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Moose Springs, Alaska #1

The Tourist Attraction

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He had a strict "no tourists" policy...
Until she broke all of his rules.

When Graham Barnett named his diner The Tourist Trap, he meant it as a joke. Now he's stuck slinging reindeer dogs to an endless parade of resort visitors who couldn't interest him less. Not even the sweet, enthusiastic tourist in the corner who blushes every time he looks her way...

Two weeks in Alaska isn't just the top item on Zoey Caldwell's bucket list. It's the whole bucket. One look at the mountain town of Moose Springs and she's smitten. But when an act of kindness brings Zoey into Graham's world, she may just find there's more to the grumpy local than meets the eye...and more to love in Moose Springs than just the Alaskan wilderness.

390 pages, Paperback

First published May 5, 2020

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Sarah Morgenthaler

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1,282 reviews3,315 followers
October 15, 2020
You know how you meet a book that thinks itself funny and charming and you're like...


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1,474 reviews19.2k followers
August 20, 2020
Might be more of a 3.5, but I'll round up because this was a lot of fun and it gets bonus points for being the first book that was able to pull me away from my constant Animal Crossing playing, lol. This book was very cute! It had a great mix of sassy characters and a fun setting and I am definitely looking forward to reading more books from this series in the future. My only real complaint is that the main relationship felt very surface level. I enjoyed our two main characters and I thought that they went well together in the end, but I didn't necessarily feel like I connected to them and their relationship as much as I was hoping I would. Overall though, this was fun and I definitely intend to carry on with the rest of the series as the books come out!
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409 reviews16.7k followers
April 28, 2020
This book was so enjoyable and cute for 70% of it. Graham and Zoey have an instant connection. Graham is a grumpy, Alaska native who runs a local diner, has a blind dog that he dresses up in outfits, and is a woodcarver in his spare time. Zoey is a tourist who has been saving up for this Alaska trip for years (so ~she’s not like other tourists~ in this typical rich area). Because of their instant connection, the story provides a lot of cute moments of them feeling like a couple from nearly the beginning. There’s also the cool backdrop of Alaska, the vacation romance element, and the small town vibe that I loved.

But, firstly, the book went on too long. It started to drag a bit. Then, there was repeating conflict. The big conflict here is that this is short term, since Zoey is a tourist. That’s all well and good, but the characters decide to “fight” about this over and over at the end which feels inconsistent with the rest of the story because they are not a tumultuous couple.

Also, Graham has a violent streak which was so unnecessary. I loved his grumpy personality with a heart of gold. But then, he has these moments of “alpha male” where he wants to punch any other guy that shows interest in Zoey, he punches a wall at one point, and actually ends up punching another male character for a reason that I think was really weak and unjustified. Zoey at one point does call him an “alphahole”, which is a romance community word for these type of toxic masculine characters, but beyond that the narrative doesn’t really address this behavior as bad. He even breaks the law a few times and it’s brushed off because “he’s a local and knows everyone.” It was an addition that felt unnecessary because his grumpy but loveable personality that was present for the majority of the book was just fine!

The combination of the book dragging on so that I lost some of the tension, along with the bad behavior dropped this from what would have been a 4 star down to a 3/3.5 star. This is going to be a series set in this tourist town, and I will likely continue as I did enjoy the setting and am intrigued about some of the side characters and their stories.

- nicknames
- small town romance
- vacation romance: tourist + local
- fade to black sex scenes
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2,394 reviews51 followers
April 16, 2021
There was so much wrong with this and it definitely missed the mark for me.

Wow, um, where to begin?

Graham, an abrasive diner owner who hates tourists, meets Zoey, a tourist on vacation with her best friend. I was expecting enemies to lovers as the big city Chicago girl clashes with the country boy. I certainly wasn’t expecting instalove, with the rough around the edges Graham going all soft and gooey toward Zoey and using pet names like “Zoey Bear” (UGH!) with her after talking to her for literally five minutes. Then he would go on and on forever about how much he hated tourists. Then he would talk about how wonderful Zoey (a tourist) was. He came off as super wishy-washy and annoying.

Also the character of Graham was not remotely realistic. His thoughts and dialogue were not something a man would EVER think or say. He was just way over the top romantic. Nothing about his character was at all believable.

Also, how old were these characters? Was this YA or something? Because both of them were extremely immature. From the food fight at an important event to how rude and unprofessional Graham was about his diner (it mentioned every five seconds how much he hated customers and didn’t want anyone to eat at his place) they both acted like immature twelve year olds. (Side note - why was the diner so popular? The menu had like 3 things on it and Graham had such a bad attitude. I certainly wouldn’t want to eat there.)

The romance was extremely weak. They had no chemistry and Zoey was as flat and dull as cardboard. All I really knew about her was that she was a waitress and she loved visiting Alaska.

And the ending was absolutely cringe-worthy with the overused plot device of the hero charging through an airport to stop the heroine from leaving. There’s no way he would get charged with only 30 hours of community service after what he did (skipping over security with the casual announcement of “don’t worry, I’m not a terrorist”) and basically breaking into the terminal (with a dog in tow, no less!). And his response when the airline attendant asks him to describe his emergency- he literally says that it’s “Love story shit.” Was I supposed to be swooning? Because I was way too busy laughing.

Aside from me laughing at something that wasn’t supposed to be funny, I didn’t find this book funny at all. The comedic moments felt forced. Like the jail scene. What was that all about? She comes across him in the woods doing his chainsaw art, she thinks he’s some kind of chainsaw murderer, knees him in the crotch and then runs and hides in his house, and she ends up arrested for trespassing in his house. They both spend a few hours in jail while he decides whether or not to press charges against her and then some hours later he abruptly decides he won’t press charges and they get to leave the jail. That whole scene was (I think) supposed to be hilarious and failed miserably. The book was trying way too hard to be funny and the humor was over the top and not my personal taste at all.

This one was not my cup of tea at all. I had the second book on my TBR because it’s a Christmas themed romance and I love those, but this book included a teaser of the second book and I found it so off putting that I’m going to take it off my TBR.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,201 reviews34.9k followers
December 26, 2020
The things you do for love...

I had to go back to the beginning after reading Enjoy the View book #3 in the series.

In the beginning, we have Graham Barnett, the owner and cook at The Tourist Attraction, his diner in Moose Springs, Alaska, which he named in a very tongue in cheek kind of way. Zoey Caldwell is working on her bucket list. She has saved so she can come to Alaska and do everything she can possibly do to enjoy her two weeks there.

Although this one did not blow me away as much as Enjoy the View, I found this book to be an enjoyable and a fun read. Graham has a fun personality and he and Zoey have a fun back and forth. They both know she is only in town for two weeks, but they just cannot help themselves.

Fun, light and a fast read. Sometimes I thought one of the characters acted a little bit over the top, but it is a ROMCOM and the author wanted to create drama for the characters. Plus, having a character be witty, flirty and funny, turn around and go ballistic is a shocker, but then due to the circumstances, is that behavior justifiable?

This was a great start to the series and was a nice escapism read. Plus, there is a moose and a loveable dog in this as well, so what is not to love?
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2,481 reviews29.4k followers
June 10, 2020
4.5 stars.

You can’t trust tourists not to do anything...like make you fall in love with them.⁣ This is the moral of sorts in The Tourist Attraction , Sarah Morgenthaler's new rom-com.

FYI: I’m a sucker for sappy rom-coms, books set in Alaska, and dogs wearing outfits, so I was a goner here. There's also a moose in love with the smell of freshly baked bread. I mean, I was SUNK with this book before I started.

Graham runs the Tourist Trap, a small diner in Moose Springs, Alaska that has become a huge tourist stop despite its limited menu and his less-than-stellar customer service. He’s one of many in his town who makes money off the tourists but doesn’t like the chaos and demands they bring.⁣

When he first meets Zoey, she’s nearly passed-out drunk in the diner and suffering from jet lag since she just arrived in Alaska. Since her friend abandoned her at the diner, Graham drives her back to the ultra-fancy resort where she’s staying, and it’s not long before he can’t get her out of his mind—despite the fact she’s a tourist.⁣

For Zoey, the trip to Alaska has been the dream of a lifetime. She’s spent all of her savings and planned everything down to the last detail—but she didn’t count on the sexy but grumpy local to get under her skin.⁣ Is she crazy to let him get to her? Should they start something that is sure to end when she leaves Alaska, if not before?

The Tourist Attraction was such a sweet, fun, sappy, slightly melodramatic book that I devoured. I loved the quirky and memorable cast of characters that Morgenthaler created (both human and animal) and hope to see them again in her next book, Mistletoe and Mr. Right , scheduled for release in October. (There's even a third book planned for January 2021!)⁣

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See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.

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2,048 reviews13k followers
September 1, 2020
This was just fine, nothing special. I thought the romance was cute, but it was definitely insta-love. Sure they had a fling and liked hanging out, but I didn't really feel that depth to their relationship that would have led to love that quickly. The conflicts were fine, but he kind of blew up out of nowhere about tourists and that had felt out of place because that was really only his issue in the beginning and wasn't really brought up again until it was needed as a conflict in their relationship.

Like I said, it was just fine.
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408 reviews88 followers
April 18, 2021
3.75 ish. Super adorable.

There's just something about books set in Alaska that just makes me super interested. And The Tourist Attraction definitely delivers on all the best elements of the last frontier, bringing you narwhal pods, killer whales, cute moose, and a lot of humor.

Graham Barnett is in love with his hometown, but the high-end resort at the top of the hill keeps filling it with tourists who party day and night and disrupt the small-town tranquility. When he decided to open his diner, The Tourist Trap, it was supposed to be a joke, but quickly it became THE spot in town for burgers, beers, and for Graham's utterly regret - karaoke. No matter what he does, and how rude he is, the tourists find his local joint charming, and his grumpiness is part of the package.

But his mood gravely improves when he meets a certain shy bookworm, different than the usual customers visiting Moose Springs, there's something about her that has Graham very intrigued. Zoey always dreamt of visiting Alaska, and she's absolutely smitten with the town and with the rugged man behind the counter. Can their connection be stronger than the locals vs tourists feud that seems to be going on?

This book was adorable. I wouldn't call it enemies-to-lovers, per se, but the banter between Graham and Zoey was delightful. The setting is fun, and there's a great cast of characters that bring life into the small-town.

My issue with this book is around the pacing. Although it starts on a high note, it keeps using the same mechanisms to interfere with the couple, and although it's funny the first few times when their first kiss gets interrupted for the 7th time, you're like - omg get on with it already.

Also, in the end, there were a few unnecessary conflicts, that did nothing to the growth of the characters and didn't really lead anywhere. By the end of the book, I wasn't sure if the conflict was resolved either. More like they learned to live with it? So, yes, although the first half was fantastic I feel like the second half was a tad convoluted.

I'm still very curious to read more about the captivating town of Moose Springs in the second book of this series, which will follow the flamboyant Lana.

Thank you Netgalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for approving me for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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985 reviews241 followers
August 27, 2020
Never did I expect to almost cry over a (fictional) moose. Believe me, if you have read this novel...you'll know why.

Aside from that disclaimer, this was such a fun read. It was humorous and the relationship was charming and enchanting. Even if it didn't necessarily start out that way.

An unexpected outcome that occurred from this story was that I got a different perspective on being a tourist, especially in smaller communities. Prior to reading this novel, I did know of some of the positive and negative impacts surrounding tourism in small communities but I hadn't thought of the impacts laid out in this story.

If I was to sum up this book in one word, that word would be 'fun'. Although there were some serious issues ingrained into the story, it was such a fun and enjoyable read that was exactly what I needed at the time.

***Thank you to the publisher for supplying me with an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***
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Author 6 books13.9k followers
May 7, 2020
I really liked this! I can't believe this is her debut novel!

It's a light and fun storyline, great for escaping right now. I loved the town and characters she created. Very fun and well written.

My favorite was all the corny tourist offerings at Graham's bar, because it felt so authentic. It actually made me want to go there!

A great read, highly recommend.
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236 reviews123 followers
May 6, 2020
This book is out this week! If you're in need of a quarantine pick-me-up, look no further!!

Zoey Caldwell has saved every penny she's earned working as a truck stop waitress for the last several years to make her dream vacation to Alaska a reality. Although her wealthy best friend, Lana, could easily foot the bill, Zoey won't allow it. All she asks is that Lana show her the ropes during their two week trip to Moose Springs, a small Alaskan town with a luxurious mountain resort where Lana's family has been vacationing for years. 

Their first stop in town: The Tourist Trap, a run-down restaurant owned by Moose Springs native Graham Barnett. Despite Graham's hatred of tourists and the lack of effort he puts into running his business, what was originally intended to be a locals-only food joint has somehow managed to become the most popular restaurant in town... especially for rich tourists, to Graham's chagrin.

Lana insists Zoey try one of The Tourist Trap's infamous "Growly Bears", a blue and very boozy drink she claims is a rite of passage for all Moose Springs visitors. Graham is instantly drawn to Zoey, who stands out among the wealthy resort-goers in her Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and glasses. At the end of the evening, he ensures a very tipsy Zoey makes it back to the resort safely, believing that will be the last of their encounters. But fate seems determined to bring them together, starting with a hilarious misunderstanding in the woods involving a chainsaw. With the help of his adorable dog Jake, Graham decides its up to him to ensure Zoey's trip is one she'll never forget, no matter the road blocks they encounter along the way. Zoey soon realizes she's falling in love with more than just the picturesque Alaskan town, and Graham discovers there's only one tourist he doesn't mind having around. 

Full of humor and heart, Sarah Morgenthaler's The Tourist Attraction is a laugh-out-loud story about discovering where you belong and, more importantly, which people you want at your side. Featuring a wide cast of characters, including a lovestruck moose and the cutest canine companion you could ask for, this book is perfect for readers looking for a mildly steamy romance with wilderness adventures, heartwarming friendships, and lots of laughs. 

Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca via Netgalley for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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2,241 reviews1,802 followers
August 22, 2020
but like why did her friend drug her?? lol that's not cute.

TBH THIS BOOK IS A SOLID 2.5. It was so heavy with events of them hanging out and him flirting with her going lol no thank you! and it was supposed to be him seducing her but it felt very one-sided. I felt no connection between them and this story was very VANILLA. I also did not care for the second plot involving her best friend who was doing random stuff and not telling anyone about it.
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333 reviews192 followers
December 25, 2020
Wow. Where to begin.... The book started off promising with Graham’s fun, grumpy attitude. He quickly became annoying with the way he used the word “gorgeous” as a pet name. “Thank you, gorgeous.” “Be careful, gorgeous.” “Listen, gorgeous.” EW. Giving me all the slimy, dirty vibes. So much of the book is spent on the fact that Graham and Zoey’s time is limited, as she is a tourist visiting his town. In reality, it’s COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that Zoey will move to Alaska in the end. Boooorriiinnngggggg. Also, not returning home after spending two weeks with a dude she just met? Where is this girl’s mother????? I feel that I found more Alaskan imagery than I did character relationships, and the number of times the word “goop” was used was insane. Wtf?? If you want to avoid cliché after cliché, just stay away from this book. Shit was terrible.
April 3, 2020

“You have weird taste in everything,” she decided, but her voice had softened.
“I’m not Cinderella, Graham. I have a good life, and I don’t need to be rescued.” Graham chuckled, low in his throat.
“No rescuing from me, gorgeous. I’m definitely not the prince.”

Story 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Graham hates tourists. He hates their expensive cars, they manner, their need to take a photo with a moose (even though it’s dangerous) - he just hates them.
And even though he’s a little rough and sometimes impolite to people, the tourists love him and his little food stop - Tourist Trap.
They love it so much that they stand in lines outside, just to get his food.
Graham hates tourists, but he likes Lana his friend (but sadly also tourist).
And when he meets Zoey he wants to dislike her like he dislikes the other tourists.
But Zoey is different.
Starting with being drunk at his food stop, kicking him in the balls, nearly falling into an ice cave and being on a boat where 78% of the people are vomiting.
Well, her luck at this vacation wasn’t the best.
But fate (or Lana) always brings them together again.
And then they fall for each other. Pretty hard.
But it’s just a vacation love and it’ll end soon.
And it’ll break their hearts. (And ours 💔)

Oh finally a wonderful, funny, entertaining book! I fell in love with it from the beginning.
I love Romcoms so much and this one especially with because it had a lot of funny scenes, drama and I loved every bit of it.
Definitely a recommendation!

Character 🌟🌟🌟🌟

She was a strong, independent woman perfectly capable of taking care of herself in the Alaskan wilderness.
Which was why, when she turned the corner and ended up next to a massive steel shipping container, face-to-welding mask with a man brandishing a chainsaw above them, Zoey knew exactly what to do.
She ran away.
And when he yelled something, grabbing her arm and pulling her around, Zoey was more than prepared for the situation.
Screaming bloody murder, Zoey kicked him straight between the legs.

For a few years Zoey saved for the trip of her lifetime.
She wanted it to be special, she wanted it to be perfect.
Until it wasn’t, but in some way also was. Maybe even more.
Zoey was this wonderful girl with a big heart, the need for harmony and a lot of sass in her body. Also she was really clumsy which made everything so much relatable.
I had the feeling that she was all of us around new people or people we don’t feel good around. She felt small, wanted to be left alone, was a grey little mouse. 🐭
But every time she was around Graham she let herself become her true self.
She was strong minded, funny and always had some witty response.
Those two were destined to be together.
Two cute little weirdos.
Graham was a little moody, cynical guy who did a great job at his own food stop but hated most of his days. He hated the strangers coming in and out of his restaurant, hated all of it. Until he met Zoey and he fell for her. Whereas he was a little jerk before, to Zoey he was the cutest little cinnamon roll in the world. He cared for her, made excursions and showed her beautiful places.
(He even did some selfies with her.)
He was the cutest thing ever. I loved it.
The other characters fitted perfectly into the story and even though they weren’t as detailed as the main, I don’t think they needed to be.

Also: can we talk about Graham and his protectiveness? He knew Zoey could take her own fights and still he supported her and stood up for her when he felt the need to.
Ugh, I’m in love.
Also he gave her really cute nicknames like Zoey bear and gorgeous, darling...

And he had a cute dog. I repeat. A cute dog.

Relationships 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The typical vacation love story isn’t my thing, but when I started reading the description and later the book I was like:
Yes, that’s what I want right now.
It was funny, made me smile a lot and made my heart ache sometimes. It was heartwarming and sweet and I loved every minute of it.
There were those two weirdos finding each other and being weird dorks together.
I loved their banter, their jokes and how they treated each other.
It was the best thing ever.

Writing style 🌟🌟🌟🌟
The beginning was a little weird, but kind of nice and then the story started and I was like: Woah, I thought this would be an okay book but it turned out to be awesome?
It was written in two POVs - Zoey and a Graham’s - and all the funny banters, accidents and moments made the book so enjoyable!
I loved every bit and I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to read a cute romcom!

”I can make up a lot more interesting version of myself than the truth.”
“What’s the truth?”
“I’m just a guy. With my head in the lap of a girl. Asking her not to spill her drink on me.”
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1,831 reviews1,862 followers
May 28, 2020

There’s something about a grumpy hero in a romance novel that just works for me, maybe it’s because I’m kinda grumpy myself but Graham stole my heart almost instantly. His diner started out as a joke and his customer service is nonexistent, picture lots of grunting and you get what you get with a surly attitude. Then there’s Zoey who is his polar opposite, she’s adorable, sweet, quirky and awkward and I loved her too. So with two main characters that I liked I was already happy and then throw in an amazing Alaskan setting and it really couldn’t be anymore perfect for me!

This had all the rom com feelings and was super sweet too, very much cutesy rather than sexy but Graham and Zoey’s chemistry was great. It’s a great beginning to a new series, the secondary characters were fantastic and I can’t wait until my next trip to Moose Springs! Oh, if you’re an animal lover there is also plenty to love her taking this to a whole other swoon level.

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2,415 reviews7,425 followers
January 4, 2021
I’ve read each of the two books that have been released in this series so far and have disliked them both . . . .

But that ain’t keeping me from being butthurt I was denied an advanced copy of the third! First world problems. I have them in abundance.

Anyway, the problem I had with this was that it felt like I was plunked down in the middle of town with the expectation I was already familiar with the place and all of the people – to the point where I double-checked that this wasn’t some spin-off of another series or that I hadn’t grabbed #2 on accident. I realize that to many a romcom is a romcom is a romcom, but I still require a tad bit of backstory and introduction to the townsfolk before getting to the slap and tickle parts.
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1,210 reviews
June 14, 2021
Content Notes:

2.5 stars

After a rough start (I was ready to DNF at 10% because the hero is such an asshole), the book got better. Still some irritating aspects to make it an overall meh read. Grumpy/sunshine vibes, beautiful scenic descriptions of Alaska, comedy heavily dependent on physical humor, fade-to-black sex scenes, and a rom-com with very little sorrow/grief/trauma.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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357 reviews1,854 followers
June 1, 2021
3.5 -> 4

Esse foi o último livro que li durante a maratona literária gilmore girls.

Uma leitura leve, divertida, mas que demorou muito mais tempo do que eu imaginava. Durante a leitura acabei me empolgando mais com os outros livros que estava lendo e aí fui empurrando esse pra depois.

Vou continuar a série. Ainda mais que acho que o segundo se passa no Natal, ou seja, provavelmente vou curtir ainda mais do que esse!
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641 reviews
July 27, 2020
3.5 Stars - Graham Barnett is the owner of a diner called The Tourist Trap. He feels stuck in the job, and I found it pretty hilarious when he would just throw customers out or shut down on a whim. He hates tourists so much, yet Zoey walks into his life. Alaska is Zoey's dream vacation, and she has scrimped and saved to get there. She goes with her good, and very rich, friend Lana.

Love the Alaska setting so much that I find myself specifically searching for books set in Alaska. Cover and title are awesome, but some of this story just dragged for me. It took me much longer to finish than normal, and I found myself wanting it to be over in places. I LOVED Graham Barnett though. His character was so sweet and humorous, but I wished he would of stayed more grumpy for awhile. The two fell pretty fast! I loved the relationship he had with his blind dog Jake - it was so adorable! I also liked Zoey, but the part of the book I didn't like at all was anything involving Lana's group of wealthy snobs. Lana is okay, but I could of done entirely without any of the others. Anything that involved them I couldn't wait to be over.
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861 reviews111 followers
May 16, 2021
Oh gosh, I really dislike this book... 150 pages in and I can't continue until page 413 (why is this book so long anyway?). I just did not like this author's sense of humor. I didn't think anything she described was "cute", nothing that was supposed to be funny was actually funny, and I thought the situations were so eye-rolling and the dialogue was terrible. Graham is basically Luke from Gilmore Girls and that annoyed me, too. There wasn't one thing sexy or charming about him, in spite of the author trying to convince us in every sentence that he was sexy and charming (being a total jerk and making your customers wipe down the tables in your restaurant? How is that charming?).

This was a COMPLETE miss with me.
1.5 stars
275 reviews84 followers
January 6, 2022
I loved this book. The characters were hilarious and the banter was smart and witty. The story was fast paced and fun. I loved the characters so much that I downloaded the next book in the series.
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137 reviews1,551 followers
December 18, 2022
this was such a fun read! the small town of moose springs, alaska was so atmospheric and cozy. the second half of the story was a bit slow paced for me, but i loved the banter, and i especially loved the fact that graham was a grumpy diner owner like luke from gilmore girls. 🤍
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104 reviews
November 29, 2022
yeah just no. like no no no no. i cringed so many times it took me forever to get through this book and i did not like it
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1,663 reviews168 followers
February 10, 2020
‘The Tourist Attraction’ is quirky romcom by Sarah Morganthaler and certainly fits the ‘cute’ label, with a ton of secondary characters adding squiggly (and sometimes unbelievably complicated) lines and flavour to the plot. But that was also where it also unfortunately stalled for me.

After the witty, entertaining start, ‘The Tourist Attraction’ seemed to consist of more fumbling, awkward moments—all calculated to be rom-com funny—but in doing so, compromised on depth and perhaps, emotional entanglement that didn’t go beneath the snappy and cute one-liners. There were interesting bits but bigger and bigger pockets of lull and scenes that didn’t seem to build to anywhere, and if it was wild to begin with, I started increasingly skimming towards the middle and end when Morganthaler simply added on Zoey Caldwell’s bucket list and her increasing ‘bumps’ into Graham Barnett.

Graham wasn’t all I expected, but then, maybe I’d become accustomed to reading about the typical (and fictional) mountain man living in the remote bits of the country. Instead, the odd levity that his character had and his inexplicable attraction to Zoey made him very much a surface protagonist in some ways; I was waiting for the other side of the coin to drop or a tragic revelation in some aspect of his life but it never did. Ditto with Zoey who by and large, created little conflict with her entrance, only that she and Graham didn’t entirely make the world’s most interesting or eye-catching couple that I was solidly for or against.

Essentially, I came off the book slowing asking myself what the point was—admittedly there’s little romantic and familial drama that would appeal to some readers—and couldn’t quite figure it out even after Graham and Zoey finally made out into their sunset…obviously a case of just me.

*ARC by the publisher via Netgalley
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June 8, 2020
This book had it all - fun, funny, and endearing read with a side of quirky characters, a grumpy hero, a shy bookish heroine, a diner called The Tourist Trap, a moose named Ulysses, killer whales and my fave narwhals!

This was how I imagined a small town life would be like, where the townspeople’s lives, their homes, their community gets disrupted by some clueless tourists. Enter Graham Barnett, the owner of the popular diner, Tourist Trap who wants to maintain his small town tranquility. His joint is the place to go for beers and burgers despite his moody and grumpy service, people are drawn to the place.

Zoey is finally making her dream vacation happen - she is shy, very awkward but simply adorable and Graham has caught her eye. Their chemistry is fantastic, very cutesy but very funny and down right hot! I love them both and love reading about their adventures and misadventures too!

I highly recommend this book and the audio was absolutely incredible narrated by Elise Arsenault. It’s so good I cannot believe this is a debut and I just want to book my next vacay at Moose Springs, Alaska!

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April 28, 2020
"Please don't forget my dog. Don't forget his water. Don't forget he exists. And please, for the love of everything, don't forget he can't see."

*ARC provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca for an honest review*

A stunning rom-com debut set in the Alaskan wilderness that will having you laughing your socks off.

In the Alaskan mountain town of Moose Springs, there is a clear divide between the locales and the tourists. Graham Barnett named his diner The Tourist Trap as a bitter joke, but it quickly grew into tourist destination. Now stuck serving flashy resort guests, Graham detests tourists more than ever.

Zoey Caldwell has been dreaming of visiting Alaska her whole life, and now that she has finally saved up enough money, she is leaving everything behind for a two-week dream vacation in Moose Springs. When her best friend claims that dining at The Tourist Trap is a rite of passage for any Moose Springs virgin, Zoey catches the eye of it's grumpy owner.

Despite Graham's "no tourists" romance rule and Zoey's broken heart, the two find that there is more than one way to warm up in the Alaskan wilderness.

I read this book in one sitting, which took me by surprise as it is a 400+ contemporary romance with only mild steam.

I cannot tell you how many times I was laughing out loud during this book. I was constantly smiling and just enjoying myself to the fullest extent. Despite this novel taking place over the span of 2 weeks, the romance between Zoey and Graham did not feel insta-lovey in the slightest. I love how it starts out as Graham pursuing Zoey in a sweet manner, not in some alpha-asshole manner. This is important to me because it shows the pure aspect of their romance, which really stood out to me. Their romance was a slow burn built on a friendship of hilarity and trust (and don't worry the steamy pay off is worth it).

Side Note: Graham has a border collie that is blind and loves to wear outfits. He is the sweetest little nugget and I adore him. And there is a bull moose named Ulysses who is obsessed with fresh bread.

I haven't read many books set in Alaska, nor have I ever been to Alaska, but the setting was gorgeous. Morgenthaler had me wanting to book a trip to Alaska by the end of this novel, despite the fact that I hate the cold. In other words, she worked some writer magic.

You really get a feel for the town of Moose Springs and the animosity between the locals and the tourists. I loved getting to know the rowdy cast of characters and cannot wait to read the second book that focuses on Zoey's best friend Lana (who is a badass corporate party girl millionaire).

The ending was very sweet and held up to typical rom-com standards. what really stood out to me was that it was unrealistic for Zoey to remain in Alaska at the end, because she didn't have anything to go back to. Unlike other books where the female ends up leaving a job etc.

Overall, I am itching to get my hands on Moose Springs #2.
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