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Attending Boston University was something we were supposed to do together, until Shaw Masters, my brother’s best friend, broke my heart and chased our dream without me.

Choosing bromance over romance, Shaw is now living his best life, playing hockey for the Boston Terriers while I’ve wasted a year letting my shattered heart rob me of my future

But not anymore.

Now, also attending B.U., I’m determined to forget he exists.

Who cares if he’s everywhere I turn with his familiar, lingering gaze drawing me in?

Who cares if his presence stirs up old feelings best forgotten?

He might be the goalie, but it’s my turn to block him from gliding back into my heart.

204 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 26, 2020

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About the author

Jacob Chance

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Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker, and junk food lover.
A USA Today bestselling author of sports romance and romantic suspense, Jacob plans on writing many more stories.

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796 reviews68 followers
June 25, 2020
I don't know how Jacob Chance does it, but everything he writes is magic. Every single time I open up one of his books I know without having read a single word that the book will rock my ever-loving socks off. I know that it is going to be a gem of a read before I've read anything. And this story was definitely a little bit of magic. He did such a wonderful job of writing a book that was engaging, entertaining, laugh out loud funny, full of heart and heat and insanely swoon-worthy.

Oh, Shaw Masters! Where have you been?! I seriously thought nothing could top the swoon perfection that is Oliver Ice, but Shaw Masters has definitely won me over! I don't know how Jacob Chance does it, but he consistently tops each previous book boyfriend with the next one! Shaw and Maddie together are everything. Their chemistry is combustible and they have deep passionate feelings for each other. The slow burn of their growing relationship kept me on the edge of my seat. Their banter was a tremendous amount of fun, and I enjoyed the way they constantly kept each other on their toes. The emotion and frustration they suffer, you experience right along with them as you read it. The build up with their relationship takes a little while to get through and there are many moments when I wanted to scream at them for being ridiculous. However, once they finally to give in to all that pent up desire, they are explosive together.

Blocked is such a fun and entertaining story. It has a delicious slow burn that left me aching for more. The characters are real and flawed in their own special ways. There’s great tension and explosive chemistry. There’s moments that will make you laugh and others that will have you grabbing your hair in frustration. Yes, this book had me experiencing all kinds of emotions and in the end, it left me with all the feels. When it comes to romantic comedies, Jacob Chance is one of my favorite authors. This sports-romance/rom-com series has been so great for me. I love this group of friends so much. This book made me laugh hard, it had just the right amount of angst, and it gave me all the feels. I love these characters a ton and I hope there is more to come from this group! I had a fabulous time losing myself in Shaw and Maddie’s story and cannot wait to see who this author will have stealing my heart next!
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1,241 reviews183 followers
June 24, 2020
A best friend’s little sister, sports romance that will satisfy your sweet tooth! This fun college romance also brings the swoon. It’s the perfect beach or anytime read.

Maddie has loved Shaw for as long as she can remember, but all she’s ever been to him is his best friend’s little sister. Now that she’s graduated from high school and heading off to college, she’s hoping that he’ll see things differently.

Maddie doesn’t realize it, but Shaw definitely sees her. At the first opportunity, he’s ready to let his interest be known. He wants his best friend’s sister and he’s going for it.

Shaw had all the right moves. The only problem was making their relationship public. Then a misunderstanding ruins everything before they ever really had a chance.

Timing is everything and it seems neither was really ready for what a relationship between them would entail.

Second chances are my favorite. So, when Maddie transfers into BU at the end of sophomore year, they may just get that chance. Shaw let her go the first time, but he won’t make that same mistake again.

The author never fails to bring us a guy that delivers on the romance. I loved this story. The forbidden aspect is always a win with me, plus we got friends to lovers mixed in with second chance. He covered all my favorite tropes. And the cherry on top was the sweetness and tender moments I have come to expect. Another win for the newest addition to the Boston Terriers Series!
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402 reviews584 followers
July 10, 2020
Blocked is the third book in the 'Boston Terriers Hockey' series by Jacob Chance.

Me, as soon as this book came out:

And well it was, but the reason for my four star rating was that I think my expectations were toooo high, not to mention the book was short, I didn't want it to get over as I loved seeing Shaw and Maddie together.

Shaw is Maddie's elder brother, Marshall's best friend and Maddie has had a crush on him since...well forever. Shaw starts liking her too and in the short time they spend together, while Marshall is gone, they fall in love. Buuuutttt... before you think their lives become all 'crème de la crème' i'm gonna have to break your heart to tell you that they never tell each other about their feelings because they mess up and break up.

Now eighteen months later, they're going to the same college and their feeling for each other are stronger than ever. Did I mention how much I loved Buddy? Oh, that adorable creature!! Anyways, now that they see each other around daily, they agree to become friends so that things aren't awkward between them and so Marshall doesn't get to know about their relationship in the past or at least that's what they tell themselves as they clearly still have feelings for each other

They're relationship was portrayed beautifully, how they turned from friends to..well..more close friends and then into so much more. Every time, Maddie voiced her self-esteem issues and every time Shaw told her she was so much more, it made me go all sappy and made me fall more in love with the story.

I love the 'Boston Terrier' series so much, both football and hockey, all of those books are unique in their own ways and I love them all so much. Jacob Chance really knows how to suck his readers in and I cannot wait for more.

(P.S: I've been watching 'Brooklyn nine-nine' a lot lately, in case you're wondering about the presence of 'Jake Peralta' in my gifs)
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530 reviews
June 29, 2020
Not a fan of the characters screwing other people well after 50% through a book 🤷🏻‍♀️

The two have been friends forever because the H is her older brothers best friend. The H has seemed to have feelings for her for a while and she always had a crush as well. The plot seemed right up my alley and even though I don’t have much experience with the author I figured what the heck. My major problem with this book is the way it’s set up. I expected a chapter or two about their previous history bit over half the book. I could have been ok with this if not for the reasoning behind the breakup and what happened next. The H us at a party and there are some girls coming on to him, he has no interest because of the h. The problem is that sometime after he goes to bed( in his boxers only) a random girl gets naked and gets into bed with him. He doesn’t realize and when the h comes over in the morning she finds them like that. She freaks out and says she wants to break up and he decides ok fine. After half of a book this is where we are at. It made me just half give up already. Because at this point she had a reason to be upset. That’s a pretty screwed up thing to find. He just basically has no balls and gives her up rather that do the hard work to keep her. He’s already slid halfway down my hero scale. That’s hard to come back from: my next issue is why I decided that I just flat out don’t like tua book at all. We jump ahead 18 months and the long story short is that in this time since the hero never could find his balls and apparently their feeling just weren’t that deep, the heroine got a long term boyfriend and even though she knew she didn’t really want anything more with him, she lost her virginity to him. Hero was never a manwhore, had slept with one person before. He is now up to four. While that’s still not a lot, it’s obvious he wasn’t waiting for her either. That’s 3xs as many girls as he slept with the year before he dated her, so he definitely sped up. I could have been ok with the separation (even if I wouldn’t have respected the hero not for going after the heroine) if not for the other people involved. I just read over a have a book to get to a point to have the main characters still screwing other people. That always a no no from me, that crap belongs in the past or if nothing else, the beginning. It also bugs me that even though yes he wasn’t a manwhore, he had to sleep with more that her. Since he is the one that screwed everything up, why couldn’t he have been pining and not off screwing around. Let’s be honest yes I know college celibacy isn’t common but somehow he’s went 19 years only screwing one person, it wouldn’t have been a stretch to think he could go 18 months. That little morsel of hope is the only think that kept me reading. When I found out he didn’t wait, there was literally nothing left to root for in this book. There just wasn’t enough passion, groveling, or just meat to make this book worth the crappy parts. When they finally do get together it’s anticlimactic and they both basically pretend the past didn’t happen. They were around each other a couple of times, and boom. They didn’t start to date and fall back in love, they just were suddenly there having the conversation they should have had a month an a half ago and together again (making it even more obvious their split was a waste of time). If this man wants to write as a woman and for women he needs to do a better job understanding how they think. When the hero starts saying how much he loved her and missed her, most women are going to have someone questions. Like about the women he was screwing instead of trying to get her back... He seemed to move on. Just fine without her, he even got himself a little harem. Just disappointed I guess. The first part and second part are two complexity different stories. I loved the book I thought that I was reading. I’m never a fan of books where people split up over something stupid and then have to go screw other people to grow it whatever the logic is when these authors write this crap. Anyway I digress, long story short this was just a large waste of my time since the author author until over halfway through the book to complete cha he the story. After I thought about it I deducted a other star from the original 2 I had considered.
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148 reviews5 followers
June 26, 2020
Jacob Chance knocked it out of the park... or should I say got the hat trick with the third installment of The Boston Terriers Hockey Series. The story captured me from beginning to end like I knew it would!

Shaw is the goalie for the Boston University hockey team. Maddie is his best friend’s sister. It was the perfect story of wanting each other but fighting your feelings. It was the perfect story of fun, sweet and sexy. Most of all, it was a story that was very real. Jacob has an awesome way in his writing that makes it come to life....like you’re there with the characters. This was a perfect installment to the series and I enjoyed it very much!
June 26, 2020
Second chances don’t always come along and when they do, do you take a chance or leave it be?

That’s what Maddie and Shaw are trying to figure out! After one amazing summer Maddies heart was torn apart by Shaw and now she has to decide if it’s worth another shot or if walking away completely is what’s best!

Blocked is an amazing love story full of laughter and the beauty that is young love! It’s also a story of redemption and fighting for what is yours!

I love the Boston Terries and missed this amazing bunch of guys! I can’t wait to see whose next and what the future holds! Jacob chance does an amazing job at creating characters you don’t want to let go of!
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2,683 reviews83 followers
June 29, 2020

Very enjoyable and a great fit in the series.
These guys have it all , looks , ability.
What Happens when what you want you can’t have.
Like your best friends little sister.
Well then you fight or you loose, but if you loose do you get a second chance?

Wonderful, loving the whole series.
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1,672 reviews818 followers
June 26, 2020
This was a fast paced, quick read full of plotlines that I know many readers will eat right up- brother’s best friend, a first love story AND a second chance romance...not to mention we have the Boston Terriers sport rom-com vibe infused throughout.
As Maddie graduates high school, she starts to explore her budding attraction to her brother’s best friend, Shaw - who himself is finally coming to terms with his interest in Maddie. While brother’s away, these two play- getting to know each other over a sweet and slow burn romance in the summer. But, a (in my opinion quite silly) romantic catastrophe occurs, ripping these two apart just as they are starting to find their bearings with one another. Each goes off to school, and we find them reconnecting 18 months later, coming to terms with the new nature of their relationship and grappling with regret and being in the same place at the same time.
Jacob is a great writer, but there are elements of this story that are some of my reader pet peeves, so I didn’t love it as much as some prior stories. First, our characters spend the majority of the story apart- and we don’t get to see them “together” until the last 5%- MAJOR slow burn. We never really get to explore what they look like together much, even in the beginning- and lot of that occurs “off page” with generalities (we get to know each other, etc)- I just wanted to see a bit more of their evolution and connection- so much emotional impact happens behind the scenes. And because I’m told rather than shown, I don’t buy into their romance as much. Secondly, the whole “misunderstanding” was troublesome for me personally- I hate big dramatic moments like that where things are just done/no communication occurs, and it really bothered me that Shaw gave up on the relationship so easily. We don’t get to see the emotional blow out, either. Yet, when they reconnect, it’s like all the emotional impact is forgotten and we still don’t have them grapple much with it. And, the brother obstacle ends up being less of an issue, too- so basically the two things that have kept them apart for so long are just kind of easily forgotten/resolved- which just increases the futility of them turning their backs on each other- which may, in fact, be the point- accuse they needed to mature, but to me isn’t my favorite way to approach second chance.
They are definitely cute together, and this story has humor and is very sweet- and I know many others will be bothered less by some of the above plot devices- this just unfortunately just combined a few of the plot devices I enjoy less. Still a light and quick paced read- and I think many will love this sweet and charming story.
June 30, 2020
Jacob scores another goal

Can Jacob Chance ever put a foot wrong? Simple answer ... NO!!! BLOCKED is the third book in the BOSTON TERRIERS HOCKEY series, and they just keep getting better. BLOCKED was such a fun read, filled yet again with Jacob's wonderful humour and wit. From beginning to end it was thoroughly entertaining with many funny, frustrating, and hot moments. Let's not forget a totally panty melting, swoon worthy hero.

Shaw Masters, goalie for the Boston Terriers, has a major problem ... he's fallen for his best friend's little sister. Maddie is a year younger than Shaw, and she's had a major crush on him for years. The chemistry and heat between them were palpable, but were they willing to take the next step in their friendship?

I loved the slow burn build-up of their romance, the "dates" they went on, the banter between them and the way they supported one another. Yet somehow Shaw still managed to break Maddie's heart, and their friendship is no longer. Time passes and both still yearn for the other, can they put aside the past and give their hearts a second chance?

Jacob has written an incredibly beautiful story of a young love and obstacles that must be overcome to have it succeed. Shaw and Maddie must learn to forgive and fight for what they really desire. They can only learn from past mistakes/misunderstandings once they have both grown in maturity. They may have started with a summer romance, but it meant so much more to both.

Jacob's writing draws his reader in. He enables you to experience the emotions that his characters are feeling. As I said earlier BLOCKED was an entertaining read, another winner in my eye.

Read and Reviewed for Reading Is Our Satisfaction

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310 reviews27 followers
June 24, 2020
One Click, and I'm in Heaven

I can't deny that when a Boston Terrier book by Jacob Chance is released that it's a one-click, and I'm in Heaven. Jacob writes the most adorable book boyfriend a woman could even dream of. Hot, hot, slow burn! Just like I like them.

Maddie Winters has had a crush on her brother's best friend. Having to spend time with him is drawing him closer. Shaw Masters starts to see that Maddie isn't so little anymore and realized that he's had a thing for her for a long time.  Will he sacrifice his friendship? Or his relationship with Maddie? Grab this book and follow their journey on and off the ice. 
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14.4k reviews137 followers
June 25, 2020
This is the 3rd book in this awesome series and is Shaw and Maddie’s story. This author is my favourite for a rom-com and this one is no different, as he never disappoints! Shaw is the goalie for the Boston Terriers, and Maddie is his best friend’s little sister. The chemistry between these to is explosive and undeniable. This is a beautifully written story which is fun, humorous, entertaining, and with witty banter, engaging and realistic characters and emotions, as well as with a tad angst and misunderstanding which all lead to a heartfelt and addictive page turner. I cannot wait to read more from this author whose work I highly recommend for all.
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209 reviews6 followers
June 24, 2020
My heart almost couldn’t take how epic BLOCKED was! Shaw and Maddie were beyond perfect and the absolute sweetest. Throw in lots of laughter and a few pulls to the heart strings and you have yourself a 5 star top 2020 read!
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135 reviews4 followers
June 25, 2020
What can I say about BLOCKED & author Jacob Chance......
You never disappoint & I absolutely loved Shaw & Maddi’s story.
I was hooked from the first page & chapter & couldn’t put this book down.
It’s addictive, easy flow reading & hot!!
If you haven’t read this series yet, then get onto it NOW.
CONGRATULATIONS again on another incredible book Jacob.
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34 reviews6 followers
June 25, 2020
Y’all Maddie and freaking Shaw 😩 I cannot wait for you all to get your hands on Jacob’s new book baby! He never disappoints! I fell in love with them from page 1! The chemistry these two have is off the charts! 5 🌟 I loathe spoilers I love being able to experience the book from my own opinion and not someone else’s because all of ours are different. With that said I’m not posting any I want you to be able to fall in love with them from your own point of view!
208 reviews1 follower
June 26, 2020

As always, Jacob kills it with his newest book! I love the characters and the way he shows their development as they mature. Shaw and Maddie are down to earth, realistic, sweet, hot and just plain fun to read. Thoroughly enjoyed and am eagerly awaiting the next one.
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1,056 reviews27 followers
June 28, 2020
I did enjoy this book. Shaw and Maddie are a cute couple. I am happy with the way things go. The writing and flow of this book is done well. I do recommend this book and series.
1,514 reviews61 followers
June 28, 2020
Absolutely adorable sports romance! I read this in one sitting and just loved it! The sarcasm and humor and best yet was the chemistry felt between Shaw and Maddie!
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9,144 reviews55 followers
June 28, 2020
Maddie has loved her brother’s best friend Shaw for as long as she can remember but being that he is a college hockey star she doesn’t believe that someone like her could attract someone like him and they have the added complication of her brother.

Shaw has known Maddie since they were children but now that she has graduated from high school he is starting to see her as the woman she has become not the girl he knows. When he is home for the summer and his best friend is out of town a relationship develops between them but their secret relationship eviscerates before they even have a chance to tell her brother.

More than a year later they both find themselves attending the same college. The feelings he has for her are stronger than ever and he wants a second chance but first he needs to convince her.
Fun and flirty there was no doubting that they belonged together, and they just had to realize it as well.
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1,678 reviews37 followers
June 25, 2020
Jacob Chance gets a hat trick with the third book in the Boston Terriers Hockey series, BLOCKED. In this story, goalie Shaw Masters gets a second chance with the girl of his dreams, Maddie Winters. Unfortunately, she is also the younger sister of best friend and teammate, Marshall and therefore, off limits. This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adults.

BLOCKED is a heartwarming and realistic read. Marshall, Shaw, and Maddie grew up together and always hung out; the two best friends and tag along little sister. Maddie had a crush on Shaw, not realizing he reciprocated it. I like that both characters matured as the story went on; especially Maddie, who always felt she was in her brother’s shadow. I got a dog my junior year of college, so I appreciated that Shaw did the same. The characters faced some realistic obstacles that kids their age would encounter. I would not mind hearing more of Shaw’s and Maddie’s story, maybe in Marshall’s story? I look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
32 reviews
June 24, 2020
I love a best friend's little sister romance! Maddie has loved her older brother's best friend, Shaw, for as long as she can remember. Little does she know that he also has feelings for her. The chemistry between these two is very much present! Neither of them are prepared however, for what a relationship with each other would entail.

Both of them are set to attend the same college in the fall, although plans are derailed when their relationship challenges them more than they ever thought possible. Second chance romances always win my heart over, and this is a second chance love story straight from the heart!

Jacob Chance knows how to deliver a love story better than most! His stories contain an insane amount of chemistry and have many hot moments throughout them. I already have my predictions as to who will be the center of his next book!! The Boston Terriers Hockey Series is one of my favorites.

**I read an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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347 reviews15 followers
June 26, 2020
Oh Holy mother of all things sexy and hot this was Jacob best yet.
This Boston terriers series is absolutely out of this world.
Jacob is a master at writing sports romance. I have no words other than I'm book hangover.
There isn't nothing this author can't write.
Shaw and maddie have been friends for a long time. Especially since Shaw is maddie older brother's best friend.
New relationships are never easy, especially when it's friends to lovers.
There's a lot of feels that you feel and Jacob takes you on one hell of a ride.
If you want to know how all this plays out then pick up blocked today you wont be disappointed.
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7,757 reviews155 followers
June 26, 2020
You can't beat a sports romance from Jacob Chance. I keep devouring this series as soon as a new book releases. A second chance romance that will have you laughing and blushing and swooning through every word. Maddie and Shaw are everything. Their chemistry combustible and I love that Maddie stands her ground even when she wants to crumble at his feet.
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754 reviews1 follower
June 30, 2020
Protecting the goal!

Shaw is Maddie's brother Marshall's best friend and has liked Maddie for a while. When Marshall goes off to summer camp, they become close and start to date. When Marshall returns home things happen that breaks them apart. Fast forward 18 months and they are at the same University. The chemistry is still between them and once again they grow close. Their book is about first love and first heartbreak. The chemistry is hot and their relationship cute. Another great read from Jacob
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94 reviews1 follower
June 29, 2020
I had the opportunity to pre- order this offering instead of waiting for it to become live. So when I discovered it on my kindle at the weekend I looked forward to diving in. Blocked is the third instalment of the Boston Terriers hockey series but can be read as a standalone, however it is always a good idea to start from the beginning of the series as the characters tend to overlap. Maddie Winters is the young 18 year old who graduates from high school and is due to make her way to college life at Boston University where her brother Marshall and his best friend Shaw already attend. Maddie one day notices that Shaw has grown up and that he is incredibly hot, but he is forbidden due to being Marshall's best friend. They have always protected Maddie from guys that may be interested in her and Maddie has always been the tag along to the two friends especially to frat parties, however Maddie's feelings towards Shaw are rapidly changing. Maddie just wants to find a quiet corner at the party but Shaw is having none of it. He encourages her to look for something to do in the large house the party is being held in. They find a badminton net and decide to have a game. To make it more interesting they have a little wager and Shaw says if he wins he wants to hang out with her alone when her brother is away at summer camp. Shaw Masters is the goalkeeper for Boston Terriers hockey team at Boston University. He starts to see Maddie in a different light and has this overwhelming attraction to her and knows he shouldn't when he is trusted to be a protector not a potential boyfriend. During the summer they spend a lot of time together and the attraction blossoms where they share a few stolen kisses on some incredible dates they embark on. Maddie and Shaw are both concerned things will change when Marshall comes back home and Shaw knows if her brother finds out he will make him pay somehow for crossing the line with Maddie. Things don't go as planned and Maddie has her heart broken.

Blocked is told in two parts and part one ends with Maddie being heartbroken. Shaw needed a slap around the head for not having the guts to tell Marshall that He and Maddie had feelings for each other and that they had been dating through the summer. I liked him but boy did he annoy me immensely for not fighting for her. Thus I went onto part two hoping that my dissent towards Shaw would be changed. This part is told eighteen months after the upset between the two. Maddie didn't go to BU straight away as planned but arrives much later and is worried about bumping into Shaw which is inevitable considering they have a mutual connection. The second part is about building bridges and both realising they still have strong feelings for each other and how they are going to work them out. There is no denying the chemistry throughout the whole of the book is palpable. It had a mix of forbidden, brothers best friend and a second chance. Of course we get the obligatory couple of ice hockey matches and whilst its not a sport I generally watch this series peaked my interest.

The author wrote a very pleasant story that revoked a lot of emotions which is tantamount to the clever penmanship. The story includes swoon moments to visualising the two protagonists embarking on entertaining dates, but boy did the male lead and brother drive me crazy with their views but that being said they are young adults and maybe it's my mature age that had me cursing them to just speak up. Although, to be fair, having sat back and thinking about their story I conjured up the reasoning for the way they all were but don't want to let on. You will have to read the book to discover the reasons. Mr Chance is very clever at producing books that provide entertainment and escapism and this certainly provided that. I look forward to the epilogue of the two when the newsletter hits my mailbox.
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428 reviews4 followers
June 29, 2020
I love the story of Maddie and Shaw, these characters are so lovable. The relationship between them is a roller coaster ride with it peaks and valleys. Jacob Chance does it again writing a book that you can’t put down.

Attending Boston University was something we were supposed to do together, until Shaw Masters, my brother’s best friend, broke my heart and chased our dream without me.
Choosing bromance over romance, Shaw is now living his best life, playing hockey for the Boston Terriers while I’ve wasted a year letting my shattered heart rob me of my future.
But not anymore.
Now, also attending B.U., I’m determined to forget he exists.
Who cares if he’s everywhere I turn with his familiar, lingering gaze drawing me in?
Who cares if his presence stirs up old feelings best forgotten?
He might be the goalie, but it��s my turn to block him from gliding back into my heart.

*can be read as a standalone*

Arc received for honest review
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2,222 reviews23 followers
June 26, 2020
Let me start by saying I love everything this author writes! I’m so glad I found his books!
Maddie & Shaw are so sweet. My heart breaks for them, especially Maddie. I love how these two gravitate towards each other. I loved how they actually acted grown up when they meet back up and talking about what happened in the past. I really enjoyed this book and let’s not forget the puppy!!! Awwww.... puppies make everything better!💖💖
Profile Image for Ashley Olson- lovestoread08.
501 reviews17 followers
June 26, 2020
Jacob Chance does it again!!! I love all of his books and he is the King of sports romance, but he really out did himself with Blocked!!! This isn't like any other sports romance you have read! A best friend's little sister that will make you beg for more! It is written in two different parts with a time gap. I wish it was longer because I loved the story line and characters so much but it ended perfectly where I didn't feel it ended too quick with unfinished business. I can't wait for the next one!!!
Profile Image for Amy J.
100 reviews
June 26, 2020
Never disappoints! Jacob Chance can string together the perfect words to make romance magic!

I loved Shaw and Maddie together, they are couple perfection! Maddie is just fun and sassy, she made for a perfect character! Shaw can move right I'm and claim some book boyfriend trophies!

I'm always ready for Chances books! I cant wait for more!
339 reviews
June 28, 2020
Loved it
A well written best friends sister romance. A sweet heartwarming love story. Shaw and Maddie had a couple of bumps in the road to get to their HEA. Great chemistry between them and great characters in this story.
Profile Image for Natalie Rhodes.
142 reviews12 followers
June 28, 2020
Fabulous read!

I loved Shaw and Maddie! These two were so fun to read. They went through ups and downs like most couples. Their relationship was real and heartbreaking as well. I was so excited to see how this book ended.

This author is my favorite and I guarantee you'll love this book! The words just flow amazingly and I just couldn't get enough!!!
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