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Deep Walking for Body, Mind and Soul

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Walking a pilgrimage path is much more than just a hike. A pilgrimage is a walking retreat to the authentic self. It is transformational on many subtle levels of mind, body, and soul.
The author has compiled a chapter by chapter analysis on life lessons learned on some of his more than a dozen walks in northwestern Spain.
In talking to hundreds of pilgrims on the way, the author finds that more and more people are discovering the "pilgrimage" as one of the best methods of mind and body detox.
The ancient pilgrimage paths in Europe have been walked by pilgrims for hundreds of years in following a Catholic tradition of penance. However, rather than following a certain belief many modern-day pilgrims are on a search for their own spiritual truth with many an adventurer having started the walk as a hiker and ending it as a pilgrim.

210 pages, Paperback

Published August 11, 2020

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About the author

Reino Gevers

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Reino Gevers is a seasoned writer, consultant, and inspirational speaker who has led a life shaped by diverse experiences across continents. Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of South Africa's Kwa-Zulu-Natal province, he developed a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the human spirit.

In 1981, Gevers ventured to Germany, where he embarked on a successful career as a journalist for an international news agency. Throughout his tenure, he covered major global events, including the historic fall of the Iron Curtain and South Africa's remarkable transition to democracy from 1990 to 1994. His in-depth reporting captured the essence of these pivotal moments in history, offering a unique perspective on the world's transformation.

After three decades in the media industry, Gevers decided to channel his expertise and passion into a new endeavor. In 2010, he established PowerBodyMind, a consultancy business based in Germany and the captivating island of Majorca, Spain. Through his consultancy, Gevers empowers individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential, guiding them towards a harmonious integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Gevers's personal journey on the ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route has left an indelible mark on his life and work. Having walked the path more than a dozen times, he draws inspiration from this transformative experience. This deep connection led him to pen the thought-provoking novel, "Walking on Edge: A pilgrimage to Santiago," and the enlightening non-fiction book, "Deep Walking for Body Mind and Soul." These works encapsulate the profound lessons and spiritual insights garnered from his pilgrimages, resonating with readers seeking personal growth and self-discovery.

In addition to his literary pursuits, Gevers shares his wisdom and inspiration through his regular weekly Podcast and Blog, "Living to Be." Dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their true purpose and live authentically, his engaging content offers practical guidance, mindful practices, and uplifting insights.

Gevers's literary contributions extend beyond the personal realm. His first book, "Wende am Kap" (German), is a compelling collection of reportages shedding light on apartheid South Africa during the pivotal period leading up to the country's first democratic elections in 1994. Through vivid storytelling and journalistic integrity, he brings to life the challenges and triumphs experienced by a nation in transition.

With his unique blend of storytelling, consultancy expertise, and a passionate commitment to personal growth, Reino Gevers continues to inspire individuals around the world, encouraging them to embark on their own transformative journeys towards purpose and authenticity.

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195 reviews11 followers
November 25, 2020
Deep Walking: For Body, Mind and Soul is a unique book that I have read. This book intrigued me from the very first page. I enjoyed reading it so much that I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Many people don't know that deep walking and hiking is different. Before reading this book, I was also not much aware about the difference. Deep walking on a pilgrimage is a journey toward the heart of inner consciousness step by step, day by day and week by week. Author has first walked Camino in 2007. He has shared about the challenges, dos and don'ts that one should take care of if you are planning to walk Camino. Reino has shared his experience when he was lost during a storm in the Pyrenees Mountains, a forest and many other experiences. Reino has suggested some important tips to the readers like commitment to our plans, identity our obstacles and find a way to overcome them. These tips will help readers in their self development. This book is one of the best books that I have read in 2020 and I am glad that I came across this book. Cover image of this book is so soothing. Title is apt and suitable according to the book. It's a promising read with which one should go ahead without thinking twice.

Rating 4.5/5
2 reviews2 followers
August 4, 2020
I've always loved to walk, in nature and otherwise. I have also practiced meditation daily for 17 years. After I learned to meditate, every walk has been meditative to some degree, especially in nature. I was therefore attracted to read this book as soon as I saw the cover and title. I was not disappointed. This was a pleasant and useful read on several levels. One level was practical information for those who plan a pilgrimage. The author has extensive experience in walking pilgrimages, and he gives very useful advice. Another level is meditative/spiritual, which he describes as well. Although that is a level that is best experienced personally. He also describes how walking and pilgrimages affected his path in life, in a way that may be helpful to others. I resonated with the messages in this book. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to walk, especially in nature.
November 15, 2020

For many years I have taken an annual hike into the Drakensberg Mountains: Partly to gather my thoughts, partly to get far away from the madding crowds, but most importantly, to revitalise my inner being. When I saw this book I was instantly intrigued. If you’re a hiker you will no doubt identify with it. If you’re a historian or philosopher it will help quench your thirst for knowledge and stimulate thoughts and internal discussion. And if you’re a spiritual being, it will feed your soul. For me, it resonated in each one of those categories.

What I loved about the writing is that the author takes you into his confidence, without revealing too much about his personal life. He ‘matter of factly’ discusses some of the issues and events that troubled him in the past and how walking has turned his life around. Facing both physical and mental burnout is taxing on the human spirit and very often the best medicine is alone time: And what better way to do it than by going for a long walk in the country. But unlike a regular EQ guru he avoids fuelling ra ra emotions through dramatic recollections. He merely tells a story with humility and a sense of gratitude.

The Camino de Santiago is an 800km hike, and I was enthused to learn how Gevers - who was badly injured as a teenager, could manage that. The fact is, he simply did it. He walked until the agony and pain finally left his injured foot and has been fine ever since. But he shifts the focus away from himself as he discusses spirituality, great leaders, historical events and fellow pilgrims with far bigger challenges than his on this cathartic pilgrimage.

At 189 pages it’s a quick read, but I chose to slow down my pace and ponder his thoughts and recollections. For me, it was armchair hiking at its best and it felt so agreeable because that is what most of us enjoy about hiking. It stimulates the body and mind. Your mind meanders. You mediate, you think, you learn, you search for solutions and strategize your future; and get the endorphins flowing while savouring the views and wonders of nature. You experience a oneness with the Universe or God and through this book you can experience some of that too.

It’s been a week since I finished reading it and every day since, I have picked it up and re-read some passages and discovered something new. I have also caught myself looking at my backpack and googling the Camino de Santiago route. I want to know more about the landscape. I want to see and smell it and I want to get know myself again. Who knows, soon I may well get up, take my pack and start to walk again. And when I do, hopefully I’ll bump into you.

Jürgen Hellberg

1 review
July 31, 2020
As an avid hobby cyclist, I probably fall into the category of those who would not be walking deeply but whizzing lightly and tuning into the soft whisper of the cycle spokes instead of the feet attuned to mother earth. Nonetheless I found deep appreciation in this book. It is filled with both religious and human wisdom which modern man has forgotten due to the pressures of daily routine and our technological age. The personal experiences both in the authors biography as well as his extensive experience in walking the Camino lend the book an easy access to deeper religious experience. Walking itself has become a paradigm for a person's walk in life. This is a very interesting aspect which I can relate to on my own long cycle tours. Each chapter is followed by a short summary which is an aid to contemplation and personal meditation. The author draws from most religious traditions, which posed the question that CS Lewis wants proposed in another context. The newcomer (in the spiritual path) is first confronted with a large hall filled with many interesting and very different people. For a time the newcomer finds this very interesting. However to really get deep into the spiritual realm, he has to find one of the rooms adjacent to the hall. Here he would find warm fires chairs and fellowship which would last. CS Lewis, when he painted this paradigm, was referring to modern man's inability to commit himself or herself to a higher entity or for that matter to an institution, which wants to communicate this higher entity. The author has a viewpoint from the perspective of CS Lewis Hall. Thus drawing from all traditions. Nonetheless his ideas take full recognition of the specific religious traditions and is able to communicate these as if he is an insider. This is really quite remarkable and therefore deserves a good second and deeper read.
924 reviews38 followers
November 23, 2020
𝑻𝒊𝒕𝒍𝒆: Deep Walking
𝑨𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓: Reino Gevers

𝑴𝒚 𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒘:
I have heard a lot about reading Spiritual books from my friends. So, I decided to read "Deep Walking - for Mind, Body and Soul". This is the first book that I have read written by the author Reino Gevers. In this, author has highlighted about his experience of walking the Camino. The essentials list given at the end of the chapters will help the readers in analyzing themselves and in becoming more aware of themselves.

I was astonished to know up to 300,000 people have walked the path annually. Different people have different motivation or reason to walk the Camino. Walking the Camino is on the bucket list of many people. Author has told about the importance of walking at least part of Camino journey alone as it heals body and mind. The studies and facts that he has mentioned in the book shows the great research he must have done before or while writing this book.

After reading this book, I sat and evaluated myself. Being in a rat race makes us so tired. We should learn to not run after what others are doing. This book is a gem and if you are interested in reading book on self development and spiritual renewal, I like to strongly recommend this to you. Various experiences that author has shared in this book gonna be much helpful for the readers.

𝑴𝒚 𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈: 5/5
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358 reviews26 followers
November 23, 2020
🔷 BOOK: Deep Walking: For Body, Mind and Soul
🔷 AUTHOR: Reino Gevers

Deep Walking written by Reino Gevers is the kinda book that I was looking from long time. I was too much confused, anxious and unhappy because due to my fears, I have achieved less than what I am capable of. This book has provided me some clarity and has given me the much needed motivation. If someone is looking for a book for spiritual renewal and self development, I would suggest them to start with this book. Personal experiences that author has shared in his book will be of great help to the readers. Walking a Camino is both a physical and spiritual journey. Read this book yourself to find out what it has in store for you.

1) Cover of the book is perfectly designed.
2) Title is nice and according to the book content.
3) Narration is smooth and helped me to read this book in a flow.
4) Pace of the book is fine and I didn't felt bored anytime while reading this.
5) Preparation chapter will be of great help to those who are planning for a pilgrimage hike. I loved the equipment and toiletry items list shared in this chapter.

Overall, it's a nice book that readers should add to their TBR.

Rating 4.5/5
Profile Image for Tom Dutta.
Author 13 books6 followers
May 18, 2020
A Breathtaking Captivating Transformational Walk In My Mind

“There is a deep yearning to discover a new world within. This is one reason a growing number of spiritual seekers are rediscovering the ancient pilgrimage route in Spain—the Camino de Santiago.”

Author Gevers book DEEP WALKING for Body Mind and Soul was stunning, thought provoking, and so good I lived the experience of walking the Camino virtually in my mind.

I liked everything in here. The vivid descriptions of the Authors pain and pleasure from conquering the Camino, the stories along the way from other pilgrims he conversated with, the ESSENTIALS listed at the end of most chapters tied back to the metaphorical stories within. Many of the ESSENTIALS were life strategies for Body Mind and Soul.

Gevers is authentic, a world traveller who took his own pilgrimage from South Africa to Germany and then Majorca, Spain. His lived experiences from the Camino hikes and life lessons are transformational. I loved this read so much I want to do this hike in my lifetime and perhaps, meet this great Author along the way.

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1,708 reviews77 followers
November 28, 2020
Find your own pace and rhythm. Don’t be drawn by what the crowd does.

Deep Walking: For Mind, Body and Soul by the author Reino Gevers will take you on a journey of spiritual renewal and self development. Spiritual seekers are rediscovering the ancient pilgrimage route in Spain - the Camino de Santiago to discover a new world within.

Reino has shared his experience of walking the Camino many times. He walked a small section of Camino for the first time in 2007. Walking a Camino is the opportunity for pilgrims to walk to Spiritual self or God. It is both a physical and spiritual journey. Author has shared about the mistakes one can do on this walk eventually leading the pilgrims to quit. One of the mistake is to carry a loaded backpack and wearing low quality shoes.

Various quotes shared in this book motivated me. Language of the book is easy to follow. Cover photo of the book couldn't have been better than this. Title is nice. If you are into spiritual books, then this would be a perfect pick by you. Author has shared his rich experience that was worth my time
1 review
February 20, 2020
What a thoroughly enjoyable read Deep Walking is!

Discover how the author soul searches whilst walking different parts of the Camino and he describes how it can be an inspirational and creative process whilst also giving you time to reflect upon your life and put you in touch with your inner self.

Throughout the book he covers different parts of history, some biblical and some personal experiences during Apartheid. He writes about some of the interesting pilgrims he met along the way, their personal journey and whether they were walking the Camino because of illness, spiritual connection or personal loss.

Having walked parts of the camino myself for different reasons I can relate to this book and found it difficult to put down. The book inspired me to see how walking is a time for self-reflection, spiritual growth and even self-development - these things are all key to becoming your true self and living a purposeful and happy life (which of course we all want).
1 review
May 19, 2020
What a wonderful book, even the feel of the cover is special!
Easy to read, short chapters full of the authors own personal experiences, that of his fellow pilgrims and his own part biographical links to his life. The tips and advice for mindfulness are a bonus, and ring so true for a lot of people who have walked the Camino. Also for those who haven’t, it acts as a self help guide and perhaps the spur one needs to - take that step - and discover Deep Walking for body, mind and soul. As a lover of the Camino and the changes it makes to ones life, this book comes highly recommended, and will be great to keep returning to.
1 review
May 30, 2020
The author takesthe reader along different parts of the Camino in northwestern Spain, and a long time ago I walked that way with him. It is interspersed with personal childhood experiences and stories from interesting pilgrims he meets along the way dealing with their own life issues. The Camino is more than just a walk and as the title of the book says, a journey on healing body, mind and soul. A way to find a way home to your real roots, far away from the images and illusions, we believe in.
1 review
July 10, 2020
Great and easy read, makes me want to go walk the Camino right now.

I loved the stories of pilgrims the author meets along the way and his own spiritual journey. It’s a inspirational read and I love the Essentials list at the end of each chapter.

The book reminded me of my own journey in life I am walking and how bringing stillness to my busy life and mind is essential.
2 reviews
November 28, 2022
This was a very enjoyable book. The author has some great insights into life issues and why we are the way we are as humans. Thought provoking on every page!
February 7, 2021
A must read for anyone trying to process their pilgrim mage experience, Deep Walking contains many powerful insights, applicable even if you are only doing the daily dog walk!
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