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Cat's Paw Cove #5

Reimagining Mr. Right

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Former ugly duckling Sydney McCoy yearns to break into television. And the hottest guy she works with—TV sports personality, Chip Haggerty—could be her ticket to the airwaves. Too bad that Chip hardly knows Sydney is alive. Worse, she has no clue how to speak Chip’s sports-oriented language.

Up-and-coming real estate agent Levi Barnett is desperate to convince the owner of a hot downtown property to sell so the company Levi works for can redevelop the site into a multi-million-dollar complex. When he literally crashes into a woman he knew in high school who could champion his cause, he’ll do anything to get Sydney’s help. All she wants from him in return is help communicating with her office crush. No problem! But when Levi starts to fall for the beautiful Sydney, he wonders if he’s making the worst mistake of his life by being her would-be Cyrano de Bergerac.

174 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 7, 2020

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About the author

Wynter Daniels

81 books158 followers
Wynter Daniels has penned more than two dozen books in various romance genres including paranormal, romantic suspense and contemporary for several publishers including Entangled Publishing and Kristen Painter's Nocturne Falls Universe. In 2019, she launched a brand new world with author Catherine Kean. Wynter lives in sunny Florida with her family and a spoiled cat. Find her at www.WynterDaniels.com, wwwCatsPawCoveRomance.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wynter...
or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WynterDaniels

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4,227 reviews89 followers
February 1, 2020
Good story about two people who must overcome their insecurities before they can find the happiness that each wants. Sydney is a reporter for the local paper. Her dream is to move from print journalism to broadcast journalism, and she knows how to do it. All she needs to do is engage the interest of fellow reporter and local TV sports personality, Chip Haggerty. The problem is that his conversation is loaded with sports metaphors, leaving her clueless and unable to talk to him, much less attract him. What she needs is an interpreter.

Levi is a real estate agent who has been tasked with convincing two hold-out property owners to sell so that the site can be developed into a modern complex. His boss is dangling a partnership in front of him for extra motivation. What he needs is someone impartial who can help point out the benefits.

I liked both Sydney and Levi. They knew each other in high school, where the shy, nerdy, overweight Sydney tutored the good-looking football player that she had a crush on. Though she never expected anything to come of it, she was still hurt when he ignored her after he no longer needed her help. In the years since high school, Sydney made herself over into a beautiful and talented woman, though she frequently still sees herself as that high school loser. Though Levi is successful at his job, he still sees himself as that kid from the wrong side of the tracks. He's willing to do anything to gain the respect that he craves.

I liked their first meeting. Sydney recognized Levi immediately, though Levi didn't recognize her. He did notice how beautiful she was now and intrigued when he learned that she is a reporter. He has no trouble asking her to help him again, this time by writing a positive article about the redevelopment plans. Sydney is determined not to be taken advantage of this time and agrees to look into writing an unbiased story if he will help her land Chip as a boyfriend.

I enjoyed the development of Sydney and Levi's relationship. The sparks are there from the beginning, but both try to ignore them in pursuit of their individual goals. Sydney is focused on getting Chip's attention and tries to ignore the signs that her high school crush isn't as over as she thought it was. Even worse, Chip isn't showing up too well when Levi is around. For Levi, it doesn't take long at all for him to realize that he'd like to get a lot closer to Sydney for himself, not help her get closer to Chip. For both of them, their own insecurities work against them. Levi spent his whole life listening to his father put him down, wanting nothing more than to be respected for who he is. Though he looks confident on the outside, there's always that little kid inside who remembers being poor, laughed at, and mistreated by his father. Why then should beautiful Sydney want him when hot-shot Chip is there? For Sydney, she may be thin, beautiful, and respected now, but she can't forget the plain, picked-on, and almost invisible teenager who had a crush on Levi. He could have anyone he wanted, why should he look twice at her?

To make matters worse, Levi's boss makes it plain to Sydney that he expects Levi's previous relationship with his daughter to start again, and he wouldn't be inclined to give Levi that partnership if someone interfered with it. There were some interesting twists as both Levi and Sydney discover that they have to love themselves before they can accept the love of someone else. I enjoyed the ending, and seeing Levi and Sydney find the love they both wanted and deserved.

Secondary characters were well done. Levi's boss and his daughter, Beth, were both people it was easy to dislike. He was the stereotypical uncaring boss, who is only interested in the bottom line. I was a little worried about his influence on Levi at first, but Levi was up to the challenge. Beth was a piece of work. Definitely a spoiled daddy's girl, she did what she wanted without care for the consequences. I was very happy to see that Levi had her number. Chip was the illustration of the dumb jock. He had all the charm and charisma he needed to get by, often by convincing someone to help him. I was irritated by the way he talked Sydney into editing (read "rewriting") his columns for him. Even when he was supposed to be with Sydney, he saw nothing wrong with ignoring her to be with the people fawning all over him.

There wasn't much magic in this book, mostly just a couple examples of Levi's talent, and a mention of Fiona's potions. That's okay; the story was fun even without it.
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2,774 reviews37 followers
January 3, 2020
Sydney may be all grown up now. But still she feels like the former plain, homely nerd, that she was back in high school. But gone are the thick glasses and braces and even she has to admit she has turned out quite well. But a chance encounter with her former tutoree, football team all-star, Levi Barrett and she is right back to being that shy, tongue-tied, girl!

At the CPC Sydney has a new crush on the ex-baseball player Chip (can we see a pattern?). She decides that getting Chip as her boyfriend might be the advantage he needs to break into the TV side of CPC. Enlisting Levi as HER tutor this time around, Sydney sets out to snare her man!

Levi injured himself at college and lost the scholarship and the only pride that his father had him. Now at Coastal Properties he's out to redevelop CPC. He might be hell-bent on making the deal but is he willing to do anything to get it? Can he really help Syd to become the sportscaster magnet she wants to be?

OMW you know sometimes you just need to switch off your brain and go with chuckles. You can tell pretty much from the get-go what's going to happen but you go for the ride anyway cos Levi and Syd are just so sweet. I totally enjoyed hating Levi's beatch of an ex - talk about Mean Girl Reincarnated!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
718 reviews12 followers
January 6, 2020
A Funny romantic cozy read! This is the 6th book in the series Cat's Paw Cove. In this one Sydney wants to break into the tv business and wants to get help from a tv sports co worker Chip that doesn't even know she exists. She Meets Levi by accident who has his own problems with his work. He agrees to help her with her Chip problems but comes to regret it when he falls for her himself. A lot of twists in this story but done so smoothly it is refreshing to read. Looking forward to the next in the series.
Profile Image for Barbara.
16.6k reviews8 followers
January 7, 2020
Book six of the Cat’s Paw Cove series a well written story that kept me turning pages. Former ugly duckling Sydney McCoy and Up-and-coming real estate agent Levi Barnett's story, it took her long enough to realize she had the best guy already. I enjoyed reading their story, and recommend it. I want to read the next book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
230 reviews2 followers
January 4, 2020
Plans go haywire. Sydney a reporter thinks she wants to be with Chip a former baseball player and now on TV. Sydney is hoping dating him will further her career, until someone from the past shows up in her life. Twists and turns everywhere. Cute little story. Not much magic in this book, but Cats Paw Cove is still an awesome series.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1,172 reviews3 followers
December 30, 2019
This story in Cat’s Paw Cove reminds us that people are not always as they seem. The high school superstar may have had struggles of their own. The late bloomer may still suffer from insecurities. I love this series and am never disappointed in the sweet and entertaining stories of lovable characters who reside in this magical community. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Donna.
3,633 reviews43 followers
December 30, 2019
Reimagining Mr. Right is a light hearted love story with darker undertones. On the surface it is about choosing the right man for the right reasons but beneath that it is about conquering past ghosts that threaten to sabotage your happiness. This is a really well done story and I enjoyed it from the cute cover to the very last page.
Profile Image for Annarella.
10.1k reviews94 followers
December 26, 2019
This is not the best book in this lovely series but it was engrossing and entertaining.
I loved the quirky setting, the fleshed out cast of characters and the plot.
I look forward to read the next instalment in this series.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
Profile Image for Kimberly List.
226 reviews1 follower
February 2, 2020
I was so excited to get back to Cat's Paw Cove, Florida in this book. It is one of my favorite series and I love how many authors contribute to the stories of this town. This story is about former ugly duckling Sydney McCoy and her perfect image of Mr. Right with Chip Haggerty, a former ball player. When a chance encounter puts her in proximity of her High School Crush, Levi Barnett, she has no choice but to ask him for help in wooing Chip. Little did she know her high school crush on Levi would still be burning bright. Will she end up with Chip or will she risk being rejected again by Levi. I absolutely loved how this book ended and can not wait to continue on my journey into this town. I was so happy that in the end Sydney no longer saw herself as an ugly duckling but a beautiful swan that she always was. She deserves her HEA.

Thank you to netgalley and CPC Publishing for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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54 reviews3 followers
February 1, 2020
Sydney has been in love with Levi since high school but she doesn't think he likes her that way based on the way he treated her back then. She decides to ask him for his help with her current love interest. But the more time they spend together the more she realizes she still likes and that he likes her as well. I loved this book and can't wait to read the next book in this series.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Martha.
788 reviews44 followers
March 3, 2020
This is a fun romance with a touch of magic. My rating 4.25.

Although Sydney is now trim and attractive, she tends to see herself as the overweight nerd she was in high school. She developed an unrequited crush on the popular football player, Levi, whom she tutored. Years later Sydney is a good reporter hoping to break into television. She is set on dating a co-worker, ex-baseball star, Chip, who is a popular TV sports personality. Chip often gets Sydney to fine-tune his reports but he hasn’t noticed her as a woman. Sydney thinks she could get his attention if she could only understand all the sports lingo he constantly throws out.

Levi is now a successful real estate agent who hopes to gain a partnership with his company. He is working hard to talk two downtown property owners into selling to his company so they can redevelop the site. Meanwhile, the boss’s daughter is pursuing Levi to renew their relationship that he ended several months back.

Levi literally crashes into Sydney outside a coffee shop. She recognizes him immediately but had to remind him of who she was. He is smitten and will do anything to renew a friendship with her. He is frustrated when she only wants his help to get Chip’s interest.

With Levi’s help, Sydney manages to start dating Chip. Her dad, a sports enthusiast, is excited to meet Chip and Chip is even able to help Sydney’s ailing mother. But Sydney is conflicted as she is enjoying her time with Levi and beginning to realize that Chip might not be the prize boyfriend she wants.

Levi wants to help Sydney and Sydney wants to help Levi realize his dreams. Along the way, they get crossed messages. Will they deny their attraction to each other thinking it is best for the other?

These are fun characters with vulnerabilities and conflicts that contribute to a star-crossed romance. The story is lighthearted even as it deals with emotional baggage. There is a touch of paranormal in the midst of the story which is fun and interesting but played only a small part. I am curious if it is a larger part of some of the other books and I would be glad to read more in the series. I recommend this as a fun “rom-com”.

Source: NetGalley 2019.
1,257 reviews3 followers
January 22, 2020
I fell in love with Cats Paw Cove and the people there when I read the anthology Meows and Mistletoe so I was really excited to see that Wynter Daniels was taking us back to that wonderful magical place. Now, if you have managed to go through life without finding yourself in a similar position as the one Sydney is now facing, you are definitely in the minority. Do you know the saying Be careful what you wish for? Well, Sydney sure does now! On the cusp of getting everything she has been working toward, she starts to question just what or is that who she really does want.
This is a very well-written book with lots of wit and humor. Not as strong in the paranormal aspects as was featured in the anthology I read but still sooo very, very good!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received via NetGalley.
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496 reviews2 followers
January 2, 2020
Sydney McCoy has come home to Cat's Paw Cove to help her Dad with her sick Mom. She's gotten a job at the Cat's Paw Cove Courier where she works with the famous ex-baseball player Chip Haggerty, who is the Sports Reporter and writer. She's infatuated with him but he hardly knows she exists except to rewrite his column for him. If she could only learn how to talk to him, he speaks in a sports lingo, she'd have chance with him.
Levi Barnett has become quite a real estate deal maker for Coastal Properties. He's sent to Cat's Paw Cove to convince two property owners to sell their property to the company for redevelopment, but he's having a hard time convincing them. He runs into Sydney who says she used to tutor him in high school. (She secretly had quite a crush on him but he left for college) He remembers her and had always liked her. She's turned into a gorgeous woman. He tells her why he's in Cat's Paw Cove and finds out she works for the Courier. Maybe she could do an article on his company so the two owners will sell. She asks if he speaks sports lingo since he was a football player (had to leave due to an injury). He does. They make a deal-he teaches her the lingo and she'll write the article.
Now the fun begins and sometimes the things you really want are not what you are asking for. Loved this story which has laughter, drama and joy. Just love this series.
I'm voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book.
2,743 reviews4 followers
January 8, 2020
Sydney had the hots for Levi in high school, but she didn't stand a chance - she was the smart nerdy girl, and he was captain of the football team. She had to settle for being his tutor. Ten years later, they run into each other. Literally. He wants her to help him out with some publicity, but she's not falling for that again. Chip, TV sports personality, is her ticket to the world of television. She doesn't speak the language that he does - sports - but she knows someone who does. Levi. This is a cute book, with romance, a touch of magic, and fun and laughter.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
123 reviews2 followers
January 13, 2020
Great story!

Loved the story....loved his magical ability..wish it was real! I recommend this book to all. I read it on 2 days!
Profile Image for Heather W.
3,951 reviews25 followers
January 10, 2020
Reimagining Mr. Right is the sixth book in the Cat's Paw Cove series and is an enjoyable read.

The characters are fun, relatable, and likable. The storyline is well written and quirky, with laughter, insecurities, and a wonderful unexpected-to-them romance.

I read and reviewed this book with no obligation.
Profile Image for Michelle.
756 reviews12 followers
January 9, 2020
This was a cute story! It’s the first book I’ve read by the author, and I loved the touch of magic that she incorporated into the story. It was pretty cool and interesting! I loved how Sydney and Levi reconnected as adults and the plot around Levi helping Sydney to understand her baseball player crush was pretty unique. I enjoyed the story!
1,071 reviews
January 10, 2020
There weren’t as many paranormal elements as there were in the previous Cats Paw Cove books but I liked the characters.
Profile Image for Marianne.
4,222 reviews39 followers
January 8, 2020
What a sweet and romantic cozy story! I loved it... It is funny and quirky, cute and highly imaginative. Love this series!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for T.M. Payne.
Author 30 books87 followers
January 2, 2020
Book Review: Reimagining Mr. Right (Cat's Paw Cove #6)
Author: Wynter Daniels
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

What if who you thought you wanted wasn't really who you wanted at all you just didn't know at the time?
Sydney wants to be on television and she knows how to get there she just needs a bit of help. So when Levi asks for her help with a real estate deal he has to make she jumps at the chance to barter with him.

This story is filled with laughter, love and a bit of crazy as these two find what they never knew they wanted... Another fantastic story in this Cat's Paw Cove world.

**I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book**

Wynter Daniels
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