, and baseball!
Pippa Grant just keeps getting better and better. Twisty, twiney, messy, grown up love in all its glory is featured in this wonderfully funny and sweet offering, and I loved it! Tripp Wilson and Lila Valentine have a less than auspicious meeting, and things only deteriorate from there, but their chemistry cannot be denied for long, of course! I loved single dad Tripp’s daily juggle to balance work-life-home-friends-family, then you throw in a budding romance with the new owner of the baseball team he covets, and you’ve got a very interesting mix! I couldn’t put it down!
Profile Image for Booklover Judy Lynn.
1,147 reviews15 followers
March 13, 2020
There are so many things to love about this book. I got to read a little about Tripp in “Flirting with the Frenemy” and “America’s Geekheart”. I knew he was a member of Bro Code, Levi’s brother, and a widowed father with 2 young children barely keeping it together. And I knew he had friends, family, and a dream. I met Lila in “Stud in the Stacks” as a beautiful, intelligent force of a woman who makes things happen. Putting these two together was perfect.
Tripp is still struggling to manage the single dad thing and he is 100% swoon-worthy as he does it. His kids are incredibly adorable, and I just want to hug them and squeeze them and feed them cookies. Lila is at a transition point in her life as she inherits the Fireballs and she must decide her new direction. There is plenty of steam. (Their kisses are movie swoon, catch-your-breath gorgeous.) There is a lot of the humor I have come to expect. Their banter as they one-up each other is very entertaining. Support from extended family, both natural and chosen, is an important theme in this book. Neither character would be as successful as they are without their relationships with the people who love them. This well-written book also holds on to a few secrets that are revealed through the course of the story. My heart ached for what both Tripp and Lila had to go through in life before they met each other, which makes their HEA especially sweet. I stayed up till the wee hours to finish this book, and I have no regrets for lost sleep. I definitely recommend this single-dad hero and uber-tough heroine for everyone.
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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3,224 reviews100 followers
March 1, 2021
After book 2 I was looking forward to Tripp’s book. I liked it and I am glad I picked it up.
I wasn’t expecting Tripp to be such a germaphobe but it’s kind of understandable once you know his back story.
I really liked Lila, her whole store breaks my heart but the way she has turned it around and has done so much good. Admire that, she doesn’t blame anyone it just is.

The mystery behind her parents still irks me because we don’t really get closure and that might be good too because it gives us a small glimpse into what it must be like for her.

The kids we have to talk about the kids this book wouldn’t be this book without them. I loved all the ducks and * * *k’s and trucks lol.
Great narration loved it.
449 reviews4 followers
February 9, 2021
Lila and Tripp both have many issues to work through but together they make it work. His kids are sweet and so funny and their love of animals is a hoot! Pippa has seamlessly included many of her characters from previous books into this story and they add to the richness. plus, ducks!!

Edited 2/9/21 to add
I just finished listening to the audio version of this book and holy moly. I laughed so much at Tripp's kids I almost cried. The narrators did a fantastic job, not just with Lila and Tripp but with every single character that pops in!
Profile Image for Jo - •.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•.
2,395 reviews205 followers
March 30, 2020
Trip Wilson is a single father to his two gorgeous kids James and Emma. His entire life revolves around taking care of them. After tragically losing his wife two years ago his sole focus has been on being a good dad and keeping his children healthy and loved.

On a rare night out with his brother Levi he meets Lila and they have a moment that neither of them will ever forget. He thinks he will never see her again and regrets not getting her number. In a strange twist of fate, she ends up being the very person he will be spending most of his days with in his new job. If only he hadn’t lied to her the night they met…

Lila can still remember what it felt like to kiss Tripp Wilson, it was a night etched in her mind and one she seems to have on constant replay. Two weeks later she is surprised to see him walk into her business meeting about the baseball team she has just inherited. Turns out that she will be his new boss, is this karma or fate?

Lila is very focused and career driven, she never settles in one place for long, always looking for the next challenge. She has no time for people who lie about who they are so her first impression of Tripp already puts him at a disadvantage. However once she gets to know him a bit more she softens a little. Tripp’s children are adorable and their cute personalities begin to grow on her. Tripp feels conflicted about how he feels when he sees Lila with his kids, it makes him realise how much they have missed out with their own mother.

The attraction that was there on the first night they met is not something either of them can ignore and soon they find themselves immersed in each others’ lives. Lila has never felt so at home than she does with Tripp, Emma and James, everything just feels so right when she is with them. Tripp makes her feel grounded, like she finally belongs to a family after missing out on that growing up. Lila may have taken the high ground with Tripp on his dishonesty when they first met but she too is hiding something from Tripp.

When something happens to Lila, Tripp feels like his past is coming back to taunt him, he feels weak, vulnerable and helpless. He knew he wasn’t cut out to be in a relationship with anyone, he doesn’t want to put his and his children’s heart at risk and his anxiety seems to be dominating all of his decisions. He needs to believe in second chances before it’s too late.

Well this story was filled with so many laugh out loud, cute and swoony moments that I had a constant smile on my face until the very end.
Profile Image for Kay Daniels (Kay Daniels Romance).
1,554 reviews42 followers
March 16, 2020
A softer romantic comedy that still contains all of the wonderful Pippa elements that make up her wacky worlds, but both Tripp and Lila were characters that had deep emotional factors that made this a more relevant touching story.

Perhaps it's the pandemic, but Tripp Wilson's story seemed not only relevant, but I have a daughter who is a hypochondriac. Tripp lives with anti-bacterial gel tucked into his pocket and in our own home we have lived for years with this gel tucked into every crevice of our home for our daughters OCD needs. Tripp's need to constantly wash everything, keep his kids healthy, and just be an overall caring great father is so endearing he's very easy to fall in love with. When he lost his wife to the flu, he may have gone a little off the deep end of being a germaphobe, but I seriously understood him on so many levels. When Lila comes into his life, it's the first time he's felt anything since losing his wife and he doesn't really know how to feel about it. He's been on single mode for so long and focused on just being a father, he hasn't really thought about his libido, but Lila switches it on and once she does he doesn't know how to switch it off.

Lila Valentine lost her parents when she was a young girl. Her uncle took over as her guardian, but he immediately shipped her off to boarding school so she really only had herself to rely on. When she inherits the Fireballs baseball team upon his death and has the option to sell it, she declines wanting to feel some sort of connection to the family she never really had. Even though her loss was years ago, it still is very relatable to Tripp's loss which is still fairly fresh. They understand one another, along with getting under each others skin which makes for a fun, but also emotional read.

While they try hard to work together, while also riling each other up at every opportunity, they also soothe each others sore spots. It's a lovely story filled with family and sports and tight pants.

The extra fun treat to Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire is Bro Code. Every member makes an appearance and everytime they pop up is absolutely delicious and lifts the mood for lots of laughs. 
Profile Image for Cee Cee Houston.
1,341 reviews21 followers
March 17, 2020
5 humongous, laughing myself silly stars.
No matter how upset or sad you might feel upon starting reading a book by Pippa Grant, you can be sure that within minutes of opening your e-book or PB, that you WILL be smiling. Laughing, snorting and shaking your head in disbelief at just how funny this writer’s books are.
Liar, Liar, Hearts On Fire is the newest addition to this growing pile of gut-busting stories.
It’s hilarious, adorable, sweet and freaking just the best remedy for the world we are currently facing.
It’s not all fun and games though. This book has a bit more of a serious side to it, and Tripp’s issues and coming to terms with them made me wanna cry and hug the heck out of him. He’s a man lost in his own head and facing irrational fears. He knows it, be he can’t seem to get over it. He moved back home to be closer to his Bro Code family and his parents. But, he’s a man on the edge- and a man with a mission.
Buy the Fireballs and make them the best baseball team-ever!
Lila Valentine has spent the last decade pretending and hiding. When her uncle dies and leaves her the Fireballs, she comes to Copper Valley to set it to rights- not to sell them.
Of course, these two clash over the best way to deal with their disagreements, but with time, they start to see each other better. They get each other.
Lila and Tripp might have had a rough start, but it’s not long before they’re fully invested. Until… oh, my God. I cried. I literally cried for Tripp. I felt his pain and remorse.
Like I said, it’s not all rainbow and roses, but at the end of the day, hearts are all that matter. I think this might just be my new favorite Pippa Grant book. Certainly the best ‘Bro Code’ one.
Profile Image for JudyAnnLovesBooks.
1,553 reviews60 followers
March 21, 2020
“Liar Liar Hearts on Fire” is exactly what I needed right now, it’s a fantastic five plus star read. Having read and loved Books 1 and 2 of the Bro Code Series I was dying to read this book and what an absolutely well written, laugh out loud, hold your breath, sexy, sexy romcom read it is.
Pippa Grant outdoes herself with Tripp and Lila’s story. It’s a romance readers dream read because:
✳️ Single daddy, ex rockstar with a hand sanitizer/Clorox wipe fetish main character
✳️ Career oriented, romance reader guru, wealthy and slightly damaged heroine
✳️ Off the charts, melt your panties oops I meant Kindle chemistry
✳️ Kiddos who will own you with their antics
✳️ Cameos of peeps from previous books that you will love to see.
All this and so much more. Trust me when I say you need this book and series in your life because everyone deserves to read a make you laugh, sexy times filled, feel good read, right about now. TBR and enjoy. (I read an ARC and am voluntarily leaving a review.)
Profile Image for Johnaka- Amity Book Blog.
1,163 reviews14 followers
March 16, 2020
Liar Liar Hearts on Fire by Pippa Grant
“Single dad meets his match, 5 stars”

Oh, how Grant can make me laugh! Grant has this way of writing things that are so ridiculous that you cannot help but picture them happening. Those things that you have to see to believe. Well true to her writing style she managed that in Liar Liar Hearts on Fire. I loved Tripp, Lila and gang. Do yourself a favor if you need a laugh and scroll up and one-click.
Tripp needs to do something for himself instead of channeling all his energy into his kids. But since his wife died, he’s taken their well-being extra serious. The night he met Lila he could take a break and step back. What he didn’t expect was to ever see her again. Will the one woman whose made him feel since the loss of his wife give him a second chance?
Lila didn’t expect Tripp the first time she met him or the second. Can she condemn him for his secrets when she has some of her own? He’s OCD and maybe slightly neurotic but she wants him. The question is will he still want her when all is said and done? Is she willing to step up and be in his kids live where she’s never thought about it before? I mean its normal to want to hold on and protect other people’s kids right?
Writing style-5/5
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March 12, 2020
I think this was the best book yet by Pippa Grant.

Tripp Wilson, Bro Code member and widowed single dad to two small children has a love for the Copper Valley Fireballs baseball team, and his extended family. He has a very big issue with germs due to his wife’s unexpected death from the flu less than 2 years prior.

Lila Valentine has suffered the loss of her parents who just disappeared 20 years ago when she was about 12, and now the recent passing of her Uncle Al. She is the new owner of the Copper Valley Fireballs, the team Tripp and his Bro Code best friends were planning on buying together.

Tripp and Lila meet in a New York nightclub, feel an instant attraction to each other and almost have a quick hook-up in the restroom of the club...until Tripp freaks out at hearing Lila call him his brother’s name in the heat of their almost moment.
Why does she call out Levi’s name you ask? Because Tripp decided to be someone else that night to try to escape his pain and he introduced himself as Levi when he meets Lila.

There are many laugh out loud moments as Tripp and Lila continue to meet, end up working together to save the Fireballs, combat their feelings for each other, give in to their feelings and life happens to them. Horny Ducks, ex-CIA spy’s, a few smoke alarms and lots of interactions with Beck/Sarah, Levi Wilson, and the rest of Bro Code. Parker and Knox have several appearances. And secrets are shared.

This is a very fun and humorous read, that makes you realize family isn’t jus those we are related to but also the people we add to our lives. I’m excited to read the next book in this new series based on Copper Valley!
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152 reviews
March 14, 2020
My heart sure was Tripping over this smart, sexy, sweet single dad.

We've met Tripp and his amazingly adorable kids James and Emma, and learned of the tragic passing of their mom, in America's Geek Heart. In Liar Liar Hearts On Fire we get to know the hypochondriac and always vigilant, big brother to everyone, Tripp. In the last Bro Code book the former boy banders were ready to buy the Fireballs, their hometown baseball team. At the start of Liar Liar, we get to meet Lila, the uber smart, determined, self made woman, and new owner of the Fireballs. Lila has inherited the team from her uncle, and wants to bring the team to glory. Lila takes the advice from the baseball commissioner, against her better judgement, and hires Tripp on as the team's President. The meetings, crazed duck encounters, head butting, and snarky emails, force the two to get to know each other, and draws them closer together. The instant chemistry they felt upon their first meeting just jeeps building throughout the story, and leaves us with a wonderful HEA.

Did I mention we get to see Parker, Parker Elliot and Knox, and get to catch up on some gossip from the Mr. McHottie universe?! You may remember Lila from Stud In the Stacks as the bombshell redhead that won Knox at the auction. I really do love the amazing worlds and characters Pippa creates with her amazing writting. Liar Liar had me smiling and swooning the whole read through.
1,466 reviews2 followers
March 10, 2020
This book is a gift from the author because for people who have read her books, it blends the characters from some of her older books with the characters from her newer story lines. And she does it seamlessly and in such a way that reminds her fans why she's such a force of nature for lovers of romantic comedies.

This book is what I would define as an ensemble rom-com. The couple is made up of Tripp, a former member of a boy band, Bro Code and now a widowed father of 2 adorable children, and Lila, a workaholic introvert. They have a chance meeting at a bar when Tripp goes to NYC to see about buying a baseball team, the Fireballs. Lila is also best friends with the couple of Stud in the Stacks, Parker and Knox (one of my favorites) so we get to revisit them (and swoon). Tripp lies about who he is (hence partly a reason for the name of the book) and Lila finds out when she is bequeathed the baseball team and Tripp tries to buy it from her. They both have secrets (more reasons for the name of the book) and personal fears keeping them from getting too close to another person. How will they get over these in order to reach their HEA?

The strength of this book is in the interactions between the characters. And I mean all the characters from the couple to the wacky but oh so funny Nana to their lovable, if crazy, friends to Tripp's adorable children. And, we can't forget the animals (I bet you'll never look at ducks the same way again). Everything melds beautifully into a story that has so much heart and humor. I'm thankful I received an early copy of this book.
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March 16, 2020
This book is hilarious laugh out loud comedy at it's finest. Tripp is a widowed father of 2 and looking for something to do with his life beyond the Dad thing in order to get some sanity back into his life. Lila is a mystery wrapped up in a baseball team owning skirt. This book will give you more Bro Code, more quirky animals, and most amazing banter back and forth between Tripp and Lila. I love that both Lila and Tripp were adults about everything, there wasn't a lot of whining you typically get in books. The kids were so brilliantly written in this book, I could help but picture to a T everything that they were doing. You'll get a ton of visits from previous characters and a ton of laughs. This might just be my favorite Pippa book to date

I received an ARC in return for my honest review.
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March 17, 2020
SO SO LOVED Tripp and Lila's journey! I love all Pippa's books anyway, but this one was extra special. Between the ducks and the cute antics of Emma and James, this whole book was page after pages of laughs and AWWW's! Don't get me wrong they had things to overcome, but just SO what I really needed right now, a wonderful escape and any time I can take a trip into Pippa's world (see what I did there ;) ) its always worth the visit and I can't wait to go back! And Tripp is so neurotic (has every reason to be but still) I related to him in a way I haven't with other characters and it was great to see it represented so well with him. Even among Pippa books, this one will stand out as a favorite!
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March 16, 2020
As always, Pippa Grant gave me humor, heat and heart all wrapped up in one and I loved it! Tripp Wilson is the swoony single dad and former Bro Code member who just wants to save his beloved baseball team, the Fireballs. Lila Valentine is a woman full of secrets who suddenly inherits her family's baseball team and is determined to keep the last tie to her family. The two do not get off to the best start, but their chemistry can't be denied. They start to recognize something in each other that keeps pulling them closer together and opening doors they thought would stay locked forever. This is such a funny and heartwarming story full of adorable kids, hidden animals, Bro Code, mystery, mascots, ducks and so much more. I stayed up way to late to finish it and have no regrets!!
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March 24, 2020
I loved this book! Tripp Wilson is a former member of the boy band BroCode. He is now a recently widowed single dad to two young kids. He is at loose ends and needs a purpose in life, so he wants to buy the local Major League Baseball team, The Fireballs. While trying to meet up with the owner of The Fireballs, he has a major meet awkward with Lila Valentine (who had a cameo in Stud in the Stacks). Of course, Lila is the owners niece and ends up inheriting the team and the Baseball Commissioner insists that she hire Tripp as the President of operations, setting up a fun enemies to lovers romance. This is a delightful RomCom with a lot of laughs and crossovers from Pippa’s other series. I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review.
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March 14, 2020
Again Pippa Grant has scored 5 stars but that's only because they don't give an option for more. This is a very heart wrenching story. Both the hero/ heroines in this book have so much pain in their history preventing them from grabbing what's right in front of them. Many times I wanted to reach into the book and slap somebody for being over cautious, to scared, or were just not willing to take a risk. When an author is able to pull out physical reactions from a reader you know it's a good book! Can't wait to have this on audio.
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March 15, 2020
Well this one just cheered me right up!

When Tripp and Lila meet, things are starting off grand. Not. But they are certainly intrigued about each other. From thereon, the story just gets more hilarious. I love the humor, and the family in this story. I love how Tripp has some struggles, and those around him don't laugh, but accept and help. And they are just absolute fire, sparks and swoons!
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