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"Things forgotten can be remembered, and some stories are meant to be told."

The world outside Thicca Valley is so much bigger than Fox had ever imagined. And much, much stranger. Now, alongside his closest friends and allies both new and old, Fox has set out to repay a debt, and help restore the Pirate God Farran to his former glory. But there are more curiosities waiting around every corner than even Fox’s Cartomancy may be able to handle. With the looming threat of a mysterious darkness, and the promise of delving deep into a land of forgotten things, there is no peace to be found in any corner of Fox’s life. Not even the Shavid could have prepared him for this ...

282 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 24, 2019

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About the author

Kaitlin Bellamy

14 books95 followers
Kaitlin is, in all aspects of her life, a storyteller. Whether she is performing on stage in her day job as an actor, narrating audiobooks from her home studio, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with her closest friends, she loves nothing more than a grand fantasy adventure. She currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

To keep up with all her adventures, feel free to join Kaitlin on any one of her social media platforms, or her website.





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Profile Image for Reg.
256 reviews103 followers
January 23, 2020
Book 1 - MC discovering what his Blessing is.
Book 2 - MC discovering what his Blessing can do.
Book 3 - MC controlling his Blessing.

I just really love this series. I'm so excited for book 4 which will be an auto buy as soon as it's available because I want more of this world and it definitely can offer so much more especially of how that ended. I want MORE.

Book 4... I await the day I can read you.
I feel like this series can span until a 10th book and I am going to be so here for that!
Profile Image for Hailee Dokos.
74 reviews2 followers
January 1, 2020
Kaitlin Bellamy has the most amazing ability to put you right in the middle of her stories. Her characters, her worlds, are so vibrant and accessible. Her books remind me a lot of the Tortall series, which was a favorite of mine through middle and high school. I would like to order 100 more books, please and thank you!
Profile Image for Richard Holden.
20 reviews4 followers
October 26, 2019
Glad to be back

Reading this felt like coming home. The world is alive all on its own. You can't help but love the characters even when they are being stupid.
327 reviews5 followers
October 23, 2019
Kaitlin's strength in writing is being able to put you right into the story. You can see where you are, you can feel the emotions of the characters, you ARE in the story.

This third installment of the Mapweaver Chronicles takes us on further and more incredible journeys. And still leaves this reader hungry for more!
Profile Image for Anniina.
11 reviews1 follower
May 8, 2020
A beautiful enthralling journey with Fox has come to an end and I cannot wait for the next one.

This book captured me as all of Fox's journeys have and I'm left wanting for more. I have cried and laughed and lived through many a vivid story - Kaitlin's writing is like the Shavid storytelling that draw colours out of thin air and makes you truly see the story.

I'll be waiting for the next journey to take me into the unknown realms.
Profile Image for Stacy.
92 reviews7 followers
February 20, 2021
Oh, boy. Where do I begin? I didn't hate this book' on the contrary, it was entertaining and some parts really touched me. It was still well-written, where details flowed well and the words bounced off the page.

But it also felt messy and disorganized. Cinderstone just seemed to last forever, where I was impatient for the story to keep moving. Nearly all of the characters annoyed me in one way or another except for Fox. And the whole book felt a little lopsided and unsure of itself, compared to the last two.

Again, I didn't hate this book. I enjoyed it. I hope those who enjoyed this book don't get mad at me for this review. But some things just felt too easy and some things went on way too long. I think it could have been a tighter, more streamlined story if looked at properly. And I think I would have enjoyed it more if that were the case.

I still love Fox, and he was my favorite part of this particular book. And the ending showed promise of a better book ahead. But I think this might be the dud of the series. I haven't read the next book yet, so I can't say for sure, but this book was a struggle to get through for me. I hope the next book is tighter and steps up the game.

Still an enjoyable story, even with its flaws, though. I'm amazed at Kaitlin Bellamy's ability to write characters and setting. And I think I always will be. But, at the same time, this book was a downer for me. And a struggle to get through. Again, hopefully next book is better, as I'm excited to read that, and see what Fox and friends are up to in the future. But, until then, I'm going to go into the next book a little warily until I see what it has in store.
Profile Image for cheryl bunting.
88 reviews4 followers
May 14, 2021
Living an adventure without leaving the room

Living an adventure without leaving the room.

Fox and his friends set sail on the high seas, in search of Farrans missing piece.

To find it they will have to enter a place that holds forgotten things. But first they need to brake out a Gnome who can get them in, and pick up a thief who will help them.
Breaking a Gnome out of a prison is perilous and a sacrifice is made.
Fox closes off, he shuts all of his emotions off.

Lei becoming more acquainted with her powers. She has a choice to make, love a boy who has been there for her whilst Fox was away.
Or love the boy who has been her best friend her whole life?

Neil has always been jealous of those who have Magic, yes, he understands a lot more about Magic then most people do. But when he has the chance to obtain Magic himself should he walk away? Or take what he believes to be rightfully his?

This book is just as good as the rest however I did find it predictable; I saw Neil story before it had unfolded. Still, it didn’t make it less enjoyable. I can’t wait to see what Adventures Fox has next.
Profile Image for Emily.
44 reviews
February 3, 2021
Returning to this world is the weighted fleecy blanket I needed this winter season. Reading this book is like connecting to the best of friends after a few weeks apart. Of course that is just the comforting part of it. But there is certainly enough adventure and mystery to get your heart pumping. In my case, a few notable moments had me yelling aloud in a good way. Although, I did scare every cat in my house with each yelp. This book in the story adds more layers and places to an already comprehensive world. The new places visited, and new characters introduced are somehow not out of place in this world, but also wholly things I could not have guessed. I know I have the next book in my shelves already, but I was still sad to see the pages dwindling down. I just want to spend as much time in each one as I can.

I love this book. I love this series. I love this author.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Barbara.
342 reviews3 followers
December 23, 2019
Another Triumph

In a world of mediocre fiction, Bellamy's books are a breath of fresh air. Her characters weave their way into your heart and you genuinely care what happens to them. I look forward to reading about their ongoing adventures.

It's time to share these books. They're too good to keep to myself.
Profile Image for Kat Brownell.
330 reviews14 followers
November 3, 2019
I do enjoy Bellamy's writing immensely. I think her proofreader let her down a bit in this one, which is unfortunate. But the world-building, as always, is lovely, and I am once again swept up in the tales of forric foxglove and his chosen family.
65 reviews
April 15, 2020
Like the others in the series before it, a highly enjoyable read. While I feel the writing itself is well-paced, the story itself was a bit all over the place for me. Still love the worldbuilding, and definitely a worthy read if you're down for some YA-fantasy goodness.
Profile Image for Jenna Vaughn.
325 reviews2 followers
April 16, 2023
Excellent continuation

The author really did a wonderful job with this third book in the series.
Fox continues to grow into his magic and skills in this part of his story. He sets off on an adventure to find the missing pieces of Farran's memories and powers. First he must map his way between the realms and it almost drains all his magic. This helps deepen his appreciation for his skill, and keeps him humble. But with the assistance of his clever friends and faith in himself he survives.
Lai is along on this adventure as well and her own powers are ever growing. I appreciated the father-daughter mentoring dynamic that was present in this portion of the story. I appreciated that Cullen came along on the adventure and how Fox was challenged as he found himself liking Cullen.
I also loved that Neil found his place as "the archivist" by writing of all he has learned over the years. I did feel that his wife Gully's character was relegated to a shell of a support. But to be fair, there are a lot of characters in this adventure!
I liked that there were multiple parts of the adventure and everything wasn't tied up too neatly. Definitely felt like this one had more direction and action than Inkspice. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Displaying 1 - 13 of 13 reviews

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